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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning, america. on the edge. record-breaking rain wreaking havoc on roads. power knocked out in an airport. mudslides force people from their homes, and the deluge not over yet. florida state firestorm. the biggest star in college football, forced to answer sexual assault allegations from a fellow student after an emotional hearing. will the university take action after prosecutors declined to pursue charges? holiday travel alert. this explosive new video reveals a hidden danger inside the cargo hold of many passenger jets. the warning this morning about all of those batteries that power our cell phones and laptops. ♪ i'm coming for you is there a justin jinx? the sports fans who claim you better believe it. inside the photos that landed
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the superstar back in the headlines, and have so many worried that the biebs is bad luck. and good morning, america. boy, justin beiber, not getting a break in boston right now. they really think he's bad luck for the patriots. >> fans are like that. the patriots, hanging out with them, they have a good thing going on right now. but you're saying -- >> he's done a lot of things that i criticize. but i'm not sure there's a justin jinx. but we'll get into that in a little while. >> i love when you back biebs like that. also, we're going to begin with the record rain this morning on the west coast, creating dangerous driving condition, mudslides, forcing mandatory evacuations. and you better believe ginger is going to start us off with this. >> look at this, outside of a car in los angeles, something you don't see every day, and not in the last three years.
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we've been in that ridiculous drought. and the rain, it came, and it came forcefully. dangerously for some. record daily rainfalls from san francisco to los angeles. up north and east of san diego, 7 1/2 inches of rain. that's a ton for an area that's struggled to get a quarter inch over months on end. flash flood watches in place, new port, riverside, up into the sierra, on the crest there especially. and look for the next three days to be extremely rainy in northern california. one more day north and east of san diego to get the brunt of it. brandi hitt is in california. tell me everything you have seen so far. brandi? >> reporter: good morning, ginger. it continues to rain, and many of the families are on edge this morning. take a look, they have installed large barriers in front of the homes. over here, you have sandbags that have done a great job of protecting these houses from wattish and mud so far. a powerful storm drenching california overnight. record-breaking rainfall downing trees. drivers swerving around rock slides.
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>> terrifying. it was scary, very, very scary. >> reporter: and a power outage at the bob hope airport. and look at this crash, leaving a truck dangling from a freeway overpass. and the deluge isn't over, 4 inches of rain expected in the next 24 hours. >> we'll just monitor things. i know there's heavy rains coming this afternoon. >> reporter: and in glen dora, families were this morning that this mountainside could give way at any moment. >> i'm hoping we'll be okay. >> reporter: it's the same area that was hit by wildfires in january. and the mudslides that followed jurist a month later. but in 1969 their home was one of dozens buried by a massive mudslide. and now they're prepared to evacuate for the third time in less than a year. do you have your bags packed constantly? >> it's all sitting inside the door. if we have to evacuate, we'll
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just put it all in the car and we're off. >> reporter: many of these families say they dodged a bullet this morning but they say they're not out of the woods just yet. they're keeping a close eye on the rain the last couple days and watching this mountainside very closely. george? >> i bet they are. thank you very much. now to president obama's next defense secretary. expected to announce his choice to replace chuck hagel this week. the likely pick, ashton carter. up until last year the number two official at the pentagon. carter may not have been the president's top choice, but he does have deep experience. >> he certainly does, george. ash carter was passed over for the top job at the pentagon when chuck hagel was named two years ago but he remained as deputy until december of last year. unlike hagel, he's not a veteran, nor very well known, but he's spent his life in the national security world. and this is such a critical time with isis and syria and iraq, the president wants a fresh start with someone who is widely respected for his intellect and
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decision-making skills. i do not think this will be a difficult transformation, george? >> he appears to have republican support. on isis, there's conflicting reports on whether the leader, al baghdadi's ex-wife was detained in lebanon. >> even murkier this morning. she passed from lebanon from syria with a fake i.d., with a 9-year-old child. they're not sure if she's a current wife, a former wife or a wife at all. they are interviewing her. they want to know everything she knows about the isis leader. >> always good to see you, martha. thank you, george. and now to the fallout from ferguson. michael brown's stepfather is under investigation for his actions in the hours after the grand jury decision. police are trying to determine if he was attempting to incite a riot with this outburst. abc's alex perez joins us now with the latest on all of this. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. at this point authorities have not charged michael brown's stepfather. we have also learned federal authorities have arrested a man accused of making death threats against darren wilson.
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46-year-old jaleel tariq abdul-jabbar is due in federal court, accused of making repeated threats online to kill darren wilson. the former ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old michael brown. abdul-jabbar, from washington state, ranting about wilson on his facebook page, even posting this "wanted" image. outrage over brown's death, further compounded last week by the grand jury decision not to indict wilson in the august 9th shooting. following the news, brown's mother, inconsolable. >> this is wrong. >> reporter: but it was this heated response from mike brown's stepfather that's making headlines yet again this morning. those words from louis head during an emotional moment after just hearing wilson would not be charged. now st. louis county police are looking into whether head should be charged for inciting a riot. possibly making an already-volatile situation even worse. fires raged until morning,
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businesses looted and destroyed. the missouri lieutenant governor calling for head's arrest. attorneys for the brown family were quick to denounce his words but ask for understanding. >> don't condemn them for being human. >> reporter: and in new york city today, authorities bracing for possible ferguson-like unrest. a grand jury decision against the officer in the choke-hold death of eric garner, is expected as early as today. >> they go in at 10:00 a.m. okay, alex, thanks very much. and scary new video showing the risk to passenger planes from the lithium batteries that power so many popular devises. abc's jim avila is at reagan national airport with the story. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. the faa says this morning that explosive new video is forcing a
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fresh look at the way laptops and other devices or transported aboard passenger planes. this is the video that could change faa rules about the powerful batteries behind the digital revolution. a cargo container carried below in nearly every passenger jet. this one filled with 5,000 lithium ion batteries for what was supposed to be a simple test. government researchers simulated overheating just one battery inside, and within 45 minutes, a jane reaction. nearby batteries inside catch fire and the smoking container explodes. temperatures in the cargo hold reach 1100 degrees. >> all lithium ion batteries have some risk of this phenomenon of thermal runaway. >> reporter: in fact the pilot union said shipment of lithium batteries aboard aircraft is currently the most pressing hazmat issue that the aviation community needs to address. the batteries, more than 7 billion of which, are made each year are popular because they are lightweight.
