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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, three soldiers from the afghan national army sent here on a training mission, now gone missing. last seen in a cape cod mall. brian ross on the frantic search and the chilling new threat this morning from isis. health emergency, more than 700 newborns exposed to tuberculosis. a nursery worker spreading the potentially deadly disease to babies and co-workers. parents being warned to test their children for tb right now. i believe that jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> the man seen on surveillance video with his arm around missing virginia college student, hannah graham. does he hold the answers to the mystery of her disappearance? get gown there. get down there, go! >> three teenagers trapped in an overturned suv after it goes airborne and explodes.
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a dramatic race against the clock to save them. dozens of people plunging into a ranging river to try and save them. and you won't believe what happens next. and good morning, america. love that story about the good samaritans. they did the right thing. we have a lot to get to this morning, including a big, live event. we're kicking off "upgrade your morning." surprising people all across america. giving them something to make their morning a little better and challenging you at home to do the same. >> we have cameron mathison out and about. he's about to make the morning drive less expensive for hundreds of commuters. our team all revved up to help him. later in the program, talk about upgrades. sofia vergara and kerry washington. that's an upgrade for us here. they'll have surprises for lucky
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viewers here and at home. >> lots of excitement ahead. let's get right to the growing misery overnight. breaking details on the three missing afghan soldiers. they were last seen at a mall on cape cod. authorities now tracking them down as more on that chilling new isis threat comes out. brian ross is here with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. the three afghan soldiers failed to show up saturday night at the cape cod base where they were training and last seen in a mall in hyannis, massachusetts. in other times, this would be of little concern. but given the heightened threat climate from isis, the search is on to find them. but this morning is the more serious threat from that brutal terror group from syria. in a flood of propaganda videos and messages overnight and over the weekend, isis put on display. the training camps u.s. authorities say thousands of foreign fighters have been turned into ruthless killers. the great concern is what these jihadists would do if, or when, they return to their home countries. in a message posted online by an isis spokesman, the most dire
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threat yet against the u.s. and its allies, quote, if you can kill a disbelieving american or european, especially the spiteful or filthy french or australian or canadian, or any other disbeliever, then rely upon allah and kill him in whatever manner or way, however it may be. this threat comes as isis posts new pictures of some of its british recruits and president obama heads to the u.n. to seek an international effort to stop isis travelers from traveling unimpeded to spread their war on terror, but a representative from the u. u.s. ambassador's office told abc news, stopping the threat from isis and its fighters won't happen any time soon. >> we think the strategy can succeed. and most importantly, we have the greatest military in the
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world. they believe that. >> how long will this take? >> think the president has said it will be over several years. >> reporter: while much they do is sheer propaganda, u.s. authorities say the threat from isis is real. the latest videos underscore the importance and the urgency of the president's mission at the u.n. >> trying to build that coalition. >> let's go back to the afghan soldiers. we're concerned because of everything going on. authorities believe they are looking for a better life? >> reporter: correct. probably enjoying the joys of hyannis, may have attracted them. the search is on to find them and see what the real answer is. now to the secret service under fire. an armed man managed to make it inside the front door, one of two frightening incidents at 1600 pennsylvania avenue over the weekend. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has the latest and joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. in a few hours, the suspect will be in court to face charges. there's still the nagging question. how did a homeless man get by the secret service and inside one of the most secure buildings on the planet? with this cell phone video shot by a surprise bystander, the breakdown in security becomes
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painfully clear. first this man is able to scale the white house fence, then he's on the grounds running, able to travel more than 100 yards unimpeded before he gets to the front door of the white house, even getting inside. look again. there's a secret service officer watching the suspect run. but powerless to stop him. the front door was unlocked. we now know the suspect, omar gonzalez, a homeless iraq war veteran, was carrying a 3 1/2-inch knife and was likely mentally unstable. he allegedly told the agents that arrested him, he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and he needed to get the information to the president. the breach which came just minutes after the president and daughters boarded marine one and sent secret service agents scrambling. now congress is demanding answers. >> how anyone could get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> reporter: critical question remain. why weren't dogs used to impede him? why couldn't agents responding
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from the perimeter tackle him outside? and why was the front door unlocked? law enforcement forces tell abc news the secret service was left to make a life and death december in seconds. they knew the first family had just departed. they could see the suspect was not heavily armed. the decision was made not to use lethal force. the agency has been trying to overcome recent past scandals. uninvited guests making their way to a state dinner. allegations of prostitution solicitation and drunkenness on overseas trips. this morning, the secret service is stepping up security and a comprehensive review is under way. they admit this last breach, quote, is unacceptable. george? >> could see more changes. thanks very much. now to the massive wildfire on the move in northern california. raging for ten days, destroying homes as it roars toward lake tahoe. aditi roy is on the front lines. >> reporter: this morning, the sea of flames has already scorched ten homes and 82,000 acres, is now heading towards the tahoe national forest, as experts fear it could get even
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worse. changing weather conditions could help contain the massive blaze as early as today. it's the latest challenge for the 5,000 firefighters, some from florida, even alaska, who told us they're already battling impossible conditions on the front lines. >> we're assessing all the buildings that are in the area. whether they burned or not. >> reporter: the inferno also endangering 21,000 structures and forcing 2800 residents to evacuate. just this weekend, organizers canceling the ironman triathlon. officials say the fire was set intentionally by this man, wayne allen huntsman now being held on $10 million bail. the blaze rapidly starting here, 60 miles east of sacramento, growing more than 128 square miles in just over a week. despite several days of rainfall. firefighters now dropping record amounts of retardant, a combination of water and fertilizer mixed with red dye.
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some homes now covered in pink powder. their owners fortunate to have any homes left at all. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news. eldorado national forest. >> our thanks to aditi. now to a health scare for hundreds of families with babies. more than 700 newborns exposed to tu berk u loss i at a texas hospital over yo weirs. the children came in contact with a hospital worker that had the disease. david wright has the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those anxious parents are going to be bringing in their babies for testing starting today. their newborns potentially exposed in the hospital nursery. today, the parents will be demanding answers. parents of more than 700 newborn babies, one-quarter of the infants born here at providence memorial hospital just this year, received an alarming letter. urging them to report for a tuberculosis test as soon as possible.
