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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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reveals detail on the traumatic wreck. >> part of a northern california community wiped off the map. the latest from firefighters on the ground in weed, california. >> drag queens versus facebook. members of the lgbt community will heat with leaders of the sole network. >> good morning at 6:00 on when. we will see where the rain is and where we see it in the bay area. mike? >> good question. live doppler 7 hd shows the way it will look through your entire morning commute and your evening commute: dry. to the northwest is where the shows are. this is where they will be better pat of today. we will break down the day planner. 62 degrees. more sunshine can high clouds vietnam in. it will dry at 4:00 at 76. and 7:00 at 68. inland the clouds are crass the
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north bay and 72 at noon, 84 at 4:00, a colorful sunset and 76. best chance showers is at 7:00 at the coast. the heaterring lights were turned on 20 minutes ago and you can see it causing quite the jam from emeryville. you have a weight on your happened that is moving law and you will be on the brakes. over the bay area you can see we are starting to see a willup of traffic in a few spots and over the altamont pass and along 880. we have a up cough accidents that are reported by our wazers. one is at a street southbound to the south, another accident, and you can see it is causing the delays at industrial parkway. we have two accidents gumming up the commute away from 238.
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in campbell fire for thes residents from the homes transportationing three cars at the apartment complex at union avenue and 40 people in the 16-unit building were evacuated starting at 4:00. the flames were so hot the cars' gas tanks spilled fuel. the fuel like did not spread the fire but presented a different problem for the crews. >> our big concern is we are close to los gatos and we are using water to firefight and our hazardous material units is part of the standard responses and they immediately got the storm drape covered with plastic and we don't thing we let any rod in the storm drain so that was protected. >> investigators are still on the scene early on and do not thing the fire is suspicious. >> c.h.p. says two people were killed when the car crashed off eastbound interstate 580 in pleasanton. the driver clipped a white
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s.u.v. and flew off the road and dropped down 50' embankment and burst into flames and was incinerated. both people were killed. everyone in the s.u.v. is okay. the c.h.p. is investigating reports the crashed car may have been speeding. >> new the it will wildfires burning cross california this morning, a fire, the king fire, has hut down highway 50, the main route to get people to and from south lake tahoe. reporter from our sacramento sister station joins us with the latest. >> good morning, all eyes are on the weather today. we are expecting a system to move in tomorrow and that could bring rain to the area which would be great. we have fought seen that for a listen time. before the system moves in,
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comes wind and that is daunting for the firefighters on the front line. behind me you have one of the person road closing, a sidestreet and you mention highway 50 that is closed in both directions at the moment and this is video our crews shot over the course of the day yesterday. the fire close to 13,000 acres burned and it is still just 5 percent contained. we should get updates this morning on containment efforts. the real alarming part of this is the jump in in building thre. 500 were threaten yesterday. 1,600 of the buildings are homes many on the other side of highway 50. the main priority for the crews today to prevent the fire from crossing highway 50 because there are so many communities on the other side. steep terrain is an issue for crews and falling trees are a
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big concern and the weapon fire has forced more evacuations. that continues today and the school district to the they would be able to re-open today and they were planning for that but officials directed them otherwise so they will be closed for a third day in a row. this is a look at one of the many signs of support we are seeing for the firefighters and support is exactly what they are point to need and this is going to be a great challenge with the i would the we saw it on monday with an inmate crew nearly overrun by fire and they had to deploy their last resort protective gear like a tent for the body as the fire was nearly take over their situation. that is a concern move forward. more on the fire in weed, california, that destroyed a big's of the town near the
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oregon border. you can see the devastation. cal fire is offering $10ed -- $10,000 reward for information on what or who start the fire. it has destroyed 150 buildings including two churches, a school and a mill. >> the fire bumping from weed is visible from space with the smoke and the red lines are the fire lines and the image shows happy camp complex fire burning for more than a month in the national forest. we will follow the northern california fires on air and online with our coverage continuing on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> a pilot is recovering after his plane crashed east of fresno
