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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the ferguson tapes. new video of officer darren wilson in the hours immediately after he shot unarmed teenager michael brown. and for the first time we're hearing the police radio calls. >> get us several more units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> what they reveal about the timeline in the minutes before wilson opened fire. surprise party disaster. guests gathering for a night of fun bolting from a home when a fire breaks out. fire fighters rushing to the scene. what could have caused this million-dollar mansion to go up in flames? bizarre home invasion. a pair of married lawyers charged with stabbing and or chour -- torturing the wife's
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former boss inside this luxury home. was this all about revenge? the strange new details. why one of the suspects was caught wearing a diaper. and welcome to new york. prince william and kate's big royal pre-christmas trip to the big apple. what they'll do and where they'll go. will america gets its first up close look at baby george? ♪ we're on tv right now. >> good morning. ron just reminded us that we're on tv. thank you, ron. appreciate that technical advice. pretty much anywhere you're waking up in america this morning it is absurdly and unreasonably and unfairly cold. check out the map. the polar plunge enveloping most of the lower 48. >> and winter is not here yet. but we're looking at high temperatures a good 20 to 40 degrees below average this morning.
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and snow, if it hasn't already hit, is on the way for many. and coming up, meteorologist rob marciano will tell us what to expect. >> not looking forward to that. but we're going to start with the new images and new information in the case that has provoked angry debate and violent protests. you are looking at just-released surveillance video of officer darren wilson. these images captured in the hours after he killed the unarmed teenager, michael brown. mara schiavocampo has more on the pictures and the radio calls that give us a better sense of timeline. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these video and audio recordings provide the most detailed chronology yet of the fatal august shooting. revealing the entire encounter took just 90 seconds. this as the grand jury decision is expected any day. this morning for the first time we are seeing officer darren wilson hours after he fatally shot unarmed african-american teen michael brown. in this surveillance video
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obtained by the "st. louis post dispatch," wilson is seen walking out of the police station. according to the paper, heading to the hospital, accompanied by another officer and union lawyer. he does not appear to have any visible injuries. >> report 21. >> 10-8 with a report. >> reporter: after a public records request by the boast dispatch, they released calls that took place before the deadly shooting. they revealed a detailed timeline of less than ten minutes from the time officer wilson, unit 21, offered his assistance in the search for a robbery suspect at 12:00 p.m. >> 21 to 25 or 22. you guys need me? >> reporter: to the time fellow officers control the scene where 18-year-old michael brown lay dead in the middle of the street. heard here at 12:07. >> get us several more units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> reporter: the new report increasing tension in a city already on edge. the community of ferguson is waiting for the results of a
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grand jury looking into whether to indict officer wilson. there has been leaked testimony and several conflicting medical examiner's reports. the police department repeatedly defending officer wilson, including to our steve osunsami. >> his face was swollen. he had obviously been hit or punched or something like that. >> reporter: we reached out to the ferguson police department for comment but have not heard back. as far as we know, these images are the last time officer wilson was seen in public. >> very, very tense atmosphere there. this adds fuel to the fire. thank you. and now to the polar plunge. the deep freeze gripping most of the country right now. and it's going to get worse before it gets any better. meteorologist rob marciano on the set of espn's "college gameday," joining us from tuskaloosa, alabama. rob, can you even hear us right now? >> reporter: it's going to get louder for sure. good morning. as you mentioned, we're at gameday, alabama and mississippi
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state. a crucial game in the playoffs. we'll get to that in a second anthroughout the hour. but talk about the serious weather happening all weekend long. start off in hudsonville, michigan, scenes like this have really rung out across the midwest. especially around the great lakes. and in some cases feet of snow, making driving difficult. but the big story more widespread has been certainly the cold air. and the windchills are staggering. nearly everybody below freezing. you have to go to california or florida to have windchills that are above the freezing mark. so a chilly, chilly saturday. it was a chilly friday night for high school football. snow coming in, winter storm warnings posted for the colorado rocky mountains there. over a foot in some spots for the ski resorts. loving that. and that disturbance rolls into the plains. should be mostly a light event. but it's going to stick around. why? because we have more cold coming in next week. so the cold air mass, the core in the deep south, it is chilly here in tuskaloosa. moderate maybe for a day and more cold air is coming.
