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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the crisis with isis and tonight president obama will deliver an address of the growing threat and what he is expected to reveal. thanks for joining us at 6:00. we start with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. thank you on this hump day. hope you are ready for warm weather. we start with the bay where democrats are close to average and above with fewer clouds this morning and 60 and it will be hazy with poor air quality possible and fine articulate matter because of smoke coming from fires to the north. it is not a "spare the air" day. low 70's at 7:00, and in the not bay develop, hazy sunshine and 80 at noon and home 90's at 9:00 and the cloud cover will come and go at the coast after start in the mid-50 happening out in the mid-60.
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now the drive times at 6:00, tracy to dublin is under 45 members and highway 4s westbound, antioch to concord is 25 americans and that will be worse because of a new accident south 101 san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes and this is a look at san rafael moving nicely and starting to get busy making your way toward the 580 junction. westbound 4 at hillcrest a big rig and a couple of cars are blocking two lanes and traffic is getting jammed moving westbound on highway four. we have breaking news in southern california and a new wild file pushing right new with live pictures from our sister station starting off at five acres and has grown since that time. the fire is on the north side of
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the golf course visible from 210 so it could be causing problems on the friend. the police are asking forked public's help to find a straight a student from hayward missing for four days. the search is expanded for the 16-year-old from san francisco after taking off after arguing with his father. crews have been searching the canyons and say someone logged on to minh ly's facebook at the san francisco library and read a message but activity on monday was a false alarm. napa county her is reporting the first delegate helpinged to the earthquake. the 65-year-old woman died on friday after suffering a brain injury. a television inside her home hit her on the head when the earthquake struck. she did not go to the hospital immediately and her family urged
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her to get help the next day after she was busy with impaired function. the earthquake injured 200 people. if you are always crowded on bart train and it families more crowded there is a reason: more riders and few train cars in service. amy hollyfield is here to explain. riders say it is an uncomfort an problem and they are seeing fewer ten-car trains and that means they are trying to cram more people on to fewer trains. the san francisco chronicle is reporting the problem is dozens are cars are pull out of the service each day for maintenance and the threat is old and needs repair often and ridership is going up. the result is crowded trains. >> it is the most crowded if they run less than ten car train, you know, prices are
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going up and they are getting more dirty and more inconvenience. bart is still the best bargain in town. >> that is where they get you. look at the difference in ridership in one year, 391,000 in august of last year. a day. to 418,000 riders a day, this career, 27,000 increase. still going up, last week they had these days of $430,000 people trying to squeeze in to shorter trains. bart is getting new trains and they will be beautiful and brand new and they will work but relief will not be here soon. they are scheduled to not arrive until 2017. >> crisis in iraq, president
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obama will walk and the white house state more and announce a new strategy on how the united states will deal with the terror group, a rare rhyme time rare prime time address. >> tonight the president will outline an extension of the militariest to defeat isis outlining what the president meant when he said the next phase is to go on offense asking congress to give him $500 million and the legal authority to train syrian firefighters battling isis in that country. house of representatives speaker boehner said he would expert air streaks and sending more military advisors to iraq and the pentagon recommended both to the president. the you have of myself and most members the president should be seeking congressional approval. period. for whatever he decided to do.
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>> we have learned the speech is short on specifics with no mime tame for getting isis and in cost estimate for emamericanning military campaign. the president is expected to make it clear he is represented to strategic isis in syria just as he has in iraq. a senior official told abc that the president is prepared for go wherever necessary to data them. we will carry the president's address lib tonight at 6:00 and you can watch it on our when at thank you. secretary of state general job left baghdad today meetings with the prime minister john kerry urged iraq to take steps to ease sectarian continues in the nation. >> a just are -- released
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show people in california know little about a ballot on water measures for november called proposition one. two-thirds of likely voters admit they have heard little of the were brother six. the director says it is likely because many are not aware this is an election coming up. 21 percent of voters are undecided and those that have made up their mine, 52 per support the bond. a young man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar, pleaded not guilty march, after lamar vanished in march of 2012. her body was not been found despite weekly searches by volunteers. the prosecution claim she discovered her hair and d.n.a.
