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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome to hump day edition. we will find out how the week looks weather-wise. mike? >> good morning, i have zeroed in on santa rosa and you can see
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some of the streets there could be some fog and visibility down to 1.25 visibility and four miles at half moon bay and the rest of us the clouds and fog are just developing. you can see how scattered they are. it will be above average at 92 to 95 and average loan the coast and clouds and 64 to 72 and hazy sunshine around the bay at 75 to 8 a into the south bay and north bay. getting ready to hit the road and some of the drive times from the central valley, not bad from tracy to dublin at 3 minutes. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza has road work on 580 with no delays and traffic is smooth to marin county into richmond area. c.h.p. confirming there is a
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solo spinout westbound at seminary that is not blocking lanes but they are waiting for a tow truck. we have road work, the widening between novato and petaluma, both directions of 101. >> developing news at 5:02 if you are always crowded bat bart train is feeling more crowded there are more riders and fewer cars in service. what is going on? riders say they feel it. they see it. they have noticed there are fewer ten-car trains passing through orinda headed to the city. they say that makes life more uncomfortable. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that the problem is dozens of bart cars are out of service each day because they are damaged, in the repair shop or getting routine maintenance
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and are pulled from service. people are cramming into the trains especially since ridership is going up. look at the numbers in august of last year, they had 391,000 passengers. this year they up to 418,000. so that is an increase of 2,000 people a -- 27,000 people more and more people are taking bart and fewer cars to cram in to and usually they are down 12 127s a day for repair. new cars are coming but they not expected for another three years. this problem is not going away but riders say, what can they do? taking bart is a better deal taking bart is a better deal than hopping in their cars.
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>> and after a brain injuries, a television insider a woman's home hit her on the head when the earthquake struck on august 24. she did not go to the hospital immediately and her family urged her to get medical help the next day after she appeared to be dizzy with impaired functions. 200 people were injured. >> authorities are asking for public's help in finding a straight a student from hayward missing, now, for four days. authorities expanded the search for the 16-year-old minh ly to san francisco. he took off from his home after arguing with his father. crews have been searching the canyons but now say someone logged on to minh ly's facebook page at a san
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francisco library and read a message. they say activity turned out on monday was a fault alarm. >> a judge will likely set a trial day for the young map accused of kidnapping and killing lamar in morgan hill after leading not guilty to a charge of killing the 15-year-old. lamar vanished headed to school in march of 2012. her body was not been found despite weekly searches. the prosecution claim they discovered her hair and d.n.a. inside the suspect's car and they say that his d.n.a. was detected on some of her clothing discarded in a field. >> a familiar will announce a lawsuit today stemming from the delegate of a santa cruz man in a big rig crash. he died after a truck plowed into several other vehicles and the crash injured seven other people. the driver escaped and said that brakes were smoking and did not
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work. the family flames the driver's inexperience for the tragedy and they want caltrain to make highway 17 safer. >> san francisco police have closed their investigation into the delegate of a sailor practicing last year for america's one without filing charges. andrew bart search ton died after the racing boat capsized in may of 2013. it is believed he drown after spending ten minutes submachined beneath the vessel in the bay. several changed were implemented after the simpson death. president obama is preparing for the prime time address tonight to spell out how the united states will step upests to destroy militants in syria and iraq after the recent beheadings of two american journalists. nick? good morning, president obama will address the nation this evening about his strategy for defeating isis and this is
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the group that has been carrying out a campaign of terror cross iraq and syria. the president told the group he has all the legal authority that he needs to carry out actions against the militant group isis. he has asked congress to give him $500 million and the legal authority to train syrian fighters battling isis in that country. after speaker said he would support this and send more military advisors to iraq but the pentagon has recommended both to the president. the view of myself and most of my members is the president should be seeking congressional approval. period. for whatever he decides to do. >> speech on the each of the 9/11 anniversary comes as the public becomes increasingly worried. president obama is considering a more aggressive campaign of
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united states airstrikes against isis. we have learned that the speech is short on specifics with in time for devoting isis and in cost estimate for the military campaign. the president may use the dress to announce an expansion of the air war into syria and has been considering that option for the better part of two weeks. officials stress that military action alone will not defeat isis and the united states will need help from a coalition of international forces. we will carry the address tonight at 6:00 and you can watch it on our website at it is 5:08. secretary of state john kerry left baghdad today after the first high level united states meetings with iraq's new prime minister. part of the agenda focused on battling isis in iraq and secretary kerry urged iraq to ease tensions in the
