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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> mark: welcome back, everyone, to at&t stadium. this is a ball game. 45-34, with 11:39 to go in the fourth quarter. and a game that baylor were overwhelming favorites to win. i mean, overwhelming, by three touchdowns. but texas tech, came in saying this is our bowl game. they played with a lot of spirit.
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ole miss and mississippi state. jaylen walton, has run for a touchdown. here, he throws for a touchdown. and rebels are leading 31-17. meanwhile, florida state hanging on. under two to go, leading 24-19. coming up on espn, blake sims and alabama hosting auburn. it's the iron bowl, coming up on espn and watch espn. >> mark: thanks, robert. florida state is doing what florida state likes to do. hang on. shock linwood in the backfield. one of the questions that begs now, linwood creeps over the 30 yard line, is can baylor put this game away with their starting quarterback, bryce petty, their leader. in many ways their emotional and spiritual leader, without of the game with a mild concussion or
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concussion-like symptoms. cannon on the run. seth russell took this game over midway through the third quarter. >> rod: he played well. >> mark: linwood takes about two. baylor isn't a pass-happy wide-open offense. they have a proficient running game, right, rod? >> rod: yeah. but you have to slow pace. they keep tempo >> mark: russell, the pass
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juggled. they're going to give him the completion at the 47 yard line. k.d. cannon hung on to it. this is the number one offense in the country. nine-yard pickup on that play. linwood,i inpicking up several e here. >> rod: nobody talks about the offensive line of baylor. and drango is doing a heck of a job. they pull him or they pull muir and run to the right side. these two guys over there are really good. 6'6", 310 pounds. good feet.
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>> mark: russell, evades the pocket. fires downfield. and almost intercepted at the 3 yard line. a dangerous pass, as dixon almost squeezed it for the pick. >> rod: dixon had it. he found the ball in front of cannon. but couldn't hang on to it. cannon actually kind of ripped it out. that's a good defensive play by k.d. cannon. the last minute. >> mark: you think dixon wanted that badly? this texas tech team, they have showed a lot of motivation today. >> rod: gave up 82 to tcu. coach said they quit. they have not quit today. >> mark: russell downfield. incomplete at the 17 yard line. intended for coleman. they don't have to punt.
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and the door open for texas tech. >> rod: down two possessions and getting the football back. >> mark: and a hot quarterback, in mahomes. patrick mahomes, has passed for 400 yards. and he's going to get another opportunity. the future of texas tech. he has 466 passing yards and the meter's still running. fair catch at the 15 yard line. still some time. nothing would make the red raiders happier than to spoil baylor's season with a win today. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been
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>> mark: well, the cowboys' con temporary art collection was selected by the jones family to enhance each fans' experience. the art is inspired by local texas artists. passionate run to the 30 yard line. picked up 14 and a first down for the red raiders. >> rod: he's a 1,000-yard rusher. a tough runner inside. and he can also catch the ball out of the backfield.
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>> mark: mahomes, wide-open underneath. sadler with the catch and run. out to midfield. and another texas tech first down on that play. >> rod: they really have not been stopped by the baylor defense. they turned the ball over for three-straight times or three possessions, with fumbles. otherwise than that, they moved the ball all day. >> mark: that guy has set a big 12 freshman record for passing. his teammate had the record set last year. 462 against west virginia. handed it off this time and brought down at the 39 yard line. deandre washington. picked up four. hager making the stop. >> rod: critical possession for texas tech. they have a chance to make it a one-possession game. >> mark: each team with a time-out remaining.
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they tried to set up a screen. washington, with the catch. washington, on the move. touchdown. >> rod: we talked about his ability to catch the ball, make things happen. he makes a guy miss. gets a couple blocks down the field. and he's off. how about the great block by brad pearson, number 83? just walled off his guy. gave the sideline to washington. and right call here. you're in the fourth quarter.
