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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 8, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror plot. four men arrested in london during a weekend full of appearances by the british royal family. was this spoiled just in time? and was the queen a target here? arctic blast. a monster storm taking aim at alaska with wild winds and waves. frigid air now ready to barrel down on much of the lower 48. who will feel the bone-chilling cold and get slammed with snow? listen to this frantic call. >> there was a man in my home. and he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> a little girl kidnapped right out of her home. a man running away with her. the quick moves that led to an incredible ending this morning. alligator whisperer
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arrested. the man arrested for kissing, caressing, even swimming with gators. was he trying to get others to join him for close encounters with the dangerous beasts? that was great. good morning. also coming up on "gma" this morning, big movies by two giants of the american breakfast scene. millions of us get our morning caffeine hit at starbucks and dunkin' donuts. paula cannot function without it. what they are promising now. you didn't take that personally, did you? >> no, i'm a caffeine con know sure. i'm intrigued by this. also, a mystery solved. a family of four vanished in ten, bodies found years later. this morning an arrest in that case. and the breaking news overnight, the apparent terror plot in london right at the start of a busy weekend for the royal family.
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>> scotland now looking into whether the queen was a potential target. arrested were made in several parts of the city. and lama hasan joins us from london. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, paula. this morning police officers are still questioning four men who were allegedly plotting to carry out attacks here in the uk. the immediate worry, one of the most important and public events that the queen and other members of the royal family are attending this weekend. this morning an alleged terror plot foiled in london, possibly connected to remembrance day celebrations that the queen and the royal family planned to attend. swooping on several addresses in london on friday. scotland yard's offices arrested four men as part of a, quote, ongoing investigation into islamist-related terrorism. specific targets were not made public. but we have learned overnight there are heightened concerns about remembrance sunday services. >> this is a war. and the queen is on the front line. >> reporter: the queen and the
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royal family are set to attend the annual festival remembrance at the historic royal albert hall in london tonight. a weekend full of public events the royals attend to remember the nation's war dead. every year the queen, prince william and other members of the royal family pay their respects by laying a wreath at the cenotaph, or the empty tomb. >> they will go to any lengths to protect her majesty. >> reporter: security had already been heightened because of jihadis, returning from afghanistan and threatening to carry out attacks on british soil. and the recent shooting in canada's parliament. typically, the police here execute raise at -- raids at dawn. with these arrests made last night, it suggests scotland yard might have been tipped off to take immediate action. so police had already been on high alert since the terror threat level had been raised to severe in august.
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meaning that a terrorist attack is highly likely. expect to see more armed police officers around the capital this weekend. as far as we know, the royal schedule, the royal events are going made as planned. dan. >> thank you. and the other breaking story, the monster storm slamming alaska with hurricane-force winds and huge waves. and this question this morning. how is it that this storm is likely to mean a big blast of early winter in the lower 48? over to meteorologist rob marciano. please explain. >> it's just such a big and powerful storm, it's jacking up the jet stream. let's listen to some sound out of alaska. this is yesterday afternoon. how ferocious this wind is. we had winds gusting to 96 miles per hour. that's measured on land. you can bet offshore was even worse than that. and another piece of video, some of the fishermen scrambling to
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get back into port in order to protect their catch and protect their vessels as well. as far as where this storm is and where it's going, right now it has a bare row met barometrif 927. below 925, that would be the strongest storm in this part of the world as long as we have been keeping records. may do that today, and ramp things down. but that's not the end of the story. but the waves will be huge as well. 50 footers in some cases throughout the islands and the entire western half of alaska will be affected by this. but, again, pumps up so much warm air. this was once a typhoon. it's going to react. the atmosphere is going to react to where all the arctic air is driving down to the south. windchills in dallas in the 20s. and as far north as bismarck below zero. that's the arctic chill. dan, paula, back to you. >> winter's here whether he like it or not. and major new developments in the botched recall of exploding and deadly air bags.
