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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 5, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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♪ yeah it be work ♪ now it's work this is "nightline" -- >> tonight. breaking news. a u.s. military fighter jet crashes into a residential neighborhood. >> what about the guy supposed to be in there? >> we're on the scene with all the latest details. >> get out of the way! >> plus operation bergdahl, the anatomy of a rescue with a clock ticking. some of the military's most elite men in enemy territory on a mission to save the only known american p.o.w. in afghanistan. right now, new details emerging on what the taliban said and how much was at stake.
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>> and summer dangers. in a split second harmless fun can turn disastrous. >> oh, my god! >> as i got closer i could see that there was a body. >> i remember my mom coming up and like crying. >> just sheer terror, you see your child laying there. >> how these kids survived their scary ordeal and what it reveals about the hidden risks of bouncy castles. but first the "nightline" 5. >> wait. prilosec its not made for heartburn relief. zantac rushes relief in as little as 30 minutes. plilosec can take 24 hours. zantac, no pill relieves heartburn faster. >> i tried depend last weekend. it made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little
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good evening. tonight, breaking news from southern california. >> get out of the way! >> a military jet crashes into this residential neighborhood of imperial, california, home to some 13,000 civilians. authorities now say the pilot ejected safely. at this hour, an investigation is under way to find out what caused the fighter jet's fiery crash. and the extent of the damage in this area filled with family homes. stay with abc news for the latest details in this developing story. next, we turn to the elite american special forces in action during a prisoner exchange. they did it in under a minute. tonight, what really happens when the brave soldiers go
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behind enemy lines to rescue one of their own. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> all right. >> reporter: an extraordinary encounter like no other we have ever seen. the end of a five-year search, a taliban propaganda video showing an elite american team swooping over the hills in a especially modified blackhawk helicopter. surveillance aircraft and backup forces overhead. on the ground, the enemy, 18 taliban fighters. the two sides about to meet because of this man. the only am can prisoner of war held in afghanistan, army sergeant bowe bergdahl. his captors have brought him to this remote meeting site. >> a battlefield exchange. taliban have soldiers with rpgs and machine guns.
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our soldiers with assault rifles. >> reporter: the pilots are watching taliban rocket-prop rocket-propelled grenades. powerful enough to take down those blackhawks. >> they're thinking this could be a trap. you can see the helicopter circled before it landed too. i'm sure they were looking to make sure that everyone was right. >> once on the ground the years of planning now boil done to under one minute. bergdahl carrying a bag is escorted by two taliban across to three americans dressed in civilian clothes who quickly approach. >> obviously have got some kind of weapon. if they need to shoot across each other they're ready to go in case there is an ambush. >> reporter: but the flag and number of men on each side have been prearranged by both side as a soon of trust according to the voice on the video. >> these kinds of exchanges you ask the other side to do a couple of things you. can kind of verify that they're following the plan. >> reporter: amid the rapid greeting and hand shakes one american quickly runs his hand
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along bergdahl's back. >> that is not a friendly gesture. he is looking for a bomb, wires, something that would, would potentially make bergdahl a human bomb. >> he has been in captivity for five years. you don't know what his mental state is. you don't know if he is being coerced. >> before the handoff, the taliban video shows bergdahl in the back of a pickup truck. head shaved, no beard, but blinking and hollow-eyed as if emerging from the dark for the first time. >> they want to keep him in the dark. if they're going to give him back to us. they don't want him to tell where the locations are. >> experts say, bergdahl didn't know what was happening to him. he doesn't know if he was about to be released or something worse. >> he scud could be thinking. >> leaning into bergdahl, one of the taliban says don't come back to afghanistan, you will not make it out next time. but take a closer look. it is a moment that might reveal
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something about the relationship he had with his captors. >> the taliban reaches over and pats him, fairly gently, three times on the arm, like you and i have been together a long time. i don't want to have to kill you next time you are here. >> reporter: within 25 second his american rescuers are gigd h -- giuiding him. one to walk with him, the other two walking backward. not wanting to turn their backs on the taliban until the final moments. >> they're watching. checking their back. they want to make sure as they go out, that nothing is going to harm them. >> reporter: once at the helicopter before bergdahl can get on board, the white bag is dropped. then, a second pat down. why or what was in that bag may remany a mystery. only bergdahl knows. >> adrenaline is pumping. people are nervous. you don't know how it will go down. it's been smooth. for something to drop and somebody not to notice it could
