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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good sunday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for carolyn tyler. we will start with a quick look at your forecast. here's meet frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. pretty active on live doppler 7hd right now. lots of low clouds and a chance of showers throughout the day. we will more likely see drizzle. but we could get sprinkles in parts of the bay area. temperatures falling off the coast, off monterey. i also want to take you to the areas southeast of fresno where there is thunderstorm activity in hater elevations. we could see some thunderstorms as well in the sierra.
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so we might get some drizzle this morning. right now temperatures mild. 59 in san francisco. low 60s almost everywhere else. mild in antioch, currently 70 degrees. we have the low clouds to start off with right now. we show you the view from the exploratorium camera. temperatures will be just a little bit cooler. inland areas only warming up to the mid-80s today instead of the upper 80s. along the coast and in san francisco look for mid-60s and around the bay temperatures will be in the upper 60s to upper 70 he is. there are some changes coming up with the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warmup and i'll show that you shortly, matt. >> thank you. now to the latest on the downing of malaysian flight 17. a separatist leader in eastern ukraine say the black boxes have been found and will be given to international agency authorities. as a spokeswoman for the emergency services said separatist rebels have removed bodies from the crash site. we have the latest.
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>> outside the airport where flight 17 departed, a makeshift memorial for the nearly 300 victims. ♪ >> the families anxiously awaiting any news will whether their loved ones' remains have been located. the 196 recovered have been handed over to rebel militias. a deal reached to finally transport them. >> there are several. we are told the carts hold victims of the crash. >> the growing course of royces around the world, demanding that russia and the pro russian rebels that control the crash sight will cooperate. >> i hope that russia will do the right thing but on the ground, interference with the site, interference with
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investigators, interference with the dignified treatment of bodies will continue. >> the dutch prime minister said he had an intense conversation with russian president vladimir putin, telling him it was time for him to show the world he was serious about his offer to help. so far that has not happened. anywhere else the crash site would be roped off and crawling with investigators. not here. >> this is the site and it's essentially unguarded. >> it may already be too late. there's mounting concern the crime scene has been compromised. but three days after the crash the fear is that evidence to prove it may be disappearing. >> the annual aids walk san francisco is today. the event comes a few days after some top aids researchers were killed on the flight. we have more from golden gate park on the special plans to honor those lost. >> those aids researchers who lost their lives on the aircraft
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are heros to us. >> craig, the founder of a.i.d.s. walk san francisco, said the event is always emotional. in the opening ceremony they remember those lost to the disease. they will also honor a group of a.i.d.s. and hiv researchers who died on the malaysian flight 17. this includes the former president of the international aids society. >> i think the loss of those great pioneering researchers that we will be acknowledging here will be part of the overall emotion. >> the mayor ed lee will make remarks, followed by a moment of silence. and executive director also plans to speak. >> i think everybody is struck by the terrible irony by losing people who were trying to do so much good in the world to an act of such unnecessary violence. >> walkers will be encouraged to stop at golden gate park's national aids memorial growth. >> it really makes the walk
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extra special because there are more people to remember. >> she hopes more people will be inspired to find a cure. >> these people who died aren't replaceable. you know there will be other scientists, but not those scientists, and it's really a sad thing that's happened. >> the opening ceremony starts at 9:45. there is still time to register and to make a donation. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> abc7 is a proud sponsor of this year's a.i.d.s. san francisco. here's three members of our promotions team at the walk. this morning's walk starts at 10:30. you can still register by calling. visiting or downloading the a.i.d.s. walk app. you can also show up at the park to register there. >> one person is dead and one jares injured following a car crash this morning near highway 12. vehicle was traveling at a high-speed, went through an intersection and lost control,
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hitting a tree and guardrail before flipping over. the driver suffered major injuries and the passenger was killed. no word if alcohol was a factor. >> in stockton friends, family and entire community turn out for a woman killed during a bank robbery last week. misty was unof three people taken hostage. she was killed when one of the suspects used her as a humor shield with a shootout with the police. we have the details. >> >> heal our city right now! >> many of the more than 500 at this vigil were still in a state of shock after a bank robbery, chase, and shootout that ended in the death of a 41-year-old hostage misty. her son said she was well-known for her kindness. i am literally at a although for words. i can't begin to describe thousand thankful i am for everybody who is here. >> meanwhile, the family is
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still searching for answers. >> misty's sister has questions for the surviving two hostages. >> what happened? what were you saying? what was misty saying? what was the last words said. >> and misty's step father couldn't help mention the city's battle for crime. >> i'm hoping and praying that our police department can get it together with the state of whoever and get some funds who help us out. >> police say all three suspects, two who were killed in the gun fight, were members of the nortenia street gang. >> we don't have enough police -- or resources. and we're joining forces with the fbi, homeland security, various state task forces to combat the gangsters. there are so many of them. >> meanwhile the family is still searching answers from police about her death that ended in a hale of gunfire between the police and the suspect. in stockton, alan wang, abc7 news. abc7 news. >> an effort to pay for her funeral expenses is gaining support. her husband works at a car dealership in pittsburgh.