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those infants and 40 employees may have been exposed to the contagious disease by coming in contact with a hospital employee, who tested positive for active tb. >> this is an unfortunate incident we're going to get through. we're going to help the babies, moms, and dads. >> reporter: the official said the employee tested positive for tb last month during a routine annual screening. anyone that came in close contact with them in the past year may be at risk. the employee is now on leave. >> one cannot say that, you know, 100% of all employees at any hospital will be free of any communicable disease. >> reporter: tuberculosis mostly affects the lungs, but can spread to the brain, kidney, and spine. the symptoms include a hacking cough. the bacteria, airborne. spread by coughs and sneezes. tuberculosis is highly
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infectious and infants are at serious risk. and infants are too young to be vaccinated. the symptoms can be dormant for months. even years. the tb test will be offered for free. hospital workers also being screened. so far, all but that one employee coming up clean. the hospital responding in a statement this morning saying, we take our obligations to our patients, employees, and the community, very seriously. robin? george? >> thank you, david. now to the other top stories. we say good morning to amy. >> good morning, everyone. the developing story out of texas this morning. word overnight that two passenger planes were forced to return to the dallas airport. both were american airlines flights making back-to-back emergency landings because of mechanical problems, including a reported problem with cabin pressure. you see the passengers here. no one was injured. the planes landed safely. one was headed to buenos aires. the other to fresno. a second passenger has died after this tour bus overturned on a highway ramp in delaware.
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the driver and 47 other passengers were injured. the crash still under investigation. the bus was based in new york city's chinatown and was returning from a sightseeing trip to washington. a record 300,000 people protested on the streets of new york sunday, demanding action on climate change ahead of this week's u.n. summit. they're now getting a big boost from a big name. the heiress to the rockefeller oil fortune, tell "the new york times" their nearly $1 billion charity fund will no longer invest in fossil fuels. a big sigh of relief in salt lake city. this mountain lion on the prowl, going from house to house, has finally been captured. it was still on the run 40 minutes after wildlife officers tranquilized it. the big cat is now being relocated. a scary moment on this track in colorado. two cars drag-racing when one crashes and then flips over. watch as the driver of the
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vintage chevy ends up sticking out of the windshield. but he somehow managed to walk away from that crash. he admits he did not anchor the seat belts properly when he restored the car. and finally, it was billed at the super bowl rematch. it lived up to the hype, even after the game was over. the broncos trying to avenge the super bowl blowout rallied against the sewhawks. taking the game into overtime. but, seattle won the coin flip and never looked back, rushing into the end zone, winning, 26-20. but the big highlight was the romance that followed. seattle's deshawn shead proposing to his girlfriend on the field in front of all of the cameras. she was very surprised but after the shock wore off, she said yes. that's good. and there were hugs for everyone on the field. you can see the celebration going on there. the happy couple later posted this beautiful picture on instagram. congratulations to them. more good news from the field. we're happy to report.
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>> it's nice to see that. >> a much better game than the super bowl. >> that's for sure. >> more exciting. thank you, amy. we stay with football and get the latest on the nfl's ray rice scandal. the former baltimore ravens running back appealing his indefinite suspension. and our sister network, espn, reporting rice will make his case he's using the shocking videotape that got him suspended in the first place. ryan smith on the story from the beginning. >> reporter: another chapter in the ray rice saga. espn reporting that rice is claiming the nfl didn't see the full elevator video, unedited, before suspending him indefinitely. this morning, sources tell espn that ray rice plans to appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl in part by arguing it was based on an edited version of the now infamous tape that didn't show the whole story. tmz sports, which originally post the the video, responding on their website overnight saying all it did was remove reverse frames to make the video less jerky. a point they say they made
7:14 am
crystal clear in their original post. >> the punch is as clear as it could be. i'm not quite sure what we could hear about editing of that that would change the nation's perception. >> reporter: rice's former team also facing new scrutiny this morning. espn's "outside the lines" reporting that the baltimore ravens had a detailed description of the elevator beating hours after it happened. and that rice's attorney told the team president that the video was horrible when he obtained it in april, but that the ravens never asked for a copy. >> it's telling about the ravens' lack of aggressiveness in trying to get the video. >> reporter: the espn report also highlighting alleged inconsistencies from roger goodell. the embattled commissioner, seen attending sunday's texas game, apologized for his handling of the ray rice and other nfl sagas on friday. >> we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. >> reporter: but also claimed rice was not completely truthful about the elevator incident
7:15 am
during his june hearing. >> when the second video came out, that was inconsistent with the information we had. it was new information. >> reporter: the baltimore ravens released a statement saying the "outside the lines" report contains numerous errors, inaccuracies, false assumptions and perhaps misunderstandings. the team is going to address the report this week, george. >> it's hard to imagine how the tape might help. meanwhile, the difference between what the commissioner is saying about the meeting, what wra rice is saying about the meeting, that's going to be key. >> that's what everything is about here. the commissioner is saying he was ambiguous. he didn't tell me everything. ray rice is saying, i did. many people think, if he told him everything, the video doesn't make a big difference because we saw the aftermath. i think that's what is going to be critical in all of this. >> thank you, ryan. now to lara. george, we have a dramatic river rescue captured on camera. an incredible scene with good samaritans racing to the rescue when they spot an suv plunging
7:16 am
into the water. >> you can't just stand here! get down there! get down there! go! >> reporter: a dramatic race against the clock, as dozens of onlookers jump into a rough current, attempting to rescue three teens trapped inside this overturned suv. >> oh, my god, come on. >> reporter: the vehicle going airborne before crashing through a barrier, landing upsidedown in salt lake city's jordan river. >> i saw the vehicle exploded in front of me right there. just pieces and parts. and -- it's like nothing you would ever see in your entire life. >> reporter: the driver trapped underwater for five minutes, as the two teenage passengers are rescued. >> we made several attempts to get him out. but the car was too badly damaged. >> reporter: watch as these former strangers, now united in a common goal, flip over the 3,000 pound suv. >> come on, lift it. come on, get him out. lift it. they can't get it open. go through the window. look at that.
7:17 am
look at that. oh, my god, they just lifted that car. oh, thank you, jesus. oh, my god. >> reporter: authorities say the teen driver lost control of his parents' vehicle unable to hit the brakes hard enough at a red light. after speeding down the highway around a reported 80 miles an hour. this morning, the driver is in the hospital in serious condition, while the other teens are recovering. all thanks to the kindness of a few quick-thinking strangers. >> we have three teenage boys that went to the hospital. it would have been entirely different if those people hadn't been there. >> no kidding. and one eye witness told us, a couple of kids got to live because of my actions. i feel like i'm somebody. i'll say. >> absolutely. and the adrenaline -- >> to see the strength. >> to see them all pile in like that. >> in the water and really get into it. it was awesome to watch. >> thank you, lara. now to flash flooding across new mexico, is that what's going on there, ginger? >> yeah, west texas, new mexico, over the weekend, some places in
7:18 am
west texas, picking up more than 15 inches of rain, and this is what it looks like in carlsbad, new mexico. this morning, even more rain and nearly 80 homes evacuated right there in supports of southeastern new mexico. we'll watch this for the next 24 hours. a lot of tropical moisture still hanging around. you can see another two to three inches in the red area there in southern new mexico. also watching for strong storms in parts of nebraska and kansas. there's one more huge headline, because the fires have been so wild out there in the west. look at redding as we go through the day. and by thursday, really, the cold front coming through. cooler, and a whole lot wetter. great news as far as the west goes.