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have been a mistake. >> reporter: the video released to day will add to the other mysteries surrounding bergdahl's disappearance. controversy has swirled since his release over how he was taken into captivity five years ago. senior officials and soldiers who served with bergdahl tell abc news he walked away from his base willingly. the army is preparing an investigation and wants bergdahl's side of the story as well. and the terms of the deal releasing five high-level taliban from guantanamo in exchange for bergdahl have enraged some on capitol hill. >> these are wanted war criminals. >> it comes with some surprise and dismay that the transfers went ahead with no consultation, totally not following the law. >> reporter: for others, bergdahl's release offers hope. >> i am a prisoner of the taliban. >> reporter: video today emerged
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of a couple who disappeared while traveling in afghanistan nearly two years ago. american caitlin coleman was 7 months pregnant and traveling with her canadian husband when they went missing. >> i would ask that my family and my government do everything that they can to bring my husband, child, and i to safety and freedom. >> reporter: the videos reportedly e-mailed to coleman's father last summer and her family told associated press nay released the individually today in light of the publicity surrounding bergdahl's release and growing concerns about her health. >> she has a liver ailment. which requires treatment. >> as for bergdahl, he remains at the german military hospital, and has still not spoken with his parents. while the hand-over may have taken just under a minute, his recovery will take much longer. but as he flew away from
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afghanistan, and realized he was safe and in the hand of american forces, he broke down and wept. for "nightline," i'm martha raddatz in washington. >> our thanks as always to martha for that report. next -- what one horrifying accident reveals about the alarming risks kids are expose to every time they jump into a bouncy house.
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when your kids hop into a bouncy castle for high-flying fun, the last thing you want to think about is whether they're
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climbing directly into the path of danger. but that's exactly what happened for the families you are about to meet who found themselves shaken up in all the wrong ways after a carefree afternoon gone wrong. here's abc's gio benitez. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: all it took was a gust of wind to turn this blow-up slide into a bucking bronco andsparking -- panic from parents watching in horror. but there were, two kids in fact. an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old. >> it was complete terror. i had no idea what to think. >> reporter: the families say they were at this lacrosse tournament, the blowup slide all part of the fun and games until -- >> we have an emergency. the bouncy castle blew over and some kids fell out. >> as i got closer i could see that there was a body laying on the ground. and the reality hit me that, that oh, my gosh it was my daughter that was on the bouncy house.
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>> reporter: madison fell off almost immediately. >> i landed. then i went back up. i started screaming. >> reporter: but a.j. was trapped inside. violently turned and turned along with the slide for 300 feet. >> i like was picked up into the air. i hit -- one of the slide, then i hit the back of it. i was just thrown around ape lot. i couldn't get a grip on anything. by the time i hit the ground i pretty much just blacked out. i pretty much hit my head. >> they were holding his neck. trying to keep him calm and still. >> reporter: incredibly, a.j. and madison's injuries were minor. >> i think we were just very blessed. >> i could have died from this. >> i am very, very happy that i am okay. >> the owner of airbound, the company operating the slide involved in this weekend's incident tells abc news "we terrible for what happened. safety is our number one concern. adding that the slide was
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properly staked. >> at 18 miles an hour you need to shut it down. deflate it. >> winds hatch caused bouncy nibt mare nightmares before. two children were injured when a gust of went sent this bounce house sailing. and 13 people were sent to the hospital after this 2011 bouncy slide accident in long island. >> oh, my god. >> but as modern family's manny knows all to well. bouncy houses don't have to take flight to be dangerous. >> be right back. >> reporter: safety experts say this is not the time for a laugh track. >> if this was a disease that would be an epidemic. >> reporter: in 1995, there were 702 injuries from inflatable bouncers. by 2010 it skyrocketed to over 11,000 injuries per year. >> the two biggest causes of injury are when children are inside rough housing and bump into each other.
