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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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near lake tahoe. they are getting a break. thanks for joining us on monday. hope you had a great weekend. fall is just about here. by the time you send temperature to bed it will be autumn. >> 7:29. we have drizzle. look at the elevation of the cloud deck. it is super high. we have had .01" since midnight and we have had .04" at 2 so we can let everyone know. it is quiet. clouds are thick. they will break up by noon. sunny around the bay and 67 and sunshine and 74 at 4:00 and a cool 66 at 7:00 and gray inland and sun hype and 73 and a warmer
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low-to-mid 80's by 4:00 and low 70 by, say, 7:00 and clouds are stubborn with more sunshine than yesterday and mid-to-upper 60's. >> we have 47 bart trains running on time and ace train, one, three and five on the track but ace rain one is three minutes late. metering lights are on, on the bay bridge. we do have an update, as the closing of the northbound side of highway 680 because of a car that ran into a tree. if san francisco this crash is cleared, southbound 101, and that is off of the golden gate bridge through the revideo -- presidio. be careful as you slow down this morning. >> we have breaking news, c.h.p. is investigating a fail crash in walnut creek with the call going
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on out southbound 680 at 11 o'clock last night. officers say a woman pulled over after having car trouble on the freeway. she got out of car toking in down help and she was struck and killed. the driver stayed at the scene and amy hollyfield will have a report at 6:30. >> off the field trouble for ray mcdonald. after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence someone broke into his home. yes, eric, burglaries forced their way into this home and made off with personal items. he is a defensive end for the san francisco 49ers and was not home at the time of theburg hear. he was in arizona preparing for the sunday game against the cardinals. the team suffered a disappointing loss and he came him to find someone broke and
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his house. police have not made any arrests and this is not the first time they have been called to his home. mcdonald has been at the center of controversy last month after being arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence. police were called to the same address if may after a man called and said a woman grabbed a handgun during an argument but the report did not mention named. bay area groups are calling on coaches to bench mcdonald until the case is resolved and the city of santa clara is planning to issue a proclamation on domestic violence reporting the city is not mentioning the 49ers or mcdonald as to why they are addressing the issue and nonprofit is upset and will show up at the city council meeting. they submitted a resolution to bench him but were told they missed the deadline. firefighters say improved
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weather is helping to battle a wildfire burning, the king fire in el dorado county, saw light rain is higher humidity. it charred 82,000 acres and destroyed 30 homes and other structures. it broke out nine days ago and has spread into the lake tahoe national forest. it is 17 percent contained, up from 10 percent yesterday. a man suspected of starting the tire has pleaded not guilty and is held on $10 million bail. >> food left unattended caused the fire that gutted an apartment and damaged fire overs starting yesterday afternoon in this four-story apartment building on santa clara avenue. a witness shot video of flames shooting from the top floor windows. >> black smoke was coming from the sliding glass door and i called 9-1-1 and weapons -- windows popped out while i was
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on 9-1-1 called. >> no one was hurt. the red cross is helping people dismissed. >> today, crews are back at work to mop up the mess lot behind after an oil spill in san francisco bay. between five and 50 gallons of crude spilled on saturday during a fuel transfer and 100 by 150 yard sheen is near the fishing harbor. crews faced 6,000 feet of boom to recover the fuel. >> it is dense. it is black oil. a small amount can be spread far. >> it will dissipate but even an ounce is more than you want. it is bad news. >> so far no damage to wild hive is reported. cleanup could take three days. >> police have captured the final inmate who escaped from a
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central valley jail yesterday afternoon. the fore ours were captured on saturday after police got anonymous phone call. it is not known how they escaped friday night from the jail but the sheriff officials say they were gone an hour before anyone noticed. the men are held on charges including attempted murder and armed robbery. >> livermore police are looking for a woman who stole a package from a front porch. this video was released from the southeast side of city showing the woman running upped drive, taking the package and running away. she got away if a car driven by another person. the suspect is described as 25 to 30, 5' 4 and weighing 125 pounds with long monday hair. the get away is silver 2014 or 2014 chevrolet traverse with tinted windows and license plate that could under in "448."
