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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, off the force. ferguson police officer darren wilson resigns after he's cleared by the grand jury for shooting and killing michael brown. >> and that was the job of my life. >> the security fears that led to his decision, what the future holds for him and the bigger question, will it stop the unrest nationwide? rescue at sea. caught on camera. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> the coast guard swooping in to airlift five fishermen to safety. their frantic call for help as they jumped into that life raft. tearful reunion. a missing boy feeling his mother's embrace for the first time in four years after he was locked inside a secret compartment in this house. >> just kept saying thank you,
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thank you, thank you. >> how the clever teen used an app to call for help and the officers who didn't give up looking for him. and it's a madonna music mystery. ♪ come on vogue >> who knew songs from her yet to be released album leaked on the internet. her manager's twitter appeal to track down the leaker and why some people think this could all be a giant publicity stunt. ♪ hey hey hey and good morning, and america is on the move on this sunday after thanksgiving. here's a look at the busy philly airport, 2.6 million people will be flying home today. millions more tomorrow. here's a look at all the flights in the air right now. this is from flight aware. look at that. that's already early in the day. millions more will be hitting the road. >> yes. >> what's that, ron?
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>> they're not moving. >> they're not moving. >> sorry, they're not moving. >> very slow jets. >> it's kind of realtime. also tomorrow millions more will hit the road today and tomorrow for driving and gas prices are going to continue to drop and rob has your travel forecast, dr. rob marciano will have that very soon. >> doctor? doctor? >> i've just given you a promotion. >> i'll take it. >> you're an honorary doctor. so many busy traveling and so many shopping. tomorrow is cyber monday and it's really the best kind of shopping on the couch in your pjs. we're going to tell you how and where to score the best deals out there. but we do get to the breaking news overnight from ferguson, missouri. the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teen has quit the department. officer darren wilson's letter of resignation says he doesn't want to put the residents and police department at risk so he is stepping down and alex perez is on the story for us in ferguson this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. protesters have been demanding wilson resign since this ordeal began back in august.
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wilson says he's afraid if he stayed on the force, he would become too much of a target. >> all: shut it down. shut it down. >> reporter: overnight abc news has learned officer darren wilson is officially resigning from the ferguson police department, a job wilson told george stephanopoulos he loved in their exclusive interview last week. >> you love being a police officer. >> i love it. >> reporter: in this resignation letter obtained by abc news, wilson cites safety concerns and the widespread unrest in the five days since a grand jury declined to indict him in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown on august 9th. >> no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson. >> reporter: wilson writing, "i have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that i cannot allow." those same concerns looming over wilson during the interview. >> i greatly enjoyed working in ferguson, i did. >> you put that in the past
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tense, not going to happen again? >> i mean, you think they would accept me? you think it would be safe for me? >> reporter: overnight demonstrators in ferguson once again protesting outside the police station. >> i believe he should have resigned. >> reporter: and as police arrest a handful of demonstrators nationwide since friday, wilson hoping leaving the force will alleviate the tension here in ferguson. he writes, "it is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal." >> are you still scared? >> of course. >> what's your biggest worry? >> someone hurting my family or another officer getting hurt. >> reporter: the embattled former cop says he hopes to return to police work. that future, now unclear. >> just because the grand jury ruled a decision doesn't mean everything is over. >> reporter: the justice department is conducting a civil rights investigation into the shooting, and overnight protests here over the weekend have been loud but mostly peaceful. just two arrested last night. dan. >> alex perez once again on the ground. we appreciate it. let's bring in abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. she's in washington.
