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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good saturday morning. glad you are with us bright and early. it's 5:00 a.m. we will start off with a quick check of the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen hi lisa. >> good morning. the marine layer is deep, over 2,000 feet deep and there is mist and drizzle, as well. this morning as you head on out temperatures in the low to mid-50s. there's a gustky southwest wind by the delta. we will get into clearing 10:00 11:00, but notice it stops right here at the western half of san francisco, keeping the coast cool just in the upper 50s. low 60s in the city. we will be looking at a mild to warm day with numbers as warm as the low 80s out by the delta and concord. elsewhere around the bay
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mid-60s to mid-70s. notice the limited sunshine. here we will talk about a little bit of a warmup for the second half of your weekend coming up. katie. >> thank you lisa. we begin with developing news out of oakland. police are investigating the death of a man hit by a bart train. it happened at the west oakland bart station around 10:15 last night. authorities say the man was walking along the tracks when he was hit where people and passengers are not supposed to be. the accident did shut down service between oakland and san francisco while crews worked to clear the tracks. passengers on the train stayed inside the cars as emergency crews cleared the scene. service resumed after midnight. the victim has not been identified. another person hit and killed by a train in pleasanton. it happened around 7:30. transit officials say an ultima corridor express train traveling from san jose to stockton hit a person who was standing on the tracks at the intersection. passengers on the train were not injured. they were taken by bus to
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stockton. a family feud that started overseas exploded inside an oakland school bathroom. a mother beat a fourth grade are we a hammer, causing serious injuries. abc7 news reporter alan wang has the story. >> parents at lafayette elementary school are finding out the mother of a second grade student attacked a little girl with a hammer. >> that is very scary. that's scary to hear. >> oakland school district officials say the woman concealed the hammer until she lured the third gradienter the restroom and struck her body several times. girl was taken to children's hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the child was conscious during the process and in remarkably good spirits considering the incredible trauma she'd been through. >> the school identified the woman. a well-known volunteer at the
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school. both the suspect and her immigrant are immigrants from yemen. >> it is a family feud and it was a vengeance to get back against the other family with which this woman had a conflict. >> the woman is now in the almeda county jail facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. in oakland, abc7 news. the family of an oakland high school student is expected to file a lawsuit against the district after he was attacked by a school security guard. surveillance video from may 19th shows the guard hitting the 17-year-old martinez who has cerebral palsy and was thrown into the floor. the guard was fired and charged with charges. yesterday there was a petition to get him retired. they say he was provoked after the teenager spit in his face. >> i believe he was brought out of his character because somebody spit in his face. >> he was not supposed to snap.
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i was brutalized. >> the adult has a greater responsibility to exercise restraint. >> martinez told us he had to return to hospital thursday night for headaches and back pain. a father in richmond has been arrested on suspicions he attacked a special needs child on a bus. he went after an 11-year-old girl thursday who may have been picking on his special needs son. going are special needs children at the school. the bus driver intervened and the 11-year-old had scratches but did not need medical care. herd face as felony charge. federal investigators launched what they call a major insider trading investor and phil mickelson the golfer. the scc wants to know will icon told a well-known vegas gambler
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in vegas insider information to buy and and if he passed it on to mickelson. mickelson said they are unaware of any investigation. the number of drops are growing and so are the crowds. the hidden cash phenomenon innovated thursday night and thousands more are following the anonymous donor on twitter. hundreds swarmed a los angeles park hoping to find money in an envelope. a tweet posted yesterday promises today's drops will be the biggest scavenger hundred in l.a. history along a stretch of police. police are monitoring social media. they worry large c>owds could turn rowdy. this is the last week toned take in a san francisco landmark. for 17 years "furniture" has crowd out of the hotel. tuesday it comes down. we explain why. >> what started as a six month
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exhibit stretched into 17 years of furniture dangling, dropping and dancing across the hugo hotel. >> i feel i've been a custodian for many years. >> it has become a land mark for locals. >> really just exudes part of the city. >> and a highlight for tourists. >> it's a cool thing to kind of stumble upon. >> more than 100 volunteers helped with the installation in 1997 and more recently the community came together to try to save it. but on tuesday this teetering to the will finally land on solid ground. >> i am a little sad and i wish that it could remain longer. >> the building will be bulldozed in a few months to make way for new affordable housing. the decision has split the neighborhood. >> the building itself is an eyesore. >> he is selling the sculptures. >> the prices range from $650 for a lamp and they are rocking
