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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> and breaking news in oakland tonight where amtrak train crashed into an suv one person has been killed l. >> it happened just after 10:00 o'clock near high street and san leandro. plane bound for seattle held at the scene while police investigate the crash. >> nobody on the train hurt. >> good evening. >> happening rate now north outbound 280 in san francisco open again. >> this is live look at the 280 and 6 street cal-trans camera. same stretch of road when it reopened. >> roadway shut did you know thursday so crew could replace 2 hinges to make the roadway more flexible in the event of earthquake. finished yesterday then refinish the road and guard rail today. >> cal tran learned from 2 previous closure so the work went very smoothly despite an even bigger job.
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>> other top story tonight. ang dangerous intersection in pinole plagued with car accidents including a fatality. >> happening near an elementary school here. residence have had enough and they are taking action. >> allen wong is there live with the story. alan. >> the neighbors at this intersection have caught more than just one accident. on the surveillance camera. but they say things calmed down a bit after city put flashing warning sign down here but then they took it away that's when the accidents started back up again including the one yesterday. when arlene car got hit on sunday morning in pinole it wasn't the first time. >> in the 16 years that i have lived here i have been hit at least 10 times. >>reporter: melissa barber lives across the street on tara hills drive said reckless drivers total all her cars e.we have 9 accidents since october. >>reporter: last october a car whizzed by a neighbor security camera afterlessing control during a police chase. it
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slammed into barbara pickup truck killing the passenger. three months later another car slammed into the same truck and 2 more of barbara cars. >> i was leak here we go again. i was like okay. get the neighbors together and we are going to go down to city council on tuesday. >>reporter: green says the cons has been asking the city manager to did something about it. especially because shannon elementary school is near the intersection of ter a -- tara hills drive and kill dear way. >> one of the day somebody will come down here and doing 40 miles an hour or 50 because i have seen them come through at 50 miles an hour and somebody one of these days will run in one of the kid. >>reporter: city manager espinoza didn't return our calls. mane while barbara who has pleaded with the city council 4 times before is getting a petition signed and plans to be at tuesday city council meeting to speak again. in pinole, alan wong abc 7 news. >> fallen tree wiped out power
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for more than 800 customers in santa clara county tonight. fell on the power lines at idyllwild road near highway 17 south of loss gattoes. pg&e hopes to the power back on in the next hour or soil. developing news sonoma couldn't where damage is being assessed after a destructive fire near the russian river. flames destroyed summer cabin and damage 5 homes in forestville. you can see the fire also charred several cars. one person suffered burns. people at the river this labor day were forced to evacuate. firefighters believe propane tank may have ignited that fire. >> more than a week after the 6 point napa quake shaking stopped so why more crack developing. phenomenon called after slip. crack that formed during the initial quake are growing as the ground continues to shift. this means repair to roads an land well they may need to be redone but that hasn't stopped people from there beginning to rebuild. lillian is live in napa tonight with the story. lillian? >> about many people seeking
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help here at the mare yacht hotel. the american red cross says whole idea is to help earthquake victims come up with a plan to rebuild their lives. miss holly of virginialy oh, splitting her time between shelters and relative home since last week 6 point earthquake. her apartment regular tagged and no chance of moving back. workers with the american red cross gave her a debit card to help with have had clothes gas but the guidance to find new apartment is what she found most helpful. >> i just want a place. you nocht i want my space back. i want my own place back. i want to be able to go home and be by myself. >>reporter: more than 100 earthquake victims came to the napa valley marriott hotel for the first day of the emergency assistance center. here workers assess what type of health each person may need. whether it be financial or mental help. >> people still expressing l concerns about trauma and we hope that when they leave here
