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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 2, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," pride and relief parents of the u.s. soldier freed from captivity speak out. >> i will see you soon, my beloved son. i love you so. >> dramatic rescue and new questions about how sergeant bowe bergdahl was captured. plus, carried away. it happened again. an inflatable toy with children inside is picked up by the wind as parents watch in horror. we talk to experts to see how to make sure your child stays safe. >> also this morning -- >> i think when you start living in that world, and doing that, you start i guess feeling raped. >> controversial comments, charlize theron sparks a firestorm after she describes how the paparazzi makes her feel. it's monday, june 2nd.
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>> from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, everybody. linzie janis in the house. >> nice to be here. >> nice to see you, too. we will have you all week. we will have a lot of fun but some serious news first. >> yeah, big story here. >> beginning with the latest details on that release of american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl. the former captive receiving medical treatment at a u.s. base in germany. >> he was freed over the weekend in exchange for five taliban detainees at guantanamo. with more here's jim avila at the white house. >> everyone is happy. >> this is a joyous day. >> this is a happy day. >> the obama administration rejoicing that sergeant bowe bergdahl is safe and being treated at landstuhl hospital in germany. beyond that his condition, physical or mental details are discussed only in vague terms and pointedly as a justification for a prisoner exchange that
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also resulted in freedom for those five guantanamo bay taliban terrorists. >> we needed to get him out of there essentially to save his life. >> he told reporters on his way to afghanistan that he didn't know if bergdahl had been tortured or why his family said the sergeant is having trouble speaking english. only that it is believed he was held captive alone with no other americans. the risky transfer, urgently arranged through qatar who dealt directly with the taliban with drones and helicopters above the afghanistan/pakistan border, u.s. special forces picked him up from some 20 taliban fighters, no shots fired. the noise from the chopper so loud bergdahl was handed a pen to scribble sf for special forces. the soldiers yelling back, yes, adding we have been looking for you for a long time. bergdahl then breaking down in to tears. but the murky details of sergeant bergdahl's original capture in 2009 were not
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divulged. a knowledgeable source telling abc news, he walked away from his post without his weapon. secretary hagel says that was not a factor in the decision to negotiate. >> he's a sergeant in the united states army. our first priority is assuring his well-being and his health. >> reporter: the happy day talking point has not spread to all corners of washington. >> the number one way that al qaeda raises money is by ransom, kidnapping and ransom. we have now set a price. >> reporter: the white house line, this was not a hostage situation. this was a p.o.w. and americans don't leave their soldiers behind even if they are held by the taliban. jim avila, abc news, the white house. >> there is rejoicing in the small idaho town of hailey where bergdahls live. yellow ribbons adorn almost every driveway. residents put up signs saying bowe is back. his grateful parents have been campaigning for their son's return for five years now.
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his mother said they can wait a little bit longer while bowe gets used to civilian life again. >> give yourself all the time you need to recover and decompress. there's no hurry. i will see you soon, my beloved son. i love you, bowe. >> they haven't spoken to their son yet and will wait until military experts say he is ready to talk to family. five years in captivity. my goodness. >> incredible they haven't spoken to him yet. >> they must be dying to talk to him. very interesting on the surface, it is a fantastic thing. but it is controversial. does it open the door to the idea that you -- more kidnappings could happen in the future? >> jim avila said he was a p.o.w., not a hostage. >> interesting way to look at it. clearly debated for sure. one thing with these prisoner exchanges, israel has a lot of experience with this and they say it is not just the swap that is important for the family and the soldier, but also for the rest of the enlisted men. they know, their morale is
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boosted if they were missing the country would in theory do anything to get them back. it has ramifications to build morale way beyond a family or soldier. >> that really helps explain it, i think. that explains why you get five taliban for one american. >> very strange, yes. president obama administration is set to make what could turn out to be the boldest move of his presidency on climate change. the epa is expected today to release new regulations curbing earth warming emissions in the nation's power plants by 30%. that would be by 2030. opponents say the new regulation would drive up energy costs and force many plants to close costing the economy some 224,000 jobs a year. federal investigators say it is too early to know what caused the small plane crash that killed media mogul lewis katz and six others saturday night. the plane was attempting to take
