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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  July 26, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzulo. 8:00 a.m. on saturday, we're going to start you off with a quick look at the weather, here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> we'll be picking up the low clouds and fog throughout the afternoon. it's with us now and is providing some cooling in san francisco. some dense fog at half moon bay. and here's a look at our future tower cam. where not only the haze in the atmosphere, but the low-level clouds. and that transports into southwesterly winds kicking up today. from mother nature to cool us off. 57 half moon bay, 62 in gilroy with, 63 in san carlos, san francisco, down another degree, at 60 degrees, so here's the plan throughout the rest of the day today. what fog we see will likely burn
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back to the coast and we'll be left with sunny skies, 74, san francisco. 80 in oakland. look for 90 in san jose. mid and upper 90s. cooler than yesterday in the inland valleys. katie? >> we have breaking news out of san jose. some southbound lanes of highway 101 are closed after a pedestrian was hit by a chp patrol car. it happened just before 2:00 this morning on southbound 101 near allen rock avenue. investigators say a chp officer driving south on 101 when a pedestrian ran out into the roadway. the man in his 20s was hit and taken to the hospital with major injuries. lanes are expected to reopen around 9:00 this morning. developing news as well out of san jose, where the chp has reopened all lanes of interstate 680 near capital expressway following a fatal accident. officers responded to the accident in the northbound lanes. just after 11:00 last night. a sigalert was issued about a half-hour later and the lanes
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were closed as police investigated. lanes reopened just before 1:00 a.m. no word on what led up to that accident. and we have breaking news in san jose -- crews right now working to put out a five-alarm fire near spartan stadium. the fire brout broke out around 3:30 this morning at a warehouse at south seventh street and east alum avenue. officials say multiple warehouses, storage units and several commercial buildings were damaged and one person was taken to the hospital with burns. officials say it could take between 12-24 hours to get the massive fire under control. at this time we don't know what caused it. the blazing sun baked the bay area yesterday, leading to record highs in some places and in the east bay, it got so hot, firefighters responding to a house fire were forced to shift their tactics as they swarmed the house in lafayette. neighbors dragged out garden hoses to try to save their own homes, abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson has more.
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>> pain could be seen in every face of the carpenter family, they lived in this home for two generations. >> yeah, it's a horrible thing for everybody. >> around dinner time, neighbors started hearing popping noises. fire investigators believe those sounds were two cars catching fire in the garage. >> i looked out and everything was in flames. and i mean that's really heart-stopping. >> the fire marshal estimates $800,000 in damage. but it could have been worse. >> if it had been windy, we might have had a bigger fire and a bigger problem on our hands. >> half an acre burned and three nearby homes were threatened. sky 7 hd shows frankie grabbing his garden hose as flames creeped down the hillside. >> if i don't put this out and some of the bigger trees start on fire, it's going to get out of control and i won't be able to do anything with the garden hose. >> as he sprayed the smoking grass, heat grabbed at him. >> even after the flames went down, you could still roast marshmallows on the hill. firefighters that are out fighting fires with turn-out
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gear on and what-not. i got to hand it to them. >> crews chugle bottle after bottle of water, others dumped it on their head trying to cool off in the 100-degree heat. >> because of the heat, our firefighters can't work as long, which is why we went to a third arm so early. >> thankfully no one, not even the family dog was injured. and the neighborhood says they'll help the carpenters rebuild in lafayette, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. a wildfire burning east of sacramento has grown to 1300 acres. the sand fire broke out yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon. it's burning on the border of amador and el dorado counties, about 50 miles east of sacramento. the fire is 20% contained this morning. homes in the area have been evacuated, authorities say at least three structures have been destroyed, no 250 are threatened. residents are on edge. >> i'm really freaked out. i didn't think i would be this
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way. i'm a nurse for sacramento county and i do disaster relief. and i've never been on this side of it. and i didn't think it would feel like this. but it's pretty scary. >> no word yet on what started the fire. the fire danger at san jose's allum rock park is very high right now. the park will remain open this weekend, however no barbeques or open flames allowed today. developing news, the state department has shuttered the u.s. embassy in libya and evacuated american staffers there. amid worsening clashes between rival militias. the department said in a statement that american embassy staffers left tripoli for tunisia. officials say embassy operations in tripoli will be suspended until the security situation improves. in twous 2011 the embassy suspended operations amid the uprising that eventually tumbled moammar gadhafi. in the middle east a 12 cease-fire has begun in gaza.