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they have a better sense of where to good for help. >>reporter: linda is hoping for financial assistance to repair her red tagged 19 04 victorian. she was in alaska on honeymoon when the earth quake struck. now that she's back she find herself in unfamiliar territory. >> i'm acustom to helping other people. not to helping myself. i just know i'm under a lot of stress and the sooner my house is put back together and i can get back in it the happier i'll be. >>reporter: emergency center open every day for as long as necessary. in nap a-abc 7 news. >> students and teachers at 2 napa schools expected to return to class tomorrow. saint john baptist catholic school had significant daniel in the quak quake. work is still being done so some class and office in the west wing moved. charter school also plans to reopen in the morning. >> harvest begin tomorrow at the family winery in nap a.week ago barrels were broken. cases collapsed. winery spokesperson said it was just salute chaos
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and huge mess. it took 16 hour days of clean up and repair to get it ready for this moment. the wine community came together to help out. >> still a need for help in napa here's how you can give where you live. text the word rest cross to this number on the screen and 10 dollar donation will appear on the next cell phone bill. >> coast guard park rangers and marin county sheriff's department looking for swim whor went missing near if the cliff house. they were swi swimming across here when he went missing. coast gawringd helicopter dive team and dog are helping with the search which will resume in the morning in earnest. so far no sign of that missing swimmer. >> fire damage at least 3 cars when the cab of trailer went up in flames on interstate 6 80 martinez today. the flames also spread to nearby hillside forcing firefighters to close 2 south bound lanes interpacheco boulevard for nearly 3 hours. that backed up traffic all the way on to the be negligence
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bridge 4 miles away. >> developing news. search is on tonight in pittsburgh for pick up truck driver wanted for hitting and killing a woman. michelle brag was walking her dog on the sidewalk along willow pass road last tonight around 7. police say the driver hit a light pole and then struck brass. >> the drugging the telephone pole speeding then the guy from the store seen him driving the truck or whatever kind of car it was with the telephone pole dragging it making all the noise. >>reporter: officers say the man was driving a truck like this one silver chevy step side pick up. they ask anyone who may have information to give them a call. >> petaluma police warning people to lock their vehicle after 5 were burglarize overnight. they all happen east of highway 101less tonight and this morning. 4 of the vehicle had door unlocked. fifth was locked but had a window partially rolled down. police have not made any arrests. >> speed boat then jet ski are likely to be ban from folsom like this week because of the
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drought. like water level measured just a few inches above 400 feet today. when it hits 400 the park department will drop the speed limit on the like to just 5 miles per hour. change is necessary because low water level will bring under water object dangerously close to the surface. a list celebrity hacked. coming up next on 7 news. hundreds of racey photo leaked on the internet. fit how you can protect your privacy. >> when is a cancelled wedding called a success. how groom to be turned lemon into lemonade. >> and the disgusting problem plaguing london sewer. we introduce you to the phenomenon known as fatburg. >> after hot libb day high temperature intersome bay area location. cool down tomorrow but first here's jimmy. >> sneak peek at our newest television master piece. >> good night everybody. good night. waitment wait. there's no exit. we have 22 more pages here and love making scene.
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>> make love to yourself jimmy.
