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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> first it was traffic. then the heat. and today trouble with the turf had them ripping out the entire field but is there a bigger problem at levi stadium. >> then how safe the stands are for forty-niner fans. i'm in for dan. >> yesterday forty-niner practice was cut short after players were slipping on the sod and the coach felt the field was just too dangerous. sky 7 hd was overhead today as crews ripped out the bad sod leaving a giant dirt patch where the field should be. >> workers have until this weekend to get the new grass down. niners will host san diego in pre-season game on sunday. the chargers were assured the field would be ready and they do intend to play but tonight the 1.3 billion dollar stadium facing yet another potential problem. >> lisa is live at levi stadiu
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stadium. lisa? >>reporter: hi. first the turf issue and now this. bay area attorney is raising another issue. has to do with just how safe fans are sitting in the stands exploratorium base personal injury attorney chris do land is a big forty-niner fan. he's going to the sunday game against the chargers and this is him at the sky box level last sunday when he noticed the height of the glass balcony railing. >> it's really short. it made me concerned that someone might fall over and get killed. >>reporter: he wept so far as to write to forty-niner management and to the examiner today about his concerns. he says the levi stadium barrier are 30 inches. same height as the one at the ranger stadium when a fan reaching for a baseball fell to his death. california building codes require most stadium to have a 42 inch rail. there are some exceptions. the 49ers put thought statement saying quote levi stadium passed all
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inspections prior to opening. and we have been assured it is in compliance with all applicable laws and building codes. architect did in the work on levi stadium but thinks the reason the 42 inch rule did not apply here is because it could potentially have blocked fans view. still. >> i would be willing of the front row where the railings are i expect young kids i would be concerned bit. >>reporter: frainers tell us they are reviewing the issues with the stadium builders and architects. in santa clara, lisa, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight. test results have just come back for sacramento patient suspected of having the ebola virus. just short time ago california health officials announce that the patient tested negative for the virus. the patient has been treated at kaiser permanente south sacramento since early this week. apparently returned from west africa and described as low risk for the virus. officials
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say there are no other cases or even suspected case ins california. >> demonstrators in san francisco block streets as they move from the civic center through the mission district protesting the police shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown in ferguson, missouri. group also chanting about andy lopez the santa rosa teen shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy last october. so far tonight no major problems reported. >> police are investigating a ruthless attack in san francisco mission district. happened on 16th street near mission street. man was beaten unconscious over a cell phone. we are live outside sf general where the victim treated for his injuries. >>reporter: the victim is still recovering from those injuries. the attack left him bloody and bruised. the suspect were after his cell phone. >> he was messed up man. he was messed up. >>reporter: the woman would lives on the street in san francisco mission district says she saw the victim shortly after the attack. he was
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walking down 16 street towards mission. she asked him for change then saw his face. >> he had injuries like to the head. he had like big red spots where i guess where they kicked him on each side of his face when he have downs? a the attack happened 1:30 am. group of 6 men brutally beat the victim up and stole his cell phone. >> 30-year-old male bleeding got kick in the head. loss consciousness. >>reporter: he hailed a cab to mission statement. people who saw the attack said man made the crucial mistake of taking out something valuable then getting distracted. >> didn't be nrawngt the we'll invite front of people this. >>reporter: type of thing is happening more and more in the neighborhood. large group intimidate and rob people n.this case. >> they wanted more than his phone. they wanted to beat him up. >>reporter: 35-year-old victim was treated for his injuries at sf general hospital and is expected to be okay. in san
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francisco, abc 7 news. >> new video could help lead police to the suspect in the beating death of san francisco man. video was shot on sunday august tenth from a taxi dashboard camera near the corner of church and bow stree street. man in the hoody washingtons seen assaulting higgins. he was found beaten unconscious and may have been rob as well. he later died at the hospital. san jose one step closer to a city wide database of surveillance camera. plan to have residence and business owners voluntarily register the camera passed a committee vote today. council member who sponsored proposal says police would need permission to view the camera during an investigation. now goes to the full city council for approval. >> east bay car dealer charged with rolling back odometer before selling those cars. george faces 79 counts of tampering with odometer and other charges. he owed california car sales in antioc antioch. he and his wife
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danielle turn themselves in yesterday. dmz says in april undercover agent bought minivan with 150,000 miles rolled off the odometer. >> new study says california drought is moving mountains. literally. scientist at the scripps institution of oceanography at uc san diego studies gps data around the west and says the land is rising. ground is unkoyling without water weighing it down. california mountains have risen half an inch in the last 18 months. according to the study publish in the journal of science the entire west has risen nearly.2 inches since 2003. >> 3 redwood city schools getting 1 million dollar technology upgrade. this the is part of 120 million dollar donation from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. these schools are the first to get the money. 1 million dollars will good to buy computers and provide training for teachers. san francisco and east palo alto
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schools will also 7 money from zuckerberg. >> angry bird taking over the park. black bird has been attacking pedestrians walking through golden gate park near stow like. sf this video was shot after this woman was dive bombed by the bird. it appears it was only one bird and it was trying to protect it's babies in nearby necessary. >> don't mess with mama she means business. >> wracking up fast track toll. for trips that you never took. next on 7 news. it seemed like never ending nightmare for one commuter. then he called 7 on your side michael finney. >> plus the kid definitely have a whale of a tale to tell. how the beluga gave them a surprise of a life time. >> at that time ice bucket challenge but worried about wasting water. california guys may have the answer. fight i'm the sandhya it warmed up today. but will the trend last right on through the weekend? i'll let you know but first here's what's coming up on
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jimmy kimmel. >> here's the magic waiting for you after the news. what planet does root come from?
