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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 16, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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monday, thanks for watching. . breaking news this morning. another city in iraq captured by militants trying to take control of the country. as the u.s. beeves up security around its embassy, we're live with the latest. and overnight, a wildfire forces hundreds of people out of their homes. the flames are spreading as fire fighters face high winds and drier conditions. champions again. the nba finals are over after a dominating performance. the highlights and the celebration under way overnight. and boy george, the third in line to the thrown takes some tentative steps and steals the show. good morning to you, i'm
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reena ninan. >> and i'm devin dwyer. and in iraq, we just learned that militants captured another city. >> and the islamic militant group trying to take control of the country now claims to have captured or killed hundreds of iraqi soldier s. >> because of the dangerous conditions, the u.s. is beefing up security. kristen fisher is joins us with more. >> reporter: they have captured a third city in iraq. and now there's a real fear that baghdad could be next. the question, what will the u.s. do, if anything, to stop them? baghdad on the brink. a series of explosions killed at least 15 people on sunday, and 60 miles away, fierce islamic jihadists, sights set on seizing the capital city. a lot of fear. >> a lot of fear. >> reporter: just yesterday the state department announced plans to partially evacuate the american embassy in baghdad. the pentagon is sending in 100 troops, including a platoon of marines to protect the personnel
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who stay behind. over the weekend, they have boasted on twitter saying they have executed 2,000 iraqi soldiers. and posted photos to back the claim. the authenticity can't be verified. all this as president obama weighs possible military action despite a loss of faith in iraq's leadership. >> a direct military action by the nooits united states needs to be done when question see that the iraqi government has pulled itself together politically. >> reporter: the iraqi government is calling for recruits, and they joined the fight. many republicans argue they need help from the u.s. now to protect the city that so many americans died to liberate. congressman mike mccall recalled one mother's plea. >> my son died in fallujah. he believed in what he was doing. and i just want to count for something, and what i'm seeing today makes me sick. i don't want to have to question that. >> reporter: now three u.s. warships, including an aircraft carrier have been deployed to the persian golf.
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air strikes are from that carrier are just one of the options that president obama is considering. back to you. >> we're hearing that the leader of the islamists may have been injured in an air strike. do you have an update? >> reporter: we can't confirm if he was hit. but just to put it in perspective, he has a $10 million bounty on his head. he was in u.s. custody for four years a iraq, and when he was released in 2009, his parting words to u.s. troops were, quote, i'll see you in new york. >> we will be following this story. kristin fischer live in washington, d.c., thank you very much. and the chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is now in baghdad. she'll have a live report coming up on "good morning america." breaking overnight, dozens are dead after somali militants launched an attack on a coastal town in kenya. raided a police station, set hotels on fire and randomly sprayed bullets.
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officials say they stormed one hotel where they were watching world cup soccer and forced the women to watch as they shot the men. and fire fighters racing to control a central california wildfire before it gets any bigger. the fire in and around the sequoia national forest doubled this weekend. >> so far the shirley fire has burned more than three square miles and destroyed at least two buildings. they are being urged to evacuate. >> we talked about what to grab, i put my stuff back in the truck just in case. >> it has been hot, and the winds are erratic. that's the toughest challenge that we have. >> the fire fight is not going to get any easier today. the forecast in the area is for hot, dry, breezy and smokey. the midwest has had severe thunderstorms. as you can see in this dramatic photo of a tornado in southern nebraska. more than half a dozen tornados were reported over the weekend.
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and damaging hail and winds, and up to the canadian border, more severe storms today. here's accuweather's jim dickey with the details. >> looking for strong thunderstorms today. watching the corridor from omaha to des moines, iowa, and north towards the twin cities. firing in the afternoon, gusty wind, and even the threat for tornados. and then spreading east to chicago and the ohio valley and great lakes. meanwhile, into the southwest, nothing in the way of rainfall, unfortunately. extreme drought continues. extremely dry in the four corners, and strong, gusty winds to get high wildfire danger today. back to you. a lufthansa flight was forced to circle back for an emergency landing in philadelphia. the landing gear on the flight bound for germany jammed in the down position. this video shows the pilot circling, dumping fuel to get down to a safe landing weight.