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the pilot described only as 67 years old, was reported missing when he did not land in lone pine on monday. crews found him walking around the damaged plane. the pilot was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >> family of a san francisco teen stabbed this month wants their son's killer tried as an adult. the 14-year-old rashon williams was a freshman football player at sacred heart. a former classmate stabbed him outside a store in the mission district september 2. the prosecution said they will charge the killer who is also 14 as a juvenile meaning if convicted he must be released by the time he is 23. facebook heres meet with members of the lgbt community to discuss a policy that upset many drag cleans would say they have been locked out of their
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accounts with their stage name. they are allowing drag performers to use the stage name on fan pages. the i.d. policy is if place in part to help deal with cyberbullying. poll fines that most in california do not realize that health insurance plans cover mental health treatment. the new poll asks nose in california to answer the following statement: health insurance plans are generally required to provide mental health benefits. 38 percent in california say true and 12 correction say false and 50 cribs say, don't know. the answer is: true. affordable health care act requires health insurance maps to cover mental health care services the same as other health care services are recovered and more revealing, one in five in california admit they would not get mental health treatment despite coverage from the insurance listen. now a close look at the rain coming our way.
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will it make megyn megyn walnut creek is 61 and san leandro and fremont at 58 if lafayette and union city at 59 and daly city and 63 in san francisco and sfo and hayward is 66 the warm spot. 64 at oakland. the temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast into san francisco and low-to-upper 70 from richmond to palo alto and 88 in fremont to san jose and santa rosa and napa and low-to-mid 80's into the east bay valley. at 10:00 through tomorrow's commute we have our best chance of exceptionally light showers and dry and warm weather on the way on friday and saturday. >> it takes 12 minutes to clock the water on the san mateo
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bridge, so no major delays but heavy delays on 880. first, a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza which is quiet. as you head into the north by, we take the drive to 880 we have a couple of crashes and up to a street southbound 880 we have one lane blocked because of a three car crash putting pressure on 238 north and to the south this crash is cleared at industrial parkway but you are looking at sense mile backup and it is adding 15 minutes to the commute. away from 238 to fremont it will take you 30 minutes. new this morning, target times square, isis asks supporters to attack one of the most popular tourist spots in the country with step-by-step instructions it is giving online. >> ballot box decision the entire world is watching: will
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scotland go independent? which way a firm united states president thinks the scots should go.
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burlingame, walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area,
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this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:13. a look at san francisco international airport with the planes moving about. some flights are coming in. a few clouds. tomorrow morning, that is the issue with the rain. we will talk with meteorologist mike nicco in a meant about that. >> times square in new york city could be a target of isis. our sister station if new york report as message posted on isis forum is urging lone wolves who supports the group to attack the site. the message was timed "how to make a bomb in your kitchen to create scenes of horror in tourist spots." besides times square they give other target include las vegas and texas and mass transit stations across the country. new york police say they are aware of this new message but they say there is no credible specific threat to the city at this time. time tomorrow, voters in
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scotland decide whether to end the country's 307-year-old union with great britain. here is the ballot: yes-or-no, should scotland be independent? polls show a slight lead for no at 52 percent to 48 percent. former president clinton is urging cots to go "no." >> new details in the death of general rivers. cnn reports her personal doctor took a selfy in the procedure room while she was sedated. she went to have a scheduled surgery performs by another doctor. her personal doctor then did a biopsy on the chords without rivers' permission. >> twitter users helped detective track down suspects in a hate crime in a few hours
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after released video of a group suspected of attacking a gay couple and robbing them the one victim suffer add fractured cheek and jaw bone. when the video was released twitter took over and users starting asking for help to i.d. the suspects. people put together morphotos from the night showing the suspect in the large drought out together and have identified the suspect. a detective would being the case said he would rather have a couple thousand twitter detectives over one real detective. ty day. facebook if the 1 percenters, launching a catering to the wealthiest people in society with more money than time with the initial fee is $9,000 and another $3,000 a year after that.