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in the suspect's car and they say that the suspect's d.n.a. was found in her clothing discarded in a field. and today, 101 located on a small facility and want to move closer to the we international airport in san jose and the bay 101 lease is expiring and the landlord of the club wants to build a tech campus. club owners would also look to build to milpitas and voters will decide they will allow the gaming in their city from the club. >> if you like it warm, you are in luck. >> absolutely especially going inland with the 90 in the east bay valley and around morgan hill and gilroy. right new we have visibility issues. we putting more moisture into a small are area so we are seeing
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it develop. it is spreading to rohnert park and petaluma to the 2.2 visibility. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and pittsburg is at 61 and our spread is from 69 at half moon bay to 71 downtown and 78 in oakland and a hot 93 in walnut creek and 94 in antioch. sue? >> thanks, guys and mike, we have san jose live shot at 280 northbound direction at the 880 and 17 overcrossing and 280 southbound a tree fire was on the side of the freeway but the fire department is partly blocking thor ranch from southbound 280. a big rig and a couple of cars is moved to the shoulder and westbound highway 4 at hillcrest slow to the concord area out of antioch. we have a blocking of the off-ramp southbound 880 with an
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accident out of lanes. >> new details on apple's highly anticipated watch with the first reviews. and exclusive access given to abc right after the big key note peep. peep. >> tesla >> the east were spokesman of the maybe maybe with tail lights in san francisco and the small screen with the golden gate bridge the western span and the bridge the western span and the richmond-san rafael
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning on wednesday, a look from the east bay camera checking out the sun ready to rise over mt. diablo paining the -- painting the sky an orange and red. >> apple fans are awaiting for end of week with pre-orders for the iphones start >> the biggest advancement in the history of iphone.
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>> both iphone 6 phones have bigger screen and better camera and better battery going on sale the 19th but pre-orders start on friday. >> you have to wait long are for the watch which is not on sale until next year. the apple watch is the cupertino company's first new product in four years. it is a full flanneled fledged fitness tracker. >> and the c.e.o. said having the time of my life, a riff -- privilege to work with everyone at apple. >> we are getting our first reviews. >> apple watch, writing about it, usa today reviewer said and i quote, "time will tell about whether the new apple watch will emerge as the first must have wearable for the masses but it
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is the finest looking smartwatch i have seen." also reviewing the apple watch writes "apple has taken care with the watch aesthetics to appeal to a broad audience. i have not been convinced consumers want the smart swaps but this could change things." >> "wall street journal" looked at this and focused on the iphones saying it could be a problem if you like to hold your phone with one hand saying and i quote, "my thumb could reach across half of the screen and with the iphone 6 plus i could reach a third cross the screen and the larger model is hard to grip tightly." >> and we had exclusive access to the event with a behind the scenes tour and scored a one-on-one interview with the c.e.o. saying being if the crowd
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was like watching history unfold. you can catch david muir on "good morning america" at 7:00 after kgo morning news with more on exclusive interview with apple c.e.o., tim >> how are things looking? this is not a test, but it is very nice. >> it will be warp for some of >> it will be warp for some of us especially inhappened good morning, by the way. light and variable winds less than six miles per hour to calm in most areas on live doppler hd. it is leading to mostly cloudy conditions at 101 and san jose as we see at 880 and 101 and over san francisco from sutro
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tower you can see the looking color in the sky. earth north bay has fog with hazy sunshine and that is due to the smock coming in from the expire north us with a northwest wind in the upper part of the atmosphere and still above average on friday, saturday, and sunday and nothing significant until monday can tuesday of next week. here is the high pressure closer to the coast and it compresses the marine layer and takes arm the clouds and brings us this sunshine and a warm are air mass and low-to-mid 90 in los gatos and gilroy and low-to-mid 80's for the south bay and 75 with mostly sunny conditions headed to the period walk. mid-to-upper 70's millbrae can san mateo and the majority of the peninsula is low-to-mid 80's along the coast mid-to-upper 60's and check out the sunshine downtown and south san francisco and low-to-mid 70 and in the
