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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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six-year old boy. if you developments in the ravens running back ray rice with extended video of the elevator attack with audio and the growing fallout surrounding the nfl. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. it is tuesday. we starting off cool but meteorologist mike nicco has more. good morning. we are starting off a few degrees cooler than yesterday and clouds around the bay. starting at 58 with blue sky at lunch and 76 at such any by noon in the north pay and low-to-mid 80's in the afternoon and at the coast, we start with clouds, partly such any, to partly cloudy so more
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sunshine and then it is sunny again from the mid-60's back to the low 60's. how is the tuesday morning commute? sue? we have a light commute so far but it is getting busy. we will go to the san mateo brick, tail lights headed to the high-rise and you are looking at seven minutes between hayward and the peninsula. we have a problem in the roadway a maul in the eastbound non-commute direction near sonoma raceway and 37 at 121 and westbound is very slow traffic making your way toward novato and, also, now an accident when 4 at willow pass is slow getting into condition cord. -- concord. apple will unveil the latest product line in cupertino where the product launch will take place.
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it is believed the company will unveil an iphone 6 with a larger screen to compete with the galaxy and unveil a new smart watch and payment system marking the first new product lynn sip the ipad 4 1/2 ago. we have a live report in 30 minutes from matt. >> this evening, "world news tonight," is in cupertino with apple exclusive at 5:30 after the 5:00 news. wildlife officials are stepping up the hunt for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year old boy and hope to fine the cat and kill it. amy hollyfield? the trail here at the wildlife preserve is closed. they will have seven dogs searching the area this morning. they have laid out traps with
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deer caucus to catch the mountain lion that attack add six-year-old hiking with his family open sunday afternoon. they hope to catch the man, tranquilize it, take dap, -- d.n.a. and see if it matches samples of the boy and if it does they will euthanize the animal. setting the troops is challenging. >> trying to find a place to put the traps is difficult. it needs to be on flat ground and in mountain lion habitat which is not flat ground. >> the boy suffered bites and scratches and has been released. the father and another man ran toward the lion and shouted aggressively and the cat let the boy go. >> this was an inbound attack that mountain lions usually do not want anything to do with people. this is probably a juvenile and
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not a skilled hunter. yet. this morning, the nfl is responding to claims by tmz it turned a blind eye to a new video that shows ravens running back ray rice punching his wife. tmz says they were affair of the video that shows rice with a vicious blow to his then fiance, knocking her unconscious if an elevator but did not ask the casino for it. this morning, the nfl reiterated they asked law enforcement nor any video but did not receive it. the couple has married and rice has been cut from the ravens and suspended indefinitely from the n after the extended video surfaced. >> reward to track down the killer of a 17-year-old oakland girl is at $25,000. police and the familiar announce the reward and made a plea for help in the murder case.
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davis was with friends in september of 2009 and a man got out of the car and started shooting. she died at the scene, a senior at oakland technical high school with a also fromming future. >> she was very innecessity separative and sweet and loved her friends. >> who knows what she could have become. she was on her way. that is why we are still here fighting for her. >> she was an editor of the school year book. show was considering going to college at uc davis. a field poll shows democrats are likely to hold on tory statewide office in victim in every ray saying democrats are above or approaching the 50 percent threshold of likely borders including the gubernatorial race between governor brown and neel kashkari and the contest forment lieutenant governor, torn yen,
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insurance commissioners and comptroller and treasurer and secretary of state. many offices have not been held by a republican in more than a decade. a push is underway to hope imcomment children detained at the border. representatives plan to announce in new fundraising drive to obtain legal representation for immigrant minors. if more children have legal representation they have a greater chance staying in the united states. the announcement takes police at 11 o'clock in san jose. >> activists will protest the handling of andy lopez shooting during the supervisors meeting in santa rosa. the 13-year-old lopez died after being shot by sheriff deputy erick gelhaus in october while carrying a toy rifle designed to look like an action 47. the coalition accuses the
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district of mishandling the case after decide against charges and running him to duty. now the coast record flooding claimed two lives. >> record rain paralyzing the southwest. in phoenix 3" fell the day. ever. two were killed. cars stranded on highways. >> big tidal wave took me out and flooded the truck. >> we had hundreds of people stranded with flooded out cars and slading off the roads. >> this video gives you a sense of how high the water rose, with this keyager going beyond the best hoop.