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>> new at 11:00. u.s. military forces conducted operation in somalia today against the terrorist group network. operation after somalia government forces regained control of a prison attacked yesterday by suspected islamic militant would tempted to free extremist prisoners. this is app al qaeda affiliate that claims responsibility for the deadly attack in kenya last year that killed 67 people. >> you have probably seen the head lanes revealing picture of jennifer lawrence and kate
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upton on the internet. fbi if you lacking at possible wide spread hacking incident. lindsay daves has the story. >>reporter: the invasion of privacy tonight. impacting some of the biggest stars in the world. personal photo of some a list celebrity reportedly posted on photo sharing site for chance. alledgedly obtained by hacking cloud accounts. the huge server automatically back up every picture you take on your phone. >> even if you have deleted photo from your phone oftentimes they have already been up loaded into the cloud. they continue to exist. >>reporter: apple said today they are investigating if the i cloud service was breached but many of russ make it too easy for criminals to access our most private information. we are cruising the streets of new york. scanning for unprotected wi-fi network. >> currently 260 network and we have traveled about 1 yard. >>reporter: security experts chester finds almost a quarter of wireless network have weak or no protection. leaving
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e-mails financial accounts everything exposed. >> i would seat instant message conversation photo they share. >>reporter: on the go remember that free public wi-fi comes with a privacy risk too. is it safe for me to go on there. >> it's very easy for an introduceder to see pretty much everything you are doing e-it's an opportunity for hackers some setting up fake highway tie spots to trap you. we called this free public wi-fi. >> 3 android and 2 i phones and i-pad. >> users were logging in. in less than 5 minutes. if simple tip. put your router in the center of your home. not near the window. always accept software update on the phone. and watch those ps words. make them difficult. longer the better. >> jennifer you look great. >> important steps to prevent anyone from peeking into to our entire lives. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> new details tonight man
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whose wedding plans suddenly cancelled is calling his reception a huge success. phil decided to turn his prepaid wedding reception no a fundraiser for a charity that provides medical care in developing countries. his story went viral. tickets to his reception last nature in pittsburg, pens vin sold out and people across the nation do naturallyed. doctor behind the charity says he's astounded. >> i thought this is a joke. no one disthis. then i felt like a bride thank you very much. like life. something happens. just roll with it. >>reporter: donations are still being counted. so far more than 50,000 dollars has been raised. >> wow! >> quin is bell missing a finger. million dollar statue in the california state capitol rotunda damaged during an end of session celebration on saturday. during the party tradition for law make investigators go up on to the second into and throw coins down on to the statue. him if they cap get a coin into the
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queen crown it guarantee the governor will sign their bill. officials think one of the coins broke the finger off no word on how much it will cost to fix the statue. >> try something other than coins next time. a little more than a week away from the possible day because of new i-phone it may revolutionize how to pay for things. apple is in talk with miles per hour express master card and vase about a new payment system that may utilizes a radio single and fingerprint reader to make transaction more secure. all do you is touch the phone to wireless enabled credit card reader which already found in many stores. >> crew in london perform equivalent of heart surgery on the city sewer system. scrape away a massive buildup of fat. the fat burg clogged 262 foot stretch of one sewer line last week. it was the size of a boeing 747 and about to cause mass flooding. here's the problem. people dump warm cooking oil did you know the drain which cling to moist
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towel flushed fat burg are huge problem in london costing 20 million dollars a year to clean up. that was about to cause a sewer heart attack right there whole thing gum up. that is weird. fat burg. >> sandhya is off tonight. >> spencer in with holiday forecast. >> no fat burg in the forecast. >> good. >> we have clear sky across the bay area right now. one more look back at some of today high pressure to remind how the hot labor day was. hype in the upper 90's many inland location and up to 100 at ukiah and things cool down to. looking along the embarcadero 61 at san francisco. 64 oakland. san carlos 66. 69 san jose. 65 morgan hill and a half moon bay 59 degrees. another live view from the sutro tower cam are out over san francisco you see the first little bit of some spotty sketchy fog moving in. 60 degrees santa rosa right no now. 62 napa novato. 57 but still warm in the inland east
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bay fairfield concord livermore low mid 70's and here's live view from the exploratorium camera back at the sky line of downtown san francisco. forecast feature and coastal fog increasing overnight. cooler tomorrow with sea breeze developing and steady stable weather pattern all week long into the weekend. high pressure dominant feature right now in our weather picture and will be for several days to come with quiet pattern coming our way. speaking of steady pattern check out the high pressure range over the next 7 day if his san jose. not more than a two degree variation. 82 to 84 for the entire 7 day period. typical of what we can expect all aron the bay area. overnight fog move up the coast line low pressure ranging from upper 50's to low 60's for most of the bay area 10 tomorrow high starting in the south bay. mainly low to mid 80's there 82 at san jose. 86 morgan hil hill. upper 70's to near 80 on the pens will and mid 60's with fog on the coast at pacifica and a half machine bay. downtown san francisco have a high of 68 tomorrow. 65 in the sun set district. north bay
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high 84 at santa rosa and calistoga 81 sonoma 82 napa east bay high of 72 at oakland 79 at castro valley and the inland east bay high in the low to mid 80's for the most part up to 87 at antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and this is what we call stable steady pattern. high pressure all 7 day inland. mid upper 80's. all 7 days around the bay upper 70's near 80 on the coast mid 60's with virtually no significant variation at al all. >> thanks. >> on to sports. that's right. tv a little ryder football case to the car. derek car asking the raiders for. that handed key to the offense toda today. if we hear from the coach on the reasoning coming today. if we hear from the coach on the reasoning coming up in sports.