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but shown to be vulnerable to overheating. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this laptop battery seemed to spontaneously combust in an l.a.x terminal. thousands those lithium batteries oftentimes carried in the cargo holds of the passenger planes. while there are fire suppression systems onboard, a similar test showed they didn't prevent an explosion, but delayed it. george? >> okay, jim, thanks. >> get inside, it looks cold out there. let's go to amy with today's other top stories. >> all right, george. good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with a community in mourning after a tragic collision between two school buses in knoxville, tennessee. two children were killed on their way home from school along with an adult aid. the front of one bus was sheared off, the other tossed on its side, a heartbreaking scene that brought the police chief to tears. >> we just and the community to pray for --
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>> so, so difficult. about two dozen other children were also injured. they were all in kindergarten to fifth grade. and our thoughts are with those family this morning. in the meantime, explosive new allegations against bill cosby this morning. a california woman claiming the comedian molested her in the bedroom of the playboy mansion around 1974 when she was 15 years old. this is the first time that a woman who has accused cosby has claimed to be underage when the assault allegedly took place. cosby's attorney has not yet responded to this lawsuit but has denied other recent allegations. and there appears to be a plan to avoid next week's government shutdown. house speaker john boehner is forcing a two-step course to fund the economy. and takata ignored a
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midnight deadline to recall nationwide. saying the government doesn't have the authority to issue ban. they'll face tough questions on capitol hill. and a narrow escape after a freak accident in china. take a look as a driver loses control of her car. oh, my -- and plunges right into that river. fortunately the woman manages to climb out with the help of bystanders pulling her from the sinking car just moments -- wow, look at that -- before it sank. and look closely on the water there, this is an incredible photo bomb. a 7-foot shark jumping out of the water. perhaps even more incredible, this all happened in australia, right as a woman's surfing competition was taking place. thankfully all of the ladies were fine. they cleared out of the water, understandably, but not as understandable to me, waited 15 minutes and got right back in. okay. finally an epic fail that's going to take tens of thousands of dollars to clean up. take a look.
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this is how much it's expected to cost to repair this 160-foot super yacht after it was hit by a drawbridge near miami. the "rock star" had 15 people on board when the bridge came down, badly damaging part of its top level. thankfully no one was injured. in case you were wondering the $21 million hot tub was not damaged either, so they can continue their tour. >> tip money for them, right? >> it's a couple thousand. >> thank you, amy. this is so disturbing. it is known as stolen valor. civilians dressing up as military veterans. a philadelphia man is under fire after being caught on camera, allegedly posing as a decorated army ranger, taking advantage of veteran discounts on black friday. abc's linsey davis is here with that story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: let's introduce you to ryan burke, he says he likes to talk to other service members when he sees them out. while he says he was initially suspicious of this particular man's uniform, once he started
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talking to the man, burke lost his cool. >> where's your combat patch at? >> i gave it to a little kid. >> why is your flag so low on your shoulder? it should be up here? >> got me on that one, man. >> reporter: this man dressed as a soldier, caught on tape, getting dressed down. >> where did you get your three cibs at? >> afghanistan. >> all three? >> all three. >> you know you need to be in three different campaigns to get three cibs, right? >> reporter: the man behind the camera, ryan burke, and the man in the uniform, sean yetman, who claim he's an army ranger. burke says he's a phoney, saying he's using the uniform to get discounts while shopping on black friday at a mall outside of philadelphia. >> where did you go to basic training? 'jackson. 'jackson. the infantry is only in fort
7:14 am
'bening, right? i noticed a couple things off on the uniform. >> the video viewed over 2.5 million times since friday. >> i called you out on ten different things. >> reporter: this isn't the first time he has impersonated people, pleading guilty to impersonating a police officer. these somer impersonations so common, real veterans are pushing for an act called the stolen valor law, which punishes men line this man, who was caught on our camera at an abc affiliate in tampa wearing a chestf chest full of medals he was never awarded. >> we checked with the marine corp. they never heard of you. >> really? >> reporter: pennsylvania congressman michael fitzpatrick saying he should face federal charges by violating the stolen valor act. >> here it is, guys. stolen valor at its finest. >> if i was a phoney, then i wouldn't be wearing this uniform. >> it's frustrating because you serve with good men who have lost their lives or been seriously wounded who earned that uniform.
7:15 am
>> reporter: we reached out to yetman but did not hear back. burke says it wasn't just the uniform and the way he answered the questions, it was the way he answered his cell phone with staff sergeant. he said you simply wouldn't say that. he goes on to say his grandfather served in world war ii. to have this kind of impersonation, taints his legacy and so many others. >> people are fired about this one. >> they are. >> just the thought process. >> right. that's why the law was implemented just a year ago. we'll see if he faces any kind of charges as a result. >> please let us know. >> it takes gall. >> it does. >> i do, indeed, robin. it's not throwback thursday yet, but we're going back in time. the year, 1974, the last time that burger king had the yumbo on the menu, but it is back now as they try to cash in on no, sir no, sir stalia.
7:16 am
and rebecca jarvis is here to explain the trend. >> reporter: good morning. big changes at bk. sales are up slightly at burger qing, which recently announced it's buying canadian donut and coffee giant, tim hortons. but overall, the fast food industry is struggling. and now homing that going back to the future with the yumbo will help it compete. ♪ hold the pickle hold the lettuce ♪ ♪ special orders don't upset us ♪ ♪ all we ask is that you let us serve you your way ♪ back in 1969, burger king heralded the arrival of the american classic. 40 years later, the wonder, known as the yumbo, has returned. the hot ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato, reinstated as part of bk's marketing strategy, trying to boost sales with menu items that are easier for workers to prepare. customers have been clamoring for this for years. using foot traffic is not new to the fast food industry. which recently lost market share
7:17 am
to healthier alternatives in restaurants like chipotle and panera. mcrib, i don't see any bones? the mcrib, a secret weapon of mcdonald's for the last 30 years. no one is exactly sure when it will pop up, but when it does, the boneless wonder becomes a sensation. even casual dining restaurants have started throwing back to the good ole days. t.g.i. friday's coopting chili's baby back ribs from the '90s. ♪ give me some ribs >> in order for the yumbo to work, it has to be quick to prepare. takes 30 seconds longer to get through the drive-throughs today than it did a decade ago. for some, that's an issue, but burger king does care. they don't want you waiting any longer than that. and this sandwich should help keep the fast food truly fast. it's quick to prepare. we can breathe a sigh of relief. >> you're missing the ribs. >> i'm waiting for the mcrib. i just sit there at mcdonald's
7:18 am
waiting, when is it coming back? you never know. you have to be really fast with that. i don't remember the yumbo. i don't remember the yumbo. >> i vaguely do. >> it's fun to say. >> yeah, i've seen it on youtube. >> ouch. >> thanks, rebecca. appreciate that. let's go to ginger. what do you got? >> starting with snow. how about we look at what was happening throughout england overnight. new hampshire, just a nice picture. this kind of makes you love the winter feel. but don't love it too long. if you're in new england, slick roads, winter weather advisories until 9:00 a.m. for vermont, new hampshire, maine and far northeastern new york. but, look at coastal, 53 boston today, washington, d.c., a high of 60. pittsburgh will go to 42. it's mostly dry air. not all that cold. and look at the warmth from mobile at 77 to atlanta, 69 today. 60 again, in washington, and 50 here in new york city. so that's a look at the mild coast to coast, not as mild. talk about the rain in the west coming up.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. it seems like a broken record: showers and thunder, heaviest today. lighter showers tomorrow and friday. fog is more of an issue overnight. the weekend is trending dry. we have temperatures close to normal. moving forward this morning, urban flooding and mud and rock slides are the biggest threat because the rain is point to taper this afternoon and become more scattered with low-to-mid 60's. seven-day forecast shows saturdays sunday and tuesday, at
7:20 am
least, are dry. >> really? >> stick around. >> thank you. coming up, an emotional hearing on campus for college football star jameis winston, facing a sexual assault allegation. why his school could take action even though police didn't. also ahead, a wildcat mauling a woman in an upscale atlanta neighborhood. why would this lynx be allowed to be kept as a pet. and "gma" on the lookout, how thieves can swipe your pin and home security pass code from right behind your back. what you can do to stop them now.