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>> san mateo county will test the new voting machines to use in november. the testing will take three days. when the testing is completed the machines are sent to more than 200 polling places. the testing is open to the public and will take place at the registration and elections division in san mateo. >> republican gubernatorial challenger neel kashkari said the governor is privileged and out of the touch. he made the comments in southern california. the words are unlikely to change the outcome of the election. kneel cash carry is far behind in money and name recognition. kentucky gone sent rand paul announced he plans to open an office right here in the bay area and says there is in
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specific date for opening the office but it makes sense to have a presence here because he believes there are a lot of smart people in silicon valley who want him to win the g.o.p. sent would not say what he wanted to win but he is regards as a potential g.o.p. presidential candidate in 2016. >> governor brown's $7.7 billion water bond is being endorsed. the water bond would bolster the infrastructure by building reservoirs and take care of contaminateed ground water. >> water. nice to have some. >> yes, some, maybe that is what we will get, not a lot, but, some. >> and at 7:29, the sun is over the equator and it headed south and the days will be shorter and shorter, so today we are going
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have temperatures get warmer than yesterday and i will have cloud cover. low-to-mid 60's headed to bart, the warm spot and hear at 66 with a cool spot in fremont, and 58 is cooler than everyone else and highs today from secretary along the cost into san francisco and 70's elsewhere until inland east bay where we have the best chance of low-to-mid 80's. we are going to hold this pattern tomorrow and on when throwing in a few high clouds and thursday the showers start to come in. >> northbound 101 the headlights pulling away from 8980, the drive is moving mice and we have an area of congestion between 280 and 680 and 880 so traffic is free flowing just south of there we had a mattress on fire and that is cleared off of the freeway but further to the south, this drive is coming up
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around 35 miles per hour so slow-and-go headed up from gilroy. 80 westbound albany to the maze is a short five minute commute and this is nice southbound 880 from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and 280 northbound to cupertino is 11 minutes and the toll plaza has traffic building and it is not the bumper-to-bumper traffic just yet. refugees fleeing isis and the humanitarian crisis is called unprecedented. wildfire wedding. a california couple did not let the flames keep them from
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning at 6:13. traffic on walnut creek 680 looking good so far with folks headed back to work after the weekend and it will be the first day of fall today and the weather will bring some chains. we will talk to mike and leyla gulen coming up. >> a top executive is predicting
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qatar will lose the world cup because of the heat much the governing body awarded them the world cup but a german executive committee member said he believes scoping temperatures will make it impossible for the games to be held. qatar is anyone for temperatures that continue 100 degrees in summer. the country insist as summer world cup is viable because of new technology that helps cool the stadium. officials say 130,000 syrian refugees have fled into turkey to escape isis with that move the past four days coming as they seize huge areas of syria and iraq, and the deputy prime minister says the country is prepared to respond to hundreds of thousands of more syrians enteringed country and turkey has close add border crossing to turkish kurds to prevent them from joining the fight.
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>> a 42-minute audio recording was released from isis and this the recording isis calls on muslims to kill civilians in countries that belong toant isis coalitions let by the united states. thousands of activists took to the streets to warn about climate change. temperatures of hows matched through the streets of manhattan yesterday morning watching climate change is destroying the earth. more than a thousand gathered in oakland in solidarity with the new york city protest and matches came ahead of the u.n. climate change summit. the family who made its wealth from oil will announce today that charitable organization will divest all of the assets from fossil fuel. the announcement by the rockefeller fund is one of 180 institutions cutting ties. they tried to get the university of california to pledge but the
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school single voted against doing so open friday. a couple is husband and wife despite a massive wildfire. the couple say they were determined to make their wedding work even with 81 acre piled fire in that wear. >> whatever happens will happen but we are going down the aisle, it may not be this aisle but it will be some aisle. >> it was that aisle, held just a few miles from the king fire area and family and friended watches as they said" do," knowing their love will outlast the fire that almost canceled their wedding. >> it was a smockin' ceremony. >> the flames of love. >> no reports of anyone getting alunch ick reaction. >> just a happy day. nature cooperated.
