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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 12, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7
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news. >> the ground gave and he slid down. >> the father of the 4-year-old who plummeted more than 200 feet down a cliff describes watching his son go over the edge. >> tonight in an exclusive interview, what that dad was willing to do to save his boy. good evening. >> 4-year-old sebastian johnson is in a medically enduced coma after the fall near bodega bay. >> rescuers had to repel down 225 feet. alyssa harrington spoke with the boy's father in a story you will only so on abc7 news. >> that incident was my worst nightmare. >> darrell johnson was still shaking when we talked to him at his santa rosa home. his son sebastian survived a terrifying fall near bodega bay on monday evening. the boy was hiking with his parents and sister and he was reaching for a rock when he lost his footing.
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sebastian tumbled down the cliff and landing at the bottom on the beach. guy i threw everything off, my backpack and ran and jumped down myself to get him. i did everything i could to get down there. i was trying to look for him and cooperate see him. >> first responder repelled down to the child and found him alive crying and badly injured. he broke some bones and fractured his face and skull. >> he wasn't really talking. i asked if he liked spider-man and super heros and think of them and try to cape him awake. >> firefighters hauled sebastian back up in a basket. >> i was falling. i was crying because i was so relieved. >> the 4-year-old is in serious condition. he had surgery, a blood transfusion and was put in a medically enduced coma. he calls his son's survival a miracle. >> he is stubborn and a little fighter and that's why i am proud of him. >> he is not sure when
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sebastian will be able to come home, but he says his puppy and his favorite blanket are waiting. in santa rosa, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> a tragedy in the east bay as a chase ends in the death of a boy who was just crossing the street. abc7 news reporter is at the scene. >> the sheriff deputies say they are still searching for the suspect. they just got off the phone with him and they say the boy who was hit at san lorenzo high school, the boy was struck and his body landed in the bus stop and witnesses say it was a sad scene especially after the boy's mother came out and found her son's lifeless body in the street. >> he didn't have a chance of running or moving. >> the boy was on his scooter in the middle of the crosswalk when the police chase came
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flying down east 14th street. witnesses say the suspect's car was driving southbound in the northbound lane. >> as soon as he tried to swerve to get on the correct side of the driving area he -- that's when he hit the boy that was across the street. >> it happened just after 6:00 at the intersection of east 14th street and ashland avenue near san leandro. >> i seen the police car behind the car chasing him. and it was about maybe five cars and they kept going in that direction. >> alameda county sheriff deputies say they broke off their pursuit of the reckless driver, but then reengaged after he struck the boy. >> i immediately ran over to him. i stood next to him and his friends came. jay the friends say the victim attends a nearby school. 234 san leandro, alan wang, abc news. >> in san jose a driver accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian is in custody.
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the victim was walking near south king road at 4:30 this afternoon when the vehicle hit her. the driver stopped and was arrested they are investigating the circumstances of the tragedy. >> in vallejo, crews working in the dark to rescue a para-glider stuck in a tree. earlier this evening he crashed on private property off columbus parkway near solano community college. he couldn't walk on his own and so he was airlifted to the hospital. new details about the accident that killed a young gorilla at the san francisco zoo. investigators looking into whether proper procedures were followed. he died after being crushed by a high droll lick do i. an employee was required to keep her hand on an emergency stop button. investigators are looking into whether she failed to do so. the stop button was apparently working, but not activated before the gorilla was pinned. we now know comedian robin williams suffered from luis body disease, a disorder similar to parkinson's causing
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memory problems and could trigger hallucinations. he took his own whrief in august. his own life in august. he left his estate to his three adult children. he had a pre nuptial agreement with his wife. a world war ii veteran who flaw more than 50 missions over germany is getting some well deserved recognition. the government recently awarded 96-year-old william carillo a purple heart and bronze star after losing his service records. he was incarcerated in two pow camps. he told us about the time his b-17 bomber was shot down and he was able to parasuit from the jet. parachute from the jet. >> i came from the clouds and i ended up in some -- i went through some guy's roof. >> that's after he parachuted from his plane. he is still owed back pay from the days when he was held prisoner. the veterans administration offered him a lump sum
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payment. it was so low he wouldn't accept it. >> a group of veterans is trying to make a difference, not just for wine drinkers, but for each other. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard introduces us to value lore wines. dash -- valor wines. it is an opportunity for those who served our country. >> there is a party happening in livermore for the 239th birthday of the u.s. marine corp, and all of the marine vets are drinking a toast. especially josh lane who served in iraq. when he left the service he went home to open a winery. >> i didn't know you had to have a license to start a business. the marine corp didn't teach us that. >> he learned the rope and in 2007 started growing grips and opened valor winery, but he needed help and turned to fellow vets. some who needed hands themselves. >> we wanted to take it upon ourselves and lead every veteran from every branch. >> vietnam vet bill halverson
