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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hill. >> the owner of the horses says he's abiding by requests to take good care of the horses. however, neighbors complain this has been going on for months the horses are thin, appear to be craving good feed. several horses have ribs showing. some could be 100 pounds under weight. animal control officer says no >> these horses have been proved. he got these from someone else they came into his care. >> oh, my god. >> that doesn't satisfy horse people concerned about the horses' welfare. >> horses reacted and crossed a pasture to get what amounts to a
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treat. monica hardman wants to buy them to restore their health and weight. >> if they can help us it will change their lives, they complete abuse and neglect. >> because i have horses and if someone gave me those skinny horses, i don't have place to feed it. >> he explained they're in a separate pasture. this neighbor doesn't want her face shown. >> we just don't know what else to do. enough people complained to the sheriff, county, everybody.
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>> in morgan hill, abc7 news >> a lot of money has been raised to help napa earthquake victims. abc7 news is live in napa. wayne? >> we're talking about $10 million in money donated for victims of the earthquake one month ago the problem? most of the money has yet to get into their hands nchl a $300 million earthquake zone, oh, what $10 million could buy. actually, will, >> it could be a long time. and how can you go on. >> for jim, he's closing his tropical fish store, a victim of his 100 tanks that came crashing down. and those of his customers, too.
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>> i need my customer base back. a lot of customers, about 50% lost their tanks. they have no desire to put them back up. >> it's the kind of problem part of a $10 million pledge might have helped but most of the money is undistributed by the napa county community foundation. so far, most can't apply due to red tape. >> ke don't yet have an objective process in place that is in accordance with irs rules for how to give away money. >> individuals and businesses have been pulling themselves together without the benefit of fema money or those $10 million donated for recovery. are they angry? >> they donated this money. >> there is tens of thousands from her store.
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let's talk about how some would help. consider first it's the front window. still plywood. how is she raising money? selling pictures of it. for a dollar a piece. >> how much is it worth? >> 700 and a thousand dollars. >> it's a lot. >> yes. it's a lot of cards. i'm hopeful >> faithful that money will come from fema and also from that $10 million fund. napa hangs on. in napa, wayne freedman abc7 news >> firefighters are bracing for a big shift that could threaten containment efforts. a red flag warning and possibility of strong winds are forecast for tomorrow.
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the fire is threatening about 21,000 structures in the area near pollock pines. containment at 18%. >> smoke has been blowing toward lake tahoe. now there is a smoke advisory for this area. spencer christian is here now with details. >> there are calm conditions here. notice there is a strong sharp shift in the winds today winds have been blowing west. this is more blowing in that direction from the fires just west of lake tahoe. you get into reno and beyond we have a red flag warning for
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high fire danger. this area north because of the expected increase in winds will be dry winds, temperatures expected to rise. not good firefighting conditions. >> thank you. >> and the cost of the firefighting effort this year went over the top today. cal fire has now spent it's annual budget. reporter patrick walker looks at the price we're paying. >> a important part of the fire fight happens in this office. this is his job to pay for the fire fight. >> you have to look at sleeping people, feeding people. supporting everybody here. >> he's part of a team crunching numbers to make sure fire crews have what they need to battle
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the blaze. this is a cost gone up daily. >> costs go up. and providing places for people to go to sleep. >> cal fire is projected to burn through $209 million budget. this season, it's far from over but there have been costlier years. wildfires and storms cost the department $1 billion to fight in 2007 and 2008. when they go over budget the governor's reserve fund funds firefighting temperatures. >> they can take out of the reserve to allow us to seemlessly continue to respond. >> if this wasn't there, it will have to come out of other services. and states can be reimbursed. >> we're eligible for 75% of our expenses that the state has
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protecting private property. >> you have to finish fighting the fire. that is priority number one. >> that is patrick johnson reporting. >> charges have been filed against a wrestling coach for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenager the 27-year-old is facing 13 counts of committing lewd acts with a child. one count with a child under 14 and several other related charges. both in san ramone. >> contra costa county is one of four places in the country where the attorney general is testing a new pilot program to reduce, maybe prevent deadly domestic violence. laura anthony has the story from concord. >> my being awarded this grant
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we have an opportunity to save lives. >> devore manages the 0 tolerance initiative that has federal money to study what makes cases go from abusive. some someone has been strangled before, this there is a that in the home. >> the attorney general released a video statement announcing contra costa county will receive $2.6 billion to identify potentially lethal domestic abusers. >> these programs can then be studied. >> this in the wake of several
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high profile incidents involving nfl players. ray mcdonalds continues to play after his arrest but other been benched. >> she says her nonprofit and others have been working with the county on the grants for more than a year. >> we've been doing work in this county for a number of years now. this is a follow up to that. >> there are reports of abuse last year compared with 7,000 to law enforcement. >> the santa clara city council plans to issue a proclamation against domestic violence tomorrow night but won't mention ray mcdonald or the 49ers.
