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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> a student has organized the vigil to be held here on the uc berkeley campus a day after there was a vigil at uc santa barbara which happened last night, a crowd of mostly students packed the campus stadium. they are supposed to be getting ready for final exams but yesterday they paused to mourn. one student said he could not believe the turnout. >> the entire graduate school, everyone was there, the entire stadium has never been that full even for the national championship soccer games. it was awesome to see. classes were canceled at uc santa barbara yesterday so the student could take time to mourn. many were wearing black ribbons volunteers made for the memorial service. they filled the bleachers and sat on the grass and all just came together. they do have classes today. some say they think it will help to get back into the routine and
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to see their friends and to get back into their studies. there will be a vigil here at berkeley campus tonight. >> a training exerts at san jose state on friday has been canceled out of respect for the six students killed in isla vista which would have involved a gunman take over part of the school. the university officials say the exercise could be upsetting and it was best to postpone. >> these bay area high schools held tributes for their graduateds who died in the rampage. at fremont christian school, david wang is remembers as outstanding student would loved playing pickup best. as san jose high school, a moment silence for james hong graduating two years ago with honors. john children was a graduate of three land high school and those who knew him say he was a gentle soul who liked to work with children. >> he was just the kindest and sweetest young man with a
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brilliant smile that could light up the room. >> you fill up with tears or other emotion. >> grief counselors were on each campus yesterday to speak with students and faculty on the first day back to class since the massacre. >> we will have continuing coverage of the deadly rampage open air and online with reporting continues on >> developing news from vallejo where police are looking for the person who shot two men at a gas station last night and one fatally. it happened at the five star gas station on lincoln road west at 9:30. police say a 24-year-old man was shot while sitting in a car and died at the hospital. another man walking by was hit in the leg and he is expected to survive. his say the two men did not appear to know each other. there is no word on a suspect or motive. >> new developments in the donald sterling racist rant scandal.
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the l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling is calling the attempt to oust him as "illegal termination." katie marzullo has the latest. >> the donald sterling are telling very different stories. shellly is saying she is selling the team and donald sterling said "absolutely not." well start with mrs. sterling, she has set a deadline for today for buyers to submit the first bids and she wants did have a buyer before june 3rd and that is the day when nba owners will vote whether to force a sale of the team. her attorney has released a statement saying donald sterling has authorized her in writing to negotiate the sale including his 50 percent owership in the team. now, donald sterling's side, his attorney said he disavowed anything shelly is doing and says "it's my team and i'll sell it when and if i get around to it." donald sterling sent a 32-page response to the nba saying he
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will fight the sale. he says this is no basis for stripping him of the team because it was jetly recorded during a lover's quarrel. bids start at $1 billion. donald sterling's attorney denying reports that he has been offered $2.5 billion for the team. the attorney says they will fight the sale "to the bloody end." >> a jury could be seated by today in bryan stow's civil lawsuit against los angeles dodgers in court yesterday for the first day of jury selection. the former santa cruz paramedic sat in the front row in a wheelchair with his family. the 45-year-old suffered disabling brain damage during a beating outside dodger's stadium in 2011 and his attorney plays a lack of security and seeking millions in damage from the team and foamer owner saying he will
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never again be able to work and requires constants care. >> the police chief has asked the justice department to send a specialist to soothe anger over three deadly officer-involved shootings since march. the chief wants a dialogue with the community next week. the justice department community relations service is an impartial agency and the shootings have triggered angry demonstrations. all three killed were latino. the chief says officers were protecting themselves and the public and race was not a factor. >> a restless night for firefighters in mariposa county fighting a fast-moving wildfire. 700 firefighters were on the scene battling this 1,300-acre blaze burning not far from yosemite that has destroyed three structures, two homes, and burning in rough terrain so containment efforts are difficult. it began sunday afternoon. it was a structure fire that
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grew out of control. it is only 20 percent contained. vice president bit incomes to -- biden comes to the bay area today for two fundraiser. he and his wife met with local leaders in denver to talk about immigration reform. he will speak at graduation at the air force academy near colorado springs before coming to san francisco. the fundraiser is at the fairmont hotel and a private event at a residence. the commission seeking to revoke city of college san francisco accreditation told nancy pelosi extending the deadline violates rules. pelosi and other lawmakers and education officials want the commission to extend the july 31 deadline to give the college more time to fix financial and administration issues and avoid closing contradict assurance from a federal education official that an extension is
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permissible. jackie speier said the commission is a rogue operation and should be shut down. today, the mystery millionaire behind "hidden cash," says he plans to spread the wealth in the south bay. here is the latest tweet from overnight: "san jose drop in the morning showing the south bay love in cash." but, where? no hint on any location. but a huge give away will happen when he reaches 100,000 twitter followers and right now he is over 120,000. in san francisco, people searched for cash on lombard street, fisherman's wharf and the palace of fine arts. matt keller is on the seven for $20 and $100 bills in san jose with an update at the top of the hour.