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lamps, to $35,000 for the crane and clock. >> neighbors see it as priceless. >> there is nothing like this. i think it will be a sad thing to go it go. >> this weekend is your chance to say good-bye. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> we have an update this morning on east bay elementary school students we first interviewed eight years ago. in 2007 they were fourth graders. the school has an emphasis on college prep with almost all minority students, many of whom are attainer the poverty line. in june students who attended the school will be the first to graduate high school. a goal that was put in their heads from day one. >> i want to be a doctor. >> do you know what college you want to go to? >> berkeley. >> graduating to go to college so i think it's like something really like -- my parents are really proud of me. [applause]
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>> claudia actually ended up picking uc santa cruz. she joined dozen of graduating seniors at a special gala last night. attend december celebrated the soon to be grads and the school's ten year anniversary. the crowd also left the story from leeann melendez from ail years ago to show the kids how far they have come. >> this is a dream come true because once they go to college and graduate from college, that will have generational change across our entire community. >> in 2007 david silver said he would do anything to help get his kids to college, which included dancing on the roof as a reward for reading. congratulations to all those students. lisa with a check of the weather. and i did have my windshield wipers on in san francisco. >> yes, yes. there is certainly drizzle not only in san francisco but extending northward into the north bay. up a little bit into the east bay. here's a look at a roof camera where temperatures are in the low to mid-50s.
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notice there is no wind here but we have plenty of low clouds and the marine layer. we will talk about clearing, cool temperatures and the roller coaster ride we will get on with our highs when we return. >> thank you lisa. can diets like juicing or paleobe dangerous? a little known disorder and how you can stop the signs. also the new technology that may help put parents at ease when their parents get behind the wheel. [ female announcer ] creen pass the wet skin challenge? neutrogena wet skin with helioplex does. on wet skin, ordinary sunscreen mixes with water and drips. neutrogena
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>> welcome back. it is cloudy now. you can make that out.
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it's damp in a lot of places in morning. be ready for that as you head out and lisa will fill us in on how the rest of your day is shaping up. one of the most dangerous eating disorders can be disguised as healthy eating. social media sites are filled with posts about so-called clean diets but therapists say those diets can lead some people to an unhealthy obsession. we have the story. >> alicia now enjoys make lunch and spending time with her dad in their home. but for years the 25-year-old fresno state student dreaded mealtime because of her eating disorder. she wasn't eating bad food or not at all. she was actually eating too much good food. >> i used to obsess about food and what i was making and eating. basically all day. that just consumed me and i couldn't focus on work i couldn't focus on school. i was depress the. >> she suffered from an extreme
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fixation on heating healthy food or having a clean diet. >> she said it started when heaves 11 after struggling with a child hood trauma. >> experts say they are seeing a rise in the disorder. at the same time trendy diets focus on eating rights. diets like juicing. the paleodiet no fat and gmo-free have driven up the demand for organic food. >> we live in a culture that is very focused right now and even increasingly so on being healthy and oath the right kinds of foods. that's great. there's nothing wrong with it on the surface but when it becomes an obsession and unhealthy physically for somebody, that's dangerous. >> licensed therapist at the fresno office at the eating recovery center of california says many times family members are the first to call for help for a loved one who shows signs
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of orthorexia. >> they are losing weight or cutting out food groups or refuse to go eat anywhere except for at home and food they have cooked. >> one doctor said it can lead to even heart problems and self-esteem is tied to the disorder. >> they beat themselves up if they eat anything they deem not to be pure or healthy. >> some organic store owners and farmers worry that growing cases of orthorexia might turn people away from eating. but it can lead to extreme eating habits. >> it's not just about eating organically, it's about eating a balanced diet and make sure you have the correct proportions of food throughout the day. >> alicia can do that now after recognizing she needed help to overcome her orthorexia. >> i wanted to live, i wanted a future. >> she continues her therapy at the eating disorder center which
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help her return to balanced eating habits. >> i can enjoy everyone in moderation now and it's about people now instead of the food. >> a healthier outlook on life and not just what is on her plate. kristen sze, abc7 news. >> an assembly worker claims they were canvassing or clarence hundred's campaign yesterday morning and on two occasions two white officers approached the men and asked them if they had ever been arrested or been to jail. >> i feel like it was profiling because if i had been a white woman or like an old white person they wouldn't have asked have you been to jail, are you on probation, are you on parole. >> i'm disappointed. and we certainly cannot have that in the election process where the young men are getting involved, college students, and they should be out here freely exercising their legal rights without harassment and racial profiling. >> the officers told the men
