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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning, thanks for joining us. it is saturday, november 1st, i'm chris you in en. >> some showers out there, lisa? >> here's doppler h.d. and we have activity offshore and south of the bay. you can see south of san jose right now. certainly very active throughout parts of the coastline this morning, but you can see a couple of cells here south of palo alto, and also out port ola valley and you can see some of the reds here and down further south in salinas and monterey. down through big sur, looking at an upper level system that
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continues to rotate through the bay area today and that will allow for the possibility of showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. it's cool, too, with 46 in petaluma, and 49 in fairfield. so for the next couple of hours, here's the way it will pan on out. you'll notice most of the activity through the south and through 11:00 we'll look for mainly dry condition, but i'll talk about thunderstorms and we'll detail the rest of the afternoon and the rest of the weekend coming up. >> thanks, lisa. the glow of another world series championship is still settling over the bay area. friday's victory parade brought out hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate their heroes. there was another mess trying to get out of the city. abc 7 reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> i've been standing in line for about an hour. >> from sky 7 hd you can see how far downtown the line of people
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extended. ridership may have set a record. >> how long have you been in line? >> i don't even no. an hour, maybe longer? >> where did you get in line? around 8th street. >> some people lost their patience. this argument caused people to be temporarily booted from the line by sheriff's deputies. three hours proved to be too line so they turned to this superhero driver and others tp taxis, uber and lift cars shuttle people down the peninsula. this people called in their daughter for a ride. >> we were expecting to take the train. i had tickets. i bought ticket, but there's no way i'm waiting in that. >> street sweepers with brooms and on wheels moved in fast to clear up streets. confetti was everywhere. union employees had to clear the lines by hand before street cars and busses could resume service. the nightmarish rush of the people out of the city did end
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and city hall is nearly all dismantled. what is still here is the orange afterglow of another world series championship. sergio quintana, news. here's video of what users saw a blue dot on their mobile devices. uber reported the outage on twitter at 6:30 last night and even if they were able to get a ride it cost them four times the normal rate because of surge pricing. >> there were a lot of kids at yesterday's victory parade even though it was a school day. according to the san francisco unified school district, more than 11% of students took the day off. that's up from about 7% on an average day. district officials tell us the majority of those absences were high school students. >> for those who went to the parade it was quite an experience. >> they waited in the cold and rain for hours, but told us it was all worth it.
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alisa harrington has that story. >> reporter: a mix of con feddy and rain showered san francisco making for aing so world series celebration. >> even on a rainy day, you can't keep the spirits down. >> thousands of fans in ponchos and umbrellas lined the street for a victory fa raid. >> we are cold, freezing, hungry, but we're here to support. >> i have 2010 world champi championsh championship. i have the no hitter. >> reporter: players waved from the double decker busses. madison bum gartner proudly held his mvp award. this is the first world series title in four years, but --? it never gets old. >> reporter: legends from the past, like willie mace mays and barry bonds. i can't believe it, three in five years. it's fascinating how this was
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the most torturous series that we can ever experience that came out. i think it's all about team work. >> the rally ended at a decorated city hall for a ceremony on stage. the mayor gave the team a key to the city and the giants thanked fans. >> this is the best moment of our lives in our baseball careers. you couldn't ask for anything better than this. >> world champions! can we do it again? yes, yes, yes! >> reporter: the band train capped out another magical season. ♪ we are the champions ♪ >> reporter: and some not so familiar faces were also included in the parade like season ticket holders and vendors including one man who has been selling souvenirs for the giants since 1961. in the newsroom, alisa harrington, abc 7 guys.