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>> you can e-mail your back to school photo to this web site or post them to our facebook page or tweet them. to us here at this site using hash-tag listed herement back in a
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>> allen knows he has to win this year job on the line and he named derek car as starter for the season opener in new york against the jechlts first rookie to start the regular season in franchise history. now allen wanted to see how quarterback shaw elbow was today. before he made the decision but i think his mend made up. car won the job in the pre-season. completed 30 of 45 passes. 3 26 yards in 4 touch downs and get this. the last 6 rookie to start the season at quarterback led the team to the play offs. there will be growing pains but now
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full speed ahead and no looking back. >> not an indictment on mat shaw at all. still very confident in shaw. we have seen signs of car development from the day he stepped on the campus here if where he's at rate now. we have seen him grow by leaps and bounds and i think he's ready to accept the challenge. >>reporter: all right jonathan colorado for sort of a double header. first up suspended game from may 22. tied at two bottom 6. 2 outs. runner on first for the rockies. jeremy taking care of. that striking out pinch hitter in the inning. get the win. if home interthe 4th inning back in may. tie breaking double if the eighth. andrew and up 3-2 and take game one 4-2. that final. game 2. hunter pens spotted a quick lead two on. guess deep off morales. giants offensive if terror continues. 4 in the first. had a lead before hudson found truly in the sixt
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sixth. 3 more in the seventh. pinch hitter paulson see you. 9-7 rockies. giants respond and sandoval and the score. game tied. giants had friend hits but the rockies had 15. that was the difference. charlie blackman off sergio. in comes mchenry that's the ball gaep. 10-then the football. win streak ends at 6 but 2 become of the dodgers. take our fenl time out before we introduce you to the oakland a new power source adam dunn who got her done did in the first at bat as athletic. see you. he wasn't through. we have it
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>> a's host the mayor interin need of offense. happened cuffed bit angels 29 consecutive scoreless innings put up 4 runs in 4 games. team meeting and busted loose for 5 runs in the first inning. dunn acquired from the white sox to add pop to the place. did just that. tell 12 to the homer first at bat. 2ing in a's. 21 of the year and old celebration tunnel not easy. stay on top of the dug up to make it work. hamell held down the forth the there stuck out 5. million let final victim. 4 game losing streak over. dunn got her done in the debut. >> that's the best crowd i have ever played against w.for whatever it is. but i'm serious. if that is unbelievable. if it's like that every tonight here then this is going to be a fun little ride. >>reporter: hopefully it won't be too little too late forth a's. >> only 25 left.
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>> labor day always if you please in the process. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back. stay
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>> time now for wake up weather. early morning conditions 6:41 tomorrow morning the sunrise and patchy coastal fog. temperatures during the early morning hours 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. will range from upper 50's in the north bay valley to mid 60's at some of the inland east bay location. >> all right thank you experience. >> that's our report. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back all the mobile devices with the abc 7 news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> right now on jimmy kimmel actress jennifer aniston we appreciate your team. actress jennifer aniston we appreciate your team. >> have a great night everyone.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer aniston. barbecue master adam perry lang. and music from bob mould with cleto and the cletones. and now, sit back and relax. it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we're all in this together. hey, i'll tell you something, we have a great lineup of guests. this would be a good night to


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