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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:00. thanks for waking up early and joining us. first up on this wednesday morning a look at forecast. mike? good morning, everyone, on this hump day. we are waking up do more cloud cover so the possibility of patchy fog light drizzle with no rain showing up on live doppler hd. check out the golden gate bridge, so far it is clear. we have a west wind slower but over the next 90 minutes the cloud deck will start descending upon the deck of the bridge. watch out for that.
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inland east bay during the afternoon hours we are close to normal at 83 to 90 and more sunshine along the coast into san francisco and 63 to 69 and around the bay it will be breezy but more sunshine at 72 to 82. good morning, everyone, traffic is still light and quiet as we start by looking from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge we have seen a bouncing with a breeze out there according to mike and we have traffic so no high wind advisory for high-profile vehicles. there is a gas-related fire blocking off southbound alameda and now we are seeing the slowing on the nimitz northbound pulling away from alameda with more details in a few minutes. we will talk about the fire in san jose after a gas main exploded right in the middle of a residential and business area.
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abc7 news reporter is at the scene. matt? the neighbors say they heard an explosion and saw flames shooting outside of the building at 4:00 a.m. and right now firefighters are making sure the fire is out and they are cutting into the walls to make sure nothing is smoldering and the fire shot outside flames outside which is a law office and they put water on the plains to keep them from spreading and towns off the gas and put owe the fire. they were concerned how close the flames were to the apartment complex and started evacuations, firefighters stopped the evacuation but for a few participates because they were able to stop the fire from spreading and got it out. they turned off the gas, no one was injured and no word on what started the fire or caused the explosion. some lanes are blocked with only one fire truck and a couple of police officers on the scene southbound headed into this area but the other lanes in all directions are back open at this
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hour. coming up at 5:03, president obama says the extreme i who beheaded steven sotloff will be brought do justice and the idea yes of the killing is. yes of the killing is. >> then -- is history steven sotloff on his knees and possibly the same executioner of european left two weekend who experts are working to identify. steven sotloff is at least the second machine murdered in retaliation for air strikes on isis targets in iraq. in a statement, the national security council called the video "appalling." >> today the prayers of the american people are with the family of a devoted courageous
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journalist, steven sotloff. overnight, our government determineed that steven sotloff was danger were from us in a horrific act of violence. we cannot even begin to imagine the agony that everyone would loved steven is feeling especially his mother, his father, and his younger sister. today, our country grieves with them. >> president obama is meeting with key allies including the british prime minister to discuss syria's strategy. in the united states credit is say it is the weak fop policy that is contributing to the rise of the terror group. the obama administration has carried out 100 airstrikes again isis in iraq and the group is holding another british june left and it and believed two more american aid workers. thanks, nick. new details of the third
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american missionary to become infected with the deadly ebola virus. the doctor is being treated in liberian hospital where he liberian hospital where he worked the foes have two other americans stricken with ebola have survived. the virus killed 1,500 people cross west africa. a 2.6 earthquake truck near napa this morning. it was centered five miles southwest of the city. there are no reports of damage or injuries. napa is plague by water main breaks each day. the latest is this on stadium avenue with 130 water pipe leaks in the city since last sunday's earthquake. crews dug their way to the 6" water main and restored water
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service with a clamp. but when the lanes are repressurized another weak spot ruptures. amy hollyfield will be in napa at the bottom of the hour with more on the story. >> an international conference begins to discuss earthquake early were watching systems and ways to establish networks in california. the system at cal issued an alert for the napa, ten seconds before it struck. that is not a lot of time but it could be enough for someone to get out of a house or building. the conference will talk of the costs and feasibility of establishing a west coast early wanting system. >> a your embarrassment in castro district over a brand new walk of honor for the lgbt community. the rainbow honor walk was unveiled yesterday and meant to pay tribute to heroes of the lgbt community but the monument is marred by several spelling
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mistakes in the bronze blacks honoring key figures. for example, oscar wilde says he for example, oscar wilde says he has he has a is, proofreader needs to be slammed. >> how it wanted, we department know. we will fix it. that is the bottom line. >> officials say $100,000 in private donations paid if the plaques that go to covering the cost of the corrections. >> a seven-year-old was injured while firing a gun arrest get shooting with his family on saturday? georgetown. the boy fired at a target and something struck him in the chest. it was a ricochet and he will likely recover. last week a nine-year-old girl in arizona shot and killed her
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shooting range instructor with an uzi and told her family the gun was too much for her and they thought she injured her family and they realized the instructor was shot. >> 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald shed up after being arrested on suspicious of physical any domestic violence. it is not decided if he will play in the season opener after being arrested during a birthday party. at his home in san jose is where this occurred accused of assaulting his fiance who is ten weeks pregnant. police say there were visible injuries. davis was at the party with other 49ers and said he did not see anything and he supports mcdonald. >> i was there. he is a good guy. good integrity. as far as what went on, i didn't see anything or hear anything.