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the founder says there is a need for an exclusive private service where people with money can "talk about the finer things in life without backlash." >> different kind of conversation from what we have each morning. >> i'm sure. >> our conversations are cheaper than $9,000. like, mike, are you buying the coffee? and i would say "no." mike, is there rain coming? >> yes. my wife made cupcakes. how about that? >> rain is coming. it is free. but there is not much. there yellows headed to eureka that will slide over to weed, california. we have a few low clouds along the coast and the valleys and by the afternoon it will be high clouds and sunshine around most of our neighbors and dry during
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the daylight. showers 20 through tomorrow morning and an isolated chance of thunder but not great. this will come through quickly tomorrow and warmer on fridays saturday and sunday. the temperatures today are in the south bay mid-80's in los gatos and gilroy and rough surf in santa cruz at 74. and 79 in santa clara, and 76 in san mateo and 74 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and colma is 66 and downtown south san francisco is 70 along with sausalito and mid-60's from bodega bay where you need to watch the rough surf. along the east bay shore, hercules and castro rally and fremont nearly 80 and richmond at 72. 82 in san ramon and pleasanton and concord and we will warm to
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86 to brent wad. tonight is milder than this morning because of the cloud cover and low-to-mid 60's and we do have warmer temperatures this morning and more humidity and that will be the case moving throughout the day and look where the best water vapor images are showing up, to the north, and the bulk of the precipitation is headed to washington and oregon as we have the dry hot capitalling us away from odile prior. starting at 10:00 tonight we will see the showers pop up and are isolated near the coast and over night scattered showers and this looks more impressive than the actual rain that will paul and noon we will have a few showers and in the afternoon, the whole system collapsed and moves away from us and still looking at .1" around santa rosa and the rest of the us are less than .05". extra cloud cover and stronger sea breeze means tomorrow is
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cool and by friday afternoon we will have sunshine and seasonal temperatures and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and warmer-than-average saturdays sunday and monday and the sunshine and warmth makes it to the coast open tuesday. >> a criminal on 680 at walnut creek but nine minutes to highway 24, which usually tables 12 minutes so you are shaking off a couple of minutes. northbound track, no delays, to the san ramon valley to danville to the dublin interchange the drive is at top speed northbound and southbound. we will slide to hayward where we are dealing with the heavy delays and it is nasty away from 238. the drive this on the southbound side of the nimitz is 60 miles per hour with an accident in the clearing stages and to the south another accident causing eight miles per hour speed and that is cleared, too, at industrial parkway but, still, six miles of backup remain and you are
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looking at twice as long a drive from 238 to fremont. >> thanks, what happens when david muir leaves the anchor desk for the couch at jimmy kimmel live. >> a we see more of on the show with righabreva can heal itcold sore, in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. abreva penetrates deep, and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn more at
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>> david muir got out from behind the anchor desk as a guest on jimmy kimmel say he grew up watching peter jennings and dreamed of becoming the main anchor. now he has the job he said he is trying to taked show on the road. >> people wonder if i just sit behind the desk. >> right. >> what happened? i want to ticket on the road. >> snip the goal to stay behind the desk and not have to say, my god, something terrible is happening in some part of the world, let's send david. >> let's send...someone else. >> exactly. >> he posted this picture on instagram suggesting we can expect to see him in the mean tweet segment on thursday. "dancing with the stars" made the first cut last night. >> lolo.
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>> the "challenger" was as far as lolo jones got, they could not overcome shaky steps and eliminated but, now, on to week two for the 12 remaining contest amendments. alphonso from "fresh print," is in first place after the sizzling performance. "dancing with the stars" returns next monday night at 8:00. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> cuff new water restrictions coming to the bay areaty and neighbors told to cut their use and by how much. >> falling fares how much business friend's taxis are losing to uber and lyft. >> there was a terrible car accident in pleasanton last night that killed two people. i will have a report come up next.
