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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 31, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight the breaking news this saturday. coming home. the release of bowe bergdahl. nearly five years held by the taliban. and the american soldier now free. the special forces who picked him up. the note he wrote in the helicopter and what they said that brought tears to his eyes. tonight the u.s. turning over five taliban detainees in exchange. who is going free? our team on it all. also, was he on the inside? millions watching one of the top names in golf today. federal investigators watching him, too. the insider training and how phil mickelson is responding tonight. the supermarket stunner. the close call for shoppers. this family car swallowed in the heartland. what's behind this? and parting gift. we celebrate the class of 2014 tonight. sandra bullock's surprise.
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jay leno's return and we're with the two dads coming home just in time to hug their graduates. >> he's here. >> here they come. "world news" starts now. good evening and great to have you with us on a saturday night. what a night it is for an american family hoping and praying for five years that they're son would come home. an army sergeant held captive by the taliban. we all watched as sergeant bowe bergdahl's appearance changed to the images his captors would release. this one six months after they took him. still in uniform. a year later his uniform replaced. showing with one of the men held him hostage. and all the while back home in idaho, his family and neighbors never giving up, holding vigils, carrying the flag, and never forgetting their son. tonight what the u.s. had to offer in exchange releasing the
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five detainees and we'll get to it all beginning with white house correspondent jim avila on the mission to pick up that american soldier years after we first heard that voice. >> the lone american prisoner of war who warned -- wandered away in june of 2009 was held by the taliban. but has beaten the odds in his own worst fare -- fears. >> release me, please. i'm begging you. >> reporter: today bergdahl was freed and released in a complicated three-party prisoner exchange. one american sergeant in return for five afghan taliban prisoners. some of them, al qaeda sympathizers. all formerly held in cuba. the negotiations conducted in secret with the mid east allie qatar acting as a go-between for the americans. so the u.s. did not deal directly with the taliban. qatar has agreed to take the afghans in its custody to deny them travel outside their
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country for at least one year. bergdahl's risky turnover happening in the dead of night along the afghanistan/pakistan border. with no shots fired. a small group of u.s. special forces landing in helicopters and met by 18 taliban fighters. holding sergeant bergdahl who is described in good condition and able to walk. his family appearing with the president in the rose garden late today. >> thank you so much. we just can't communicate the words this morning when we heard from the president. >> reporter: the only reaction from sergeant bergdahl himself came because of a noise he was given a pen with which he scribbled the letters ff for special forces. the soldiers yelled back yes and told him we have been looking for you for a long time. it was then the last american captive of the afghan war broke down and cried.
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>> just incredible he wrote those letters as they were picking him up. jim, do we know where bowe bergdahl is tonight? >> he'll be taken to germany receiving more med cam attention and then 24 to 48 hours we expect him to be back home in the area in san antonio, texas where he'll meet with his family. >> then the reunion they're waiting for. as you heard jim report, bergdahl's family, his hometown never giving up. how that town is reacting. right down to the owner of the local diner who describes the moment they learned their native son was free. abc's david wright on that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: for five years now this small idaho town has had yellow ribbons for bowe bergdahl. >> my name is bowe bergdahl. >> reporter: private first class when the taliban set out this video. he's been promoted twice in captivity. >> release me. please. >> reporter: family back home greeting each new video with
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mixed emotions relief that the proof of life but concern about the hell he's been in. >> a father does not leave his son alone on the battle field. i do not live here. i live in afghanistan. my cell phone is set on afghan time. my weather is afghan weather. >> reporter: bob berghahl started growing his own beard in solidarity with his son. he taught himself pashto, too. >> my son -- if you can hear me, you are part of the peace process. >> reporter: hoping to communicate with his son's taliban captors. but for his mom these five years have been agony. >> bowe, we love you. we support you and eagerly awaiting your return home. i love you, my son, as i have from the first moment i heard of you. with the never-ending unconditional love a mother has
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for her child. >> reporter: officials say his family will finally get to see him at brook army medical center in texas. back home in idaho, every lamppost has a sign for the annual bring back bowe rally. so does the coffee shop where he worked as a kid. the reaction there -- ecstatic. >> everybody stopped eating and watched. we have a tv up in the corner. everybody looked and there was some -- a little bit of applause and some cheers. everybody is real excited about it. >> reporter: turns out the rally won't be cancelled. everyone is hoping it will be a coming home party. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> a coming home they all deserve. after waiting so many years. thank you. and as we have reported here, this was part of an exchange. the white house agreeing to let those five detainees leaving. who are they and where will they end up? reporting from pakistan tonight. >> reporter: some of the highest ranking taliban commanders. in american custody. so dangerous.