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>> near tuscon a woman was killed when her was the bridge by the water. >> no words explain the panic. >> 100 homes were evacuated when the waters were above the transformers. in nevadan interstate was shut down after 4" of rain fell in two hours. it is not just the southwest, this is what coastal virginia look like after a day of rain, 30" water covered some roads. the rain is not over. in parts of the southwest had could be 3" more of rain and the east coast, similar, 6" to 10" of rain are possible in some places. and we had high pressure in the southwest, and remember our hurricane norbert with the
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counter flow pushing the moisture into the southwest and up and over it in the plains and down to the southeast and that is why we are going to continue to see plenty of wet weather. our preliminary temperatures are in for august taken by satellite, and the entire earth again was warmer than the 30 year am by a third with the greatest warmth in the northern hemisphere. we are 48 in alum rock and 51 los gatos at 52 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's and sick at newark and san francisco and that is the warm spot. today we are from 65 in half moon bay and downtown san francisco at 68 and nearly 90 in antioch warmer than year. sue? good morning, everyone, we have a couple of issues. in walnut creek this is not an issue, but we have brake lights headed to highway 24 and the rest of the drive through the san ramon rally is looking good
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but 680. we have problems with slow traffic from the central valley bumper-to-bumper traffic moving from the altamont pass to livermore. we have an accident at railroad and stalls blocking the slow rain and early accident at willow pass has been cleared but it is rough from antioch this morning. as usual. it is:10, a cue for autism? the study done right here in northern california offering new hope to parents. if you have we gone online to share airline anger you are not alone. we will reveal which passengers are upsecret the most. as we head to the commercial break, the big picture is the eastern span of the bay bridge and the small are picture is golden gate bridge and western span of the bay bridge and the toll plaza with no problems to
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> covering santa clara, east bay and san francisco and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening now, a fourth united states citizen is expected to turn to the united states to treated for ebola
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after contracting the disease in west africa. this is the helicopter pictures this is the helicopter pictures from the atlanta, georgia area. supposed to land before being taken to the medical center today. the special plane has isolation word on board where the patient can be kept without threatening anyone else on the plane and special isolation procedures are in place as well. a study suggests autism symptoms can be erased if babies begin therapy before the first birthday, with researchers taking the earlier the seven infants six to nine months were involved in the study. by the time they reached their third birthday, they did not
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show the symptoms and another had only mild symptoms. researchers are trying to secure fudding to conduct a larger study. >> if you have complained about a bad airline experience on twitter, you are not alone. we will reveal which are the most an bring and most happy after looking through 150,000 tweets last month, virgin america had the best customer sentiment online and jetblue was second, delta was third, american was fourth and in 5th was united. apple is expected to take the wraps 50 the next iphone and people will went to yell their -- sole their current phone. the price you get depends on the condition of the point and when you sell it. the value of your old phone will drop the minute the new in15 comes out and the longer you
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wait the less you get. >> prices will depreciate 20 percent over the next six to eight weeks. >> many will office the going rate if the device and lock it in for 30 days while you wait for the upgrade but it is permit to make sure you wipe off the personalness. apple recommends a few easy steps: go to settings and select "general," and "reset," and erase all contents that will erase the iphone and turn off icloud, facebook and other services. the weather forecast is the same as yesterday and tomorrow. >> never changes. >> nothing in place but just raise the temperatures today a little bit. now at look at what is going on this morning, we will start with the i woulds and they are slower in fail at 13 miles per hour