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450 miles away from the wet weather maker with most of the moisture headed to the north but tonight, that is when we will get to our rain. in the traffic center we looking at walnut creek and it looks like traffic is moving more like molasses with the dailies when we return.
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watch. dentist. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning at 6:29. from mount this is instant gratification. thanks for joining us. mike has the weather forecast. >> we will look at live doppler hd which is dry right new. it will stay that way through the commute this morning and
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tonight. tomorrow morning we will have green showing up and maybe yellow and isolated chance of thunder. now you can see the broken deck of clouds from mount tahmooressi and the beautiful colors and we will have a beautiful sun. temperatures are warm mostly in the home 60's and by noon we have a lot sunshine and mid-60's at the coast and mid-70's by the rest of us and the high clouds will move in and upper sick at the coast and mid-80's around the bay and most of us are back and the 60 to low 70's in the evening activity. you will need the umbrella at 10:00. >> we have an ambulance on way to this accident at highway 4 at hillcrest avenue, and it is blocking one lane. that is certainly causing delays and backups from 160 into brentwood as you push in the westbound direction you will be on the brakes. this accident is possibly blocking lanes and causing delays southbound 680 at sunol
6:31 am
boulevard and the general slowing throughout livermore and pleasanton, over the altamont pass, we are at 16 miles per hour, and 11 miles per hour on 84 approaching buchanan and, still, 30 minutes away from 238 to fremont because of two early sevens that now are cleared. breaking from the east bay, two people are dead in a fiery accident open interstate 580 in dublin/pleasanton boarder. c.h.p. is investigating what triggered the crash. amy hollyfield has more from the scene. >> necessity may never get all of the answers, the two people who crashed were killed. they were on interstate 580 and they were speeding when the car veer off the road and went flying through the air, down the embankment and burst into flames. this is all that is last of the car, officials say it was fullyu
6:32 am
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near the oregon perioder another fire destroyed a large portion
6:34 am
of weed. firefighters have the upper hand but not before it destroyed 150 buildings including two churches and a school and mill and many homes. people gathered in the auditorium to hear from cal fire which has yet to inform residents whether their home survived. >> i was watching on the roof the houses explode one after the other and it was just that fast and three or four minutes it would jump from one house to the other. >> it is tell to -- awful. everyone is scared. >> exact is widespread with 2,000 residents or two-thirds homeless or evacuated. the fire has burned 375 acres and is 25 percent contained. there are no reports of injury or death and they are offering $10,000 reward for anyone
6:35 am
withness on who or what started the fire. it is now 6:35. people in the sweat are bracing for flooding weapon the remains of odile move into the desert. in southern california, heavy rains caused flooding and storms derailed the train, ripped up part of a roof and sent small airplanes crashing into vehicles near san diego and self ins of rain in the forecast today people in arizona and. until began sandbags their homes. >> residents have to make drastic cuts it water use or face big signs unanimously voting last night to force residents to reduce water use by 25 percent and people cannot wash without a bucket and may not water their yards twine 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and hotels must ask if they would like to reuse their towels and sheets, ask the guests.
6:36 am
a warning will be issued by two officers and then you could be fined $500 a day. >> the san francisco takes are -- taxis are picking up fewer passengers with the number trips dropping 65 percent in 15 months^. it is widely reported that services liar uber and lyft have taken roads from the drivers but how many was not known until now. the average number of trips a taxi is from 1,400 a month to 500 a in in the last 15 months. >> san francisco is marking buildings who are not taking earthquake safety seriously if they have not complied with the first phase of the retrofit ordinance which requires buildings with business or garage on the bottom floor to reinforce the structure. the signs are posted on building that did not turn in their form.