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with two ways to earn on puchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. good morning, i'm eric thomas. the storm is dumping a large amount of rain of san francisco. take a look on the standing water at dolores and 29th streets. the water as even deeper a few hours earlier as you can see in these still photos. cars were nearly submerged from
7:25 am
the rain. water is causing commuter problems as well. let's find out how the effect is going with leyla gulen. >> all right, eric. as we take a look at walnut creek, we are dealing with flooding and mudslides. here's 680 driving up to highway 24. it is slow and it is wet. as we track our weather and traffic together, you can see all this green that is indicating some areas of heavier rain than others but along southbound side of highway 17 we do have a mudslide there. also sig alert still in effect back inside of corte madera because of flooding. >> when we come back,
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welcome back. open the weather window and we can see it's a little drier over san francisco but the winds are still going to be an issue, that's why we're seeing more and more in the way of power oun outages. this evening they'll be nothing. another wave coming through the santa cruz mountains in the next half hour to an hour, you'll get wet weather through the south bay. light scattered showers
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experience the revolution of coffee. ♪ i'm coming for you ♪ cause all i need a little "beauty and the beat" from justin beiber. why do so many sports fans want him to just beat it he's a jinx. that's what they're saying in boston. they don't want him hanging out with the patriots anymore in boston. >> sports fans are supersticious. yes, they are. also this morning, wildcat attack. an investigation this morning after a woman was mauled by a lynx in an atlanta neighborhood. questions about why the animal was allowed to be kept as a pet. and ""gma" on the lookout. this simple device that thieves are using to get your bank p.i.n., even break into your home and what you can do to stop them cold. >> pay attention to that one. first, jameis winston in the
7:31 am
hot seat again facing a florida state university conduct hearing over sexual assault allegations. ryan smith is here with more. we're seeing more and more campuses dealing with these kinds of issues. this is the highest profile of all. >> yes, george. good morning. sexual violence has dominated, the headlines nationally and the conversation on college campuses. yet, to the chagrin of many, superstar, jameis winston, dogged by sexual assault allegations will lead his team to the acc championship this weekend. while he wasn't charged criminally, he and his accuser are telling their side of the story in a critical college hearing? this morning, the alleged sexual assault scandal embroiling florida state football star, jameis winston could put his college football career in jeopardy. never in the same room at any point by design, the heisman trophy winner and his unnamed accuser, each making their cases separately at an oval conference table over four hours in the hearing. the accuser testifying right after opening statements.
7:32 am
the case so controversial at florida state, in a rare move, they have appointed a state supreme court judge to preside over the hearing. winston is accused of four conduct code violation, including two related to an alleged sexual miscon duck. >> jameis will tell the truth today. and we are confident that justice harding, when he hears her multiple lies and jameis' truth, will find as every other entity has to this point, that she is lying. >> i knew i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: nearly two years ago, the woman claimed that winston sexually assaulted her. prosecutors declined to pursue criminal charges. >> we have carefully examined all of the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. >> reporter: but on tuesday, the lawyer for winston's accuser hoped for victory in the hearing. saying in a statement, this is the day that mr. winston has been desperately trying to avoid for two years. the courageous woman finally
7:33 am
gets a chance to stand up for herself. if found to have violated any conduct codes, the sophomore could face punishment, ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from school. two football players who earlier claimed they saw them have been consensual sex refused to testify. and a decision might not be handed down for ten school days. now with winter break coming, that could be after the ncaa championship game. meanwhile the accuser's attorney called the hearing empowering and said the accuser just wanted to be heard, george. >> the accuser told her story there but the police said she didn't cooperate in the criminal investigation. >> she had said they weren't hearing her side of the story and discouraging her from moving forward. later, the tallahassee police came and investigated but still no criminal charges. >> thanks. now to the frightening attack by a big cat on a woman in atlanta. questions this morning about whether the siberian lynx, which can grow to nearly 100 pounds, is really safe to be kept as a pet. abc's linzie janice has that story.
7:34 am
>> reporter: take a look at this giant exotic cat. pacing in its cage just moments after police say a 21-year-old woman was attacked. right in the backyard of a very upscale atlanta neighborhood. >> the officer found a female with injuries to her head, back and arm. >> reporter: but what was such a dangerous animal doing there in the first place? the home's owner, fred boyajian, seen here in his facebook profile, owns nine exotic cats. >> don't think any of us really know how they're being contained. >> reporter: it turns out this wasn't boyajian's first mishap. officials say big cats have escaped from his property three time, including in 2004 when a 50-pound lynx like this one, was found roaming the neighborhood searching for food. legal documents reveal he had to fight to keep the wildcat sanctuary here. winning a court battle against the city of atlanta in 2011 after it tried to shut him down.
7:35 am
exotic animals kept as pets has become a growing problem. this past september a cobra tore through thousand oaks california, biting a dog and frightening parents. and remember this man in new york city who lived among unsuspecting neighbors in his small apartment with not just a tiger, but also an alligator until the tiger turned on him. but the most deadly case? in 2011 when 56 exotic animals escaped from a farm in zanesville, ohio. 49 were killed by authorities. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> that's tough to see that. i remember that. all right, linzie, thank you. time now for the weather again. ginger, you were talking about the rain deficit out west. >> this helps you put it into perspective. everyone was so excited about the inches rain happening in california over the last few days. and, yes, that's great. because for the year over 6.5 inches below average for san francisco. that's where we were before anything fell.