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good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. starting off with clouds but righter and warmer. the clouds come back and the pattern continues although today is the last day of summer. chance of rain open wednesday into thursday. temperatures are 60's at the cost and 70's also where. we are 80's inland. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures holding steady through wednesday and cooler on thursday with >> it's happening. the trees are changing color. just before 10:30 eastern tonight, autumn arrives. >> too soon! love the fall. coming up on "gma," new
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details in the search for missing uva student hannah graham. why police think a person of interest may hold the key to her disappearance. and the latest on the hot car death of a georgia toddler. we have the results of the mother's polygraph after the toddler died. her best friend is speaking out. it's an abc "gma" exclusive. "gma investigates" the hidden dangers of free wi-fi. how public hotspots could be exposing your personal information. from credit cards to photos. what you need to know. and a high school football player who will have you believing you can accomplish anything. his inspiring speech going viral right now. >> you're going to be successful because you put in all the time -- you need a team, working together, doing all kinds of jobs. see these people? they're not acting. they're real professionals. and we hired them all on the site where more people get jobs than anywhere else.
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(coffee being poured into a cup.) ♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. good morning, i'm kristen sze. chp officers believe a woman tried to flag down help for her stranded car when he was hit and killed on southbound 680 in walnut creek. the accident happened last night just after 11:00. authorities are not sure if the
7:25 am
woman ran out of gas or if her car had mechanical issues. the driver who hit her is cooperating with police. the woman's name has not been released. let's see if folks are being safe in their commute. here's leyla gulen. >> hopefully so. we do have a couple of accidents, one that is causing the most headache is westbound 580 right at airway boulevard. that's where you're going to find it but we're generally going to be on the brakes, mostly congestion at this hour. a look right now at the golden gate bridge. a few extra cars making it into san francisco from the north bay. northbound traffic not too bad and we're not seeing too many slowdowns as you make it into the city. kristen. >> thanks a lot. starting to see the sun out there too. we'll talk t
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good morning. on this monday sun starting to break out over sfo. we still have an hour 14 minute arrival delays. if you're leaving the house, it's 59 in santa rosa, low to mid-60s elsewhere. now, for the next three days temperatures will be pretty close to average, even though today is the last day of summer. can't hold my breath ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric
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ive. smart electric drive. just $139 a month. a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. it's an awesome feeling when you truly believe that you're goik to be successful, regardless of the situation, regardless of the scoreboard, you're going to be successful because you put in all the time, all the effort, all the hard work, you know that it's going to pay off. >> you have to love apollos hester. a high school football player in texas. that speech went viral. we'll have more coming up. >> wow. >> right here on "good morning america." >> motivate me monday lives with that young man. also ahead, our big live event, surprising people all across the country as we upgrade your morning. there's cameron. live, and you'll never guess where he is, hundreds of commuters in one american city about to get a big surprise on their morning commute. >> all right. also, new detail this is morning
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in the case of the georgia toddler killed after his father left him in a hot car. we have the results now from the mother's lie detector test and her best friend is peek speaking out in an abc news exclusive. and wi-fi warning. what you need to know to protect your personal information from hackers. >> you have the be careful. the latest on the missing uva student, hannah graham. more than 1,000 people searching for her over the weekend. police warn of an arrest in the case but on an unrelated charge. steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: this story has take an strange turn. the man police are looking for walked into the police station on his own two feet, didn't get arrested, wasn't charged, then took off ina hurry. virginia police say they have issued an arrest warrant for
7:32 am
jesse matthew. on unrelated charges. >> i believe jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. >> reporter: piece say matthew, seen in this facebook photo, walked into their head quarters saturday, asked for a lawyer, spoke with one, and then walked out an hour later without answering his questions. he sped away from the station at high speed and they've issued a warrant in his arrest charged with reckless driving. they say he left so fast they couldn't safely chase him. >> we're pursuing a location. once we have determined that location, provided he does not sur rendinger himself, we'll go there and arrest him. >> reporter: matthew, 32 years old is the one buying the drinks. and that graham had already drank plenty. they leave together, too, police believe in his car, which they're testing for fibers. >> we do have them together after they left the restaurant.
7:33 am
>> this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: graham's parents are speaking out for the first time. >> she's enormously precious to us all. somebody nose what happened to hannah. we don't know who that is. but somebody knows what happened to hannah. >> reporter: more than 1200 people searched the town, including this downtown mall bemind me where she was last seen. matthew's friends and family tell us this is not something that he would do. george and rob snn. >> this is a strange one. >> it is. steve, thank you. amy with new developments of the father charged are leaving his son to die in a car on a hot day. >> good news for the wife of justin ross harris. she's stood by his side since his ray rest. in an abc news exclusive interview, her best friend is speaking out. this morning, sources tell abc news that leanna harris passed a
7:34 am
polygraph test. >> she had nothing to do with the accident. >> reporter: she had nothing to lie about? >> she had nothing to hide. rer her best friend of 15 years, angie bond is painting a different picture of ross harris. that of a devoted family man. did he ever seen disinterested or someone who was looking to be single to live a child-free life? >> he absolutely adored cooper. he was a very hands-on father. always playing with him. >> reporter: but prosecutors allege harris who has pled not guilty, purposely left his 22-month-old son in the back of the suv outside his office for seven hours in june. while inside, he was allegedly texting lewd pictures to women not his wife. how would you describe their marriage? >> it's been rocky. but through it all, they always wanted to work through things. >> reporter: has she every expressed doubt to you or anger?
7:35 am
>> not doubt. and not anger over the accident. >> reporter: that's pretty remarkable. >> she knows how much ross loves cooper. >> reporter: but police say harris watched these child safety videos days before cooper's death, warning of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars. >> the ross that i know is always on the computer. always searching for new things. always checking things out. if these things are true, many my opinion, it would be something that he saw and he just kind of clicked on a link or heard about it and was curious about. >> reporter: a lot of people questioned when leanna said, did you say too much, to ross after he was areszed. you say there's a very easy explanation for that. >> in my mind, she was just saying, did you run your mouth? did you talk too much? did you make yourself look guilty? he's a talker. >> reporter: what do you want people to know about leanna?