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you go two. >> mark: make it a field goal game. >> rod: washington, pulled back. maybe out of breath, but you have to have him out there. >> mark: texas tech with only one time-out remaining. it's incomplete. busy corner there. ryan reid in on the coverage. but the true freshman, patrick mahomes, has lacerated and eviscerated that baylor defense today, with a little bit of help from deandre washington. yeah, i think he's hyped. line with 3 gigs for $65 ayou ce month. 3 gigs ... is that a lot? that's about ... 100 app downloads, 45 hours of streaming music, and 6 hours of video playing. (singing) and five golden rings! ha, i see what you did... (singing) four calling birds...three french hens ...(the guys starts to fizzle out) two... turtle...doves...
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>> mark: well, the oregon ducks to head to corvallis to take on oregon state in the civil war rivalry. oregon against oregon state, tonight at 8:00 eastern, on abc. strange things known to happen up in corvallis sometimes. we saw them upset arizona state a couple of weeks ago. and the at&t stadium here is alive because texas tech has a great opportunity here. they have not led but have closed to within five. and they'll take the touchback. let's look once more at the touchdown. what the was the key? >> rod: there's a guy who can get there. here's a guy that can get there. watch the linemen leak out. at the end, you see brad pearson come up with a great block. watch how he sticks on the
4:16 pm
block. some people saying, he's got him. maybe he's holding. but his hands are inside. he's got him on the front side. let's go. that's a good block. and that's a hustle play from way far across the field. and that gave texas tech the touchdown. washington gets the credit. but brad pearson came from across the field to make the key block to spring him. >> mark: once again, if you're just joining us, if you've just tuned in, seth russell is the quarterback because we were hold, from the sidelines -- russell escapes for six or seven yards -- that bryce petty has suffered a mild cushion. we're not speculating, folks. we were told that from the trainer on the sidelines. all right? so, it is russell's team from here on in. shock linwood. how does this offense, as he picks up enough. how does this offense gets some
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semblance of rhythm back? they haven't done much in the second half. >> rod: they're going to keep doing what they were doing, even when they had petty in there. they're going to run the same scheme. they're missing more than petty. it's not just petty that's out. >> mark: linwood. picks up a couple yards. but a nice tackle by >> rod: they're missing chafin, their big back. armstead. three, significant injuries to this baylor offense has hampered them today. >> mark: leading by five. but you get the feeling they're just hanging on right now. that pass, complete over the middle. big pass and catch. norwood, with the grab. and that's going to be enough for the first down. picks up nine. >> mark: baylor, ranked number seven in the college football
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playoff rankings. trying to move up. perhaps with one eye on that mississippi state/ole miss score. ohio state took care of business. and tculed its business, as well. earlier this week. russell, on the move. brought down at about the 41. let's go down to jessica for more. >> jessica: you mentioned how texas tech all week long, said we're going to play like it's our bowl game. on the sideline, that's how they've been acting. they are dogpiling. they're yelle. screaming. so much more energy than on baylor, who is going through the motions. very much approaching this like any other game. >> mark: jessica, baylor, needing a little pop now. jefferson. and providing that pop. nice run down to the 29 yard line. dixon, making the tackle. a 12-yard gain. that kind of speaks to the depth
4:19 pm
they have in backfield with linwood and jefferson, in absence of chafin. >> rod: and when you pull colbert to lead you on that play. >> mark: read option. jefferson, again, to the outside. brought down about the 22 eguavoen. and picked up eight. now, the offense getting a little rhythm on this drive. under six minutes to go. up by five. jefferson, plowing forward. and close to the first down marker. the spot seems to indicate he's a little bit short. each team, with one time-out remaining. >> rod: no surprise, baylor can move on this defense. texas tech has struggled defensively all season long. argue mri the worst defense in college football.
4:20 pm
>> mark: the power five, they surrender about 510 yards a game. >> rod: not very big up front, outside of -- >> mark: third and one. and russell keeps himself. looks like he got enough. more than enough for the first down. >> rod: they bring in marcus smith, who is a little bigger up front. they're getting pounded. there's a 45-pound difference between the starting defensive line for texas tech and baylor's offensive line. and they have been just mowing them down. and texas tech is trying to bring in bigger guys to hold the point of attack. >> mark: baylor eating up clock on this drive. russell, kept it himself. led by a couple guys out there. led by sam eguavoen.
