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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 21, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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. >> san francisco man recovering tonight from a satisfy am attack. >> look at. that he was stabbed and nearly killed for defending his girlfriend's honor. >> good evening. >> 7 news reporter katie live from san francisco police headquarters with the story. katie? >>reporter: would he do things differently if he could relive that tonight but he is telling his story. >> 2 slice open my arm. across by face. >> wounds on ben's face and neck show how violently he was cut and these aren't most serious injuries. >> barely missed my spinal cord in the back by a few inches. it's not permanent is. >>reporter: bowen stabbed 9 times saturday morning walking home from a friend app house with girlfriend. they were near lark and ellis man started cat calling and making object scene comments. >> at first we tried to just ignore it. walk away and make our way home. cross the street
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and take a different path. >>reporter: man started following them. and then if started a fight. >> turned violent quickly. punches thrown and next thing i know i had kind of like a knife in the back of my neck. >>reporter: suspect picked up and got away between witness and police ben got help and taken to the hospital. his mother came in from tucson as fast as she could. >> terrifying experience for a parent. or for anybody who hears about it. >>reporter: to help with mounting medical cost his friends created a go fund me page. people donated more than 15,000 dollars in just the first day. >> everybody has been so generous. >>reporter: the suspect is still on the loose. in san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. >> turn our attention to the weather. heavy downpour really drenches the bay area. >> the tunnel flooded causing major back up tonight. lanes shut down and drapes got clogged. >> just getting to the bridge took drivers almost 2 hours. it was a real mess. here's video from san antonio street
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east san jose where it was really coming down. >> this is a leif look from our richmond bridge camera. you can see that wet roadway. we are tracking the storm and next wave of rain on live doppler 7hd. >>reporter: yes. as we look at live doppler 7 hd you notice it has quieted down. today storm memorable one. a lot of people were talking bit on social media with good reason. look terrain total over an inch at kent field. 57 hundredths san francisco. third of an inch had in santa rose, oakland 9100 of an inch and we got about a third in half machine bay. storm no. 3 is come i'll have the timing of that and all the details coming right up. >> you can track the rain on our web site with the abc 7 news weather app. free on a el app store or google play. also more information to our web site.
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>> director of the zoo spoke he motionally today about the death of the baby griing a two week ago. >> but also answering question from the i-team. zoo keeper involved in the incident and her colleagues believe the director is throwing her under the bus. >> we have a report seen only on 7 news. >> today commission meeting zoo director peterson showed a picture of little guerrilla born at the zoo but rejected by her mother. she was hand fed by zoo staff the first month of her life. but as zoo keeper tried to lock her in the sleeping quarters for the night friday november 7th, the baby guerrilla got caught beneath hydraulic door and died. >> it is an under statement to say that the worst night of my career is the night we lost her forever. simply said it was a tragic accident. >>reporter: just days after the guerrilla died she released several sensitive documents.
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zoo keeper handwritten note about what happened. the instruction posted at the door switch. keep your hand on the stop button at all times. and she sent e-mail to the commissioner mcdonald and general manager phil that includes it appears from our early investigation that the keeper did not follow the protocol in place. several sources tell me peterson had promised zoo keeper and her husband she would not come to any conclusions about fault until the investigation is complete. >> they feel you lied to them what do you say to that. >> i made no public comment. the investigation is still on going. >>reporter: peterson did not want to talk about other documents from the past several years i obtained. which she zoo keepers complaining about guerrilla caught in the doors. why didn't you take action in the years before? >> first of all i don't know of any incident involving door no. 5 but we are. >>reporter: number 4. >> door number 4 excuse me. no incident i know nothing of door number 4 but we are getting.