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>> mcdonald is expected if court september 15 a day after the 49ers home opener. >> an 18-year-old man is under arrest after confessing to assaulting a woman at the rohnert park while jogging along a rail when she was attacked. a park officer was riding a motorcycle on the path and he saw a man with a hood over his head walk out from the creek from behind a female jogger and the suspect ran away when he saw the officer. the teen was found and backed into jail. santa cruz police are offering a unique reward for capping a man with a mustache accused of stealing from costco. here is the man, from surveillance video. he is a master of disguise accused of stealing electronics from costco including a laptop. here is surveillance video, he
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was confronted by an emily i last week after he tried to steal an xbox. if you recognize the man santa cruz police want to hear from cruz police want to hear from you and here is the reward >> totally a collector's item do your kids injury school? it was warm. today we cool down. >> if your kids injury going to school let me know how you did that. >> mid-to-upper 50's -- some kids like school -- mid-to-upper 50's an the north bay and 60 in san rafael. and napa is 59. cupertino and lafayette 62. 59 in san jose. 54 in brentwood. 280 and 17 but idea cover is
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over the south by this morning compared to yesterday. we all wake up with clouds and patchy drizzle is light and isolated at 55 to 63. more sunshine at lunch up to 76. the coast will have more such, too, not completely sunny but up to 86. by 7:00, cool and comfortable conditions for the evening. at the bay bridge toll plaza we saw a shot of this from emeryville camera and you can see the flashing lights to the right-hand side with right lanes blocked. we are waiting for an ambulance. you could see a backup as more cars pile and the tolls but in the right lane we have a possible injury accident that could slow down the commute. we have a stalled vehicle that is cleared southbound 680 as you
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head between walnut creek and to the south into alamo but northbound remark is moving along fine taking 24 and the drive is clear. 580 is loading up, 35 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is finish minutes and clear through manner into san francisco. >> the car of future could tell you if you take your eyes off the road. details in america's money. >> tremendous relief for a new mom and dad, their baby's life saved by a for samaritan and the app had a role in saving the baby. >> a picture the babe maybe and on the small screen, the golden gate bridge and richmond san gate bridge and richmond san rafael toll plaza all
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. women who decide to remove both breasts after cancer diagnosis pay not be improving their five rate. angelina joel has a double mastectomy that prompted others to do the same but they have similar survival rates as though with the more limited lumpectomy which removes only the tumor followed by radiation. the ten year philadelphia -- survival rate is 82 percent. women may want to reconsider removing unaffected protest.
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an app designed by a bay area nonprofit is playing a role if saving a baby's life in washington state. a mechanic was working on a car and his cell phone went off and it was an alert from the pulse point app notifying him a one-month-old baby was not breathing at a dance store two blocks away and when the 9-1-1 call is placed, the yap dispatches people trained in cpr to northbound by card your a cases and a volunteer e.m.t. hurry to help. >> it sound like amber alert how they come out and i saudi -- i saw c.p.c. needs and it gave the address. the baby is recovering. this is the first save sip the fire department connected the app to the dispatch from. the hackers that targeted target is at it again targeting home depot.
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good morning, topping america's money, another major retail data breach home depot is investigating if customers' data was stolen and put up for sale online the work of the same group that hit target and oh retailers. the next car may not when you not paying attention to director driving. citizen reports will produce cars that track eye and head movements. cars with the technology will appear in the fiscal year three to five years. >> and under armor has shot up adding $600 million to the market value after new ads with a famous model. >> the weather today is easier for kids to feel like kids should be in school learning. >> different closes and they are nice and looking sharp the first couple of days making a good first impression.