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a series of explosions tore through gaza shortly before the cease-fire began. civilians on both sides have been the hardest hit over the past 19 days. nearly 1,000 palestinians and 40 israelis have been killed. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with foreign ministers in france today to help broker a permanent cease-fire. meanwhile, a rally is planned in san francisco's justin herman plaza at 1:00 today to protest what organizers call war crimes in gaza. members of the bay area muslim community are reaching out to a local man who suffered a devastating loss in gaza. 30 members of his family were killed in a single airstrike. abc7 news reporter alyssa herrington has more from the bloos om valley muslim community center. >> this dr. hani jamah lost 30 of his family members in one day. three generations of aunts, uncles and cousins living under the same roof in the gaza strip. an israeli air strike hit their
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home last weekend, nobody survived. >> even though they're my distant cousins, but i have known some of them. it's extremely vicious to see 30 people die at the same time. one family. one building. all civilians. >> the muslim community of south san jose got together to mourn the death of jamah's relatives and other palestinians killed in recent attacks. supporters broke fast together. and hamas family members were gaza were doing the same thing when they were killed. >> i basically told him that i'm sorry for your loss. and may god grant them, grant all his relatives a path to paradise. >> we are putting our hands on our hearts, we are afraid of this fighting all the time. >> dr. jamah has other relatives in gaza, he's worried about. he was last in the region two years ago. and says it's nearly impossible for him to go now, the borders are sealed. he says the only thing he can do is pray and educate people about
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the conflict. in south san jose, alyssa herrington, abc7 news. a u.s. fighter plans to fly to israel and join the army as soon as the match is over. the boxer has a fight and tomorrow the 30-year-old will get on plane for the flight to israel. behat lived there until 2009 when he moved to the bay area to train in mixed martial arts. he believes it's his duty as an israeli to defend his homeland no matter where he is living. a bay area native is among four journalists detained this morning in iran. jason resian is from marin county and has written for the "chronicle." he was working in iran when he was take noon custody on tuesday. the reason why is not immediately clear. you may remember the case of three uc berkeley hikers in iran
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who were detained. they spent two years in prison. a third hiker, sara sherd was released a year earlier. new details, the chief designer of the new eastern span of the bay bridge says tests show more than 2,000 bolts and rods do not need to be replaced. the pieces were called into question after 32 other bolts cracked last year. but the san francisco chronicle reports bridge designer mawnin nader told officials that the other 2200 bolts and rods on the span are likely to be more corrosion-resistant. than the 32 that failed. the final decision about replacing some of the remaining bolts is still pending. a popular beach in cap tolla is back open after a mysterious substance watched up on shore along with thousands of dead fish. this is the view from sky 7 hd yesterday afternoon. the substance appeared on the
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beach. and lifeguards ordered everyone out of the water and firefighters were called into inn to investigate. health officials believe it is a natural substance and they've lifted all restrictions at 7:00 last night. as for the thousands of dead anchovies, health officials say fish die-offs are not unusual this time of year. the great bull run is scheduled for today at the alameda county fairgrounds, animal rights activists plan to protest. 3,000 people are expected to race down a quarter-mile track with 20 bulls running behind them it starts at 11:30 a.m. representatives from the animal legal defense fund say it's possible the bulls will be hurt or abused and they've filed a lawsuit to stop the event. >> the veterinarians that we've consulted say it's still well within the realm of possibility that an animal could get very seriously hurt. >> they have horse racing out here, they have rodeos all throughout california, in those events, people are on the animals' backs whipping or kicking them with metal spurs. >> bull run organizers say the
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humans are in more danger than the animals. they say no bulls have been hurt in the nationwide tour, but one man has suffered a broken pelvis. i guess you're kind of signing up for injuries, at least the possibility. this is the look from our tower cam where can you see the low clouds and fog. not only making an impact in san francisco and along the coast, but our east bay shore and our inland val list. 61 downtown. last triple-digit heat, i'll explain, when we return. >> also next, a drone gets close to a popular u.s. landmark. but should that be allowed? we're going to break down the rules. and a close call in space. how these flares could have possibly derailed the u.s. economy.