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a touching moment during the ceremony. brandon crawford, holding his daughter and sharing his day with her and the other one is playing with the championship ring from the last world series. madison bum gardner jumped on a horse and look at the officers, they're wearing giant hats. did you make it to the victory parade? go to the facebook page and share the victory badge. it reads i was there, 2014 giants victory parade. even if you didn't make it in person you can still share it even if you watched it here on abc 7 news. two men are being treated this morning for severe burns suffered when their walnut creek amount exploded. it happened not far from the pleasant hill bart station. the men turned their unit into a
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highly volatile lab to make hash oil. alan wang explains about 50 people had to be evacuated. >> i'd just gotten out of the shower and all i heard was a huge boom and looked out my front door and saw this thing in flames. >> melanie mcdonald is one of several residents trying to get back into their homes after this walnut creek apartment blew up and the explosions were caught on this cell phone camera. >> it kept going on over and over again and the fireballs kept going up. >> the impact blew out windows across the street. four were destroyed and others are uninhabitable for now. crews stabilized what was left of the apartment. >> when i saw him in flames screaming. >> reporter: richard greenblat said he saw two men that occupied the unit that exploded. both were critically burned while using volatile butane
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canisters to turn marijuana into hash oil. >> this has become the new drug of recent choice. >> reporter: now a contra costa prosecutor is considering enhanced charges against the two men for manufacturing drugs around children who live nearby. in walnut creek, alan wang, abc 7 news. >> time now to talk weather. lisa argen is here. >> good morning. still showers out there and they'll take us through the afternoon. right now, 56 in san francisco from our roof camera still lit up orange and we are dry right now, but we have a cool day in store. the entire weekend certainly not a washout. we'll talk about progressively sunnier conditions around the bay in parts of the bay. i'll explain when we return. tragedy in southern california after three trick-or-treaters are hit and killed by a car. what police are saying this morning about the driver. >> and election day is just around the corner. what you need to know about prop
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45 and how insurance rates are set.
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covering san ramon, san mateo and all of the bay area, this is abc 7 news. good morning. here is a live look from our tower camera of the city. beautiful shot there this morning. no fog to speak of, but we did have a lot of rain yesterday and some showers overnight. lisa argen will let you know what you can expect today coming up in just a bit. >> police in southern california are on the hunt for a driver after three trick-or-treaters were killed in a hit and run. the costumed girls all age 13 were crossing the street in santa ana when the driver slammed into them.
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the car was going at a high rate of speed in a 25-mile-per-hour school zone. three men abandoned it and took off running. the chp officer accused of stealing racy photos from a woman's cell phone while she was in custody has resigned. a source with the chp has confirmed that sean harrington no longer works for the agents. this comes as the contra costa district attorney's office filed two felony charges for harrington for incidents involving two different women in august. investigators made a surprise discovery when they searched the home of a man accused of taunting a chp officer. youtube video from october 11th, shows 50 motorcycle stunt riders taunting the officer on interstate 680 in milpitas. the person who took the video was arrested on wednesday and charged with two felonies and when officers searched his home in brentwood they found 90 marijuana plants and a loaded
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rifle. investigators say they will now pursue additional charges. alameda county prosecutors have dismissed charges against one of the suspects in september's arson fires in alameda. the d.a.'s office announced it didn't have enough evidence to support charges against stephen peterson. prosecutors will move forward with felony arson charges against the suspect. >> 22-year-old andrew gutierrez. he's the man seen in this surveillance video taken of the night of the fires. >> they amended their complaint today to include charges originally filed against peterson. a man accused of hitting a police officer is in the hospital after a dramatic chase. sky 7 video of the aftermath that happened near geary and steiner. police tried to stop a car near leavenworth. the suspect hit one of the officers and took off. the police chased the car for about six blocks until it issue kraed into another car at 3:30.