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they needed a permit. even though political activity is not regulated by the el~cerrito municipal code. the police confirmed there is no permit needed and explained the nature of contact with our officers. a new poll finds bay area residents top california and the rest of the nation when it comes to healthcare insurance coverage. a whopping 93% of bay area residents say they are covered by some sort of health insurance. 81% get this insurance through their employer. and with those numbers, it's not surprising the bay area council po. l, very few relied on government programs. 61% support the affordable care act but very few have need for it or take advantage of it. in san francisco this morning, volunteers will give up part part of their weekend to make the city prettier. beginning at 9:00 more than 100 volunteers are expected to gather at the high school and
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they will spread out to clean out areas of the mission and the heights neighborhood. public work crews will join in the graffiti removal and park beautification effort. more than 40,000 people have taken part in the works volunteer program in the past 13 years. a victory for some residents in san francisco. tenants a ten-unit building at 23rd and florida street are celebrating after the board rescinded a notice calling for their eviction. it allows them to evict tenants to get out of the rental business. but many use the act to evict tenants and renovate and flip a property for profit. their activity will encourage others to organize for their housing rights. letting teenage drivers get behind the wheel can cause anxiety for parents but new technology lets them keep tabs on teens when they hit the road.
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michael finney reveals how the safety devices work. >> good morning. car accidents are the number one cause of deaths for teenagers. teens are inexperienced drivers and they tend to speed. consumer reports has tested devices that you can install in the car to keep tabs on your teen and their driving and potentially help prevent a tragic accident. >> today we are best friends. they weren't just brothers. they went everywhere together. everywhere. >> linda strickland's teenage sons ted and alex took the car on their very first road trip and were in a horrible car accident. ted survived, but alex and another passenger died. >> i should have said no. but people tell me to cut the apron strings. i cut the apron strings and now my son is dead. >> it's impossible to prevent your child from getting into an
5:19 am
accident consumers reports tested small gps tracking device this is warn you in advance how your teen driving. there is no toe safety, mass track and mobi co-pilot that cost between $80 and $100. they are easy to install under the dashboard and you pay $15, $20 a month for driving reports. >> they did things like alert you if your teen is speeding, slamming on the brakes or gunning the car. >> you can have the alert sent to you via text or e-mail or view driving reports from the devices website. you can also see the vehicle's location and the route. all the devices work well. >> don't think of it as spying on your teen, but coaching them to be a better driver. >> the $80 mow toe safety is enough for simple tracking and it allows you to set top speeds for highways and secondary roads. >> if you pay more for the mass track or mobi co-pilot tracking
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system you get extras like notify indications if the car is turned on or off owe you know when your teen arrives. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a warning for you this morning if you live in walnut creek near the high school. don't be alarm by gunshots or screams spoiling the dodgers opening. the city's police department is having a drill. it's conducting a training at the school. all day today between 8:00 and 35:00. again, police conducting a training exercise at high school in walnut creek and you may hear sounds of simulated gunfire or screams. that's connected to the training. always a good reminder. that can cause plenty of drama it in a neighborhood. the weather is a little dramatic out there. >> yeah. we are starting out with plenty of low clouds. it will clear, but it will make for a cool day today. in fact temperatures will be below average. second half of the weekend different story as we take a look at live doppler 7hd. the marine layer is at about 2,000 feet deep. we are looking at the low clouds and fog all the way into the
5:21 am
east bay valleys and the winds have picked up. the southwest winds to the dealt all of them that's an indication that the cooler marine air will be transported across the bay. an exploratorium camera showing temperatures right now 50 half moon bay, 72 san francisco. milder with the low cloud deck. 54 san carlos, 55 in san jose. good morning emeryville temperatures ranging from mainly the low to mid-50s. 53 fairfield, as well as concord, with livermore cloudy skies, 54, and 51 in santa rosa. at the airport this morning it's maybe some delays there. low clouds fog drizzle and cool at the coast. san francisco looking gray. the western portion. but as you head toward the final district there is sunshine. otherwise high pressure builds in temporarily tomorrow for a little bit of a warmup before we get to a cool down. again, here's the little cool pocket that will allow for
5:22 am
temperatures today to stay in mainly the 60s and 70s. outlying areas may be touching 80 in gilroy. 9 morgan hill and 76 in san jose. 63 sunnyvale. the peninsula gray and breezy, 73 menlo park. san francisco limited sun. you can see right on the line here with low 60s. in the north bay it will be nice in napa at 80 there. 77. 74 petaluma. over into the east bay, 69 oakland, look for 712 in fremont. and you head inland -- 72 in fremont. temperatures low 80 with the southwest wind by the delta. 82 antioch and 84 brentwood. we will get some sunshine in san jose after 9:00 and that will allow for a pretty good-looking morning with temperatures in the low 60s. look for mid-60s by noontime and by 3:00 about 70 degrees. this is for the grape festival.