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secretary john kerry now is in jordan. the governor of nevada will call state lawmakers into special session to approve a deal with tesla and wants the lawmakers to sign off on $1.3 billion tax break package with special incentives to seal a deal for tesla's new factory that would employ an estimated 6,500 workers and generate 20,000 construction and other related jobs but it is too much of a corporate give away and oppose the quick approval. a proposal for a new bay car room is located in facility but they want to be closer to san jose international airport. the landlord wants to build a
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tech campus can they are also looking to move to milpitas. voters will decide if they will allow gaming in their city. allow gaming in their city. it will be day for sunshine and warm weather. we will look at the temperatures in the war, in the low 60's in most areas and we juneed up to 64 off the coast of san francisco so it is possible. we do have a northwest wind so we will keep the temperatures in the low 60's. as far administration heading out, santa rosa is 48 and novato is 49 and mill valley is 49, and longer nights in the north bay and home 50's elsewhere and 49 in el sobrante and golden gate bridge with noing for. i am not expecting much just
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ragged clouds and 49 to is equity is the temperature spread at 7:00. by noon, hazy sunshine and 66 at coast, and look at? spread, 68 at the coast to 96 inland and 62 to 82 at 7:00 happy hump day. if you are headed identity at -- out at 5:1130 minutes from antioch to hercules and highway 4 to the macarthur maze, not bad under 20 minutes and highway 87 from 85 to the san jose a airport is a nice drive. speaking of san jose this is 101 the traffic is slowing nicely, calm and no delays with majorities of a new accident in the livermore area west 580 at airway on the right-hand shoulder but slow traffic approaching the scene here as you make your way to the dublin interchange.
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the new apple devices could be a hit but wall street is not cheering. >> a grand celebration for a bay area jewel of nature. >> taking a look at bay and the bay bridge and the small screen the golden gate bridge, the western span and the toll plaza western span and the toll plaza all
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:15 on wednesday. a north bay doctor faces 15 counts of illegally distributing prescription drugs. the man is acaused of prescribing controlled substance without a legitimate purpose. he is free on bail. he worked as a supervisor if 12 years at detox a rehab center in san rafael. >> the closed oyster operation in the north bay has lost another bid to come back to life. drake's bay closed in july after the u.s. government refused to renew the lease along the point reyes national seashore over environmental concerns. a federal judge rejected the arguments made by another oyster farm arresting that the closure would cause them to lose
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business. the judge said the arguments are the same as the ones drake's bay made lat career. mcdonald's sales report is giving investors indigestion and wall street reacts cooley to the new apple products. here is the minute report. >> topping america's money, investors do not share the apple euphoria. the watch will cost $350. shares were up and then down for the day after the announcement. the government reports the number of job openings was high inup and companies are hiring at the fastest pace in seven years a sign the employment market is getting better with job openings soaring 22 percent. mcdonald's has the weak of the sales in a decade because arussians are avoiding the we golden ambassadors after -- arches after a meat supply problem in china.
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taco bell is testing a biscuit taco with egg and cheese and sausage and tastes like a country biscuit. the new apple watch could be too big a team at stanford built the radio the size of an ant the fraction of the size of a penny and gets power from the radio waves. engineers call it the missing link to allow remote internet access to apply ans and other objects in your home. the mayor of oakland will announce the big celebration at lake merritt planning a festival for the grand opening of lake merritt boulevard part of a project made possible by $198 bond passed by oakland voters in 2002. there will be a four acre park
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and "love our lake day," is sunday. bay side, will there be higher temperatures? >> not so warm as the other side the hill. all of us will warm a little bit above average and it will be lets as you get closer to the coast and then well see the sunshine and 70's. good morning, everyone, it is hutch day and the winds are nonexistent which is a good indication of high pressure and the calming influence with a two me wind in fade and six miles at half moon bay and everyone else is calm this morning. that is why it is hazy and why we seeing clouds pop up fremont. not a thick or solid deck clouds out there as we look from the east bay hills. hazy sunshine and poor air quality and possible because of smoke in the air. not a "spare the air" because we look at ozone for "spare the
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air" and warmer today through thursday, the warmest day, fewer clouds and still comfortable at night and the warmth subsides and monday and tuesday we will have that happen. the high pressure is dominating our forecast and that is what will bring us the warmer temperatures as we head deeper into the trust. to the south we have 90's and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy at 75 with sunshine and low-to-mid 80's for most of the south bay and sunnyvale and san jose at 83 degrees and mid-to-upper 70's in millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 80's for the peninsula. mid-to-upper 60's at the coast and the clouds will open up fremont with sunshine and not so much as downtown south san francisco and sausalito low-to-mid 70's and mid-60's at bow danger bay and home 80's through the north bay valley and napa is 87. 92 in pleasanton and concord to 95 in brentwood which is air