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>> announcer: this is abc7 news. developing news out of pennsylvania this morning, where police are searching for two men who carjacked an suv and plowed into a group of people killing three children. police say the victims were seven and 10 years old brothers, and their 15-year-old sister. three adults were injured,
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including the carjack victim. police say the children were selling fruit on a street corner to raise money for their church when they were hit. more than $100,000 in rewards is being offered for the capture of the suspects. pope francis is planning his first trip to the united states. the catholic news service reports that the pontiff will attend the world meeting of families in philadelphia in september of next year. philadelphia's archbishop says the pope accepted his invitation to come to the city of brotherly love. the pope has received invitations from other cities, including new york and washington, d.c. and the united nations. a strange object was seen hovering around seattle's space needle the other night. it was a drone. some people were amused to see it others not so much. abc news reporter sis ilya vega has the story. >> right there high in the seattle skies, a drone. the faa telling abc news it is looking into that tiny remote-controlled aircraft
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hovering bost observation deck of the space needle. while curious tourists waved, the mysterious flying object gave security quite a scare. police say a man launched the drone right out of his hotel window. >> he wasn't trying to do anything wrong. >> it's the latest incident raising questions about whether it's safe to fly drones above crowded cities. take a look at this drone buzzing over the busy streets of new york last year. and crash landing. nearly hitting pedestrians at the height of rush hour. and there also have been close calls with airplanes. >> we just saw a little drone. >> a drone last year coming within 200 feet of a jumbo jet. drones like these are exploding in popularity. but the rules already in place for how and where they can fly, haven't up yet. now the faa is working on new safety guidelines, but it could be still a couple more years before they take effect. until then, police will keep
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their eyes on the skies. cecelia vega, abc news, los angeles. the earth had a close call with a solar storm two years ago. a weather model from nasa shows the coronal mass ejection in july of 2012. it didn't hit the earth but came close, researchers say if the flare would have happened a week earlier, the earth would have take an direct hit. scientists say people would not have been physically harmed, but communication systems could have been knocked out and damage could have exceeded $2 trillion in the u.s. alone. safeway shareholders have approved a $9.2 sale of the company to albertson's. our media partner, the "contra costa times" reports shareholders approved the sale yesterday. the deal still needs to clear a review by the federal trade commission. includes 2,000 stores and distribution facilities and manufacturing plants. the network will have 250,000
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employees. "huffington post" founder arianna huffington will take part in a q&a blogger conference in san jose. the conference brings together 4,000 bloggers from around the u.s. it was created by and for women who are leaders across blogs and social media. and it's a place to network and exchange ideas. huffington's q&a gets under way at 9:00 at the san jose convention center. two of the best soccer teams in the world are preparing for their match this afternoon at memorial stadium in berkeley. sky 7 hd shows us some of the logos that were paintsed on the real grass that's been installed over the artificial turf at the stadium. real madrid from spain and inter-milan from italy will play at 3:00. it's not likely superstar cristiano rinaldo will suit up. he and other players are resting after the world cup. meanwhile the challenger arrived in the bay area last night for the san jose
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earthquake's international soccer showdown. spanish soccer league champions atletico madrid will play the earthquakes. it will be the final sporting event at the stick. paul mccartney closes down the stadium with a farewell to candlestick park concert concert on august 14th. there was the legends of candlestick, the other saturday flag football -- >> you went, didn't you? >> mike shoeman, i like to say. he caught a touchdown, it was awesome. today is going to be better day because boy yesterday was it hot out there. getting some relief today in the form of low clouds and fog for some of you, but for most it will be all in the sea breeze, here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. where the fog, it's a little bit further south. now we saw several records yesterday. gilroy was at 101 today. 97 at the garlic festival. and cloudy skies with you in
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santa cruz. sunshine down the road in monterey. look at all the folks out there, 66 in san jose. san carlos the same. your temperature has been dropping out the morning as the onshore flow what is increased. half moon bay very foggy at 57 degrees. and a look at emeryville. it looks pretty nice out there. a little hazy throughout the day as a ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our weather for the big picture. we are looking at subtle changes that will allow for a nicer day today. >> the southwest wind already kicking up so we'll get the breeze later on. 67 in concord. it's going to take several days to cool us off. but each and every day we'll shave off a few degrees. how about ten degrees cooler today. just about three days cooler, san jose, it's a hot weekend overall. we will look for temperatures to come down. ocean bay, san francisco and
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oakland. with a few high clouds later on this afternoon. more high clouds tomorrow and thunderstorms arrive for mount shasta and the sierra nevada by monday. here's a look at our ridge of high pressure, it's been visiting us from time to time from the desert southwest. building in and retreating. and we're looking at today. a little bit of a change. that's going to be enough to bring some big-time relief. here's why, look at the fog from the san mateo coast through monterey. no fog along the marin coast. but it will be cooler. still a pleasant 70 in stinson beach. and we will look for temperatures in the south bay with a few extra clouds. still be quite warm. 95 in morgan hill. 94 in los gatos. with 90 in cupertino. plenty of upper 80s from redwood city to mountain view. half moon bay, 67 degrees and breezy. feeling good in the city at 74 today. yesterday was a record at 85. 90 in santa rosa.