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the officer was not seriously injured. abc 7 news has partnered with a group called see political. we're trying a new approach to explain the measures on next week's ballot. we have four entertaining and informative videos and this morning we look at proposition 45 which proposes to change how health insurance rates are set. ♪ ♪ prop 45, i hope you have health insurance. >> um, yes. why do you ask? >> well, if you're covered by either an individual or small business health insurance plan this prop would change who gets to improve exchange rates to your plan. >> how so? california's insurance commissioner whom we elect would have to sign off and improve health insurance rate changes like he does for car and homeowner insurance. >> they don't want the extra
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layer of approvals. this would allow anyone from the public to help rate increases, too. >> opponents are afraid that this would negatively impact the ability of the new health care exchange covered california to bargain with insurance companies. supporters say that's nonsense and that this prop will help control health insurance rate increases. voting yes means rate for individual and small group health insurance would need to be improved before taking effect. voting no would mean state regulators would continue to have the authority to review, but not improve rates for small group health insurance. ♪ ♪ oakland's efforts to improve public safety takes another step forward. 4 members of the 170th recruit academy graduated at the
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scottish rite center yesterday. the diversity of oakland is reflected in this class. many of the graduates speak a second language including spanish, cantonese, korean and russian. four women and ten oakland residents. san francisco police in the ingleside district will hold a gun buyback this morning beginning at 9:00. the buyback similar to this one is anonymous with no questions asked. $100 would be paid out for each firearm and rifle and up to 200 for an assault rifle. the weapons must be unloaded and in working condition. the five-hour event will be held rain or shine at the glen eagles golf course in mclaren park. >> residents of a rural community in northeastern california are venting anger against eric frein. frein showed no emotions yesterday as he was led into the courthouse in millford 135 miles north of philadelphia. authorities captured the
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31-year-old thursday ending a seven-week man hunt. he is charged with the murder of a trooper and critically wounding a trooper. >> 5:17 the time. a judge has given kaci hickox the okay to go where she pleases. she challenged state officials trying to restrict her movements for 21 days. however, she has to self-monitor her health, and let state officials know if her health change e but she is no longer forced to stay isolated in her home. the governor of maine has described the ruling as unfortunate, but he won't challenge it. a last-ditch effort to prevent the sale of the berkeley post office. the berkeley post office defenders will rally in front of the post office this morning vowing to use their bodies to prevent transfer of ownership. a similar protest was held earlier this year. federal officials has confirmed
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that a contract of sale now exists between the unnamed buyer and the postal service for the building. the building no longer fits rts needs and protesters say the sale of private property into public hands must stop. >> the history of trance nitsan francisco will be on display as part of muni heritage weekend. this is a must do for those in an interest in vintage motor and trolley busses will be running along with historic street cars that are rarely in service. these are scenes from last year's heritage weekend and it all takes place between noon and 2:00 this afternoon from the market street railway museum. as we found out yesterday the rainy season is here and oakland is taking steps to protect businesses and residents' homes. beginning today the city department of public works is making available sandbags and plastic sheeting for oakland residents. a maximum of 20 sandbags per resident is at the municipal service center. they'll have a limit of five sandbags per person.
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oakland officials are urging residents to keep their gutters free of debris and leaves. some giants fans were ankle deep in water because of the rain. they didn't care, though. >> we ranged anywhere from a quarter of an inch in the north bay to over a half inch. most people in the south bay are benefiting. so if we step outside right you in you will notice from live doppler 7 hd it is looking at active weather. here is a look at the motion directly east at 5 to 10 miles an hour and certain she your eye goes southward to davenport and monterey. we could see showers in the entire bay area and the hills in the higher elevations around sunnyvalley and into the east bay looking at some showers, but the main activity has shifted south and we'll continue to see this. the possibility of a thunderstorm later on today. look at davenport, santa cruz and down through big sur, san
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luis obispo. we're looking at some pretty heavy rain and this is shifting into the san joaquin valley and in the sierra nevada. it is a rain/snow mix from truckee. temperatures in the low to mid-30s and you can see lightning here and the winter storm warning in effect until 11:00 today with an additional two to four inches. here's a look at fresh powder and some of the conditions here are pretty dicey heading up there so do be careful and this morning it is certainly cooler out there. 56 in the city and 52 in morgan hill and another vantage point from emoriville this morning with numbers ranging from the mid-40s in petaluma. temperatures compared to yesterday anywhere from 4 to 14 degrees cooler. a cooler start on the back side of a cold front and now the upper level trough is pushing through and that's why we have
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the unstable air. the possibility of more showers and a thunderstorm. this all shifts out, though. remember, tonight change your clocks. we get an extra hour of sleep and more sunshine. even today we'll see some sunshine, but the stable day becomes tomorrow and today. some of that sun priming the atmosphere for the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm as this trough rotates through. you can see the speckling of the clouds and that's the unstable air behind the front and we still have that in the forecast. mainly the first half of the day and you saw the radar and as we go through the rest of the day, notice we have the sun and things begin to quiet down and still unstable right there and we're looking at the possibility of a tenth to a half inch mainly from santa cruz southward into monterey. sfwree talked about the winter storm warning with the snow levels lowering this morning at 5500 feet and then they'll rise and temperatures low to mid 60s and 64 in morgan hill and the