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>>reporter: somebody got caught. >> last week we showed awe log from january 2010 where the brother guerrilla got hand caught in electric door 4. several zoo keepers were very frank with me. on the record using their names they say it's time for tan why peterson to go before she makes any more bad decisions about safety. for the i-team, abc 7 news. >> man who present continued to be a san jose high school student in jail tonight accused of sexually assault ago 15-year-old multiple times. milpitas police say this guy 2 28-year-old john mark andre met the victim on the internet through social networking site. they say the teenager was deceived into believing the false identity and assault entered milpitas residence over an extended period of time. >>reporter: tomorrow the president will seen executive orders to drastically change the u.s. immigration system. hears the plan announced today. 5 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s.
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will be eligible inform gain legal status and row main here. those with criminal records will not be eligible and will face deportation. >> our history and the facts show that immigrant are net plus for our economy and our society. >> republicans said president his gone too far acting alone. >> the president has said before that he's not about king and he's not an emporer. he's sure acting like one. >> opposing the action could alienate latino voters say pollster. >> one of the largest group of illegal immigrant in the state is in santa clara county. lisa is there with reaction to the president plan. >> all eye were his on the president as he announced new policy that will change many lives here. >> if undocumented parents with children who are citizens and to more so-called dreamers. >> make more more safe to stay together. answered prayer. >>reporter: the nephew is a
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journalist jose antonio vargas. he's undocumented and was arrested by ice this summer but later rae leased since he graduate from high school in the u.s. he qualifies as a dreerm. >> he is overwhelmed with things that he is planning. so many things he wants to accomplish. >> i think this is welcoming message for more illegal aliens to come to the u.s. >>reporter: tea party oppose tonight announcement others admit they are unhappy millions of immigrant aren't included. 70-year-old is undocumented. works full-time. but is at risk for deportation. if you are not sure if the reform apply to you you can come to 2 informational meeting at the center for employment tring next week. in san jose, 7 new news. recalled product still being sold. >> michael is here with an eye opening investigation. >> these product being blamed
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for some mainly injuries. to kid. so what is being done to prevent them from ending up in your home. undercover investigation coming up. >> plus are you being watched? how hackers getting access the private web cam all over the world. >> and rain here means the snow in the sierra but should skiers when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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hey john,whoa!k it out. yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. >> joint investigation by 7 on your side and abc news has discovered that recalled products blamed for serious injuries to children are still being soychltd michael warns buyers beware for anyone being
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new or used merchandise. >> amputated fingers, fractured discuss, we purchased some of these items. investigators pressuring a local on line retailer to end this game of recall rule it. he fractured a skull when he topple to the ground while sitting in a bumbo chair. the injury to dillon and 80 other children prompted separate recall in 2007 and 2011. we were the first to report on safety concerns with the chair. just last month a 7 on your side producer was able to purchase a recalled bumbo chair after seeing an ad on craig list. federal regulators from us straitded at the san francisco base classified advertising web site. >> i think this it's morally irresponsible. >> the new director of the consumer product safety commission in washington, d.c. talked to our partner in the investigation abc brian ross about recalls and items on
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craigslist. company advice sellers open the web site that the sale of recalled product is not permitted. it says it has automatic system to spit out recalled items. he thinks craigslist could do a better job of alaska activity removing the items that do end up on the site. incumbent on them to joins. >> we found craigslist isn't the only place where you can purchase recalled items. 7 on your side intern bought recalled baby stroller from the secondhand store play it again kids in san rafael. the strol stroller was recalled in 2009. has been connected to 149 injuries including 17 finger tip amputations. 37 of those injuries occurred after the recall. person who did he klaipd to give her name and identified herself as manager explained what happened 30. were so many products that are recalled that it is difficult for us to look at every single one and know which one is recalled but we do try. >>reporter: if those in the
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business of buying and selling products can't keep track of recalled items what are the chances consumer can keep track. the dishwasher she bought 10 years ago burst into flames without warning. it was only then that marin county resident discovered it had been recalled. >> i thought my gosh, actually i captain believe it. >>reporter: stephanie says she neglected to fill out the warranty card so the company had no which of notifying her. at the time dishwasher one of several model recalled for fire danger. 51 fires in all were reported. including this one in new york which destroyed the kitchen. our finding don't sprays sam. >> a lot of consumer aren't aware it's a problem. >>reporter: 3 possible solution to the issue. solution 1, company need to better publicly size recall. >> it would be very responsible for the company to actually make sure to utilize social media that people rely on.