7:36 am
already an inch and a half in san francisco. just yesterday, you say, that's good. it's denting in. not really. this is a three-year problem, remember. the drought, to get out of it, we would have to have 75 inches or plus in san francisco over the neck year. that's more than five times the annual average. so, it's nearly impossible. we would have to have this every week. but we'll just take it as we can get it, though, because it will be falling from san francisco, the bay area through northern california. san diego will get a little push later today, but then it's kind of done for southern california. wish we had a lot more to talk about. then the moisture moves on to the east. denver, 47, des moines to 34. the cold in the great lakes and northern plains. but the mild northeast, good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. power outages and now through noon the winds are fast with showers and storms and thunderstorm heaviest now through noon. then they will taper headed to the afternoon. seven-day forecast shows more
7:37 am
>> all that weather brought to you by carmax. i wish i had better news. but that's impossible. 75 inches. >> thanks. coming up on "gma," it's "gma" on the lookout. how thieves can use heat from your hands to gain access to your bank account p.i.n., and even your home. what you can do to stop them. and if you weren't convinced of the benefits of the popular mediterranean diet, the study that can maybe change your mind. proof it can help you live longer. help you live longer. low, no-haggle price, 5-day money back guarantee ... that's great... and, a roof rack for the kayak! we don't have a kayak. we could get a kayak. ready to roll? yes, we are. with more than 35,000 cars nationwide, carmax has the perfect car for...everybody. carmax. start here.
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back now at 7:40 with "gma" on the lookout. and a devious new way of stealing your p.i.n. number, your passcodes, using thermal technology to secretly track which buttons you are pushing, everything from your bank account to your garage door at risk. paula faris is here with how it works. >> reporter: how often do you type in your p.i.n. code and cover it up with your hands so that no one can see it. thieves can be one step ahead of you, stealing your p.i.n.s and passcodes without you knowing it with a device that looks like any other phone. this may look like any other iphone case, but it's not. it's actually a thermal imaging device which you can attach to the back of your phone. meant to help hunters track wildlife and homeowners find energy leaks in their house. >> i'm going into this store and
7:42 am
steal somebody else's code. >> reporter: but mark shows us how the device could be used to steal your p.i.n. and pass codes. the former nasa engineer posting this video online. >> she's inputting the p.i.n. here, and then i step up to make my purchase. so that was it. >> reporter: watch again. looks like he's just passing through the checkout line. but right there, he's discretely taking a photo with his phone. >> your fingers leave a thermal signature. the hottest button was the one pressed last and the dimmest is the one that was pressed first. >> reporter: to steal your money the criminal would then have to take another step. >> use atms skimmers, follow you, then get your card. >> reporter: first, we use the device in a grocery store, but the image this covered with heat, not giving a clear indication which buttons were pressed. >> it's already warm. sometimes there's electronics
7:43 am
running in the background. because it's warm, and so is your finger, there's no heat transfer. >> reporter: in addition to heated keypads, mark is quick to point out that the diswill not work on a lot of atms. >> if it's a metal keypad, it dissipates the heat too quickly to leave a signature behind. >> reporter: but for the second attempt, joy allows us to test her garage key pad. when mark takes a thermal image there -- your guess? >> my guess would be 1289. >> is he correct? >> that's correct. >> yes. it's scary how that came up. >> reporter: how to protect yourself? >> after you have gone through, wherever you've typed in the code, just hold your hands on all of the buttons. it transfers heat and leaves a meaningless thermal signature. >> reporter: the maker of the product says it is not easy to use the device to steal p.i.n.s and passcodes. >> the circumstances and surroundings required in order to make this application work are rather remote.
7:44 am
>> reporter: while it's not known how many or any crimes have been committed this way, mark's video has been viewed more than 11 million times online. but security experts warn it's always good to stay ahead of the criminals. >> criminals are getting more brazen. and they'll take simple devices and they'll find a use for that device to commit a crime. >> reporter: now when we tested the device, my thermal signature, my hand print, remained for over two minutes. again, there is one easy tip to prevent all of this. put your entire hand over that keypad for a few seconds after you've typed in your passcode. a little scary, it's a lot scary considering so many of us have the same passcode and p.i.n. for everything. >> change your password multiple times. >> then you forget your password. >> all right, thank you so much, paula. and coming up here, everybody, the hot trend in schools right now. separating girls and boys and why some say it is the key to better grades.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
abc's t.j. holmes is in the social square to explain this. hey, there, t.j. >> when i heard that people were concerned that justin beiber was going to ruin somebody's life, tom brady wasn't the first one to come to mind. but they're apparently concerned they're going to ruin tom brady and the entire new england patriots' team. how, exactly? by his presence. it's the most disturbing justin bieber some have ever seen. no, not this one. this one. the biebs hanging out with new england patriots players monday night, including rob gronkowski. all harmless fun. wrong. soon scathing headlines like this emerging on oh, no! patriots hang out with justin beiber, seen now left handling in the balance. one fan tweeting, the beiber curse is a real thing, people, that kid is a jinx. don't believe him? just look at justin's track record. here he is in november,
7:50 am
attending a pittsburgh steeler's bible study. the next day, the steelers didn't have a prayer, losing to the new york jets. yes, the jets, and they hadn't won in two months. october, justin with the knicks opening night. they lose by 24. justin joining the ranks of other infamous bad luck charms in sports, the "sports illustrated" cover curse, that seemed to doom an athlete's career. michelle kwan, she missed the gold at olympics two weeks after being on the cover. and then there's the jessica simpson curse. cowboys fans blamed her for their losing streak after she started dated tony romo. the patriots take on the san diego chargers sunday. fans worry the curse is coming for them. ♪ i'm coming for you all right, you want more evidence? blackhawks. this is a no-no. you don't stand on the blackhawks' logo. and then in spain, held up a jersey. we know what kind of world cup they had. robin, george, another explanation for some of this is
7:51 am
maybe just the teams don't play very well. >> could be. >> might be on to something there, t.j. thank you so much. >> looking for an excuse. >> you got it. coming up, dating dos and don'ts from the millionaire match-maker. how you can get past the first date. and i walked into a jazz club this morning, lady gaga, and tony bennett upstairs, going to perform live, cheek-to-cheek, baby. come on back. ♪
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. oh, yes, you hear it. still ahead on "good morning america," tony bennett and lady gaga with a very special live performance.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. the rain is causing people -- causing problems for people in the sunset district. take a look at this home. water backed up so high on the street that their garage is flooded. residents trying to sweep out the water and there's trouble across the bay area, mike. >> i was glad to see the national weather service extend this flood advisory until 9:00. that means more streets and possible parking lots could get flooded. the showers are lessening in intensity but will be around in some form through at least friday. some good news as a result of all the flooding. we did have highway 84 shut down
7:57 am
as we're tracking weather and traffic together. highway 84 both in the east and westbound direction is open between mission boulevard and 680 was closed due to earlier flooding and debris. eric. >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america." as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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8:00 am