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but it is a great day for college football. and these fans have been camped out all night long, and they are ready to go. they are going to get fired up. all sorts of surprises throughout the hour on "good morning america" live from tuskaloosa. paula and dan, back to you. >> thank you, rob marciano. he looks like he's having a fun time despite the cold. a lot of other news overnight. for that we get it over to ron claiborne as always. >> dan harris, paula, sara, good morning. and the doctor who contracted ebola in west africa on the way to u.s. for treatment. dr. martin salia was infected in sierra leone while treating ebola patients. he's expected to arrive this afternoon at the nebraska medical center for more treatment. we spoke to his son who lives in maryland. he is confident his father will beat the disease. >> i spoke with him. it sounds like everything is going to be fine. i have no doubt he will come out victorious on every disease or sickness that's going through him right now. >> and dr. salia will be the
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tenth person treated for ebola in the u.s. global warming and russia topped president obama's agenda while in australia for the g-20 economic summit. in a speech at the university of queensland, the president pledged $3 billion to an international fund to help developing nations fight climate change. while the crisis in ukraine is not on the official agenda at the two-day economic summit, he denounced what he called russian aggression in the ukraine which he says is a threat to the world. and a top u.s. military leader is in iraq this morning in a surprise visit. the unannounced visit by general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, comes days after he cold congress that the u.s. is considering a modest expansion of the number of forces in iraq to assist in the fight against the islamist group, isis. that would be on top of the 1500 additional non-combat troops that president obama authorized last week to be deployed in
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iraq. and look at this enormous fire in texas. that was a 6200 square foot mansion. you can see there, completely engulfed in flames. that fire broke out with about 40 people inside of it for a surprise dinner party. every one of them, though, got out safely. fire fighters believe it may have been sparked by an outdoor fireplace attached to the home. and new figures about the cost to hunt down the alleged cop killer eric frein. the 48-day around the clock manhunt, well, it wasn't cheap. pennsylvania authorities paid out nearly $6.9 million in overtime. and add to that, $2.8 million in benefits. throw in travel and other expenses. the total tab, more than $11 million. and the owner of the website is accused of training customers, imagine this, how to lie and conceal crimes during polygraph tests. the former law enforcement officer douglas williams is charged with federal obstruction of justice and mail fraud. and finally, what do you get when you mix soccer, known as football, with american football? what you come up with is some real fancy footwork. check this out. first, you see the pass to
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himself by this guy. making the football spin. and then firing it off, kicking this, how about that? right down the uprights? no holder needed. he's high school senior. plays for the port st. lucie florida football team. he is not just their kicker. he also fills in at quarterback and the receiver. he's trying to figure out what college to go to. >> what position doesn't he play? >> exactly. he doesn't play linebacker, for example,. but if he can kick like that, probably play for -- for michigan. >> ron pointing out the gaping holes in my football knowledge. well, there's tight end, there's linebacker. >> nine positions -- >> kicker, holder, snapper. should we keep going? >> the next story. a college is making a drastic move after a tragedy on campus. west virginia university is suspending all greek activity after a freshman died. the school is now investigating just what was going on inside the frat house where he was found unconscious and not breathing. michelle franzen has the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: it's not the first time west virginia university has been in the spotlight for student drinking and disturbances. the princeton review ranks wvu as one of the nation's top party schools. the recent death of a student casts a shadow over the campus and brought greek life to a halt. today a college community in mourning as students gathered to overnight to remember west virginia university freshman nolan michael birch. >> he was an amazing kid. he knew how to put a smile on my face. >> this shouldn't be happening to anyone. >> reporter: the 18-year-old died afternoon being hospitalized wednesday. he had been partying at the kappa sigma fraternity house off campus and was found unresponsive. you can still see three bottles of empty jack daniels in the window. the national fraternity tells abc news the west virginia chapter already lost its charter due to unrelated violations. and now the university is taking
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action campus-wide. saying all its greek organizations are suspended indefinitely. >> i think it's a handful of students and a handful of people that are causing issues. as we find out more information in the coming days or weeks, that will help us determine what we want to do on our campus. >> reporter: his cause of death is still unknown. but police are calling the incident alcohol-related. >> the number one party school thing has to go. because people just drink excessively. it's got to stop. >> reporter: this year has been tragic for greek life across the country. new york's beirut college lost 19-year-old john michael deng after a fraternity hazing ritual. and brown university suspended a fraternity after the alleged sexual assault of two women. the administration aft wvu hopes to use birch's untimely death to prevent future tragedies on campus. >> all campuses have issues from time to time with their student organizations. these are teachable moments. >> reporter: and campus officials say the investigation into birch's death will include interviewing some of the 50
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kappa sigma members. and that suspension of all fraternity activity on campus remains in play indefinitely. >> so a tragedy for his family. but also universities all across this country this morning. >> yes. everyone watching that. >> thank you. >> thank you. and news from outer space. scientists are attempting some high-stakes maneuvers with the history-making spacecraft which just this week became the first ever to land on a comet. with batteries on the lander running dangerously low, and the mission itself in peril, there's something of a hail mary in progress. and abc's aditi roy is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the philae lander is getting well-deserved rest after becoming the first spacecraft to land on a comet and study it. to get the prize data, it had to take quite a roller coaster ride through space. overnight, high drama 300 million miles into outer space. this time not starring matthew mcconaughey or anne hathaway. the philae lander had a seriously nail-biting week.