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about. >> somebody apparently gone to the extreme to avoid paying bridge toll. authorities say a motorcyclist altered the bike license plate so that number matched somebody else's plate. >> the other person kept getting accused of toll evasion sew contacted michael finy for
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help. >> bay bridge. >>reporter: rocky is showing us the fast track violation notices he kept guest. first one. then another. >> then i got one. then i got another one and another one. >>reporter: each one claimed he crossed the bay bridge in the morning on his motorcycle but never paid the toll. >> i said this isn't me. this is not my license plate. i don't travel this road. >>reporter: notice did show snap shot of the license plate as it whizzed through the toll plaza. number matches rocky plate exactly. at least it seems to. >> i looked at it i said somebody doctor the license plate obvious to me. >>reporter: somebody what. rocky showed us what happened. here's a photo of his license plate. here's the one of the fast track notice. numeral 8 open the notice looks phoney. >> look at it it's not symmetrical like open the plate. >>reporter: this 8 is evenly shaped. the 8 in the fast track photo looks uneven like some one used a sharpie to turn
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another number into an 8. >> 3. it could be a 9. or a zero e-not only that the tag on rocky plate expire every april. these taking expire every march so couldn't be the same plate. >> i didn't pay them kept disputing. >>reporter: he told fast track somebody was using his number. he was getting all the charges. toll. penalty added up to hundreds of dollars. >> this was very frustrating. my wife could tell you i was about to lose my mind over thi this. >>reporter: finally he gave his license plate back to the dmv app got a new one with a new number and contacted the chp. officer sat at the bay bridge trying to catch the tol thief in action. >> the officer said he wasn't able to help me. he couldn't locate the person he thought was doing this. >>reporter: finally fast track agreed. plate did appear to be altered. it dismissed all the charges against rocky. but it didn't end there. >> in march of 2014 it started
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all over again. >>reporter: rocky suddenly began getting more violation notices. fast track even sent him to collection. this time he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted fast track and officials got on a fast track to fix this. >> within 24 hours they dismissed all the violations. >> clearly this guy was not the violent or. we need to concern ourselves with somebody else. >>reporter: fast track spokesman said this type of case is rare. this may be the first documented case. >> deliberately changing one character to another this is the first insubstance i have heard of. >>reporter: rocky is just relieved. >> i aept able to get anything done in a year and half and literally you took care of tonight 24 hours. >>reporter: the toll authority says if this happens to you the do what rocky did. dispute every violence by ex mraiping the fraud. fast track is supposed to investigate and should dismiss the charges. if
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they don't, contact me. you can reach me and get more of my reports by going to our web site. click on the section at the top and select 7 on your side you will find everything you need to reach me with any consumer problem. 7 on your side. >> hundreds of people paid it florida at florida starbucks yesterday. manager of a st. petersburg starbucks says for 10 hours yesterday 4 50 57 consecutive people paid for the person behind them in the drive through. that is until about 6 in the evening when customer number 4 58 declined to pay for the person behind her. not in a good moody guess. store manager said the previous record at that location water 141. but the good vibe started again this morning when customer bought a gift card for the person behind them. >> all right you need a place to crash. how about ikea. furniture mega stories partnering with air bnb to allow to you spend the night
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eating meat ball sleeping in staged pwevrments it's for one night only august 31 and 1 location which is sydney, australia. you have to agree to be quote woken in the morning in a remarkable way. intriguing. >> you captain beat the price. just 11 dollars. >> appear of youngest boys got more interactive experience at connecticut aquarium than most others. yes. beluga whale at the aquarium plays with the kid looking away then opening its big mouth. the mom michelle cotton started recording when she saw the whale teasing the kid. >> like the whale having as much if you please as the kid. >> 2 sacramento area men have come up with their answer to the ice bucket challenge versus california drought. >> not a lot of water around here so instead cheers. dirt
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bucket challenge. >> oh, boy. the men suggest challenger donate money to als canine come pap i don't know for independent. the association has received more than 41 million dollars sense the ice bucket challenge picked up speed last movement it's on line everywhere. that's twice the amount they raised in all of last year. >> incredible. >> i'm not sure dirt bucket challenge will catch on. >> would i like to point out i used pool water and recycle back into the pool that's a good way to go. protecting our water supply. dirt don't want desert in the hair. neither does sandhya. >> no. but you know here's one thing i have to point out larr larry. amma dan and i did the ice bucket challenge i think you should do the dirt bucket challenge. i'm open board for that. that's very sweet of yo you. >> if show you time lapse from the future tower cam are you