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conditioning inland. at the game it will end up at 61 and all of us drop in the mid-60's to low 60's with mostly cloud cover along the coast. here is the seven-day outlook, a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and that will hold through friday and check out saturday, 70's at the coast and 80's around the bay and 90 inland and monday and tuesday we start to calm down. checking on the toll plaza, it is good and not so bad with no metering lights and getting busy with no delays on the upper deck interest san francisco and all moving nicely. we have an accident westbound 580 at airway making a tough commute with the red headed from the central valley so it is a grind and that is typical and all waiting for you. c.h.p. is en route. nobody 101 we have a pickup truck open fire. it is off to the side of the road east off-ramp but it is
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visible. i don't see any slowing at this time. kristen and eric? >> thank you. straight ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the tribute paid to joan rivers on the great white way. a special honor for an early pioneer of the sift movement. looking at traffic in walnut creek on 680 and the small screen, the bay bridge toll plaza looking good and the plaza looking good and the eastern span and san
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor, authorities are asking for help finding a straight a student from hayward miss for four days, minh ly taking off on saturday. activity is traced to a san francisco library. >> breaking overnight in sonoma county, firefighters rescued a cell tower technician after he was tangled in the safety gear high above the ground. the man fell 10' but the harness kept him from falling 50' to the ground. a memorial service for 14-year-old raw -- rashon services takes place today a14-year-old firm classmate has been arrested. president obama will outline lanes to destroy isis in an address to the nation.
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officials say he is ready to authorize airstrikes inside syria. apple fans waiting to get their hands on two new iphones or the apple watch are counting down the days. nine days for the phones. self months for the watch. tracking fog in santa rosa and warmer-than-average temperatures on the latest numbers coming up and how long it will last in the seven-day forecast. seven, if you are headed out this wednesday morning, a look at san mateo bridge, traffic is flowing nicely to the high-rise and the other side of the peninsula we have a truck fire out of the lanes but it is visible and other than that we have an easy cop mute. library of congress is getting a new exhibit celebrate the life of silts pioneer rosa parks donated by the son of warren buffett lending 1,500
5:25 am
items including photographs and letters from world heards and the presidential medal of freedom and gold medicals to the high prairie for ten areas. the buffett foundation bought the parts with the idea giving them to a museum. she where a new chapter in civil right history in the per of -- 9 per of 1955. >> another tribute to joan rivers was underway in new york city broadway honoring her by dimming the lights last night. they said she did not meet criteria to grant the honor and overturned the division of decision after alejandro nieto outpouring of support. she appeared these times on broadway and nominated for a tony award in 1994 and died on thursday at the aim of young after going into cardiac arrest during the routine procedure on her vocal chords. we come back with a full 90 minutes of news.
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nfl commissioner breaks his nfl commissioner breaks his silence on the race fiance in a video. >> the new abc7 news now. >> 101 in the north bay and san >> 101 in the north bay and san francisco from the sutro camera.
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good wednesday morning at 5:28, thanks for joining us. >> we are halfway this. when we get there, meaning the weekend, it will be warmer. mike? we are feeling the warmer day, feeling yesterday the change from low to average and today we go great average to above average.
5:29 am
the high pressure is compressing the marine layer creating fog and moisture and too much developing in the fog in santa rosa and quarter mile visibility and 2.5 at half moon bay. the forecast for the afternoon is poor air quality possible because of smoke from a fire to the north and 75 to 85 and warm but hazy sunshine around the bay and hot inland east bay 92 to 95 and from the coast mid-60's to low 70 into downtown san francisco. sue? >> we will look at mass transit headed out this morning everyone is on time, part, muni, ace train, actually ace train one is running early a couple of minutes early so better than the alternate of running late and we have nice traffic from san rafael with no delays moving up and over the hill to lincoln and the central san rafael exit and clear traffic all way to the golden gate bridge and toll
5:30 am
plaza road work to worry about but traffic is light into san francisco. breaking overnight in sonoma, firefighters rescued a cell tower technician after he was triangled up in safety equipment in person grove. that is north of petaluma, the worker slipped from a poll to the cat walk 50' of pot ground and the safety harness kept him from plugging to the ground but he was dangling there for a monday before firefighters helped him down. hes with shaken but not hurt. >> the end is widening for a missing teen last seen on saturday. the straight a student disappeared near hayward and the seven coughs both sides of the bay. matt, authorities are asking for the public's health. >> they are. the search for minh ly was culled off last might and
5:31 am
investigators hope activity on facebook will lead temperature to the missing teen. investigators say they we have two possibilities. the 16-year-old could be injured or lost in the canyoned around hayward and they used rescue dogs or possibly in san francisco. the student argued with his father on saturday and he walked off from his home wearing only a bright colored shirt. his internet act it was monitored and someone at a san francisco library open and read a message on facebook. >> we have similar activity on monday was a fault alarm and this pay not be false alarm is we are concentrating our efforts in san francisco. authorities asked for the media help in fining minh ly, a straight a student who has never done something like this before. no word from the sheriff if the search will resume this morning.