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they have been held for over a decade. among the five men, mullah fazel mohammed, the taliban's former army chief. in 2008, a leaked u.s. army report labeled him high risk saying if he was released he would, quote, "likely rejoin the taliban". another, abdul haq waseek, helped run the taliban's intelligence ministry during their reign of terror in the 1990s. the department of defense describing him as having direct access to taliban leader, mullah omar. he was high up in the hierarchy, he used his own home as a safe house. for other militants. even if all five detainees stay in qatar for a year, critics in congress and beyond are sure to pounce and asking if the price was just too high. releasing terrorists who can some day once again put more american lives at risk. muhammad lila, abc news, pakistan. >> thank you. and we'll have much more throughout the night at and first thing in the morning on "good morning america." and on this week with george.
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we move on tonight and to the famous golfer under the microscope. part of an insider trading case. phil mickelson is responding. here's abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: phil mickelson teed off today. one of the most popular best known pro-golfers in the world known for winning the master's three times in his short game. but tonight mickelson is in the spotlight for another reason. the fbi and sec confirmed they are pursuing an insider trading probe involving mickelson. las vegas gambler billy walters and billionaire investor carl icahn. federal investigators are examining specific trades made in 2011 by walters and mickelson in clorox stock. investigating whether icahn was attempting to take over the company could have tipped off his buddy walters and whether walters who owns a number of golf courses then tipped off
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mickelson. >> if some friend told him it would be a good idea, a good time to invest in clorox, if he has no idea where that information is coming from, it's not insider trading. >> reporter: today mickelson faced the press after the tournament. >> i have done nothing wrong. that's why i have been fully cooperating with the fbi agents and i'm happy to do so in the future, too. >> reporter: ikon said the same. telling the new york times that to suggest he did anything wrong is quote, irresponsible. billy walters had no comment. and tonight abc news is learning no arrests are imminent. investigators say they are still in the evidence-gathering phase. as you just heard, the burden of proof, very high here. >> always great to have you with us on a weekend. now still unfolding tonight. the l.a. clippers about to have a new owner. he's paying $2 billion for the team. tonight in his own words why he believes his investment
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will pay off as we now hear of a move from donald sterling. but will it make a difference? abc in california. >> reporter: the surprising and sudden fate of the los angeles clippers being sold for a price of $2 billion. former microsoft ceo steve ballmer signed the lucrative agreement with donald sterling's wife, shelley. but despite the team's pending sale, the lawsuits aren't over yet. donald sterling's lawyer says his client is suing the nba for $1 billion in damages. >> donald sterling is now essentially suing himself. >> reporter: that's because his wife agreed that she and the family's trust would be responsible for any judgments against the nba. >> if donald sterling wins in a court of law, he's going to cost himself a lot of money. i'm not sure what the point is. >> reporter: the nba says the suit is baseless. the sale pending approval from
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its board of governors. that $2 billion offer is nearly four times the previous record price for an nba team. the milwaukee bucs went for $550 million this year. ballmer says he looks at the clippers the same way he does tech companies. >> when you buy a tech company, you don't say what is it. you say what can we turn it into. >> reporter: paying for potential. the clippers never won a championship but their future is looking up. >> i have a big bold dream for the clippers and that's to win. >> reporter: ballmer's bid surpassed others including celebrity investors, oprah one of them. saying today she was disappointed but her advisors told her it would not be a good business investment. david. >> thank you. tonight there is a search underway in the west for six climbers missing on washington's mt. rainier. the helicopter search is now focused on the northwest shoulder what's called the liberty ridge area.
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the group consists of two guides overseas into australia where planes have been grounded because of a volcanic eruption. the ash billowing miles in the air and seen thousands of miles away on the ground. here's abc tonight with the pictures. >> reporter: it's a stunning sight. the massive ash cloud stretching over nine miles into the sky and wreaking havoc. from a plane you get a better sense of the size, reaching higher than the clouds. the sangeang apl volcano in southern indonesia has erupted three times since friday, the ash now reaching bali and parts of australia nearly 2,000 miles away. >> there's still a very large eruption ongoing. we can see a lot of lightning associated with that column, which is telling us it's very forceful. >> reporter: that volcanic ash can damage a jet engine, and so flights have been grounded across the region. take a look at this map from earlier today, not a plane in the sky. >> we looked at the screen and all of the monitors, cancelled,
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so complete shock. >> reporter: in 2010, a volcano in iceland stranded travelers around the world for weeks. the good news this time, there are fewer flights in that area. but if the eruption continues, that ash could spread causing even more chaos. abc news, london. >> thank you. tonight a look at rare images few of us have seen of the apollo teams practicing before their mission so many years ago. take a look at these released photos. showing the astronauts training in hawaii to go to the moon. here driving a lunar on the big island. here wearing t-shirts and sunglasses. one scooping up some of the soil another strapped to a video camera. the rocky landscape looking like the moon. but of course, nothing can replace the real thing. much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. on the scene of that giant sinkhole. just a few hundred feet away from a popular theme park. so many families pulling into the parking lot just a few hours
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tonight take a look at the swallowing up a car. everyone was okay. we have seen so many lately. just across from a theme park from florida. abc is now on the scene where authorities say it could have been much worse. >> reporter: check out this 85-
5:47 pm
foot long 18-foot deep crater getting bigger in a parking lot just across the street from florida's theme park. >> the recommendation of the geologist is to be closed the rest of the weekend to give it time to settle. >> reporter: this cavity is 40 miles from the 2013 sinkhole that opened up beneath bush's bed. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed. >> reporter: swallowing him up as he slept. his body was never recovered. a few months later experts believe a sinkhole was behind this collapse. the central florida vacation resort -- >> we heard a big boom. and then the bathtub lifted up and went down. >> reporter: according to the survey there have been 296 depressions since 2010. more than 50,000 square feet of land devoured. clair who works in a grocery store says the ground collapsed in less than an hour and a half. >> my boss said grab your keys. there's a sinkhole behind your car. >> reporter: while there were excited visitors.