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>>reporter: solution 2. aggressively use filters to weed out recalled products. >> ebay does it. amazon does it. >> yes. >> craigslist does not. >> they did not and will not do it to date. >>reporter: craigslist denied our request for interview. ross could the up with the if provider. >> they are up sweat craigslist of product recall. >> you haven't reresponsibleed to my question we want to get your answer and your side of the story. not possible to get your side of the story. >>reporter: he refused to answer any questions. but spokesperson by e-mail said craigslist deploy automated system to help prevent posting of recalled items and has further minimize posting of recalled items by craigslist users. san jose base ebay uses software and human beings to weed out recall products and bad sellers. >> it's a sanctional technology and human resources commitment but it's one of those commitments that we, we make
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without thinking twice. >> solution 3 is in the consumer hand before buying any product go to the consumer product safety commission web site to check for recalls. we have a link to recall along with more information about the recall mentioned in this story on our web site at abc 7 new and 7 on your side. now brian ross continues our joint investigation tomorrow on good morning america world news and then finally on 2020. >> scary to think about all that still out there. all right thanks you michael. >> that's the russian hacker spy on thousands of security camera in the united states. not only in businesses but also inside your home. simply typed in the default factory password for camera monitored on line. security expert say simple fix. be sure to change our pass words. >> tomorrow morning on 7 morning news going gluten free. trendy diet actually better for you? findings at special report that
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is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. >> sierra, several inches of snow expected. you can see along i 80 and castle peak on this cam. already a heavy blanket of snow. driving conditions are dangerous however. there are no restrictions tomorrow night another storm could bring strong and damaging winds but that's snow may not stick around too long. >> let's get to sandhya with the latest. >> high wind watch will be going up for the tahoe area starting tomorrow night. unfortunately the snow level rising so by saturday we are really lacking at very high snow level up there. right now live doppler 7hd tracking fog in the sierra nevada it was snowing at the highest elevation. see it here become few hours but quieting did you know rate now as we look at the visibility this is going to be a problem for your morning commute visibility down to half mile in santa rosa. 3 miles fair field. petaluma 2 and a half concord these are the qulairs your commute might be a little bit tough so just allow
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the extra time. temperatures right now in the 40's to mid 50's. you know it's going to be a cal night when you are already at 48 degree ins santa rosa and petaluma. here's our view from exploratorium camera with a foggy outlook for your morning. dense in spots. mostly cloudy tomorrow afternoon and it's wet again on saturday morning. here's the cold front that kim through and just drenched the bay area today. it's long gone. wave brief break for your friday and between the system and then storm no. 3 arrives on saturda saturday. this system is actually going to be milder than the last couple of storms that have come through here. so here's what will happen. 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we look at few sprinkle north of santa rosa and then the rain license starts to move in. cold front is right across the heart of the bay area at 7:00 a.m. saturday so for your early weekend plans make sure you have your umbrella with you then really the front goes through quickly by 1:00 p.m. we start to see sunshine out across the region. rape total with this one will be anywhere
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from 10th to half inch for the lower elevations. higher elevation by noon saturday will pick up half inch to inch of rain. as i did mention it's really going to be mostly rain in the sierra. high snow leve level. few flurry few inches of sne perhaps that's bit at the highest elevation. tomorrow morning didn't forget to bound el up. consolidate start. low 40's to the low 50's. watch out for the fog. that is what is going to slow you down and it's a lot of the valley fog even in the sacramento vaechlt san joaquin valley. tomorrow the afternoon 61 in santa rosa exploratorium 63 oakland palo alto out towards livermore 64 san jose. 61 santa cruz. cloud cover. get much-needed rain on saturday and then the rain will move out in time for the big game. stanford cal partly sunny saturday at 1:00 p.m. 64 degrees dropping down to 62. accu-weather 7 day forecast it's a rainy saturday morning but the weekend is not a wash-out. temperatures will