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i thought it was the carnival but it's the grape festival. temperatures are similar. i can't he is this early in the morning. but i can see enough to see the temperatures after they go up tomorrow, they are coming back down monday. here is what happens tuesday wednesday, thursday and friday. high pressure builds. we will have the classic summertime weather with low 6 0s and cloudy skies at the coast and 80s inland. keep track on twitter with live doppler 7hd. a lost things going on around the bay and it's cool, guy and dense in some areas. >> wonderful. thanks lisa. next on abc7 news, the controversial diaper commercial that some of calling sexually suggestive.
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ñ >> welcome back. bear in florida proved it is comfortable, no matter the species. a black bear came out of the woods near his home. the bear relaxed in the hammock lying back just like a human would and curls up for a bit. the bear hung out for about 20 minutes before walking away. just a little cat nap, i guess. you all heard of having a monkey on your back. how about this, a goat? someone took this video with the goat on his back. the goat looking around, taking
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it easy seemingly without a care in the world. sure. he doesn't have to use his legs. seems comfortable. the front legs are draped over the shoulders. the goat is actually riding on a harness on the cyclist's back. a big goat. looks heavy. a new ad campaign for diapers is being criticized for being too sexual. take a look. this is the look for huggies new diapers. they defense the spot saying the celebration of color and fun. the ad has not run into the united states. and sam is sprucing up his style for the new season. they stitched up a new pair of jeans at the levi store in san francisco for the mascot. nothing is good enough for sourdough sam. and he isn't exactly an
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off-the-rack size. the new jeans will be just in time for football season at the new levi stadium in santa clara this fall. a big effort by an east bay refinery. the modest changes they want to make while cutting greenhouse gases. and we will take a look at a brand new hospital. the state of the art facility with a high-tech
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>> welcome back. we starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa. >> good morning indicatefy. we are cloudy in san francisco we are cloudy in the north by with mist and drizzle. and into the east bay 54 degrees with gray skies. 53 in concord and we will look for sunny and mild to warm day inland once again with low 80s. it should be very pleasant for concord and san ramon today. oakland 69. 70s from santa clara up through santa rosa and cool 50s with cloudy skies san francisco and the coast. we will talk about a little bit of a warmup. then we are going to cool down and even more changes for the first week of june. that's all coming up. katie. >> lisa, thank you. in his weekly address, president obama said his administration new rules to curb greenhouse gases from power plans are essential to protect the health and well-being of children. to emphasize the point he record
5:32 am
the his message at the children's national medical center in washington d.c. instead of at the white house. >> as president, and as a parent, i refuse to condemn our children to a planet that's beyond fixing. the shift to a cleaner energy economy won't happen overnight and it will acquire tough choices along the way. but a low-carbon, clean-energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come. >> on monday the obama administration will introduce the first carbon pollution limits on existing american power plants. critics say the new rules will increase costs and kill jobs. there's a one-in-three chance you gets your healthcare through kaiser permanente, and this year kaiser is opening three new hospitals in the bay area. the first off i-80 and san leandro is replacing an older hospital. we get a look at the high-tech hospital days before it opens.