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miss co-workers started a gofundme page hoping to raid money. his friends raised nearly $8,000 for paul and his kids. >> he's trying to hold them up as best he can for this situation. i mean, how can you? but for his kids and family, he's being very strong. >> co-workers say they are overwhelmed to see donations come from strangers in other parts of the state and across the country. we are hearing from the long time girlfriend of one of the two suspects killed wednesday. 30-year-old gilbert renteria junior and alex martinez died to the shootout. the 19-year-old ramos was arrested on the scene. they expressed sorrow for misty's family. >> breaks my heart he lost his wife, they lost their mother because my kids lost their father so i can comprehend on that, you know.
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>> police are still searching for the driver of this car discovered about four miles away from the scene of the crime. surveillance cameras caught it coming off all three suspect before they rob the >> developing news, israel expanded their ground offensive in gaza. israeli defense force said it's focusing on tunnels they claim the hamas fighters used to get into israel. two civilians have been killed. >> the jewish community relations counsell has expressed support for israel, saying they support their right to defend themselves. >> there will be other protest against israel's military action later today at the ferry building at 3:00 p.m. jewish israel community expressed support for israel say thinking support their right to defend themselves. george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with secretary of state john kerry to discuss the latest trouble in ukraine and the middle east. and as israel launches their ground offensive into gaza, we will hear from israel's president and the latest of the shooting down of malaysian air
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flight 17. you can catch "this week" right here at 8:00 on abc7. >> we have a little drizzle today? >> a little drizzle and lots of clouds this morning. in fact, we had a beautiful sunrise just a few minutes ago. we get a glimpse of it here from the east bay hills looking out toward mt. diablo. most of us under gray skies. i'll let you know when you can expect sunshine, if any, and what means to your temperatures. >> losing a legend. the latest on the passing of actor james garner. >> we will sava bundle. i'm michael finney. coming up on "7 on your side" the inside s
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that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so toduce to love. like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life. >> in developing news, legendary actor james barner has died. he was found dead of natural causes at his brentwood home last evening. no word of the specific cause of death. he started in a long list of tv shows and movies but he was most known for" the rockford files"
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and the movie "the notebook." he was 86 years old. [screams] >> oh, my god! >> five people suffered bushes, some serious, when the hot hair balloon they were riding in crashed into powerlines. it happened last night in clinton, massachusetts. witnesses captured of the balloon descending and two loud explosion. it temporarily knocked out power to homes in the immediate area. half a dozen joined an organized nationwide protest yesterday against immigration reform, amnesty and border search. the group said they are concerned about what they say is the government's failure to secure our borders. >> i am out here because i don't think our government is taking the right approaches with all this immigration and they are just letting people run right over the border. >> they should be collecting them and bringing them back where they came from to discourage future people from coming here with false hopes. >> others believe the u.s. must take a more humanitarian approach, especially when
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children are involved. some advocates for the homeless are mad about a recent effort by the city of berkeley to clean out an area under an overpass where some people were living. reports the cleanup happened friday. it was underneath interstate 830 in berkeley. crews cleaned out trash and found evidence of rodents, both dead and alive. but an attorney at the east bay community law center tells berkeleyside, those people living under the bridge should have been told about the cleanup so they could remove their things. >> paying an insurance bill is never fun. we do it because either the law demands it or the bank demands it. here is michael finney on how to save money on your insurance bill. >> insurance companies are all about the bundle these days. look at this add from progressive. bundling, bundle. >> he owns that beautiful truck and lives in almeda.