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honda has added even more vehicles to the list. and there are fresh charges that the air bag manufacturer covered up defects. david kerley has been on the story since the beginning and has the latest. >> reporter: takata, the maker of the recalled air bags says this morning that claims by two former anonymous insiders that the company knew about problems and ran tests ten years ago are fundamentally inaccurate. that response to the two test engineers who told "the new york times" that the company started testing the inflaters after the first death from an exploding fragmenting air bag in 2004. they told the times that the secret testing ran for three months and was abruptly shut down. technicians told to delete computer files and destroy tested air bags. >> we are up to 19 recalls for takata air bags. and this is the serious issue. this is the tip of recovering more. >> reporter: already takata and honda are under investigation by the national transportation safety. the regulator wants to know if
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the companies warned the government soon enough about the problem. both companies say they are cooperating. but some members of congress are now calling for a criminal investigation of takata. >> step out of the truck. >> reporter: and this morning, honda is telling more car owners to get their air bags replaced urgently. so far there is no shortage of replacements. >> we are e-mailing and direct-calling our customers. want them to be safe and make sure everyone is aware of what's going on. >> reporter: questions this morning, will more cars be recalled? and what did takata know and when? for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. dan, you've been in the swagger wagon. >> yeah. >> we own two hondas. went to the website -- >> they're minivan people. just so you know. >> i was curious if it was involved in the recall. i went to and it is involved. >> that's scary. >> no more rides in the swagger
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wagon until it's fixed. >> absolutely. >> only in the bends. >> what did you say? >> only in the benz. >> that's another honda. >> a bentley, actually. there was a lot of news. check the headlines, ron claiborne. good morning you, dan, paula, sara, rob. wherever you are. we begin in washington, d.c. where history is about to be made at the u.s. justice department. president obama will nominate loretta lynch to be the next attorney general later today. if confirmed by the senate, lynch will become the first african-american woman to hold that post. the former prosecutor from new york city would succeed eric holder who resigned in september. and the nomination comes as president obama authorizes the deployment of up to 1500 more troops in iraq. that nearly doubles the number of americans on the ground right now. administration insists they will not have a combat role. instead will only help train iraqi forces. the white house announcement did say there is no limit on how many more troops could be sent to iraq.
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and another teenager wounded in a washington state high school shooting has died. 15-year-old andrew fryberg died friday night. he was the fourth killed. he was the cousin of the shooter, jaylen fryberg, who turned the gun on himself after the shootings. outrage from a new york city judge during a sentencing friday. miguel mejia was accused of killing his wife and two young daughters in a jealous rage while they were sleeping. he was standing by and was silent. the translator told him as the judge gave him a verbal lashing. >> we believe that the death chamber, might certainly have had you in mind when they designed it. >> there is no death penalty in new york state. he will serve 45 years as part of a plea deal. and a teenaged crime fighter who used social media to nab her alleged attacker. ruby sandoval was kidnapped and
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robbed at gunpoint outside a mall. while being held, she learned her kidnapper's nickname. she looked up his name on facebook and found the suspect. there are pictures of him posing with the same gun he allegedly held to her head. cops nabbed him on thursday. his name is treshon moore fields. smiling for the camera as he is booked. and dunkin' donuts and starbucks will not just be a stop for the morning cup of joe. they will soon be serving dinner items to help jolt their bottom lines. dunkin' donuts is already serving steak sandwiches. interested? sara? >> i can't believe it. i'm a breakfast girl. >> starbucks is working out a dinner menu. stay tuned. we'll give you an update on that. >> is the sandwich a sandwich between two doughnuts? i'm all about that. >> you would totally eat that. >> i would. >> and sara will have the tuna
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from dunkin' donuts. >> and finally, you wonder what water looks like in outer space. i can tell you one word, it is cool. check out the latest video from nasa. three astronauts playing with a water bubble they have grown in the international space station during their spare time. i suppose. it reacts like nothing on earth. blobbling and jiggling like jell-o. even put a tiny gopro camera inside the bubble to show us what it looks like from the inside. turns out that getting the gopro out of the bubble turned out to be very difficult. he's trying to get it out there. >> fascinating. >> that is very, very cool. >> awesome. >> how much money does it cost to maintain the international space station? >> a lot of money to be playing around with bubbles. that's your money. >> our money at work. ron claiborne, thank you. i support it. absolutely. a big break this morning in a mystery out of california. an entire family, a mom and dad and their two children. they vanished back in 2010. their bodies were found years later. but still no suspect and no motive. now, though, we are starting to get real answers.