5:22 am
accuweather. note the fallback tonight and upper 70s by the middle of next week. abc 7 news is another resource for you to follow and follow doppler 7 hd on twitter. get the weather conditions rain or shine and the forecast and power outage in full and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> after today it will be quiet out there. >> we were begging for the rain and of course, it lands on the day we have a parade and halloween and everyone trying to trick-or-treat. >> murphy's law. thank you, lisa. a special treat for harry potter fans. and what the
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the wizarding world of harry potter is back. author j.k. rowling has released a special story on her pottermore website. it's the professor dolores umbrage. umbrage is partly based on a teacher she disliked intensely on sight. this won't be rowling's last adventure into the potter works. she has three new movies in the works. daylight savings time ends tomorrow. we fall back by one hour sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. and make sure to set those clocks back. one san ancisco story is
5:26 am
asking to watch time move backward. it's turning back thousands of watches today and want you to see how it's done. it sounds easy, but some of the newer watches and the older valuable and complicated timepieces require an expert skill. turning back of time is at the westfield, san francisco center. it didn't take youngsters long to start trick or treating yesterday. these students from sherman elementary school didn't wait until nightfall. for decades kids have taken a break from classes and have walked along union candy asking for candy. the merchants enjoy it and set up spooky displays to welcome the kids. the rain let up long enough for the kids to continue the tradition. >> that is dangerous to leave out the bowl in front because they're gone in just a few handfuls. giants pride in the bay area coming up. we'll show you where the best seats were to catch the parade. the opening of a remarkable
5:27 am
museum in poland made possible
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ho ho ho green giant! broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the forecast and, matt, the rain is on many people's minds. >> yeah. showers out there this morning and we'll check in with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, guys.
5:30 am
doppler shows most of the activity is south of the bay area as a cold upper low continues to rotate some showers into the south bay around loss altos hills and over to the east around, and looking at the higher elevation and 680 with showers and down through davenport and santa cruz and we'll look at the activity and the scattered showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm. look at big sur and heavier rain down here and this ball will continue to push on through and further south and we have high surf and the winter storm warning up in the sierra nevada and we'll continue to keep showers in the forecast for the bay area today. most of the activity is shifting south and temperatures on the cool side. look for low 60s in the city. mid-60s out towards concord and livermore and we'll talk about the rest of the weekend and a warmer outlook for the week ahead. the first week of november, back to you. >> thanks, lisa.
5:31 am
a welcome sight in the sierra as the area sees snow. mostly rain covered the roads on i-80 in the foothills, but the white stuff did come down on donner summit and a great scene for those waiting to hit the slope and as they deal with an ongoing throughout. new theis morning president obama is using his address to highlight the economic policies by making choices to help women yesterday the president met with working women in rhode island and heard about the economic challenges they face. the chief executive pointed out women make up half of the nation's workers and his policies are designed to help them. >> women deserve to be able to take time off to care for a new baby, an ailing parent or take a sick day for themselves without running into hardship. so let's make sure all americans have access to paid family leave. >> the president also spoke about how pregnant women need to be treated with respect and the
5:32 am
need for quality affordable health care. they blame the president's policies for america's low wages. >> it's a problem we've seen in the east bay, but illegal racing is becoming a serious issue in the south bay. lisa has the story. illegal racing is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in san jose. these videos are proudly posted all over youtube. the events are no longer focused on south san jose like these on hellier avenue. the newest hot spot is in north san jose at nortek broadway. >> it is part of an illegal street race. the cops busted 21 people and 13 cars were towed. as you can see, a lot of marks are still left from that night. >> sometimes when you have the windows open that's all you hear is -- all of the time. >> reporter: police noticed the uptick in the illegal activity a few months ago and they're worried. >> it's very dangerous for those involved in the actual racing,
5:33 am
but also for those who are observing and potentially for just the innocent bystander who might be driving through the area. >> you can see the racing isn't just relegated to the streets. it's now taking place in parking lots, as well. those at the mosque know it's happening in their parking lot and they don't like it. >> i was scared. i never saw a thing like that before and police are being kraing down on illegal racers every few weeks and they admit their slim staffing make their other crimes more of a priority. >> let's go back to yesterday's world series parade. the weather outside may have been frightful, but for some lucky fan, the most delightful place to watch the giants victory parade was along market street. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom paid a visit to what may have been the best seats in the house. >> reporter: on any other day it's just an office, but on this day it's transformed into a
5:34 am
luxury box like the ones at the box. >> you're still part of it with the windows open and the music blaring. >> umbrellas in hand, the employees at liftopia, the discount ski website opened their doors for a few guests and served up the refreshments. they joined hundreds of office workers perched in windows and on ledges. >> it's probably good he was up on that double decker bus and utopia's ceo remembers what it was like to watch from down there two years ago. >> i couldn't get within two roads of the much and i didn't see much. >> and being down there in the trenches? >> horrible. we thought it was a perfect deal. >> in case you didn't notice the celebration wasn't a complete surprise. the folks were setting up for a party that happened to involve orange and black. >> this is a once in a life time. well, several life times if you're a zombie opportunity.