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can see a really, really nice shallow layer of fog over san francisco tonight. it's not going very far. delta breeze is weak as we look at live doppler 7hd. you will see how much the marine layer has progressed along the coast line right now and some patches right around the bay places like oakland hayward you are seeing some fog. here's what i'm keeping an eye on. the as well as building right now off our coast lean the buoy reporting 4 to 6 feet. the wave height down in southern california 3 to about 5 feet. 6 feet there at one of the buoy so the wave are building south swell generated by 2 tropical storms in the pacific. all tied in. this was once hurricane earlier today. now tropical storm lowell then tropical storm karina while no major threat to land in terms of direct hit what they are doing is pushing that south swell towards us. so there is some concern for people who are out fishing or mariner and
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marine statement issued by national weather service that is in effect now through sun afternoon for our coast line and water. swell from the tropical storm could generate stronger currents. certainly chaotic mix swell is expected. so be careful throughout if you are going to go out. in southern california if travel to the beaches there this upcoming weekend risk of republic current due to the south swell from the exploratorium camera low cloud around coyote tower. temperatures low mid 60's really mild for san francisco oakland san jose san carlos gilroy 61 half moon bay 59 degrees high pressure from 2 to 16 degree ins cop cord and santa rosa so it was a warmer day. emeryville camera nice view across the bay. temperatures in the 50's for santa rosa novato 61 in napa upper 60's cop cord livermore still pretty warm as we expect for summertime in the evening from our roof cam are visibility is good here. morning fog at the coast and bay a little cooler tomorrow and we are looking at mild to
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warm weekend coming up. so if you have out door plans beautiful weather fog around first thing in the morning at 5:00 a.m. when the commute starts fog will pull away later in the day but the breeze will kick up. cooler sea breeze mean temperatures come down a few degrees for your friday. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. mid 50's low 60's when you take the kids off to l ask. i don't think you have to worry about jang it. it's comfortable start 80 in the afternoon in san jose and south bay. 83 los gatos. 63 pacifica with the fog lingerin lingering. 67 in downtown san francisco. north bay 60's coast side 82 santa rosa out towards the east bay 72 in oakland. mild inland. san ramone 91. nice warm one there accu-weather 7 day forecast warmer for the weekend mid 60's to upper 80's. bump up to the 90's tuesday through thursday of next week and great beach weather. >> all right sound good thanks sandhya. all right. sport. >> in chicago the home of the
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great banks giants did play tuesday. protest game followed by madison who was bringing it. sports
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>> so after winning the first protest in 28 years in major league baseball the giants all pumped to resume tuesday tonight game tonight only to show up at wrigley field and encounter more rain of course. another two hour rain delay but the grounds crew put that tarp down beautifully this time. picture up with the cubs leading 2 nothing in the sixth joe panic drives in adam. down. let's out here and 2 innings of smoke. struck out 5 cubs had only one base runner in the game from where they picked it up. giants try to tie in the 9th. angel hit line
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drive knocked down by hector that's the final out. lose again and it really counts 2-1. to regularly scheduled programming madison in game 2 trouble early though bottom of the first back-to-back jack by justin runl and if cast till o. cubs in a flash. tight up in the fourth and take the lead in the fifth. there it goes for buster. give the giants a lead balm garper struck out 8 of the final nip bats he faces. 12 k in 7 innings. genius win 5-3 and back of the dodgers who also won. a's day off prepping for the 3 game series against the angels in boston. top of the first. hamilton off the monster. 1 nothing angels. shoe make we are a gem. had a no hitter through 6 and two-thirds ended up striking out then. did give autopsy hit but the angels win 2 nothing.
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sweep. come in for 3 game series at the coliseum tomorrow. >> how fast on a bike and how far with a back flip those questions were ques (vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting...val. ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> raiders visit lambeaux field tomorrow for pre-season game no. 3 against green bay and aaron rogers the best quarterback. this is dress rehearsal for the regular season opener we should learn a lot about the silver and black defense at least in the first half. >> we obviously have a huge challenge playing those guys at their place. offensively of i think they were top 10 offense both in running and throwing the ball last year. the
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quarterback is a tremendous player and they got good skill position players to get the ball to. >>reporter: tonight if zinc set the record for back flip at mammouth canyon lodge there he goes. reaching 46 miles an hour traveled 100 feet before landing perfectly. he felt he was staring at the guy forever. hoping to two 200 feet we don't recommend this. >> no he with don't. all right
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it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. >> all right that's our report. thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues on line twitter facebook all the mobile at the vices with the 7 fuss app our next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> right now "jimmy kimmel
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live"live, actor chris pratt. >> right now "jimmy kimmel live"live, actor chris pratt. >> have a good night. ♪ from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight, the cast of marvel's "guardians of the galaxy," with chris pratt, zoe saldana, dave bautista, vin diesel and bradley cooper. 5-year-old marvel expert mia grace. and music from clasixx. now, be warned, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] hello.


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