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world cup soccer fever before the team heads to brazil and the fans want wild last night. >> the united states men's national soccer team was breathing new life into candlestick park with this match this game is part of a send off series before team u.s.a. heads to the world cup in brazil next month. soccer fans didn't sell out the stick but they came close. two time soccer fans here, rowdy and there are the outlaws. >> outlaws are super fans, this chapter from san jose follows the team to brazil. >> soccer is everything. we will be here. loud, proud, brazil. we are ready. we are a family. it is a big community. >> before the game the parking lot looked like a 49er
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tailgate party with more soccer balls. one company have their tickets. this is warm-up. getting the lungs ready, ready to rock-n-roll. single i married him i bought sick its for the world cup. >> in the end, team u.s.a. won the match 2-0. no one can say this team doesn't have a loyal following. espn and abc are the destinations for the world cup with our coverage on saturday june 14 with columbia taking on greece at 6:30. following that month, uruguay faces coast rica at 11:30 a.m. >> a hot of kids were emulating heroes during the spring soccer and the weather was nice. >> very nice weather. it will be that way again today. have the sunscreen on. the unlimited sunshine will be a
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high amount on the scale. we will look at the winds at 14 miles per hour keeping the temperatures warmer than we would expect this time of the year and 12 at fairfield and 16 is the fattest at sfo and we will have fast winds just in the san francisco bay with northwest wind and small craft advisory because of the 15 to 25 naught wind and over the ocean it is breezy again until 3:00 tomorrow morning and northwest wind at 15 to 25 miles per hour and the winds are dangerous as far as fire is concerned, there is a high fire danger or red flag warning. be careful. we start off with sunshine. temperatures in the 50's. sunny. breezy. 60 at the coast. 68 away the bay. 76 inland. by 4:00 we are cool. 60. mile at the bay. 84 inland. cool to comfortable by 7:00. 66 away the bay. 78 inend -- inland. enjoy.
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>> there is a 15-minute delay with ace train one from stockton because of a fire. we are going to checkup on that. that is a notification from ace train. we will let you know what is happening. we have an area of construction traveling in the north bay through petaluma and rohnert park 101 at railroad avenue you will find lanes blocked. over the altamont pass, it is starting to slow a little bit as you come from tracy along 205 and 580 you can see speed picking up a little bit and slight bit of a slow down with nothing but top speeds at 69 approaching the dublin interchange. hazy conditions right now and all moving along fine up to the peninsula. >> next, a random act keepness honoring local heroes. bay area firefighters receive a generous gift and how they are using it to pay it failure.
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>> special mission bringing miss america to downtown san francisco. >> a little too up close and personal with a tornado as the twist are tears through teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years.
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today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the pay area, this is use. >> my god. you have nowhere to go. >> check this out, a massive tornado passed dangerously close to a man would was recording it on the smartphone in north dakota. his trailer complex was not hit but it destroyed 15 trailer as few hundred feet away. nine people were injured on monday including a 15-year-old who now is in critical condition. the man who took the video says a text alert warned him of the tornado otherwise he would never have seen it coming. >> a great story of how what comes around goes around.
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firefighters were given a surprise when they raced to a call. they knew exactly how to respond in kind. >> this meal is part of the sickle of giving, vacaville firefighters ran to an emergency call and returns to find their bill was paid. the receipt was signed air force wife. >> a very nice gesture to us as firefighters over the memorial day week when we should be honoring the military and their families. rather than going back to the station they took their unspent grocery money and helped someone else at the store, and an older couple came up behind them had a bouquet of flowers for memorial day and they were red, white and blue and he paid for the flowers for the couple. ought truth is the vacaville firefighters have been paying it forward before this. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> this dinner was already planned to honor 97-year-old world war ii veteran a vacaville
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native who flew b-24's over china and indonesia. they benefited the veterans hospital at a air force base. they squeeze all of this community work in between emergency calls. >> called out again but this time, they were giving back, in vacaville for abc7 news. >> the first coin from the greatest buried treasure found in the united states was auctioned off, the 1874, $20 double eagle gold got $10,000 more than expected, the first coin to be auctioned off by the couple who found 1,400 coins on their rot last year. the expire find is valued at $10
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million. the minute from the auction will go to preserve the historic building on 5th where it was first made. the couple is auctioning off the rest of the coins online and plans to keep the rest of the money. you don't think someone was going around back then hiding money for people to find? >> like today in san jose? someone wants to return to it and never had a chance. >> or they lost the map. >> so those who are searching for the cash? >> temperatures warmer at 80 and a lot sunshine. have fun. six miles is our visibility at half moon bay. a few clouds. otherwise we are off to a clear start. it is kind of cool outside. we will look at those temperatures. we are running in the 50's until you get to san ramon at 48 and same in los gatos and antioch at 63 degrees. san mateo and napa and san rafael are close to 50 and coming into oakland and fremont
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and hayward and san francisco, at 52 degrees. from sutro tower, you can see this tower is not bouncing up-and-down but showing how clean the air is, we are going to be sunny everywhere but clouds and drizzle on friday as the next cold front moves through bringing us cooler highs for friday, saturday and sunday and right now we have an area of low-to-upper that was sinking toward us and now it will start the taking a little bit of a jog to the east and possibly the northeast but we are still under the influence of the breezes and that is why we are going to have to hold on to the hats in some area and maybe the steering wheel. however, they will let up in some areas and you can see it is warmer in the south bay, mid-70's to 80 degrees but los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy in the mid-80's. on the peninsula, 68 in millbrae and we jump to 74 in san mateo and up to 79 in mountain view.