6:37 am
it does not mean the being is in danger of collapsing. >> reversing course, a late night announcement on the star running back accused of child abuse. >> not popular toothpaste brands in the country is taking something out of the tooth
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it is wednesday and back to the southern swells and rip currents around santa cruz that will last through the next couple of hours. at game, the wet weather will hold off and 69 dropping only to 65 with increasing clouds. the rangers are playing game two with the a's. breezy and smoky at lake tahoe at 78. 93 in los angeles. the storms from yesterday will shift to the east. storms around eureka are in the mid-60's moving to the weed wildfire soon. that is good news. how is the morning commute? >> an ambulance is headed to the scene with westbound highway 4 blocked at hillcrest avenue. there is a motorcycle involved in this accident. possible injuries here. if you continue the drive in the
6:41 am
westbound direction to pittsburg you will be on the brakes. in pleasanton, southbound 680, the crash here with heavier backup from before the dublin interchange with the drive lacking quiet although there is more congestion to the south along the peninsula and 101 and 280 all nice and clear. apple new in15s -- new iphones are not on sale physical friday but there is something else. >> ebola virus on the black market and is now a hot
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> tomorrow, san jose's shark star will be joined by several miles an hours for a fundraiser to benefit searchests for sierra lamar the missing teen. she was 15 when she disappeared in man of 2012. the suspect is accused of kidnapping and killing her. volunteers search for the body each saturday. the player does not want the community to forget sierra and let family and supporters they
6:45 am
do not give up. he recruited six teammates to take part in the autograph session tonight at a middle school in morning were hill. for $20 fan can get an autograph from each player. >> tomorrow, another special fundraiser in the south bay to help a family whose mother suddenly passed away. the 22-year-old is co-guardian to her 22-year-old boyfriend's young siblings only 19 when his single mother died suddenly of cancer in 2012. his sister was only three. he and his girlfriend became parents overnight. he quit college and works full time. when rent went up they moved in they are halfway to a goal for $7,000 for a new home of their own.
6:46 am
>> we are learning how to parent as we parent. >> it is crashed. food goes fast. >> 10 percent of proceeds from orders to the family are being donated. a raffle and silent auction is also being held. we have more information on the minnesota vikings have played adrian peterson on exempt list. he is charmed with felony for ewing a wooden switch for spank his four-year-old of the tomb said he could play while the legal process heyed out but changed direction after public criticism. several sponsors have cut their ties with him including pepsi and procter and gamble. >> they are programming to remove an ingredient used in
6:47 am
toothpaste because dentists are finding beads stuck between teeth and gums dentists worry it could cause gum disease if they are stuck in your meth. procter and gamble will remove the plastic by man of 206 with more on "good morning america" here at 7:00. people in west africa are so desperate to fight off ebola virus they are buying blood on the black market. 2,400 people have been killed and infected 5,000. if someone survives an infection their plaid is rich in antibodies again the virus and doctors successfully used a transfusion from one infected american doctor to treat another. now a black market is emerging for the blood and the world health organization warns that unsupervised transfusions can spread over diseases and now working with governments to
6:48 am
eliminate the black market. traiting is underway on wall street right new, with the dow up 31 points and trading at 1714. a big day for iphone and ipad users with the new operating system, the first upgrade to include updades to apps like messages and photos and a new health app combines data and a family sharing app lets six share itunes and app store purchases and photos and locations. >> there are reports that apple may have made the new iphone 6 in 20 different sizes before picking the final two. the blogger says that the company's industrial design team created all sizes between 4" and 6" and they sellinged on 4.7 inch for iphone 6 and 5.5"
6:49 am
for iphone 6 plus. >> better to take meteorologist mike nicco and his forecast with you. >> we are there. all the time. on twitter. face back. the rain will be here. but it will not be a lot of rain. we have good news for the commute. it is dry. it is fog free commute. our visibility is eight miles per hour at live more and half moon bay. in san jose there are clouds over 280 and 17 but nothing falling from the clouds and the temperatures are 56 in alum rock. that is the exception of the everyone is low-to-mid 60's, saratoga and los altos hills and sunnyvale at 64. we have 58 in san carlos and lafayette and 56 in calistoga and novato at 57, and poe day ago bay is 58 and everyone else low-to-mid 60's and redwood city at 62. san francisco is 63.