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there's been an arrest, and abc's marci gonzalez is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: investigators say there is no tip or big break, but this is the result of years of good police work. and now the man who claimed he was the last to speak to joseph mcstay before he and his family went missing is charged with four counts of murder. >> they have no idea -- >> reporter: the feeling, overwhelming. finally learning who police so viciously murdered this family of four. >> i need justice from the law. and the courts. and most of all justice upstairs for my lovely family. >> reporter: charles chase merritt now behind bars, accused of killing joseph mcstay, his wife, summer, and their two young sons. the family disappeared from their san diego home in february, 2010. but it wasn't until 2013 that their remains were found buried in shallow graves in the mojave
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desert. the cause of death, blunt force trauma. >> this is a cold and callous murder of an entire family. >> reporter: after hundreds of interviews and dozens of search warrants, police say the evidence finally pointed to merritt. joseph mcstay's business associate. someone he had known for years. >> he tried to help him. provide work for this guy. and this was how he was, you know, repaid. >> reporter: why and how police still aren't saying. but for now knowing this accused killer is in handcuffs, hanging his head, brings tears of relief to the mcstay family's loved ones have waited for for far too long. >> i can't thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: and in several interviews before his arrest, merritt incested he had nothing to do with the murders. he will be arraigned this week. >> there are still questions. >> yes. >> thank you.
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and now to singer turned politician clay aiken. much better at getting votes on "american idol" than in his recent run for congress. some are outraged that his failed bid could turn into a reality tv show. they want no part of it. and bazi kanani joins us. >> reporter: many of his supporters didn't find out about plans for the tv series until it was announced a few hours after he gave his concession speech. and this morning they are skeptical of his intentions. ♪ is it me you're looking for this morning, "american idol" crooner turned congressional candidate, clay aiken, is now using his famous voice to defend himself from accusations of a plan to profit from the filming of his losing campaign. >> i'm nervous. i'm nervous. >> when i first heard it, this is exactly what he's doing to stay famous. >> reporter: some of his donors now feel duped after the announcement that his long-shot campaign against republican incumbent renee ellmers in north
7:15 am
carolina will become a candid documentary series on the esquire network. >> i don't know what happens. that's after i lose this. >> reporter: actor, producer and fundraiser steve tyler said he was embarrassed when friends called him askingif aiken would be paid for a campaign reality show. he's now asking for their event in l.a. to be excluded from the tv project. >> just barely hours after the election ended, i heard on television that he got a reality show deal. i was really taken aback by that. >> reporter: in a youtube video, he says it was never about the money. >> while neither myself nor anyone involved in the campaign had any stake in the work nor control over the product -- >> reporter: the four hour documentary captures the inner workings of a modern american political campaign. he was not paid. he's not shying away from more publicity, saying he will keep using his voice to reach voters. >> this is a thank you.
7:16 am
but it's not a thank you and good-bye. >> reporter: now aiken said he agreed to the documentary project to bring transparency to the electoral process. and his defenders point out that a number of other politicians have used campaign footage in documentaries. dan. >> mitt romney for one. thank you. to miami now and a brazen band of luxury car thieves. you can see them in action on this surveillance video. taking $100,000 vehicles right out of the driveways with speed and precision. how are they pulling this off? here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: watch this man in the white hoodie as he casually opens the door and slips into a $125,000 suv. effortlessly starting the car as we do every day by pushing the button. problem is, this mercedes is not his car. the man and a partner are alleged car thieves. watch as they quietly dismantle the gate and roll out. that's their car pulling to a
7:17 am
stop on the way out of the neighborhood. why not? police say, to steal another car. what both cars had in common, the keyless ignition system, better known as a fob, was in the car. they are convenient to owners, but leave them in the car, it's like leaving your keys in the car. and that is convenient for thieves. but police say thieves don't always have to break something to break in. retired professional car thief steve fuller tells abc's ""20/20" many rely on low tech as well. jamming open cracked windows. or finding keys left in the most obvious places. >> ashtray, center column. >> reporter: too often, as was the case with this pilfering pair, the most important accomplices for car thieves, us. for "good morning america," matt gutman, miami. >> maybe i shouldn't leave my key under the floor mat. >> or in the ignition. like my brother does.