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>> nature does that once in a while. >> once in a while. >> little bit of rain and it will be smoky today and bad today. >> at home we will have warmer weather for the last day of summer and we have unlimited visibility with no fog and the cloud deck base is high this morning and it goes up to 2,500 feet but enough cloud cover we have arrival delays at 1 hour and 14 minutes at san francisco international airport so call ahead. brighter and warmer the next few days. clouds at night. chance of rain late wednesday and thursday. the next system will have more rain than the last system, if the lower will vacation. we -- lower elevation. getting thick bit moment and three hours until noon it will pull back to the coast and you can see the clouds with sunshine
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and 60's and 70's and 80's so remain wither and back to average for the last difficult -- day of summer. 78 in san jose. up the peninsula, mostly mid-to-upper 70's and millbrae is at 73. mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and nearly 70 to mid-70 downtown. upper 60's along the north bay coast and 15 degrees warmer for mid-70's to low 80's through the valleys and east bay shore from 70 at richmond and oakland. 81 in san ramon and pleasanton to brentwood at 86. tonight, temperatures run mostly in the home 60's and cooler in the mid-to-upper 50's. system is tracking to the west and the jet stream is pulling the moisture to the north with
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mature shape that is the tail end of the storm. it looks more impressive because it is coming through thursday morning and we need you to get rain in the morning hours. >> more than .1" in novato and san francisco and the rest of are us are less than .1". the most rain is at crescent city. temperatures hold steady today and tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and friday the coolest and we have slight warming saturday and sunday. >> away from hayward to foster city the tail lights to the peninsula we are looking at 10 minute drive headed in that direction eastbound side wide open. dumbarton does not matter which you take because both are at top speed. we have plenty of traffic away from tracy to livermore, in
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excess of seven miles, way more than that, and you get up to highway 84, you are going to limp along to dublin. highway 4, westbound side, we have crews on the scene and c.h.p. and railroad avenue and after a scene involving two vehicles with one overturned. no injuries reported. >> what happens when a tv news reporter becomes the news? the on air resignation happened last night. >> favorite sitcoms celebrating >> favorite sitcoms celebrating two decades ona deep ache all o. a deep ache all over. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of what i love. lyrica is not for everyone.
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>> and now, we will check on what is coming up on member america at 7:00. >> a developing story, president obama rallies for global support to take out isis as the group releases a chilling new tape calling for mass murder on streets. here are the details coming up "good morning america" in 37 minutes. >> a tv news reporter is east air after quitting right in the middle of a live newscast. she just wrapped up a report on a lot pot club and dropped a couple of bombs. >> i am the owner of this
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marijuana club and dedicate all of my energy to fighting for freedom which begins with legalizing marijuana in last&after this, well, [ blank ] i quit. >> we apologize for that. >> that leaves one news anchor at the desk trying to recover from that. the anchor apologized. the woman quit on air during the 10:00 newscast last night. >> okay in a fashion we have never seen. >> paula deen has bought the rights to her shows while she was with the food network purchasing 440 episodes and all unaired footage. fans can watch the episodes along with the new content debuting on-line on wednesday. the coasts $10 a month to watch.
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>> today is the 20th anniversary of "friends." warner brothers opened a central pop-up coffee shop in soho featuring the official orange couch. the telegraph posted this, fans can relive the favorite memory and enjoy a free cup of coffee. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories and thousands of athletes are disappointed because of a rage -- raging wildfire at the triathalon. >> two american airlines flights forced to make emergency landings and the mid-air scares
6:26 am
forces particular actions. >> a woman was killed last night on 680 and we will tell you what she was doing beforehand. >> we are tracking clouds that dropped drizzle at higher elevations and i do have wet weather on the way. i will detail that in the seven-day forecast. in the traffic center, we have a few hiccups to slow us down but as we look to the week's under we have a big protect again shutting down the freeways and i will tell you more on that in a few
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visit my family which means a lot to me. ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:29 on monday. and now looking down on san francisco, it is a gorgeous picture. it looks like fewer clouds and a warm are day, but, that is our untrained eye. >> we do have a pair of trained eyes. over there. we have meteorologist mike nicco mike? do you buy that?