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mcdonald has yet to be charged in this case. abc7 news first reported last week a domestic violence group submitted a proposed resolution that would have condemned the 49ers they were told they plan aid slow of force at the meeting. >> still ahead tonight, neighborhood construction complaints. what it's like to live next to mark zuckerberg. >> climate change in the bay area. california's prominent new role in the fight against global warming. >> who is going to invent the next big thing? we'll go scouting for a team challenge. >> can you find a quality bottle of wine under $15? i'll show you coming up on 7 on your side.
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face book billionaire wants to live near mission district with thousands of other people his age. one thing he has is lots of money to renovate a home. some are not too happy with construction >> in this neighborhood there is barely a parking spot. there is one project that some residents are just waiting until it wraps up. >> just put up with it.
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it's going to be gone in six months well, hopefully. >> but most like this man who didn't want us to use his name are reluctant to speak out about the new neighbor. >> why is that a touchy subject? >> the fact you're talking about someone with big major dollars here. >> yes. >> and he's got quite a bit of influence. >> parking is a problem throughout the city because of the building boom on this block. i counted nine different projects the supervisor says the staff is fielding calls about this but limiting projects may not be the solution. >> it's hard for people to get projects through the manning process what we need to be doing is focusing on how long some of the projects take. >> the house has been in progress more than a year, becoming frayed nerves for residents. crews try their best to mitigate
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this problem. . >> i know the person next door had his home covered with dust for several months. his car is 2, 3 vehicles covered constantly. they have offered to allow him to be pressure washed or cleaned up. >> residents can report signs outside projects. reporting might help get them removed. >> dan ashley's friends have spent 8,000 kids to summer camp. each year almost 500 receive scholarships to camp funded by this event. dan is there tonight. we stopped by this year's tournament as dan talked to one of the founders. >> to meet people in different parts of the world is educational. >> yes. yes. one goal has been is to have
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kids that pay for camp from all over the bay area. so everybody mixes in. nobody knows who is from where. and that is part of what we're trying to do. different kids from different parts of the country. >> if you'd like to help visit abc7 for a link with details this is a beautiful day for golf. >> just thinking the same thing. >> yes. >> yes. >> rain is on the way. much needed rain. i have never heard people wishing for rain as of now. mainly blue skies over the bay area now. high clouds, beautiful high clouds. here is a look southeastward. mainly blue sky was wispy blue clouds there. low 70s in oakland. 77 morgan hill.