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the plane landed safely back in philly. and the faa investigating a potentially dangerous mid flight incident over atlanta. triggered apparently by a joke in the control tower. the delta flight was preparing to land last wednesday when an air traffic controller told him instead to circle the airport. and seconds later, he said i'm kidding, delta 630. but the pilot aborted the landing. they circled and made the landing. no one was in any danger. one of the most legendary voices in radio has been sile e silenced. >> the countdown starts in a moment. >> casey kasem taught americans how to count backwards from 40. that was every sunday on "american top 40," from 1970 to 2004. he was the voice of animated tv characters like shaggy and scooby-doo. case -- he suffered from dementia, and his last years
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were with a legal battle between his second wife and his children. he was 82 years old. two grieving fathers from the shooting at uc santa barbara are brokenhearted and vowing to work together to stop gun violence. peter roger with the father of the shooter, and richard martinez, the father of the victim, meeting for the first time. the two men embraces but say the details are private. now sports news starting with today's team usa matchup at the world cup. the u.s. takes on the african nation of ghana at 6:00 p.m. eastern time in the brazilianty of natal. it won't be an easy match. ghana knocked the u.s. out of the last two world cups. for the u.s. to have any chance at moving on to the next round, a win today is a must. did it again. meanwhile, the san antonio spurs, the new nba champions. they overcame a slow start against the miami heat, eventually pulling away for a 104-87 victory. it's the spurs' fifth-ever nba title. we will have full details from
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espn. and the team's big win had thousands of spurs fans celebrating in the streets until early this morning. they should know how to party after a championship. all the titles have come since 1999. the team and the city are planning a big victory parade and celebration. and developing overnight, a payment problem at target stores across the country had customers lashing out on social media. and a little hero, a 10-year-old likely saved three lives because of the message she posted on facebook. plus deep scars, an eye patch and a sweet smile. this little girl was asked to leave a fast food restaurant. now outrage is growing because of the reason why. stay with us.
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welcome back. target is back in the cross hair this is morning, a dplich in the checkout system caused delays and long lines at stores around the country. customers were not able to pay for the purchases, but target was saying this problem was not related to the data security breach. not all stores were affected, and the company is apologizing. starr bucs wants to offer free college educations to thousands of workers. they will announce the online education program later today. the company will pick up as much as full tuition. there's no stopping or slowingslow ing e cigarette sales.
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there are close to 500 different brands and 8,000 different flavors. and a showdown at the box office, 22 jump street coming out on top, earning $60 million. and the animated film, how to train your dragon 2, was behind, and maleficent. and how caffeine affects boys and girls different. and a dad on father's day pulls double duty at a baseball game.
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an hour in machine's twin cities. the storms uprooted trees and downed branchs. and local flooding too, and the storms disrupted a sail boat race on lake minnetonka. the race was called off. no surprise they should watch out for flooded roads in the upper midwest. they will be wet everywhere along the border with canada as well and along the gulf coast. and flying, airport delays are possible today in minneapolis. one father in west virginia is alive today thanks to his young daughter's quick thinking. >> gregory vance and two of his friends were on the porch when a storm knocked down a tree, crashing down on top of three men, trapping them. the storm knocked out cell phone service, and the phone lines were down. his 10-year-old daughter brianna
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posted a frantic call on facebook. >> i needed help. there was nobody around. so i had to post that. >> someone saw the plea, calling 911, fire fighters came to the rescue. all three will be okay. kfc is apologizing after a worker sent out a child, because her face was bothering other commerce. she was recovering from a pit bull attack, and she cried all the way home from kfc and too embarrassed to leave the house. >> she says hi to everybody. never she. she won't say anything to anybody, she'll say hi to kids, but other adults she just kind of shies away from. >> kfc is investigating the incident and won't tolerate disrespectful behavior to the
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guests, and they are donating money to help with the medical bills. and caffeine affects boys and girls differently after puberty. they are drinking energy drinks and soda more than ever before. it had a more pronounced heart rate in girls, especially during their periods. and a sky diving plane. on his fourth flight of the day, one of them damaged a piece of equipment that controls the plane. he bailed out and jumped with the parachute. he's fine, the plane there is obviously not. now sports news, golfer mark kay per is the u.s. open champion. >> but the shot was day was zach johnson. put the tee shot on the green, and everyone watched as it rolled for a hole in one. >> there it goes.