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off but never got off the ground. abc's alex perez has the details. >> reporter: the plane barely recognizable in the wreckage. witnesses describe hearing a loud explosion and seeing a ball of fire. >> big black smoke behind the neighbor's house and then the flames. >> reporter: all seven people on board killed in the crash, about 9:40 saturday night here at hanscom airfield, massachusetts. among the dead, prominent media businessman lewis katz, co-owner of "the daily news" and "philadelphia enquirer" newspapers and once owned the new jersey devils hockey team and the new jersey nets basketball team. in a statement, his son says my father was my best friend. he taught me everything. he never forgot how he grew up. the ntsb says it appears the plane never became airborne crashing into an antenna and through a fence at the end of the runway as it prepared for takeoff. >> there was a fire and the aircraft was carrying jet fuel on board. that burned and consumed a large part of the aircraft. >> reporter: the plane was
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headed to atlantic city. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell was supposed to be on the plane but cancelled because of a prior commitment. ntsb officials say it appears the pilot did not communicate having any problems. >> i think we can say we know it happened late in the takeoff. it came as a shock to the crew because they did not have a chance to get the plane stopped safely by the end of the runway. >> reporter: officials say the plane had both a flight data recorder and a voice recorder which they hope to recover soon to find out what went wrong here. alex perez, abc news. >> thank you, alex. a stunt pilot died in a crash in an air show over the weekend in wisconsin. police say the 47-year-old pilot was performing tricks at the stevens point air show when his plane went down in a wooded area near the airport runway. he was pronounced dead at the scene. officials shut down the air show right after the crash. the faa and ntsb are investigating the cause of the crash. near chicago, the coast
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guard has suspended the search for two missing boaters in lake michigan. the boat they were on was returning to chicago from new buffalo, michigan saturday night when it started to sink just before nightfall. at dawn, a nearby boat spotted one of the victims about six miles off shore. he told rescuers there were three others. >> when the people did enter the water last night, they were separated. it was nighttime. they could be at this point miles apart. >> the man rescued is hospitalized in stable condition with hypothermia. a woman rescued later died. temperatures in lake michigan, by the way, are much lower than normal for the time of the year. only about 45 degrees. very sad story. 14-year-old in utah in big trouble following a wild chase in a stolen car. >> you guys watch out. get out of the way! >> wow. the kid drove straight through a park coming close to a group of children. he led police to a residential
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area. this ended when a man in a pickup truck purposely caused a crash there. a gun was also found in the car. >> fans are remembering ann b. davis who played alice on "the brady bunch." the show debuted in 1969 and aired for five years with davis as the mainstay for the blended sitcom family. davis appeared in various brady spinoffs and sequels over the years and davis died yesterday in san antonio, texas, after a fall. she was 88 years old. >> oh, alice. well, championship golfer phil mickelson at the center of an insider trading investigation. the fbi and sec are looking in to specific trades in clorox stocks made in 20 is 1 by mickelson, billy walters and billionaire investor karl icahn. icahn was looking to take over clorox at the time. federal investigators want to know if he tipped off walters and then tipped off mickelson. but mickelson says he's innocent. >> i've done absolutely nothing wrong. that's why i have been fully
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cooperating with the fbi agents and i'm happy to do so in the future, too until this gets resolved. >> mickelson is having one of the worst seasons of his career and he wasn't at the best in the tournament in ohio on sunday. the fight for the stanley cup is set and it will match teams from the two biggest media markets in the nation. the l.a. kings claimed their place last night with the dramatic overtime win against the defending champion blackhawks. the kings are 7-0 this season when facing elimination. they host the ranger wednesday night in game one of the final series. hidden cash may have come to an end in california. the final clues tweeted yesterday afternoon has sent people running for money in the los angeles area. on saturday hundreds of dollars were found inside a classic angry birds figurine. the craze started last month in san francisco by a wealthy real estate developer who wants to give back. if heights make you queasy you may want to look away but we
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hope you will stay to see what a british photographer saw during his visit to rio de janeiro. >> the statue of christ the redeemer is one of the city's most well-known landmarks, 120 feet tall, above the famous beaches always packed with visitors. >> the managed to get unprecedented access while on assignment to cover the world cup. he climbed from inside the statue outside standing on the arm with his go pro rolling to document his dizzying experience. wow. >> not good but made a heck of a picture, right? coming up, a new twist on an age-old debate, cats versus dogs. researchers say they have figured out whether cat or dog lovers are smarter. this is bound to get us in trouble. the answer is coming up in "the mix." first, though, it happened again. an inflatable toy picked up by the winds. children were inside. once again, the terrifying scene
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it happened at an outdoor festival in colorado this week. one of the giant inflatable bouncy slides got caught up in the wind.