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85 in vallejo. east bay, upper 70s from berkel berkeley, 81 in san leandro. and inland you won't see the 101 in concord. it will still be warm at 95, 98 in livermore. brentwood, 101 for you. so we will be looking at temperatures today very warm, climbing through the 90s as soon as 1:00 with a high of 97 in gilroy at about 4:00. so today the warmth. but still cooler than yesterday. and the high, thin clouds once again for tomorrow. with temperatures in the mid 80s around the bay. a steady trailing off of the heat throughout the week so we'll let you know how warm it's going to be in your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7 hd. a little more fog each and every day. >> thank you, lisa. up next, you'll have to pay big to eat and drink at the new 49ers stadium. brace yourself for a case of stadium sticker shock.
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♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪
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♪and it...takes my breath away a trip to a flea market turned into a sentimental discovery for two texas families whose sons have served in the marine corps, patsy's son fred died in a helicopter crash in iraq in 2005. the military gave her the flag from his casket and a box of his belongings.
8:26 am
little did patsy know, another flag honoring her son existed. lany and walter brown found this tribute flag at a flea market, it's covered with tributes from fred's elfellow marines. the browns bought it for $5 and found patsy through social media. >> i was real blessed that both of my boys came home in one piece. and i have, i have a huge responsibility to her. >> one family, marine family to another. i can't wait to read what they wrote. >> the browns will give patsy the flag in person today. the 49ers have revealed the concession prices at levi stadium, which opens next month. brace yourself -- it's not going to be cheap. a 16-ounce beer will cost $10.25, up 50 cents from candlestick. an 18-ounce premium beer will cost $11. a frankfurter, you don't call
8:27 am
them hot dogs any more, will be $6.25 and a soft drink will be $5.25. you get three ounces less than candlestick. a couple other items you'll pay $12 for a sandwich or hamburger, $8.50 for garlic fries, $6 for nachos and $6 for bottled water. our media partner, calculate the cost of two-game tickets and a couple of beers and hot dogs at the stadium will run you $243. compared to $88.50 at candlestick. much more ahead on the abc7 news, tips for is your is vifing the drought. we show you how to keep your lawn alive on very little water. and you will meet a genuine american hero. a man who has been forced into the limelight on the anniversary of h
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welcome back, glad you're with us, we're coming up on 8:00 and we start off with a look at the weather. >> low fog and clouds have reformed and they're sit hearing in santa cruz, but already clearing san francisco. and as you look at the temperatures you know we've been warm all night long. 66 in san jose and san carlos, so starting out warmer than average and we'll end up another hot day today inland. but the cooling comes into play, at the coast, around the bay and even a couple of degrees inland. we had a couple of places with 100-degree heat. today forecasting highs in the 90s in napa. with more, 90s in san jose, 78 in berkeley and 74 in san francisco. yesterday's record of 85, just a memory. and with the breezy winds today, much of the north bay cools off as well. details in a few minutes. >> well the heat wave comes at a time when concerns about the drought are rising and
8:31 am
conservation has fallen short of goals. so can water customers do the right thing while their lawns and kids are suffering in the heat? abc7 news reporter david lui takes a look at the challenge. this lawn has brown spots, but it's clearly not suffering after sprinkling has been cut back by two-thirds. the magic formula, according to landscape expert is to reduce the number of days you water gradually. he says the touch test will let you know when the grass needs water to survive. >> after you step on it or mow it, and the grass doesn't pop up from the step or the mower wheels, that's time. >> still, valley water district is pushing the message -- brown is the new green. and a brown lawn demonstrates your commitment to saving water. >> lawn signs to santa clara residents, but there are other ways to cut back, such as taking a bucket and collecting the cold water in the shower until it warms up and then the bucket can be used later to water plants.
