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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ley soft-baked oatmeal squares. good morning, america. breaking right now for our viewers in the west. under seize. two major terror operations under way. police surrounding the brothers suspected in the brutal terror attack in france. holed up in a print shop north of paris. helicopters swarming overhead. french special forces taking positions on room tops. more than 1,000 children evacuated from schools. and a second standoff, this man suspected if killing a police officer holding hostages in a supermarket. heavily armed s.w.a.t teams on the scene all as we come on the air in the west.
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and good morning, america. we are live on the west coast with breaking news from france. it all began to unfold after midnight pacific time and right now, two major hostage stand offs one north of paris. those brothers lynched to al qaeda who murdered 12 at the french magazine two days ago. now barricaded. police are communicating with them. they are holding one hostage. everyone in that town is told to stay inside. robin as you said children evacuated from schools. >> it's 28 miles away. there's the other operation right now in paris. a man authorities think may be lynched to the terror attack holding hostages in a supermarketment s.w.a.t and anti-terrorist forces on now. >> that man was in a cell perhaps was one of the brothers. they both stood trial for trying to get a convicted terrorist out
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of jail many years ago. we'll have full team coverage of the breaking story. abc's terry moran near the supermarket. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, i'm on the eastern outskirts of paris, 3 miles or so and behind me. off to the lifetime, out of the line of sight is this hostage situation at this kosher supermarket that began today. the police public prosecutor in paris now lynchinking this situation to the one going on north of paris where the suspects for the charlie hebdo massacre are homed up. they seemed to be involved in a court case where they tried to break a terrorist out of jail. bottom line, they know each other.
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the second hostage situation is under way now. east of the city. police say at least two of dead and the gunman is holding at least one hostage after the shootout. a massive police operation here s.w.a.t teams moving into position for the tense standoff in the heavily populated neighborhood. schools in this area on lock down. the suspect is 32 years old. police already say he's the man wanted in killing a female police officer in the shootout yesterday in the south of paris. police also looking for a second accomplice. >> helicopters 20 miles north of paris. police and s.w.a.t teams moving into suspension of the suspects cornered. the town in lockdown. residents ordered to shelter in place. the town website's message.
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if you live in the town stay in your home. children and schools are in lockdown. in a high school not far from the standoff, students and teachers are trapped. hunkered down. we spoke to a schoolteacher. >> they tell us to stay in the high school and to be calm but we are awaiting. >> reporter: the brothers calmly took over the printing company, saying we don't kill civilians. at charles de gaulle airport, two runways shut down. others allowing takeoffs after the reports kouachi brothers may be armed with a rocket propelled grenade. when when they came near a road block, they retreated into a printing company.
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president hollande said his government stopped effort terror attacks in recent weeks. but how will this end? >> this is unreal a surreal atmosphere. the french had been about to reckon with the astrossity committed at charlie hebdo magazine now the question not what does it mean but when will it end? >> that's a question everyone wants answered as soon as pop. that town under siege less than an hour from paris. police blocking roads at charles de galle airport. charge is on the scene. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, a very dramatic unfolding here in this small french town. this is as close the police will allows us to get to the hostage zone where the hostage crisis is taking place. police confirm they're talking to two suspects. they are negotiating but we
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don't know too much more at this time. we know there's one male hostage. his identity unknown, although the owner of that print shop where they are being held his daughter says she has not been in contact with her father for quite some time which is unusual. meanwhile, this town on absolute lockdown. a security net over this entire place. no one being allowed in or out. residents being told to stay inside. evacuations of schools currently under way. elementary students being taken, we understand to a gym intown while middle and high school students are being taken to a nearby village ten miles away so their parents can pick them up. if you look behind me this is a middle and high school preparing prepared for evacuation. there's a long convoy of police vehicles to take those students away. the situation still extremely fluid and very tense. robin? >> locals are doing what they are being told and staying inside. there's a lot of concern about the school students that you see
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behind you, the schools around you, but can you tell us more about the road blocks? especially the one to the airport? >> reporter: absolutely. charles de gaulle one of the biggest airports in the world. there are check point we've seen them out to the airport but i've just been told that the airport itself is functioning normally. the two runways terry mentioned have reopened. the airport is working as normal. >> thanks alex. >> we continue with live west cost coverage. brad garret spent many years as a hostage negotiator. the big question how do you negotiate with people that seem determined to die? >> george because you're trying to collect intelligence. you're not trying to neg kwlat them out. the key is negotiate out the hostage. if you can get that person out, then you're really golden. but the primary goal here is collecting intelligence to figure out how are we going to go in and attack in effect,