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good morning, everyone, i were whatted it show you slight rain at rock rock clouds. we are going to hang out in the 50's in the north bay valleys and the rest of us in the home sick and through noon we are in the mid-to-upper 60's and back in the mid-60's at the coast from noon to 4:00 to 7:00 and 66 at the bay. 74 and 82 and 72 and great britain a light jacket in the evening. enjoy the sunshine today, warmer weather. >> before break i said how we have had a few accidents to slow things down. it is starting to normalize and now we mostly have congestion.
6:31 am
in daly city and san francisco and 280 to daly city, that crave is slowing down but it clears up before highway 101 and 101 is clear from brisbane up to the city but along the peninsula, 101, at top speeds and 280 so no problems. to the south through san mateo and san carlos and into wood side, no delays but a big project and i will tell you the details in the next report. breaking overnight, in contra costa, a woman is dead following a tragic accident on interstate 680 in walnut creek. the highway if really is saying this is something all drivers can leadership from. we have the latest on the investigation. it happened on the on-ramp in crack correct southbound on-ramp closed for a couple of hours overnight and a woman was
6:32 am
driving southbound on 680 and he car protect down and investigators are looking into whether she ran out of gas or having mechanical problems but she was out of the car trying to wave down help or walk to get the help and show was hit and the hazard heights were turned on. the driver would hit her stopped and cooperated and witnesses say the driver was visibly u set. neithers have not released information on victims but all lanes have re-opened. and three injured southbound 880 after 10:00. officers found an s.u.v. on the side along the freeway and the car down the embankment. the accident triggered an alert but it is clear now.
6:33 am
no word on the cause of the accident or the identities of the victims. >> two different american airlines flights including one headed to fresno had to make back-to-back emergency landings at the same texas airport because of mechanical problems. the first flight was three hours into the trip to brazil and the pilots with alerted to an issue. the plane returned to dallas-ft. worth and passengers were loaded on to the shuttles. then another american airlines flight to fresno made another emergency landing because of mechanical issues and no one was hurt in either instance. >> a silver alert is issued for missing union city man, 84-year-old three land -- leland prior is 150 pounds and white air and blue eyes wearing a shirt, tie and hat. he is very self-sufficient for his age according to his family. >> firefighters in several
6:34 am
states from as far away as florida are helping to battle the king firefighter in eldorado county. it has burned 82,000 acres and 17 percent contained and spread into the lake tahoe forest and destroyed 30 homes and buildings. 3,000 people remain evacuated. the area got rain. the weather is helping in the firefight. >> we making excellent progress. >> we are assessing all buildings in the area whether they bound or not and how badly they burned. >> man accused starting the fire, 37 years old, pleaded not guilty to arson and is held on $10 million bail. to all athletes and specific tea parties and officials, it is recommended the event be
6:35 am
canceled. >> disappointing news for 3,000 athletes registered to compete in ironman of lake tahoe with heavy smoke from the king fire leading to a last minute cancellation of the event. it will not be rescheduled. >> spent a lot of money, booked accommodations for a year in advance and training if nine months. >> i was disappointed. i think of the safety of everyone's health. i am okay with it. >> organizers say despite clear blue skies the air yesterday was unsafe for athletes and volunteers and the thousands who would come up to watch the event. >> an attorney for the family of a man shot and cold by richmond police officer is questioning the use of three that -- lethal he did not have a baton or taser or people more spray. the victim was acting bridge
6:36 am
residentially when the police officer enter vend saying he was attacked by the victim. >> an inside source said the officer was required to have baton and taser and he had neither. >> not a safety requirement but the department policies are there for a reason. >> the family plans to file a lawsuit against police. >> police are looking for two men after a deadly shooting at a hotel that happened at 5:30 yesterday and one victim died at the seep at howard johnson inn. the or victim was shot in the head and taken to the hospital. police say the gunman left the scene in a black sedan. >> a warning after another mountain lion sighting before 8:00. the animal shows no aggressiveness and disappeared. if you see a mountain lion do
6:37 am
not approach. with so many sightings avoid hiking or jogging at dawn or duck. if you encounter a mountain lion make miscellaneous and make yourself look bigger. >> 49ers defensive lineman part of a new investigation by south bay police and why his home is, again, the focus of the investigators. >> the secret service underfire after a man breaches the white house grounds with new security measures that impact tourists in the capital to make sure it does not
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>> look at the light rain that fell yesterday that actually helped out a lot with the fire. unfortunately, the rain is gone and this is what we will deal with today. citizens smoke is the advisory you can see around reno and lake tahoe and up to the north we have a fire weather watch for tomorrow. be careful if you are headed that way, hazy today and 75. and nearly 90 in chico and sacramento and 69 and sunshine in monterey and cooler and 77 in san diego and 81 in los angeles and a's, come on, you got the ape gels in town and the wild card is right there, 66 and cool undown to 64 from 7:305 to 9:30.