4:21 pm
and big difference between a field goal and a touchdown here, if baylor should score. >> rod: field goal's a win for texas tech. >> mark: it makes it a one-score game. you're within eight. >> rod: don't forget, texas tech turned the ball over threes in baylor territory in the first half. three scoring opportunities they lost. >> mark: second and ten. they let the play clock wind down here. russell, tipped and batted down at the line of scrimmage. the red raiders' defense coming up huge there. pete robertson bats it down. >> rod: this ball was thrown so low. they tried to cut him. he gets up and takes this. now, the question for texas tech. when they brought pressure on
4:22 pm
third down, they exposed the corners. and they've been beaten deep. >> mark: young corners. >> rod: yeah. now, do they try that once again? or do they play coverage here and help them out? because if they play pressure, russell can take a shot. >> mark: they set up a middle screen. and incomplete. over the middle, looked like he was trying to hit gus penning. seem like it was a little indecisive between two different receivers. >> rod: sometimes when you rush, you're not all on the same page. >> mark: so, the field goal unit comes in, led by chris callahan. this field goal will come from about 36 yards out. straight away. college football hopes, hanging by a thread.
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you can ring up three more, make it eight. but a win for the red raiders. within a touchdown. how much emotion is in this game? it's bubbling over. with 3:44 to go. baylor with everything to play for. the new dell venue 8 tablet with the remarkable power of intel inside ... syncs to other devices, without wires. so you can connect in unexpected ways... ♪ ["mony mony" by billy idole she cokicks in on car stereo]y". ♪don't stop now come on mony♪ ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah
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♪ do these people look happy? ♪ this is ridiculous... ♪ >> mark: here's a look at our game summary so far. texas tech very much in the ball game. and petty left the game after being hit in the head on a penalty. and here's a look. >> rod: this was flagged. that's a personal foul. led with the helmet. got him in the chin. he bit his tongue and has what's been called a mild concussion. i don't know the difference between a mild one and a concussion. but he's been reported to have a mild one.
4:26 pm
>> mark: leading by eight. from the 13. he's done great work on tick returns today. brought down at the 28 yard line. first down and ten. let's go to robert in the studio. >> we got a final in the egg bowl between mississippi state and ole miss. bulldogs going for it. pack prescott out of the end zone. it is over. 31-17, rebels. florida state, despite four interceptions from jameis winston, they hang on to win. coming up later on abc, the civil war, as marcus mariota and oregon, take on oregon state in corvallis. guys? >> mark: first down and ten. carried by washington. seven on the play.
4:27 pm
>> rod: with mississippi state's loss, tcu ohio state and baylor all have a chance to move up one. baylor is the only one that's undecided so far. they're facing a red-hot freshman quarterback, who has thrown for 533 yards. 15th 500-yard passing game this season in fbs. >> mark: that pass comes to about the 37. hager making the stop on washington. and keep in mind that mahomes' a great all-around athlete. he bipassed the opportunity to play professional baseball. good athlete. but he's been throwing fastballs today here. especially in the second half, where it's counted most. all day to throw. and incomplete. inand out of the arms of kenny williams.
4:28 pm
and a flag down on the play. >> rod: going to be a hold on baylor. you know, mahomes' patience is going to be tested here. baylor has gone away from the pressure. they've gone to a two-high safety look. playing a lot of coverage. going away from the man-to-man. and forcing the youngster to take the underneath throws. >> referee: holding, defense, number 4. ten-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> rod: one more look at it. now, there's the hold by howard. but he's got a safety behind him, helping him, as well. >> mark: 2:46 to go. full drive. >> rod: he's got a match-up in that slot. >> mark: grant has been the guy.
4:29 pm
they go downfield. he turned inside. the pass went outside. working against his old foe, terrell burt. and burt may have won that one. >> rod: there's a a flag. >> mark: way back near the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul, roughing the passer, number 2. >> mark: oakman, the perp traitor here. >> rod: oakman, that's a hit to the helmet, with his hands. totally unnecessary. kind of clubbed him. remember, earlier in the ball game, he put a knee in the face of mahomes and didn't get flagged for that. >> mark: first and ten. the ball all the way down, inside the 40, at the 37. mahomes, washington runs it into the boundary. and pushed out of bounds. and another flag down.