8:32 am
and what about kiddie pools? it takes 40 gallons to fill a typical one. >> i think it's wonderful to treat your kids to that. but after your done with the kiddie pool, how about taking the water out with a bucket and watering your plants with it? >> this mom decided to indulge the kids with a pool. but she's making sure they're in a drought. she has set down some water-saving rules. >> we're not refilling it. we're making them keep within the lines. they know it's the drought season. but they still have to get wet just because it's too hot out here for them. >> other families are turning to public fountains that use recirculated water like this one in san jose's caesar chavez park. heat waves come and go, but the drought is lingering, so valley water will be bombarding us with a $430,000 media campaign using billboards, tvnd radio commercials to drive home the message. >> santa clara county, this summer brown is the new green. we need to you join the movement. >> social media will also be tapped. selfies like this one are encouraged. in san jose, david lui, abc7
8:33 am
news. >> one of the first steps to conserving water is understanding how much water you use every day. we'll have a link to a calculator that will help you figure it out on well california will have four governors in four days next week. so follow this -- governor brown will be leaving the state tomorrow and he'll be gone until wednesday, he's leaving a trade mission in mexico. while he's gone, executive powers will roll to lieutenant governor gavin newsom. but newsom leaves for the east coast on tuesday for a special olympics-related event. at that point, senate president pro tem darrell steinberg will become acting governor until he leaves for chicago on wednesday and then assembly speaker tony atkins will take on the role, only for nine hours until governor brown returns. president obama says a loophole that lets companies dodge u.s. taxes by moving their headquarters overseas is unpatriotic. in his weekly address, the president denounces tax inversions, he says companies
8:34 am
are essentially renouncing their citizenship to avoid paying what he calls their fair share. the president says the best way to address the problem is through tax reform that lowers the corporate tax rate. >> i want to be clear. there's only a few big corporations so far. the vast majority of american businesses pay their taxes right here in the united states. but when some companies cherry-pick their taxes, it damages the country's finances. it adds to the deficit. it makes it harder to invest in the things that will keep america strong. >> the president says companies should not be allowed to pick and choose which rules to follow. if you're one of those drivers who sometimes resorts to using the marketed transit only lanes in downtown san francisco, listen up. you're not going to want to do that any more. especially not on market street. abc7 news reporter vic lee explains. >> on average, muni makes 63,000 trips on market street every week.