5:33 am
>> from the moment you walk in, it's clear this isn't your grandparents' hospital. >> you want to get directions you can find the service that you are looking for -- >> starting with touch screen maps that send directions to your phone. kaiser using technology to give their new hospital some hospitality. >> we should have very empty weighting rooms. that's a mark of success. >> that will happen thanks to the new intake rooms. >> the hospital meteorologist can be consult to go me directly. >> and they have their own radiology unit. >> you can come in here, be on the table and have a ct within minutes. >> and it's ready for disasters with outdoor chemical showers and its own power play. >> we have a four-day backup supply of power and water. >> inside you won't fine dry erase boards. messages are all done on a tv screen that's also for ordering food, healthy food. >> and they can't order ten pieces of bacon. >> it extends to the operating
5:34 am
room where they have as much video gear as the set of "grey's anatomy," but hopefully less drama. >> doctors can do minimally invasive procedures looking at a giant screen using these controls. >> it does look like a video game. >> nurses demonstrated the lift that helps get patients of any size to the bathroom and patience of the smallest size. >> this goes on the ankle of every newborn. >> babies can't get lost and premium misses get private rooms. >> peace and quiet for the families, as well as infection control. >> every room at the hospital is private, including some with their own ventilation. >> the airflow of this room does not go out to the rest of the building. >> it's expensive to build but they believe cheapner the long run. >> if we can prevent you from getting a hospital acquired infection, for example, what it saves for us and for you as a patient down the road is immeasurable. >> in san leandro jonathan bloom, abc7 news. a colegs of medical
5:35 am
marijuana dispensaries in san jose is hoping an offer of free or dispounded pot will get out the votes on tuesday. they also put out their list of candidates they support. we have details. >> medical marijuana dispensatories are hoping the offer of discounted pot to members and some places free pot to certain users will get out the vote on primarydy. it's clear they are hoping to have an influence on regulation that are currently being considereddy city hall. >> the people leaving the city have been trying to close clubs rather than properly regulate them and allow them to operate without influencing their community. >> at this can bus club they are passing out orange flyers with a list of preferred candidates. >> we found people who are cannabis friendly or in some cases they are the best option we have. >> dave is on the top of the flyer. his campaign manager declined any comment on the endorsement. city council member told me he
5:36 am
didn't seek the endorsement either but said san jose needs to adopt rules that are workable. members of congress pass add surprising measure calling on federal agents to ease enforcement in states with some form of legalized pot use. he said that will clear up some issues with dispensaries in san jose but doesn't solve them all. by phone he said it seems like the federal government continues to pun this issue to the states to figure out. what we really need is some guidance from the feds. tuesday city council's meeting is set for 1:30 p.m.. in san jose, abc7 news. an east bay refinery wants to modernize it's facility and cut greenhouse gases dramatically in the process. but is the project all it claims to be. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has details from the shell oil refinery in martinez. >> jim lived next to the shell refinery for 45 years. and he's had his share of issues with his big neighbor.
5:37 am
but when it comes to the company's new proposed project to reduce greenhouse goods emissions by 15%. so far he is on board. >> that sounds like a good deal. if you are going to reduce it. i can't tell why anybody would want to be against that. >> this is a unit they plan to phase out by 20-20. >> where there is everything to like about the project we will come into compliance with california's greenhouse regulations which are the toughest in the nations and improve our business. >> they say it will reduce greenhouse gas emig business 700,000 metric tons a year, the equivalent of taking 100,000 cars off the road. >> shell has been a leader in reducing pollution through flares and now they step forward with removing the flexi-cokier which is '80s technology.