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low-to-mid 80's throughout the north bay valley and to napa at 87 degrees and we will have 75 at berkeley to 80 at hercules and 83 in castro valley. home 90 throughout the another bay inland neighborhood and at the family it will be cool at 7:15 first pitch dropping to 81. we it will have morning clouds thursday and friday but not a lot and afternoon temperatures jump two degrees. the biggest jump will be away from the inland neighborhood friday and saturday as we hit the 70 in the coast and mid-80's around the bay and mid-90's inland and the only marine layer is stiffer monday and tuesday when the cooling trend begins no one is reporting delays on mass transit. bart and caltrain and muni all on time. the bay bridge toll plaza had
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metering lights turn on 30 minutes ago and traffic is backing on the macarthur maze and sluggish coming into san francisco. westbound four antioch early accident has been cleared involving a big rig. it is grind moving to concord and pittsburg area and the coliseum southbound the off-ramp is partly blocked because of an accident. we have breaking news from southern californian update now with a helicopter taking on water to fight a problem with a brushfire that started as a five acre wildfire that continues to grow and they are sending more and more fire engine companies to battle the fire. it is visible from 210. we do not know if that is backing freeway traffic.
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but the flames are pulling back. >> we will watch that. no surprise, sales of kale is up but pop-tarts? what is behind the popularity of the pastry? what nevada is doing to make sure tesla stays put for years to come. >> we go to break with a picture of sfo and we will check with mike to see if there are delays. mike to see if there are delays. the bay bridge toll plaza is hi, i'm henry winkler mike tand i'm here to tellelays. the bay homeownersl plaza is that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more.
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and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit "trick or treat." a look from the rooftop to the bay and the bay bridge you can see clear skies overhead and we will check the forecast and traffic. we will check with "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. good wednesday morning. next on "good morning america" we have severe weather moving across the country with six reported tornadoes in the midwest and sell states under flood watches as cooler temperatures travel east. that is on "good morning
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america" next. >> that is in 37 minutes. the go of nevada will call lawmakers to a special session to approve a deal with tesla. the governor wants lawmakers to sign off on $1.3 billion in tax breaks and special incentives to seal a deal for the tesla factory that will set ploys an estimated 6,500 workers and generate 20,000 other-related job. critics oppose the quarterback approval. >> pop-tart may not be gluten free or natural or packed with protein but they are popular at the compressry stores across the nation. the "wall street journal" reports sales of the pastries are up despite health conscious natures of the consumers. they have seen sales grow for 32 straight years including they are functional and allow people to eat on the go.
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teens eat the most pop-tarts as cereals and soda and unhealthy foods have declineed. >> another tribute for joan rivers in new york city broadway rivers in new york city broadway honored the late of friends and fans and celebrities. she was until natured if a tony in 1994 can died on thursday at the age of young after going into cardiac arrest. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> breaking overnight, first responders in the north bay spend to a cell phone tower and the rescue was 50' in the air to bring a man to safety. >> did you know a second tape
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existed? nfl commissioner is grilled on the ray rice scandal if hair, the -- i the search for a missing teen has been called off but what had authorities searching for him in san francisco? look at the lack of clouds meaning no flight arrival delays into san francisco international airport with high pressure bringing warm temperatures. that is ahead in the seven-day outlook. and i am sue hall with a shot of the bay bridge and metering lights are on and a couple of incidents on highway 4 and an accident on 580 clearing. we have a look at the san mateo bridge, san rafael and a great shot from the air and it looks
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 6:29.