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now works on the bottling line. >> when you know you have a facility and someone like josh who has a heart for it, it is out standing. >> he was one of the 60 vets working for valor and the new beer label, uncle sam's misguided brewer re. right now they are only sold on-line, but not for long. >> it will happen early next year at them tee building in downtown livermore. beer on tap and wine by the glass. josh's hometown dream is creating more jobs and opportunities for vets who may one day pay it forward. >> i would really like to see more veterans become entrepreneurs and help lead and set a positive example for our community. >> a perfect gift for veterans day. in livermore, cornell bernard, abc7 news. well, coming up next on abc7 news, you will meet the egg whisperer. how this local fertility guru takes the hot topic of egg
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freezing and makes it a bit less taboo. and a view of the bay unlike anything you have ever seen. the incredible aerial photography that drops drones in favor of something else. >> and thunder rolls through san francisco tonight. the surprise visit from a music ledge end. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i am tracking this system with live doppler 7hd and that means rain is on the way. i will have a time
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>> you have likely heard of jewelry parties, maybe painting parties, but how about egg freezing parties. the idea was launched by an
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egg freezing doctor. it gives a chance to find out more about your options in a casual setting. lisa amin gulezian has more from walnut creek. >> welcome to this party. >> there is food and plenty of conversation, but talk of this party is all about fertility and egg freezing. it is the second in a series launched by productive specialist whose nickname is the egg whisperer. >> i want to prevent the heartbreak that infertility may cause for a lot of women. >> and so she is getting women to talk about their options and their bodies and their futures. in a conversation that is easier to have now that both facebook and apple recently announced coverage for female employees who opt to freeze their eggs. >> would i have to be out of work for awhile and take time off? many of their questions involved cost, managing busy schedules and risks. >> i am 40 years old and i don't know if it is even
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available or if it is healthy for an older lady. >> as a career woman, i am around the age of reproduction and i don't know if i am ready yet. this is an insurance policy for the future. >> this 37-year-old has already made up her mind. >> i have other friends who have done it. they are lawyers and other professionals and it seems like the right thing to do. >> it is all about access. that's why dr. amy is hosting these egg freezing parties all over the bay area. last night she was in san francisco and tonight in the east bay. the first week of december she will host a party in san jose. in walnut creek, lisa amin do gee sheen, abc -- lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. aerial photography these days involve drones. they are everywhere. there is another way though to get spectacular shots from above. wayne freedman with a camera on the end of a stripping.
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string. >> some guys may go a long way to fly a kite and others may go further to take a picture. in the case of chris benton, they are one in the same. this is a tantalizing place even with the residual morning mist. >> i am interested in landscapes and this is a place that has layer after layer of history. >> he is a retired professor of architecture with a fascination of our structures change. this place is a natural. fort berry has more than 100 years of bunkers, missal silos and they are left from california's coastal defense system, and they are in slow states of decay. >> you can see this up close, but it would be nice to see it in context. >> that's where the kite comes in. an eight-foot six-sided japanese design. >> it is a simple kite. >> it needs to be. chris is about to hang a camera beneath it and a radio
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controlled mount he designed and built from a work bench sketch. >> how many cameras have you lost? >> i lost two. >> but in less than 20 years jie. and he took plenty of photographs. >> by getting up and looking down you can see colors and patterns and artifacts that you just wouldn't have noticed while present -- while standing on the ground. >> this after 10 years and 250 trips documenting changes to the salt flats in san francisco bay. everything shot from cameras and success spended. there are bubbles of low altitude and kris crossing of mud flaps. the migrating birds at rest. >> do you think of yourself as an artist or scientist? >> i like to think of maze as both. i think they intersect in rich ways.
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and it was taken from 2,000 feet above the bay three weeks in 1906. guy a camera hanging from a kite 200 feet above. a camera guided by the wind looking down at the ruins of fort berry to capture the details. >> in understanding the landscape. >> such a peaceful way to spend a day in a beautiful place once designed for war. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> if you would like to see more of the aerial photography go to our website, and we have a
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slide show you will enjoy. garth brookes is back and now he shows fans in san francisco what it is about. ♪ friends in low places >> that's garth brooks leading a show at the independence. they got a special treat and brooks introduced new songs from his album "man against the machine." he stopped by to open his first twitter account. he has more than 61,000 followers. >> he puts on a great show too. well, let's talk about the weather forecast. >> that's right. sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> the pattern is changing as we head toward wednesday night and thursday. live doppler 7hd right now is showing cloud cover and here is what you are looking at temperature wise. the plunge continues. arctic city is 1 below.