5:32 am
thank you, a person is recovering after being hit by a bart train in san land low, bouncing back on to the mat follow after being hit by a fremont bound train. a spokesman said the person is in "better condition than you would expect," and was closed for 90 minutes and passengers on both fremont and dublin/pleasanton lines had minor delays. the victim is treated at a hospital. more people, fewer cars, so a tighter squeeze open bart. the transit service aed 420,000 riders a week last month 27,000 more a day. usually there are 130 cars out of service because of damage or maintenance. a short am of five cars means no seats for 7,200 rider on one day
5:33 am
and tighter squeezes for the thousands who stand. amy hollyfield is talking to bart riders and will general us with a report at the top the hour. >> a new report commissioned by the bart board flames a lack of trust between the union and management for the two strikes that shut down the transit network last year. the report was written by consultants in washington state who anonymously interviewed the board, union and management saying this was a hostile start to the contract negotiations and it got worse because of the trust issue and bad blood. the report calls for an overhaul of the system and culture before the next labor contract in 2017. a memorial service for 14-year-old rashon williams, the freshman football player stabbed to death last tuesday outside a corner store in the mission district. the family and friends will gather in daly city to celebrate
5:34 am
the student's life. police arrested a 14-year-old former classmate. a fundraising campaign in his memory has raised more than $189,000. a boy standed at a san jose park is improving this morning and we were over the scene at the park where the teen was stabbed around 3:00 p.m. and when he was found he had life threatening wounds but is upbrided to "serious but stable." there was a pepper spray attack on stanford campus. the victim was, working at the parking lot when attacked. the suspect had a black hoodie. there is in sign of a mountain lion that attacked a six career old boy in keep tan. trackers have added an extra trap with a deer caucus and are using seven tracking dogs to
5:35 am
pick up the scent. the cat will be tested for rabies and put down. officials consider the mountain lion especially dangerous because it stalked the family as they carried the youngster away. the boy was treated and now is home from the hospital. >> a mountain lion sighting in wood side has authorities on alert not far from the cupertino attack. the animal did not make any aggressive moves. >> the owner of the ravens is sorry for the way his team handled the domestic violence case against ray rice on the heels of new video obtained by tmz showing rice knocking out his then fiance inside a casino elevator in february. the nfl originally suspended race -- rice for two games but
5:36 am
after the video was released he was cut from the team. the owner said seeing the we video changed everything. we should have pursued our own investigation more vigorously. we din. we were wrong. >> the nfl commissioner break the silence yesterday saying "we don't know what was on tape and we didn't get this right. that is my responsibility. i'm accountable for that." >> his return is not ruled out, and rice told espn that he and his wife will support each other and work through this. president obama will outline his strategy for combating islamic militant group isis during a prime time speech coming after the president revealed the plan to congressional leaders. part of the proposal calls if training and arming moderate opposition forces in syria. the united states will likely
5:37 am
expand airstrikes in iraq and american planes and drones carried out at least 150 attacks in the last month. we will carry the president's address we tonight at 6:00 on abc7 news and you can watch it open our website. we will check things out with mike to see how the morning is shaping up. >> well start with temperatures in the east bay at 75 degrees at 3,800 feet so you can see how warm it is above the low-to-mid 50's we have in most neighborhoods and upper 50's to mid-60's out highway four, in san francisco, richmond district is 58 indicative of what you will find and alameda is 60 and cupertino and wad wood at 58 and check out novato, 48 degrees. we will break down the day, the next 12 hours, clouds are coming in late and not hanging and. by association, we will be into sunshine and we are in the upper 40's to nearly 60 by 7:00 and
5:38 am
warming to 78 at noon and inland to 74 at the bay to 66 at the coast and the spread by 4:00, home 90's inland and east bay and low 80's and upper 70 around the bay and at the coast, upper 60's with clouds. by 7:00 we are back in the 80's inland and 74 at the bay and 62 at the coast. good morning, everyone, the eastern span of bay bridge flowing nicely making your way to the turn and the tunnel with in delays and no metering lights and we are stating to see some stacked up at the cash-paying tolls but other than that it is good. on tracy, westbound 580, it is slowing to 30 miles per hour and westbound at airway we have an accident that is off to the shoulder with slow traffic there and into the dublin/pleasanton area still seeing yellow sensors and the total drive is under 15
