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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 5, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> happening right now. crew are still cleaning up the damage from yesterday storm and more heavy rain is heading our way. >> big problem right now but fog san francisco as you can see from the live picture is socked in. good evening. >> fog is very heavy out there. here's a live look from our south beach camera showing where the bay bridge should be. >> chp warns drivers to slow it down. sandhya is here with leif doppler 7 hd. >> yes. that's the kind of informing you expect to see around the central fog. very thick. can't see anything. allow plenty of time for your morning commute while we don't have the rain we have the thick fog. it is dense. oakland petaluma down to quarter mile right now just over mile and a half moon bay. quarter mile dense fog in san carlos as well. sutro tower cam are it's right down on the deck as you look at san francisco. and the fog tomorrow morning well get repleased by a storm that is
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coming in. it brings with it some risk of urban flooding rock and mud slides up to three inches of rain expect for the north bay mountains. there is a slight chance of thunderstorms and wind damage and when you take a look at our computer animation tonight the fog is around and pretty much around for the morning commute and around the time you take the kid off to ask at lunch time the storm moves on shore. 80's of heavy rain and that heavy rain does noten at 3:00 p.m. i'll be back at a look of the weekend forecast and whether it is wet for the plans coming up. >> look forward to that. thank you. people are still teeling with the damage left by yesterday storm late tonight large tree came down in san francisco crotching into a car. happened in the mission district on 21st street. large tremendous fell over on to the hood of a toyota. crews using chain saws to cut it up. nobody was hurt. right now workers are fixing a water main break in san francisco. 8 inch line gave way around 3 this
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afternoon on brotherhood way. water to the saint thomas moore catholic school, congregation beth israel, shut off and we are told it's expected to be back on by morning. from burst pipe to sliding earth. small land slide happened just south west of the great highway at port fun stop. eric is visiting from dallas and walking his dog at 11:00 when he caught the video of rock and dirt sliding down a cliff on to the beach. >> check this out. some cars are still stranded in a flooded commuter parking lot in marin couldn't. water overwhelmed the manzanita park and ride near mill valley. early yesterday morning. lot sits beneath the richardson bay brim on highway 101. often floods during big storms especially when heavy reins coincide with high tide. >> tv it will be next week before you can drive through sixth and like street again in san francisco. officials say the large sink hole in the road
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won't be fixed until tuesday. 100-year-old water pipe burst causing the pavement to cave i in. >> use our welcome back site to track the rain any time you we shall with the abc 7 news weather app. it is free on a el app store or google play. we also have more information on our site. 7 slash apps. >> protestors return to the streets of oakland again this evening to march against the decision of grand jury not to indict a white new york city police officer in the death of black suspect. sfchlt crowds have been noisy but peaceful. alan has followed the demonstrators all evening long. he now jones us live on the phone from the fruitvale bart station alan. >> hi. no arrest or property damage to report tonight. the protesters covered a lot of ground. they marched all over downtown. made it here to the fruitvale bart station where
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police shut it down as precaution around 10:00 o'clock tonight. demonstration started with a rally at the plaza around 5:00 o'clock. crowd of about 150 quickly swelled to more than 400 protestors at the hate. they rally at broadway and 14 street stopping traffic temporarily but the crowd dwindled after police halted them on international boulevard at 22 avenue. there were some tense moments then police opened up the liens and allowed the protestors to walk all the way to the fruitvale bart station where the gates were closed. at last count 15 protestors still roaming the street and police are preparing for more protest on friday and saturday. in oakland, abc 7 news. all right alan thanks very much n.san francisco demonstrators brought market street near powell for short time tonight forced muni to reroute several bus lines and the f market street car lane. market street reopened at 8:00
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p.m. there are no reports of any arrests in the city. protest continued around the country tonight with big eggest one happening in new york city. the marsy reports now from police headquarters in manhattan. >> crowding streets crossing bridges and generations. the grand jury decision not toen diet the officer shown in this video bringing garner to the ground before he died. fueling wide spread call for change. >> something really wrong with this system. the when an unarmed black person can be killed and nothing happens. we can't even have a trail for this cop. >> officer daniel testified before the grand jury for 2 high pressures saying this went a choke hold which the nypd dans but a take down he was trained to do. the police
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union says his actions that july day on statin island were justified. >> good mr garper mid a choice that day to resist arrest. >> all officers retrained and started to using body camera. the they will never understand though why this video and the 3 others shown to the grand jury weren't enough for an indictment fight still like wh why? you know. you see him die on national tv like everybody else why. >> garner family says they are suing officer and nypd and of course anxiously awaist the out come of the federal investigation. this is abc news new york. >> the thousands took to the streets in boston blocking intersections. democrat stray straystors laid down in the middle of the street to stage so-called die in to symbolize the death of police killed by police in. chicago protest took a violent turn with some demonstrators clash with polic
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police. officers stopped the crowd from marching to soldier field where the bears game was played. >> developing now. people in the fill pipes are preparing for a dangerous typhoon. typhoon the could make land fall as soon as saturday. it's headed straight for an area where another take typhoon hit last year killing 6300 people. this time officials say they are better prepared. they have already started evacuations and there's a plan to get food and hue map taryn aid in quickly. detectives in contra costa county say there may be more victims of man accused of breaking into a home and molesting a 12-year-old girl. police arrested betwee between-year-old jose the 1 12-year-old parent found him in the little girl's bedroom in bay point in late november and held him until police arrived. he's a registered sex offender. detectives say he used the texting app kick messenger to talk with that girl. new details tonight on the driver accused of running over a san leandro police officer.