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and when they fall out of the bouncy house. >> if you want to -- >> reporter: mark rolland who owns and operates the rides agrees there is a problem. >> i just think it needs to be controlled. and there needs to be more regulations. >> reporter: setting up a bouncy castle and making sure it doesn't fly away is no kids' game. >> sometimes people tend to get a little lazy when setting pieces of equipment up. they tend to leave the tether line here and place the sandbag on top like that. >> if you've didn't have the sandbags this is what you would be using. you would get the steak putting it in the ground. >> we drive these into the ground with a sledgehammer. >> reporter: the whole point is to hold the ride down. and itch there are high wind, like that gust over the weekend, everybody gets out. >> we had to crawl. >> reporter: mark takes us inside and insists kids need to be careful too. and operators outside should be watching. >> if you had a child laying down and three other children bouncing around, there is -- a
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great potential for an accident to happen. >> reporter: and he says, not all bouncy houses are created equal. here we have emergency escapes here in case this thing were to deflate. >> correct. >> reporter: a lot of bounce houses they don't have that. >> a lot don't. some do. >> reporter: in this case, there are ways to keep kids from just falling out. >> this is a small exit. it's a little safer. because it is stopping the children from just coming out, if the whole thing was, open. >> this may surprise you, but this industry vet believes in tighter restrictions. >> too many people are being weekend warriors with these units. not caring or not understanding what the safety requirements are. >> reporter: some lawmakers and parents agree. the families say they hope telling their story will spark action. >> the last thing i want to see is another kid go through this. >> reporter: for "nightline,"
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. tonight a year-long investigation yields some stunning results that could change everything for a group of coal miners suffering from black lung disease. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross for our
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series "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: new hope in coal country for miners suffering from debilitating disease called black lung. hope for men like mac lester. >> shortness of breath. >> reporter: and steve day. >> my lung is shot. >> reporter: and wayne cordal. those miners and hundreds of others were denied benefits after negative x ray readings by one doctor at john hopkins hospital, dr. paul wheeler, an abc news investigation last year conducted with center for public integrity found of 1,573 cases, dr. wheeler on behalf of coal companies never found a single case of severe black lung in any coal miner. not one. >> i have no idea what happens once the x-rays leave my department. >> reporter: does it matter to you? >> it would matter to me if i was wrong. no one has proven to me i was
1:03 am
wrong. >> reporter: our investigation found he has been wrong a lot. based on 100 cases of miners in which autopsies or biopsies later found black lung after dr. wheeler had not. days after our broadcast last october, johns hopkins suspended dr. wheeler's black lung program. now the department of labor which administers the miners' benefits program is taking more significant action because of our investigation. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: the labor department's top lawyer solicitor patricia smith said this week officials in the program have been order in this directive to not credit dr. wheeler's negative readings in black lung cases. >> my judgment of his credibility, unless some one can convince us otherwise that anyone who has done that many readings and never found black lung isn't probably credible. >> in coal country hundreds of miners. >> something she says, officials at the labor department did not realize until after watching the abc news report.
1:04 am
was the labor department unaware of dr. wheeler's one-sided findings over so many years? >> as far as i know, yes. >> reporter: for miners like steve day who gave up hope after dr. wheeler ruled he did not have black lung, labor department said he can reapply and not worry about what dr. wheeler is going to say. >> if you feel that dr. wheeler's evidence was part of your case you should file a new claim. >> those claims will be re-evaluated? >> yes. >> reporter: it happened after the case of wayne cordal, of richmond, virginia, came to the attention of officials in washington. >> it was a big letdown. a big letdown. because i felt like i was entitled to it. >> reporter: even after the abc news broadcast, cordal's claim was denied after a government claims examiner cited dr. wheeler's negative x ray reading. >> what i noticed was the department of labor hadn't connected the dots. >> reporter: abc news brought cordal's case to the attention of congress and senator bob
1:05 am
casey and congressman george miller then demanded action in this letter to the secretary of labor about dr. wheeler's questionable and potentially unethical prak tictice thousand. >> his tainted evidence continues through the cyst temperature to work against the miners. >> reporter: a short time later the department of labor sent a directive about dr. wheeler to officials across the country just in time for the interview with abc news earlier this week. >> how recently was that done? >> today. >> reporter: the labor department expects the big coal companies who relied on dr. wheeler so much for so many years and fight the decision and perhaps find others to replace him. >> reporter: it send a signal the department of labor hasn't sent for a long time. they're not going to tolerate this kind of evidence. they're not going to tolerate a system that is rigged against people who often don't have much power. >> reporter: dr. wheeler still maintains he made the right call on all the miners that he always follows what he says was the standard of care.
1:06 am
as for the labor department director offi dire directive of him and his credibility he told me by phone heap doesn't take it seriously because they're not doctors from qualified medical institutions look he says he is, juju. >> thank you, brian. thank you so much for important reporting. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we're online at good night, america!
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