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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> buses and trains will run on a normal schedule but at 5:46 a.m. all will stop for a moment silence. it will honor the insent victims of 9/11 who lost their lives and to the people forever changed by the 9/11 terrorist attack. all buses and light rail trains will pause at a safe location at the time the first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center. workers will hand out information on security measures including the department of homeland security "if you see something say something," focusing on being around of your surroundings. they have an alert mobile app allowing people with smartphones to notify law enforcement of issues on the bus or train. 600 notifications have been made by mobile app including reports of vandalism and suspicious
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activity and assaults and thefts the official we to report an emergency is the blue light phones on every light rail platform. the moment of silence comes in an hour and 15 minutes. this morning, a moment of silence is held at 5:46 the final the first plane hit the world trade center during the 9/11 attack 13 years ago today. president obama and first lady and vice president biden will gather on the south lawn of the white house to observe the moment of silence and we will bring that ceremony live. the 13th and was of the attacks are marked in new york city with a report from outside the new world trade area. the judge in the oscar pistorius murder trial says the prosecution have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt he is
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guilty of premeditated murder but has yet to deliver the verdicts. the law in south africa requires the judge to analyze and recount evidence by each of the 40 witnesses in the case. oscar pistorius was charged with premeditated murder of reeva steenkamp in his home last valentine's day and he says he mistook her for an intruder. he is facing 25 year to life in prison if convicted. >> police are investigating a shooting that left a 49-year-old man dead. officers were called to a him before 4:00 p.m. after a woman called 9-1-1 to report someone had been shot. police found the rim dead inside and according to the press democrat a relative and neighbor identifies the victim. no one has been arrested. police have leads. >> police are investigating a fail shooting outside a home in richmond. a man was found dead with
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several gun wounds last night. there is no respect information. >> firefighters investigate a fire at a commercial and residential complex in pleasant hill that break out after starting in the apartment unit on the second floor of a commercial building last night at midnight. crew found heavy smoke and flames. everyone got out. the danger from one mountain lion is over. officials killed the cat they believe attack add six-year-old boy in cupertino. here are details. >> tracks were found near the trail not too far from the original attack in the open space preserve on wednesday morning. dogs picked up the scent, found the mountain lion and forced it up a tree. it was displaying north boundly aggressive behavior like it was
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going to pounce at one of the wardens on the scene and it was an extremely dangerous situation and they shot the cat. from the california fish and wildlife the body of the male lion is at a laboratory in sacramento and the first order of business is get it tested for rabies. there is a six-year-old boy that is going through the rabies shots which were painful and difficult and he has been through enough. >> they will test the d.n.a. with saliva from the boy's t-shirt. they think they killed the right mountain lion trails are still closed and that is because they are waiting for the dan test to come back and officials have to collect the traps they have hiding in the area. >> it is too bad for the mountain lion but good for the safety the children. >> this man and his children walk their dog. >> poor mountain lion but...why want people getting hurt.
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>> protecting public safety is the top priority. in develop news, president obama took off the gloves and swing away at isis fleming pledging to destroy the terrorists and authorize airstrikes if syria. the president said he will not send in combat troops but did ask congress for authority and funding to train and equip moderate syrian rebels. republicans are skeptical and speaker boehner says the acknowledgment of threat of the isis has come far too late. >> this is the 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks and ceremonies are held to on the victims lost. in the last hour a large american flag was unfurled at
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the pentagon ahead of the morning ceremonies. here is what police are saying about security with the height ened terror concerns. >> america city police commissioner says the risk is more significant than in past areas and there is no specific threat on this somber anniversary. >> the nation pauses to on the 2,983 lives ago. with the heightened terror concerns in the middle east security is tight for the memorial ceremony. >> 13 years after 9/11 it is still a dangerous world. >> that threat remains. it is always there. >> the traditions condition.
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in new york city, the twin towers stood, family reading the names of each victim sharing sorry the years have not released. >> in pennsylvania, and at pentagon. this is the first year the 9/11 memorial museum will be open to the victim families and first responders on the anniversary. a collection highlighting the heroism loss and legacies honors on this day. >> some of the family members started arriving half an hour ago. the first moment of silence is at 8:46 marking the moment the first plane hit the north tower. in other terrorist-relate news the f.b.i. is saying last area's rifle attack at pg&e substation in san jose was not an act of terrorism.