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she's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, as alex just mentioned the feds are still investigating this case. what kind of charges could they bring and when might this happen? >> well, the federal rights investigation was begun in august and attorney general eric holder says it will continue but there is a very high legal bar. they would have to show that officer wilson singled out brown because of his race and purposely violated his civil rights. but holder said the investigation is at a mature stage and the grand jury findings will have no impact on it. there's also, dan, a separate investigation into the ferguson police department and some of its practices, so perhaps all of that pretty soon. >> yes, as you say at a mature stage and, martha, thank you. a reminder martha has a big show this morning. she'll have the latest on ferguson and much, much more coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. >> thanks, dan. and it will be home from the holiday for millions of folks today. airports will be packed and
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highways jammed on the busiest travel day of the year, and abc's david kerley is out with the early birds at reagan national airport near washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the crush is coming on this very busy travel day. expect crowded highways in the sky and on the ground. this morning, more than 2.5 million americans expected to take to the sky hoping to get home in time for work. while the weather is clear passengers should expect long lines and possible delays. >> everybody travels home and they're all trying to get back today. >> reporter: even if you make your flight, what about your luggage? here in atlanta delta took us behind the scenes. more than 100,000 bags will make their way through 40 miles of conveyer belts, and according to an industry group your bags are actually 17% less likely to be lost or delayed than last year. >> we beefed up with additional staffing. we run the system as best as we possibly can. it is truly our super bowl. it's one of our busiest days that we'll see all year. >> reporter: and if you think the delays and long lines are
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limited to air travel, guess again. >> a lot more people are hitting the roads. you don't have the air delays or you don't have to worry about the weather but you're going to face traffic. >> reporter: with gas well under $3 a gallon, drivers will share the road with another 41 million people. at an average of 2.78 per each gallon of gas, it's almost 50 cents cheaper than this time last year, and experts believe it may continue to drop thanks to increased domestic production. but according to the editor in chief of yahoo! travel, whether you're braving the roads or squeezing on to a packed flight there's one way to get through the madness. >> you have to pack your patience. >> reporter: you really do need to pack your patience. it's going to be a very busy day. it only takes one weather event to really mess up the entire aviation system. the good news is it looks like the weather is going to be pretty good and cooperate, paula. >> glad that patience is a virtue for so few of us. thank you, david kerley, this morning. now to the big question about ray rice on this football sunday.
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the tarnished nfl star is allowed back in the game after his suspension for punching his then fiancee. he has been spotted working out and staying in game shape. but will any team sign him or is he simply too much baggage? and abc's ryan smith has the latest from washington. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, paula. while some think ray rice may face an uphill battle to return to the field, one person firmly in his corner, his wife janay now speaking out for the first time in months, standing by her man and along with some of his former teammates believing he deserves a second chance. this morning, according to his wife, newly reinstated ray rice is ready to play football. just hours after winning his battle to overturn an indefinite suspension by the league, janay rice tells espn's jemele hill the couple has put their infamous elevator altercation behind them. >> she's very excited about the future that he could have in the nfl for him getting the opportunity to kind of regain from a playing standpoint some of the things he's lost.
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>> reporter: in her conversation with hill, janay questioned why he was cut in the first place. "i was extremely surprised and angry that the ravens released him. they were our family." while former teammates also seemed ready to forgive, ravens wide receiver torrey smith tweeting "my boy will do the right things" and lineman bryant mckinnie says, "i'm glad my friend ray rice was given a second chance." analysts are split whether an nfl team would want to take a chance on someone some see as a pr nightmare. >> the nfl is not in the business of morality. at the end of the day either you can play or you can't. >> what ray rice did was shameful, it was awful but there are players who have bounced back from equally shameful and awful things, as well. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, the nfl won't stand in rice's way. with rice's indefinite suspension overturned, on friday his wife janay now telling nbc news why she thinks the nfl was so hard on the former all pro. >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves.