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both of these guys. because they are not going to surrender arer surrender, george. what you want to do is minimize obviously anyone getting hurt. in particular the hostages, as i mentioned, and the tactical team. they have to do that by what kind of weapons do they have? hopefully they now have cameras inside. they are watching what's going on and formulating a plan can they make a dynamic entry and take out both brothers? >> add a degree of difficulty. we know the two hostage situations one in paris and north of paris, are linked but these people did know each other. there's at least one report that the suspect in paris demanded the release of the two brothers north of paris. how do negotiators work through that? >> reporter: the same way, george. all you're trying to do, in effect is buy time. no one will walk out the door and say, i'm sorry, i made a mistake, arrest me. different dynamic because you
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have a supermarket. how big is it? do they have surveillance cameras? you have more hostages i like when there's only one because you can work around that. when there's five or six, where are they in do they have them moved around the supermarket? so a much diceyer tactical move perhaps, at the supermarket than north of paris at the print shop. >> at the same time they have to be aware and alerted of the.there are other members of a potential cell out there? >> exactly. they are watching this like we are. so as a result. they may take action based on what happens to the three of them today in these two separate hostage situations. >> and we all remember that situation in sydney australia, where the police in the end g decide to go in to that chocolate shop. what could trigger that kind of an attack here? >> anything that would be a movement toward injuring or killing the hostage. or, for example, there's been some discussion, do they have a
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rocket-propelled grenade. if they're about to launch that. you have to take action because of the devastation of firing that inside of this print shop. >> brad garret thanks very much. we know people out west are just waking up. and a lot happened while they were sleeping, according the link to the gunman with the other standoff. brian ross has that story. >> good morning. french prosecutors say they have a connection to the terror circles and two brothers have delectis to al qaeda. of all the al qaeda groups in the world, the network in yemen is considered the most active in going after western targets. their online magazine inspire actually put the picture and name of the editor of "charlie hebdo" on its target list. and now u.s. authorities say the elder of the two kouachi brothers, said, traveled to yemen in the year 2011 and trained with al qaeda. >> al qaeda's goal is to have cells of followers in western countries and to carry out
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attacks against the west. >> reporter: the ties of the two brothers to terrorism were no secret. u.s. officials say both brothers, said and cherif have been on the u.s. no-fly list for years. and the younger brother was convicted of terror charges in 2005 when he tried to join al qaeda in iraq. >> this is not unusual in these cases to see them move from one sort of extreme behavior to another and then sort of settle on violent jihadism as an answer to what they perceive to be their problems. >> reporter: for all the signs of a well-planned combat-like attack seen in the eyewitness videos, the two gunmen did make mistakes. most important was a national i.d. card found in the getaway car they abandoned which allowed authorities to so quickly identify the two and begin the manhunt. and now there's huge interest in trying to take these two brothers alive to learn if there are more to this terror cell in
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france and take the other gunman in the supermarket. >> that's so key because you need additional intelligence to be gathered. >> absolutely and this could be more than lone wolves and are there others attacks about to happen? yes, a lot will play out in the next couple hours. >> let's bring in martha raddatz. so many questions how the brothers and other hostage-taker have been able to take this off. they've been linked in an attempt to get the other convicted terrorist out of jail. one of the brothers had actually been convicted. they were on french radar. they were still able to slip through and pull this off. >> that's undoubtedly something the french authorities will have to explain. they are talking about a suspect who french officials knew trained with al qaeda in 2011. that's when the american-born
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cleric was being hunted by officials, anwar al awlaki. he was later killed by an air strike. you can't track every suspect 24/6 24/7. there's a lot that want to join jihad but not that many known to be involved with terrorists and returned to the country. he should have been tracked. not physically but electronically phones internet. a lot of questions, george how they slipped through. >> that kind of travel to yemen would put any suspect on america's radar. >> it's something u.s. authorities would have done if they tried to come here in the u.s. it would seem anyone who traveled yemen and returned to the u.s. was tracked. after we came back from a reporting trip there, my american producer had the fbi unexpectedly show up at his house in virginia and they wanted to know why he had been there and who he had seen so
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americans do track this. martha, thanks. let's bring pierre thomas on the threat to the homeland the worst tearer attack in france in anyone's memory has american officials on edge as well. >> they are deeply concerned that the threat could happen here at any time. there's clear evidence there are radicals among us. this year the fbi caught a dozen or more. mostly men, but some women, trying to join terrorists in syria and iraq. including isis the people known to chop off heads. the fbi said those who go and get training could return to the u.s. and strike with or without direct orders. he also flatly stated some radicals have probably gone and returned we don't know about them. added the people who have been radicalized on the internet. you see why the fbi has 100 terror investigations ongoing at any moment. >> what kind of alerts are the local police forces getting from the fbi?