4:30 pm
this one, at the 37, right near the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul, face mask, offense, number 56. 15-yard penalty, first down. >> mark: you don't see it often on a lineman. >> rod: that's the offensive lineman trying to get his hands, you know, to that defensive player. and sometimes they slide up to the face mask instead of at the chest or the neck level. and that becomes a face mask penalty. >> mark: 2:35 to go. >> rod: there's the safeties right now, sitting back there, trying to show a two-deep kind of look. they can play cover-two out of that. two-deep. or quarter coverage. everybody playing a quarter of the field deep. or quarter, quarter half. but everybody now and then, they sneak this guy in. and leave that match-up there. and that's the match-up that
4:31 pm
mahomes wants to get. if they walk that linebacker inside a little bit, he'll be looking for the linebacker to mover off that and give him that match-up. >> mark: first and 25. another flag down on the far side of the field. that's going to be procedure against the red raiders. a costly egregious penalty at this point. >> referee: false start, offense, number 11. >> rod: that was grant. >> referee: five-yard penalty. >> rod: grant saw it, too. he got so excited about it, he jumped from the line of scrimmage. he saw himself one-on-one with the safety. and he just got a little bit excited and went ahead of time.
4:32 pm
>> mark: first and 30. mahomes, short. not even close. a whole bunch of pressuring, led by andrew billings. world record holder in power lifting. showing great force and power. >> rod: 2020 -- >> mark: 2,010 pounds total. bench 500. and clean 705. >> rod: he's a bad man. >> mark: you don't want to run at him. mahomes on the move again. completes it. and out to the 40 yard line. it's devin lauderdale. they get some of the yardage
4:33 pm
back. setting up third down here after the 17-yard gain. the distance, a little more advantagible. look at the total yardage in this game. >> rod: this is crazy. almost 1,200 yards of total offense. mahomes has to be patient right now. no safety out there. no safety back there at all. he sees it. he's adjusting. >> mark: split to the bottom of the screen. second receiver. >> rod: they called it off. they called it off. >> mark: mahomes with all day. and now, has a man downfield. marquez, touchdown. red raiders. and there's a flag on the play. let's see who this is on.
4:34 pm
>> refere >> referee: pass interference, defense, number 90. touchdown. >> mark: now, they go for the two-point conversion here. >> rod: here's the end of the play. how do you get marquez that far behind reid in that situation? here's your two-point play. >> mark: this is their season. for salvation. mahomes got to get rid of it. and swarmed and swallowed far sack. the bear defense claws him back. and that may have saved baylor's chances in the college football playoffs. >> rod: that's a great effort by baylor's front four. but the freshman has to throw this ball.
4:35 pm
he has to get rid of it. look at relentless pressure. but he's got to get rid of it. even if he throws it up for grabs. that was his opportunity. he cannot hang on to that. but what a great push by that front for baylor to put the freshman under pressure. >> mark: aiavion edwards, number 20 for baylor. he went to tackle mahomes, missed got back up and was in on the sack. and you talk about one play, that might end up saving them. but still, texas tech within a field goal. >> rod: here comes the onside kick. we've seen one already today by texas tech. it did not work. now, bailers hope ebaylor's hope
4:36 pm
ability to recover this onside kick. >> mark: they have jay lee, antwan goodley, and sure-handed receivers right up around the 45 yard line. >> rod: do you kick it or go for the bounce? >> mark: it's recovered by shock linwood. baylor, with 1:42 to go, will try to run this out. and hang on. >> rod: well, partner, i think the question has to be asked, has baylor done enough to impress -- well, the playoff committee? i would suggest in this situation -- they're only moving up because mississippi state has
4:37 pm
lost. >> mark: do you they leapfrog ohio state? >> rod: no. >> mark: they won. >> rod: but a more impressive win as this would be, against their rival. you know that mississippi state is out now. i think baylor will eventually get tcu because they get them already. >> mark: right. >> rod: at some point, if baylor beats kansas state, they will have the same record and the work -- body of work as tcu. but it's ohio state that's the problem. >> mark: shock linwood, covers up with two hands towards the end of that run. picks up the first down. and bryce petty knocked out of this game in the third quarter. suffering a mild concussion. we were told by the trainer on the sideline, before he was knocked out, 18 and 25 for 210 yards. and moving forward, baylor has kansas state, a rank opponent, next week.