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began with a rough landing on a comet. traveling at more than 80,000 miles per hour. if you listen closely, we even get to hear the unexplained singing noise from the comet. [ singing noise ] and ended nearly losing battery power. unable to charge its solar panels due to the shadow from another rock on the comet. to rescue the first of its kind spacecraft friday, scientists from the european space agency and nasa shut down most of the lander's systems. leaving technicians unable to communicate with the $1.8 billion probe. >> it's is where we got, but then we lost contact again. >> reporter: philae resumed sending back scores of data and photos like these, showing off the comet's magnetic field and plasma environment. the lander also sending back tweets. rosetta, i'm feeling a bit tired. did you get all my data? i might take a nap. #cometlanding. >> we're orbiting a comet for the first time ever. there's absolutely no question this is a success.
7:14 am
>> reporter: but the lander only had limited battery power since its solar panels were in the shadow of a cliff. researchers decided on a bold plan. to raise the lander and rotate it to catch more light on to its solar panels. all this before philae getting well-deserved rest after tweeting, #lifeonacomet has just begun. i'll tell you more about my new home, comet 67p. it may be sweet dreams for the lander now. but there's a chance it can wake up and resume contact with the rosetta mission. for that to happen, has to have enough sunlight on the solar panels. officials say by rotating that lander, they boosted the chances of that happening. but stay tuned to see what happens next. quite a cliffhanger in the skies there. paula. >> yes, philae seeking the sun like most of us this cold morning. thank you. a daughter is on a mission
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this morning, taking on kmart over their decision to kick off the shopping season on thanksgiving day. thanksgiving thursday has become an increasingly popular warmup for black friday. what about the workers at these stores? when do they get to celebrate thanksgiving with their families? the daughter of one kmart employee is now kicking up a fuss. let's get to abc's gloria riviera. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a fuss is right. donna fischer doesn't want to cause trouble, but she's proud of her daughter who's over watching her mom walk out the door every thanksgiving to go to work when she'd rather be with family. donna says she doesn't have a problem working, but she feels pressured to be at her employer's beck and call 24/7. kmart might want you to shop like a boss. but this morning one of its employee's families is standing up to the boss. >> you're taking away so much from people's families. >> reporter: jillian fischer launching an online petition, asking the retailer to give its workers thanksgiving day off.
7:16 am
so that her mom along with thousands of others won't have to miss out on spending this holiday with family. >> there's no choice in it whatsoever. >> reporter: shoppers are flocking to the petition like a blue light special. already more than 1500 have joined fischer to ask the company to rely on employees who volunteer to work the holiday. kmart announcing its stores will stay open 42 hours straight. 6:00 a.m. thanksgiving to midnight on black friday. >> it breaks my heart. it really does. to see that this is all, you know, about the money. it's not about the thanksgiving. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, kmart says donna is aware of her schedule and her manager accommodated her preferred shift on thanksgiving. kmart adding that most of their customers like the holiday hours. in 2013, walmart workers at 1,000 locations took to the streets on black friday demanding better hours and wages. while malls and shops in some
7:17 am
states are working around laws that ban or restrict opening up on holidays. >> i think we should all have the ability to say i don't want to work thanksgiving. >> reporter: there have been similar protests at walmart in 2012 and '13. last summer walmart ceo bill simon addressing employee grievances at a shareholder meeting saying that walmart is listening. it should be said that the 2013 protests resulted in policy changes. a win for employees on things like pregnancy and scheduling. but walmart is bracing this year for even bigger black friday protests. dan, paula. >> thank you. it's an emotional issue to be sure. time to cue taylor swift's "welcome to new york." i kind of like this song. we're playing this because the big apple is preparing to roll out the red carpet for prince william and kate middleton. the palace just announced that the royals will make a visit next month. >> and the urgent question, is little prince george coming along?