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>> do you have insurance for your truck? >> yes, i do. >> do you bundle that insurance with homeowners or renters insurance? >> what do you exactly mean? do i put it along with another company? >> for all the advertising talk of bundling, many of us still haven't heard or noticed the word, nor know it's meaning. >> i'm hearing it from you but i don't think i heard it before. i'm hearing it now but i never heard of it before. >> laura adams is a senior insurance analyst for >> bundling policies can result in big savings for consumers. home and auto, condo and auto, renters and auto. this is one way consumers can save each year. >> do you know you can save money if you put them together? >> no, i didn't know that. >> never thought about it?
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>> never thought about it. >> california residents are looking at 15% savings. this can put about $260 in your pocket each year. so this is real money that consumers need to consider doing if they have got two separate policies with two separate companies, consider how combining them together can offer you net savings. >> bundling nearly always works, but sometimes it works better than others. and that's why you need to shop around before bundling. >> most of the major insurance carriers offering a bundling discount, but things are not always equal. one carrier may offer a higher percentage discount than another. this is something consumers need to be aware of, not all carriers offer the same rates and even from month to month rates vary depending on what's going on in the market. >> you need to compare prices. so start by checking with your auto insurance company, then with your homeowners insurance carrier, and then get a third quote from a company you aren't currently using. right there we saved you a bundle. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side.
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>> today wyoming national guard c-130 tankers will arrive in washington state to help with a massive wildfire. tankers of capable of dropping 3,000 pounds. retardant in seconds. yesterday strong winds pushed the flames in several directions. fires burning in the central part of the state have destroyed at least 100 homes and forced more evacuations. so far 340 square miles have burned. the state's drought will only get worse as the summer continues. that's the word from the national drought mitigation center' university of nebraska. 81% of the state is in extreme drought, make hard to break the cycle. climate maps are based on many indicators. in los angeles homeowners are keeping their lawns green through the drought by dying it. professional lawn painters are matching a lawn's color and paint on a coat. customers said it's cheaper than rising water bills.
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it lasts about three months before it needs to be reapplied. everybody lawn's in the san francisco area may be getting a little damp this morning. >> yes. we will take it. we might get some precipitation. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. live doppler hd shows us the best chances of getting some drizzle. the areas green. i want to go to the coast off monterey where there is shower activity. notice the circulation the last three hours. .01-inch in salinas. and over a tenth of inch during the last three hours. i want to also take you to the mountains and central california, southeast of fresno where there has been some thunderstorm activity. we could see some thunderstorms, as well, in the sierra and south of tahoe. relative humidity very high. fairfield 98%. 90% at sfo airport and 94% half
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moon bay. it will be humid today. as we look from the east bay hills camera, you notice, oh, look at that, some activity possibly. and we've got some low clouds and high clouds over mt. diablo right now. 59 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. san carlos and san jose at 53. gilroy 52 and half moon bay 59. months of treatment of us under low clouds like the gray shot from emeryville. santa rosa, napa, novato at 67. low 60s fairfield, concord and livermore. sfo with the low cloud ceiling, they are reporting 43 minute flight arrival delays. a chance of showers today and it will be cooler, cloudy and humid, but then warmer by thursday. in fact, we will see some 90s return to the inland areas. an area of low pressure is helping to pull this monsoonal moisture from the gulf of mexico of california. that's what's going to bring us the high clouds and mid-level clouds throughout the day and the chance of showers.
6:21 am
we are hopeful, but most likely the most we will get is drizzle. and if we do get any shower activity, it will be brief and short. so cloudier today. and then the chance of showers stays with us into the overnight hours for monday morning. we could get some drizzle, as well, through parts of the north bay and around the bay. and also, if you are headed to the a.i.d.s. walk, it will be cloudy this morning. temperatures in the low 60s. we could get more sunshine this afternoon with temperatures coming up into the mid-50s by about 1:00, 64 degrees. itit will be humid. there could be drizzle as welling near the coast. highs today 79 in san jose, 86 morgan hill, 73 in santa cruz. 78 in santa clara. upper 70s through parts of the lower peninsula. 68 downtown san francisco. mid-70s petaluma, sonoma and napa. temperatures similar to yesterday in the east bay. but coming down in the inland areas. low to mid-80s today.