♪ it started with a whisper good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. could it be the fountain of youth? the mediterranean diet, is there finally scientific proof it can help you live longer? and single sex education, the hottest trend in schools right now. but can separating boys and girls improve your child's learning and behaving? >> oh, my gosh. >> and the millionaire match maker, revealing the top tips for the celebrity clients. how you can reverse your dating curse. all that and lady gaga and tony bennett going cheek to colleag cheek as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and all those fans out in times square get a special treat this morning. there he is, tony bennett. out there. got his scarf on, protecting that golden voice. and signing some autographs. >> unmistakable voice. and special performance with tony bennett and lady gaga is ku up. singing the title song off of the album, "cheek to cheek." it shot to number one. if you love to cook, but short on time to shop, ways to save your time and money and feed your family in style. >> coming up, news first from amy. good morning, everyone. and begin with what ginger has been talking about, the rains across california. thousands of families on edge as the deluge triggers flash floods and mudslides. san bernardino county, 7.5
8:02 am
inches yesterday alone. and more could fall before it tapers off. and breaking overnight, an american mother of twins has been killed overseas. it happened inside a mall in the persian gulf city of abu dhabi, sbri it shows the suspect fully veiled in all black fighting the woman. the american woman, a school teacher, later died. and charanother racially chd case with police. the choke hold death of garner who died in july as police were trying to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes. and a bizarre scene on the golden gate bridge. a man drove his mustang on the pedestrian walkway and ended up wedged in an area for foot traffic. lanes were blocked, and he was slapped with a dui charge. and stars of the beloved
8:03 am
former abc show, the wonder years, donating to the smithsoni smithsonian. including the new york jets jacket worn by fred savage. his mom kept it, saying the smithsonian might and for it. mom was right. finally, an early christmas surprise for a deserving family. watch this video. two police officers surprising a family in need. delivering a christmas tree to their home with decorations and lights. look at the face of this little girl. look at that smile. she hugged the tree. she was so excited. the officer first met the family over the weekend. and that's when the girl told them she was sad because they couldn't afford a tree this year. well, guess what, officers to the rescue. saving christmas for that family. and that smile, it literally brings tears to my eyes. toothless, so cute, must be 7 or 8. >> christmas to remember. thanks to the officers. move on to health news now.
8:04 am
and more evidence how good the popular mediterranean diet can be good for your body. a new study reveals why and how it can help you live longer. reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: it trims your waistline, and maybe adds to your life expectancy. it may extend a part of your dna called telomeross. their length is a marker of ageing. as we age, they get shorter. but the med train ran diet keeps them intact. helping to prevent ageing from taking the toll on cells. they followed 5,000 nurses in a long-term study, and those who adhered to a mediterranean diet ended up with longer telomeres. that could be an average gain of four and a half years of a life. >> it's good for the heart,
8:05 am
brain, waistline. if diet can modify how we age on a cellular level, that's a big deal. >> reporter: the diet rich in fish, nuts, olive oil and even red wine is also associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and cancer. >> this is the first time a study actually showed that women who followed a mediterranean diet not only looked better, felt better, but internally, their cells appeared younger. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> good news there. "pop news" and weather coming up. now to robin in the social square. got to tell you what's coming up her. "pop news," love this woman, julia louis-dreyfus, a new campaign. and the growing trend of putting boys and girls in different classrooms. why some say it's the answer to better grades. and millionaire match maker is here.
8:06 am
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♪ oh i love to what a wonderful crowd we have joining us here this wednesday morning. cheek to cheek, lady gaga, tony bennett. coming up in the last half hour. we have been doing this all morning long, just swinging like
8:12 am
that. >> it's hard not to smile. >> that's it. "pop news" in the meantime. indeed. this should make some people smile. victoria's secret angels in london hitting the cat walk for the 2014 runway show. the wings bigger than ever, more extravagant. i know you were looking at the wings. tell you they are wearing wings. taylor swift also swooped in. commanding the stage and looking like a super model herself as she performed. ariana grande also took the mic. they are just as beautiful. had a great time at the show, posting behind the scenes pictures. this one's with taylor, ariana, and she tweeted, victoria's secret angel accidently smacked me in the face with her wings, it was awesome. >> bang, bang to my face.
8:13 am
hashtag, funny. also in "pop news," julia louis-dreyfus has been elected to star in a new ad campaign for old navy. the "veep" star taking on the role of proud hostess. >> i harvested the cranberries from quebec. and this is a turpiggen. and it's two month was work and i cry more than i laugh. >> we're talking about the sweaters -- >> julia, taking the comedic pitch man baton from amy poehler and melissa mccarthy, the face of black friday shopping last year. you'll recall. they do it right. >> they do. >> very funny. and finally, the p on this car might stand for pump you up. >> oh, wow. >> the next time you're driving in the rain, you can say hasta
8:14 am
la vees that, baby, to the cars mind you. these are custom and owned by a body builder and posted online. that is "pop" thank you, george. heat index coming up, a check of the weather from ginger. >> that was fast. good morning to the pennsylvania girl scouts. how are you doing? >> good. >> you have some cookies for me? >> no. >> put her on the spot. we'll talk about that later. check the fog in the southeast. haven't been having many headlines out of the southeast as of late. this morning, myrtle beach, down to two tenths of a mile. and so many others, jackson, mississippi, louisiana, less than a mile. charleston, down to a quarter of a mile. take extra time this morning. and how about the northern plains and midwest? afternoon highs, everyone. afternoon high of 43 in kansas city and only 15 for duluth. the warmup is coming in a week
8:15 am
or so for all of you. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. it seems like a broken record: showers and thunder, heaviest today. lighter showers tomorrow and friday. fog is more of an issue overnight. the weekend is trending dry. we have temperatures close to normal. moving forward this morning, urban flooding and mud and rock slides are the biggest threat because the rain is point to taper this afternoon and become more scattered with low-to-mid 60's. seven-day forecast shows saturdays sunday >> i love it. in the break, everyone yells where they're from. i'm from new orleans, i'm from texas -- she's a -- >> a yaya. >> you call it yaya? that's a grandma. and a hot topic for parents, boys and girls separated at school? popular in private schools,
8:16 am
gaining favor in public schools. and kicking up controversy. it caught our eye in the new york times. and matt gutman has more. >> reporter: the shirts are pressed, the classrooms, neat. but there's something missing at this public middle school. girls. >> there's no one to distract you. >> reporter: so girls distract you. >> yeah. >> reporter: you think the boys only atmosphere might breed machismo. maybe not. >> i have students who share poetry and cry, they get out of their seats, it's okay. you would never see that in a co-ed class. >> private schools long separated the sexes, but for public schools, this is uncharted territory. the department of education lists 850 single-sex public schools nationwide. up from just 34 a decade ago. pral john haley says it's not just his students' grades that soared since they went singled. >> last year, a school.