5:38 am
>> but some have a distrust of any plan put forth by an oil company. in some areas they have delayed the modernization of a refinery that would allow heavier crude. in shell it would not increase the amount of oil processed and the refining of lighter crude oil. there's no change in the 5789 of processing. the type of crude they are going to be bringing in, i believe is much better crude than they had. >> shell will presence its project next week to the contra costa board of supervisors. the first staff in launching the environmental review process n martinez laura anthony, abc7 news. >> still to come, frustration in the east bay why hundreds of students are being force today retake a big test. and it's 5:38. let's take a live look outside. the view of the gorgeous golden gate bridge but you can see the effect of the lights there. a little damp out this morning. lisa argen will fill you in and
5:39 am
all the details of
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my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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>> welcome back everyone. it's 5:41. sorry to wake you up with in gray gray view of the san mateo bridge, of course." it's gray and misty and damp. traffic is moving. that's good if you are headed that way to or from. but, yeah, it's kind of a gray morning out there. but i guess that will get us ready for summer in the bay area. it has happened again at a bay area high school. a stand died test for college credit tossed out because of a mistake by an educator. now through no fault of their own a bunch of kids have to take the test again. lyanne melendez has the story from pleasanton. >> 150 so far and that was just
5:42 am
started last night. >> blair is expressing his anger on this facebook page. a place for him and others to vent after their a. p. tests were thrown out. >> most of us studied hard and didn't want to spend any more time anything about it and now we are asked to do it again. >> students at the high school were given this letter notifying them the education until testing services found irregularities in two classrooms where the tests were given. instead of students seated five feet apart, the distance was four inches less than that. students were also not facing the same direction. >> am mattly it's the school's responsibility. we take ownership for that because we followed the college board's guidelines. they want the rooms in a certain way and there were seating regularities that didn't follow the guidelines. >> 400 students taking 14a. p. tests were affected and must take them again. >> a lot of people prepared a lot for the test. we were brought in before this so we didn't know if it was a
5:43 am
for sure thing, but once it was official, i think everyone just is extremely frustrated with the situation. >> the school told parents the tests will be given again beginning on monday and all through the week. >> these kids studied so hard, put their notes away, had a party, and all of a sudden you have 48 hours? and some teach speakers a few students not affected will be here this weekend to help the others prepare for the test. >> the a. p. kids this don't have to retest are helping the kids that are going to retest. they are going to form study groups and work all next week and help those kids pass. >> the school will once again meet with parents at 10:30 a.m. to answer any questions. in pleasanton, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. definitely it's gray morning out there. >> and drizzly. here's look live outside. you will notice the bay bridge here with the 2,000-foot marine
5:44 am
clearing. we are look forward to maybe some warmer weather. that's in the forecast just a few minutes away. >> the sky, the bridge and the water all the same color. coming up, the giants light up one of best pitchers in baseball in st. louis. sports director larry beil will
5:45 am
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a live look from our roof cam. i hate to dwell on the gray but i don't know what to say about the images this morning. the lights are on and those are pretty but otherwise you are looking at mist and drizzle and dampness and grayness. i actually got out a warmer coat this morning to come to work. i had a light jacket. and i thought i'm going put on my coat. a huge, huge win. >> what happens on last day of may and the first day of june? first day of june a little warmer tomorrow. we will have the roller coaster ride with temperatures up and down. >> good. >> we have that to look forward to. live doppler 7hd. the marine layer over 2000 feet deep. drizzle and mist today but that is the classic summertime feeling here with the cool coast and the mild inland temperatures. so we will get up into the mid-80s tomorrow. inland today more like low 80s and back to the gray from the exploratorium camera where temperatures are in the low to mid-50s. 50 half moon bay.
5:48 am
cloudy in oakland. 54 for you as well as san carlos. 54 in morgan hill. another spot that could reach 80 today. from our roof camera well, we are looking at temperatures fairly uniform low to mid-50s. 54 livermore with 51 santa rosa, 52 novato. the airport, maybe some delays as you head on out. we will get into a little bit of sunshine and sfo later odd. the winds will kick up. low clouds, drizzle this morning. about 10:00 some sunshine for the city. but we will keep it cloudy by the golden gate bridge. and also at the coast today. a little warmer tomorrow. temperatures not budging too much at the shoreline. we will look for some changes as we go into about wednesday. in fact, even wider range of temperatures headed our way. we have a cool pocket of air with an area of low pressure that is visiting today. the high pressure builds in temporarily. tomorrow we will do it all again.