7:18 am
sara haines is on the case. it's not an urgent question, but we want to know. >> with this type of coverage, it is urgent. that is the question. i'm more of a lorde fan. although we'll never be royals, we have fun following their every move. and they're coming to our neck of the woods to take in the sights of the big apple. the british are coming. the duke and duchess of cambridge are coming to america in their latest royal tour. making their first trip to the big apple in just a few short weeks. and new yorkers of all walks are ready to roll out the red carpet. when will and kate touch down on december 7th, they'll hit the ground running for a whirlwind three days in the five boroughs. what's a visit to the big apple without hitting up the world famous landmarks? already on the books, the 9/11 memorial, the metropolitan museum of art and the future king and queen will watch america's king james as he faces off with the brooklyn nets as
7:19 am
they head across river to a basketball game. >> and they are going to support the university of st. andrews' 600th anniversary. that's where they both met. >> reporter: before heading home, the expecting royals will have a date night. attending a dinner celebrating the 600th anniversary of their alma mater, st. andrews university, where will famously fell for his future queen. but what about george? on his first ever royal outing in australia, the little prince got up close and personal with a bilbe. will we see him cuddling tigers at the bronx zoo? crawling his way up fifth avenue? nope. the palace says this is a mommy and daddy-only trip. george will be with the sitter. because they're watching right now, my one recommendation is la venn bakery. those cookies are to die for. >> hit shake shack. make your way there. >> get the concrete. that's the ice cream dessert. >> and go to papaya for a hot dog. >> wow, we're hungry. >> and take something for heartburn. >> and time to change gears. to rob marciano on the
7:20 am
enlivened set of espn's college gameday in tuskaloosa, alabama. i can hear everybody screaming. >> they are awake. and i can tell you, up on the big screen, that baby story from sara, didn't really get them fired up for football. but now they are pumped. here in tuskaloosa, alabama and mississippi state. huge playoff implications. espn gameday is here. that starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. by the way, there's a lot of alabama fans here. yeah. let's talk weather, shall we? up north, it's been cold. better believe it. temperatures have been -- temperatures everywhere have been chilly, including across the south. both 20 degrees below average this morning. below freezing right along the gulf coast. and up across the northeast. you're in play as well. 30 degrees in boston, 29 in richmond, and 36 degrees in virginia beach. not exactly a beach day there. and snow in the mountains, a winter storm warning there. a little pulse into the plains. mostly light snow. but sets the stage for more cold
7:21 am
air next week. refrigerate the ground. and likely get into a reinforcing shot next week. lake effect snow, could be heavy, over a foot in some spots. that's a look at the national weather. >> espn gameday, we are live in >> espn gameday, we are live in tuskaloosa, baby. you better believe it. desmond howard, coming up the next half hour. see you then. >> thank you, dr. marciano.
7:22 am
there may be some anti-freeze in that crowd. coming up, switch gears just a little bit. check this story out. torture session. that's what prosecutors are calling a bizarre and bloody attack. why police have charged two prominent married lawyers in the brutal stabbing of the woman's boss and wife inside their million dollar home. make a wish buddy.