8:17 am
>> reporter: from d to a in three years? >> correct. >> reporter: and the principal at the preparatory school, also public, says girls like merriam here are more academically adventurous. >> people are not going to judge you, you got the answer wrong. you're stupid. it's a learning experience. >> boys and girls can be distracting. this prevents that. but on the negative side with, a person grows up, they are surrounded by males and females. >> reporter: the aclu has filed suit against florida schools for civil rights violences and using overly broad stereotypes for separating the sexes. school officials deny any such things, but and the kids. i'm going to say the word boys, first word? >> competitive. >> annoying. >> arrogant. >> reporter: girls, what pops into your head? >> drama. >> makeup, dresses and pumpkin
8:18 am
spice lattes. >> reporter: out of the mouths of tweens. matt gutman, abc, tampa. >> the poll surprised me. what do you think, should boys and girls be separated? 22% said yes. 78% said no. >> can i and you something, hearing the boys say that about the girls. maybe if they were around girls more, maybe have different responses. girls are more than all of those things. i'm a big fan of having kids learn and mixing it up. >> it's done well in private schools. public schools, maybe the option. if you know your child well enough to know in this situation or not? but just so carte blanche. >> and george likes working with girls. >> he better. both at home and here. he has no choice. up next in our heat index, dating secrets from the millionaire match maker herself, the host of the hit series revealing her dos and don'ts of
8:19 am
successful dating and how to get past the first date. first, here's she she smara sch with the story. >> reporter: reality tv's dating guru. patty stinker, aka the millionaire match maker turns dating uh-ohs into oh yeahs. now with a new season on the horizon, patty's rolling out the red carpet with a star-studded clientele looking for love. are there unique challenges to fixing up celebrities? >> the stakes are higher. they want to know love and want the fix within like 48 hours. >> reporter: but celebrity or not, patty says it's the first date where so many of us go wrong. what is the goal of the first date? >> to have chemistry and see if there's something to the second date. chemistry is key.
8:20 am
>> reporter: to see what she means, we set up cameras on a couple's very first date. >> nice to meet you. >> you too. >> reporter: and watched it unfold. right there. kiss on the cheek for a greeting. >> she's okay. >> so what are the master match maker's dos and don'ts to make sure you leave that first date with potential for a second date? tip number one, don't judge. >> it's not the best for your life. >> they will feel uncomfortable and turns the temperature off. >> reporter: tip number two, do ping-pong the conversation. >> there's zigging and zagging. so the conversation is ping-p g ping-ponging, super good. no person is overforeshadowing the other person. >> reporter: and tip number three, don't be competitive. >> tit for tatting, one up the other person. that's not romance. >> reporter: with the date winding down, was there the
8:21 am
chemistry? >> good conversation, i thought there was chemistry. >> hard to know when you first meet someone. >> reporter: a road map for those look for love. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> all righty, then. we want to welcome the millionaire match maker heather, patty. what are the lessons we can learn from the couple? >> first of all, have fun with the date. it's not going in for surgery. people were very serious. they were incredibly competitive in the date. you saw that in the previous segment. your resume and my resume. work is not romantic. and the other thing is they were nervous. sip the wine slowly. take a breath, enjoy the moment. they had a hard time doing. >> what other tips do you give to celebrity clients? >> never talk about your exes on the date. don't compare war stories. and if you're dating, don't talk
8:22 am
about, you dated 5 million people on and you're still here. don't do that. >> that's a clue there could be a problem. what can fans look forward to on the next season? >> so much fun. celebrities dating real people. civilians. couldn't have asked for a better season. the most fun i have had. they have fame and money, but they don't have romance and they wanted the fix. what is wrong with me, why am i broken? we go deep this season. >> it's a tough world out there, the dating world. >> we were talking in the break, i said to robin, five women to one guy in new york city. >> that is tough odds. >> and gets worse across the country. men are not asking women out. they're assuming they're take. looking at the victor a's secret models, they're single. >> if men are single, get out there. >> don't be afraid. don't think she's a ten and out of your league, and her out. for the women, signal and smile. flirt. use your hair. signal and smile.
8:23 am
>> when i put on twitter, i said date. and someone put what exactly is a at a time thedate these days? >> date is dinner. coffee is cheap. sorry, starbucks. brunch, an hour, rush, get in and out. and drinks are an interview. you're kind of like -- >> audition. >> do i really want to proceed to dinner in dinner is romance. and it's personable, and what's more important, when a guy asks a girl out for dinner, you know he's a man. >> i like that. >> you always have the best advice. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> continued success. >> eighth season, right? >> eight seasons. >> we thank you and thank lisa for finding our daters. and the new season of millionaire match maker premiers this sunday night on bravo. >> looking forward to it. and also on the heat index this morning, dinner just got a lot easier. yes. a new trend taking off that
8:24 am
could save you time. for everyone who likes cooking but not shopping for the ingredients. that's so me. becky worley has the story. >> reporter: i love to cook. but i hate to plan out recipes, grocery shopping, oh, please. this place is like a black hole that eats my time. now a new breed of services plans your menus for the week and get this -- deliver all the ingredients to your doorstep. a personal cincinnaassistant. you tell them what foods and how many people. it's $8 and $15 per person per meal. that's more than if you bought the groceries yourself, but cheaper than a restaurant, and look at the food. this is a growing business. but i start with blue apron. the menu is fixed. i'll be cooking southwestern style beef stuffed peppers. and all the ingredients come pre-measured. smells good. wow. okay. that's good. next, gathered table.