6:41 am
>> here is the commute. >> we have an injury in bay point and we have word of a nasty crash in stockton. it sounds like the person who may have caused the accident is traveling westbound so more information on that as we take you to bay point we have a crash blocking one lane, at bailey road, you are going to be stuck in the muck and it is very heavy traffic aheaded away from antioch to concord and drive time 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 16 minutes and from santa rosa to san francisco you are tracking one hour and 10 minutes drive and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains at 24 minutes to los gatos. >> three afghan military officers make their way to the united states and then go missing. a search is under way. >> apple released iphone sales
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figures for the weekend and they are
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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the home of ray mcdonald is the focus of san jose police after a weekend burglary under investigation. police have been called to the house at least tee -- three times the past few months. officers were call around 10:45 on saturday for a burglary when someone forced their way into the home and stole personal items. then was home. mcdonald was in arizona preparing for the sunday game against the cardinals. miss have not made any arrests. they are investigating him for domestic assault. the defensive ins with arrested at his home last month but the case is not resolved. 949ers are still letting him place. police were called to the same
6:46 am
address when a woman grand grabbed a handgun and many domestic violence are calling on a benching of mcdonald and one group proposed a resolution to santa clara city council but were told they missed the deadline. the city plans to issue a proclamation on domestic violence but they are not naming mcdonald as the reason. thank you. military officials are searching for three afghan national army officers who is gone missing in the united states. military officials say the three officers were reported missing on saturday and last seen at a mall in massachusetts and were in the united states for a joint military training exercise while officials express there is no indication that the officers posed any net to the public but all fully vetted before coming to the un. investigators believe the officers may not want to go back
6:47 am
to afghanistan and we will have much more on the new search now taking place at 7:00 on "good morning america" next. the man accused of getting into the white house with a knife will appear in federal court. gonzalez is accused of scaling the fence and running across the lawn of the white house and entering the mansion before he was stopped on friday. the first family was away. the army says gonzalez is a retired veteran. the secret service is considering setting up security screening check points near public areas around the white house. trading is underway on correct. right now the dow is down 26 points and tradeing slightly >> and apple says they sold a whopping 10 million devices and that is without the phones being
6:48 am
available in china. apple fans stood in line for hours for the new device and both featured bigger touch screens. they say they will launched iphone 6 in china. soon. >> what is the story with that picture? >> he showed up. >> should have been there. >> wish i was this. >> now, how is it looking like weather-wise? >> send us your pictures, the first day of autumn. last day of summer. >> today, everyone, the sun is going to be directly over the equator and if it wasn't for the shape of the earth, and th would get the same amount of sunlight. but we are getting six more
6:49 am
minutes than we should because of our terrain. right now, this is no fog. we have flight arrival delays into sfo because of the low cloud deck stretching to 101 and 880. no drizzle falling. nor on walnut creek at 680. we have had drizzle above 1,900'. brighter and warmer the next couple of days and clouds at night and a chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. hopefully double the amount from last time. clouds increasing through 9:00 and reversal and pockets of sun along the coast, 60's and 70's and 80's and close to yesterday if not warmer. we will have 80 in los gatos and low 80's and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of the south bay and santa cruz is sunshine and 72 and mid-to-upper 70 along the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and nearly 70 in
6:50 am