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i want to make an offer you can't refuse. >> oh, good morning, america. nobody says no to marlon brando. now it's your turn to make an offer. if you want to live in the house made famous in that movie, what it'll cost you to live like the godfather. did i do that -- >> that was good. >> live like the godfather. >> that's one of those movies, every time it's on cable, i will watch it. one, two, or three. >> it's on all the time. >> i know. three is controversial. you covered the story, this is the -- the horse head shows up in the guy's bed? >> don't give it away. >> it will all be revealed in time. i keep watching the show. >> do not give it away. >> ladies and gentlemen, that's a tease. and another tease, katy perry's words of wisdom. her advice to a group of
7:31 am
schoolgirls and boys -- schoolgirls about boys and books. got to get that right. >> love those topics. >> two of sara's favorite topics. start on a serious note with a husband and wife, attorneys, accused of what prosecutors are calling a fwtwisted case of revenge. >> couple stabbed repeatedly in their own home. alecia and andrew schmuhl planned the bloody attack after she was fired from her job. bazi kanani has more with how the wife is saying she is as shocked as anyone else over what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a real-life nightmare in this typically quiet affluent neighborhood. the man targeted in the attack was recently named one of the top attorneys in the nation. and this morning residents are in disbelief that something so horrific could happen right next door. alicia schmuhl and andrew, appeared to have a bright future.
7:32 am
she a prominent attorney at a firm. he a former military intelligence officer. but this morning they're behind bars. accused of driving to this million dollar home in virginia sunday night and attacking and torturing her former boss and his wife. >> caller is advising that two people have been stabbed and bleeding out. >> reporter: prosecutors saying at a bond hearing for alecia schmuhl, she and her husband were seeking revenge after she was fired by the law firm managed by the victim, fisher. while she waited in the car, her husband, andrew, posed as law enforcement. knocked on the door, forced entry. and once inside, allegedly tasering leo fisher, and binding both of them with zip ties and repeatedly stabbing the couple. they both survived. police say one of them even managed a trigger an alarm. prosecutors say as the attacker fled, he left them a terrifying message. he would be back to finish the job. >> look out for white wear, last seen wearing all black and a brown fedora.
7:33 am
>> reporter: prosecutors say andrew schmuhl was wearing nothing but a diaper when the couple was captured just four miles away. both husband and wife face charges of abduction and malicious wounding. but this morning attorneys for alecia tell abc news she had no idea and was forced to be the getaway driver. >> prosecutors allege she was involved in every part of this. that's the issue she's going to have here. in suggesting he forced me to do it. >> reporter: a judge ordered alecia schmuhl held without bond. both victims are in the hospital recovering this morning. prosecutors say leo fisher is unable to speak because of his injuries, but is communicating with investigators through hand-written notes. paula, dan. >> lot more to come. wild story. thank you very much. and now back to ron with more on our top story. >> that's right. good morning, paula, dan, sara, good morning, everyone. begin with the new tapes in the michael brown shooting in
7:34 am
ferguson, missouri. in the new surveillance video obtained by the st. louis dispatch, he's seen walking out of the police station hours after the fatal shooting. a grand jury will decide whether to indict officer wilson. and new images from the lava that's reached the small town of pahoa in the big island of hawaii. always have trouble with that. it's stopped short of a trash transfer station for now. the lava is not posing a threat to area residents. and a legislative win for the proposed keystone oil pipeline. the house has approved the measure. it goes to the senate for a vote. if it's approved there, but president obama has vowed to veto it. and finally, dogh owners, sara, pay attention, who believe that their dogs can fly are getting together in iowa, not far from sara's hometown.
7:35 am
about 400 dogs taking the plunge in this year's dock dog competition. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's awesome. >> competing to see which one can jump the farthest and the highest. >> throwing pieces of steak? what are they throwing? >> get them to jump it. >> they deserve it. >> the top dog will be crowned after tomorrow's main event. dogs can fly. at least a little bit. >> they're getting some air there. >> i could watch those clips for hours. >> you know what i could watch? >> yeah -- we should put that up on the web. >> you know what i could watch? rob is back in tuskaloosa with a university of michigan great. that's what i want to hear from espn college gameday. rob, can you hear me? say hello to desmond for me. >> yes. paula faris is a michigan alumni. she's with you, man. she loves you. >> we got you. go blue. >> desmond howard, everybody. how about that? yeah. 1991 heisman trophy winner. super bowl xxxi mvp, and you were my fantasy football horse. so we appreciate it.
7:36 am
and always a sharp dresser. one of the cast mates of the espn gameday crew. so thrilled to be here in tuskaloosa. start off with the playoff system this year. brand new. four teams going at it. what's your take and who do you like? >> we have four team welcomes florida state, oregon. i think alabama should be in the top four. but they're not in the top four right now. >> listen to the crowd. >> exactly. i think you guys -- but you know what? the good thing is there's still a lot of football left to be played. teams like alabama could play their way into the four-team playoff. >> it's exciting. that's sure. the heisman race is very exciting too. we have two players in this game today -- >> yes, sir. >> they are in the running. who do you like for the heisman? >> dak prescott of the mississippi state bulldogs is a magnificent quarterback. he's a dual threat player. he's going to have a chance today to show the world what he does on the gridiron. and amari cooper, one of the best wide receivers in the country.