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with a flow showing the cloud deck this morning and thin cloud deck and the wins you will notice will be light as high pressure having and plane is taking off at sfo but trying to get into sfo you will fine 49 -minute delays for the average for arrival. cooler start but a. are ending with clouds in the night and the warming trend pushes hot temperatures and the inland makes. there is the dry air from yesterday being publicked to the south as high pressure builds and with the high pressure comes warmer weather and a slowing of the parent layer and sea breeze. that is why we be warmer today through the weekend. mid-to-upper 80's in los gatos and gilroy and gilroy and 74 and sunshine in santa cruz and upper 80's to lettity in the south by with 79 in san jose and 80 at redwood city and los altos and down to 72 at millbrae and
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mid-60's loan the coast and upper 60's to nearly 70 at downtown and south san francisco and mid-60's through the north by coast and inland upper 70 to low 80's and napa is the warm spot and the exception at 83 degrees and the east bay shore is 71 at berkeley and 72 in oakland and mid-to-upper 70's and flirt with 80 in fremont and we should get had in castro valley and the east bay valley are mid-to-upper 80's and with not be surprised if the car thermometer shows 90 out highway hour. diamond packs take on the i didn'tans at 7:15 with increasing clouds. the temperatures tonight are in the mid-50's to upper 50's and cloud cover is less in the east bay compared to the south pay. morning clouds and afternoon sun, tomorrow and thursday and a couple of degrees warmer and lack of cloud cover means the cost is warmer on friday and saturday. and the clouds come back and you can see the cooling trend on sunday and monday.
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sue? >> mike mentioned national highway administration has been a continue slow at dublin/pleasanton and we have a couple of problems on highway four. 101 into san francisco from san rafael that is looking if. beautiful shot of the east were span of the bay bridge with brake lights toward the tunnel and behind the toll plaza metering lights are on and there is a delay. >> highway 37 has a stall that is partly blocking the lane east 37 beyond the raceway at 121 and there is only a single lane. highway four had an early stall that now is gone. there is an accident now at railroad. it is jammed through pittsburg and toward bay point. >> school is back in session. that means lice could strike.
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>> on thursday there was a school lice check trying to prevent break out of lice. >> prevention is easier than curing. which dreams are the best? that is the question. "consumer reports" panned -- partners with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney. >> americans spend $130 million on treatment for head high -- lice that affects it will million school children each year. scum consumer reviews the study on lice shampoos and dreams and says there are better options. that is what the lice oceans
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looks like and here they are covered open conditioner. here is a professional picker hoping families get rid of lice. >> no mom or dad wants do know this are bug if their kids' safer, they are upset. >> families turn to popular over-the-counter treatments like "rid," but couple consumer says based on mounting evidence including a recently published study the chemicals are not the best choice. >> the active ingredients do nature work because the lice have become resistant. >> beside getting rid of lice you need to get rid of the eggs. how effective is this active inagreedent? >> a study shows that it does kill some eggs but actually not very many. >> the lawyer says
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approved bit food and drug administration. what gets rid of lice? "consumer reports" experts say the safest and most effectived this is to comb them out and a metal comb. if you wonder about other pesticide-free treatments outside difficulties show those that contain low levels of some weapons could be somewhat effective but you still need to cop out the eggs. the doctor may recommend a prescription treatment to get rid of lice but cup -- consumer consumer shows some prescription drugs can be effective but long term safety is not moan and it is very expensive and can cost up to $280 if four owns.