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we will look at emeryville with a lot traffic getting into san francisco. we see clouds out there, as well, thanks pore -- for joining us. >> new a check on the forecast. we will start with live doppler hd showing you what is going on as we track the limited visibility on 101 from quarter mile at santa rosa to three miles at half moon bay. the rest of the us hazy this morning with a few clouds at sfo but in flight arrival delays this morning. here is the planner, 49 to 60 is the spread through 7:00 and hazy sunshine and poor air quality is possible because of fine particulate matter from smoke to the north coming for the neighborhood and 60's and 70's and 80's at noon and we will stay in the 60 and 80's at bay and 90's inland, and mid-70's around the bay and low 80's hanging on inland. i want to go back to
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emeryville camera we shows you a second ago because the traffic is jam packed on to i-80 from the bay bridge approach and may stepping lights were on at 5:45 the reason for the backup with no major accidents just a lot effects. if friend north 101 at third we have report from a motorcycle center divide be extra careful. c.h.p. is en route. we take you to antioch with the accident cleared off to the shoulder waiting to get the accident out of there totally westbound at hillcrest and eastbound we have reports of a new accident. firefighters rescues a technician after he was tangled in safety equipment along old redwood city highway. it was north of petaluma were the worker slipped as he moved from a pole to a cat walk 50 pet feet above the ground and the safety harness kept him from
6:32 am
plunging to the ground. he dangled for an hour before the firefighters helped him down. he was not hurt. >> a teen is missing after a family fight and now authorities are asking for your help. this morning, we are learning the teen could be across the bay. the search widening for the missing teen last seen saturday. the straight a student who disappeared and the search, sanded to san francisco. matt? yes, authorities asked the media for help in finding minh ly after he left his home. you can see this notice. his family says he has never done anything like this. the search for minh ly was called off last night. they believe the 16-year-old is in the rugged terrain or possible in san francisco. they traces internet activity a
6:33 am
library in the city. the student and his father argued on saturday can he walked off wearing old a private colored shirt and slippers. colored shirt and slippers. >> it is getting cold. eat...meese come -- please come. >> the pace speak page was monitored and someone at a san francisco library open can read a message on ace back page but they say this was activity on monday that turned out to be a false alarm. no word if the research will resume this morning. this morning, still no sign of a mountain lion that attacked a six-year old boy in cupertino with trackers adding an extra trap containing a deer caucus to lure the animal and are using seven tracking dogs to pick up the scent and will be tested for
6:34 am
rabies when it is caught. foes consider the mountain lion dangerous because it stalked the family as they carried the boy away. the boy was treated and thousand is -- now is home from the hospital. >> the freshman football player stabbed to death last tuesday out of the corner store in the motion district has a celebration his life today start at 4:00 p.m. and a vigil at 7:00. a 14-year-old former choose mate has been arrested in connection with his death. a fundraising campaign in his memory raised $18,000. president obama will outline the strategy for combating isis during a prime time speech to the nation. the speech comes after the president revealed his land to congressional leaders. part of the proposal called for training and arming moderate
6:35 am
opposition forces in syria and the united states will likely expand airstrikes in iraq. planes carried out 150 attacks in the last month. we will carry the president's address live at 6:00 and you can want it on our website. the national football league facing questions this morning of whether it knew of a video showing ray rice shoving his then fiance. video was released of him knocking out his fiance in a casino elevator in february. they are now married. the nfl has suspended him and the ray develops have released him. the nfl commissioner answered questions of the existence of the video. >> did you know a second tape existed? >> we did not see video of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video and we asked but we were never
6:36 am
granted that opportunity. >> he has not ruled out a return to the nfl but says the league would have to be fully confident he has addressed his personal issues. in a letter, the ray vent owner said seeing the video changed egg. we should have seen it early and pursued our own investigation. we didn't. we were wrong. emotions still raw four years after a pipeline blast leveled a san bruno neighborhood and claimed eight lives. neighbors held a vigil at the site of the explosion that destroyed three dozen homes. pg&e faces $1.4 billion in fins for the explosion and have the girths blame poor pipeline maintenance for the disaster. >> never once have they said an apology. never once have they said "i'm sorry." >> people died. this could have been prevented.