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it was dragged away with two children inside. >> kids love them but we have to ask can they be made safe to play on? marci gonzalez takes a look. >> reporter: major scare caught on camera. two 10-year-olds were in this bouncy slide in littleton, colorado, when a gust of wind up to 30 miles an hour sent it tumbling, 300 feet across the field. one of the children thrown to the ground. the other trapped until the slide finally came to a stop. >> we were just horrified. >> it is a horror becoming all too familiar. three weeks ago, this bounce house in upstate new york was carried 50 feet into the air during a wind storm. seriously injuring two children. the consumer product safety commission estimates 5,000 people were injured on bounce houses last year. >> it happens every day. >> reporter: anthony amrosso, a certified bounce house distributor says the key to
3:17 am
safety is properly securing them with sandbags or stakes and in case of unexpected wind gusts, his operators are always a step away. >> the owner airbound, the company operating the slide involved in the weekend's incident tells abc news it was properly staked to the ground adding, quote, we feel terrible for what happened. safety is our number one concern. officials say both children were treated for minor injuries. one was hospitalized as a precaution. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> that's even scarier if that was supposedly properly staked to the ground. >> exactly. >> it is really scary. >> your daughter playing on these things. >> not if it is windy. i tell you what, if the wind started to whip up, i would be that's the end of that. these bouncy houses they say the injuries are similar to trampoline injuries but there's national safety guidelines for trampolines and there are no
3:18 am
safety guidelines for bouncy houses and i have a feeling these obviously should be on the way. >> just a few weeks ago -- >> too many problems. >> just a few week ago in new york those two kindergartners injured badly. >> one in a coma, so serious. that was the shot you saw up in the air. >> so terrifying. >> yeah. coming up, it is tough being famous ask charlize theron. but it is the way she describes being in the spotlight that is causing outrage. and ahead in the next half hour, the worst haircut ever. life lesson two little girls learned from their impromptu adventure in hair care. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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actress charlize theron has kicked up a hornets nest with an interview given to a british broadcaster. >> it is not that she complained about being in the public eye but the way she described it that has so many people riled up. >> reporter: charlize theron, the statuesque beauty and oscar winning actress is in hot water for equating paparazzo intrusion with rape. >> i think it is when you start to live in that world and do that, that it gets feeling raped. >> reporter: the controversial comments were made on britain's sky news as she was explaining why she doesn't google herself. >> some people may relish in all of that stuff. there are certain things in my life that i think of very sacred and i'm very protective over them. >> reporter: but her use of the word "rape" is igniting a backlash on social media. intrusive press coverage is nothing like rape, charlize theron, not even close.
3:21 am
hashtag think before you speak. have you ever been raped? how dare you use the word so loosely. theron is no stranger to the issue. she could be your mother, sister, daughter. >> she starred in several public service campaigns aimed at stopping rape, including one in her native south africa. >> every 26 seconds a woman is raped in south africa. >> theron isn't the first celebrity to come under fire for using the word. in 2010, kristen stewart said that looking at paparazzi photos was like someone being raped. and in 2011, johnny depp said being photographed was like being raped. both later apologized. >> we did reach out to charlize theron and didn't hear anything. >> when you see the public service announcements you know she has her heart in the right place. think before you speak was the best advice.
