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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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issues. this is unmanned. the capsule is scheduled to land in the pacific after 8:30 this morning. in the bay area, cities are still dealing with the fallout from the decision not to indict a new york police officer in the death of a man put in a chokehold. in san francisco, the busiest streets was blocked off and our reporter is in san francisco with more on that. good morning, they have blocked off market for some time. this is the second night in a row the demonstrators have matched in oakland and san francisco to protest the chokehold death of eric againer. demonstrators blocked part of market street near powell and were holding a die why lying on the ground and chanting. they marched to union square. muni had to re-route because lines. lines. there were no arrests.
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>> this is the scene in oakland, several hundred rallied at the plaza and marched through downtown. the rally stopped traffic on 14th and broadway. at 10:00, many marched to the fruitvale bart station. bart officials shut down the station for half an hour as a safety precaution. police were able to break up the group. in oakland they arrested two people on suspicion of vandalizing a patrol car. officers are preparing for the possibility of more protests tonight. more developing news: police across the country are bracing for more protests today stemming from the death of the unarmed black man in new york. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> thousands demonstrated for the second night in new york
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city walking between traffic carrying signs chanting about the death. a group walked across the brooklyn brook. some were violent. police arrested 200 people in new york. conservatives have joined liberals in calling it an injustice that the grand jury decided not to charge the white police officer would put garner in a chokehold. >> thousands blocked intercessions in boston. they laid down in the middle of streets to stage a so-called die in to symbolize the deaths of people killed by police. >> in chicago, roasts -- protests took a violent the bears were playing a thursday night game against the cowboys. >> san francisco police are investigating how a driver hit a skate boarder near golden gate park last night on the great highway at john f. kennedy drive
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the skateboarder was taken to the hospital with major injuries. you can see the damage on the windshield and what happened to the skate board. a woman was driving the car. she was if handcuffs and was questioned. it is being investigated as possible d.u.i. the area is bracing for another round of storms while dealing with the damage from wednesday's form. >> there was a broken water main in san francisco which gave way at 3:00 p.m. yesterday with water to the st. thomas more catholic school and brandeis day school was shut off. it is expected to be back on this morning. more storm-related problems, a landslide happened near the great highway with a man visiting the bay area from dallas. he was walking his dog and caught this video of rocks and
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dirts sliding on to the beach. no one was hurt. >> it was great news for ski resorts with squaw valley reporting 33" of new snow at top elevations and snow making machines are full blast. resorts are opening new trails each day. operators are way ahead of last year but they had to rely the entire season last year on man made snow. fresh storms are expected tonight. live doppler hd tracks the rain with the abc weather app. more storms are on the way which you can get at apple app and google play. you cannot blame the rain or a mudslide for the closing of a mudslide for the closing of highway one at del -- emergency response drill testing the safety and communication
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system in the tunnel opening a year and a half ago replacing part of highway one that was often blocked by mudslides. the alleged high girl charged in the death of a google executive is charged with drug and prostitution and faces 15 years in prison if convicted. the prosecution say the security video she her injecting forest hayes with heroin on the google executive's yacht. police in georgia re-opened an investigation into the death of her boyfriend who overdosed on heroin in september of last year. santa cruz police will work with georgia authorities to bolster the case because the circumstances appear to similar. detectives say there could be more victims of a map accused of braking into a home and molesting a 12-year-old girl.