5:49 am
and monday the warmup stays with us for about wednesday into the beginning of next weekend. so as for today numbers ranging from the low 60s at the coast. 87 sacramento. so you know the deal. you have to get out of the bay. things really warm up. 92 fresno. 78 los angeles. 106 in palm springs. temperatures ranging from about 60 and the clouds half moon bay. look for low 60s in the city. 73 palo alto. santa cruz 72 with 82 by the delta. right now it's quite breezy there. 81 in livermore. napa 80 degrees. so pretty warm there. and as we head into san jose, it's cloudy now but for the greek festival temperatures in the low 70 #* 70s by 2. really a nice day here. temperatures a little warmer for the second half of the weekend. if you are headed over to the coliseum tonight, look for numbers in the 60s to start out. breezy, dropping into the upper
5:50 am
50s by 10:00. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the range upper 50s to low 80s with the clouds in the city and at the coast. a little warmer tomorrow. and we go back to cooler monday. partly cloudy tuesday as we transition to a pretty nice warmup come wednesday thursday and friday and pretty mild at the coast. it is typical. not being too extreme except, you know, this is what we get here in june. >> thank you, lisa. when the super bowl comes to review stadium in 2016 it may come would you the l, which is an l. they app and watch to ditch the l and go with the 5-0 for the logo. some say the committee wants to change because l stands for loss or loser. but the league has no comment. the nhl referred to super bowl 50 use the. in sports victory once again for the san francisco giants as they face-off against the
5:51 am
cardinals in st. louis. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with your morning sports. >> good morgue, everything. the giants lit up one of the best pitchers in all of baseball last night. adam wainwright of the cardinals. they were in st. louis. faces rarely heard at the baseball game did you bring the pacifier? bumgarner went seven scoreless and fanning ten. he came in with the most wins with 8 and leaves in dismay. hunter pence, let's go to big maclan. three run bomb. giants cruz to the 9-4 win. they have won off the their last nine. a's and angels in oakland. josh donaldson is everywhere. a hit on stick night. there's a promotion. first inning there is comes there is goes. brandon moss, grand slam off of richards. 4-0 a's. and bottom of the second,
5:52 am
donaldson hammers wade le blanc at the wall. and he attempts to wipe off his hand before throwing out erick aybar. and donald son again. deep to dead center, second homer of the game, 4 rbis on the night 15th of the year. a's over the angels 9-5. college ball, region until action in bloomington. freshman cal, a complete game. allowed one run and struck out six. fellow teammate jack with pop. 3-1 jack here. cardinals win 8-1 and will face indiana today. the miami heat going to the nba finals for the fourth straight year. they hammered indiana in game six of the eastern conference finals. lance stevenson has just turned into a complete knucklehead. all of his antics, slapping the lead that slapped back but you don't want to make the king angry because won't like hip
5:53 am
when he's angry. he had 25 right down broadway. it is a blowout. early on the bird man, chris andersen, dunking. and he had 26 at the break. it wasn't even close. no suspension. josh reversing 25. miami joins the celtics and lakers as franchises of that gone to four straight nba finals 117-92. game six kings blackhawks in l.a. broadcasting legend al mike they will the house. do you believe in miracles? how about this. former santa clara valley blackhawk alec martinez ties it up at two. kings up 3-2 late. done keogh a wrister that beats jonathan quick sick side. tied at three. less than five minutes later patient game -- patrick kane. lock at the traffic in front. game 7 is back in the windy city. that is a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 9:00 p.m. and
5:54 am
11. enjoy your weekend. i'm larry beil. >> still to come, the huge party underway in napa. big names expected to hit the ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪
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♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ idlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education.
5:56 am
now john perez is running for controller to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. here's the numbers from last night's mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot goes up
5:57 am
to $34 million. the party is on once more in napa. this year's bottle rock music festival is underway at the napa valley expo. some are surprised to see it back after last year's organizers defalled on $5 million worth of debt owed to owners. he said he couldn't pay partly because the food and beverage company didn't pay him. but this year the concert is under new management and one of the first things new owners did was pay venders what they were owed from last year. graham his business plan is that of a new startout. >> do you know anything about rock n' roll? >> no. but i love it and i'm a businessman. i started a lot of businesses. the crowd gathering to watch some of the early acts and get a good spot to see last night's headliner. that's tonight. next at six an investigation is underway after a man is hit and killed by a train on bart
5:58 am
tracks. outrage at an oakland school after police say a woman beat a third grade we're a hammer. here, like this. and then cover the papi. announcer: the moment babies are born their brains are forming the connections that determine how they learn...think...and grow.
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>> good saturday morning. glad you are with us bright and early. it's 6:00 a.m. it's a gray saturday morning. we will start off with a quick check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. we have mist and drizzle and it's gray all wait into the inland valleys. we will have midday sunshine. this is the which it will play out. the low clouds and fog will stay at the coast with a healthy on shore push. we will look for temperatures in the upper 50s to low 6 tos with limited sunshine here. but around the bay 69 in oakland. look for mid-70s in san jose and low 80s by concord and fairfield. we do have a warmup on tap before the end of the weekend. i'll detail that


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