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>> unfortunate word. >> yes. we'll be right back. is
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save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans
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and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. "mix time." i love the next video. from south korea, the country that brought us "gangnam style." could it be the follow up to the smash hit. going viral. it is a baby, she's dancing and she's awesome. take a look. ♪ check out those cheeks. i'm going to stop talking and watch her go for a while. it is mesmerizing. ♪ >> baby fat. >> that would be called baby fat. >> i guess her brother is trying to keep up. but she's the star of the family. i wish i knew her name but it is a viral video and that's the best i can do. pretty awesome, right?
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>> cute. >> too cute. >> i have one for you. safari park in england, of all places, the camera around the elephants, get the facts later and see what we see. it is an elfie. get it, the elephant took a selfie. >> he picked it up with his trunk and hit the button somehow. >> cool, huh? >> totally. >> think he knew he was getting an elfie? got his own facebook page. >> this one is good. it's loaded with all kinds of -- don't shoot the messenger here. cat lovers are apparently smarter than dog lovers. according to a new study. the study by carroll university in wisconsin found cat owners scored more highly on intelligence tests than dog owners. and found they were more sensitive too. dog lovers tend tore more energetic, outgoing, rule
3:27 am
abiding. one psychologist believes the reason for the personality differences may be down to the types of environments the pet owners are drawn to. that is interesting. i think it said in here also they did test on the actual pets. and found that cats were more intelligent on tests than dogs. i find this very hard to believe. >> they asked most people if they like cats or dogs more. more people like dogs. >> 60% of people identified themselves as dog people. >> they say dog owners are more energetic. >> more energetic but not apparently as smart according to the folks at carroll university. take it for what it's worth. >> i've got one. blackout curtain. do you have them at home? >> no, i don't. >> i should have them but i just have curtains. >> this study -- i think we can learn from it. your curtains may be making you fat or your lack of curtains. >> really? >> they have linked obesity with light exposure.
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this morning on "world news now," parents relief. we're hearing more from the mother and father of u.s. soldier released from captivity after five long years. plus, new or this morning on "world news now," parents relief. we're hearing more from the mother and father of u.s. soldier released from captivity after five long years. plus, new this morning, a major announcement on climate change. what the obama administration is proposing to cut down on pollution. making mistakes. the little girl who gave her sister a bold new haircut and how her parents turned it into a lesson she will never forget. and dates and drama, our resident "the bachelorette" analyst joining us with play by play of the game-changing moments. it's monday everybody. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> monday morning. we have linzie here to put a smile on her face. >> wonderful to be here, john.
3:31 am
i will be here all week. >> good. >> top story, former u.s. p.o.w. bowe bergdahl is beginning the long road back to his former life. he's at a u.s. hospital in germany. defense secretary says his safety and health were in jeopardy before the u.s. entered into talks with the taliban to free him. with more information on this, abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: after five years of waiting, bowe bergdahl's parents came home to idaho to address their son for the first time from a distance. >> we haven't talked to bowe yet. we haven't called him on the phone. although you all know we have the capability to do that with satellite technology. there's reasons for that. that's because bowe has been gone so long that it's going to be very difficult to come back. it's like a diver going deep on a dive and having to stage back up through recompression to get the nitrogen bubbles out of his system.
3:32 am
if he comes up too fast, it could kill him. >> reporter: his father showing the beard he grew vowing not to shave until his son was released. his mother showing emotion any mother can understand. >> give yourself all of the time you need to recover and decompress. there's no hurry. you have your life ahead of you. we continue in our minute-by-minute prayers for you as you go through this healing process, and we praise god for your freedom. >> bob bergdahl says his son is having trouble speaking english but is otherwise doing okay. he took care to address bowe slowly and methodically as if he might be seen as a stranger to his own son. >> i want you to know that i love you. i'm proud of you. i'm so proud of your character. but most of all, i'm proud of how much you wanted to help the afghan people, and what you were willing to do. >> you have made it.
3:33 am
i imagine you are more patient and compassionate than ever. you are free. freedom is yours. i will see you soon. my beloved son. i love you, bowe. >> bergdahl is in a military hospital in germany. next a reintegration center in san antonio, texas where he will eventually be reunited with his parents. neal karlinsky, abc news, boise, idaho. >> bergdahl was freed in exchange for five taliban detainees who had been held at guantanamo. the celebration as the man landed in the country of qatar which had helped to negotiate the deal. the release drew a rare letter from taliban leader mallah omar. a man who hasn't been seen or heard from in nearly a decade saying i extend my heart felt congratulations to the entire afghan muslim nation for this big victory. a nationwide manhunt underway for a san francisco man who may be carrying explosives.