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66 fairfield, 81. another live view looking onto the bay and beyond. well, fall arrives in just over an hour. 7:29 p.m . showers will arrive wednesday continuing into thursday morning here is a look at this storm system coming our way going to the satellite view. we are excited about that. here is the forecast into wednesday night. about 9:00 we'll see rain up in the north bay and parts of mendocino county. then overnight about 5:00 a.m rain across the bay area. so will be a wet commute. probably a slow one at. that then we'll see frontal system
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falling apart. rain will be tapering off a little bit. rainfall totals by 10:00 a.m thursday. down south, maybe no measurable rainfall up to about a tenth of an inch. overnight, look for clouds, low clouds, high clouds spreading beyond the coast across the bay inland. low temperatures on the mild side tonight. a little cooler in north bay valleys, tomorrow, sunny skies by afternoon, but highs around north bay clouds lingering on the coast. highs up to 70 degrees, mid to upper 70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be a week of changing weather conditions. mild day, then clouds arrive in
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full force wednesday, bringing rain into thursday. clearing thursday afternoon. thursday will be the coolest day. not anyone expected to see 80 degrees around the bay area. friday warms up and warming over the weekend as high temperatures into mid-80s so mild to warm first week of fall. thursday will be cooler. >> and the rain. >> rain. >> yes. >> are we talking about drips and drops? this is the drizzly weather. >> whatever it is. >> maybe drizzle but maybe heavier drop lets. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> what is the best city in the bay area to live
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you'll see big changes if you use a off ramp into the bay bridge. take a look at the map. at the foot of the fremont street off ramp, the first exit to the right as you're getting off the bridge the fremont exit will remain open. you'll want to bear left and head toward fremont street.
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>> so it will lead to new traffic signals, walkways and new bike lanes. it's going to be important in this neighborhood becoming more residential. >> the construction work will clear room for new buildings, including new housing. >> a reminder from vta. connector ramps at 280, 880 interchange will close from 10:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m monday through friday for next three weeks crews will be installing a new drainage system. >> milpitas has been named one of the best small cities in the country to live in by money magazine. reporters looked at 800 u.s. cities between 50 and 300,000 and ranked milpitas 39th.
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it has several huge employers including san disc and cisco. it does have the biggest indoor mall and schools there are highly rated. >> the people are friendly. there is a community is very beautiful. >> milpitas finished two spots ahead of pleasanton the top u.s. city happens to be mckinney, texas. a suburb of dallas i just did a search the median price of the homes is $279,000 which will get you a nice car port in cities. >> looking ayeeling. >> more still to come, just ahead climate change in the bay area. california taking on a
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leadership role. >> one of the men that jumped the white house fence last week and items in the car. >> mud continues
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we're standing by because abc news is going to have a special report on air strikes that begun against syria. >> tomorrow, united nations will make a call to reverse global climate change with nations making pledges to reduce carbon footprints. >> the bay area is one of the regions that will be impacted by rising sea levels. >> well, you know tomorrow we'll see the president trying to lead other nations into the fight against global warming. there is a problem there because here at home, the president has
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a congress reluctant to reduce green house gases so that doesn't eve leverage to negotiate with other countries. new york's financial district was the stage of a big demonstration on climate change the united states prepares for a global summit. countries are expected to present new strategies to limit green house gases. governor brown brings sefrm environment bills signed into law, including one introduced by state senator mark leno to reduce methane emissions caused by leaks in the aging natural gas lines. >> it's costly. we're losing this gas and then, i don't think i need to mention that the darkest side of the problem is what we saw in the explosion in the community of san bruno. >> researchers have proven these gases are the cause of rising sea levels.