5:39 am
minutes which is okay for a westbound 580 commute. uber is a hit right now and it has been hit with a lawsuit. the riders who say though are discriminated against. the battle over a proposed soda tax is anything but sweet with action opponents are taking is sign of their anger. the new abc7 news now. a look at downtown san francisco or san francisco from the sutro tower and the eastern span at tower and the eastern span at sfo and the san mateo
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:42, santa clara police need your help to find this man would broke into a computer store september 3. this is surveillance video from the computer store. the video shows the man rum imagining through boxes before hitting the camera and got away with several laptops. >> emotions you raw four years after a pipeline blast leveled a neighborhood in intro me and claimed eight lives. there was a vigil near the site of the deadly 2010 explosion that destroyed these dozen homes. pg&e firsts $1.4 billion in
5:43 am
fines. investigators blame poor pipeline maintenance for the disaster. never once have they said an apology. never once have they looked at us and said, i am sorry. >> people died. this was not an accident. it could have been prevented. >> city council paused if a moment of southrons remember the explosion victims during the meeting rebuilding efforts, lasting for another year. >> a lawsuit filed against uber claims the company drivers discriminate against blind riders with guide dogs. the natural federation of the blind have credited 30 instants of unbefore drivers refusing to transport service animals which violates the federal americans with disabilities act. uber issued a stating noting the policy to terminate any driver would refuses to transport service animals. >> san francisco business owners
5:44 am
taking a bold stand against the soda tax. merchants are teaming up with the american beverage sorbs on billboards to encourage residents to vote down proposition which charges distributors two cents an ounce for drinks with a 12 ounce bottle costing 24 cents which will be passed on to the per can't and the consumer. >> it will affect us in a way that results in diminished sales and increased competition from out city vendors. >> health advocates there been pushing for the bill for years to fight childhood obesity and diabetes with funds going toward nutrition programs to promote health. >> people in california cut back on water consumption but can do better. the control board reports decline of water huge 7.5 percent in july and 4.4 percent
5:45 am
in june with guarantee improvements in may. the numbers are far from the 20 percent tar get the governor set in the drought emergency proclamation in january. >> latest victim of the drought gripping california is voters, the water level east of sacramento is so low there is five mile per hour speed limit for the reservoir with no skiing or boarding so that ends up shut down the boating until the water level tries above 400' will vacation. >> it will take in time before we get there. >> we are at least a year's worth water below where we should be. we need double the amount we need to be caught up. >> i have a graphic for you and it will show the three month forecast that includes this month, october and november, november is when we see the rain
5:46 am
kicking in with the first measurable rain in usually october and our significant rain develops late october or early november and this is pushing more ward the end of november and you can see we are in the equal chances of above, below, or average amount of water but the before normal is down to los angeles if we can get that to shift at 300 or 400 miles we would be in good shape. it will bone dry because high pressure at six american wind blowing out offshore at half moon bay and the two miles per hour wind in fairfield and everyone else is light to calm this morning. san jose and 280 at 17, partly cloudy and the clouds are having a hard time developing and it is hazy. we will have poor air quality because of homecoming in from the fire to the north. we will enwarmest law thursday possibly holding on to sat and sunday inland and fewer clouds but cool at night and the warmth subsides start mop
5:47 am
monday. clouds along the coast and sunshine moving through the cloud deck. 60's to 90's so the summer spread is back. 82 at milpitas and san jose is 83 and gilroy is 94. 84 in redwood city and 76 in millbrae, and downtown and sausalito low-to-mid 70 and mostly home 80's through the north bay valley and napa valley is 87 and 75 in berkeley and 78 in oakland to 83 in castro valley and low-to-mid 90 inland east bay trapping the cool air if you can, dress warmly tonight, 65 to a low of afternoon sunshine, thursday a couple degrees warmer and the warm temperatures will build along the coast on friday is
5:48 am