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>> now, we are coming up on 5:18. yesterday afternoon, look how stubborn the clouds were over san francisco toward emeryville. we will see a few more breaks in the clouds today with temperatures about the same as yesterday and maybe a bit warmer. we are close to where we should be. the clouds have stayed above the ground in most areas with half moon bay at five miles and santa rosa at eight miles. into the cloud deck you are going to run and moisture, with the marine layer up to 2,000' with arrival delays at sfo where there are clouds over the airport and slow sunshine and steady highs today with clouds and patchy drizzle tonight and i see slightly warmer weather for the weekend. the trough of low-to-upper is slide down the front side of the high and the sea breeze will be in control of our weather
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through friday and that is why we will have highs close to average if san jose at 81 sharing that with cupertino and 70 in santa cruz not a lot of sunshine today. we will have mid-to-upper 70 most of the peninsula and redwood city is 79 and 72 at millbrae and breezy from time to time, and mid-60 along the coast and jumping to upper 60's in downtown and sausalito. clouds at bodega and mid-60's. you will see breaks in the cloud deck. 76 in petaluma for a cool spot in the north bay and 82 in napa, the warm spot and 72 is cool spot in berkeley to 78 in present and inland we will have 84 in san ramon and up to 90 in antioch. a day game today and u.v. index is high and 12:35 is first pitch and 68 warming to 72 by the time the game is over at 3:00.
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the seven-day forecast shows thursday and friday not a lot of changes and that makes a difference of two or three degrees saturdays sunday, and the sea breeze is stronger and cooler on monday and tuesday. we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with an early crash you do not see flashing lights so they have moved the accident off the main gate. further to treasure island you will find activity. right now, it looks like traffic is slowing down in richmond-san rafael toll plaza it is slight so there is a breeze coming from richmond to take the richmond-san rafael bridge to the north bay with clear conditions and east of that location we have construction that is with us until 6:00 this morning and eastbound along 580 from western drive to central avenue you will find construction crews and those progresses are wrapping up
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at 6:00. thank you. 78 ahead, seven things you need to know before you go. >> a daring rescue of a pooch would spent a week stuck on a cliff. >> big picture there is speaker state 680 east bay and walnut creek moving very well and san mateo bridge and the smaller picture and the bay bridge toll plaza and 280 and 17 in the plaza and 280 and 17 in the south
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is something decembering. president obama says americans will not be intimidated by the horrific violence in the murder of steven sotloff. officials confirmed the validity of the video showing the beheading of the american journalist by isis terrorists. >> misery leased surveillance hoping to no one a driver involved in a fail hit-and-run accident in pittsburg. the silver pickup drove on a sidewalk and hit a woman as she walked herring do on sunday night. the woman died. four, city of napa is assisted by crews from other cities to deal with the water main break and another main broke yesterday over the 130 bras that happened since the earthquake continue days ago and officials say when they repressurized the system affixing a pipe another breaks. as the f.b.i. digs into how naked photos of top hollywood stars were hacked the photos are more difficult to fine.
5:25 am
copyright complaints are prompting several sites to remove the photos and hackers figured out passwords and other safeguards to gain access. main layer is thicker this morning so more cloud cover and the possibility of light patchy drizzle for the commute with seasonal temperatures before a warming trend in the "7 on your forecast. >> so far it is smooth on 680 with a couple of accidents that have cleared but mostly only congestion right now. a warning from police this morning if you drive a pickup truck or s.u.v., there has been a big spike in the number of thefts of tailgates. a report from the national insurance crime bureau says the number of stolen tailgates jumped 30 percent from 12 telephone to 2013 which are resold open black market as replacement parts or scrapment
5:26 am
-- scrap metal with texas and california and arizona with the biggest problem. we have a full 90 minutes of news including a fine slapped on pg&e after the disaster at san bruno and how they are responding. at 5:26 a look at the golden gate bridge on the big picture with small are pictures showing you the san mateo bridge and a look at san rafael, 101 and in that picture in the bottom, that picture in the bottom, downtown san
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:28 on wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco joins us with a check on the forecast. live doppler hd shows the
5:29 am
lack of fog. the parent player -- marine layer is thicker at five miles at half moon bay and eight at santa rosa. the forecast this afternoon shows transitioning to sun between 11 o'clock and noon and we will see more sunshine today than yesterday. 63 to 69 from the coast to san francisco and most of us around 72 to 82 in the south bay and the warmest is 83 to 90. the commute on this wednesday, so far it is smooth. leyla gulen? we start off with the san mateo bridge. it looks like traffic is smooth. you can see traffic is loading up slightly up to the peninsula and nothing to slow you down. what could slow you down is in the santa cruz mountains headed through los gatos northbound highway 17, we have an accident blocking a lane and we are looking at yellow that is showing we could be tapping on
5:30 am
the brakes sightly. mass transit with bart and caltrain and muni run on time and 42 trains and no delays. breaking news from san jose firefighters are investigating an explosion and fire at a law office on the alameda with nabs saying they heard an explosion and saw fire on the outside of the building at 4:00 this morning and right now firefighters are making sure the fire is completely out and they are cutting into the walls to make sure there is nothing smoldering. they were concerned how close the flames were to the apartment complex next door. no one was injured. in word on what started the fire. our reporter is on the scene with a full report at the top the hour. developing news, the white house is confirming this a video show the brutal murder of a flow lands american journey history is authentic of steven sotloff being beheaded.