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the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. we are getting word new statement put out by ravens running back ray rice's wife speaking out. >> plus the remembrance today to mark the 4th anniversary of the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> new details on the malaysian airlines plane shot down in ukraine and what the dutch authorities believe prosecute -- brought it down revealed just ahead. >> apple is ready to unveil latest device. in walnut creek you can see the cloud cover is not completely filling in and this is an area that will hit 90 soon and i will tell you how much warmer it will be in your neighborhood in the seven-day
6:27 am
outlook. we have a look at the bay bridge and metering lights are on and highway four is normally bad but this morning extra bad with a couple of accidents and i have the update in the latest happenings and a look at use now before we led to the break with a lot of traffic moving here with san rafael in the middle and at the bottom we are taking and at the bottom we are taking a look at crack
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 6:30. san francisco international airport has low clouds and meteorologist mike nicco is reporting there are now delays at the airport. how many minutes? he will tell us just ahead. tell us, how many minutes in. >> 49 minutes. >> not quite as long as yesterday. >> good morning, the visibility is just a cloud deck this morning unless you drive into it there is in fog. the deck running from 1,300'
6:31 am
2,000'. at 101 and 880, mostly cloudy. most of us are starting off grave with temperatures cooler than yesterday. a lot of mid-50's to increasely 60's. noon youen in and out of the sunshine and low-to-mid 60's throughout the afternoon to 60 at 7:00 and upper 60's at noon to 76 at 4:00 to mid-60 at 7:00 and mid-70's inland at noon and mid-to-upper 80's at 4:00 and the comfortable low-to-mid 70's at 7:00. that is the day planner. how is the traffic. we going to san jose and this is 280, flicking its way from san jose toward cupertino, 17 and 880 overcrossing and getting busy and it is increasing the traffic flow. we had an early stall eastbound 37 near 121 is now clear and westbound is slow from shay he
6:32 am
as you maybe your way to novato and the problemming plagued westbound four an early accident at willow pass and a railed and westbound 4 at summersville is a grinned from antioch to concord. >> happening today, the count down is on with three hours and 27 minutes and change and apple is expected to we veal a slate of new products including larger in15s and maybe the long awaited iwatch. smoke faces interchange expectations are high. matt? >> yes, erie, this is a big event for apple. check out the media with all the lights and cameras. we have local crews and national craws, -- international crews.
6:33 am
it is the so big the build an area for the special event, a giant white box. apple c.e.o. will take the stage. apple has not said what will take place but speakers speculate on the iphone 6, probably getting a bigger screen, closer to the samsung galaxy. apple could unveil something smaller. >> people are excited because we have fought seen any leaked information, parts, design, just a total prize. >> samsung is deep interest smart watches but some experts think wal-mart may not call it a "watch," but whatever it is called it could open new doors for developers and a big deal for apple c.e.o. with no launching of the product since steve jobs die asked that could be in the white box on the
6:34 am
campus of the college. another big name could be he, u2 can play the event according to the "new york times" all from cupertino. joining us for the "world news tone," in cupertino this evening with apple exclusive at 5:30 right after abc7 news at 5:00. a group those sorried -- associated with isis have made threats against twitter employees. twitter has not indicated if security is increased at the america debt secret headquarters but the security team is working with law enforcement. >> a dutch team vetting the -- investigating the downing of the malaysian flight said it was hit by multiple objects outside of
6:35 am
the airport. it stopped short of saying the boeing was shout down by officers to air missiles but the findings point to this as the cause of the crash. the planes with blown out of the sky in july killing 298 passengers and crew. now to new details on the scandal involving ravens running back ray rice with questions about whether the nfl turned a blind eye in the investigation. tmz is reporting that the league never contacted the atlantic city casino to get video from inside the elevator showing him knocking his then fiance unconscious and said yesterday it only asked law enforcement for the video but did not receive anything suggesting that officials decided on the two game suspension without seeing the video. weapon the video surfaced, rice was cut from the ravens and suspended from the national find
6:36 am
league. this morning, the until responded to the allegations saying security for atlantic city casinos is handled by new jersey state police and we asked for any and all information on the incident including the video. that video was not made available to us. >> the wife of ray rice issued this statement defending her husband and slamming the media, reading "i woke up feeling like i had a horrible nightmare, feeling hike i'm in mourning the death of my closest friend." she says how hard her husband works and criticizes the media saying it is embarrassed them and taken their happiness away. >> today marks the 4th anniversary of the deadly pipeline explosion and city leaders will take a moment to honor the victims. the city council will vote a moment silence during the meeting to honor the victims of the blast. the 2010 explosion killed eight
6:37 am
and injured dozens and destroyed 38 homes in a neighborhood. pg&e faces a $1.4 billion fine and criminal charges for the incident. also today, san jose could be a step closer to a city-wide data base of surveillace cameras with residents and business owners voluntarily registering their cameras. police say the growing number of private and business surveillace cameras make them invaluable in fighting claim. groups have raised concerns saying it gives authorities surveillance access to private places. >> the hunt is still going on for the south bay mountain lion that attacked a six-year old boy viciously. >> local competition dangling $1 million to make aging a thing of the past. can scientists really discover the fountain of youth?