7:36 am
>> that she loves her little boy desperately. and she misses her little boy desperately. that will never change. but she stands by her husband. >> reporter: has she prepared herself for the possibility that the state will seek the death penalty? >> yes, we have talked about that. there are some things she can't focus too much on or think too much on. when she starts, the ben is fear starts. we just kind of try to take it one day at a time. >> and leanna harris has not been charged with anything in this case. her husband is expected to be back in court later this week. we anticipate she'll be there supporting him. they're constantly in communication. >> she's supported him all along. >> yes. another check of the weather now with ginger. you don't need the calendar in some places to know that it's fall, right? >> northern great lakes starts turning. they see their peak of fall color change late september, early october. we're sieg that in some places and we're feeling it.
7:37 am
it certainly will feel more fall-like as you're getting out the door in st. louis. nashville, 56. lexington, kentucky, 50. 53 in pittsburgh. the chill is on. we have an outlook. a probability outlook to give you an idea of the probabilities of having a warmer and dryer fall ahead. so yes, on the west coast. that will keep going. cooler and wert in the southeast. great news for them. mild and close to average. when you see above average or below average, it could mean by a degree or so. this is not set in stone. >> all that weather brought to you by weight watchers.
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we asked people online what their favorite part of fall coming tonight is, most people are saying pumpkin spice latte. >> or doughnuts. >> pies. >> big, comfy swerts. >> people are hungry this morning. coming up, an entire town living in fear this morning. as police race to find a cop killer in a tense manhunt. and "gma investigates" how free wi-fi hot spots could be exposing your personal information. what you need to know to protect yourself. you can eat that on weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier, while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. weight watchers because it works.
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and we're back at 7:41 with "gma investigates" the hazards of public wi-fi. everyone is at risk. and public wi-fi can leave your most private information wide open. mara schiavocampo with what you need to know to stay secure. ♪ >> reporter: public wi-fi hotspots. providing quick, easy internet access everywhere from parks to airports. but "gma investigates" learning that free connection may come with a hidden price. the risk of a hacker intercepting your most private information. experts say one of the biggest risks, your personal credit card and banking information. an estimated 19 million
7:43 am
americans admit to using a public wi-fi connection for a fnl transaction, including hotspots at retail stores, coffee shops, airports, and hoe tell us. experts say public wi-fi hacking is much easier than many realize. in matter of minutes, people have already logged in to the internet using your connection. >> yes. >> reporter: "gma investigates" asked caleb huff, a hacking and intrusion expert to access a wi-fi area. >> i'm sending this rogue hotspot out there as a lure. >> reporter: he didn't peek at strangers' activities. he did see mine. what with you learn about me? >> you just went to >> reporter: that's not all. he's able to see my e-mail user name and pass word as i entered
7:44 am
it. >> from this point,ky log into your inbox. >> reporter: and he can see everything on my computer, even personal photos. that's a private photo of my daughter. you're able to open that up in my computer. >> right. >> reporter: wi-fi alliance, a trade association tells abc news wi-fi public hot spots are capable of strong security and that there is a low risk of a problem even in open wi-fi hotspots. >> the industry is trying to provide protections. there are so many vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the best way to protect yourself, vary fie the connection is legit with the host before signing in. make sure your file-sharing settings are set to private, not to public. and don't use the same password for every site, in case it is every stolen. >> there can be wolfs in sheep
7:45 am
clothing hiding anywhere. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mar have a schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> good advice. thank you, mara. coming up, fat breakthrough. the experts say the key to dropping extra pounds does not involve working out. we'll explain. and the high school football player's speech going viral. his inspiring words to help jump-start your morning. come on back. >> all the time, all the effort, all the hard work! [ female announcer ] your favorite coffee-mate seasonal flavors are back. ♪ fa la la la, fa la la la and they're as delicious as ever. ♪ so add coffee-mate peppermint mocha to your favorite time of the year. coffee-mate. season's perfect mate. try new nestle toll house creamers from coffee-mate. the taste you love baked into every cup. nestle. good food. good life.
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7:49 am
now to the "gma" social square. we've been looking forward to sharing this with you. a video of a high school football player going viral this morning. apollos hester was fired up after the team's big win turned friday night light ts. >> first, we started slow. real slow. you know, that's all right. that's okay. sometimes in life, you're going to start slow.
7:50 am
that's okay. we told ourselves, hey, we're going to start slow. we're going keep going fast. we're always, always going to finish fast. no matter what the score was, we're going the finish hard and fast. they had us the first half. we were undefeated. they had us. it took guts and attitude. that's all it takes to be successful is attitude. our coach told us. it's going the be tough. it's going to be hard. you're going to go out there. do it for one another. do it for yourself. do it for us. we'll go out for the win. we believed it. it's an awesome feeling. it's an awesome feeling sflp wow. that's right. >> you should come into our dressing rooms each morning and say, you can do this. >> monday. >> it's not how you start, it's how you finish. >> you rock. coming up, still this morning, harry potter star emma wats watson's strong words that are
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. first up, a check on the weather forecast as fall is almost upon us. here's mike. >> almost there. last day of summer 7:29 this evening the autumnal equinox. low to mid-70s in the bayshore and up 70s to low 80s inland. temperatures are pretty steady but we do have rain on the way for thursday. we have a dump truck fire in martinez, southbound side of 680 as you come up to marina vista road. you can see it is causing a bit of backup there as you make your way across the benicia bridge.
7:57 am
the rest of the drive, pleasant hull, walnut creek 10 miles an hour is your top speed. it doesn't get better as you continue westbound on highway 24 right through lafayette. the news continues now with "good morning america." another update for you coming up in half an hour. we will see you then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and "gma" is upgrading your morning. we're surprising viewers coast to coast all week long, starting now. so where is cameron mathison? he's about to upgrade hundreds of commuters going to work. could it be you? emma watson trending big overnight. what she said that's got twitter and facebook buzzing. could her words be a game-changer for women? belly fat breakthrough. why experts are saying forget your workout. is the key to taming your tummy really inside you? and get ready for scandalous style. kerry washington here upgrading your morning with the fashion that could have you looking like olivia. all that and sofia vergara here live, as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america! and how is that for an instant upgrade to our morning, kerry washington right there live in times square. we're so excited for the brand-new season of "scandal." can't wait to talk to her about that. she has a very special surprise for someone out there in the audience. she's going to upgrade their morning live in just a little bit. >> she's making a lot of people very happy right now. and we've been showing you cameron mathison. he's making people happy, too, all along this morning, upgrading people's morning drive. he's getting the big upgrade for everybody this morning. what exactly are you doing? >> what a great way to start the day, to start the week. we are on, are you ready, the pennsylvania turnpike upgrading people's mornings by paying their tolls. come on through. it's official.