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>> i can tell you the interest is intense across the country from police chiefs. they want realtime information about what is happening in france. what i'm being told. fbi and dhs officials are putting together information. the next 24 hours or so we'll shoot that information out to local law enforcement. again, you want to know everything you can about how this is unfolding. is this a cell? how is this unfolding in france. and this is critical for u.s. law enforcement going forward. >> pierre thomas thanks very much. our whole team will stay on top of this all day long as this unfolds. right now, let's go to amy with other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin on a major new report on the health of the economy. wall street reatting after the labor department reported 252,000 jobs were created last month. a bit more than expected. wages were down. the unemployment rate fell to 5.6%. some of that drop is because more americans gave up their search for work. a major new proposal from
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president obama. free tuition at community college for anyone willing to work for it. in a video posted online the president says the first two years of community college should be free for, quote, responsible students who keep up their grades. he'll outline the proposal today. critics say such a plan is almost impossible politically especially with no specific price tag. new video overnight in the search for the black boxes from airasia flight 8501. you see divers in the murky water inspecting the plane's tail section in strong currents off indonesia. earlier, there was a report that pings from the black boxes have been heard but officials now say that was not the case. a frightening ordeal for a southern california family. a 3-year-old girl taken from her bedroom. a man reached in and kidnapped her. the father ran after the kidnapper, getting his daughter back.
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she was not injured. police later caught the suspect. who had no relation to the company. police say it was a random attack. well, former california school accountant seen stuffing school lunch money into a bag and her bra sentenced to five years in prison. judith oak stole nearly $2 million over a four-year period. she has been ordered to repay all that cash. and speaking of cash, and a lot of it. we have an rub yet onupdate on the oil tycoon's ex-wife who recently refused to cash a divorce settlement check worth nearly $1 billion. well, sue ann arnall has apparently had a change of heart. there's word this morning she's cashed that handwritten personal check from her ex-husband harold ham for the exact number, $974,790,317. she had insisted the figure was not enough after 26 years of marriage but now as is a woman's prerogative she's changed her mind.
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you forgot to add the 77 krpts. you forgot that. >> everything counts, robin. >> everything counts. >> adds up. >> might as well. the wisdom you don't turn down a billion dollar bird in hand. >>. >> thank you amy. let's show love for the viewers out west. let's talk about weather. >> we have current radar. we don't have that often. showers making their way on shore as well. they'll be cloudy and cool in spots. high temperature only going to 71. not the record highs in the low 80s. still mild overall. las vegas, 67 76 for phoenix. even tucson short of 70 degrees. that's the southwest. but we have to check the northwest. pretty light rain showers will come through. seattle has a visibility of less than a quarter mile. that weak system will move on out and a stronger one will come in. late weekend into early work week. that system comes on through too. just to leave you with a little
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note. jacksonville florida it was snowing yesterday. yeah. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. on this friday we see more sunshine headed through the afternoon and a couple of degree cooler than yesterday and probably will not notice it. there is a chance of sprinkles on sunday and monday in the north bay and sunny and warmer most of next week temperatures today are in the low-to-mid 60's and 59 at lake port is the cool spot and clouds keep us mild and
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mostly mid-40's to around 50. the seven-day forecast shows it will be coolest on big game in dallas coming up. it's going to be an icy weekend something to watch between austin and dallas. >> who's going to that game? yes, i can't wait to get there. >> who's going to l.a.? >> yes, golden globe girl. >> who's staying in new york? >> yay! >> we got you covered. >> we certainly do, we have you covered on what is going on in france. we'll have the latest come b up. and bill cosby coming up. we'll have his response and the joke that stunned the audience. el health toothpaste its unique formula replenishes weak spots with natural calcium... ...and gently polishes... ...for strong, healthy enamel. strengthen the enamel that protects your teeth. introducing new colgate enamel health toothpaste. replenish and polish for healthy enamel.