downtown and sausalito and upper 70 to low 80's through the north bay valley with home 70's along the east bay shore. warmer in castro valley and fremont, 77. low-to-mid 80's inland. feeling comfortable. especially dropping do money 50's in the north bay valley and the rest of us have clouds. the next system shows a mature system with the jet stream pushing the bulk of the wet weather to washington and organize and we have the scratches, the lotovers, the tail end. but we could possibly get up to ." around santa rosa and the rest of us .1" to a little less in the east bay. morning clouds of the afternoon sunshine. maybe a few high clouds tuesday. increasing clouds on wednesday. cooler air with rain on thursday and the back side of the front
6:51 am
on friday and warming friend the first weekend of we fall. an injury crash is city blocking one lane highway 4 at bailey road. this are injuries. they have canceled the ambulance. we do have heavy traffic. quite the drag. that is away from 160 to concord and a car getting on the freeway that veered across all lanes causing other vehicles to crash into the wall blocking all southbound lanes but now we have one lane that re-opened. the suspect is believed responsible for this accident is traveling westbound on 205 and we do not know if they have left freeway but we have possible c.h.p. activity on 205 and then 580, 22 miles per hour pushing from tracy to dublin. >> a new show called "forever,"
6:52 am
follows the life an immortal medical examiner. what happened if you can't die? the doctor is solving criminal cases but he cannot solve the answer to the ultimate mystery, why after 200 years he can not stay dead? "forever," is tonight right here. the second new episode airs tomorrow at 10:00. back with seven things to know before you go. we are back in 90
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whether you are just gypping us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. no word on the identity of a woman struck and killed last night on interstate 680 at walnut creek. she had a problem with the vehicle and she extend out to get help and the vehicle hit her. the driver is cooperating. >> the attorney of a man shot and killed by a richmond police officer is questioning whether lethal force was justified. the lawyer says the officer could have used nonlethal force but did not have a taser or baton on the belt. the home of 49ers
6:55 am
defensive lineman ray mcdonald was burglarized. police con firm that someone broke into his house on saturday and made off with personal items. he was in arizona with with the. >> there is an oil spill at fisherman's wharf fisherman's td from a world war ii ship. >> improved weather conditions are helping firefighters bats el a wildfire burning east of sacramento. the king fire is 17 percent contained up from 10 percent yesterday morning. so far, it has charred 82,000 acres. >> a great start this morning, and talking about more sunshine but if you are headed out now, 58 in santa rosa, 57 in los gatos and the rest of us in the home 60's and not too choppy for the ferry but silt brick on the bay. 10 to 20 miles per hour wind. inland is warm ever at 80 to 86
6:56 am
and clouds loan the coast. around the bay, 73 to 82 in the north bay and south bay. >> slower than norm am on the san mateo bridge at 16 minutes across the water but still extraing the injury accident westbound on highway 4 at bailey road and you are looking at backups before pittsburg and probable 30 minutes to head from antioch to concord. >> thank you, leyla gulen. we continue now online on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" with a little bit of time left with a send off party for summer. >> summer, it was nice see youing. fall, welcome, thanks for bringing the rain. >> yes, the rain. send rain. >> have a great day.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, three soldiers from the afghan national army sent here on a training mission, now gone missing. last seen in a cape cod mall. brian ross on the frantic search and the chilling new threat this morning from isis. health emergency, more than 700 newborns exposed to tuberculosis. a nursery worker spreading the potentially deadly disease to babies and co-workers. parents being warned to test their children for tb right now. i believe that jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> the man seen on surveillance video with his arm around missing virginia college student, hannah graham. does he hold the answers to the mystery of her disappearance? get gown there. get down there, go! >> three teenagers trapped in an overturned suv after it goes


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