8:25 am
customizable menus, and even add staple grocery items to the delivery items. okay, terra gone roasted halibut with hazelnut butter. salt and pepper. i can smell the hazelnuts already. this was pretty easy to make. finally, appetites. it's a new player. doesn't have the biggest area of service, but when you order, you can get your food on the same day. my mother-in-law wants to come over for dinner tonight. sure. no problem. what i really love is they have amazing instructional videos that take you step by step through each recipe. it's like cooking school in your own home. it's awesome. eating well while avoiding the grocery store. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> miracle. >> yeah. >> i'll say. that is fantastic. thank you so much, becky. and coming up, we have our good friend, max is with us. opening up about his new role in
8:26 am
life. >> he looks thrilled. >> and what he thought about his brother's finish on "dancing with the stars." and all that and lady gaga and tony bennett, live.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. cleanup is under way at the cvs pharmacy in felton after a roof came crashing down. fire officials say it looks like too much standing water caused the roof to collapse. building inspectors will need to come out, take a look at the damage and see if there's any way the store can open for business today. in your morning commute, there's big problems on b.a.r.t. >> we have a major delay at embarcadero on the daly city line. daly city and east brae directions because of an equipment problem on the track. so that's in excess of 25 minutes, so do plan ahead. here as we take a look at the bay bridge tolls we're seeing some gaps in some of the traffic but there's a brand new problem. a pothole, exposed rebar as you
8:28 am
approach the tunnel. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco to
8:29 am
all right, we're back and still monitoring a flood advisory, urban and small stream flood advisely until 9:00. as we look at live doppler 7 hd the intensity of the rain tapering but we're getting waves of light to moderate showers. there's an isolated chance of a thunderstorm but the best chance
8:30 am
is moving up to the north with the low that's taking our best chance of heavier rain. we're still going to have rain through at ♪ oh i love it and reach the highest peak ♪ ♪ but it doesn't thrill me she's here, ladies and gentlemen. lade gaga and tony bennett together getting ready for their big gig. a live performance. we are thrilled to have them here. right off of their chart-topping album, "cheek to cheek." they are adorable. >> i love that. coming up in just a little bit. and reese witherspoon is here. getting a lot more oscar buzz again for her role. and we will talk to her in a little bit. >> so excited to have her here. and max is with us, starring in his own show. looking good, max. and here to tell us about that, and share behind the scenes secrets from the ballroom as well. >> an embarrassment of riches,
8:31 am
max, reese, lady gaga. >> that's how we roll. it's wednesday. tony reali in the social square as well with the speed feed. >> and yahoo hot with the most searched words of 2014. i love the lists. number one most-searched was ebola. i don't love that. but the biggest gainer, the words ice bucket challenge. i believe ginger and lara are somewhat familiar with the ice bucket challenge. those dresses still frozen in their closets, i bet. speaking of frozen, most searched lyrics of 2014, "let it go." because mom and dad are like what is it that my kids are singing 25 hours a day. this next one is a real heart warmer. has more than 650,000 views, top on as well. and the little girl with the
8:32 am
giving spirit in the season. in her dad's own words, my 3-year-old daughter saw a girl without hair and asked why she was bald, and i said she was sick, the medicine made her hair fall out. without a breath, she said she can have some of my hair. aria ariana, you are a hero. remember when kim kardashian was going to broke the internet in psy broke the youtube view counter. gangnam style finding a glitch in the matrix. 2,152,260,390, it's exceeded the integer that youtube created. not just shaking your hips, destroying some of your ears and breaking youtube as well. people of the world, let it go. that's the speed feed. george. >> i'm with you. now to ginger for the final check of the weather. >> love this. we have a party every day in times square, as you know.
8:33 am
two friends coming together over gaga. you want to and something? ♪ do you want to build a snowman? ♪ we could make it happen. a lot of rain at san francisco's ocean beach. that's northern california, the bay area. right off the coast. the lightning overnight. now the update, more than 2 inches has fallen in the last 24 hours around san francisco. that's big. flash flood watch from new port beach to riverside. and the numbers in the next good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. power outages and now through noon the winds are fast with showers and storms and thunderstorm heaviest now through noon. then they will taper headed to the afternoon. seven-day forecast shows more showers tomorrow, friday >> all that weather brought to you by barnes and noble. i saw this little face peeking
8:34 am
over here. what's your name? >> jocelyn. >> it's so good to meet you. let's throw back inside to get to everybody else. say hi. >> hi, hey, guys. i'm here with our good friend, max. max is back. he's launched himself to stardom on "dancing with the stars." and now launching a new career on the big screen and has a big dancing reunion with one of his favorite partners coming up. we are going to talk about that. hi, good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> meryl davis and you are reuniting and it feels so good. >> we have never really split up as friends. and, you know, people have been asking for what we're going to do next together on stage. and i'm happy to say that we almost sold out of, you know, the show that we're putting on in new york. >> it's sway 2.0. >> that's something that fans gave it. >> okay. consider me one of them. >> but it's our personal project. doing it with most of our friends from, you know, sean and
8:35 am
peter and val and myself. and joining us for one day, meryl gave us one day. so we're very excited bout that. december 17th through 21st. a few tickets are left. >> why such a short period? >> we didn't know if we can. we put on one show six months ago, and it blew up. but it's one day. so we decided to put on the week. see how this goes. and maybe we'll be in one of those broadway theaters near you. >> i was going to say, could this be bigger. you have acting. >> i would love to. my goal is to be in more drama-driven things. but you know what, whatever people want to see, we'll give them. as long as it's something that we love to do. and this is it. >> well, speaking of drama, really quickly. i was really happy to hear about this film. jonathan santorrhys myers, tell
8:36 am
about the project. >> i am not sure what i can or cannot say. >> you do this, you are secretive. >> i follow directions. someone says speak, this not to talk about this. you know, i have learned whatnot to say. >> you're a bit of a lightning rod. people want to know. >> i'm enjoying life at the moment. so many projects, and nothing to do with hollywood that i'm finally able to attend to. and acting is something i'm interested in. i have met so many amazing people along the way. and they are extending their support and help in, you know, this next venture. and i'm certainly utilizing that. >> all right. and, of course, with meryl in "sway." and we to want remind everybody we're in our eighth year of the warm coats, warm hearts coat drive. this year, more than 53,000 coats have been donated, and max is going to add one to that. >> two. i didn't know which one to bring. so i decided to in a fashionable
8:37 am
fashion you can pick the gray or dark. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and you are always in fashion, my friend. everybody, the show is "sway." love you dpo. go to any burlington store and donate a coat. go to on yahoo. and don't forget sway, we're not saying 2.0? >> dance try lowy. >> december 17th. let's go to -- break. reese witherspoon is coming up on "good morning america."
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
reese witherspoon's latest film opens friday, and critics are wild about her performance. she plays cheryl strait, a young woman who plunges into a spiral of drugs and anonymous sex following the death of her mother. she decided to hike a thousand miles solo. it makes for awkward encounters. >> what's your name? >> cheryl. >> don't worry, i don't bite.
