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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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upstairs at the house. officers say the man is nobody a member of the fraternity not a student at uc berkeley. they say he was one of the many attendees of the party thrown here last night. police got the call about an unresponsive man just after 12:00 p.m. today. officers are erring on the side of caution and investigating the death as suspicious. he was found face down, and according to the blog, witness says vomit was found around he man's mouth. the fraternity is not officially recognized by the university. students say they regularly throw parties which can often get very large. >> when it's at its peek, anywhere from -- peak, 500 to 700, something around there. >> theft big. >> it's a lot of space in there. one of the best buildings for parties for sure. >> wow. i'm shocked. a little puzzled about it.
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crazy, man. the fact that someone died on this campus, it's so close to the center of the campus, devastating. >> the man's name is being withheld until family members are notified. we reached out to the zeta phi office and they had mo comment. >> family members of a san francisco missing man have come to help search for him. 26-year-old dan ha was last seen leaving his apartment on halloween and has not been heard from since. we're live with the latest on the search. under. reporter: it has been nine days sin he was last season but loved ones posted thousands of fliers and are now offer $500 reward for information that brings him home. >> friends and loved ones of 26-year-old dan ha post fliers with his picture on just about
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every pole, wall, and store window they can in the area he was last seen. dan disappeared halloween night. he was last spotted near his apartment on fourth and brandon street in south of market neighborhood. >> i miss him so much. >> dan's parents drove 17 hours from british columbia to help search. >> it's a big blow to us to our family. >> really good son, and good person. >> his brothers flew in from the east coast. they called dan smart and disciplined with a good heart. >> no ran for dan to have disappeared. he has no history of mental illness. >> we checked his phone usage and saw that friday night was the last time anything on his phone. and that's really unusual. he is pretty wired in. >> and very involved in the tech community, graduating from stanford and is an ois developer and works at a startup but
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called in six. his father spoke with him on the phone the day before, his son complained of a migraine and asked his dad to say a prayer for him. they're not sure why helift the apartment. >> we don't know why. if he sick, he can go out. >> dan only had his wallet and was last season wearing a red sweat shirt. >> it's been a warm and sunny november but that could change of. you can see the lights there and how is that sky looking? let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> this weekend we called for warm temperatures and that's what we had the past 48 hours. a live look will show you, we are generally seeing a change. fog rolling in.
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normally wesee should be in the mid-to-upper 60s but we we are in low 80s. oakland sat a new record yesterday. the temperatures are taking a step back compared to yesterday. that's going to be the trend. cooler air is going to be pushing in this new week. the forecast calls for the cool sea breeze. mild air will regreet along with the cooler air we'll attract showers. details and the timing of the rain in the full accuweather in a few minutes. >> tvs say a working are smoke alarm woke up and saved a family and a beloved pet in antioch. the fire broke out just after 2:00 a.m. no one was hurt. fire crews found the family's pet rat crawling through the rubble and returned it to a happy little boy. investigators think the fire started in a barbecue on the front porch. emergency management crews are still trying to figure out what triggered san francisco's
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sirens to sound twice overnight. the city's air raid alarm first went off at 11:00 last night in hunter's point and then again at 5:00 a.m. in san francisco. department officials say a message followed both times to let people know there was no real emergency, but still they got a lot of concerned callers. >> we also pushed messages out on twitter, send out media advisory. we're using the warning system to let people know that the sirens off but there's no emergency. >> officials say crews could trigger the sirens again while trouble shooting the problem and with provide updates as necessary. tonight, crews are working to repair a water main break in napa. a neighbor's photo taken today shows water still pouring into the drain. the city says it's necessary to flush the pipes as the fix the main so there well about some alert lost. the water main broke yesterday
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morning, about 200 homes were without water. service has been restored but there might be intermittent outages through tomorrow. public works believes the august 24th earthquake hey -- may have caused the break and has been blamed for 180 water main leaks. demonstrators took to the streets of san francisco today, demanding justice for the 43 missing students now presumed dead in southern mexico. the students disappeared last september, including 19-year-old israel lieu guard dough from handosayi. mexican authority say three drug gang members confessed to murders and authorities found badly burned human remains in a riverbed near the school in mexico. >> they have over 24,000 already people dead in mexico. and they say it's the cart -- they are the cartels, but we know that's not true. we have a corrupted government. >> mexican police have arrested the mayor of the city and his
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wife, who had been on the run since september. they're accused of ordering a local police chief to stop the students from protesting a speech, and that was right around the time of their disappearance. man released from captivity in north korea yesterday says he learned a lot during his two years in jail there. kenneth bae, the ailing korean american missionary from washington state, was released along with matthew miller of bakersfield. their freedom came after the intervention of top u.s. intelligence official james clapper. after arriving back on u.s. soil, bae expressed his gratitude. >> it's been amazing two years. i learn a lot. i grew a lot. lost a lot of weight. in a good way. but i am standing strong because of you. >> a senior obama administration official says the president approved the mission last week. clapper spent roughly a day on the ground and met with north korean security officials but not leader kim jong-un.
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clapper and his aides have kept quiet whom he met with or what was discussed. trafficking is moving again on the golden gate bridge and all the prep work to install the safety device is done. all the work wrapped up this morning. officials believe the barrier will prevent head-on collisions. all lanes of the bridge will close the weekend of january 10th and 11th so crews can put the barrier into place. still ahead at 6:00, a new report suggests 49ers star aldon smith could have to play to play on the team this year, and a tech exec's vacation home plans are too lavish for some in a north bay community. you can join abc7 news to help feed the hungry. text the word feed to 80077 to make a $10 donation to
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this year aldon smith will reported ily be paying to play nor 49ers. smile smith did not fulfill counseling obligations to connectioned to his suspension and did not play today. the suspension was for personal conduct and substance abuse violations. the report says smith will owe the 49ers $661,000 after the season and he'll have to give up his entire signing bonus.
