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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> pillar of fire. lighting up the sky. and 16 all over the bay area. >> chevron says the flaring you are watching at its refinery in richmond tonight was normal but some people who saw it say it was anything but. good evenin evening. >> the flaring happened after fee refinery at 7 thobing evening. >> you can see the huge flames lighting up large clouds of steam. alan is in richmond tonight. certainly a little scary for people who as you it and understandably so. >>reporter: yes, that giant flare which was behind me has been out for a couple of hours. the concern now is what got into the air. richmond has a comprehensive air monitoring system with on line data or data real time data that you can get on line. but now
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there's a disagreement about whether this data actually say says. if it was a larger than average flare from the chevron refinery this could be seen from san francisco. richmond mayor elect tom butt posted on the face book page saying this is the biggest flaring i have seen at chef respect in years. chevron says it had to burn off excess fuel to depressurize and shut down one of its refinery units. it happened around 7:00 o'clock tonight. contra costa county hazmat was on the scene monitoring the flare. >> well it means there's something not running as norma normal. at this point i can't speculate on what exactly wept wrong. >> chevron says no impact to the community and the refinery monitor are showing this the air quality is well within quality standards. but the director for the global community monitor tells us the data from those same monitorsn show high level of fine tech late matter unhealthy for people. county supervisor john joy tweeted out that flare gas
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at chevron include hade row carbon, carbon dioxide, particulate mother and other compounds. hazmat inspectors on the scene and montoyvrmingt majority wind direction is blowing out over the bay so it's not impacting the community of north richmond. >>reporter: but so far chevron is not explaining why it had to shut down the system and burn off so much fuel. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> back in 2012 thousands 0of people sought medical treatment after massive explosion and fire tore through the chevron refinery in richmond. chevron fined more than two million dollars. >> moving on. nice break in the rain today but don't get used to it. next round is moving in right now in fact. here's the exploratorium camer camera. while it's clear now the morning commute will be wet. here's sandhya tracking the storm. >>reporter: yes. morning commute will include some heavy rain. let's look at live doppler 7hd. right now very
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light returns up in the north bay. santa rosa now reporting some very light rain along with ukiah but most of this is well in advance of the main front up to the north. cress ept city area has gotten over half inch of rain moderate heavy rape there and as you look at the wider picture here that storm system is going to start to push its way south and eastward into the bay area just in time for the morning rush hour when you take a look at the computer animation you can see that that moderate heavy rape starts to move into the north bay at 5:00 a.m. it is going to be slow going for the commute i'll be back to let you know about other opportunities for seeing rain drops here. may not be theless storm. details coming up. >> thanks a lot. you can track the rain with live doppler 7hd any time you wish with our weather app. it's free on a el app store or google play. we also have more information at 7 slash apps. >> south bay man is in jail tonight after police say he savagely attacked 2 women.
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26-year-old kenneth bridge on parole after serving time for robbery was taken into custody after someone reported the assault in progress. lisa has the story from san jose. >>reporter: kenneth bridges caused of breaking into this apartment on stoke street early wednesday morning. once inside police say he terrorize the women who live here. one is 5 54, the other is 63. a neighbor says both are mentally challenged. >> very disturbing. our idea is to go ahead and find some closure for the victim. >>reporter: one woman manageed to dial 911 whale bridges still in the apartment. police arrested him on the spot. l detectives don't think the women knew bridges but they do think more victims could be out there. i showed bridges photo to people in the neighborhood. several said they had seen him before. >> i have seen him 2 or three times standing down there. >>reporter: there is just a few feet from the victim's apartment. >> it's wrong on so many different levels you just don't know. >>reporter: laura is scared.
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she like the victims lives with a disability. she hopes the women weren't targeted because of it. >> makes me really nervous because it makes me want, now i have to look over my shoulder just to make sure no one is following. >>reporter: kenneth bridges already on parole for robbery when arrested. he's now being held here on 16 different felony counts ranging from rape to false imprisonment. in san jose, lisa, 7 news. >> dozens of people march through san jose police head quurt investigators protest racial inequality. immediate fire of officer philip white who sent a serious of controversial tweet that read threaten me and my family i'll use my right and duty to kill you. white has been placed on administrative leave. messy piece of city owned land land in san francisco has been the thorn in the side of neighbors for months. complaints went nowhere all the time. but tonight at legislature a partial solution.