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>> rice can be added to an nfl team at any time. but so far no team has spoken out about putting him on their roster. that could change with the playoffs just weeks away. but if fantasy footballers have anything to say about this, he would be back immediately. he's been added to hundreds of thousands of yahoo! fantasy football teams since being reinstated, paula. >> all right, ryan. and one question for you. here's how the nfl is responding to rice's reinstatement, overnight they released a memo to league owners really appearing to defend the commissioner roger goodell. was this basically just a memo to save his job? >> in some ways, yes, or at least explain what happened here because in this memo he talks a lot about what the league is now doing going forward but he also mentions something very key. he says -- at least his team says "no part of the judge's decision questions his honesty or integrity," the commissioner's honesty and integrity, and not that his good faith consideration was an issue
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here. so that becomes key because the owners can hire and fire roger goodell so in many ways he has to explain his conduct and make it clear that he or his lack of good faith if some say that or his decisionmaking here was not in question, rather a nuance at least according to the nfl that they say was key. >> all right. ryan smith, thank you so much. and it's really important, as he pointed out, that the owners are basically who roger goodell answers to at the end of the day. they hire, they fire the commissioner. >> absolutely. he has several bosses and they are the owners. >> 32. a lot of other news breaking overnight and for that as always let's get it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> hey, good morning to you, dan, paula, rachel, rob. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas in turkey where pope francis is on a mission to bridge the divide between christians and muslims. abc's alex marquardt is in istanbul with more. alex? >> reporter: good morning, ron. the pope has come here to one of the biggest muslim countries to try to improve the dialogue between the different faiths. his first stop here in istanbul was to the country's most important mosque, the famous blue mosque, where he bowed his head for two minutes in what the vatican called a moment of silent adoration. this morning he gave a service
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to some of the country's tiny christian minority as he tries to forge closer ties between the catholic and orthodox churches. it's this kind of interfaith dialogue the pope says that can help stop this spread of extremism at a time when turkey is grappling with how to deal with the threat from isis which is right on its borders. just yesterday we saw a suicide attack by isis at a border crossing with syria. turkey has taken in more than 1.5 million refugees from the war raging next door in syria and later today the pope will be meeting with some of the refugees from both syria and iraq. ron. >> okay, thanks very much, alex marquardt, reporting from istanbul. and here at home some terrifying moments for some people out on a boat trip in oregon. coast guard rescue crews had to hoist the boaters early saturday morning from the chilly pacific waters off the coast there in oregon. the tense moments captured in the captain's distress call after his boat started taking on water. >> mayday, mayday, mayday, i have five people on board, and it's not looking good. we're probably going to get in
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the raft very soon. >> three people were treated for minor injuries. a happy ending there. and former new york governor mario cuomo, father of the state's current governor is hospitalized this morning. mario cuomo is at a new york city hospital being treated for a heart condition. his son, andrew cuomo, the governor, spent the thanksgiving holiday at the hospital with his father and says his dad is in good spirits. the elder cuomo who is 82 years of age served three terms as governor from 1983 to 1994. and now to the search for a missing ohio state university football player before saturday ohio state's game against the university of michigan wolverines, a picture of kosta karageorge was shown on the scoreboard. the 22-year-old defensive lineman was last seen last wednesday, the same morning he sent his mother a text message saying he was suffering the effects of a football concussion. and a reporter from our charleston, west virginia, affiliate, got quite the scare during an interview. while conducting that interview,
7:14 am
he said a gunman started shooting in his direction. >> we'll start off the hardest question of all. >> wchs reporter sean delancey was interviewing a witness to a shooting at the same location that had taken place the night before. delancey says he saw three men running away after those shots were fired. no one thankfully was injured. finally, this is a great story. this is a story of a massachusetts man who got more than he expected at an auction. his name is phil leclerc and he picked up this secretary desk for 40 bucks at the auction. when he took it home he realized that the knob, one of the knobs on the desk was missing, so he shook the desk, a sure way to find it, hoping that the knob would come 46 out. the knob did not come out. instead, a stash of matured savings bonds. $126,000 worth so leclerc did the right thing, he went back to the auction house, returned the bonds and then they found the original owner of the desk who turned out to be a guy who is caring for his 94-year-old father and he had been selling off furniture to help pay for his dad's care. so isn't that great? so, $126,000 to help him with his father.