8:35 am
these transit-only lanes on market and several other streets in the city are supposed to make it easier for buses and taxis to move through crowded downtown traffic. other drivers can use them. but only to make an immediate turn to the next street. many cars like this one simply ignore the transit-only lanes clrks are spelled out in big white letters. >> this is every day, all day. very frustrating. >> marian mueller is a muni bus operator. >> a lot of the time is just for people to travel down the lane because the other lane is so congested. bicyclists, they don't want to use their own lane, because maybe the congestion of the cars. >> muni hopes to change all that. they'll begin coloring the transit-only lanes on market between fifth and 12th streets. their choice of color? bright red, like a red flag, a warning, it's a place you shouldn't be in. and just to be sure, cameras on buses capture the violators illegally parking in red zones. parking control officer jack wong is looking at video of a
8:36 am
van, which is double-parked, blocking the bus access in the red zone. >> we use videos evidence. the buss have cameras to take license plates. >> the license plate identifies the owner of the vehicle who is sent a citation through the mail. muni tried this as a pilot program on church street's transit-only lanes between 16th and dubois, coloring the zones red helped muni move more quickly. >> it helps the 22 philmore increase the travel time through there by 20%. >> muni hopes drivers will begin realizing that the red carpet is only for muni's vips. very important passengers. vic lee, abc7 news. oyster lovers rejoice, at least for now. drake's bay oyster company will get to harvest the delicacies for at least another 30 days. the retail operation set to close next thursday. but the national park service has agreed to let harvesting continue at least another month. it's in response to a last-ditch
8:37 am
injunction request by restaurants, bars and other businesses that rely on drake's bay oysters. the business provides more than a third of california's oysters. the hearing is set for september 9th. there's a bona fide american hero in town this weekend, 45 years ago everyone in the world watched every step he took. yesterday those very same legs brought him to abc7 news for a few minutes with reporter wayne friedman. >> this is the object and here's the man. as long as we record and remember history, they will always be linked. what is it like knowing that your name will be remembered forever? >> well it's a question of for what. >> it's one small step for man -- >> 45 years ago this week, edwin, buzz aldrin followed neil armstrong on to the lunar surface by only few seconds after the first landing. he never sought lasting fame. but has lived with it ever since. >> what i want to make clear is
8:38 am
24 americans reached the moon. >> to be on the first mission, with the whole world watching sets a man apart. back in 1969, aldrin, neil armstrong and michael collins figured they might have a 60% chance of success. we asked this former fighter pilot if he felt scared or nervous that day. >> fighter pilots in combat, we don't feel, we execute. it said that we have ice in our veins. >> but you had time to contemplate. >> when? before? >> before. >> it was too late then. you're on the merry go round. you can't get off. >> and yet, there he was on a relatively crowded moon at the time. population two. if you wonder whether buzz aldrin ever took a moment for himself up there, this answer will splice sproourprise you. >> get down to the bottom of the ladder, instead of just checking my balance and stuff like that the check list, instead i tested
8:39 am
the urine collection device. now -- >> was that the first time on the moon? >> yes, yes. >> and until now, we heard only of how they planted the flag. buzz aldrin will in alameda for an event on the "uss hornet" they'll be celebrating that ship's role in the recovery of his mission. i'll be emceeing an event. for more information, visit our website at in the news room, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> it will be another sizzling day at the gilroy garlic festival. the organizers were taking steps to keep peel cool and safe. and at 8:39, a live look outside. the view from our east bay hills cam. you can see the fog bank hanging off in the distance. a little cooler in the city today. you can look forward to that. lisa argen will fill you in on all the deta [ heart beating ]
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covering the bay area, this is abc7 news. eight new canine officers are ready to join the force with the california highway patrol. the dogs and their trainers graduated from training yesterday. during a ceremony at the cp academy in sacramento. the first class of canine officers for 2014. the dogs will work with their partners and live with them and they are especially trained to help fight drug trafficking. >> we're looking for the drugs coming from the south and going to the north and also money going from the north back down to the south. also from east to west. whatever direction we can try to find interdict these criminals. also that are traveling on the highways of the state of california. >> in addition to sniffing out drugs, the dogs are also trained to take down criminals. and a good job they do.
8:43 am
and mother nature doing a good job cooling us down. thank you, mom. >> you feel it and see it in some parts of the bay area this morning. and by this afternoon, we'll see a warm day here, 86 for the sierra nevada. but increasing clouds will bring thunderstorms by monday. will we see any? and how hot will it get today in your back yard? i'll let you know. also next, one of the dodgers' biggest stars shines brightly against the giants. larry biehl has the hi
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good morning and welcome back, 8:45, a beautiful view for you this morning. a live look from our exploratorium camera as the sun shines on the water under the bay bridge. know that it's not going to be as hot as yesterday in san francisco and other areas. so it looks beautiful and bright. but we're getting a little bit of relief from the heat.