4:38 pm
for the big 12 championship. >> rod: we don't know petty's status that game. we don't know if he'll be available to play against kst state. >> mark: not only did they lose petty, but they lost devin chafin today, one of their key running backs. >> rod: if you look at things the way i do, and you start thinking, tcu, baylor, here's their match-up. and i believe, eventually, baylor will pass tcu. even though tcu has a stronger nonconference schedule. at the end of the day, baylor beat tcu. and they may be co-champs. and i think head-to-head, will outweigh that nonconference schedule. it's ohio state, where they don't have a head-to-head. they haven't played. and ohio state's nonconference schedule is better than baylor's. so, their body of work is probably better. >> mark: a lot of debate going on. not that far from here. this is where the championship
4:39 pm
game will take place. >> rodney: ohio state has the impressive win over michigan state. if they beat wisconsin -- >> mark: ohio state lost to virginia tech. >> rod: they lost to them early. but a virginia tech team that's a bowl team, now, with their win last night. >> mark: russell takes a knee. no time-outs remaining. tell you what, like to pleasant a bug inside that room. a little espionage. just coming clean, folks. >> rod: you know, i value conference championships. my four right now would be alabama, oregon, florida state and ohio state. with baylor and tcu on the outside looking in. trying to persuade the committee or me, they're more deserving than ohio state. >> mark: baylor will try and go
4:40 pm
back-to-back, with big 12 titles. only hope that bryce petty can play next week against kansas state. he's a fine, young man. had a chance to visit with him yesterday. art briles' team will improve to 10-1 on the season. couple of guys that used to be on the same side at texas tech. briles as a coach. kingsbury as the quarterback. a little mutual respect at midfield. texas tech, meanwhile, falling to 4-8 on the season. and their season has come to an abrupt end, now. let's go down to jessica for more. >> jessica: you have three, huge guys go down on offense. how do you feel they responded? >> we won. it's hard to get a conference win. this is kind of a rivalry.
4:41 pm
late in the year. can happen. we're just glad to get a victory. we're 10-1. we win next week, we're big 12 champs again. that's what we've been shooting for. >> jessica: bryce petty, a mild concussion. how do you feel moving forward? >> we have to assess. he did a good job. bryce was starting to get rolling. hopefully he can get going next week. >> jessica: thanks, coach. >> mark: art briles, expected a battle. and top of the week, he said, got to take care of today or else tomorrow doesn't matter. now, they can worry about tomorrow. final score, 48-46. so long, everybody, from arlington, texas.