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police arrested 29-year-old man after the parent found him if her bedroom. he was held there, a registered sex offender, until the officers arrived in november. investigators did not relegal the arrest until yesterday. he used a texting app to talk with the girl. he is being held on $3.5 m bail. >> new details in the driver accused of running over a san lenadro police officer. she is a 16-year-old oakland girl. miss say she and a man were sleeping in parked car when officers approached them yesterday morning. man trayed to run away. the girl drove the car straight at the officers, hitting one. police fired at the car in self-defense. the officer has serious injuries but is expected to recover. the girl turned herself into police yesterday. both she and the man face attempted murder. lawmakers will consider a
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bill to give the final say on any policy approved by the university of california board. according to the "san francisco chronicle", a bipartisan pair of state senators introduced the legislation because they are frustrated with rising tuition and big raises given to executives. the bill would need two-thirds approval in both the state senate and assembly before going to voters in 2016. a similar bill failed in 2009 but the sentiment could be different now with tuition 36 percent higher than four years ago. last month the regents grabbed increase tuition by up to 28 percent the next five years, 5 percent a year for five years just two months after giving three chancellors 20 percent races. president obama will announce the choice for secretary of defense later today. it is expected he will appoint this man, around --
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carter would replace hagel. yesterday he insisted he was not forced out. carter is a physicist and was the pentagon's chief weapons bayer. hagel will remain in the post until carter is confirmed. mike, i thought someone stole the transamerica building out of the city because of the fog. >> hard to see because of the clouds. the clouds have a lot of moisture. they are letting go of their goodies in the form of drizzle. it is moving south to north. we have the moist flow. the fog will become more numerous headed through the morning. so will drizzle from time to time. look how mild it is. it is cooler than yesterday in san francisco, sunny side and portrero are coolest at 56. across the golden gate bridge through the ferry building into downtown and even the financial district is 57. mid-to-upper 50's around the bay shore and the coast and the north bay and low-to-mid 50's
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inland east bay and pleasanton at 51 and walnut creek is 52. in san rafael, one of our foggy spots southbound on 101. headed through the day, showers and thunderstorms with moderate to possibly heavy rain with temperatures mainly in the low-to-mid 60's and moving forward we will have temperatures remaining there but more rain is on the way for the back part of the weekend. we are starting in walnut creek and the drive on 680 is moving along fine with though problems and no crashes. we have clear conditions on highway 24. away from walnut creek through lafayette it stays open and at top speeds into the caldecott tunnel. there is an injured animal with southbound lanes affect asked northbound traffic has in problems. headed along the altamont pass from tracy to dublin it is 25 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes
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and the yellow along 101 if marin because of thick fog, use the low beams. are you ready for football? the appeal that raiders and the 49ers are making to fans as they are ready for the battle of the bay. >> turning denim into the american dream, a local mom struggling to make ends meet is now a big name in fashion.
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:42 on a foggy friday morning. she was a teen mom struggling financially. >> all it took was a good idea
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and she turned her life around. we have that story from santa clara. most days you find barbara and her daughter had at work at kitchen table creating the latest styles for a budding fashion lovers. if i was a little girl i would want to be dress the like this. >> barbara specialized in distressed denim for kids. she posted pictures and reality star took notice and placed an order. >> now everyone from the and on and on and on, the main r&b sippingers and it is, wow i can't believe my mom gets to make clothes and design them. >> barbara has no normal education in fashion or business and does not have a website but
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she does have the entrepreneur skills her father took her before he died cancer last area. for now her only online presence is instagram where she has 17,000 followers who are helping her make a profit. >> anyone who is creative and they have a creativity but don't know where to take it i encourage starting on instagram. >> the mother of three hopes to inspire stay-at-home moms to inspire stay-at-home moms to become entrepreneurs, as well. there will be an increased police presence for the 49ers and raiders game at the coliseum. the raiders say there will be a substantial increase in the number of unit forked officers from the oakland police department and alameda county sheriff. in addition, there are extra undercover officers and private security. this is the first meeting between the 49ers and raiders since a a pre-season gain at
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candlestick marred by two men shot in the parking lot, two others beaten and self fights in the standed. the pre-season matchup was canceled after the game. the warriors are never going to lose again. i will take that bet. they are gaining national attention after tying the franchise best ever streak set in the 1971-1972 season. clay and steph curry had a blow out victory over new orleans with thompson leading with 23 points and curry had a season best 11 assist and warriors have 112-85 victory improving to 16-2 the best record in the nba and travel to chicago to play the but on saturday night a stretch of five out of six games on the road. the season is too long not to
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lose another. an uproar when jackson got fired but, it looks like... >> we will see if the other teams step up to his style. nice start. maybe not a nice start to the weekend. we have the rain train one headed into the weekend and another at we start the weekend, with a full load of wet weather thursday and friday but it does not mean the next system today is any light day. most of the winds are from the south so we are pumping up moisture. since we last talked, 15 minutes ago, we are down to three-quarters visibility in santa rosa and from fairfield to dixon, the area through i-80 is tough this morning. we have dry conditions over sfo
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but the clouds are hanging over and the fog so expect flight arrival delays. we will let you know in an hour. as we move forward a lot of showers today with this cold front and high pressure is the key with a clockwise flow, grabbing the moisture, bringing it up the back side ahead of the front and and brighter, the deeper the moisture so you can see the thunderstorms lining up along the cold front so we will tap into the moisture so that means downpours with heavy rain and hail is possible. here we are this morning, we have drizzle. maybe scattered showers. by noon, we will start to see the showers become more numerous. look at the yellows. those are scattered showers and thunderstorms. orange over the weekend.