5:31 am
>> nick? >> we are learn new information that we have confirmed that the journalist held israeli and united states american citizenship. the grizzly video is called a second emergency to america from isis and the 31-year-old american journalist love -- steven sotloff on his knees. steven sotloff is the second men at least murdered in retaliation for airstrikes on isis targets in iraq. the national security council called the video "appalling." >> whatever the murder think they achief by killing innocent americans like steven sotloff, they have failed. they is failed because like people an the world, americans are repulsed bird their barbarism and we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts unite us as
5:32 am
a country and stiffen our resolve against the terrorists. remember is in europe meeting with allies including the british prime minister cameron to discuss strategy. in the united states the critics say it is the president's weak foreign policy tripping to the rise of the terrorup. the obama administration has carried out 100 airstrikes against isis in iraq and they are still holding another journalist, a british man, and two american aid workers. conflicting news from ukraine. the country's president says that he and russian president vladimir putin have reached a deal on the steps needed to reach a cease-fire. russia main help tables they cannot agree to a ceasefire because they are not directly involved in the fighting. the sides have been fighting since april. >> aftershocks rattle the not
5:33 am
bay including 2.6 earthquake at 3 18 this morning. it was centered five miles sweat of napa. there have been no reports of the damage or injuries. public works craws are busy in napa fixing pore broken water pipes a daily countries since the 6.0 magnitude earthquake ten days ago. amy hollyfield? >> the earthquake was a week and a half ago and problems are popping up. latest is on stadium avenue at 3:30 yesterday afternoon when water started leaking out of this street. crews are actually getting pretty good at this with plenty of experience dealing with it the past weak so they got it clamped and stopped and got people's water turned back on in a couple of hours. they have had 130 water pipe leaks since the earthquake. residents are starting to get used to them.
5:34 am
we had a water main break at the end of the street when the earthquake happened and we thought it was fixed but we knew that things could happen. this was a surprise. napa officials say the earthquake koch my -- compromised their system. they say there is in way of knowing how bad the damage is. though have been working around the clock. they thing there will be more water main breaks. the earthquake has last its mark on the city. governor brown has requested a your disaster declaration from the president to receive funds for napa and solano and sonoma county and will provide extra assistance to the evening victims.
5:35 am
police have arrested a track coach from san jose high school and investigators not saying if the alleged rim is a student. police officer accused of rape is facing new champions this morning and the officer was championed yesterday with storming out of a safe way store with a pot elf vodka at 2:30 in the morning leaving $20 on the register did not pay a cab ear. he assaulted a work, prosecutors say, that he escorted to a hotel room. >> a boy who was missing in hayward has been found. he came home open his own. police senator out an alert after he was mission yesterday at 3:00 in afternoon near the middle school. he is doping fine. they did not explain.
5:36 am
>> a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman in pittsburg has new details. this is a silver chevrolet pickup involving in the hit-and-run accident on willow pass road on sunday night and the truck drove up on the sidewalk and struck the woman and a pole. the 50-year-old woman died a short time later. she was walking her dog and pushing a shopping cart. a mess in oakland when a car crash sheared off a meter can started a geyser at the high dramatic. pg&e is expected to appeal a $1.4 billion fine in connection with the pipeline explosion in san bruno. the fine was represented yesterday accusing pg&e of 3,800 violations over several years. pg&e says a penalty is appropriate but believes it
5:37 am
should get credit for safety improvement sip the deadly explosion in 2010. the utility. s the money to benefit public safety. most of the fine goes to the general fund. a law requiring california drivers to give pickives more room goes and affect in two weeks starting september 16 they have to get bicyclists 3 feet of space. if drives do not have the 3 feet they have for slow down. 1 spree -- 153 killed in 2012 which is 5 percent of total fatalities in the state. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. what do you have? >> a lot cloud cover. high definition of gray and black. let's talk about what to expect let's talk about what to expect in livermore,
5:38 am
most. it has been as warm as 115 and as cold as 35 on this date. as cold as 35 on this date. from napa from 50's to low 60's and mostly sunny by noon and more sun than yesterday. low-to-mid 70's away from the coast. you are in the mid-to-upper 70's along the coast. mid-80's if the by did inland by 4:00. low-to-mid 60's from the chest to the bay by 7:00. mid-70's and comfortable during the evening hours. we have an update on the crash in the santa cruz mountains but, first, a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights have been not burned on and traffic is
5:39 am
loading up. in the santa cruz mountains we thought it was closer to laurel but now it is toward the summit and we have four or five vehicles involved northbound highway 17 and lands are blocked. major delays right now and you can see the string of red as you head away from laurel road at 25 miles per hour is the top speed and it is looking bumper to bumper with more updates when this cheers and follow me on twitter with the updates. next, caught on camera, a trio of purr siftent persistent thieves. and a growing problem of water theft. the new abc7 news now. these pictures keep you in the know during commercial break.
