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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 20, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, no way out. the undercover prisoner 106. entering solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. >> this is prison. we're not here for being nice. >> he didn't do the crime, but he's about to do the time alongside the most dangerous criminals in america. why is he risking it all? plus, high style. while you're waiting for your flight, they're waiting for your cash. >> it sparkles. >> millions of passengers spending billions of dollars in terminals and pampering themselves with yoga, spa treatments. >> your flight is delayed. >> even pets. and it's the hottest song of
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the summer. but everyone is wondering is j-lo's first love really her next love?
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good evening. tonight, there are an estimated 80,000 people locked up in solitary confinement in america. you're about to meet a prison official who wants to experience it firsthand. he's embarking on a radical, risky experiment, entering level six solitary confinement himself, undercover. dan harris brings us this report "no way out." >> reporter: you are looking at prisoner 106, on the books as a dangerous, armed robber. he is prepares to enter what many call hell on earth. solitary confinement. before you meet its residents, just listen to them. >> this is prison. you know, we're not here for being nice. moved into the unit --
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>> i don't know that i have ever felt as vulnerable as i do right now. >> reporter: the thing almost nobody here knows is that this inmate is actually the secretary of corrections for the state of new mexico, a former cop who spent a career putting away bad guys, he's now going to try to spend 48 hours living among the worst of the worst. this surveillance footage shows what these men are capable of if they get loose. >> this is a public safety issue. >> reporter: so why is he willing to put himself through it? he decided he wants to reform the state's use of solitary, because most of these inmates will end up back on our streets. >> we're sending people back to our neighborhoods worse than when they came. >> reporter: as the clock starts running on his 48-hour lockdown, he settles into his 12 x 7 concrete cell. level six is divided into three separate units. housing a total of 282 inmates.
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in here for crimes raging from rape to armed robbery to murder. combined, these men have killed 138 people. in cell 111 is freddie munoz. >> this is my home right here, for good or bad, this is it. >> reporter: growing up, he wanted to be an astronaut. but at age 13, he got caught up in gangs. how many murders did you commit? >> two. >> reporter: because of his violent past and gang affiliation, officials have kept him in a cell like this every day for the past ten years. these four walls are all he's got. he knows every crack, every inch of peeling paint. what does that do to your head? >> it's perpetual misery. it's monotony, it's repetition. >> reporter: he says the only way to keep it together in here is to establish a strict routine, a sort of imitation of life. >> i exercise. i read a lot.
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if i didn't have books, i probably would have gone insane. >> reporter: a few cells away, daniel herrera. he's also in solitary because of his gang affiliation. he's 23 years old and serving a sent tense for kidnapping. >> this is where we live. right here you can see the width of our room. >> reporter: at our request, he shows us one of the tricks of solitary. this is called fishing. >> a fishing line, to communicate with neighbors and stuff like that. you send it to your neighbor. that's how we fish and get things from one side to another in here without getting caught or getting in trouble. >> reporter: back in the secretary's cell, he brushes his teeth and gets ready for a long night in a strange and hidden world. the officer makes his morning rounds.
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it's chow time. >> [ bleep ]! >> reporter: when collecting the food trays, he makes sure nobody has broken off a piece of plastic, which could be used to create a piece of weapon. is this a dangerous job? >> it takes a certain type of person to do it. we're inside the lion's cage with the lion. >> reporter: to keep safe, they follow rigid protocols. there's a strip search for weapons every time they take an inmate out to the yard, known as the rec cage. ♪ locked down 23 hours a day, reminiscing how my life was stripped away ♪ >> reporter: and coming back is equally as coordinated. inmates get an hour a day outside their cell. being walked back to your cell by two guards is probably the only human contact you get all
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day. it's 24 hours into a stay, and the confinement is starting to get to the secretary. he's trying to pass the time by working out, but there's only so much of that you can do. claustrophobia is setting in. >> i fell like the cell was squeezing down on me. >> reporter: he's getting a taste of why this form of punishment has become so controversial. not only can it be three times as expensive as regular incarceration, but critics call it legalized torture. we are social animals, built for interaction. take that away and critics say inmates can literally lose their minds. but many corrections officials stay it's a necessary tool to control a dangerous population. as a prime example, they point to an inmate like would you consider yourself a
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dangerous man? >> no. >> reporter: however, he's in solitary for viciously attacking a corrections officer. why did you do that? >> tough question. it's just the situation. i don't know why. >> reporter: i notice when you are fessing up to something, you do smile. >> yoi don't know why i do that. >> reporter: the signal to me is you don't feel bad about it. >> i don't really feel bad for things i've done. >> reporter: on the flip side, there are inmates like freddie who has been a model inmate and renounced his gang affiliation. munoz is now one of a select few hand picked to move out of solitary and into the general population of the prison, as part of the secretary's plan to reduce the population in solitary. >> to be able to go outside without being restrained every day, i think that would be very good for me. >> reporter: it's the final morning for this undercover
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boss. finally, the moment he's been waiting for. release. after 48 hours on the inside, he's concluded solitary should be used, but sparingly and only for the most dangerous. >> we have people who say, anymore more than 30 days is torture. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. there is such thing as evil, and it's up to me to make sure i'm protecting other inmates and my staff. >> reporter: days later, several inmates are brought out of level six solitary in preparation for an eventual return to the general prison population. here, for the first time in years, they'll be able to sit next to one another and have real human contact. >> it's great. this is living right here, finally. >> reporter: these men, part of an experiment and part of a trend as new mexico and the