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. live from the kgo broadcast
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center this is abc 7 news. the first in a series of storms brings a morning soaking to the bay area and it is just the start. we could see more rain this weekend than we have seen so far this season. hello, i'm tiffany wilson. we are on storm watch today. heading live outside looks can be deceiving. we are right in the middle of two storm systems and you can even see the sun peaking out of the clouds as we look west from our emeryville camera. we have live team coverage on the series of storms heading our way. let's check in first with abc 7 meteorologist. >> we are in a temporary role. the rains pick up in intensity. live doppler 7 hd will show you much of the bay area is dry. what you can expect as we go through the evening period is areas of drizzle from now and 8 p.m. we see scattered showers developing and shortly after
4:46 pm
midnight tonight the down pours will be moving in. we will talk much more and have the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. now, once we got a break in the rain we saw cloudy conditions. our future tower camera captured the cloud layer over san francisco this morning. abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco with the look at how people are preparing for our second down pour. >> lots of people getting ready for the next round of storms. sand bags protecting these pumps at this builder. as we pan over the bridge you can see storm clouds are moving out but more are on the way tonight. >> the rain was falling saturday morning making the drive on highway 101 a slow and soggy one. hours later the rain tapered off bringing rough surf and big waves to ocean beach. planes were lined up for takeoff but chances are many were behind
4:47 pm
schedule. airport officials report dozens of airport delays. holiday traveler and her great granddaughter were late leaving salt lake city. >> it wasn't bad until we got to the airport and we realized that due to weather we were going to be delayed. initially i think it was 25 minutes but of course it lasted longer. >> about 90 minutes. in san mateo the city was making sand bags available to anyone in need of insurance. forecasters say rain and snow totals may get the region closer to normal precipitation levels but won't put a dent in the drought. at the hardware store we are shown this weekend's specials, rain coats, rain boots, rain tarps and more. >> we got the pumps. it gets flooded we got pumps and all of the aggregation and all of the pipes and everything. >> i want to play outside and i
4:48 pm
can't. >> mario is helping his dad find stuff to keep the backyard from flooding again. mario sr. said this year especially it is not a bad thing. >> hopefully it will rain more. need more water. ♪ >> the street musician knows rain drops may not be falling on his head right now but later this weekend they certainly will be. in san francisco abc 7 news. an earlier storm left snow in tahoe. this video is from north star california resort. north star said it received three inches of fresh powder overnight and more this morning. the area under a winter weather advisory through tomorrow evening. here is a live look at conditions from the lake tahoe tv camera. ta can see up to a foot of snow over the weekend at higher elevations here. right now there are no chain
4:49 pm
restrictions on either
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damaged storefronts mark san francisco's union square and mission district today after protests turned chaotic last night. crate and barrel was one of several businesses to have windows smashed in or spray painted. the damage covered by red tape
4:52 pm
today. the window covered in plastic. no one inside was hurt but many damaged businesses went into security mode when the violence started. >> we had police blocking the entrance. we had families and small children who were really upset and distraught by the activity. >> the demonstration came to an end when police started arresting protesters. one officer was injured by a thrown bottle. mayor said tho mayor -- this behavior will not be tolerated and those responsible will be held accountable and prosecuted. on black friday big box stores are packed but today it is all about the little guys. small business saturday is
4:53 pm
designed to give a jolt to sales of mom and pop shops. more than 3,000 communities have events with shops offering discounts. in oakland parking meters and parking lots are free and this will continue every saturday until the new year. we have the latest on our
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we have another round of wet weather headed our way. >> right now live doppler 7 hd is showing a temporary break in what has been a soggy start to
4:56 pm
the weekend. just light showers working through the bay area and they are very isolated in nature. satellite and radar the story we are tracking the reason why for the morning rain and more rain overnight tonight area of low pressure will bring us another round of rain tapping into moisture moving in from the south. that means overnight tonight we are tracking soggy showers. the forecast we go early on this evening. isolated sprinkles picking up in coverage by the midnight hour. you will notice yellows indicating heavy pockets of rain into the north bay, as well. as you wake up tomorrow morning looks like the south bay will be dry with overcast skies. san francisco and areas to the north dealing with the wet weather that will begin to taper. as you wake up monday morning and go back to work and school looks like much of the region will be dry and then we wake our next system tuesday morning from the west and that brings us more rain in the seven day forecast. the lows mainly in the 50s with
4:57 pm
showers heavy after the midnight hour. another story we are tracking the winds picking up as the front moves through. winds right along the coast could get up to over 30 miles per hour. the seven day forecast will show you down pours early on tomorrow morning giving way to scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. monday a break but south wind picks up temperatures. that is a brief warmup. by tuesday more soaking rains last until wednesday morning and we start to dry out by late next week. >> i think we all appreciate the rain. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. more college football is coming up next.
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>> brad: for 120 years, the civil war has raged in the state of oregon. >> ducks are going to the rose bowl! >> now, the university of oregon comes to corvallis with everything on the line. playoff hopes are soaring for the ducks. every week, they get one step closer to a national championship. putting points on the board and an amazing pace. two more wins and the ducks will fly into the inaugural four-team college playoff. the heart of this team is marcus mariota. you can't have a heisman discussion without talking about the hawaiian sensation. every game and every touchdown shows you why he


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