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the sunshine is buffetted by the breezes which then reaches 70 in downtown san francisco. low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valleys and the east bay shore we have temperatures in the mid-70's to nearly 80 degrees in hercules and as we head inland we are going from 81 in pleasanton to 88 in brentwood. tonight, clear again and a few 40's inland valleys and higher elevations like los gatos and temperatures for the rest of us in the 50's. seven-day forecast shows one-or-two degrees warmer tomorrow. it then turns cool we on friday, saturday and sunday before a slight warming trend on monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> we had an update on the ace train situation at 15 minutes delayed from stockton because of a fire. the fire was off of the tracks. it sounds like it is out. the delays should lift.
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in san jose, moving along fine. 101, 85, 280, all moving along fine. the nimitz also has if delays. away from highway four pushing to the love -- hoffman split, to emeryville it is looking good. 15 minutes despite construction in both directions between emeryville and albany. there is a project that will be picked up at action, northbound 880 between oak and washington state looking good, too. miss america will be in the bay area tonight. >> you will have a chance to meet her in san francisco. we will show you some video, miss new york was declared a winner in september the first indian american to wear the crown. tonight she will stop by macy's union scare in honor of asian pacific american heritage
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morning including a live performance by bollywood dancers. you get a photo with the beauty queen if you make a $25 purchase. a northern california high school is put up for sale in an elaborate pranks. >> amazing stunt or cruel? a stunt a daredevil pulled with his dog strapped to his
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police in mountain view want your help to track down a burglar. surveillance video from friday show the burglar inside a business in 200 block of castro seat. he broke in and stole $700. police estimate his age at 60 to 70. >> today, san francisco will hold the dedication ceremony for a new stamp issued by the postal service. the mayor will join officials at city hall to celebrate the new harvey milk forever stamp.
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he became the first publicly gay elected official in california when three when a seated on the board of supervisors and assassinated by another supervisor in 1978. the white house held its own stamp dedication last week. now the weather forecast. breezy, mike? >> absolutely. breezy at at&t park this afternoon, grab the sun sunscreen, the u.v. index is high. >> across the bay, it will be a night game because it is a four game set and tomorrow is the four game set, and dropping to star filled 62 at end of the game. we will be cooler in the central valley, mid-80's to 91 at fresno and 68 with sunshine at lake tahoe and partly cloudy around los angeles and 78, but, 103 in palm springs. leyla gulen? this is the project still in place with cones being picked up traveling along westbound 80 to
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eastbound 80 the connection at the maze is currently being opened or re-open because of the project. the rest of the traffic into the bay bridge toll plaza is moving along fine, staying in the walnut creek, southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction is only going to take you nine minutes. it is graduation season and soon-to-be graduates at a northern california high school want to pull off a senior prank is seniors put the high school up for sale if roseville for a bargain basement price of $2,014 -- get it in the sign went up trying to attract buyers along with fliers touting everything but the real brains was not a senior or even a student at the school. >> if you cannot joke if life and have fun, too bad. >> jessica's daughter is a senior at the school and she
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didn't mind helping as long as her daughter didn't get in trouble. so she googled senior pranks and decided putting the school up for sale drew the most attention without doing any harm. >> you have to see this to believe it: a video lame telling show the first base jumping dog, daredevil decided to strap his dog whisper on his back and jump off a mountain in the swift alps and the four-year-old dog seemed surprisingly calm during the whole thing and excited when they reached the ground. but is whisper jumping for joy or relief? some think this is amazing and others think it is cruel. the video is a trailer if his new movie "when dogs fly." >> they came by the thousands to uc santa barbara to mourn lives lost in a stubbed student's murderous rampage. we have the bay area remembrance
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today. >> critical vote at state capital that could determine if a technical titan has to give the public open access to a popular san mateo beach. >> hidden cash moves to the south bay.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is wednesday at 4:59. thanks for starting your day with us. >> how would you like sun and wind today? >> can i take it back? >> no. no.
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>> i will buy it. >> hopefully everyone is buying it. here is the visibility: unlimited everywhere, with a few lingers clouds along the coast that are very thin. with the breezes kicking in when we get the sun up, it will chase away the cloud cover, 42-miles-per-hour gusts up on top of mount tamalpais at 2,600' and we are 80 to 88 degrees inland and 68 to 80 at the bay and 62 to 67 along the coast into san francisco. leyla gulen? >> if you are taking bart, 36 trains are on time and a brand new update from ace train which is 15 minutes late because of an early fire. if you are waiting for the train it will be a few minutes late. at the altamont pass, the drive is slowing down. you can see plenty of traffic. 29 miles per hour as you leave tracy and bumper-to-bumper traffic to greenville and


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