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nation take its first steps away from this controversial form of punishment. for "nightline," this is dan harris, in santa fe, new mexico. >> this is a controversy you'll hear a lot more about. thanks, dan. next, from little luxuries to big ones, are airports the new destination vacation? i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be
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you may have noticed a lot of the country's airports a look a lot, well, fancier than they used to. pricey shops, spa treatments, upscale restaurants, all ensuring you have plenty of ways to spend your money, and lots of it, while waiting for that flight. abc's rebecca jarvis has this story. >> reporter: air travel. it's been known to bring out the worst in people. to ease the experience, airports around the country have gone through a major renovation with its new upgrades and amenities,
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they're cashing in on their captive audience. >> if you can capitalize on someone that is frazzled and lost and trying to make their way to the gate but still offer something that is going to be enticing for them to purchase, then you've done your job and you've connected with that type of passenger. >> reporter: holly buckner knows exactly what passengers want in an airport. >> airports are one of my favorite places. >> reporter: her company has been tapped with overhauling the airport experience nationwide. >> passengers are expecting more out of airports than ever. >> reporter: she calls it the golden hour, the time between security and boarding which travelers are forced to sit. americans spent $1.5 billion at airports, up 14% over the last three years. >> i can get luxury brands,ky have an experience, and i can fly. >> reporter: san francisco was awarded third best airport in
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america this year. behind denver and cincinnati. >> you want to spend some time getting a spa treatment, do a little shopping before we hop on the plane, it's all here. that's part of the plan. >> reporter: it's like a trip to the mall. >> it is. >> reporter: travelers spent more money here than any other terminal in the country. >> what do you think? >> reporter: it was $150 million last year. the hermes store may have something to do with that. this watch cost about $38,000. >> it sparkles. >> reporter: and just last month, jay zee entered the luxury airport arena. though music videos like "excuse me, miss" indicate he's more of the private jet persuasion. ♪ i don't land at an airport >> reporter: he wants you to have a taste of the good life, too, at the atlanta airport. >> his name will be recognized
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not only by u.s. but by international folks that want to come through and get the jay zee experience. >> reporter: even the hudson news stands have rebranded, removing the news and realizing the potential for much bigger profits. >> electronics is a category that's tripled for us over the past three years. it's because the needs of the travelers have changed. >> reporter: back in san francisco, we meet the man behind this enhanced experience. >> my title is director of guest experience. >> reporter: is that true of every airport? >> i don't think so. i'm the only one that i know of. >> reporter: you're make thing a destination. >> absolutely. we want to make sure that people are committed to spending at an airport. >> reporter: it's his job to keep those wary passengers calm, so he debuted the wag program. >> we have a number of certified therapy dogs that walk around the airport engaging with
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customers. >> reporter: or for some inner peace. >> people come through security and start doing yoga? >> they do. >> reporter: we have to be quiet. the express spa. a last-minute manicure or massage, they have over 50 locations around the country. a delayed flight giving you plenty of time to play at the butterfly wall. great for kids and adults. this is fun. after all, that's what travel should be all about. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis, in san francisco. next, jennifer lopez teams up with a top male model for first love. now she's opening up about him and those sexy scenes. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names.
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what happens when one of the top pop stars in the world picks one of the top models in the world to star in her music video? well, certainly you get a smoking hot video. but is there more to jennifer lopez's latest crush? here's abc's amy robach. >> reporter: it's the steamiest song of the summer. but the question on everyone's mind, who is that guy? he plays j-lo's first love in her latest music video. the chemistry is undeniable. >> if i had a celebrity crush,
1:04 am
it would be him. >> reporter: jennifer's new crush happens to be one of the hottest and highest paid male models in the world. after her split with her boyfriend, everyone wants to know is gandy more than just a crush. >> i mean, this guy, he's almost perfect. he's almost perfect. it's not that he's perfect, he's got a big nose, but he's perfect. >> reporter: we spoke with him last year about his success and what it's like to be a top male model. you now have the title richest male model in the world. >> something like that. >> reporter: it's a nice title to have. >> yeah. >> reporter: his face and body are everywhere. he works the runway just as well as those rugged lucky jeans. and he's eye catching. but j-lo's new music video has given gandy celebrity status and
1:05 am
instant name recognition. with his masculine physique, it was difficult for him at first. but in 2006, they took a chance. millions of people saw david gandy in those tiny white trunks. >> it changed the industry. that's not easy to do. >> reporter: his success keeps him on the road constantly. what is it like in terms of relationships within the fashion world? do you make a point to not date other models? how do you balance that? >> there's two ways of thought. you're half naked and believe me, there's a big tug boat and 20 italians fishing behind me, but it's not romantic. i don't know. >> reporter: you haven't figured it out yet. >> if anyone has the answers, please send them to me. >> reporter: whatever advice they may have for his love life,
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few would argue the connection he and j-lo has in the video is about as hot as it gets. as j-lo would say, perfect. i'm amy robach in new york. >> be sure to catch jennifer lopez's live concert on "gma" in the morning. thanks for watching. good night.
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