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:42 on
5:43 am
wednesday. this is downtown oakland. the skies are cloudy this morning. meteorologist mike nicco will have the weather. leyla gulen will have the traffic. that is ahead. we have new video. it is pretty interesting. year, thieves in kansas trayed to steal an a.t.m. from a gas station. the van smashed on the door. that is when it got troubling. they pulled it. they rocked the a.t.m. guess what? they could not budge the a.t.m. they tried to smash it again with the van. that didn't work. they came away with nothing but good insurance claim. the gas television -- gas station suffered $30,000 in structural damage. a judge in in missouri will decide what to release juvenile reports of michael brown.
5:44 am
there were days angry protests. a money and journalist filed the petition to release confidential scruff nile records on brown. the question is, whether brown still has privacy rights. police say brown had in adult record but the brown family attorney has refused to comment. a man accused of knowingly spreading hi to possible victims in the bay area is ordered not to use online baiting websites and is charged with misdemeanor count of spreading the virus willingly with dozens of text messages show him bragging about duping the partners. the prosecution believes he can have infacted two dozen victims in san diego, fresno, and, perhaps, here in san francisco. the historic drought gripping the state people are desperate and even breaking and fire high dramatics to steal water. in the central valley they are
5:45 am
driest with residents ordered only to water lap scraping twice -- landscaping twice a week. a number of the high traps have been uncapped. they believe money is tapping into the remote hydrants. >> for the state our customers and our citizens, they need to have water. >> officials have been aready by redens asking for water from the high dramatics but they refused stating they are only for city use. >> technicians are cracking down on water wasters arriving yesterday talking to homeowners with complains pouring in usually from people who thing their neighbors are overwarring their lawn. in beyond, they saw 20 water waste complaints. in august there were 419 complaints. still, only september so we have a while to wait.
5:46 am
>> parts of the valley the >> parts of the valley the action -- because of the absence or volume of water being absent. you can see the lights from both sides of the bay bridge. did it feel like summer monday? >> absolutely. 80's and 90's and we were almost 100 in livermore and mid-90's in santa rosa and san rafael and goodbye to summer and hello to fall. we dropped 24 degrees yesterday in santa rosa and 18 in san rafael and 15 in oakland and livermore and everyone else was around seven to nine. the seasonal weather will stick around. the winds are blowing out from the south at half moon bay so still warm water temperatures in the mid 60's and 15 miles per
5:47 am
hour in fairly and 13 in san jose so breezy and it will be more breezy not of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate bridge and through the delta community. the ferry will be bumpy in the afternoon more so than this morning. 280 and 17 at san jose, the cloud cover reached into the south bay and slow sunshine today but we will see a little bit more in the afternoon hours and steady highs with clouds and drizzle possible tonight and a slight warming trend weekend. at 11 o'clock to noon, that is when it will become hazy with the cloud cover evaporating and the cost will see more sunshine than year especially keeping the southern wind going at the coast and 60's to maybe one or two areas receiving 90 inland but not around los gatos and moran hill and gilroy, with santa cruz 70 and upper 70 and let 80's for the rest of the valley. mid-to-upper 70's for the
5:48 am
peninsula today and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito up to bodega bay. we have will mid-to-upper 70's the east bay shoreline and berkeley is 72. inland, antioch will reach 90. at the game this afternoon, have the sun screen, more sunshine and 68 at 12:35 ending at 3:00 at 72 degrees. steady as she goes thursday and friday and sun will come out quicker saturday and sunday and warmer and the marine layer will be thicker so cooler on monday and tuesday. the bay bridge metering lights are on from the east bay into san francisco you have a wait on your hands and speaking of a wait this has turned into two separate crashes northbound highway 17 and it happened around laurel cub --
5:49 am
a total of nine vehicles involved blocking the lanes. you can see how slow at 23 miles per hour approaching the scene of the accident and coming in from the there willing - reservoir and 17 miles per hour is the top speed and slow conditions and hopefully c.h.p. can have to cleared but it is an injury accident, and we do have construction protect and the way the copes are laid out it is causing confusion as you take the drive to cordelia interchange, be careful and slow for the cone zone. home depot is cooperating with banks and investigators looking into a possible case of stolen credit card information. it could have begun in april or may and could include all 2,200 stores across the nation making it much larger than last year's breach involving target and 40
5:50 am
million credit card numbers. they will notify cuss -- customers. >> a dog rescued from a ledge of rock and reunited with the owner with a dramatic rescue with the nine-year-old on the rock. the dog was clinging to a ledge after falling 300' off a cliff and the owner to the he was stolen or wandered off can they say when they got the call from the coast guard crew they could not believe it. a happy reunion. right place much right time. >> lavish free welcom -- for tech workers could be ending. we are keeping you informed.