6:22 am
83 in antioch, 84 in brentwood. one of the warmer spots around the bay area. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. muggy condition was slightly cooler numbers inland. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon with a slight chance of a shower, we are hoping. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures hold fairly steady, and then we see a warmup thursday and friday should be the warmest day with plenty of sunshine, mid-90s inland and upper 70s around the bay. and we will let you know how warm it's going to be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter @livedoppler7hd. >> not bad for mid-july. the temperatures mild. >> inland areas cooler than normal. >> thanks, frances. how an iconic ice cream parlor is celebrat
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>> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up on gma, new details from the site of the malaysian aircraft. this morning a lot of concern about where ukrainian web else ever taking the bodies from the scene, outraging world leaders. dutch prime minister furious, calling the handling of the crash site and victims down right disgusting.
6:26 am
the report from ukraine with all the latest on the investigation. also dry conditions in the northwest are fueling devastating wildfires, damaging homes and displacing entire communities. the smoke can actually be seen all the way from the international space station. will firefighters catch a break? plus the new york police department responding to outrage after an arrest caught on camera has gone viral. that man taken down and later dying. now his family and thousands of others, including al sharpton, are calling for justice. that and much more coming up next on ""good morning america." >> happening today an iconic ice cream parlor is gearing up for a celebration. fentons creamery is celebrating their 120th anniversary. they will have crafts, barbecue and a raffle. free scoops of ice cream will be handed out t take place at fentons piedmont avenue location in oakland. much more ahead on the abc7
6:27 am
sunday morning news. remarkable stories. a survival from people who were supposed to be on malaysian flight 17. and a bay area man's dying wish comes true. the touching request grant bid the dream foundation.
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>> good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances
6:30 am
dinglasan in nor lisa argen. good morning, frances. >> good morning, matt, good morning, everyone. quite an active weather system right now. areas in green you might see some drizzle or possibly some sprinkles. then i want to show you the loop over parts of monterey where there were sprinkles unless salinas. we could get some showers, very light at best, throughout the day today. 62 oakland, 63 in san jose. 69 antioch. most of us under low, gray clouds right now as we look over the bay and the bay bridge. inland areas slightly cooler, upper 70s to mid-80s. along the coast and in san francisco temperatures will be roughly the same in the mid-60s and around the bay into the upper 70s. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast with the warmup. matt. >> thank you, frances. now the latest into the downing of the malaysian flight 17. a separatist leader in ukraine
6:31 am
said the black boxes have been found and will be given to international aviation authorities. meanwhile a spokeswoman for the ukrainian site said the bodies will remain in refrigeration them thought evidence worth of cocaine lost or destroyed through armed separatists hampering access to the crash site. we are hearing remarkable stories of those who were supposed to be the flight but weren't. here's the reporter. >> it's hard to believe that amidst the horrors of this tragedy, there are moments of grace for some passengers. like this family. they were planning on coming home from their honeymoon on the plane. the last minute changing their plans to avoid jet lag and flying a day earlier instead. a decision that saved their lives. >> you know, feeling lucky, but at the same time, you know, just heartbreak for these families that are expecting their loved ones to come home. >> and the unbelievable story of
6:32 am
dutch cyclist martin deyoung, escaping death not once, but twice. he was due to fly on ma17 but found a cheaper ticket on a different airline. he was also booked on the doomed flight 370 which vanished almost five months ago, but changed his plans. no one could forget the victims of that fateful flight. their story is is being told by the loved ones they leave behind. like this dutch national carlene studying at indiana university. she was on the rowing team. and telling her rowing teammates. >> someone you cried with, sweated with. we went through this whole journey together. i think losing her, you lose a brilliant person. she was studying, she was working with alzheimer's cures and she spent a ton of time in the lab, even when she was rowing twice a day. so you lose that.