7:15 am
>> did he ever find the knob? >> the knob is still missing. >> thank you for that. >> every detail has to be covered. >> great. >> but he got 126,000 bucks. >> thank you, ron. now to a very different story, the online outrage over an attack on president obama's daughters. a republican congressional staffer posting a rant on facebook about the way sasha and malia looked and acted at this moment here during the white house turkey pardoning the other day. the blowback here was fast and furious and abc's gloria riviera has more. >> reporter: republican congressional aide elizabeth lauten is in the hot seat this morning accused of cyberbullying sasha and malia obama. lauten chiding the first teens for acting, well, like teenagers during president obama's annual prethanksgiving pardoning of two turkeys. >> you guys want to pet them? >> nah. >> reporter: lauten lecturing the girls not to make faces during televised public events. in this facebook rant writing
7:16 am
"dear sasha and malia, i get it. you're both in those awful teen years but you're part of the first family, try to show a little class." the former rnc media director then taking jabs at their parents. "then again your mother and father don't respect their positions very much, so i'm guessing you come up short in the role model department." despite the girls being well below the legal drinking age, lauten writes "dress like you deserve respect. not a spot at the bar." twitter responding swiftly. "elizabeth lauten is cyberbullying. i'm a teen and a facial expression in a moment doesn't define your true character." "elizabeth lauten should be fired. she went too far by attacking children." >> everybody who has anything to do with washington knows that presidential kids are off-limits. it's that simple. >> reporter: later in the day, the embattled gop staffer removing the controversial post replacing it with an apology. "after many hours of prayer, i can see more clearly just how
7:17 am
hurtful my words were. i'd like to apologize." that apology has since been taken down or made private and there has been no response from the white house. dan, paula. >> yeah. >> you know what they say, you can mess with me but if you mess with my kids, don't go there. >> absolutely. >> don't mess with your kids. right? >> yeah, i got three of them. mama bear will come out in a hurry. okay. and now the cyber monday strategy. tomorrow is the biggest online shopping day of the year and shoppers are planning, they're plotting. >> yes, i'm planning to get in my pjs and spend the entire day in front of the computer. and unlike black friday, you can actually skip the long lines and get deep discounts from the comfort of your home or office if your boss will allow it. and abc's becky worley has been scoping out some of the best deals. hey, becky. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yeah, paypal looked at its data and they say that the black friday shopping sales season started eight days ago so are all the sales sold out, the deals dealed out?
7:18 am
are beloved shop in your jammies monday fake retail shopping holiday dead? cyber monday, is it even a thing anymore? or is it game over? but hold on, cyber monday has extra lives. >> congratulations. >> reporter: but it's definitely changed. for one thing it could be called cyber shoe day. toms has 25% off, the discount site 6pm traditionally adds another blanket discount on their whole inventory. joe's new balance outlet has 20% off all running shoes. and don't forget about amazon. >> genuine leather. >> reporter: they have loads of boots at 50% off and cole haan for men's 40% off. next, toys. deal experts used to say wait until right before christmas when toy prices get slashed but this year a change. we expect some of the very best prices of the season on cyber monday. >> one of the hottest toys is anything "frozen." this elsa snow glow doll for $28.88. this is the hottest toy of the year.
7:19 am
>> reporter: toys "r" us has princess and me dolls $15 off. walmart has this 12-foot trampoline for 199. that's 100 bucks off. even big kids toys like the xbox one will be marked down to $329 at various sites online. next, hotel rooms. cyber monday is loaded with deals like orbitz. 20% off rooms. red roof inn has 30% off rooms nationwide and destination resorts has 30% to 40% off rooms in tahoe and vail. appliances, we expect sears to discount heavily. tools, home depot has historically had big cyber monday sales. cyber monday is far from dead. it's now the action-packed catch all final sale of the black friday season. we have links to all of the deals that i mentioned and more on our website, "gma" on >> thank you, beckley. thank you, becky. >> all your holiday shopping done yet? >> i have an audience of one. her name is bianca harris and it's already done.
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>> whoa. >> wow. >> yes, of course. >> you have two -- >> well, just pretty much one. let's get the weather now from -- rob, yes, two, two. paula, as well, my work wife. >> giving her a baby doesn't count. >> hey, guy, we have some changes on the way weatherwise. look at this. seattle snow, we don't see this typically but we had it yesterday. there's the space needle. sent to us by our friends at komo. they call it the emerald city because it is so green but yesterday a little bit of coating of white and it is cold right now. an arctic blast, another one, but this won't affect everybody but the ones it does affect it certainly is going to be cold. minot, south dakota, yesterday was 73 degrees, 4 hours later dropped to 27, and this morning it feels like minus 10. these are some of the wind chills. minus 23 in bismarck and colder in some other spots. this weak impulse will drive into the intermountain west and this one is a strong one that
7:21 am
will engulf the entire west coast. california is going to get a good chunk of rain out. if you want dry, warm weather, go to florida and texas. that's a quick check on your national outlook. >> 20 minutes into the show and you haven't teased paula about michigan losing again yesterday. >> i got some blowback on twitter from doing that. i'll leave that alone. >> let's move on. i'll pretend -- talk to the hand. coming up on "gma" is an amazing story, reunited, a boy missing four years found hidden in a fake wall.