8:41 am
>> i don't mind biting. oh, my god. i can't believe i just said that. i'm so sorry. i've been on my own for a little while. not that i'm on my own, i've been in a lot of relationships. just been hiking on my own for a while. >> look, i'm going to put your name on the guest list. >> and we are so happy to have oscar-winner reese witherspoon with us this morning. i should say congratulations because this film is being receive sod well. new york post this morning, queen of the road with your hiking gear there. walking along the red carpet. they say this is sure to give you another academy nod. which is an incredible thing. and cheryl, the woman you portrayed, i love what you said, she could see the lines she wrote written on your face. she was on the set. how did that impact your delivery? >> well, i mean, it was everything. having her blessing, you know, her approval. when you do a real life story, you can say that you honor them and you're going to try to do
8:42 am
right by them. that's all we were trying to accomplish. >> this is a big departure in terms of roles for you. they're used to seeing you in rom-comes. i want to know how you prepared for the difficult scenes. graphic drug use, illicit sex. raw emotion. what did you do to prepare for those scenes? >> well, i was scared a lot. i was really nervous. but i had to make a choice to be, you know, cheryl when she wrote wild was drive and emotionally raw. i had to make a choice not to do just the parts of the book i felt comfortable, but the parts that were just as challenging and gritty and real. >> did i read that you underwent hypnosis? >> i literally sought help from everyone. passing strangers on the street, i don't want to do this movie, help me. i was like a cat on a raft. but it was ultimately cheryl's blessing that made me feel i
8:43 am
could do. she said you're going to do this. >> and when you decided to do the role, did you realize that the director was going to insist you go makeup free? what was that like? >> he said i want you to have a bare face. mascara. he's like, no, nothing. okay. he covered the mirrors, and it was really liberating to not have to worry about that. >> laura denver who plays your mother, it's the love story at the center of the film, so powerful for me. and i have to and, how emotionally challenging were some of the scenes, especially the one in the hospital? >> yeah. i mean, you know, it's a story about grief. and loss and finding yourself again after that great loss. but laura dern just brings such humanity to that part. and she's -- it is truly a mother-daughter love story. and anybody who has been loved by a parent will understand the beauty of that relationship in the film.
8:44 am
>> it is gripping to say the least. we have a lightning round of questions, we called reese's wild side. tailored to the film. hike organize horse back riding? >> horse back riding. >> what's worse, blisters or splinters in. >> blisters. >> trail mix or popcorn. >> trail mix. >> the one thing in your backpack? >> can't put my kids in there, so a really good book. >> how much did it weigh? >> 65 pounds. >> 65 pounds. you look amazing. >> thank you. >> the movie's incredible. "wild" opened nationwide friday. thank you so much. >> thanks. and we have been looking forward to this all morning as well.
8:45 am
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8:46 am
this is beyond a treat. we have for you this morning. tony bennett, lady gaga, ladies and gentlemen. they have collaborated on an
8:47 am
album of jazz standards. it's "cheek to cheek." debuted at number one on the billboard 200 chart. i talk slowly, i try to be so cool in your presence. feel like i'm in a jazz club, talking like this. >> thank you. >> wonderful to have you here and hear you rehearse. how did it come about, you two? >> well, i first heard her, did a big benefit. and all of new york. when i heard her, i couldn't believe how much the public loved her. and when i think of her, first thing i think of is how bright the audience is to just really pick up on her and just say she is it. what a great performer she is. and the public know s it.
8:48 am
>> you're not so bad either, tony in. >> the public is responsible for her being as huge as she is. >> tony bennett is saying this about you. >> i know. pinch me. i don't want to wake up. he's so wonderful and such a tremendous inspiration. i was so embarrassed when i found out he was at the charity event. oh, my gosh, i can't believe i chose tonight to sing standards when tony bennett's watch. but it ended up being the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. i feel so at home with him and his family and his entire band. my guys are here too. we're just so happy. >> and rightfully so. so well received. you're a dynamic duo. selling out everywhere, radio city. later in month you're in las vegas starting another tour? >> right. we just sold out throughout the world. all of next year. all of europe and i'm looking forward to it. >> i'm really excited. it's incredible. >> and for you, it's like what
8:49 am
mr. bennett was talking about, lady gaga, you're iconic. especially when it comes to pop culture, pop music. the people who follow you are just so giving and responsible. why at this point, jazz? why is it -- what brought you to this genre right now? >> well, i have been singing jazz since i was a baby. and they always laugh. i say it all the time. and, you know, when i was meeting tony and spending time with him, it reminded me how important it is to encourage young people the way that tony does to cherish your talents. and to always put your talent above all things. a world that is very shallow right now, very artificial, is your mind and your heart, the source above all things. so, you know, if you have something inside of you to say, you put your heart and your soul into your discipline, into your passion, into your talent. and that is what will make you
8:50 am
last forever. and watching tony do that, that's how i know that it's true. and thank you for all your support, i can be standing next to him today. >> we needed to hear those words more than ever right now. thank you for that. tony bennett, thank you. bless you, bless you. >> he's a good man. >> he's a good man. >> and he's italian. >> bonus. singing the title track off their chart-tracking album, "cheek to cheek," tony bennett and lady gaga. ♪ ♪ heaven ♪ i'm in heaven ♪ and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak ♪ ♪ and i seem to find the hap
8:51 am
happiness i seek ♪ ♪ when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ heaven ♪ i'm in heaven ♪ and the cares that hung around me through the week ♪ ♪ seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak ♪ ♪ when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ oh i love to climb a mountain ♪ ♪ and reach the highest peak ♪ but it doesn't thrill me half as much as dancing cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ and i love to go out fishing in a river or a creek ♪ ♪ but i don't enjoy it half as much as dancing cheek to cheek ♪
8:52 am
. ♪ dance with me i want my arms about you ♪ ♪ that charm about you ♪ will carry me through ♪ ♪ to heaven ♪ heaven ♪ yes, i'm in heaven ♪ i'm in heaven ♪ and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak ♪ ♪ and i seem to find the happiness i seek ♪ ♪ when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ go ♪ come on ♪ >> you've got to swing. come on, tony. ♪ dance with me i want my arm
8:53 am
about you ♪ ♪ the charm about you ♪ will carry me through ♪ to heaven ♪ i'm in heaven with tony ♪ my heart beats so that i can hardly speak ♪ ♪ and i sing to find the happiness i seek ♪ ♪ the moment when we're out together dancing ♪ ♪ out together dancing ♪ out together dancing cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ ba ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology
8:56 am
with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. ♪ and reach the highest peak lady gaga, you asked me, i felt like i was in the big easy. in new orleans. >> compliment. >> tony bennett, lady gaga, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> cheek to cheek, have a great day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. the rain has really affected traffic this morning. let's get an update from leyla gulen. >> if you take a live look from sky 7 hd that is a pothole right there on the eastern span of the bay bridge in the westbound direction. it is getting deeper every time a car or big rig goes over it. you can see all the crumbling concrete. some rebar is also exposed. 27 minutes will get you across from the maze into san francisco. also wanting to let you know b.a.r.t. is recovering from an earlier problem. there is major delay systemwide but there is normal service in and out of san francisco. >> that would swallow a whole tire. let's talk about what's going on. the winds are still gusty, power outages still possible through
9:00 am
noon. showers and thunderstorms through noon and those will start to taper during the afternoon hours. we still have a chance announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award winner meryl streep. and from the new film, "wild," actress laura dern. plus, fashionable presents courtesy of darren darren as we continue -- lawrence zarian as we continue "live"'s holiday gift guide. awe next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: ok. that's better.


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