6:33 am
>> the stories behind those in the images. >> we will continue to follow this developing story on air and on line. our coverage continues on our website and on twitter. a dying man's wish will soon come true thanks to the kindness of the dream foundation. philip engram of martinez wanted to take one last tip to see his mother. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> for philip engram and his family, this is more than a visit to a local fast-food restaurant. this is the beginning of a dream come true, and it starts with a little lunch on the house. >> i want a really bigburger and a nice strawberry shake. >> philip is an army veteran. he served six years in the late 730s and early 80s, but in the last year or so he's had a tough time. his health isn't keeping up with his high spirits. >> i've been diagnosed with cancer and i'm stage 4. the faster, the better.
6:34 am
>> he's hoping to get back to chicago soon to see his mother, who is also ailing. that wish has been granted. engram was presented with his travel itinerary to chicago this next weekend. he and his sister will be going. >> the dream foundation sponsored philip and myself to go to chicago to see my mom, going to see her for the last time. >> although we cannot provide a cure for our dream recipient, we can dramatically impact the quality of their life. >> philip hasn't seen his mom in a few years. >> 84 years old. mom is 84. we are going to see mom. >> so this will be a nice visit for both of them. in alameda, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> today is the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. last night one of the men who was on that flight is on a new mission. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
6:35 am
>> and those words etched forever in the memories of these who watched the landing from their tv sets. buzz aldren is trying to get people it share their memories. >> five-year-old. my mom swears she got me up and she put me in front of the tv with my other ten brothers and sisters. >> what a day that was. >> i was sitting on the floor glued to the family tv. >> aldren will be here next weekend for the celebration of the uss hornet in almeda. hornet recovered the crew from the pacific following the splashdown. >> participants will complete a swim and a runback to aquatic part. according to transportation officials, jefferson street in areas will be closed until 2:00 p.m., no muni services are specked to be impacted.
6:36 am
today's race gets underway at 8:00. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, a bay area teenager whose dream is to become an investment banker. we will show you how at least part of his wish is now coming true. and here's a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. you can see just how foggy it is out there this morning. drizzly conditions. even a small chance of some showers. frances dinglasan will have your forecast, let you know how the a.i.d.s. walk san francisco is going to be today. as the abc7 sunday morning news
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>> good morning. here's a live look from our emeryville camma. cloudy conditions all over the bay area here this morning. temperatures are going to be mild today. frances dinglasan on the forecast a little bit later on. >> caffeine is the main draw for diehard coffee drinkers. this morning a warning from the fda about a new form that has been proven deadly. caffeine powder. it's extremely potent and can be purchased online. one teaspoon equals 25 cups of coffee. doctors say just a small amount could be fatal. explains the death of 18-year-old high school athlete from ohio. they found 25 times of caffeine in his body than that of a typical coffee drinkers. >> take too much of this and it's truly toxic. you will get disoriented, unai
6:40 am
have irregular heartbeat, you may have seizures and it can lead to death. >> the powder is marketed as a dietary supplement so it doesn't face federal regulations. the fda is now investigating and thinking about taking regulatory action. frances, we are talking about cloudy conditions out there? >> and a chance of sprinkles. low clouds and fog right now this morning. we will also see increasing clouds. i will tell you what it will do to your temperatures. >> thank you. on the night the a's honored their 1989 world series champs,
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>> good morning. here's a live look from our abc7 roof camera a lot of people headed out to this year's a.i.d.s. walk san francisco. abc7, of course, is a proud sponsor of that. opening ceremonies at 9:45 this morning. the walk at 10:30. check it out. low clouds, foggy conditions out there. drizzly conditions, as a bay area teenager's wish is about to come true thanks to the magic of the make-a-wish
6:44 am