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well, with the swagger wagon, i'm not sure anybody would actually want to steal that. you have that going for you. >> you're making fun of my minivan. >> no, the swagger wagon -- we have a caught on tape story of an entirely different flavor. it feature this is little guy. >> nor is he so little. a determined and apparently very hungry sea lion, chasing a fishing boat. an amazing move to catch his dinner. sara here with the story. i want a squeal, sara. >> watching this all morning, that's not rare. i give that out a lot. my mom taught me never to pick up hitchhikers. but ends up there are expectations to that rule, especially when they look like this little guy. watch this adorable sea lion. >> crazy. >> reporter: zipping through the waves off the coast of cabo san lucas, mexico. playing chase with the fishing boat. >> how is he swimming that fast? >> the fishermen on board -- >> yeah, no problem. >> reporter: open their door
7:19 am
wide for their unexpected visitor. >> is he coming up? >> reporter: watch as it bellies up to the boat and makes a giant leap. >> whoa. >> reporter: here's that impressive jump again. don't underestimate those flabby flippers, this savvy seal coming along for the free ride. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: and a free dinner sealing the sweet deal with a piece of mackerel. satisfied with the catch of the day, the whiskered mammal slid backwards into the sea. even showing off a smooth move, a la michael jackson's iconic moon walk. this cheeky fella definitely has my seal of approval. seriously, how cute is that? >> super cute. really smart. >> very smart. it was a little dangerous. there's a propeller down there. my first reaction to the video. >> be careful. >> off to the side. >> i'm impressed how fast he was swimming. >> super fast. >> and the jump he made.
7:20 am
you have to stop to jump. >> very motivated. >> i'd do that for sushi. hello. >> speaking of adorable, has anybody noticed that rob marciano is wearing a three-piece suit today? >> oh, stop it, dan. you're just jealous. i'm layering up. all i need is right there, baby. it is november out there. so break out the brown and the three-piecers and whatever undergarments you have shaking. all right, november, chilly. you better believe it. we have been talking about the big arctic blast coming in next week. but it's cold right now. it's been blowing since yesterday afternoon. and this morning is a little bit nippy out there. temps in the 30s to wake up, 36 degrees, new york, 40 degrees in des moines. that will keep on going throughout the day today. we'll get a little surge of moisture that will roll across as cold air. winter storm watches posted in parts of montana. and a sliver of snow through the northern plains in through minneapolis. and we could see in some spots over 6 inches. but for the most part, below 5 inches.
7:21 am
no rain expected in parts of miami. but a wave of action along a stationary boundary. south florida may see showers. warm ask dry across so-corral. and that's it for weather. at fashion show ran a little bit long. >> we're expecting a little monocle. >> yeah.
7:22 am
>> i'm trying -- >> we all feel underdressed. you wear it well. just for the record. >> thank you, guys. coming up on "gma." switch gears into the serious and really scary story. a little girl snatched from her bed in the middle of the night. the 911 call and the quick-thinking moves that helped save her and catch the suspect. plus gator whisperer busted. he swims with them and gives them kisses. why police say it's all illegal. and we'll take you inside the most expensive home for sale in america. the unreal new photos of what you get for almost 200 million bucks.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work
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coming up on "gma." this is a weird one. the guy who calls himself the gator whisperer. does he have the magic touch? >> not according to conservation authorities. why he is facing some serious charges this morning. keep it right here on "good morning america." major charge this is morning. keep it right here on "good mo
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♪ ♪ lead the way you are looking at the collaboration of two very popular british bands. and by the looks of it, the super group, mcbusted, that's their name, they are proving to be very combustible. this is the video for their debut single, "air guitar." filled with surprises. you never know when someone or something will explode. the album drops december 1st. i'm digging it. >> you're digging it? mcbusted, that's what happens when you get arrested in ireland? plus, they're british. anyway. >> yeah. >> stealing somebody's french fries? i don't know. >> exactly. mcdonald's. before i get a lot of hate tweets from ireland, tell you what else is coming up on the show this morning. is this dude crazy?