5:51 am
this is san francisco international airport with traffic on the bay bridge and live doppler hd and smooth traffic on 680 in the east bay, traffic on 680 in the east bay, walnut creek the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period.
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xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed.
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>> a solarrer reduction happened a month ago and we have the spectacular pictures posted on youtube. what makes this exciting is watching the collapsing of the plasma back into the such because of the tremendous gravitational pull of the sun which can cause radio blackouts on earth like one triggered in
5:54 am
august during this flare. it feels like the weather is cooling down. mike? some areas have 24 degree temperature difference between monday and tuesday. we still have hot days ahead of us. but it will not be in the idea future. here is a look at highs compared to average, spot on at oakland at 74, and a degree cooler in san rafael at 78 and redwood city at 80 and san jose is young and 68 in san francisco is three degrees cooler than average. north of us, to the border with oregon we have mid-to-upper 90's through the central valley and 81 at lake tahoe and clouds around monterey and 68 and 74 in san diego and 80 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have a new report of an accident in san francisco involving a car that hit a pedestrian, a bicyclist, actually, at an intersection near the panhandle and golden gate park with possible muni
5:55 am
situation. it was a hit-and-run accident when the pedestrian was hit. back to the santa cruz mountains northbound 17 we have two separate citizens and a total of nine vehicles and injuries and heavy delays in both directions. the days of free lunches for thousands tech workers could end. for a second year the i.r.s. is placing the perk on the list of possible review items and could determine if they could be classified as taxable. workers by have to pay tax on free food the i.r.s. is more likely to go after the companies to pay back taxes. the question is, will the companies still provide it? >> your kid may not be tall, or strong, or fast but he still has the chance to become a varsitying a least at an american college. robert morris university a private school is offering athletic scholarships for those
5:56 am
who excel at a video game "league of legends," and is now the first university to offer scholarships if gaming and considered scholarships in roller derby, bass fishing and paints -- paint ball trying to drive down the annual tuition and trying to stop a decline in enrollment. >> team u.s.a. is celebrating a win against new zealand in the basketball world cup. what happened before the matchup has were talking. new zealand basketball players performing the war distance challenge and looking great. this occurred before the game against the united states in spain causing an interesting reaction from the americans. players paused during the warm medium, amused and intrigued but
5:57 am
not intimidated. breaking news next, san jose firefighters spend to an office building after an explosion overnight. quick action from the crews prevented this from turning worse. >> a story three decades in the making, a man reunites with his prized car 30 years after it was stolen. in the smaller pictures, the san mateo bridge and interstate 680 and walnut creek zipping along. more news
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> -- is authentic. advantage words from president obama. >> and a problem under napa is causing headaches more than a week after the 6.0 magnitude earthquake. >> a memorial honoring lgbt heros if san francisco ops but this morning manage is not quite right. >> all is right, though, with the world when you are joining us this morning. it is 6:00. now a check of weather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. clouds everywhere but month measurable rain just light drizzle. the next 12 hours around the bay are cloudy and vine and sunny by noon and sunshine and more of it today and 76 is where it tops out. >> inland more clouds and less fog. 75 at noon. mid-80's at


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