8:02 am
you're allowed to come through. no cash. "good morning america" paying your toll. have great day. drive safely. >> thank you. >> keep 'em coming! whoo-hoo! hello, hello. >> what are people saying to you, cam? >> the cash is for you. here you go. here you go. have a good day. >> a little confused. >> you like that? how you doing? welcome, welcome. you can keep your cash. "good morning america" is paying your toll. we're upgrading your morning. have a great day. drive safe. >> thank you. >> all right. excellent. >> all right, cameron. we're going to check in with you later. we're encouraging people at home to find something they can do to make somebody's morning a little brighter. >> wouldn't that start you week off right right there? that would be great. >> people are sending us their photos and videos using the hashtag gmaupgrade.
8:03 am
and lara, you're heading to "the view" this morning. >> i am. going there to celebrate my new book, "flea market fabulous." i hear rosie and i are doing crafts. we're going to create something. a budget piece of art. it will be big fun. >> at 11:00 eastern. now news from amy. >> a new threat from isis directed at westerners. if militant group releasing a new audio tape overnight calling on muslims to kill disbelievers in europe and america. and bragging about newly recruited foreign fighters. and new this morning, of the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing syria, 130,000 people have crossed the border into neighboring turkey in just the past four days. back here at home, the fbi is searching for three soldiers from afghanistan missing in massachusetts. the soldiers had been training at a military base on cape cod. they were last seen at a local shopping mall. military officials insist the soldiers are not a threat to the public. and the secret service is considering a larger buffer zone around the white house after two security scares in recent days.
8:04 am
one man with a knife jumped the fence and was able to run in the front door. he's due if court today. now to the manhunt for the trained killer on the run accused of ambushing police in pennsylvania. some residents afraid to leave their homes. police discover new clues in the search for eric frein, who is believed to be hiding somewhere in the woods. linzie janis joins us with more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. schools in the immediate search area have decided to stay closed for another day. many parents wanting to keep their children inside. it was another night of intense police activity with officials now saying they believe they're hot on frein's trail. overnight, new evidence released on the search for eric frein. finding a rifle and two ak-47 clips in the dense forest near where he allegedly shot two
8:05 am
state troopers, killing one of them ten days ago. >> we have strong reason to believe that we're in the right area. >> reporter: police say they have not yet seen the 31-year-old self-described survivalist. but they're following every possible lead. >> caller reporting she heard six gunshots across the street in the woods from the residence. >> reporter: roman used to perform military reenactments with frein. he says his old friend may be approaching this like a war. >> if he wants to kill more cops, he's probably waiting for them to walk into his kill box. >> reporter: police reiterating they believe he is not after civilians. >> his fight is with law enforcement. >> reporter: that's part of the reason the police lifted their shelter in place ban for thousands of residents, allowing them to move freely again, but asking them to remain extremely vigilant. amy? >> thank you linzie. finally, we have another proposal here at the end of our newscast.
8:06 am
this one didn't go as planned. one that the bride and groom will never forget. take a lock at shane. he's popping the question to his girlfriend on a paddleboat filled with friends. he has guys on the shore holding up a sign that says will you marry me? but see, that's when it all goes downhill. with one playful tap, his girlfriend knocks the engagement ring into the water. oh, oh, no, there it goes. it set off a frantic search. they were not able to find the ring. >> no. >> oh. >> i know. but they're still together. presumably planning a more traditional engagement. so waah! >> well, if they can get through that -- >> right? >> exactly. >> oh, man. >> i thought you were going to have a happy ending, like they found it. >> sorry. wah, wah. "pop news" and weather coming up. now lair ra has "the morning menu" over in the social square.
8:07 am
moving on. here's what's coming up. you'll never believe what one fan did after he caught one of the last balls derek jeter will ever hit. you will not believe it. come on over here, belly fat breakthrough. why exercise may not be the key to dropping the extra pounds. we'll explain that. and our cameron mathison is upgrading people's mornings, he's on the pennsylvania turnpike picking up the tolls for hundreds of commuters. get on down there if you're living in the area. we have so many prizes in store. including a beautiful surprise. kerry washington, "scandal" star, talking about the new season. upbraiding one of our viewer's lives. so much coming up on "gma" live in times square. stay with us.
8:08 am
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the best or nothing. welcome back to "good morning america." we're going to get right to "pop news." we begin with this. people, people who need barbra. thank you. we cannot get enough of that voice. i mean, barbra's voice. barbara streisand on the cusp of making history. her new album, number one on the itunes album chart right now. if it tops the billboard chart, which it's expected to do, she'll being the first artist with number one albums in six consecutive decades. extending her lead as the female artist with the most number one albums of all time. that is ten and counting. robin in a nutshell, what was it like to sit down with the one and only? >> we were talking to her about this. she likes even numbers.
8:14 am
she was very proud of what they have done to this point. it's such a beautiful, beautiful duets album. i'm very happy for her. >> me, too. a lucky fan catches a foul ball hit by captain derek jeter who is playing, as you know, the last games of his career. you can imagine this fan's excitement. he took pictures wit. it's this priceless treasure. that's not tepid of the story. the man gives the ball to a younger fan, wanted a look, and she throws the ball back on the field. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> much to the shock and dismay of her parents. and fellow fans. thankfully, one of the players retrieves the ball from the field, gets it back up to that now really lucky fan. lucky twice over. what a moment. and then finally, how about a little eye candy. last week we told you about the beverly hills house/mansion that
8:15 am
jay z and beyonce were reportedly looking at. you kuld call ate sweet deal if you consider this. that is a giant candy wall. willy wonka style, cascading dispens dispense dispensers. then this, the grown-up candy wall with bottles and bottles and bottles of wine. there's a home cinema. a 16-car drauj, garage. infinity pool. all of that giving new meaning to home sweet home. >> and all that for $85 million. jiginger with a check of th weather right now. >> we had a crowd out here. i thought, monday, fall. fall is starting tonight. everybody pump snd you're from where?