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flashes of rifle were captured by the security camera which mutilated 17 transformers and caused $15 million at the substation much the f.b.i. says this was not hard to carry out and could have been done by one man. thieves targeted the same substation last month. mike was spot on with the forecast yesterday. how about today? >> spot on again, if we are right, it will be hot everywhere. san francisco cooled down to 58 so we could hopefully sleep well. you can see how compressed the main layer is. we can see the bay bridge to san francisco and watch out inland east bay and santa clara valley you forecasted to have the worst air quality but all of us are under the "spare the air" today with our eighth of the summer season. into san francisco it is 59 in the ferry building and 57 at crissy field and west portal and mission district is 58 and
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financial district is 57, and same in santa clara and we are at 60 in union city and belmont at 61 and 65 in walnut creek and 55 in petaluma. the day planner today will look like year, patchy fog this morning and a confirm warming into the 80's at the coast at noon and 70 at 4:00 at coast and mid-80's to mid-90's at least around the bay inland and the warmth lingers around the bay and inland for evening activities. >> good morning, the commute is not bad. this is a look at the san mateo bridge and it is hazy with the tail lights headed to the high-rise to foster city with no delays. we have reports of a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge in the fast lane and hope they that will be moved out. early fatal accident southbound 280 is now cleared but the investigation continues.
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use caution. use caution. otherwise, road work west 580 to up as we speak. >> a new twist in the ray rice scandal, the high profile person hired to lead an independent investigation. >> little girl, big hero, the 9-year-old who put her safety on the line to save her family. >> the new abc7 news now. looking at embarcadero in san francisco and the small screen has the golden gate bridge which it is fore and the western span it is fore and the western span has a problem.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:42 on 9/11, 2014, 13th
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anniversary of the attacks on the world trade center in america city, the 9/11 memory reflecting pool. in an hour there will be ceremonies and a moment silence here. we will fill you in open ceremonies. >> a new development in the race rice domestic violence case. the commissioner is hired former f.b.i. director robert mueller to conduct an independent investigation into the handling of the incident on the heels of a bombshell that a law enimportant official said that the video of the former ravens player punching his then fiance was sent to the nfl executive several months ago and been confirmed. commissioner says the league has not seen it until this week. the nfl suspended race ray rice and ravens released him hours
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later. a vasing development from the 49ers organization, they have suspended radio broadcaster for two game after he made offensive commends of the ray rice domestic incident and now has apologized for say she should bear responsibility for not peeking up. >> a change for millions of california workers who get sick days under a new law. work errors earn a minimum an hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked going in july. most can earn up to three sick days. some health aides for the elderly are not covered. business groups say the law is a job killer and will prevent maul businesses from expanding. >> when hayward firefighters gave a fire safety lesson they hoped it would come in handy. last night a clever young girl
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was honored for using the knowledge to save her family. here is that story. >> a proud moment for hayward teachers, firefighters and the little girl who put egg they taught her to if use. >> i ran to the bathroom. >> anyone-year-old showed the home and how she reacted and wanted her sleeping parents the first floor was on fire. >> i wet two parts of towel one on my shoulder and one covering my nodes and mother. her mother and father did the same and they tried to stake the stairs but it was too late so she said get on your hands and knees and crawl back to the room. >> i saw the smoke coming on the bottom of the door so i used it to stop the smoke, the heavy smoke. >> she told her disoriented parents to escape from the
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second-story window where construction workers were waiting. >> i didn't think we had another alternative to get out the window. >> her mother named her after the brand of a microwave oven sheen whatted it by but it was sold out. >> is this galaxy more reliable? >> yeah, the microwave will not save my life. >> firefighters say the cause of >> firefighters say the cause of the fire was a faulty appliance pretty good. >> when you have a name like that you have to do something big. she did. she wears that name. awesome. >> i pick up thecies -- the kids even the teachers were complaining about the heat. >> you can never please anyone. but it is hot.