6:37 am
>> the city council paused for a moment silence to remember the victims during the meeting. new this morning are you noticing bart is more busy? coming up, we reveal what is behind the packed cars. >> apple c.e.o. takes the stage while the stock goes up-and-down how the investors acting? we look at the bay bridge toll plaza and a backup there and in the smaller pictures the backup in the maze, as well, with san francisco international airport and the golden gate airport and the golden gate bridge
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>> we are back at 6:40 with leader and hazy conditions this afternoon with poor air quality. you will be very warm, at 93 today, and eight degrees warmer than yesterday and our spread will be two to eight degrees warmer then yesterday from the 60's and 70's to the 70's and 80's. traveling an the state we are in the upper 90's through the central valley with hazy conditions and hazy in lake tahoe and 81. 94 in yosemite because of the smoke and smoke from fires to the north and low-to-mid 80's
6:41 am
around san diego and los angeles with a lot of sunshine. sue? safe traveling. if you go from novato to san rafael you can see the traffic is moving pretty well with a few brake lights passing this area and it opens up interest mill valley. north 101 headed into friend at 3rd motorcycle center divide trying to get that out so use extra caution and early accident westbound 4 at hillcrest is cleared with reports of an accident eastbound at railroad the non-commute direction a 35 minute commute from antioch to concord. new this morning, technical difficult uss and what left some people unable to see the keynote address at cupertino for apple. >> and a deal allows customers to east all the customs they want is working too well and we
6:42 am
will tell you what is wrong. >> looking at a picture of 101 and san rafael and the golden gate bridge, the semi yes bridge and walnut creek 680. is it the biting? ...we need to break up.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new this morning, bart is confirming what many passengers already know: the trains more packed than ever. >> now we know why. amy hollyfield is at the bart station. riders say the days of stretching out and read the newspapers are over. new they just hope to find a place to stand and that everyone around them has taken a shower. the san francisco chronicle reports this morning there are fewer cars in service each day and more rideers. that is a bad combination. the system is down 127 cars each day because they are being repaired, the aging fleet is breaking down or the cars need maintenance. rideers say they notice. they are seeing fewer ten car trains and it mays a difference. it is always crowded.
6:46 am
it has been crowded lately especially with the going of the school year. it does not surprise me there are fewer trains and more riders. i wish we could get our public transit system right and do it the way a lost communities have figured out. >> september and october usually very busy months for bart. look at the different frommence in ridership in weapon -- one year 391,000 last year in august and 418,000, a 27,000 increase. last year there were three days of 430,000 trying to squeeze in. bart is getting new trains but relief is not here soon, they are not scheduled to arrive until 2017 and they have opened 775 new trains.
6:47 am
thanks, at 6:27. trading is underway on wall street and the early numbers show the dow is down about 15 points and below 17,000 to 16998. raw. >> investors are paying attention to apple stock with two new iphones unveiled along with the apple watch and apple is purpose 1 percent to $99.14 a share. at one point it was to $103 share. >> we know what caused issue with the live streaming yesterday. viewers saw the chore -- bars because the live tweets
6:48 am
crashed the stream and it was up and running in half an hour. >> you may notice something different online, you could see a lot of this, the symbol of spent activism involving netflix and more displaying a cat to protest a proposal allowing internet service bringers to charge website extra money for faster connection. >> olive garden pasta pass promotion is a big success and people now are selling the limited passes for a profit on ebay and only a thousand cards were up for grabs and they sold them for $100 each on monday and the seem passes are now auctioned off for up to $399 and are few for seven weeks of all you can eat pasta. >> okay. olive garden. >> have to eat more pasta. >> if you want your money back.