7:31 am
getting so close to hungry alligators. not only crazy, some say, but also criminal. why he's now facing charges. but first, that terrifying story out of utah. the stranger who barged into a family's home in the middle of night and ran off with a little girl. >> this morning she is safe and sound in her parents' arms. but not before a frantic 911 call which led to an arrest. and brandi hitt in the l.a. bureau with the chilling story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is every parent's nightmare. a utah couple finding a man breaking into their home and walking out the front door with their little girl. >> there was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> reporter: this morning that 5-year-old utah girl is safe, back in her mother's arms after a terrifying kidnapping. >> he took my daughter from my house. >> reporter: stephanie holiday edison calling 911 as her husband chased down a man
7:32 am
allegedly abducting their daughter from their home. >> he had my daughter outside and my husband went out and got her. he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> reporter: police say troy morley entered this utah home through an unlocked door at 4:30 friday morning, grabbing her in the basement bedroom and carrying her out the front door. >> as he was exiting, noises were made that awoke the parents. >> reporter: the girl's step-father rushing outside, confronting the man on the front lawn. the suspect dropping the child and running off. >> she looks like she's dressed and everything. oh, my god. >> it was a bit of a miracle that occurred this morning. >> reporter: the attempted kidnapping reminding many of elizabeth smart who was taken from her bedroom 12 years ago and rescued nine months later in the same neighborhood. according to police he didn't make it far. officers say he was arrested after breaking into a neighbor's basement. >> i just panicked. i freaked. i ran upstairs. there's a man in the house. >> reporter: morley is behind
7:33 am
bars this morning, now facing child kidnapping and burglary charges. if there's any good news to take away in this case, it's that this little girl was not hurt. still the sandy, utah, police department is helping the family with counselling to get through the traumatic crime. paula and dan. >> they're going to need. >> can only imagine. i made sure to set the alarm before i left this morning. thank you. >> thank you. and to ron for another update of this morning's headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the foiled terror plot in london. scotland yard, investigators are looking into whether the queen was a potential target. specific targets were not made public. but there are heightened concerns about remembrance sunday services in london today. and the death of actor/comedian robin williams has now been officially ruled a suicide. the medical examiner said that no alcohol or illegal drugs were in his system according to the final autopsy report. williams had been suffering from depression, parkinson's disease and what he called anxiety
7:34 am
issues at the time of his death in august. and a guilty verdict for the pittsburgh medical researcher accused of killing his wife with cyanide. dr. robert ferrante is now facing a mandatory life sentence. and otterly adorable. it's a baby otter, get it? and her interesting name is pup 681. the 5-week-old otter was rescued from a california beach and now living in the shedd aquarium in chicago. workers helped her with her first swim. after a few splashes and a successful float, pup 681 is dried off. it sounds like a military mission and ready for a snack. >> are they going to give her a real name? we should run a "gma" contest to name the pup. >> i think you started it. >> tweet us. >> it's like area 51. you don't put numbers on a name. like -- >> send us -- to dan. >> straight from the mind of sara haines. >> 681. >> the brilliance at this table. just kidding.
7:35 am
>> just wafts right out. >> most of that brilliance is on this side. we have a bona fide meteorologist with the national weather forecast. >> by the way, we are very marine mammal heavy this morning with the otter. >> what do we have? any mammals or just the weather? >> no, just the weather. a beautiful shot of new york city where many a mammal live. there's the world trade center. one world open for business. looking good. it's crisp out there. mid 30s. and outside the city, right around the freezing mark. keep that going today. sunshine gets us back up into the upper 40s. similar numbers in new york city. breezy and blustery. 51 in philadelphia. 46 in boston, and a front that's going to be driving down across the great lakes will increase the cloudiness and bring showers by the great lakes. here's thing arctic blast. get it into the lower 48 by the end of the weekend. check out some of these overnight lows. fargo, into the teens on monday
7:36 am
and tuesday. minneapolis on tuesday, 12, chicago, below freezing, and kansas city below freezing by monday morning. meanwhile, with the cold air driving south, the other side of the country warming up. temperatures will be above average across parts of so-cal. 85 degrees in los angeles. 15 degrees above average. 77 degrees expected in >> this weather report brought to you by pier one imports. and the storm we have been talking about in alaska, it has broken a record. 924 millibars this morning. >> that means a lot to me. >> what's a millibar? >> yeah. >> you know, it's one of those things. >> it's like a little thing. you have your mini bar and your millibar. >> it's like a snickers. like a snack size?