8:16 am
>> i'm from chicago. my grandma is from fayetteville. >> we'll check in on south carolina this morning. myrtle beach. the idea there for a high, 81. the skies will become stormier along the front. look at this. humid south of it. where else we'll see rain and feed it would be the pacific northwest. san francisco, san jose, some places, a quarter of an inch good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. starting off with clouds but righter and warmer. the clouds come back and the pattern continues although today is the last day of summer. chance of rain open wednesday into thursday. temperatures are 60's at the cost and 70's also where. we are 80's inland. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures holding steady through wednesday and cooler on thursday with
8:17 am
>> so when i come out here to this big party in times square, i usually say, where are you from. they said -- >> louisiana! >> robin, i thought you might like that. >> i'm sorry, what was that? that's great. time for the "heat index." it starts out with a parenting strategy from the daughter of michael bloomberg. georgina bloomberg says she likes the idea of teaching hides how to lose. she says that when her 9-month-old son jasper is ready to learn to ride, she wants him to be in judged classes rather than the starter classes where everybody wins. i get this. you get to the places where everyone gets a blue ribbon. when they get to the point where that doesn't happen anymore, everybody's in shock. >> it's important for kids to learn to lose gracefully. >> i think it's the same concept
8:18 am
of a story on homework last week. you're not supposed to overpraise your kids. you're setting expectations that are realistic. >> it's the same principle. >> we want to hear from you, do kids need to learn how to lose? sweet us at #socialsquare. emma watson's speak getting a lot of attention. she's spreading a different message at fem niz m and gender. she called on men and boys around the world to join in the movement for gender equality. it's all part of the new he for she campaign. watson says that by involving both genders, she hopes it will put an end to the us versus them mentality. this makes such perfect sense. >> great idea. >> she got a standing ovation. people very much on board with this. >> every dad with daughters is on board. >> how sweet.
8:19 am
>> also on the "heat index." a new piece about amy cutdy and the power pose. i got to meet here a few years ago. she made the statements with her ted talk. that speech, more than 20 million views. her research shows that assuming a confident position like the wonderwoman stance, which i will do for you. i went to her lab. she say ifs you do this, whatever you make yourself big. or if you're at your desk, you put your feet up and put the arms back, it changes the body's chemistry. the cortisol levels go down, and the testosterone levels go up. if you do this for two minutes, it gives you more confidence. the worst thing you can do is this. if you're nervous, it increases your cortisol levels, makes you more nervous, you shrink.
8:20 am
sheryl sandberg is on board. it's cool. it's scientifically proven. >> you don't go into your boss like, i want a raise! >> you could try it, though. >> let me know if it works. that makes such great sense. wow. >> you can do it in the bathroom stall if you want. if you don't want people to see you doing it. do it in private. it works. >> yes, just to be clear, it's by yourself. >> alone. >> thank you, amy. >> sure. >> thank you, lara. up next, the surprising way to jump-start the weight loss right now without going on a diet? it all begins in your belly. the secrets are revealed in a brand-new book that's out this week. "the 21-day belly fix." >> reporter: it's the diet plan promming a slimmer waist. but it doesn't involve tiny portions or grueling workouts.
8:21 am
this fix is all about focusing on the bacteria in your belly. >> your gut, or your belly is the command center for just about everything else that happens in the body. >> reporter: dr. tas wrote "the 21-day belly fix." she says digestive health derms everything. >> if you have the wrong mix or the wrong population living if your belly, it affects your metabolic rate. >> reporter: her plan for weight loss, fo loss, four phases over three weeks. phase one, detoxification. on the menu, apple cider vinegar and green tea to aid digestion. green juice and protein shake
8:22 am
for energy. then more foods are gradually added back in the last three phrases. rest, rebuilding, and finally an educational phase. >> nothing else i tried was getting me any progress. >> reporter: ally says she just couldn't shake those last ten pounds. until she tried the 21-day belly fix. >> this whole plan, kind of realizes how your body reacts to certain things. what to stay away from. what i'm okay with. >> reporter: not everyone is convinced. do we know enough about what's happening in the gut to make definitive statements about how it could influence weight loss or other systems? >> i don't think we can. there's a lot of research. we don't yet know the direction it's going to take. >> reporter: but for dr. tas, the secret to slim is all about trusting your gut. >> you have to fix your belly to find your health. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york.
8:23 am
>> joining us senior contributor dr. skren jennifer ashton. >> think about this. this is a hot area. this is the premise of the probiotic trend. we have good evidence from mice and humans that there is chronic low level inflammation produced by the bacteria in our g.i. tract that can start and promote obesity. we know that. does a diet or changing your food actually change those bacteria in the short term or the long term? we don't know. >> based on what we do know, somewhat the key to making this work. >> this diet will 100% work. it's low in carbs, fat, in the short term, it will be effective. we don't know long term whether you can actually change the dna in those trillions and trillions
8:24 am
of bacteria that occupy our g.i. tract. >> it sounds like we're trying. like it's worth trying. should anybody not? >> pregnant women? a chronic g.i. issue. for someone who wants to initiate a kind of new page, absolutely. >> any red flags to look out for? >> i have a problem with the phase cleanse or detox. our g.i. tract does it pretty well on a daily basis. >> thank you. >> there you go. >> i thought as much. jen, thank you very much. and dr. ashton will be taking your questions on twitter throughout the morning. tweet her @drjashton. we have a fabulous upgrade waiter fing for us. who could it be? sofia vergara. how are you?
8:25 am
>> how are you. thank you for having me. >> we're so excited about the new season of "modern family." but, we have been upgrading everybody's morning. cameron is paying tolls bep have another way to upgrade the morning. you have volunteered. we're going to pick somebody out of the audience. they're going to sit. did you see the leather chairs. great leather chairs. they're going to have breakfast. see right there. you're going to occupy one of those seats. >> i can't wait to meet her. where is she? >> we have to look outside. we have had the team scouring outside. great audience members. let's see. let's see. um, how about there in the maroon striped sweater. >> that's purple, no? yes, yes, yes. >> i think robin is actually talking to you. turn around. look. >> hi, robin! >> not just me. the upgrade. sofia. talk to her.
8:26 am
>> hi sofia. >> what is her name? >> lupe. >> lupe, hola. >> do you want to go in? >> so lupe is going to make her way inside our studio. she'll sit in the plush leather chair. have breakfast. upgrade her morning. perfect. thank you. >> no, thank you. and then we'll talk to her about "modern family." so come on back.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. of the san jose home belonging to ray mcdonald is once again the focus of san jose police. police are investigating a robbery at mcdonald's house over the weekend. the home was vacant. mcdonald was in arizona for sunday's game. officers say some personal items were taken. police also came to mcdonald's home last month and arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence against his fiancee. an update on the morning commute. >> wassy take you into the east bay, 880 northbound side at marine a boulevard, bumper to bumper traffic right into oakland. two cars over to the shoulder. as we take you into san jose, the westbound side of highway 237 as you approach 101, we do have slowing after this crash occurred so it is blocking one lane. also a little tough northbound
8:28 am
side of 101 as you come up to moffett field. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and the bay area fall forecast. i'm a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
8:29 am
we've got a big game over at the coliseum tonight, last week of the season. 66 at 7:05 for the angels and the a's. here's a look at sfo, still an hour 14 minute arrival delays. right now we're still in the low to mid-60s just about everywh e
8:30 am
everywhere. a little warmer today, temperatures steady through wednes [ cheers and applause ] check it out. how is that for an upgraded monday morning? sofia vergara and lupe getting an upgrade. a member of our studio audience with an upgraded vip suite. mimosas, pastries. coffee. boy, that does look comfortable. all part of our upgrade your morning. that's not all, robin. >> lupe is making herself very much at home. you're right, george, that's not all. we're about to upgrade the morning for everyone else here in times square. >> we are. hey, everybody in times square. we want to invite all of you to head over to the coffee cart. come on, everybody. come on over. free coffee. free pastries for everybody in our audience. i'll be over here serving. george?