saturday and saturday could be the nicest day to go to the coast if you like the warm sunshine with 70's and mid-80's an the bay and mid-90 inland and you can see the cooling trend monday and tuesday with the clouds coming back. >> we will look outside right now a beautiful morning shaping up in walnut creek south 680 and a few brake lights at north main to the 24 junction but in major delays through the san ramon valley all looking good. on the peninsula, northbound 101 a car fire and truck fire off the freeway but you could see flames with c.h.p. on the scene working the fire which is out and i a not seeing were slowing beyond the seen and westbound 580 an early accident on the shoulder but remains slow from the central valley and reports of a tree fire on 280 in san jose around 10th off the freeway and you can seat flames and san jose fire department is responding and minor slowing on
5:49 am
the freeway. >> we have a fire right now in southern california. this is breaking news. the brushfire broke out this morning with firefighters responding saying the blaze is moving uphill but in structures are threatened and they are keeping a close eye. obviously, the vegetation is dry. this is breaking news with wildfire breaking out northwest of pomona. >> it is unlawful on sale but wireless providers are offering deals for the iphone 6 including a free point if they trade it in for a working older model and signs foe a two-year contract. sprint is saying that iphone 6 will get $50 a month deal for
5:50 am
unlimited talk, t and coming up, too many students, not enough money, and the radical action that cal state is talking about that leaves thousands of graduates in the cold. >> what is leading to a surge in sales of pop-tarts while sells of other unhealthy breakfast food is down? >> san francisco international airport has gray skies and the bay bridge western span live doppler hd show as look at traffic in the east bay, in traffic in the east bay, in walnut
5:51 am
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5:54 am
spreading in los angeles county with four to five acres burned so far. there are 300 firefighters responding to the fire. homes are not threatened but there no evacuations and no injuries. this is no home threaten yet but the brushfire has break be out in southern california. a warning from the administration of cal state university, increase funding or we may have to turn away new freshman in favor of community check transfers. trustees raised the possibility during preliminary talks of the 2015 and 2016 budget after years of spending cutsed governor is proposing a $120 million budget increase for cal state but the university says that is $116 million short of what it needs. thousands more students are enrolling in community college and those who drought are
5:55 am
guaranteed admit squeezing out the potential high school graduates. >> student loan is not just a problem for the young. a new government report shows that more denizens -- seen color citizens are struggling with 4 percent of americans age 65 to 74 carry student debt in 2010 and many use their social security benefits to pay back federal student loans. most of the loan was for their own education and the rest was for their children. a senate committee will real estates the issue today. now a check on the weather forecast. it is heating up. >> especially inland. >> may is to term up the air conditioning. look at the twinkling lights on san bruno mountain, it is clear. temperatures are from two to eight degrees warmer than yesterday and 60 and 70's turned into 70's and 80's and we are in
5:56 am
the upper 48 through the central valley and sunshine and hazy smoke and 94 in yosemite and hazy and 81 in lake tahoe. metering lights are flipped on, at the bay bridge and here is the result backed up to the macarthur maze with traffic flowing nicely. the peninsula, northbound 101 an early car fire is off to the side of the road and c.h.p. is on the scene working to get this accident cleared westbound 580. you may notice something different today when you are online, you could be seeing a lot of this icon, the latest symbol of internet symbolist symbol of internet symbolist with a loading ice could cause an extra charge
5:57 am
>> and a $7 billion water bond. just released poll fines there is a problem with the measure we will tell you what is wrong. >> the new abc7 news now. a look from the east bay hills camera and, also, various shots of traffic around the pay area including the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, the search for a missing teen shifts from the east bay to san francisco with a new clue vote gators are following. >> the bart commute is more crowded pleaded to more packed
6:00 am
passengers in the cars. >> the crisis with isis and tonight president obama will deliver an address of the growing threat and what he is expected to reveal. thanks for joining us at 6:00. we start with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. thank you on this hump day. hope you are ready for warm weather. we start with the bay where democrats are close to average and above with fewer clouds this morning and 60 and it will be hazy with poor air quality possible and fine articulate matter because of smoke coming from fires to the north. it is not a "spare the air" day. low 70's at 7:00, and in the not bay develop, hazy sunshine and 80 at noon and home 90's at 9:00 and the cloud cover will come and go at the coast after start in the mid-50 happening out in the mid-60


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