6:49 am
>> cross country teams busy with that. >> and football players. >> want to bun off the carbohydrates do it in the morning when it is cool. we have poor air quality today and tomorrow because of the smoke from the fires for the north and light wind so it will not disperse our wind at six miles per hour. we have clouds over san jose and the south bay. mostly cloudy as we look at 280 and 17. the temperatures are in the mid-50's to nearly 60 and 61 in sunnyvale and as cool as 54 in milpitas and 56 in santa clara and saratoga is 56 also. 48 in novato the cool spot and not of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's to 60 in redwood city and danville is 54. at the golden gate bridge you can see the cloud deck at the
6:50 am
top of the span but it may not be lower. we have a light west wind and hazy sunshine, warmest today through thursday and a few clouds still cool down and the warmth will subside. todays look at the cloud cover at 9:00 to 10:00 and it evaporates and leaves the haze behind with the enand -- eb flow of sunshine. home 80's for the south bay, and most of the peninsula is home 80's and san mateo north is mid-to-upper 70's and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and more sunshine and home 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and mid-70's to low 80's along the east bay sure from 45 at berkeley to 83 in castro valley and air conditioning weather in the east bay valley. dress warmly, 65 at 7:15
6:51 am
dropping to 61. we back in the mid-to-upper 50's tonight and the clouds go away dug the only hours on saturday and sunday and those are the warm are days at peach and mid-80's at the bay and the sea breeze and cooling starting on monday and tuesday. >> we will look at the drive times at 6:51 not a bad commute, tracy to dublin is 45 minutes on 580 westbound and this is reason we had slow traffic from antioch with an early accident at hillcrest out of lanes but 35 minutes to get to concord and 101 is a good drive from san rafael with brake lights at north main making your way through walnut creek to the turn to 24 and it is sluggish and it looks good on 24 to the tunnel and we have bumper-to-bumper traffic starting at the east shore freeway making director way through the macarthur maze
6:52 am
to bay bridge metering lights and sluggish into the city. the new lineup for abc starts with "who wants to be a millionaire," as 1:00 o'clock p.m. and then "jeopardy," and "general hospital," a through time at 2:00. then we welcome rachel ray at 3:00 on weekdays. >> look at the small pets on -- pictures on the side of the screen with a ball sun is now lying in the east bay. lying in the east bay. >> stay tuned. first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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whether you of just joining us or headed out the door, authorities asking for the help of the public to find a straight a student from hayward. minh ly took off on saturday. police are trying to determine if new activity on the facebook page from the san francisco library involved minh ly. >> a memorial service for 14 -year-old rashon williams takes place today. the freshman was stabbed at a corner store in san francisco in the mission district last tuesday and police have arrested a 14-year-old former classmate. >> the napa county sheriff is reporting first deaths linked to
6:55 am
the earthquake and the 65-year-old woman died of a brain injury. a telling fell on her hen when 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck. >> president obama addresses the nation tonight to reveal his plan to fight isis and the president pitched his strategy yesterday and will, expand airstrikes again the militants in iraq. in iraq. you can watch the speech at for the iphone and the i watch. the ipod classic is is if long we for sale in apple stores. >> tracking fog with live doppler hd you can see the visibility if santa rosa at half a mile stretching to novato from time to time down 101 and two miles at what half and right now no flight arrival delays.
6:56 am
the sun from the east bay hills snake it a choreful morning at 92 to 95 and the warmest at 64 to 72 the coast and san francisco and mid-80's around the bay. we are extraing your wednesday morning commute and we have muni delays reporting folk are expensing longer than normal weights so check head. the trillion toll plaza shows metering lights and track is jammed on 880, 580 and 80 so it is a grind into the city from the east bay. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic on "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. breaking now, extreme weather, worsening overnight. ten inches of rain in the midwest. flash flooding overrunning college campuses. and utter devastation from the raging waters in the southwest. look at this minivan in the middle of it. cars buried in mud. and this house ripped in half. president obama, expected to deliver a primetime address to the nation. detailing his strategy to take on the brutal isis militants. the nfl commissioner speaks out about the ray rice scandal. taking the blame for not acting earlier. >> we didn't get this right. that's my responsibility. and i'm accountable for that. >> why he's not ruling out ray rice's return, as the disgraced


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