3:34 am
the fbi is asking for the public's help to find him. they found explosives in his apartment. so far, they're not aware of any threats to public safety. but say chamberlain is considered armed and dangerous and last seen in san francisco on saturday. investigators aren't even close to knowing what caused saturday night's deadly crash of a small plane in massachusetts. seven people were on board the gulfstream when it ran off of a runway, plunged down an embankment and exploded. among the dead is lewis katz, the cofounder of "the philadelphia enquirer." he was also the former owner of the new jersey nets and devils. the search for those six climbers likely killed in an avalanche in washington's mt. rainier is being scaled back. park rangers say ice and rock falls along with poor visibility have created conditions that are far too dangerous for ground searches. helicopter crews did find climbing and camping gear in the snow. more than 3,000 feet below their
3:35 am
last-known position at an elevation of nearly 13,000 feet. a long way to fall. not survivable, they say. the obama administration set to unveil the most ambitious plan to curb carbon emissions from power plants. opponents are squaring up for a major political fight. >> just this saturday, in his weekly address, the president primed his pitch on climate change. >> as president and as a parent, i refuse to condemn our children to a planet that's beyond fixing. >> reporter: his big announcement today, unprecedented steps to cut pollution. it's a step all but certain to create a political firestorm. here's what he's going to call for. a 30% cut in carbon emissions by power plants by 2030. the administration would leave it up to the states how to get. there options include natural gas, wind, solar and other energy-efficient technologies. all of those changes would come at the expense of coal burning power plants that release 30% of the pollution.
3:36 am
the concern is any new requirements could drive up energy costs or force plants to close. >> environmental regulations that are coming into effect will retire 60% of the coal fleet. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber of commerce says it will shrink the economy by $51 billion and cost 224,000 jobs a year. >> climate has been changing and will continue to change. we do know that humans are contributing to co2 emissions. the question in front of everybody is what do we do about it? how do we do the it? and at what cost? this is too big of a hit for the economy. >> dire predictions the president says we have heard before. >> special interests and their allies in congress will claim these guidelines will kill jobs and crush the economy. let's face it, that's what they always say. >> he argues doing nothing is even riskier. >> the nsa may have your picture. the spy agency is reportedly collecting millions of pictures a day from e-mails, texts, social media, video conference
3:37 am
and other sources for a facial recognition project. this is the latest bombshell revealed in documents released by former agency employee edward snowden. it's not known whether such collecting is against u.s. law. >> that's kind of creepy. >> kind of creepy. creepy is a word i was thinking. >> very big brother. you like to think they have facial recognition of bad guys but -- >> who sorts through that stuff. >> who decides who's the bad guy and who's not. >> seems they are collecting it for the sake of it. >> they call it untapped potential. >> untapped potential. interesting. >> here's your monday weather. much of the nation from the great lakes out to the gulf coast will see a lot of wet weather with thunderstorms and heavy rain all day. plan on showers in the northwest and in south florida. otherwise it is going to be dry and getting warmer. >> the 50 and 60 degree readings are mostly gone. expect mid 80s in the eastern third. mostly high 70s elsewhere.
3:38 am
except in the southwest where mercury will soar to the triple-digits. >> i'm ready for it. we know there's plenty to see here in new york city. and now that list has grown by one. it is something of a mystery. >> that mystery basically is how in the world did that piano wind up under the brooklyn bridge. depending on the tide, it's either on the sand or in the east river. inspired one musician to bring her cello and play classical music. >> there are all kinds of theories of how it got there. some say it was left behind after a photo shoot. plenty of questions and not a lot of answers including who will eventually move it out of there. >> it's not easy moving a piano. >> apparently it doesn't work. you wouldn't expect it to work but everybody loves having pictures with it. >> how did it get there? that is a mystery. >> wacky. coming up, miley cyrus becomes a victim of a burglary and she loses something most of us will never have. >> but first -- could george clooney have a new title in his future? why some say he could trade in the likes of hollywood for the halls of our nation's capitol.