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it is cooling off at might and not staying that we. >> they try to tell the kids, it is not too bad. >> they did not hide it yesterday. >> it is cooling off. hopefullien got a good night's sleep. look at the wind at sfo is ten and everyone is light and variable. clouds are to the west of sfo and probably like yesterday it will move over. later than normal. we will have delays like yesterday. they will will be you can see how shallow the marine layer is. year, today, tomorrow, our hottest highs. "spare the air" today. likely again tomorrow. the heat will decrease saturday at coast and spread inland headed to sundays monday and tuesday. gilroy is lucky with home 90's
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for most of the south bay and upper 80's around milpitas and sunnyvale and 77 in santa cruz. mid-to-upper 80's on the peninsula today. pool weather. low 70 along the coast. low 80's around downtown and south san francisco and to sausalito and eye and we jump and the mid-to-upper 90's from san rafael north and low 70's at your coast. headed to the east castro valley is 90 and you explode into the upper 90's headed inland east pay neighborhoods and would not be surprised if several of us hit 100. at game, sunscreen and warm: 76 at 12:45 and 80 by 3:15 and the u.v. index is very high. mid-50's up north and rest of us mid-60's. high pressure is moving the warm
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weather our way. the strong ridge will become semi permanent. look at precipitation through november, from the four corners into texas and oklahoma we are going to be very dry with above-average temperatures. we are hoping by the end of november into december and january the pattern shifts and we will get our rain. look at triple digits inland, 90's around the bay and we lose two- to four-degrees each day saturday through tuesday. >> we are going back outside with an early stall on the upper deck of the by bridge and they pushed that to treasure island and there is a small backup for cash-paying folks at toll plaza with no metering lights and otherwise than that all moving nicely. road work off the richmond and san rafael ridge from western to canal in lanes until 5:00.
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in san leandro south 880 jackson to embarcadero in oakland there is road work. san leandro from washington to marina, northbound 880 we have cones in the lanes. thank you. potholes, bad asphalt and congestion part of the morning commute for many. what it could be costing you. >> millions of passwords stolen and posted. you could be a victim and not know it. this is a picture from the exploritorium, the bay and the bay bridge in the background and bay bridge in the background and also, you will see pictures of
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>> it is 4:52. a look at downtown san francisco seen from the sutro tower camera with a few clouds and fog but that will clear quickly for "spare the air" day. it will be hot. mike will have more in a moment. >> today a new report on the condition of california roads and bridges is released in the east bay and it does not look too good. the average driver loses more than $2,200 a year driving on bad bay area roads including deterioration and congestion and roads that lack safety features. a full report is released in oakland at 12:30 by the national nonprofit transportation research group. >> the coast to coast relay to raise money for veterans kickoff on the golden gate bridge with the torch relay featuring an american flag that is carried across the country ending at walter reed military medical
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center outside of washington, dc. this is youtube veto from team red and white and blue supporting veterans that benefits the organizations. the flag includes 49er great joe montana and mc hammer carrying the flag in menlo park through facebook campus. >> i have to pay for the air conditioning can i borrow several bucks? >> thanks buddy, you can borrow the solar panel. it will be running again today. i know that. the temperatures are from eight degrees warmer-than-average at redwood city and 88 and san jose is 90 and napa is 96 and san francisco isup and oakland is 85, ten degreer warmer-than-average. and then in concord, which is telephone degrees warmer-than-average. triple digits through the valley
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to palm springs and mid-to-upper 80's with high clouds and sun in san diego and los angeles and calm conditions in napa and 82 but hazy sunshine pus -- because of the smoke in yosemite. >> safe commuting in san rafael skies are clear and the road is, too, moving at the limit at south 101 toward the civic center to central san rafael. you will hit fog. it is thick. do use caution. low peoples. early fail accident south 280 that cleared from the lanes and the investigation continues. use caution through the area. early road work west 580 at san ramon is pick up and looking good for dublin interchange and beyond. google is surging gmail users to change passwords after
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five million gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a russian bitcoin forum. the servers were not frenched and -- breached and are passwords associated with mail. if you use the same pass word on multiple sites are most at risk. >> a new weight loss drug has finally got were the long awaited approval by the fooded for. according to the f.d.a. the drug is for obese adults and should be used in combination with reduced calorie diet and exercise. the drug was developed by a san diego county company is a come by nation of two drugs approved by the f.a.a. >> this is america's best burrito, the winner francisco in the mission
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district with the restaurant now more swamped than usual after the away was announced. 67,000 restaurants were ever value rated and 64 burritos made the cut this place was on top. we will judge them, as well, send they will over. >> president obama vows relentless ever to destroy isis and the four stage attack he is laying out against the terrorist group killing americans overseas. >> the nation remembers to on the lives lost thin years ago in the worst terrorists attacks. showing you part of the area that will be used in the ceremony. this is new york at the old world trade center site with ceremonies beginning in 45 minutes.
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minutes. stay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00. >> we will see what the weather is like today. i predict warm. mike? >> absolutely. warm to hot. again today. usually it comes in threes. we will have three days of excessive warmth. tracking fog this morning around half moon bay but it is work, up the coast and trying to push through san bruno but right now it is only to the west. around petaluma we are seeing fog forming and novato and santa rosa are okay.


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