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and the madonna music mystery, what happened with those leaked songs on the internet? ♪ >> "good morning america" is brought to you by jimmy dean delights. it's not just for breakfast anymore. shine on. it's not just for breakfast anymore. shine on.
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hey, coming up on "gma," missing for four years, a boy's tearful reunion with his mom. >> how he was found in a secret compartment at his dad's house and what he told police. we're right back. e. we're right back. compartment at his dad's house and what he told police. we'll be right back. yesterday we were showing
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you that amazing trailer for the new "star wars" movie, just 88 seconds but already blowing some people's minds. well -- >> fantastic 88 seconds. >> i know. this is not it but some lego masters so geeked, it's their own spin. the lego trailer. the rest of their incredible creation is coming up on "good morning america." that light saber was pretty awesome. >> yes, nerd alert, paula faris in the house this morning. also coming up on "gma," the mystery of those two new madonna songs that hit the internet and are going viral this morning. her team says and they say this breathlessly, this was an unauthorized leak. some think maybe it's some sort
7:31 am
of publicity stunt. >> not buying it. >> we'll be digging into that coming up. but first a bizarre and moving story of a young boy missing for four years just now reunited with his mom. >> we were there for the emotional reunion but there are still so many unanswered questions about the case. abc's mara schiavocampo is here. mara, where do you begin with a story like this? >> paula, this is really an amazing story. that boy helping to save himself figuring out how to send a text message while being held behind a fake wall leading police to his exact location and to a long awaited reunion with his mother. this young boy reported missing four years ago back in his mother's arms. tears of overwhelming joy streaming down their faces. >> i just couldn't believe it. that i mean we found him. >> reporter: according to police, his mother reported the 13-year-old's disappearance after a visitation with his father in 2010. investigators say after four years of no word from her son, a
7:32 am
text message sent with a secret smartphone app helped her lead police to this home. >> we came here to the home and were able to get inside the home, talk to the people inside. >> reporter: officers left empty-handed, but then the young boy sent a second message saying exactly where he was hidden in the home, tucked away behind a fake wall concealed behind a linen closet in an insulation area above the garage. >> we opened the compartment where he was, and i saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. he was frozen with fear. >> he just kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: this morning, the 37-year-old father gregory jean and his girlfriend samantha davis are behind bars facing a slew of charges including false imprisonment and cruelty to children. all thanks, police say, to the quick thinking of a boy who refused to be a victim. >> reach out by any means necessary and don't stop. we will find you.
7:33 am
>> now, officials say the father and his girlfriend could face more criminal charges as this case unfolds. the two have not yet entered a plea and no bail has been set. they're scheduled to make their first court appearance later this morning. an amazing story. >> so many questions. where do you begin? how did he get his hands on the phone? what app did he use? apparently neighbors had seen him in the backyard. >> he wasn't always held in the space. neighbors said that they saw him outside from time to time. they did see him play, so this wasn't his only place of being held this. but this was really considered a custody issue because he had gone to visit his father and never come home so police weren't necessarily involved early and across state lines so just a lot -- >> child protective services, not the police. >> exactly. >> adorable boy. really resourceful as well. we're glad he's back with his mom. >> this will be a great holiday for them. >> mara, thank you. >> thank you. a lot of other headlines overnight. let's take another look at those with mr. ron claiborne. good morning, again. >> hi, again, dan and paula, rob.