8:46 am
with the stretch of hot weather, one of the bay area's biggest festivals is taking precauction this weekend. the gilroy garlic festival has several new features to keep attendees safe and cool, abc7 news reporter nick smith has details. >> where there's smoke, there's fire. for 35th year, organizers of the annual gilroy garlic festival have decided to make a few adjustments in an effort to keep the celebration of their culinary gem fresh and attendees safe and comfortable. the festival's executive director. with thousands expected to attend, crews added canopies over cooking and event stations, shade tents for folks to sit and eat. and this year, rain rooms and misting stations when things get really hot. >> we have plenty of water, frozen lemonade, plenty of stuff to keep them hydrated. free water booths so people can make sure they stay hydrated and
8:47 am
enjoy their day. >> making it easier for folks to find a watering station or their group if they're separated. a technology upgrade. 2014 will introduce the downloadable gilroy garlic app. how to get if point a to point b. >> one of the things everyone attending a festival always finds themselves looking for is one of these, more than 240 port-a-johns will be set up around the park to accommodate the crowd. sun, garlic and fun, who could ask for more. the garlic festival is strictly volunteer, all money raised is given back to the community. last year the nonprofit raised $350,000. this year they're on track to beat that number in gilroy, nick smith, abc7 news. nothing looks hotter than those giant frying pans. >> well, you know what, it's going to be warm there today. but not as hot as yesterday. it was 101 yesterday in gilroy. today forecasting a high of 97.
8:48 am
so still very warm inland, but even you in our inland valleys will feel just a little bit of a change out there. and it's all due to our onshore gradients. the low clouds, the fog, coming into play. and mother nature providing a little bit breath of fresh air up there. if you could say that because along the coast, we have the clouds, santa cruz, it is gray and it is cool. temperatures today in the upper 70s. not only low clouds, they're going to clear, but we're going to see high and mid-level clouds coming into play as well. so a lot going on. even though you look out the window and it looks like a regular summer day. 66 san jose, san carlos 66. san francisco, 61. starting out warm in some areas. but a little cooler today. the fog in half moon bay reducing visibility anywhere from a quarter to a half-mile at times. you can see the haze there, a big ridge the high pressure dominating the bay area. but you get inland and that's where you'll feel the heat. in fairfield, the southwest
8:49 am
winds later today through the delta will provide just enough relief out there that i think you'll be out of the triple-digits in concord and livermore. but already this morning, quite mild, 67 in concord, 70 in livermore, santa rosa, 6. you were 54, this morning so big-time cooling for you and in san jose, a high of 90. hot inland. cooler and the bay and coast. few high clouds this afternoon. tonight we'll introduce the possibility of showers and thunderstorms in the mountains. it doesn't look like we'll see any here. but you'll notice them throughout the day today. the second half of the weekend. that will inhibit some of the oppressive heat coming into play. so the heat hangs on in general. but the changes come into play today. first with the sea breeze, the low clouds and fog hanging along the shoreline. and then the high clouds throughout the afternoon. the evening hours, it will be a warm night tonight and then into tomorrow, as well. we'll see some of the clouds and humidity allow for a little bit
8:50 am
of a sticky feel, but not as bad as last week. highs today statewide, 101 in yoe yosemite. we'll look at 77 this afternoon in san diego. so today temperatures range from the upper 60s half moon bay, ocean beach, stinson, about 70. there's no fog along the marin coast. but we'll see later on and the high and mid-level clouds, 85 in fremont. 95 in concord. you're out of the triple-digit range, but we have it in antioch today, getting close in livermore, 95 in morgan hill. we'll look for temperatures today in the city to be really comfortable. 6:00, 69 degrees, the sun sets at 8:24. so with that light wind, the numbers will be dropping through the 60s, if you have tickets to the game, yeah, you scored big for this one. tomorrow we're going to see lots of fog, it will be beautiful for the runners in the 60s and by
8:51 am
11:00, 70 degrees. so you couldn't have planned that one better. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the hottest day today, slight cooling each and every day. high clouds today and tomorrow. no thunderstorms, we'll look for the typical spread. we'll have to wait until the middle of the week. but i think most of you will feel a change out there today. >> i'll take it thank you, lisa. in sports, the giants are getting some starting pitching help after reportedly just completing a big trade. multiple outlets are reporting that the team has acquired jake peavy from the boston red sox in exchange for minor league pitchers. according to comcast sports bay area, the giants set up talks with the red sox last night. hoping peavy could get here in time for tomorrow night's game against the dodgers. tonight the giants will try to even their series with los angeles, and stay in first place in the nl west. dodgers ace, clayton kershaw faces ryan vogelsong at at&t park. last night l.a. routed the