5:35 am
>> zombies aren't the best at remembering, but this is the second time the world series victory parade has happened on halloween. it might have given players a scare. >> good job anyway. >> i should probably back away slowly. >> yes. i don't know, you look like you're pretty tasty. >> but superheroes came to the rescue. as the fans outside stood covered in rain and wet confetti, the warm, dry office might have made it easier for the folks in the ski business to look on the bright side. >> it means it's snowing up in tahoe. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. definitely one of those wild spots. hunter pence tweet out this is aing the belt, the dream. thank you at www@brian. >> one block from the parade route. here we go. the sign encouraging people to
5:36 am
return their books on time. >> love hunter pence. giants second baseman joe panic was a contributor to his team's success and you can meet him today in san francisco. panic will be appearing at macy's at noon signing autographs and official championship gear. panic turned 24 the day after the giants won the season and made big plays at second base including this one right here and the glove flip during the double play and the person at first was called out. that was an awesome play in the world series and it helped them win there. 5:36 is the time. a remarkable museum in poland opened to the public with enormous help from the bay area man. the museum is a 200,000-square foot museum that will be different from any other you've ever visited and it's the culmination of a bay area man's life time of giving back. >> images still as haunting today as when the world first
5:37 am
saw them decades ago. hitler's final solution. the nazi's death machine for more than 6 million jews. nowhere was the plan more devastating than in poland. 90% of the jewish population eliminated. ted was born in krakow, escaping the holocaust, but many of his family did not. he came to the country as a young boy, attended stanford and built a successful real estate business, turning much of his attention and mono to philanthropy. he's been part of a massive project to tell the other side of the story about polish jews. >> why has it been so important for you, ted, to be so involved directly. >> i think the history of how jews lived for a thousand years prior to the holocaust is virtually unknown and we felt that was a very, very important story to tell. >> reporter: to tell that story the museum of the history of polish jews, a state-of-the-art facility that lives on the site of the warsaw ghetto where hundreds of thousands of jews were forced to live before being
5:38 am
taken to the death camps. i visited those camps nine years ago with several bay area holocaust survivors including linda brayer who spent three years at auschwitz. she walked in again with me. >> when you stand here at auschwitz, linda, now, 60 years later, do images, emotions race through your mind? >> i have no emotions here. >> no emotions here. >> later in our trip, understandably, the emotions came. we stayed in touch until linda's death a few years ago. >> i saw with my own eyes how jews were killed, but what you're saying is this museum is how jews lived long before the holocaust. >> that's right. that's exactly correct, and it's a very, very important history because during that thousand-year period most of the elements of western culture
5:39 am
evolved. >> today, poland is becoming a different place. a museum telling the world of the revival of jewish life in a country that became a graveyard for millions. comprised of eight sal ornonsal museum takes visitors through jewish life in poland. >> reporter: when people visit this museum, what do you hope they will walk away with? >> first and foremost they will walk away with a much deeper understanding of what jewish people globally are all about. i think the first reaction is almost stunned because you are so saturated with things that one never knew about. >> the museum expects to attract a million visitors a year from around the world and many will come from this country where as many as 80% of all jews are of
5:40 am