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katie is live with the story there. hi. >>reporter: hi dan. we are at the corner of ellsworth and burn heights boulevard and the mini jungle if you will that's the problem. you can see on the sidewalk here the bushes used to come all the way down to the curb really blocking the sidewalk for people but clearly as of tonight it's passable so that's one thing. but it's the rest of this mess that neighbors really would like to see cleared out. this area offers gorgeous view of san francisco but some neighbors can't see past this. >> trash piled up. animals like you hear a lot of use lipping in there. >> couldn't one on your own sidewalk. >>reporter: leslie says she has seen rats even condom. she has been calling 311 to report the problem to the city since august. >> they got took my phone number and said nobody ever called. >>reporter: city work worse come by but only to peculiar up a little trash. until now. you cap see the bush have just
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been trimmed back. department of public works spokeswoman tells me there's no record of landscaping complaints at the location this year. but the director himself came to investigate. fv this space is for everybody and keep it clea clean. >>reporter: he doesn't know why records don't reflect leslie claim. >> we ville to trace what has happened and figure out, you know f-there was a break down. >>reporter: looking forward public work could create a stewardship agreement with neighbors in which neighbors beautify the space with city support. there are 140 such agreements in the city including right up the street. leslie says that's not a solution. >> i don't think they should expect the residents to take care of it. >>reporter: public work gets 10,000 calls a month and says they have to prioritize. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> disturbing discovery at local police department. >> dan is here with the story you will only see on 7 news. >> child porn found from an old
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case on permanent thumb drive. investigated the mishandling of evidence and employee caught in the middle i tell you what i found. >> plus the fountain of youth in a pill? the item in your medicine cabinet rate now that might just stave off aging.
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>> several employees of north bay police department coming forward tonight to say the chief retall 80thed after they complained about being exposed to child porn. >> this case raises serious question about how that department handles evidence. >> dan is here with an abc 7
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news i-team investigation. >> it's very unusual for current employees of a police department to complain on camera about their khooev but they tell me they had to. that the stress is affecting their health and the career are on the line. him if january 9, 20 13. santa rosa junior college 3 in the afternoon. campus police arrested matthew whittaker for vawing child porn on the public computer. open and shut case. he told officers don't judge me. it's not my fault. i'm a pedophile. >> as he got arrested he was asking how much time aim going to get. he's like not trying to deny it at all. >>reporter: fast forward 15 months. april 26 of this year. back at the campus police station. community service officer wendy spotted this thumb drive plugged into a computer that records phone calls and radio traffic. she took the thumb drive to the dispatch area to find out who owned it. >> when i plugged tonight and click on a file very graphic
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disturbing images popped up on the screen and as i went they all looked. >> 2 police dispatchers also saw the pictures of girls 8 to 12 years of age engaged in secretarial act with adult men. it was the evidence from the whittaker case. but she has heard a lot in 24 years as dispatcher but seeing the child porn shook her. >> she it made me feel like i had done something wrong. in viewing that. it's illegal. >>reporter: among the most sensitive evidence you could every imagine. jim hammer served as prosecutor san francisco police commissioner. >> child pornography every time that evidence is possessed by somebody or shown to somebody else, this child is victimized again and again and again. >>reporter: the 3 santa rosa j.c. police employee took what happened up the chain of command. finally to chief matt. >> he discuss didn't want to have anything to do with it. sweep it under the rug. no big
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deal. you guys didn't see anything. go on with your job. >>reporter: mt did order an internal affairs investigation that found the thumb drive belonged to kim working for the department. dispatcher and her husband an officer. entered to the child porn the thumb drive contained family photo the couple refinance documents and utility bills. dispatcher and her husband did not answer my phone calls and would not speak with me when i approached them after a public swearing in ceremony two weeks ago. i want to ask you about the child porn on your thumb drive. >> i have no comment. >>reporter: we are in the identifying them because this could be a mistake. wife told internal affairs she copied the child porn to the thumb drive to make a cd for the district attorney office but she neglected to delete the images from the personal thumb drive and thought she had lost it several months ago. the investigators tells me next he wanted to interview the husband that police officer but the chief told him not to. matt shut down the investigation.
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the chief did not return my e-mails and phone calls for an interview. so i also caught up to him after the ceremony. why stop the interm affairs investigation into the thumb drive? >> do you have an interview scheduled this afternoon. he didn't answer my questions and referred me to the school administration. chief come on. i need to talk to you as well. former pros can youtor hammer tells me this deserve as full investigation to determine once and for fall it was a mistake or something worse. it's a crime. this possibly intentionally possessed? if it is it's a very serious crime. if somebody in law enforcement is doing that the within the department it's even mr. serious. >>reporter: santa rosa junior college president frank chong tells me he had no idea chief matt shut did you want internal affairs investigation into the child poyvrnlt i'm not awhich are of that. >> chong has taken steps to help the police department do a better job in the future. are you satisfied that the child porn was handled well by your
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department. >> no i'm not. it went a good procedure to have somebody use the personal thumb drive to put business on it. we have made changes to ensure that doesn't happen again. >>reporter: the 3 police employee say they have been pressured and reassigned after coming forward about what they saw. they have filed ee o c complaints of hostile work environment and retall 80's and preparing to sue the department. i'll kind up to date on what happens. >> please do disturbing. >> thanks dan. scientist at the buck institute for research on aging in novato found ibuprofin could extend your life up to 12 year years. >> yeast and worms treated with pain reliever lives about 15 percent longer they say the drug help cell better deal with the damage this comes with normal aging. >> all right. we had our little break. now just about over. >> we enjoyed it while it lasted. sand why his the forecast. >> yes great while it lasted but time to move on to storm no. 3 this weekend. you look