7:37 am
probably the only wide receiver on the list right now. two marquee players in a big game. >> you playing at michigan and green bay for a number of seasons. you know what it's like to play in the cold. it's chilly, isn't it? >> the frozen tundra. yes, sir. >> it's 26 degrees right now in tuskaloosa. this is the frozen tundra. >> exactly. >> little bit of weather. snow in spots, winter storm warnings in the colorado rockies. a little bit of snow rolling through the northern plains. might get into green bay and michigan. you see the map. >> exactly. look at that. >> what's next? help us out. if you want to escape the cold, go to southern california. 68 in l.a. how does that sound? >> lovely. excellent. >> southern florida. we go there as well. miami. >> big game there, florida state, miami. yes, sir. >>
7:38 am
>> i tried to get him to teach me the heisman pose. >> come on, strike the pose. >> he's too good looking to do that. >> marciano, strike the pose. >> tuskaloosa, espn gameday. >> paula, go blue. >> maybe next year. okay? >> or the year after. >> right. this is actually -- this is like a five year plan, actually. it's a sore subject. we're going to switch the subject so i don't get punched. and coming up on "gma," your piece of hollywood. the homes in the godfather up for sale. what they'll run you. and putting the bathroom to use for all kinds of relief. that story just ahead in "pop news." >> what? >> exactly. it's a teaser, right? >> not what we think it is. >> not what we think it is.
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♪ this is the house don corleone called home in "the godfather." >> i'm in the mood for lasagne. that could be yours, and if you have deep pockets, there's some other homes on the market that you should know about.
7:43 am
and ron is back now with the story that dan almost gave away a couple minutes ago. >> he almost did. if the novel, "the godfather," lived in long beach, long island. little factoid. but they chose a house on new york city's staten island. if you are a hard core fan of "the godfather" films like i am, you can own the collectible item of memorabilia. the house and a few other items are for sale. but it's going to cost you. it's not just any 6,000 square foot mansion. it's a piece of hollywood history. this was the home that played the home of donvito corleone, the godfather. and it could be yours for the asking price of $2.8 million, or should we say, your best offer? >> i'm going to make an offer you can't refuse. >> reporter: filming in october of 1971. the sprawling backyard is where the famous wedding took place in god father part 1. and here in the front of the
7:44 am
house. in the front of the house, this is where pistol backers provided security for the family. linda williams has lived across the street since 1966. she remembers the excitement of that summer. >> there were 300 extras. and they would get changed. and it used to be the college of staten island. they would stop the traffic and everybody would walk up. >> reporter: did you see marlon brando? >> oh, sure. >> reporter: by coincidence, two other godfather properties are up for sale. the hollywood mansion, where they got a message in the form of a bloody horse head in his bed. that's on the market for $135 million. and the family's lake tahoe retreat where "the godfather part 2" opens. it's a condo complex. one unit was selling for a cool $6 million. it's the staten island home that's the most iconic. the gilded fortress where the godfather lived quietly, except for the occasional mob hit.