polish descent. coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney, he takes a look at a new government lawsuit claiming millions of smartphone users have been misled. as we take a look outside, the golden gate bridge, you can see the cars making their way into the city. no rain right now, but will that change? lisa argen will have your full
5:41 am
a remote that lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all of the bay area, this is abc 7 news. good morning. here's a live look outside of the eastern span of the bay bridge, and some showers are sticking around this morning. we've got a lot of rain yesterday. how will it look today and lisa argen will let you know coming up. time is 5:42 and federal regulators are accusing at&t mobility of not giving millions
5:43 am
of customers the unlimited data plan they purchased. 7 on your side's michael finney reports on the first of its kind lawsuit being filed by the federal trade commission. the numbers in the eyes of consumer advocates are staggering. 3.5 million individual customers have been throttled by at&t, more than 25 million times. matthew gold is the federal trade commission attorney who filed the case in san francisco. >> they are promising unlimited data to their smartphone customers and not providing the unlimited data that they promised. >> at&t did not agree to go on camera, but by email its senior vice president and general counsel told 7 on your side that we told all data plan customers via national press release that resulted in nearly 2,000 news stories well before the program was implemented. in addition, the program has
5:44 am
affected only 3% of the customers. but the ftc says the language was not understandable and that at&t failed to disclose the thresholds of which people would be throttled. most important, says gold, were the timing of at&t disclosures. >> they shouldn't done what they should have done which was tell consumers at the point of sale that they were going to be throttled. >> the san francisco bay's electronic frontier foundation applauded the lawsuit and questions how at&t goes about throttling. >> at&t is throttling regardless of whether or not the cell site you're congested to, and you've used so much data and we'll throttle you. >> at&t called the lawsuit basele baseless. >> it continued its unlimited data plan in 2011 and the customers currently on the plan were grandfathered in. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we're seeing showers out
5:45 am
there this morning. when i was driving i got hit with a big shot of it. south of san francisco will be the more favorable spot. right now in the city we're dry at 56 degrees and with showers off the coast and the active radar this morning and possible thunderstorms, as well. i'll have it all for you when we return. >> plus his heart is in san francisco, but will he be here next year? ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade.
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uh...and it's the truth. - "thank you so much. sincerely, donna markow." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence. welcome back, everyone. 5:47 on your saturday morning. good morning to you. we're taking a look at the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. you see the taillights headed west there and scattered showers throughout the region. let's bring in meteorologist lisa argen to talk about the weather and lisa, scattered showers right now making their way through. >> absolutely. just off the coast of half moon bay looking at pretty good downpour. live doppler 7 hd paints a pretty bright picture this
5:48 am
morning and notice most of the activity off the coast and into the central coast around davenport, monterey and santa cruz, but we're looking right here just west of half moon bay where we've got a pretty good cell and this should be rotating through, bringing down some pretty heavy downpours along the shoreline. so keep that in mind over the hills into the east bay where you can see some higher elevation rain here and then further south you can see the reds from watsonville right through scots valley and then right through big sur and then the surf kicks up and you can see the shower activity just further inland from the coast and in the sierra nevada. this winter storm warning taking us through about 11:00 with an additional four inches or so and lake level, we're looking at a rain/snow mix. and the rain level at 6500 feet, rising in the afternoon.