8:31 am
>> we're on our way over. a lot more live upgrades coming up. including a special giveaway from "scandal" star kerry washington. coming up in a bit. now, i'm going to robin. >> what? oh, i'm over here. i'm sorry. i want free coffee and pastries, too. i was lining up. um, we have been upgrading your morning. cameron mathison has been doing it the best way possible for drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike. yeah, thank you. paying their tolls. let's check in with him at the toll booth. how is it going there, cameron? >> guess how much everybody's toll has been this morning? here on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's free. "good morning america's" taking care of it. upgrading their day. i can't tell you how much fun we're having. "gma" upgrading everybody's morning. we are upgrading your morning. come on down, who's next?
8:32 am
hello. good morning, good morning. thank you very much. you keep the cash. because -- "good morning america" is upgrading your morning. it's on us. have a great day. drive safe, everybody. whoo-hoo! [ horn honks ] come on! good morning. we're upgrading your morning. we're taking care of the toll. have a good day. absolutely. [ horn honks ] hello. you know what? you can keep your cash. "good morning america" is taking care of the toll. we're upgrading your morning. keep the money, really. it's for real. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. have a great day. who wants their morning upgraded? i'm telling you right now, to see people's reaction, a little bit of confusion. then when it hits them, it's a great way to start the day. a great way to start the week here on the pennsylvania turnpike. upgrading people's day. paying the tolls. we're loving it. >> we are.
8:33 am
we're loving it here in times square because we're upgrading everybody's morning with some free coffee and pastries. let's go to george inside. >> we're back with sofia vergara. she'll be back with the whole gang from "modern family" for the sixth season. here's a sneak peek. >> hi. >> snazzy new cheaters. five bucks. >> wow. >> i know, right? >> my husband is an older man. but he's not an old man. but with the track suit and now the glasses. it's like he's just stopped trying lately. comfort is not everything. my toes have been numb since my quinceanera. >> jay has to step it up? >> she's complaining. she's complaining because lately, he's been, like, too comfortable with her. >> cannot take her for granted. it's been so amazing to watch this now. heading into the sixth season. five emmys in a row for best comedy. you continue to keep it fresh so what surprises are we going to see this season? >> it's like it's been such an
8:34 am
amazing -- trip to be part of a show like "modern family." every year is a surprise. this year to win again for the fifth time, like, we couldn't believe it. such a gift. every year we come back, you know, as the actors waiting to see what the creators, what the writers are going to have. and they keep, like, surprising us. we have shot six episodes of the new season. >>. >> reporter:? >> yeah, we started two months ago. there's been a lot of crazy things for gloria. this episode was a lot of fun for me to do because i got to dress down and, and bother jay a lot. >> i cannot wait to see it. we had a social question on this. from alicia back home. she wanted to know -- when did you know you had made it with all this? >> when i started having a fat bank account. >> that will do it. >> no, it was amazing with "modern family." it was very -- it happened very
8:35 am
fast. like the first episode aired. the pilot aired. and immediately, you know, we -- we got recognized in the streets. i got recognized in the streets. the other actors have been already in things in american television. for me, it was a surprise. i mean, after the first episode, everywhere i went, they were like, oh, you're gloria from "modern family." i was like, like, in shock. >> it just took off. you better be careful. they're going to get you on another abc show right now. i want to show you with derek hough. there you go right there. are you ready for "dancing with the stars," too? >> i think i already danced enough that night. it's like -- i mean -- i don't know how i did that. >> well, it looks fantastic. maybe they'll get you for the finale this year. >> i thought it would be two seconds of dancing. then it was like, we couldn't stop. >> he's amazing. you have so much going on.
8:36 am
outside of the show as well. right here, we have your new perfume in stores right now. sofia. >> i'm so proud of it. >> can i take it home for my wife? >> it's for her. i brought it for her. it's amazing. i worked really hard to get like the perfect combination of scents that i wanted. it took a year of testing, trying things. i annoyed ed o'neill and showed up and go near him without him knowing to see if he liked it or not. he would tell me like, hmm, you smell delicious today. i did it with every man i knew. i wanted known like it, too. >> you have an amazing selling point for this perfume. is it true that it actually helped bring you and your boyfriend, joe, together? >> yes. he smelled me and he couldn't help himself. that's all you need if you want joe. oh, my god, maybe i'm going to pick up all the -- i'm not going to sell anything now. >> got to keep him off the streets.
8:37 am
>> yes. >> congratulations. we cannot wait for wednesday night. you can see the season premiere of "modern family" wednesday at 9:00. right here on abc. let's go to ginger. one more check of the weather. >> let's do that, george. my new friends from livermore, california. your names are? >> emmy. >> rhonda. >> i said, what's your secret? they said it's our 50th birthday. 50, no way. how do you do that? >> wine, it preserves you. >> let's go ahead and check the forecast. >> it works. >> another one telling me it works. we have photos to share. ashland. the colors are changing. and in siesta key, a different type of fall picture. a beach photo. so nice close to sarasota. what you're looking at here is peak foliage changes. if you're in any of those areas, you can you look for the time. middle of october is the red. yellow is early november. we have to wait a little bit here if new york city. that's the tropical moisture we're watching in the southwest today.
8:38 am
>> is it like cabernet? no, all that weather brought to you by mercedes-benz. lara? >> hey, thanks, ginger. time to cue up the wake up and win sound. ♪ oh, yeah. it's time for the new prize give away. wake up and win every monday for the next couple of months. at some point during the show, we're revealing something you might be able to win. last week's prize, it was watching will dance in a safari costume. but also a safari trip. won by daniel and danielle from idaho. now, here's today's prize. are you ready? here we go. show it!