5:48 pm
there were those who knew better. >> this to me is scarier than an earthquake. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured. geologists will drill the ground for soil samples to determine if the foundation is stabilizing. when that happens, they'll fill the hole with tens of thousands of pounds of cement. >> thank you. when we come back, that iconic scene from ferris buhler. that accident at the house. the car tearing off right through the windows there. now something in that movie is back in the news tonight. best friends for years. one of our favorite things to do is going to the dog park together. sometimes my copd makes it hard to breathe. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. come on, boy! [ female announcer ] symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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a 4-year-old boy and his family from china was visiting south korea. he turned his dad's passport into his coloring book. south korean officials didn't think it's funny. they have now told the father he won't be able to leave the country because of unrecognizable documentation. he has now appealed to social media. for help. just a kid. and now the the image from florida. that black bear taking a break and kicking back. the bear not bothered by the neighbors snapping these photos. authorities now saying the number of bear sightings has doubled to nearly 6,200 a year in florida. and buhler. that iconic '80's movie. so many funny scenes. and who can forget. that 1961 ferrari. tonight a piece of that hollywood history has changed hands. it's not the car. it's the house. that mid century glass and steel home. a favorite stop the sightseers. has sold for more than $1
5:53 pm
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finally tonight some of the famous faces from sandra bullock surprising the them and the military dads. who had a surprise of their own. >> congratulations to the class of 2014! >> have no fear, class of 2014. >> apparently the higher you climb in life, the more ridiculous your hats will become. like the pope or pherrell. >> nice to believe in yourself. it's better to have other people believe in you. >> when that challenge comes your way and you're feeling fearful, i want you to focus on the fight and not the flight. >> my daughter does not know i'm coming today. she's going to be very surprised when i see her. >> congratulations.
5:57 pm
>> over the years i missed a lot. >> he's here. >> the happiness is opening your mind and your heart to love. >> stop worrying so much. i don't remember any of the moments in my life where i worried. go find your joy. you're not going to remember how you worry. you're not going to remember the what-ifs or the whys or who wronged you. it's the joy that stays with you. >> my advice to you is go out and be a movie star because it's awesome. >> you're all nerds. the only difference is that you are the nerds that are going to make some serious bank. which is why i'm here today. to marry the best looking
5:58 pm
amongst you. >> i hope you all stay curious and never stop learning. >> i think it's an obvious lesson here. don't wait for a break. make your break. go make it happen for yourself. your journey has begun. let's go! >> and we salute the class of 2014. we're keeping the chair warm for you. we'll see you tomorrow night. "gma" first thing in the morning. until then, good night.
5:59 pm
next, a hazmat crew joins fbi agents as they swarm a san francisco paper. what we know about the investigation tonight. >> why there are new worries that homes on treasure island could be contaminated with radiation. >> other look at the products we may and may not see at apple's worldwide developer's conference next week. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us. right now the fbi is in san francisco investigating an apartment in the russian hill neighborhood. they had to shut down the area as a hazmat crew was called in to assist. tiffany wilson is live with more. reporter: the fbi shut down this area jackson at polk around 9:00 this morning.
6:00 pm
since then no one has been allowed behind the yellow tape and all activity is centered in an apartment behind the blue tent you can see. of you take a look at the video, you can see fbi agents in protective suits and maximums. an fbi spokesman says they came to serve a search warrant as part of a federal criminal investigation. however, this is not an rarity warrant but a search warrant. the apartment was vacant. neighbors say it was occupied as a single man, and our cameras were there as the agents spent hours examining the apartment. the bright something out into -- brought something out into the courtyard. >> i thought it looked like identity day in the city. i thought they were filming a movie. >> there is no risk to public safety.


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