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at live doppler 7hd atmosphere starting to moisten up so we see very late showers around santa rosa up towards ukiah clever dale area. this isn't the storm. storm still on its way. we have had so many stormy days as of late. in case you are wondering how we are doing in terms of the drought situation a week ago 55 percent of the state was an exceptional drought. bring you up to the present time and you are going to see that we are now 32 percent of the state in that exceptional drought so it has shrink in terms of the coverage. still extreme drought which is second category down here covering most of the state so we need way more rain than what we have been seeing and right now we hope for the continue. temperature in the upper 40's to the upper 50's. tomorrow morning it's cool. exploratorium camera nasty view of the ferry than. rain arrives forth morning commute. chance of rip in the north late saturday evening and winter begins on sunday at 3:03:00 p.m. and we start to see the
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pattern change but that may the get abbreviated a little bit. i'll explain in just a moment this cold front will create a rainy morning commute so behind that we'll see scattered showers. biggest risk with this storm is that now that we have saturated ground. minor urban flooding is certainly a risk and down tree. moderate risk both of those. inch of written on the soils. river flooding shouldn't be an issue with this but we see heavy rai rain. tonight it's just light and in the north bay at 11:00 p.m. as we head towards the morning commute moderate to heavy in the north bay. watch the front slide south. 7:00 a.m. starting to see more pockets of moderate heavy rain and at 9:00 a.m. it shifts into the east and the south bay santa cruz mountains behind it will keep the scattered showers going even though not showing a lot of green. it's a moist flow so keep light showers or drizzle going into the evening hours tomorrow night. rain fall total up to inch in the mountains. about a quarter tore half inch for most lower
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el vision and this will mean snow in the sierra nevada. wenter weather advisory starts early tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. runs until 10:00 p.m. make sure you have your chain going up. 3 to 6 inches expected above 6000 feet. could be higher than that as we head to the next 24 hours. tahoe area forecast snow tomorrow a little breezy. saturday rain and snow and then on sunday partly cloudy so snow level will come up a little bit in case you are going to the mountain for the upcoming weekend. we need the snow when you look at the state wide snow pack. it's that at 50% of ample but we are doing better than a year ago where it was 27 percent of normal around the state. tomorrow morning umbrella and sweater is what you need. upper 40's to hoe 50's tomorrow afternoon. keep umbrella around and mit need the shade especially with the sun breaking through. temperatures mid 50's to low 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast wet friday few late showers could pop up saturday night in the north bay. winter arrives sunday at 3:03:00 p.m.
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and pattern starts to go dry as rim builds in except on wednesday. christmas eve. now the computer model are bringing in a slight chance of few showers with the system coming through. about afternoon hours we keep you posted. >> by christmas morning. >> it's still looking dry as of rate notch i get a new bike. >> i know. >> thanks very much. >> all right time for sports. >> larry grit game tonight. >> are you going to tweet a photo of the bike. >> with the streamers. >> put a playing card in the spoychblingt you will look really cool. were yours fond themselves down 17 in a flash against okc but then an injury to kevin and splash down. changed everything
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l. >> good evening. it was a wild wet somewhat out between the warriors and the thunder nechlt out come might have been different if kevin had not gotten hurt. he had 30 points at the half. >> i'm happy for you. you got the guy back. you look awesom awesome. >> steve maybe not so happy that okc at full strength early on because kevin came out smoking. okc had a 17 point lead like that. andre hand off to curry. you shait you are the better shooter knocks it down then the no look over the shoulder pass to thompson. to curry. 34 points and 9 assist. warriors up 2 at the half. just before the buzzer kevin steps on the foot of at player right ankle sprain not serious but kept him out for the rest of the gym. 30 at the brick. third quarter. spate with authority. finance wish 10 points. russell one man
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wrecking craw with kevin out. 17 seconds left and he turns and scores finish with a dozen and war yrs hold on against thunder 114 to 109. to the ice. sharks oilers. 300 contrary nhl game second perio period. logan. snap the shot. over the shoulder of ben. 13th. 2-1 team teal. edmonton answer with two quick goal of their own. rebound and score. shark was tie it up and take the lead in the third. brick away for barkley. the good row indeed. shark win 4-3. they have won 8 of the last 9. familiar face in the a's locker room dwindling by the day. norris has been trieded to the san diego padres for 2 pitching prospect. players show newspaper spring training with stingers that read hello my name is. will jim har but at that time money and go become to college?
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frainers coach draetion the
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>> 49ers have two games left this season but all anybody wants to talk about is the future for coach harbaugh whether has reportedly been offered 6 year, 48 million dollar deal by michigan. he still has another season on the niners contract and says it is his intention to finish out the deal or read between the lines get paid for that final year. >> i have said that finish this to the end. focus, my focus the same as the player focus and coaches focus the focus in meetings by our players by our
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coaches and by me. >> focus together us. women volleyball penn state and no. 1 stanford. penn state first set. stanford the second. at the time kill there. lions too much in the third. miss grant with facial for burgess there. to the fourth we go match poin point. they are wide and they face ncaa championship 3 totes s1. >> thanks. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4:30
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>> we appreciate your time. right now jimmy kimmel comedian mel brooks. >> have a good night everyone see >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- mel brooks. from "into the woods," christine baranski. this year in unnecessary censorship. and music from jenny lewis. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the most of the show thank you for the


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