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it was only the 44th time that anyone knocked in a hole in one at a u.s. open. johnson celebrated, high-fiving fans on both sides of the fairway. >> good for him. >> there it goes. >> what a shot. >> celebratory round of drinks there. >> very nice. today is a huge day for american soccer fans as team usa opens the world cup campaign against ghana. >> i can't wait. and we have highlights from the spurs victory over miami. we have the highlights. good morning, welcome inside "sportscenter." tim duncan and the san antonio spurs clinched the fifth nba title with yet another blowout win over lebron james and the miami heat. let's check it out. sunday night on abc. ma manu ginobli, over chris bosh,
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throwing it down hard. meanwhile, ka way leonard, the nba mvp. playing lebron james on defense all series long. how about tiago splitter, erasing dwyane wade's attempt. the spurs beat the heat, 104-87, four games to one. the fourth ring for them, fooift overall for duncan and popovich. sunday, lye owe nel messi struck. a dodging defenders. and argentina wins their opening match at the world cup in brazil. espn's coverage of the fifa world cup continues today at 5:30. finally, team usa takes the pitch against ghana. ghana knocked the usa out of the
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last two world cups. you can catch all three games on espn later today, and also live on the watch espn app. for more news, highlights and analysis, check out "sportscenter," 9:00 a.m., live, on espn. all right. watching now far remarkable catch from major league baseball. it's so good, we have made it our play of the day. it happened yesterday in san francisco. >> that's right, a colorado rockies batter slammed a home run. but the catch made by this fan was the real highlight. he was carrying a child to the seats and made a one-handed catch. he continued like nothing happened. nothing like a free souvenir on a father's day. take a look at that. what a catch. >> i would be terrified. >> father's day. >> at least he didn't drop the kid. >> or hit the kid for that matter. and standing tall, prince george's big milestone on
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♪ time now it check the pulse. stores you're talking about, starti ining with a special fats day gift for prince william. >> young son prince george took the first steps in public. the not-quite 1-year-old officially became a toddler. >> and now is the time for queen elizabeth to start child-proofing buckingham palace. 175 rooms, you have kids -- >> what a task. he was at this last year, i was sure he was going to miss the birth of his kid.
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and the popular disney movie, ""frozen.." >> princess elsa is a major name for parents. it now ranked number 88 on this year's lift. >> hans, christoph and sven are picking up in popularity. and scary moments for joggers in canada, they were being stalked by a bear. >> one had the camera rolling, running backwards as the bear approached. tried to distract the bear, hoping to cut him off. >> the bear was persistent, following them for nearly five minutes, until they arrived at their car, a bit out of breath, but relieved. >> is that good? makes you run faster. >> put a bear on your tail. >> yeah, get the heart rate up. >> for some of you, the local news is next. >> for the rest of you, the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for jointing us on this monday morning. we have -- had hot temperatures last week and it was down from there. this week we start cool. leyla gulen is here for mike. what is going on? good morning, everyone, hope you had a wonderful father's day. the warm the fizzled out over the weekend and we saw the flow blustery conditions and live doppler 7 hd shows radar satellite waking up to early morning coastal fog and that will burn off later today. mostly sunshine but cooler temperatures today. it is going to be drizzly across the bay including half moon bay and gilroy. it will be warmer by midweek. there will be another cool down
4:29 am
on friday with our current temperatures from the exploritorium camera, a few clouds in the sky and the winds are pushing them east and we have the low-to-mid 50's for much of the bay area. the full seven-day outlook is straight ahead. we will tack about traffic. big things are happening. we have a major closure for bart work throughout the her and into the fall. the next eight months it will be big. i will tell you about that in a minute and if you do rely on san francisco-bay ferries we only have two separating ferries today and the next ten days because two will be out of service. one will have an engine replaced and another is being repaired. that will be in service tomorrow and that will impact the commute if you rely on it it will include the solano ferry. more on that ahead. developing news: target is promising things are back to
4:30 am
normal this morning as a store after a glitch forced long lines at checkout. another black eye for the retailer still struggle since the massive hack attack. nick? good morning, target admits there was a problem but not until athey were called out on social media starting yesterday afternoon customers reported long lines and downed registers. immediately they put target on blast and posted pictures. we got the pictures. look at this photo taken by a customer in st. paul. the glitch was across the united states with long lines reported in southern california, salt lake city, chicago, dallas and san diego. this sparked con foundation -- confusion and frustrated many. >> they said this was a problem with the system. she was reboot the register. while she


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