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she's a 16-year-old girl from oakland who turned herself in late today. miss say she was with man on broad moore boulevard this morning sleeping in a parked car. when police trade to talk to them the man tried to run away. investigators say the girl drove the car straight at the officer hitting one of them. police fired at the car in self-defense. the officer has serious injuries but is expected to recover. both machine and the girl face attempted murder charges. you can't blame the rain or a mud slide for tomorrow closure of highway 1 on the san mateo county coast. the the tunnel will be shut down between 10 tomorrow tonight and 4 saturday morning, both side. it's for state mandated emergency response drill. tunnel opened in march of last year. they replace a portion of highway 1 often blocked by mud slides. turning denim into the american dream. coming up next. how local mom who was struggling to make ends meet became fashion design queen. >> plus 3d commander in chief
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how president obama made high tech history. >> and we all need a pep talk sometimes. how one target worker got his co-workers all pumped up for black friday. the sleepless night. (cough). (baby crying). sorry. robitussin dm max nighttime's dual action liquid instantly soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences.
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is. >> she was once teen mom who was really struggling financially. but all it took was one good idea and her life finally starting to turn aroun around. lisa has her story from santa clara. >>reporter: most days you will find barbara roach and her daughter hard at work at the kitchen table. the creating the latest style for budding fashion lovers. >> if i was like a little girl i would definitely want my mom to december me like this. >> 9 months ago she launched gifted lil one specializeing in distressed denim for kid. post add few picture on instagram and suddenly reality star kim the the took notice and placed an order. >> now everyone from federal park. lisa link and people going on and on. >> main r&b singers i see the
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kid wearing them. it's just like wow! i can't believe my mom actually gets to the make clothes and design them. >>reporter: barbara has no formal education in fashion or business. she doesn't even have a web site. but she does have the entrepreneural skills her father taught her before he died of cancer last year. for now her only on line presence is on instagram. where she has 17,000 followers who are helping her make a profit. >> anybody who feels that they are creative and they actually can, they feel they have a creativity but don't know where to take it, i would encourage start okay instagram. >> she hopes to inspire other stay at home mom to become entrepreneur as well. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> great success story. as larry like to say in sports you will get nothing and like it. that's the messages for one utah family after the dad cancelled christmas. lisa detailed on the over the big moov moon blog how the 2
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children aren't thankful for the things they have. her husband john therefore nixed christmas after what she described as a quote particularly bad display of intitlement. app the money they save on presents will good to service projects and gifts for others. >> the people who are makers are now welcome at the marin county library thanks to 6000 dollar donation marin city library now offers public access to two, 3 d printers. all you need to did is make appointment on the library web site then bring the design in on a flash drive. officials say marin city pilot program is successful more branches will get printers. president obama is the first sitting president to be printed in 3d. teams from the smithsonian took the presidential portrait with special lights and camera. printer completed the bust you see it there now on display at the smithsonian in washington. inspiration came from the lincoln life mask dim tall
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composite of president lincoln face. >> pretty cool. >> it is. >> kahn imagine secret service checking out the gisz month. >> working in retail on black friday can be really tough with the long hours and the mob of all the shop. >> one target employee made this year shopping frenzy easy for co-workers with the really passionate pep talk. >> people of target. brother sisters hear me now. about standing out there. any moment now those doors will be breached. about whatever comes through those gates you will stand your ground. with a smile on your face. they come here with fire in their eye. give the bargain to them. the we will show them about that we are not just the best store in the neighborhood. but the best store anywhere t.because we are more than just a store. the this is a team. this is a
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family. this is target. fight wow! great attitude from him fight scott works in maryland by the way. >> co-workers says scott always brings positive energy and unique humor to the workplace. >> he sure does. pumped them up. >> let's get that kind of enthusiasim from the weather department. >> sandhya is always enthusiastic about the rain. >> absolutely i am. i don't think i can top him though. if as you look at live doppler 7hd we are in a break but we have 3 storms coming over the next 7 days. we did have rain early today and beautiful rainbow captured by catherine g from san jose. we want to see your weather pictures send them in place. here's what is reallyen curling. this is el nino update. equator we had warming at the world trade center and fast forward to this week and believe it or not the warming continues there. 65