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come up on sunday and really from saturday afternoon through all of sunday it's dry beyond that we brighten it up warm it up 70's on the board tuesday wednesday above average and then thanksgiving rate now a little cooler. some clouds. tonight hurt anybody. >> pretty good. >> all right thank you. >> feel like we should be playing queens we are the champion. >> celebrating rate now. >> big night. >> one in a row baby. >> raiders unveil the secret weapon tonight. him if murray. he was so secret they didn't even know how good he was. win no. 1 for the raiders, next in even know how good he was. win no. 1 for the raiders, next in sports
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>> good evening. finally. finally. the raiders have done it. took a monsoon and touch down pass but the silver and black have themselves a win this season. raiders and chiefs and mother nature and violent or. l after two months of waiting the raiders finally played murray. good idea. 2 touch downs for him. this is a 90 yard run. gave the raid ears 14 nothing lead. didn't play in the second half and here's why. got drilled in the head. left with a concussion. he was wasy. raiders up 17-3 in the third. chiefs respond with 17 straight points. fourth quarter. smith to charles. weaving his way through the defense. 30 yards tied at 17. kc field goal down 3. raiders 17 play 80 yard drive. if car caught to jones
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just win baby. raiders up 2 24-20. one last chance. smith in complete. and raiders end a 16 game losing streak going back to last year 24-20. and going to disneyland. >> i'm just so happy for my team mates. see them smile. see them we are running the ball good. him come become to the huddle fired up feeling good about themselves. that's the kind of stuff that fires me up. awesome i play in a lot of big games emotional games but that was something special. something i will never forget man. this team is put together and band of brothers no, sir matter what our records say. >>reporter: fired up about tonight. surprise on the hard wood. cal invade the big apple and
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let's end this
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>> after 16 of the first 21 on the road the shark back home for 11 of the next 13 starting tonight with the florida pap they are. shark trail most of the game but patrick marlo able to tie it with only 33 seconds left in regulation. 2-2 on to over time shoot out where nick if gust had both florida goals if and wins it for the panther panthers. sharks fall 3-2. men hoop new york city. cal and 23 rank if. 22 points for matthews as cal upsets them 7 73-fweechbility the bears 3 and o. jim harbaugh. out of uniform. no black sweatshirt what? watching sanford fresh off the win against utah and also went
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to over time. 16 for the long horn and temperatures comes from behind to win it. in o t 85-81 the final. 7 sports brought to you by ebay. >> now we are all back first thing tomorrow morning to cover the raiders parade. big parad parade. >> celebration. confetti everything. >> oh, my. >> all right thanks larry. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back and all mobile device with our 7 news on twitti told my dentistall about my sensitive teeth, he told me there's a whole new way to treat sensitivity. he suggested i try new crest sensi-stop strips. [ male announcer ] just apply to the gumline of sensitive teeth for a quick 10 minutes. the special ingredient forms a lasting barrier that provides immediate relief and up to one month of protection. see why dental professionals endorse crest sensi-stop strips to treat sensitivity. that's 1 strip. 10 minutes. and up to 1 month of protection. satisfaction guaranteed.
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[ woman ] life opens up when you relieve sensitivity.
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satisfaction guaranteed. >> service a great night everyone. see you tomorrow. >> service a great night
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humans will step in if things get really busy. an interesting concept. >> wonder if you have to tip. >> it's automatically deducted. coming up, we're breaking up the boredom of a traffic jam. find out what one driver was doing in her car. and pastry perfection from insomniac kitchen. experts show us the best way to make a pie crust for your thanksgiving dessert. we're in for a treat. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. insurance.
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