5:49 am
there is some of the snow. certainly some nice news for the mountains. >> 52 in morgan hill. it's 50 in half moon bay with the shower pushing on into the region and cool conditions to the north with 46 in santa rosa and 54 in livermore. a cooler morning from san francisco to oakland and four to seven degrees cooler in mountain view and ten degrees cooler this morning and the sky line lit up in orange as we start a new month. scattered showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the afternoon. this will shift further south so much of the north bay won't see a lot of activity. remember, tonight we change our clocks and we get that extra hour of sleep. more sunshine on tap tomorrow, but some sun, too, this afternoon will allow for that unstable atmosphere to perhaps initiate a thunderstorm, but we are looking at a beach hazard statement around monterey through tomorrow morning with the large, most early swells entering monterey bay. the cold front swept through
5:50 am
yesterday anywhere from a quarter to .6 of an inch of rain and now behind it the cold, upper level low and this trough pushing through and that brings the unstable atmosphere and throughout the afternoon, things really do settle down and our computer animation takes us through 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 when things really do get quiet and most of the activity through the early afternoon. in terms of the sierra nevada, still the snow in the upper 30s and mostly cloudy down in southern california and here we've got the scattered showers along the coast and the entire golden state encompassed in the unstable atmosphere as the trough pushes through. 65 in fremont and one of the warmest looks and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows with the mix of clouds and sun, the possibility of showers and an afternoon thunderstorm. more sunshine, milder tomorrow. look at the 70s return inland. the warmest day should be toward the end of the week as we get further into the first week in
5:51 am
november and upper 60s to near 70 at the coast into the middle of the week. this is about it today, but it's still wet out there if you're out for a morning bike ride or jog, it will be dicey even through the early afternoon. >> be prepared. it's right off the coast of half moon bay. >> in sports, a day of bay area teams. >> colorado state at spartan stadium. stanford is in eugene and oregon state and kickoff is at 7:30. the big question with yesterday's giant pass raid with pablo sandoval's final act. larry beil has that and more in your saturday morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. pablo sandoval wants to remain a giant. now the question is how much the giants want that to happen, literally, how much? 15 million a year? 18 million, 20 million a year?
5:52 am
the free agent coming off his third world championship and the panda will have other offers and the red sox will back up a brinks truck for him. sandoval balked at 13 million a year when the season started preferring an offer in hunter pence territory, 18 mill per. sandoval wants to stay here if he can, but the giants will have to pay the panda. >> i'll pay to everyone out there, pay the man. i love being here with my teammates. i love being here with the fans and i love being a part of this, and in five years we got three world series. it's exciting. >> we'll see you back here next year. >> i would love to do that. >> pay the panda! the cubs made it official firing rick renteria and hiring joe madden as their new manager. madden opted out of his deal to seek out a teammate and the legacy of losing the title game
5:53 am
came 106 years ago. for a while it seemed like clay thompson's future, the warriors signed him to a huge deal and a max deal worth $70 million. he is a great shooter and defender and played very well for team usa's gold medal squad and it will be fun to watch clay and stan curry and the warriors are tonight against the lakers. lebron and the cavs in chicago and king james would intercept from coast to coast, acrobatic layup. lebron with 19 in the first half. scary moments for the bulls. derek rose comes down awkwardly on kyrie irving's foot and would leave with a sprained ankle and fortunately nothing more than that. oh, come on. behind the back, and flips it up and he had, 36 caves win 114-108
5:54 am
and the great halloween prank. he teamed up with an animatronic dinosaur, and a baby tyrannosaurus rex to scare his teammates and officials. >> baby t made for some good laughs. >> baby t, sochi's coming. ♪ ♪ get him. [ bleep ]. ♪ ♪ >> yeah. i want to hit you with my milk bottle. that's what i'm going to do. >> that's funny. morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> still to come, spooky nuptials. >> how one couple used halloween
5:55 am
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here are the winning numbers from yesterday's $eight 9, million, and the mega number 15. nobody picked all six numbers. thursday's jackpot grows to a whopping $321 million. >> you read those numbers quite well, matt. >> thank you. >> it's not unusual for couples to decide to get married valentine's day. what about halloween? holly hagan purposely selected halloween for their wedding. more than 200 wedding guests on costumes for a special occasion. for those that didn't dress up the couple provided masks. >> the couple says they're confident their love will last tuxedo. >> people come dressed as their halloween costume. >> next at 6:00, a giant celebration. more on friday's victory parade
5:58 am
and the cleanup afterward. >> plus an explosion at a walnut creek apartment complex and what investigators say caused the building to go u creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving
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this fall, shop smarter. maxx first! doesn't everyone deserve a maxx life? t.j.maxx. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday, november 1st. i'm chris nguyen. >> chris comes from sacramento. >> great to be here. >> you know what? it may seem normal to you because you've been here for a short time, it doesn't always rain here. that's something that doesn't happen very often and especially not recently. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen and we're getting showers right now, right? >> yes. that's right. some very intense activity that was flaring up over the past hour and right now your eye definitely goes south of san francisco right around half moon


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