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visit "trick or treat." i wanted to show you the golden gate bridge where there is no fog but there is a cloud deck and even with that the warmer air mass is coming with high pressure running from 4 to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday
6:41 am
and we will be back to where we should be temperature-wise. thunderstorms are over. the dry air is spreading and nearly 100 in palm springs and low-to-mid 90 through the industrial valley and 7 in lake tahoe. safe travels. >> i thought we would look at the riff times headed out at 6:41, a grind from the central valley, and highway four is plagued with problems. you will find slow traffic into concord. give yourself a good hour. 101 through san rafael is looking good and here is a shot of a few tail lights slowing beyond the civic center and then it picks up through the golden gate bridge. again, highway four has a couple early things clear and an accident westbound four. very slow. under 15 miles per hour for the speed. >> coming up the new help home depot is offering customers who
6:42 am
could be victims of the massive data breach. >> what do you do if you are a legal kid at the oval office? how about a "face" plant. the bay bridge is getting jammed and the richmond and san rafael to plaza is looking better and shots from san jose better and shots from san jose and walnut
6:43 am
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:45 on tuesday morning. fish and wildlife officials are stepping up their efforts to capture and kill the mountain lion that 56ly mauled a six-year old boy and are trying to bait the animal. amy hollyfield is in cupertino. amy? they have extra dogs to help today. they beefed up their search with seven dogs with a good night's rest and will hit the trail sortly to look if the mountain lion. look at the pictures of another method they are trying: they put out traps with deer caucus in them with a radio transmitters. the mountain lion attack add
6:46 am
six-year-old boy hiking with his family. it is believed that the mountain lion was separated from its mother and hasn't developed fill hunting ability. >> this was opportunistic animal and probably extremely hungry. people do not nobleally provide a food source for the animals. >> the boy has been released from the hospital suffering bite winds and scratches. wardens will euthanize the animal if they catch it after taking d.n.a. samples and they know they have the right mountain lion. they believe it could attack again. how would you like $1 million? that is the prize none a brand new contest that will launch later today in the bay area. the goal of contest is to keep us from aging.
6:47 am
a radiologist turned investor and funding the rice and inviting teams to enter and crack the code to aging. doctors and scientists and students with a brit -- brit bright idea are welcome to enter. >> the idea is to promote healthy longevity. >> this is the first of more prizes if you are interested. we are learning more of the palo alto prize with a link at >> if you won the $1 million and you invest in wall street, what is happening there? the dow is down almost 60 points to 17051 and investors are paying attention to home depot confirming this could be the largest data prepare and will not say how many customers had credit car information
6:48 am
compromised but a sours source said it could be 60 million. they are offering free identity protection to anyone affected. we have a link at for many a chance president of the united states could be most exciting. >> until you are little, you are not impressed, he did not thing it was that big of a deal taken by a white house photographer dressed in his blazer like his parents but they did taught went him to have his head on the sofa with his feet in the air. he was bored. hopefully neither parents or the presidents noticed the break in protocol. dad is a retiring secret service agent and the wife were inrighted to meet with the president in the oval office weapon their son decided to do the face plant. >> that is a taxpayer-owned sofa
6:49 am
and he can do that as much as he wants. >> it was his "planky." >> it was his "planky." >> the secret service agent hand. >> funny. have funny. how it hook for us? >> pretty really. >> if you want to play baseball today it is nice. look at winds in forward, they are less than they were yesterday as the main layer is starting to compress and the sea breeze is slowing down with high pressure taking over. the exploritorium is quiet but it is cloudy. at the bart stations we have mid-to-upper 50's but oakland is 61 and hayward is 62 and san francisco is 60 and at fog it is
6:50 am