7:45 am
well, you know, it's kind of cool. but also a little creepy being there walking around the driveway where he was sent to his doom. where carlo was bumped off, and the godfather collapsed in the garden. two years ago it sold for $2.7 -- $1.7 million. it just went on the market about a week ago at the current asking price. but i say if you really want it, yes, make them an offers they can't refuse. >> knew that was coming. >> teed it up. >> you did. >> i was glad you made it out alive. >> here i am. >> i'm glad we got to show a horse head on morning television. >> bloody horse head. >> does not come with that house. coming up on "good morning america," katy perry dishing out boy advice. what she told students at an all-girls school. it's straight ahead with the one and only sara haines in
7:46 am
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♪ sara, the mic's all yours. take it. >> thank you very much. >> no one's going to say it? "pop news." >> "pop news". i need no introduction. let's go. new york's metropolitan museum of art has the final word in the kim kardashian booty ballyhoo. yep, i found a way to use ballyhoo in "pop news." we saw it. they responded with this perfectly-worded tweet. we have artworks that can break the internet too. not surprisingly it went viral. thousands of retweets. the female figurine they're mentioning is an ancient fertility symbol dating back 6500 years. now that's a badonk even kim k. would be jealous of. i just say badonk too. keeping score, that's two. and sage life advice to
7:50 am
a group of schoolgirls in australia from katy perry. katy perry took a break to visit the school after they won a competition to meet their idol. she shelled out several pearls of wisdom. and i like this. telling the girls to stop worrying about boys. they will always be there. don't we know that's the truth. and she also encouraged the students to embrace their studies because knowledge is power. that's great advice. i wish someone would tell me, right about that point, all you think about is boys. don't worry. >> sage advice. >> never goes away. >> always be there. >> it makes it sound like -- >> well, she's getting married. >> you guys derail us in life. we need to focus on our studies. that's what she said. save it for group, i'm sorry. and finally this morning, pass the sanitizer. an international survey lifted the lid on bizarre bathroom habits. hygiene company sca commissioned the survey of 13,000 people from 13 different countries, including the u.s., and they found that scenes like this one
7:51 am
from the movie "mean girls" aren't that uncommon. 10% admitted going to the restroom to have a cry. we've all done that. and strangely, and this one's really strange, 7% of people admitted to exercising in the stall. not sure how that works unless you're talking about a squat. that's not something -- you don't touch things in the bathroom ever. >> i feel dirty talking about it. here's the sanitizer. >> thank you. >> you asked for it. >> i've never cried in a bathroom either. >> everybody's cried in a bathroom. are you kidding me? >> do you talk on the phone? >> there my be a gender divide on that one. >> every girl has cried in the bathroom. >> this is sara's last saturday as a single woman. >> last saturday. but i got one more sunday left in me. >> she's going to save it and bring it on. >> right back with more "gma," keep it here. >> can i have a little more, please? >> really, you're that paranoid? >> yeah, totally paranoid. ♪ a lovely day.
7:52 am
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and wave farewell and adios to rob marciano in tuskaloosa. >> we miss him. >> the big game on abc florida state, miami. keep it tuned. >> we know ron claiborne will be watching that today. >> mississippi state is big too. watch that one. >> see you tomorrow morning on sara haines last day. st day. now from abc 7 news. good morning. a heads up for bay area commuters. the bridge will be closed for more than two days while crews install a movable barrier. mark your calendar. the bridge will chose for about 52 hours. the span would reopen by 4:00 a.m. on january 12 with the barrier in place.
7:57 am
prep work got under way last week. official officials say the new barrier is designed to prevent head-on collisions. the jack london square ferry will be closed for a refurbishment project. crews will be working on building a new gangway and repairing a security gate. in the meantime, customers are enkorncouraged to take the ferr from the main street terminal. the jack london square ferry terminal reopens monday just in time for the morning commute. the with boy scouts of america had will go door-to-door in the name of charity. more than 30,000 scouts, venturers, explorers and support he issers will be scouting for food by picking up bobbinged or bagged nonperishable items. the donationses need to be placed on doorsteps by 9:00 a.m. about 500,000 pounds is expected to be collected. 7:57 the time. a chilly start to the morning. here is lisa with a quick check of the forecast. good morning to you. you're looking at some pretty cloud formations here.
7:58 am
48 in concord and livermore this morning. so we are starting out with some cool numbers. 51 in san jose. in the city look at future tower.looking pretty need. numbers in the north bay cool with low visibility. 44 up in santa rosa. rate now visibility has been improving four males at the coast. emoriville sunny and 64. chris? a bird strike damages a plane that had just taken off from oakland international airport forcing it to make an emergency landing. we'll have the latest. plus, a chp officer and sheriff's deputy injured in a crash. how authorities say the accident happened.
7:59 am
and what dinner is completely. without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? happy thanksgiving! okay, who likes yams?
8:00 am
good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. fog sneaking around in parts of the bay. let's send it over to lisa argen tracking the accuweather for forecast for us. looking at live doppler 7 hd. some of the low clouds off the coast here. also up in the north bay where we've been looking at reduced visibility towards the delta and a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. we can see some of the cloud cover. temperatures 40s and 50s. 50 in morgan hill. 52 in mountain view. and here's how it looks for the rest of the day


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