7:37 am
>> such highbrow conversation. >> it's like a snickers, exactly. >> oh, we just dropped the tape. all right. two weeks from today, sara's getting married. >> something big to talk about. as you know sara is counting down to her wedding day. hearts are breaking across america. >> and in the issue of "bride," which you can get at dan's pad. look at her. >> that's not sara. >> no, not on the cover. >> i look amazing. >> inside. what page is this on? i don't even know. >> the model. >> she's playing martha stewart, tackling projects like making favor boxes, save the date cards, candle holders. you say that you're going to have max, your fiance, and several of your groomsmen do this, right? >> really? they're going to be making doilies? something like that? >> yeah, that seemed like an nba move with a ymca finish. >> is that happening? >> big dreams, no execution. >> i love this quote, i love a personalized touch as a parting gift because i never got over being 5 and getting goody bags at birthday parties. >> i don't go to parties where
7:38 am
there aren't gifts on the way out. that's why i plan ahead. >> doesn't help your social calendar. >> exactly. isn't he cute? >> we're so excited for your wedding. >> thank you. >> so excited. >> i know understand the better half thing. >> max, you have two weeks to back out. >> don't give him any ideas, paula. >> start getting crafty, max. >> we love you. you're going to be the most beautiful bride, sara. >> thanks. and coming up on "good morning america," he swims, alligators, even kisses them. >> why law enforcement officials not amused. and who wears the highest heels in the nation? the results of a survey coming up in "pop news." >> dan. >> almost made ron think that.
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yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter? and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. okay. so this guy calls himself the gator whisperer. getting oddly intimate with creatures who could kill him in a nanosecond. >> no thank you. now the authorities are after him. saying he put more than just himself at risk. and linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. his name is hal, and he also calls himself the haligator. he's been interacting with the
7:43 am
gators for six months. filming it all, allowing the tourists to get up close to. this morning hal kreitman is facing federal prison time for videos like this one. like this one. the 51-year-old self-proclaimed alligator whisperer plants a kiss right on the nose of one of the ferocious predators. rubs its chin and grabs its tail. the former chiropractor is out on $2500 bail. he was arrested in an undercover sting after florida fish and wildlife officials say they saw one of his facebook videos showing off his ability to get up close with the massive reptiles. >> they are more afraid of us than we are of them. >> reporter: according to investigators he was charging $250 for bringing tourists along for one of these literally face-to-face encounters. >> i don't charge anybody to touch an alligator. to this day i never took a penny
7:44 am
from anybody. >> reporter: he's pleaded not guilty to charges of enticing and illegally capturing an alligat alligator. he tells abc news that his reptile excursions are strictly free of charge. >> what's wrong with bringing people out to get the best shots they're going to get? i think that's called a safari. >> reporter: they say it was not just illegal, but extremely dangerous for everyone. >> not only is a person going to be hurt, but the animal will be killed also. >> reporter: the ex-body builder says for now he's staying out of the water. he fears jail more than one of these guys. when they arrested him, wildlife officials found a cooler of raw meat, probably gator bait, in his car. it's illegal also to feed alligators. the thing authorities are worried about is gators associatiing humans, food or getting too comfortable around them. he was conditioning them to not be afraid of humans. this is a recipe for disaster.
7:45 am
these are unpredictable animals with the brain the size of a walnut. >> bad news for the haligator. >> maintain those necessary boundaries. >> thank you. paula calls me danimal. >> and slightly less ferocious. >> but your brain is much larger than a walnut. maybe two walnuts. >> he actually intimidates me on a daily basis because he's so smart. coming up on "good morning america," we're going to take you inside the most expensive house for sale in the country. straight ahead in "pop news." so a couple million, a hundred million? >> keep you guessing. it's not what you think. >> okay. million? >> keep you guessing. it's not what you think. >> okay. ♪ a lovely day. ♪ lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. ♪ target and toms are getting together this holiday. to give back, in a big way.
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♪ you've -- you may recognize her from "bride" magazine. sara haines. >> there she is.