6:50 am
saint that gorgeous? all the colors? the clouds come up and cover the camera and when they dope, it looks nice and high clouds will take over and during the day it will be dry. tonight around 10:00 through tomorrow o this time the light showers will be spread through the neighborhood and it will be dry tomorrow afternoon and prettier and warmer friday, saturday and sunday. mid-80's in gilroy and nearly 80 for rest of the south bay and 74 in santa cruz with rough sub-- surf and sunset it will be 67. mid-60's in bodega bay and upper 70's through the north bay valley. you will have the cloud cover first. 72 at richmond. we will warm to 80 in hercules and fremont. low-to-mid 80's inland in the east bay. it will be more humid this
6:51 am
afternoon and tomorrow, too, with low-to-mid 60's milder than this morning. our area of low-to-upper shows where the moisture is moving as we look at the humidity in the air. that will translate into rain and fall up to washington and oregon. at 10:00 tonight the higher will vase along the shore will be scattered and this looks more impressive than it will be toll morning through noon and it will taper into to afternoon. we are looking up to .1" santa rosa and the rest of us less than .05". rain is in the forecast. we will get some. but not a lot. temperatures are cooler tomorrow. we back to average tomorrow, warmer than a through monday and some of warmth and sunshine makes it to the chest open tuesday. we have a sig-alert with a brush fire burning 50 of 80 in
6:52 am
westbound direction with to lanes taken away and half delay delays. the drive through vallejo to 780 you are going to be on the brakes bumper-to-bumper traffic and continuing up to the cartinez bridge it will be slow. the richmond san rafael bridge, the toll plaza, we have many more cars piling in. beyond the polls it is only a short five minute drive to the north bay. >> back with seven thins to know before you go. >> stay tuned.
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they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking overnight, two were killed in a crash off eastbound 580 in pleasanton. the c.h.p. says the driver clipped an s.u.v. and influence -- flew off the road and down the embankment. both were killed. >> residents are allowed to return home. firefighters evacuated 40 when the cars caught fire at 4:00 a.m. at a complex on union avenue. no word on what sparked the fire. >> highway 50 to south lake tahoe is shut down as a wildfire rose to 18,000 acres and is only a percent contained.
6:55 am
hundreds of homes are up mandatory evacuation. a near in weed, california, damaged 150 homes and buildings and green to 375 acres but is 25 percent contained. >> mountain view residents must cut back on water use. the city council approved a 5 percent mandatory reduction last night and help actioned new water use restrictions if residents are caught breaking the water rules, the fines could be $500 a day. >> facebook leaders meet with numbers of san francisco's lgbt community to discuss a controversy vowing -- surrounding the i.d. policy with drag queens saying they are locked out of country. facebook says they must use legal names. >> radar runs show light-to-moderate showers moving to the northwest and the daylight hours are going to be dry. look at this beautiful picture of the east bay hills with the sun coming up and we will have
6:56 am
82 to 86, and the coast and san francisco is 64 to 71 and around bay, 72 to 81 in the south bay and north bay. >> it is beautiful. as we take you up to vallejo we have a not so pretty westbound 80 sig-alert due to a brush fire and we looking at heavy backup from highway 37 and it does not get better. we have heavy traffic from hercules to the maze through berkeley from hercules over the bridge into san francisco it is 40 minutes. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we will have news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a major about-face from the nfl. superstar adrian peterson barred from football as he fights a child abuse charge, and a scathing warning to the league from one of the biggest sponsors. also breaking a terrifying new message from isis released overnight, taunting president obama and threatening to kill american troops as an american citizen is charged with fight are for isis here at home. happening now, powerful winds and torrential rains, downing trees and crushing cars, flash flooding turning roads in rivers in an instant, as the southwest braces for a monster storm. our extreme team is tracking it all. bad behavior at 30,000 feet. pictures going viral of passengers' bad behavior up in the air. so, would you do this on the plane? it's the passenger shaming on


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