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♪ >> foreign actor goingto ♪ >> foreign actor going into public office. one elected to the oval office twice.
3:43 am
>> could heartthrob george clooney be next? abc's mara schiavocampo follows the clues. >> my religion is written on a piece of paper called the constitution. >> reporter: george clooney is no stranger to politics on screen in "ides of march." >> we will lead the world again. >> reporter: and in real life. now rumors the actor is ready to take on a new role, elected official. the speculation comes just weeks after clooney's engagement to high-powered human rights lawyer, amal alamuddin. >> he has the political chops know how, name recognition and connections. >> reporter: clooney has long been an advocate for many causes, fighting for human rights in darfur and becoming friends with president obama. he told abc news in 2011 it is not something he would want to pursue as a career. >> look at my life and everybody else's life in politics and go why would i ever want to do that? i'm having a very good time.
3:44 am
>> reporter: clooney wouldn't be the first celebrity to run for office. >> stay here. i'll be back. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger won california's governor's mansion in 2003. ♪ i've got you babe >> reporter: singer sonny bono was elected to the house of representatives in 1994. clint eastwood won his mayoral race in 1986. >> i, ronald reagan, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: ronald reagan took his star power to the oval office in 1980. many wondering if the hollywood heartthrob is ready to trade the big screen for the political stage. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> certainly worked out for ronald reagan, right? >> sure did. >> george clooney is a handsome guy. hard not to like him. >> he's got it all. one of our colleagues suggested he could be hillary clinton's running mate. can you imagine? >> how funny.
3:45 am
you were saying something before. you read an article and he mentioned the skeletons. he has in his closet. >> i have a "newsweek" article here from 2012. he was asked would you run? he said i didn't live my life in the right way for politics. something about too many women, and then he says i did too many drugs and he said if he was going to give advice to a campaigner, he would say start from the beginning saying i did it all, i drank the bong water and let's talk about the issues. >> get it out of the way. drank the bong water. >> he said i did it all. >> i drank the bong water. >> what else could you really do wrong after that? that's the cherry on top. when we come back, we'll have "the skinny."" stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ skinny so skinny >> all right. welcome back. skinny time. >> we get a double shot of "the bachelorette." >> two episodes. the first of which was last night. we are joined by our senior bachelorette analyst. >> what's going on? >> linzie, john, good morning all. we may as well start this. 16 guys started this episode. >> yeah. >> and the first date was with nick v., who you'll remember he
3:48 am
got the first impression rose way back when. they went to santa barbara and rode bicycles around, went on a hike in the mountains. there was a lot of nice, sweet talk and stuff like that. they really enjoyed each other's company. nick v. gets the rose. he's all good. second date was the group date featuring boyz ii men. the whole group were getting ready to do a version of "i'll make love to you." people were loving it. everyone was good sports about it. they all got into the act. when it was said and done, josh, one of andi's favorites, josh got the group date rose. the second one-on-one date was all about growing old together. the male on this date was the pantsapreneur, the guy that sells pants. j.j. and andi dressed up as
3:49 am
senior citizens and eventually went out, did their thing in santa barbara. you get the idea. he got the rose. i'm being told to move it along. i get it. kiss count. can we do that? >> can't miss the kiss count. >> the spirit of juan pablo was rearing its ugly head. the kiss count stops at six. >> man, oh, man. >> wow! >> so andi coming from behind a little bit. >> that was a good one. >> wow. >> three guys went home. ron took himself out of the competition because a friend unfortunately passed away. two other guys didn't get roses, bradley and bret which means there are 13 men left. tonight, the party comes east, to connecticut. hoops and high drama. we'll be back. good-bye. >> all right. >> continuing our "the skinny" with justin bieber. he's apologizing for a racist joke he told when he was 15
3:50 am