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san francisco is considered one of the sinking cities this is an abc news special report. attack on isis. now reporting david muir. >> good evening. we're coming on the air with breaking news. the pentagon has just announced the first air strikes on isis targets in syria that they're now under way. those targets could include areas around raqqa. president obama giving the order after promising to degrade and destroy the terror group. go to for those of you watching in the west, world news tonight >> >> syrian air strikes have
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begun. >> a government report says climate change will have an impact on the central valley. it says warming temperatures will cause more run off during winter months and reservoirs would fill up sooner. and we may start seeing those kinds of affects during this century. >> mud and debris continuing to flow from a helting glacier on mount shasta. two roads remain closed the cause has not been determined they do believe it's because of the drought the drought left the glashers exposed to heat. mud is now reached lake mccloud, many miles away. >> startling new details on the man who jumped a fence and got into nine the white house last week. prosecutors revealed he had weapons in his car. 800 rounds of ammunition, two
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hatchets and a machete parked just blocks away. he faces a charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building. he had two other weapons related run ins with the white house. in july arrested with two sniper rifles, several firearms and a map with a line pointed toward the white house. last month he was seen carrying a matchit but not arrested. >> three afghan national army officers likely trying to defect. law enforcement officials say soldiers walked up to agents and said they're seeking
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>> women rights groups are rallying behind a up coming city bill. the supervisor will introduce the measure tomorrow. proposed law would apply to city contractors requiring them to report their pay to city rights commission. one supporter says she has to fight for equal pay. >> i was afraid i would lose my job and at this time it seemed unfair. >> the latest data shows the median paycheck for women is 22% less than that of their male counter parts. >> new uncertainty for yahoo. the company made $9 billion but
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many are now selling yahoo. the stock fell five and a half percent today new signs of weakness sent stocks down as well the du lost 107 points. s and p fell below 2000 mark. apple is keeping head phones but plans to discontinue beats music, the streaming service it brought in may according to tech crunch. you'll notice beats does not come preloaded. and stock in tesla fell now that word is out general motors is trying to build a better type of battery. gm is developing a car that hopes to sell for half of the price of a tesla. >> who is going to invent the next big thing? coming up next, google science fair.
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breaking news from the pentagon the under the circumstances us and partner
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nations have begun air strikes in syria. >> we have a statement from admiral john kirby confirming it's part of the campaign against isis and confirms u.s. and other partners are using fightsers, bombers and land land attack missiles and not providing other operational details at this point. but did in a statement indicate these strikes were authorized by the president and are going to provide more details as they become appropriate later on. we'll keep you posted on the situation with air strikes ongoing in syria. >> now, back to local news now. imageinnin your high school science fair on a global scale. judging is going on at the google science fair and jonathan bloom walked the floor to meet some of the bright young minds. >> that robot flew away from a kid trying to swat it. >> i call this fly bot.
6:40 pm
>> fly bot? >> yes. >> the 5-year-old modelled the robot after a fruit fly. >> they're able to move faster than we can blink our eyes. >> and how a drone can dodge falling objects while searching for survivors. it earned him a spot in a world wide competition for teen-age innovators. >> they don't realize things are impossible so they do them. that is part of the great inspiration we can see here >> attacking a problem with grown ups stumped. this 13-year-old has an answer to cyber bullying. >> this part of the brain is not fully fulled until age 25. controlling decision making. >> a web browser detects offensive posts and simply asks the teen to think twice about it. a study found it 93% effective. and there is a provisional
6:41 pm
patent. >> they can be projects of passion. >> my grandfather is found wandering out of bed at night caused by aunt stress. >> so he built a sensor you can stick to a foot or sock that wireless tells a care giver when a patient steps out of bed. for him, his personal hero was steven hawking. >> i want owe to make something portable, fast. >> the answer? morse code, dots and dashes his inbox is overflowing. >> my son does not talk. this invention would be an answer to prayers to hear my son say "i love you". >> a bay area billionaire is on a mission to tell the business world what it is doing wrong.
6:42 pm
he's been critical of twitter and thinks google is too big for his own good. peter teal struck it rich with pay pal and sits down with abc7 news for his only local tv interview. why he says college is not for everybody. what it takes to get rich and why he thinks silicon valley is where it might happen. >> people are worried it's another bubble like late 90s. this is really the start of a very long boom. >> why peter teal is grabbing attention, tonight at 11:00 right here on abc7 news. >> coming up next, some wines you can enjoy without busting your booze budget. affordable ones from michael finn
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>> if you enjoy a glass of wine you don't need to wait for a special occasion. there are good wines for under $15. >> this is a report telling us what to look for
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>> i had to wrestle spencer in order to do that. >> yes. yes >> he wanted in on this. >> a challenge. >> yes. it was, it was. >> there is some 3,000 entries for sunset magazine. today, we find out what the judges looked for and taste, yet affordable wine. >> next bottle of wine doesn't have to be costly to be good. that is the opinion of sarah snyder, wine editor. judges scored thousands of entries >> they can know grapes, year, where the wine was from. but that is it they did not know price. >> sarah says it's gold medal winers outscored many $100 wines she says price points are subjected. there is a study where one has $15 and another, $75.