8:52 am
giants. here's abc7 news sport director larry bail in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody, the giants and dodgers opened a weekend showdown series for first place and tim lincecum got puiged. yas yell puig, a huge night for l.a. dan uggla making his giants debut at second base, was not a factor in the game. top of the first, puig hammers this ball to left center, takes it out of the park, looks like it might be fan interference. could have been a home run. ends up as a triple for puig. the next batter he's adrian gonzales. base hit to right, puig scores 1-0 dodgers. the dodgers came up with three triples in the fifth inning alone after a d. gordon rbi triple. puig follows with his second of the game. gordon scores puig with three triples and a double. unbelievable performance. 3-0. gonzales, knocks him in again, another rbi single. lincecum lasts only four and a third, allows six runs on nine hits, dodgers roll 8-1, now just half a game behind the giants in
8:53 am
the national league west. the a's in last-place rangers, first pitch, a clown throw to a mascot. the captain who miss it is completely. look at where the ball ends up, look out, kid. sorry about that. 100 degrees in arlington, second inning, jpr base hit to left off jason hamels who struggled after coming from the cubs, gave up four runs in five and two thirds. nice d in the seventh. elvis anders in the second, eric sew sogard, great throw, call overturned. out 4-1 on the night. two on for derek norris, slices one, had a chance to be the hero, weird bounce and it ends up working out great for the rangers to odor and game over. the a's fall 4-. the raiders held their first training camp in searing heat, 98 degrees in napa. that didn't stop the fans from coming out. 400 to 500 season ticket holders there to see what they hope will
8:54 am
be much improved raiders squad. khalil mack looks fast. has some veterans around him to bolster the defense. justin tuck and lamarr woodley signed this off-season. everybody in the organization knows there's going to be house cleaning if they go 4-12 again. and tuck realizes outside expectations are rather low. >> i'm the underdog story guy, i've always rooted for the underdogs in movies and all this stuff. and they act like we don't get played to play football for some reason. >> we got to get together. >> the mindset has it change. the things of that nature. we hear it i hear all the things that people say and i'm in the business of proving people wrong. >> love that line. i'm in the business of proving people wrong. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry biehl. the san francisco zoo's annual march of the penguins. how you can name one of the new chicks.
8:55 am
8:56 am
take your time. no rcome on.y. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can
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happening today, four new penguin chicks will join the san francisco zhu zoo's annual march of the penguins. zoo members can enter a raffle to name one of the chicks and have an up-close encounter at their new home on penguin island. after having graduated from fish school where they were taught to swim and fish, three male chicks and a female will join a successful colony of their feathered friends. the penguin march gets under way at 10:15. so cute and we're not having like penguin weather lately. >> well it's pretty foggy there right now. >> so they're liking it. it's cool. and we'll see a little sunshine that way later on. but some changes today. bringing temperatures barely at 70 degrees for the zoo. 74 in san francisco. that's 11 degrees cooler. 85 in fremont. we have the heat east of the caldicott tunnel. 98 in livermore, out the triple digits, 96 by the delta. 93 in napa.
8:58 am
more low clouds and fog tonight will allow for very comfortable start tomorrow so here's where the changes come in with the sea breeze and the low clouds and fog, each and every day. and that will allow for slightly cooler temperatures as we get through the rest of the weekend and the week ahead. even today you'll feel it. >> all right. well our friend and colleague, martin is duly running the half marathon tomorrow morning, so glad he'll have a cool start. good luck to him and all the runners. thanks so much for joining us on the abc7 news. have a
8:59 am
(birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein.
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>> jack hanna's wild countdown is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." there's a lion out here. there's a lion out here. are y'all listening to me? the only thing better than meeting wild animals is spending the night in their world. a puff adder? >> it's going straight to your tent, jack. >> today, seven stories from exotic lodges and campsites around the world. >> right in front of your tent, jack. >> i could have sat here all morning and watched the kill. and later on, don't miss my "blooper of the week." no, no, no. no, no, i feel better already. so stick around for seven sensatiol


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