foundation. they made that kid a social media sensation, bat kid, but this boy's wish requires a much different costume. >> it's not often a high school kid gets it pick out a pair of $700 shoes, but tre is no ordinary 17-year-old. >> chemo is not fun, but it's something you have to go through. it happens. >> he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. because he was so young the make-a-wish foundation approached him. >> he immediately said i want to go to wall street. i want to work on wall street. >> now that he's done with chemo, that wish is about to come true. but to do it, tre needs to dress for the job. >> why don't you slide that baby on. the shoe designer is no stranger to make a wish. he's been on their board the last year. >> it's been a real honor for me to be involved in the give and the get in make a wish. >> tre settled on the shoes any banker would envy. >> you like that one? >> i like this one, the romeo. >> the romeo? >> yeah. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> i do. >> you might have a few more
6:45 am
with those. >> he will be wearing them it new york for a whirlwind tour and mini internship to learn the world of investment banking. >> i've always been pretty obsessed to complicated thing and i mastered computers and i mastered cars and when i saw wall street and how complicated and complex things are, i kind of fell in love with it. >> with the limo trip to ralph lauren, he also learned dressing for it is also complex. >> the bloom. >> the bloom? >> yeah, comes in as an m here, nice and stylish. >> he will wear that suit when he rings the bell at the new york stock exchange, along with all the people he hopes one day will be his colleagues. >> how does he look? >> he looks sharp. >> this is how i dream myself looking every day out there on wall street and working. i never thought i would get this close to how i looked in my dreams, but i did. >> in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> all right. >> looking sharp. major bragging rights are on the line at the firefighters summer
6:46 am
olympics. firefighters will participate in more than 30 events over the next five days like handball, bcci ball and stickball. the games are open to all firefighters in california. >> we've met so many firefighters. we have good friends from l.a. and we watched kids grow up, get married and graduate from high school. >>,, they still want to beat those people. the first event yesterday morning was 1.5-mile swim. the winner made it in 35 minutes. today stickball competition will be held on green street on columbus and grant avenues. santa cruz is offering water school for people who get busted wasting water. the water district holds a one time night class for water customers who want to have fines and penalties waved.
6:47 am
they learn more about the water crisis, where santa cruz gets water, how to conserve and how to look for leaks. santa cruz said they are the only ones offering it. >> we don't want to penalize people, we want to educate people. water is so precious and we all need to do everything we can to conserve. it's an opportunity for us to educate the public. >> one customer was fined $4,400 for using too much water. turned out to be a leak. the fine was waved after the customers took a two-our course. >> we may get some wet weather today but nothing to help the drought? >> no, maybe a little drizzle. we got about .01 in salinas. we will show you where the best chances of resiptation are right now. you will notice the areas of green up toward sacramento. they haven't reported rain, but folsom got about .3 of an inch. and a cell moving out of mont way bay toward the ocean and that brought sprinkles to
6:48 am
salinas. i want to take you to the areas, the mountain areas southeast of fresno where there has been some thunderstorm activity in the last three hours. and we could see some thunderstorms, as well, south of lake tahoe. again, in the higher elevations. you see the areas of green. so far nothing in that area. i wanted to take to you a live shot of lake tahoe where we see the clouds, where we will be watching the precip today. san francisco right now 59. oakland 52. san carlos, san jose at 53. gilroy 51. 59 half moon bay and low clouds moving in. as we look toward mt. diablo. you see high clouds in the stance. that will also be moving in throughout the day and increasing from the south to the north. santa rosa, napa, novato, all 67. low 60s through fairfield, concord and livermore. check out how socked in it is right now at the golden gate bridge. along the coast as well so visibility may be reduced. we will keep an eye on the chance of showers for you.
6:49 am
most likely a chance of sprinkles or drizzle. cooler, cloudy and humid today but warmer by thursday. so here's the water vapor image. this shows moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere. what you will notice is with the area of low pressure, it's helping to pull this monsoonal moisture because the air is circulating counterclockwise. again, we will most likely see the increasing clouds with some spotty drizzle. but we could see showers today and even into tonight. cloudy conditions through the afternoon. you wake up to clouds tomorrow morning, as well. and the areas of green show the continued chances of drizzle or a light shower here and there around the bay area into tomorrow morning. highs will be just a little bit cooler. in san jose 79. 77. and 84. 70s redwood city. 65 in pacifica. downtown san francisco with some cloudy conditions for you, 68.