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5 dries in denver and two in great falls and even teens showing up in minneapolis and omaha. now i want to factor in the wind and show you the windchills. this is brutal be cold. it is 22 below in rapid city. it is definitely feeling the cold air out over the pacific northwest. the temperatures will brung heading down toward the texas area going into tomorrow where freeze warnings and hard freeze warnings are up. visibility is good and it makes our temperatures seem downright balmy compared to what is going on in other parts of the country. 57 san francisco and moffett field, san jose mid50s and look at morgan hill you dropped to 49 degrees. all of the cloud cover tonight preventing that fog from developing down below. that's good for your morning commute. temperatures in the 50s from santa rosa to livermore. and the sutro tower camera showing clouds over san francisco. the rain arrives tomorrow night and it is going to be
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wet for thursday morning's commute. when you look at these beach hazards this is in advance of the system coming in. we still have it up for the coastline through thursday afternoon. just in case you want to enjoy the coast, watch out for sinker waves and rip currents along the coastline there. a look at the storm, it is on the pacific satellite picture here and it looks impressive. the rain does arrive tomorroww night. unfortunately the rain doesn't look terribly impressive. we are going to get something out of it and it will be measurable. as we head toward 9:00 p.m. on wednesday night, the rain moves into the north bay and then it spreads. when you are sleeping at 1:00 a.m. you might get woken up by the pitter patter of rain drops. you will need more time for the commute. it will be slow going. by 9:00 a.m. the rain, showers and all of it tapers. a few showers pop up into the afternoon. by thursday afternoon the rain totals will look like this
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across the bay area up to an inch in the mountains. most lower elevations a 10th to .40 of an inch. the temperatures thanks to the clouds are not too colder. upper 40s to mid50s and then for the afternoon you may want to pack a light sweater. the temperatures will be like today in the 60s. heaviest cloud cover in the north bay less in the south bay. rain wednesday night and going into thursday. we get a breather and milder weather for the weekend. dry and then more rain coming in on tuesday. ama and dan? >> thanks, sandhya. >> time to turn to sports. >> i started the classics and there is a saying if you want to be the man you have to beat the man. the warriors met the man tonight. the world champion sp
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the warriors got a firsthand look at the team they would love to beat. the world champion spurs came to town to show why they were so good for so long. teacher versus pupil. harrison barnes aggressive early. he had 22. klay thompson a sprained right hand and looked okay. 29 for klay. spurs take control before the half. look at the unselfish pass in their corner. parker goes for 28. a big fund mental. tim duncun before half time. the spurs in the second half with authority. that's kawhi leonard. where is steph curry? he tips it up and in with a
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left hand. 16 for steph and 0 for 7 on three's. green looking for the charge and instead it is a block. the spurs win it 113-100 handing the warriors their second straight loss. to the ice and this is what dejection looks like. game three against the panthers and the sharks just didn't have it. jimmy hayes wins it and in the second more of the same. and then in the third, thomas fleischman. they get well against the sharks 4-1. one all pro arrives as another one leaves for the season. we will have the latest
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49ers today. they get aldon smith back, but they lose patrick willis. smith returns after a nine-game suspension for violating the nfl's personal conduct code and substance abuse policy. he should provide an immediate boost to their pass rush. we don't know how much aldon will play, but he is ready. >> i have had a lot of time to get out in the community and spend time with my family and spend time with my son. look at the game from a whole different aspect. just being happy with the chance i have to play this game. i'm excited. >> do you feel like you are ready to go right now? >> i'm ready to go. >> the niners get aldon back, but they lose another all-pro linebacker who needs surgery on his big toe.
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willis is the sergeant hulka of the defense. he is their big toe, but his toe injury has been a problem for years. >> you know, i thought maybe just give it a couple weeks and find a way to fight through it as i always have. but unfortunately i felt like i really need to do it for myself for my longevity. >> chris borlin has played great in his spot. abc7 sports brought to you by ebay. >> thanks, larry. >> abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next
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last year. >> we have got to find those 911 phone calls. >> what is your emergency?
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>> i'm stuck in a corn maze. >> exactly. and how are the cops supposed to get you out? put a helicopter up? >> do they send a drone? >> what do they do? that's a good question. coming up "the mix." pizza. the world's biggest pie and what the toppings say about you. >> can't wait for that. landing a spacecraft on top of a speeding comet. no, this is not a scene from "star trek." it's a risky mission happening right now. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. r brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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