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bears chance of a weak el nino this coming winter and that may mean above average rainfall for southern and central california which would be terrific. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60's and as you take a look at the visibility really you have to watch out for the morning commute because it's not just confined to a couple of locations. quite a bit of fog around fluctuating visibility and look at the east bay hills camera time lapse. you could barely see san francisco. the fog is really just going to be around a lot like this. so tomorrow morning commute will look like this. hard to see from the exploratorium camera. almost like a thick potato soup. fog for the morning commute. heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and evening and brief break middle of the wean. so a time period where you get out and do your tivd. cold front tapping into sub tropical moisture and that source is going to provide us with enhanced rainfall. so rain increases tomorrow with
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this first system. tonight watch out for the fog. tomorrow also watch out for the fog and you will see some drizzle around as well for the morning commute. damp roadway certainly and then the downpour begin moderate to heavy rain around the lunch hour. it just continues to manufacture through in waves so during the evening rush hour east bay south bay parts of ukiah clover dale pretty wet then another batch of moderate heavy rain 2:00 a.m. saturday when many of your slipping then winds down pretty quickly. saturday afternoon just fine continuing rate on through the early part of sunday afternoon. rain total with the first storm up to three inches in the north bay mountains. santa cruz mountains 3 quarter to inch and a half and most lower elevation quarter to 3 quarters of an inch with the sierra nevada snow level high because this is a warm storm so by saturday coming down to 7500 feet but aren't any warnings or advisories right now. morning starts off mainly in the 50's. frain nap a.fog is something to watch out for but also the damp roadway due to the drizzle so you will need the wipers
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tomorrow morning and may be slow going tomorrow afternoon. make sure you have the umbrella really and allow extra time to get to where you need to go because the downpour may slow you did you know as well. temperatures in the 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast saturday morning showers break comes in the middle of the weekend sunday storm no. 2 comes in sunday afternoon evening going into monday. not a big rain event but the one come in wednesday. night. into thursday. possibly friday. that is not going to be one that you are going to forget. fight wow! >> soaking wet here in the bay area. >> we are really on a run. >> we are. we are open a roll here. >> time to turn to sports tonight. >> being on a roll. how about the warriors. >> warriors are amazing right now. they refuse to lose. warriors continue the scorching hot start going for the franchise record 11 in
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1971-72 season. warriors and new orleans pelican tonight. davis and curry both in the mvp conversation early in the year. first quarter. seth pull up 3 is curry season high 11 assess. minute later davis going to the glass. against green. finishes with this beast insid inside. barns and he is throwing it down. warriors are down 6 after the first quarter. second quarter holiday. the with davis look out below. 30 points 15 board. outlet. the play transition. thompson has 23 points. the behind the back to himself and then to clay open jumper bottom. warriors win 112-85. 11 in a row. now league best 16 and 2. to the shark pwovrnging heads and pwovrnging the bruins. power my. the shot deflected by wing
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el. he had 2 tonight. 3-2 shark. bruins answer 5 minutes later. if if in the third. fresh off the injured list. also with two guess in the gam game. shark roll 7-4 and won 3 in a row. of 49ers going to need some help to make the play offs. cowboy lost tonight certainly help. bears make
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1:36 am but to get covered, you gotta get going. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. sf. >> well may not be one big happy family but the 49ers know if you have any chance of making the play off put all the issues aside and they got to beat the raiders on sun. offense simply must wake up. today 49ers offensive coordinator roman commented on the little tweet from the gm daughter castie saying that roman should just take a hike. >> i have children. i understand. and we talked about it briefly and it's over. and period. really not an issue. >> mark and the bears take on the cow boys cold soldier freeld. from the one. murray
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with the touch down. 179 yards rushing for murray. romo. 205 yard. 3 td. finding about beasley there. great throw. nice catch. and the cowboys, how about them. 41-28 victory and they are now 9 and 4. got to show you the final seconds. central florida trailing east carolina justin hotel man the hail mary. defender miss judge the ball completely. perry map touch down. thank you very much. george o'leary saying he caught it? good tonight game over drive home sale. ucf wins 32-30 to claim the share of the american athletic conference title. that is the way to finish a game. 7 sports brought to you by ebay. >> he didn't even have to jump. >> no. >> so many hail mary this year in college football it's unbelievable. >> fun when they work. >> for sure. >> thank you larry.
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>> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile devises with our abc 7 news app. >> next newscast is ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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