6:50 am
also lots of 70s in the north bay. santa rosa 75. sonoma and napa at 76. 74 novato, 75 vallejo, low 70s once again in the east bay. 70 berkeley. 76 castro valley. inland numbers mild. we are going to see possibly even upper 70s, 79 san ramon to some mid-and low 80s. antioch and livermore at 83 degrees. also if you are headed to the a's game today, even though it will be cloudy, the u.v. index will be high so you still need sunscreen. temperatures mild, upper 60s when the game starts to low 70s by game ending time. overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. muggy conditions today, and i'm not sure why it's not going to the next graphic. there we go! muggy conditions today, partly cloudy and temperatures
6:51 am
fluctuate minorly during the middle part of the week and the beginning part of the week and really sunny and warmer thursday and friday where we will see some mid-90s return to the inland areas. and near 70 along the coast. a nice, warm day for us. >> not bad for mid-july to late july. pretty mild. >> the inland areas are a little cooler, which is nice for them. and areas along the coast of just a touch warmer. nice for us too. >> very nice. thank you, frances. in sports you can expect it to be sunny at the a's game because pitcher sunny gray is expected to take the mound this afternoon. first pitch at 1:05 against the orioles remember last night they fell to the leaders of the american league east. here's rick quan with the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. before last night's game at the coliseum the a's were partying like it was 1989 as they honored the team that swept the giants to win the world series. this is the 25th anniversary of that bay bridge series. jose canseco among those back. jason hammel making his first
6:52 am
home start. it did not go well. gives up a three-run blast to adam jones. a few batters later, j.j. hardy also connects. he lasted just a couple innings. in the third brandon moss goes deep. that's 22 for the all-star. it was 5-1. baltimore tacked on two more runs in the fourth on the jones single. he had 5 rbi as the a's 8-4. >> tim hudson got the start against the marlins last night. they have the game's first run. the giants would answer in the second. brandon belt belted a double into the right field corner. pablo sandoval scores. belt later would advance to third on the passed ball. jarrod saltalamacchia throws it into left field. belt comes home but later left because of dizziness. hehe will be test the for a
6:53 am
concussion. two more score and made it 5-1, san francisco. hudson allowed one run over 7 1/3. 5-3, the final. the earthquakes were in new jersey trying to snap a four-game losing streak. the 32nd minute the quakes is called for a handball in the box. looks kind were iffy there. that led to the penalty kick. badly wright philips buries it for the league leading 17th k goal and in the 88th minute they tie the game. that's the way the game would end, in a 1-1 draw. up at lake tahoe, round two of the american century classic. charles barkley is known for his ugly swing, but check this out a nice shot out of the budger. -- bunker. charles was in charge. warrior's steph curry is also a good golfer. on the par 3, 7, he sticks this in. he's in 19 place overall with 31 points. and army amputee chad phifer is now in second place. four points back of former nhl
6:54 am
great jeremy roenick. that's sports. i'm rick quan. see you again tonight at 5:00. >> next, partially submerged in water. how two skunks were rescued from a santa cruz storm drain.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> japan's latest craze, jay pop is the newest craze in music. this weekend you can go to the jay pop summit. the festival of music, fashion,
6:57 am
film and food that's free to attend. most of the activities and events are in japan town. another free concert today at 4:00 p.m. at peace plaza. the festival continues today from 11:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night. new this morning, some neighbor in santa cruz came to the rescue of few skunks trapped in a storm drain. one noticed noises from the skunks friday night. wildlife energy services were called in and pulled out the pair with nets. they were taken into custody briefly by wildlife officials to be treated for hypothermia and they were eventually released back into the wild. we have the san francisco a.i.d.s. walk today. the a.i.d.s. walk san francisco starts at -9sdz:45 with the opening ceremonies and the walk gets going at 10:30. what is it going to look like out there? >> it will be cloudy. temperatures mild for the walkners the low 60s. up to 64 by this afternoon with a little bit more sunshine and a chance of showers throughout the day. but it will more likely be
6:58 am
drizzle or a sprinkle. so temperatures are coming down just a little bit. 68 in san francisco. 80 concord, 72 oakland, 79 in san jose. >> looking good. thank you, francis. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. news continues online, twitter and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. have a great morning, everyone! d with a new volkswagen turbo.ardd why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card
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when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month.
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good morning, america. happening right now, new outrage at the mh-17 crash site. emergency workers say they were forced to hand over the bodies of the victims to the rebels, some of them allegedly drunk. where have they taken them and how can the culprits be brought you to justice? amidst the crime scene chaos. caught on camera, hot air balloon goes bust. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! >> what the operator was trying to do when it suddenly exploded. and how the people on board managed to survive. ground gives way, a giant sink hole swallowing up a neighborhood in florida. >> out of nowhere, the earth went straight up in the air, exploded up in the air. >> people ordered to get out. will this 120-foot hole threaten more homes?


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