years old. >> the joke was caught on video and just posted yesterday by the british tabloid "the sun." bieber now 20 released a statement saying, quote, as a young man i didn't understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt. now the mistakes in the past have come public i need to apologize again to all those i offended. he went on to say, i was a kid then. i'm a man now. >> no comment. >> yeah, right. next up, we go to miley cyrus. she reportedly has been robbed again. >> the 21-year-old pop star was twerking away on tour in europe. police say a man and woman scaled the fence of her property, broke in to her home, stealing a 2014 maserati and an unknown amount of jewelry. >> the second time in the past several months that cyrus has been burglarized. serena williams is having fun in the sun after her loss at the french open. >> she was hanging out on a
3:51 am
beach in miami when she decided to crash a wedding. the bride wore white as you can see. serena was a lot less traditional in a leopard print swimsuit. the couple didn't seem to mind that their uninvited guests were there. >> serena posted a series of pictures of herself in her leopard get-up. whoa. including this one with a revealing view from the back. not much left to the imagination there. wedding white with the leopard print. i'm telling you what. that was quite a little shot there. grammy-winning singer/song writer melissa etheridge and her partner have been doing a lot of celebrating. both turned 53 years old and on thursday and then they tied the knot this weekend in california. they announced their engagement after the supreme court overturned the federal gay marriage ban last year after the i dos, ethridge performed a new song she had written for her new bride. >> congratulations to them. moviegoers were bewitched by "malificent" over the weekend.
3:52 am
earning $70 million for disney, our parent company. we'll be right back, folks. ion for disney, our parent company. we'll be right back, folks. our parent company we'll be right back, folks. "ma . earning $70 million for disney, our parent company. we'll be right back, folks.
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♪ >> there isn't a child anywhere that hasn't acted on a whim that shocked their parents. for two girls in connecticut it was a haircut one of the girls gave the other. >> the parents turned it in to a lesson in life and now a book. david muir has the story. >> reporter: never forget the tale. like so many parents dad was trying to figure out what happened between his two little girls. what led to this? half of eva's hair gone? so he sat 5-year-old said i and 3-year-old eva down and recorded the whole thing. asking the older sister sadie how she got her little sister to agree to this. >> eva, you want to take your hair out of your braids? then got the idea of trimming her hair. >> reporter: the 5-year-old thinking the 3-year-old could use a trim.
3:56 am
the 3-year-old corroborated the story. >> you want me to cut your hair and i said yes. >> reporter: sadie went to work. >> i climbed up to get the scissors and it was like so hard to cut. i was like la, la -- >> reporter: the result, eva with a bob on one side and not the other. >> look at her and i was like uh-oh. this is bad, bad, bad. >> reporter: and then mom saw little eva and both girls remember that. >> eva! what were you thinking? >> reporter: but the parents, like so many moms and dads, saw an opportunity to teach their girls about mistakes. everyone makes them and everyone should learn from them, too. >> everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. it happens like once, or twice. >> reporter: mom and dad sent us a new picture. look at eva with the pig tails. her hair is back and dad has written a book about the worst
3:57 am
haircut ever. what do you think the lesson is for everyone who reads your book? >> not to cut people's hair. >> reporter: she says everyone makes mistakes but for her not that one ever again. david muir, abc news, new york. >> if you are going to make a mistake, make it at that age. a lot less consequences. i have to share the anecdote for my daughter. >> go on. >> she wanted bangs for the longest time. she was 5 years old. i was like keep your beautiful hair. get bangs when you grow up. i want bangs, i was like no, you look gorgeous, you don't need bangs. one day she was naughty and cut her bangs. and they looked phenomenal. she did it like she was a pro. >> wow. >> it looked great and she did it in in the mirror to herself. she was 5 years old. >> she could have a fantastic career someday as a stylist. >> i'm telling you. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. des.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, controversial trade. an american p.o.w. is now free, but not everyone is happy about how it happened. why the release of bowe bergdahl is under fire by some including other soldiers. deadly crash. a plane goes down before taking off with a media mogul on board. the latest on the investigation and the former governor who almost took the flight. >> get out of the way! get out of the -- dangerous drive. a teenager allegedly steals a car and takes it for a wild ride in a crowded park. and top of the world. the scary selfie that's going viral this morning.


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