59. 280 and 17 in san jose the clouds have filled in the south bay and the cooler start is a warmer ending and it will be cloudy in the night is we cannot completely get rid of the sea breeze and the warming trends hits the hardest where it will be 90's tomorrow. today we have clouds pulling back to the coast probably at 10:00 on 11 o'clock and pockets developing and 60's and 70's and 80's so we are not quite getting for that warm weather but we are back to average and he leg and gilroy is the exception and sunshine and 74 at santa cruz. pill pray is cooler at foot. mid-60's along the coast and 70's downtown and sausalito and 63 at bodega bay and up to
6:51 am
mid-80's in the north bay valley. we have a spread along the east bay shore in oakland up to 72. and the mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay, with 90's on the way tomorrow. the game tonight shows first pitch 63 at 7:00, and dropping to 59 at end of became. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and warmer, and same on thursday and friday and saturday clouds are not so previous plant and that is when you hit 70 the warmest weather, and the sea breeze comes back and the many layer on sunday and monday and cooling them. >> sue? good morning, everyone, if the commute takes you through richmond into emeryville and macarthur maze you are in a lot of company but it is moving along although it is sluggish but if delays on the bay bridge and a bit of a backup. big problems and delays from the central valley which is typical
6:52 am
and we do not have accidents or stalls just a lot folks making their way into live more at 30 miles per hour and continuing problems on westbound 4 from pittsburg to bay point with an early problem at willow pass and another one at railroad avenue and church is clearing a stall from the lanes so that continues to be a grind. >> thank you. it is 6:52 and the new daytime lineup started with "who wants to be a millionaire," at 1:00 o'clock, and "jeopardy," at 1:30 and "general hospital," at 2:00 and then "rachel ray," at >> look at weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break and we have seven things to know before you go in 90 to know before you go in 90 oakland it
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jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, sburritos so big, they make severything look smaller.a warm guerrero tortilla.g, they make whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know, we are a couple of hours away from apple's big announcement and will enville a new iphone and possibly an iwatch during the product launch in cupertino. media from around the world have gathered at the area for the
6:55 am
event. >> game wardens hope to catch a mountain lion that attacked a six-year old goal on sunday. dogs will >> a pilot died after an air crab. the 63-year-old mans with an experienced pilot would flew fighters in the military. federal investigators will look if the cause of the crash. >> tmz is reporting the nfl did not do enough to on the video that shows ray rice punching his wife. the league reached out to law enforcement but did not get anything. rice has been suspended from the nfl indefinitely and cut by baltimore. his wife defended him this morning on instagram. >> another american who contracted ebola has arrived if atlanta for treatment. this is a freeway where the planes carrying the patient is
6:56 am
expected on the way to the hop, the same facility where two other missionaries were successfully tweeted to the disease. >> we are waking up to cloud cover but no fog. is to be above 2,200 petition feet to see the sun. warmer weather at four to ten degrees warmer inland and low 80's in the in the bay and upper 80's in the east bay and low 70's to 80 an the bay. you are waking up to heavy traffic but no delays with any mass transit and we will look at the toll plaza with metering lights on and hotspot is extra heave westbound highway all the way into concord. >> thank you, we continue onlines and facebook. >> we will have news and weather and traffic on "good morning and traffic on "good morning america" coming up next.
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good morning, america. and happening now, dangerous and deadly flash flooding from coast to coast. waves of water overrunning roads. drivers, shocked by scenes like this. at least two people killed and dozens rescued from rising waters. and now, get ready for snow. brand-new developments on the shocking video of nfl star, ray rice, knocking out his wife on a casino elevator. a tape now emerging with audio from the incident. his wife is speaking outers why she's living a nightmare right now. > apple getting ready to reveal its next big secret, set to show off what could be revolutionary new ideas for your phone and watch. we are live at apple headquarters, with clues to answers the world is waiting for.


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