7:34 am
good morning, everyone. let's go straight to the big headline out of ferguson, missouri. darren wilson, the police officer who shot michael brown has resigned from the ferguson police department. days after a grand jury decided not to indict him in that shooting. wilson says he is stepping down because he doesn't want to put other police officers in that city at risk. and in pennsylvania, hundreds of people joined the search for a missing student, 21-year-old shane montgomery shown right there last seen leaving a bar during the early hours of thanksgiving morning. and police in chino, california, are looking for this man who was wearing a werewolf mask when he allegedly shot at a contractor friday. the target was installing security bars at the check cashing store when the suspect opened fire grazing him in the head, however, that that contractor is expected to survive. finally, manhattan college was up by just two points with two seconds left. they're intentionally missing a free throw. normally a good idea until this happens. look at this. this guy, george jenkins, fires up the 75-foot hail mary and all net as you see it there. >> wow! >> amazing. >> the patriots of george mason
7:35 am
beating the jaspers of manhattan college then under that three-pointer but one point, 64-63. >> what are the odds that game would have gotten any coverage had that shot not been made? >> you'd never know about it otherwise. amazing shot, huh? >> fantastic. >> made his day. >> always make your shot. >> incredible. >> 75 feet. >> basketball, incredible saturday of rivalry games. i don't want to bring up your game again. >> yeah, don't. let's not do that again. okay? everything was going so well. >> more sports later on. going to boston we go for a live shot there. temperatures are in the upper 30s. actually a good 15 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. yesterday we were down to the lower 20s. so enjoy this warm-up. it'll last another day or two. but a big-time temperature swing not only for boston but there's your red warm front and behind that is where all the temperatures are above 50 in some cases, above 60 in atlanta. 68 degrees is what we expect for high temperatures today. but another cool front will be pushing and squeezing some of that warmer air to the east and south.
7:36 am
buffalo, 35. tomorrow, 33 degrees in indianapolis and then one more day and i think it gets through the northeast so back to reality across parts of new york, boston and norfolk and buffalo by the time tuesday rolls along. as far as what we're looking for for precipitation, pretty weak front precipwise but cold enough to get a mix in there so traveling later today and tonight across the ohio and mississippi river valleys you might see a little bit of rain mixing in with some freezing rain. maybe some sleet at times. i don't think the major interstates will be an issue. what will be an issue on tuesday heavy rain rolling to california and enough to potentially release some debris flows and some mudslides across some of those burn areas could see 5 inches of rainfall but some will get down to socal, as well. los angeles, santa barbara and san diego will get much-needed rain. hopefully it doesn't rain so hard that the earth will move but fill the pockets there. a lot driving. the biggest issue the wind,
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by keurig 2.0. nothing like a good hot cup of coffee on a day like that. speaking of football, canadian football championship league. the gray cup, the 102nd running of it. >> who is in it? >> the hamilton tiger cats, of course, taking on the calgary stampeders. >> go, stampeders. >> ron will have it in his newscast tomorrow. >> you like obscure sports and you also follow like the papua new guinea horseshoe 46. >> i worked for espn part time so things you need to know. it's being played indoors. >> a big deal in canada. >> huge deal. >> learning new things about our new friend rob marciano. coming up here on "gma," the songs madonna did not want you
7:38 am
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♪ come on vogue now to madonna. historically not the kind of person to shy away from publicity. >> ever, but this time apparently not on her own terms. songs from her upcoming album were leaked online and now a hunt to find out who was behind it. who was behind it? abc's nick watt has more. ♪ my rebel heart >> reporter: "rebel heart," one of two as yet unreleased madonna songs leaked on the internet. apparently she's mad. both songs yanked off youtube. her manager just tweeted "i would be grateful to any madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak. we appreciate your help." >> it felt just a teeny bit like a pr stunt. >> reporter: another reinvention, another new start. ♪ we need a holiday >> reporter: more than 30 years on from her first record, madonna has recently posted photos with hot deejay avicii #rebelheart. a new album is expected to drop
7:43 am
next year or was this material really stolen from the material girl. ♪ and i am a material girl >> reporter: no comment from the 56-year-old's camp. she's in malawi with the two kids she adopted from an orphanage down there. her last album debuted at number one but that was nearly three years ago. >> is she back? no, not yet. these are just leaks. i mean, when she's back, you'll know it. you won't be able to not know it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> hmm. the mystery deepens. >> yes, it does. >> coming up on "good morning america," we have the pooch with a mission. what he's trying to do straight ahead in "pop news." what is he trying to do? >> looked like he was trying to do something questionable right there. >> wait for it. oh, yes.