7:49 am
>> "pop news." >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yes, you are. time to live large. and i mean really large. a home in the heart of beverly hills became the most expensive home for sale in the country. check it out. this is the plaza diolore. there's a lot to love here. i know -- >> that's the name? >> yes, it is. the mediterranean-style villa is private and luxurious with over 35,000 square feet of living space. it has amazing views. and ifs own wine cellar with almost enough space to hold your collection, ron. 14,000 bottles of wine. almost your collection, ron. >> beer bottles. >> sorry, wine isn't your thing. and an infinity pool and an entertainment center. and it can be yours for just $195 million. i hope that's million again. >> bargain bottom price. >> i'll offer 150 and see if they come down? >> yeah, see if you can bring
7:50 am
that down just a notch? >> does that include the wine? >> it also includes a vineyard. makes it a little easier to swallow. but really not enough. >> that's worth it. >> and a private island and a small town. some chihuahuas. they don't think about it. i have to show you about women and their love affair with high heels. a study did some sole searching to see who takes it to the highest level. women in puerto rico, nevada, florida and arkansas have the highest heels. i found that shocking. and on the lowest, nebraska, kansas, maine and vermont. here in new york, practicality wins out, isn't surprising. we walk everywhere. the average is just -- >> those are my shoes. >> 2.09 inches. >> and our own two-person survey of paula and i. >> don't look at shoes. >> don't look at my pedicure. i touched it up. >> those are your shoes? >> i usually run around in tons. so this is misleading. rob points them out. >> and a shoe shiner for you as well. >> mine need a little buffing. no one warned me they would be
7:51 am
on air. and fashion in south beach. hosting a 24-hour runway show. kicking off the marathon that will feature 1,440 different looks from 80 designers. it started at 8:00 last night and doesn't end until 8:00 tonight. that's a lot of quick changes. they're hoping to break a guinness record for the longest fashion show. probably going to do it. >> are they going to wear the same things oth s over and over? >> different looks. >> is he singing the whole time? >> what? >> the -- >> no, i feel like they should have to be on their feet. 24 hours. >> let's do it. >> see if they make it. >> thanks, sara. >> that's all you got. >> "bride" magazine, we'll be back. you are a big deal. ride" magazine, we'll be back. you are a big deal. ( ♪ )
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big programming note. keep it right here on abc. a marquee college football matchup. 8:00 tonight. ohio state at michigan state in east lansing. >> buckeyes and spartans. >> yes, it's a big game. both one loss games. and you're calling for what? >> a chance of showers. >> i'm going wear it tomorrow -- yes and spartans. >> and you're calling for showers? >> a chance of showers. yes and . >> and you're calling for showers? >> a chance of showers. es and s. >> and you're calling for showers? >> a chance of showers. kes and . >> and you're calling for now from abc 7 news. good morning. 18,000 nurses throughout northern california will walk off the job on a two-day strike. the strike by the california nurses association will affect 21 kaiser hospitals and 35 clinics. kaiser will remain open during the strike, though some elective procedures and routine
7:57 am
appointments may be rescheduled. the strike comes as hospital and clinics demand higher ebola treatment standards and better safety precautions. the nation's top transit official will visit oakland. the department of transportation's mcmillen will be joined by leaders to talk about the funding which promises to improve service for thousands of east bay residents. the announcement will be held at 11:00 at the kaiser convention center in oakland. good news for travelers flying out of oakland international airport for thanksgiving. a new rail link will open just in time for the holiday season. b.a.r.t. announced its new rail link will open on november 22. the trains will replace the existing air b.a.r.t. shuttle buses. some parts of the bay could see 80s today. a quick check of the forecast with lae is a argen. hi, lisa. here is a look at san francisco.
7:58 am
we can see some of the haze. the city is sunny. temperatures in the mid-50s and upper 50s. 53 in san jose. look at the beach in santa cruz going through the mid and upper 70s today. 48 and fog by the delta. here's a look at your visibility in miles. but as you noted low 70s san francisco and some 80s with plenty of sunshine today. chris? >> lisa, thanks. up next, breaking news. two americans being detained in north korea are set free. we'll have the latest.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning and thanks for waking up with us. warm conditions throughout much of the region today but when can we expect rain? lisa argen joins us now with the accuweather forecast. hi there, chris. good morning to you. a live look at doppler 7 hd and a couple pockets of dense fog around the san carlos airport. also oakland reporting about a quarter mile visibility. and the view from our camera, a little hazy out there. 54 in in mount view. oakland with the fog, 54. half moon bay, looking at some visibility restrictions as well in the mid-50s. and closer to the bay in emeryville looking at sunshine today in the mid-70s today in oakland. low 70s san francisco, near 80 in our inland valleys. will this last through the weekend? possibly. we do ha


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