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fans of abc's "scandal," especially the ladies, probably watch it as much for olivia's outfits as the omg moments. she did not do that. few of us have olivia's fashion budget. not to worry, though, as olivia would say, it's handled. here now with a sneak peek of
8:43 am
the new "scandal" collection from the limited are three gladiator collaborators. star kerry washington, costume designer lynn paolo and the limited's head of design, elliott staples. we welcome all three of you. what a massive power collaboration between you, kerry, you, lynn, and the limited. to create this collection. tell us a little bit about this. why don't we start with you? >> when we get together for our fittings every episode people make fun of us because lynn and i go into a room and giggle for two hours. and come up with all the looks for the show. it's an important team process. we have grown in love with each other over the years. >> and we know, congratulations, you were working on another production as you were developing this. >> all the ups and downs as it were. when elliott came along, it's like he's been with us the whole time. he's such a fan of the show. such a gladiator himself. and so when we started collaborating, we all really were on the same page with what we want this to be how we want
8:44 am
it to look. how we want to honor the aesthetic for the show. >> so much to choose from when you're looking at olivia pope and her style and what these women have created, how would you narrow it down and how would you define this collection? >> it was so easy. kerry and lynn's work on the character has made her so consistent and so aspirational. it was easy to come up with iconic looks for her. working with the two of them, it came together in a snap. >> as operation -- aspirational yet affordable. >> affordable. >> affordable. i love all the "a" words. >> it's true. >> it is true. how many pieces are in the collection? >> 42 pieces for fall. an additional 40 pieces in the holiday collection. opening retails will be $49 up to $298. >> the great thing about the collection, there's 42 pieces. they all work with each other. we wanted to make sure that if you buy a bunch of pieces, you can put them in the closet and come up with hundreds of looks based on each item. >> we were talking behind the scenes how hands-on you have been.
8:45 am
you wanted to make sure you got this right. >> i'm not sure that elliott knew how obsessive lynn and i are. we talk about finding a look. and then the extra 15 minutes to where it's okay, and then it's perfect and olivia pope. we were all hands on. fedexing butness to -- buttons back and forth across the country. making sure it was exactly what it needed to be. >> it's so pope-like. let's see the looks. the first model, here we go, everybody. this is sasa and tell us about this look and will we see this on you? >> yeah. >> absolutely. kerry has already worn this on the show. we feel it's very olivia pope. the black and white. the tapered waistline and the tweed. which gives a little texture. it's already on the show. >> and the fact that it's pants. olivia wears the pants. >> she sure does. next up, aliyah. in a cape. loving the cape moments. i know lynn is a big fan of the cape.
8:46 am
show us how to translate the cape to the real world. >> i'm obsessed with the cape. this is my favorite piece of the collection. we actually repeat it later as well. plaid is on trend. a cape is seasonless. it is beautiful. it fits so well. so chic. a way to upgrade any look immediately. i have worn capes on the show. i like this one more so far. i might have to wear that one, too. >> me, too. elliott, do you feel you're the head designer for the limited. is a limited shopper going to understand how to work that cape? are we going to be able to -- >> absolutely. the great thing about this cape, too, is it looks amazing as an outerwear piece. you can open it up and wear it as a jacket. >> we have one more look. thank you so much. a dolman sleeved wrap coat over a tulip skirt sheath dress. and -- >> you look stunning. >> absolutely gorgeous. and there's olivia pope's
8:47 am
version in the monitor. talk to me about this look, ladies. >> the palette is classic olivia. soft neutrals and a hint of color in the mix. she doesn't wear a ton of dresses except for flashback moments. we wanted dresses in the collection for sure to round it out. the dress is an olivia-inspired version. the cocoon coat. >> i absolutely love it. i think so will someone in our audience. we've been upgrading. >> we want to show everybody the dress. >> meanwhile, i have a fish bowl. because somebody in the audience will get one of these outfits thanks to you guys. i'm going to pick a number out. i'm not looking. and we're going to upgrade someone's morning with a little bit of fashion. so, how about number 15. >> 15, 15, who are you? >> number 15, come on over the. >> where are you 15? >> 15, you're going to get your own.
8:48 am
the limited collection inspired by "scandal." coming your way. everybody "scandal" starts this week. get more information about the line and the look. i dropped my cards. i'm so excited. gladiators unite. it's back. "scandal." kerry washington, lynn, elliott. thank you so much. tweet us, #socialsquare. we'll be right back with the star of "forever." square. we
8:49 am
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and i'm here with ioan gruffudd, taking on a new role in the new abc drama, "forever." he plays new york city's star medical examiner who just happens to be immortal. when he dies, he has a curious way of coming back to life. take a look. [ gasping ] >> since that night nearly two centuries ago, every time i die, i always return in water. and i'm always naked. lends itself to some slightly awkward situations. now you know about as much about my condition as i do. >> yeah, that will bring some applause. i have to ask, is it wrong for me to ask, how naked are you really when you're shooting all of those scenes? >> i was completely naked. shooting it. >> you were not. >> yes, i was. i was hiding everything with my hands, yes, my bare hands. >> do you feel the need to work out all the time? >> well, if your thing is pasty
8:52 am
white, thin, british men, you're going to love our show. no, but it's, i'm no hugh jackman, let's be honest. underneath there. >> oh, i think a lot of women will like what they see. you've been alive for 200 years. you're not a vampire. not a zombie. can you explain that? >> in our show, i'm a character who has lived for 200 years. yes, i'm immortal. but he sees this as a curse rather than a blessing, because if you can imagine living for 200 years and everybody else is not immortal, people come and go in your life. people pass on. it's a bit of a tragedy. so it's an interesting dichotomy. the character lives and breathes and works in a medical examiner's office. he's surrounded by death but he can't die himself. >> that is a very interesting premise. the only one who knows your secret is judd hirsch. what is it like to work with him? >> he's amazing. if you can imagine a score of a
8:53 am
symphony. as a young actor you play the mellody. judd can play the melody, the baseline, everything in between. he's a legend. >> we cannot wait to watch. thank you so much for stopping by, ioan. two new episodes, a special preview of the premier tonight at 10:00 p.m. and an all-new episode on tuesday at 10:00 p.m. the regular time period premier. can't wait for it. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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okay. i think we succeeded. we upgraded everybody's monday morning. it's beautiful out here. we're giving away free coffee. and lara, you're headed to "the view." >> i am. upgrading my own morning. i'll be there at 11:00 a.m. looking forward to that, george. >> have a great day, everybody. denzel washington live tomorrow morning. ashington live tomorrow morning.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. let's check out your weather to start the week with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yeah, last day of summer, autumnal equinox this evening. dropping down to 64 tonight. upper 60s along the coast in san francisco, low to upper 70s elsewhere until you get into inland east bay with low to mid-80s. a little warmer than yesterday with a little more sunshine. temperatures hold steady through wednesday. wednesday night into thursday rain is on the bay. we have katy perry in concert in san jose, acp centering, and it starts at 6:00 p.m. -- actually the doors open at 6::00 p.m. the rest of san jose, it is a
9:00 am
packed out there. now stay tuned for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of "the blacklist," actor james spader. and from the hit series, "person of interest," jim caviezel. plus, performing her new hit, "secrets," mary lambert. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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