7:44 am
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♪ sara haines on the last day of her honeymoon. we have been so lucky to have the lovely and effervescent rachel smith with us. >> what an introduction. thank you. great to be here with you today.
7:48 am
much appreciated, danimal. let's have fun, shall we? yesterday you may recall we had a major nerd alert happening here as the new trailer for "star wars: the force awakens" took the world by storm and it's already raked in 9 million views on youtube. but since its reveal one megafan known as snooper king has re-created the trailer brick by brick using legos. >> pretty awesome, i have to say. >> it is, isn't it? >> i mean to do it so quickly, too. >> yeah, so this mini version is what you're seeing right here, it was made in less than 24 hours after that trailer was released yesterday and has already racked up 800,000 views and counting. >> you call that lego-mation like lego animation. >> i like that, indeed. he said it took him forever. he has some experience with creating things with lego in the past. >> not his first rodeo. >> not his first rodeo. but a great job. i don't know about you guys, but i ate so much. >> i don't believe it. >> no.
7:49 am
i'm still recovering. i tore it up. it was good. i enjoyed every bit of it and it seems like the cast though of "dancing with the stars," they found a great way to work off all that turkey with their annual dance wars. check it out. her'es julianne and derek hough. they had some cool moves and they went ahead and challenged others to follow their lead. ♪ baby baby baby >> yeah, look at the turkey. they got moves. they make it look so easy, right? how can you do that after eating thanksgiving dinner? >> yeah. nice. >> i could do the turkey part. >> there's maria menounos. she took them up on their offers. these are her cool moves. >> grab a beer. >> and then we have "dancing with the stars" winner, alfonso ribeiro, he also showcased his moves with his family. look at that. >> adorable. >> looks like his back is feeling better. wow, he's good. >> hey, he was the winner, what do you expect? >> where's the mirrorball? doesn't have it posted on the mantel. >> i want the carlton. >> wow! >> so, guys, i'm pretty sure your handles were incorporated in there.
7:50 am
are you up for the challenge? >> nope. have you seen dan move before? >> ron says he has moves. >> that's not what i said. >> had. i bet you still have moves. >> i'm willing to slow dance with ron. >> thank you. moving on we have some wedding news to share this morning. nicole "snooki" polizzi from "the jersey shore" is now a mrs. she tied the knot with fiance giani lavalle. and here are some pictures from their special day she posted for her fans and the two married at a catholic church and celebrated at a great gatsby themed reception in where else but jersey. >> of course. >> and cast members from the show were among guests. jenni "jwoww" farley was even a bridesmaid for her so congrats to the newlyheads. >> slow danced to "i've had the time of my life." >> 800,000 hits and counting. now guys to a little dog named lucy who has a very
7:51 am
unusual talent, if you can even call it a talent, or maybe she needs to perhaps learn the concept of boundaries. yeah, check it out. so i can't exactly tell you how she feels about this kid ryan who is the owner's son. >> oh. >> yep. but that's right. >> pantsed. >> she definitely likes his shorts, though. lucy is relentless. she goes in for round two. >> glad it's fun. >> and that, folks, is what they man by dogged determination. >> dogged determination. >> do you like that? >> i got it. >> yes, they did. >> yeah, that dog would work well in a locker room. rachel, thank you very much. appreciate it. meanwhile, i don't -- that's a figure of speech. 46 we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
hotel? trivago. >> a big thanks to rachel smith. >> yeah. >> great to have you. >> thank you. >> great to have you. and a happy and safe holiday weekend and travel safe out there. >> cyber monday. >> cyber monday. >> shopping, safe traveling. >> absolutely.
7:57 am
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- ferguson fury. demonstrations spreading across the country. dozens more arrested this weekend, and breaking overnight, officer wilson resigns. why he stepped down, and will it stop the unrest? overturned, running back ray rice wins his appeal. another black eye for the nfl. how will the league and its embattled commissioner respond? hurry up and wait. on the busiest travel day of the year, we ask the head of the faa, can anything be done about those long lines and delays? and presidential couture. >> this is president obama's jacket. >> only the president. >> only for presidents, this stitching here. >> announcer: the man who's been


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