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and red. that is in the afternoon into the evening. we will have a lull headed to 10:00 to midnight and another push early tomorrow morning and thunder could wake you up and at 1:00 o'clock on saturday the dry time is going to be saturday afternoon through sunday morning because on sunday afternoon we will have a chance of rain dancing across the north bay and some of it could come down and touch the rest of us. rainfall amounts are impressive up to 2" in the north bay and three-quarters for the rest of us but 1.5" in the santa cruz mountains. sunday night into monday, another chance of rain and heavy rain and wind on wednesday and especially thursday next week. it is still damp here at the richmond and san rafael toll plaza with the lights glistening off the wet pavement cross the water, original taking you five minutes. it is still clear, and friday light. as we head into the north bay,
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we have thick fog from santa rosa through rohnert park and petaluma we are at top speed but in san rafael and closer to the golden gate bridge we will be seeing very thick fog when you want to use the low beams. drive carefully and slower and stay away from the car in front of you. >> in san jose, the drive is wide open and accident-free and drive time traffic 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and southbound 101 from santa rosa to san francisco is 54 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains is 24 minutes through los gatos. the investment warren buffett is making in a possible hillary clinton run for the white house. >> aspirin and women: why age matters when it comes to take the drug. a popular holiday tradition will see a bay neighborhood lighting up in 12 hours. the embarcadero, san
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francisco, in the financial district, it is foggy. you can watch weather and traffic through the commercial traffic through the commercial break
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a new study says the risk of taking a daily as written could outweigh the benefits for many. women under 65 who take an aspirin a day to lower risk of heart attack, stroke and colon cancer could be putting their health at risk, possibly increasing bleed flag could land you in the hospital. the risk may not be worth it for most women younger than 65. warren buffett has place add huge bet on the 2016 presidential race. warren buffett has put $25,000 on hillary clinton to win. >> the secretary richest man in
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the nation gave the money to a super pac laying the ground work for her potential white house bid and says she has not decided yet. he declared early in the year he was a clinton booster and contributed to her past campaigns. this is the first time the billionaire investor has contributed to a have -- super pac. >> according to business insider, milt romney associate reveals the 2012 presidential loser will run again, romney also went for the gone presidential nomination in 2008 met this week with the previous big financial backers and publicly he has insisted he has in interest in a third presidential campaign. holiday tradition will get underway in the east bay tonight. >> organizers flip the switch at at the famous house in livermore which is the home of deaco
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transforming his home on hillcrest avenue into a spectacular display at 6:30 and even santa is expected to be there. could rain be there, as well? >> i know who has the answer to that. the rain will be there. it will be in san ramon with a tree lighting tonight developing by 5:00 and steady by 6:00 and thunder is possible by 7:00. at 8:00 it will wrap up. no matter where you go we will get rain so if you are headed to the football championship, arizona and oregon, it will be wet, 60 to 59 degrees. as far as sunday's game, it will be dry at the cove partly sunny. rain and snow headed to the sierra by the evening hours. be careful. i found the fog and here is
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the golden gate bridge, it is thick. good luck finding your hand in front of your face. very low visibility into san francisco so use the low beams. the bay bridge by contrast shows clearly from the east bay we do see cars loading up in the far left-hand lanes. as you travel along the eastern span of the bay bridge away from treasure island to southbound 880 connection we have a construction protect lasting until 6:00 with three lanes taken away. and community members are opposing a plan to double the size of a sausalito ferry terminal. the marin independent journal reports some believe an 8,500 square foot float is out of character with the small sea respond side community. the golden gate bridge district has proposed the $11.5 million upgrade. yesterday the bay conservation commission which regulates
quote quote
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waterfront development made no decision. residents voiced their concern. a decision should come when the board meets january 15. richard branson is now tackling the cruise business announcing they formed virgin cruises with the backing of mitt former company building two world class cruise ship with the first sailing not starting for two years. it is the first major new entrant into the cruise business since disney which course, is owned by abc7. >> people would consider themselves makers have is special republican to go to the library in marin with the city library now offering public access to two 3-d printers. make an announcement and bring in your design on a grab drive.
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here is some items created. if the pilot program is successful more will get 3-d printers. president obama is the first to be printed in 3-d with teams from the smithsonian using his portrait and special lights and cameras. the bust is now on display at the smith sonia in washington coming from the inspiration of the lincoln life mask snow are pretty slow. a high speed commute is slower for caltrain riders with a big smile stone reached in a land to go electric. >> a new twist to save an embattled post office and why the future looks uncertain this morning. we live you with abc7 news now and the eastern span of the
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bay bridge. we keep you on top of weather and traffic and breaking news and traffic and breaking news
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. and thank goodness it is friday. and with meteorologist mike nicco, it seems like a long week, with the storms on and on. >> we have been dealing with it for seven days. >> since friday. this is the 7th day. a mile visibility in santa rosa and there is fog elsewhere


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