6:47 pm
>> people enjoy the $75 glass more. >> inexpensive wines don't use expensive techniques which are trying to stand out. this is video provided by sunset video the event being held this weekend in san luis obispo. you'll have a chance to taste winners. 7 on your side says the 2012 fog head charred onyi named as a gold medal winner. >> it has a good balance of generous fruit. iet would go well with fish or
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chicken. 2013 little black dress produces a gold medal reislng. >> this is a great lunch wine. >> this 2011 wine is produced in the sierra foothills. the judge proved you can get a good bottle for under $15. this is a 2012. >> it has layers underneath fruit of a little pepper, he is presso. >> there is a party on thursday. but main event this weekend. you can get a list of winners in this month's sunset magazine. we have a link on abc7 >> are you putting in for a full
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workday? >> thank you >> hard work. glad you did it. >> yes. >> i like abbreviated version. >> joining us now with the forecast. >> i wanted that assignment. i >> do drink expensive ones. high clouds around, tomorrow, state wide sunny skies and warm with highs into upper 80s, low to mid-90s. here in the bay area, a mild to warm day. highs up to 70 on the coast. we'll see high clouds ahead of an approaching frontal system. showers, rain and overnight wednesday into thursday morning and clearing friday. warming up again over the weekend. fall arrives this evening at 7:29.
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listen up for it. >> all right. >> i'm in for dan. i don't know who is in for the 49ers. >> a crisis mode after losing their second game with yesterday's loss in arizona. having an identity crisis. the head
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>> only team that hasn't scored a touchdown in the second half. on defense, no sack. gave up two td passes. collin kaeper in this case with five white out formations. steven johnson had nine catches now, jim harbaugh prefers to run the ball. what is this offense's identity?
6:54 pm
they're averaging 12 penalties per game with over 100 yards lack of discipline on the field starting with coaches and this is an angry team. >> there is frustration. and not feeling good after a loss you know? sometimes football gods can be unforgiving. but they work to fix it. and confident we'll do that. >> seven games left in the season. crunch time, oakland needs to step on the gas. off the bat of josh donaldson from the phillys a open a set against angels and hope to exercise the deemon
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ones. >> we're trying to win every game possible. doesn't matter. you know? we're trying to win every game possible. every man is ready we needed everybody on this team in order to win. >> these guys are giving everything they have. >> royals and indians finished up a game suspended in the bottom of the tenth. now, royals lost in this makeup game. a's have a lead over kansas city and two games on seattle. angels have clinched american league west title, stay tuned. giants are four and a half back. giants and pirates tied for wild card lead. seven games left here we go. this abc7 sports report.
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the 9ers started 1 and 2 last year, also. then won five straight games. >> right. >> yes. >> that is on and on it goes. >> for latest breaking news the strike carried out as we speak. >> also tonight human space travel. he'llan musk's promise for the rest of us. >> then at 11:00 billionaire entrepreneur sits down for a interview. harsh words for local tech titans. tonight now, that the new fall programs have arrived do not
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forget you can see all abc7 programming on your smart phone, or tablet or computer. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us, have a good night. iwith something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol.
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police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an editor at the united nations from trinidad and tobago and now in new york... a government contractor from washington d.c... and our returning champion,
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a higher education administrator from east providence, rhode island... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome again to our program. with regard to the mustache -- uh, keep it, shave it, so far no consensus. the votes are about evenly split, so we'll see. on friday, we ended last week in our first week of the new season on a high note -- matthew winning over $22,000. he would like to add to that total today, of course. and to do that, he will have to beat you, heather, and you also, dave. let's see what happens. good luck. here we go. here are the categories for the first round of play today...


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