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espn source told them smith did more community service than mandated but did not seek enough counseling. smith's agent disputes the report. the team and league have not commented. the founder of pandora plans to build a massive 17-bedroom vacation home in rural marin county, and neighbors not happy about it. tim westergren contacted people in the area last year and said he wanted to build a sustainable home and hopes to become part of the community. the actual plans are for an 8300 square foot home with 17 bedrooms, a dozen bathrooms, a meditation hut, a lap pool, and two garages. it will replace a orthodox seminary. it has generated unprecedented interest, and people are worried it will be the beginning of a trend.
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a affluent buying up properties and forcing out lower income artists and musicians who live in the area. westergren contacted neighbors in september to ease their fears and said it will just be used for a family retreat where he and his wife plan to retire. >> coming up next, it's a mob with good intentions. why these people were dancing for kindness. could we see rain this week? meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. >> the raiders took the lead against the broncos and then reverted to old habits. the 49ers went back to an old habit, running the ball and it work. they won in new orleans, keeping their hopes alive. reactions from b
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and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working. there's something contagious spreading through the bay area and around the world tonight. the dance for kindness happened this morning at the lafayette reservoir. a local more organized the event. this is a flash mob that actually happened worldwide in 80 cities it to with one mission, to empower and unite the world with the message of kindness. always a good message. let's turn it over to one of the the nicest people i knew, abc7
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meteorologist drew tuma with the forecast. >> thank you, katie. the forecast will friending down and increase the chance for rain. live doppler 7hd we're not finding any rain. it's a rather dry weekend and clear skies. we're still keeping with the clear skies but at the bottom of the screen, just behind the skyline, we're seeing coastal fog move in. that's an indication the sea breeze is kicking in. temperatures from the 70s and 80s this afternoon, down to 57 in san francisco, 67, concord. 62, san jose, mountain view, 63. satellite and radar will show you high pressure still controlling our weather right now. brought us the clear skies, the mild temperatures this weekend. look off to the north and we're tracking a cold front going to dislarge the high pressure to the south and allow the cooler temperatures to move in over the next couple of days. the cool numbers we'll see,
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midwest and the eastern two-thirds of the united states where veil cold air will be moving inch the jet stream separates warm air and cold air and watch as this dips far south. wednesday into thursday. strong area or low pressure will move into thf=á midwest,tu-zóh,÷ allowing cool canadian tire filter in as far south as dallas, texas, andfá atlanta, georgia, temperatures anywhere from 10 tooám average. if you're travelingrxuucl[ pack the winter gear, thefá he*zñ jacket, back here at home. we're tracking sunshine for monday. coastal cloudsn6 early on. those will burn off. sunshine across the bay area and temperatures a couple doings belowtáiju above normal. then the long range. late wednesday and thursday,!dáe are seeing showers in therjktñ picture. south of san francisco, generallya5 just some light sprinkles. the north bay could see a quarter inch of rain once the system is done. so generally not a soaking
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system but some wet weather as we get to mid-week this week. overnight lows in the bay area, 53 in san francisco. 53, richmond. 49, oakland. north bay, 42. 50 ex-overnight low in san jose. tomorrow, another sunny day. a little coastal cloud and fog. 70, sanyj]iññ francisco.rs5 79, napa. 80, fairfield. san jose, 77. oakland, mild high of 73 tomorrow afternoon. but that mild air on the accuweather seven-day forecast is going to slowly retreat. tuesday looking governor to veterans day. a a few high cloud. wednesday afternoon into this, first the clouds will arrive, temperatures. maybe a 15-degree drop, especially in inland, from what we felt today, staying in the +%timing or amount changes we'll updateñuu5 you.
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>> i don't even have a coat or umbrella out in the apartment right now. >> mike shumann in with sportsful also one of the nicest people i know. >> who is that? >> you. >> niners have never lost three straight under jim harbaugh and made sure that didn't happen today in new i it took overtime. 49ers re-doctoring their identity. frankh"ó gore, 43 carries,÷ú 81 yards. touch. 21-10 niners at the half. third quarter, drew brees. pocket presence, finds jimmy graham. 21-17 game. key moment. fourth and ten from the 22. this could be the season right frow. cap avoids a sack, finds michael crabtree wide open.
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saints, five second left. brees, the hail mary, prayers answered by offensive pass interference for pushing to overtime. brees, thirdx> 49ers next opponent, giants in seattle. lynch, to tds, seahawks, 350 yards on the ground. russell wilson added 107 and this touchdown. seahawks win 38-17.
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improve to 6-3. cardinals and rams. carson palmer left the game with a left knee injury. drew stanton off the pine. four plays later finds john brown who makes an amazing grab but had a better celebration. cards 8-1 for the first time since 1948. 31-14 theg;s final. >> raiders hosting the broncos and peyton manning is a good star for the/uí÷ silvernhgy;du . uu5á overthrow^s9xk$ayden withg raidersg
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join us tonight for abc7 news on kofy tv 20. why a chef is forced to risk arrest just to feed the homeless. then at 11:00, here on channel 7, 7:00 on your side's michael finney with a story of mixed up identities that became a credit nightmare and the lengths one woman went to straighten it out. >> millions of meshes crowded movie theaters to check out two huge knew movies boy pig hero six" made by our parent company, disney, was first place. about a tech prodigy and his robot. ed mate 56 million does inch second place, "interstellar"
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debuted at 50 million tuesday. analysts believe it would have been first but wasn't release ned 3-d, which generates a lot of money. and this time of 169 minutes means it shows fewer times each night. st. vein
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