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. once-a-day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring, no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app call 1-888-xarelto or visit good morning, i'm eric thomas. a traffic alert for san francisco tonight. the golden gate bridge is closing until monday. work crews will use the time to replace those thin yellow cones that separate the north and southbound lanes with a movable barrier. golden gate bridge officials say
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it could prevent deadly head-on collisions. the bridge will close by midnight. let's have more on traffic with leyla gulen. some of the last travelers make it across the golden gate bridge. looks like it's slowing down just a little bit on the far right-hand side but there are alternates to get around at the richmond-san rafael bridge for one. ferries are going to extend their service, water taxis as well. a bit of a ghost town at the bay bridge this morning, friday light conditions there. this crash has cleared westbound side of 80 right at carlson boulevard. eric. >> thank you. when we come back meteorologist mike nicco has
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we're back and talking about temperatures that are very mild this morning. good morning. we're in the upper 40s to low
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50s in most neighborhoods but look at the haze that's out there as we look from our east bay hills camera. oakland and san francisco have the poorest air quality on this spare the air day and there's possibly another one tomorrow where the poorest air quality could be in the santa clara valley. hopefully with a little cleaner air mass will be coming in this weekend. also coming in this weekend, cooler temperatures sunday when we have a chance of drizzle in the morning and some sprinkles in the afternoon. a cold front will pass by the north bay monday a slight chance of some rain there, and then high pressure retu
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good morning, america. live on the west coast right now. two major hostage situations unfolding in france. the brothers behind that brutal terror attack, holed up outside of paris. another gunman linked to them at a supermarket in the city. also, right now, bill cosby heckled during his performance, and the joke he told that shocked the crowd. and sia responds to the outrage over her new music video. we're going to have what she's saying this morning. as we welcome you back. we want to go straight to france to the two standoffs. the brothers in small supermarket in paris. and the hostage lynched to them. terry moran near the
7:31 am
supermarket. good morning. terry. >> real scenes unfolding right now and what we have is a gunman a couple hundred yards away from us. he is apparently threatening to kill the hostages he has, if police storm the other standoff where the brothers are holed up. those brothers suspected in the massacre at charlie hebdo magazine wednesday. these are linked. apparently both of these hostage situations linked in a terror situation. the gunman here was in a trial with the brothers who are holding hostages up north. that trial, they were trying to break hostages -- break -- i'm hearing myself. sorry about that. >> terry, you were saying before it appears they were connected together in this trial where they were both on trial for trying to break another terrorist out of jail. one of them was convicted. the one holding the hostage at the supermarket convicted. the other brother, north of
7:32 am
paris, was set free. and that's the connection that authorities are looking into right now, correct? >> reporter: that's right. these two hostage situations linked by -- linked in similar terrorist group, they were in a conspiracy trial, apparently trying to break one of their colleagues out of prison. >> terry, moran, thanks very much. we're going to stay on top of this all day long. our entire team in washington, in paris, but right here in new york. but we are going to turn to bill cosby last night brutally heckled. cht. linsey davis has that story. >> good morning. bill cosby's charges were mentioned this time by the embattled comedian himself. several weeks, people have been clamoring for them to address
7:33 am
the allegations and this time he z. >> bill cosby. in the middle of his performance in ontario thursday night, when a heckler lashes out, accusing him of being a rapist. security rushes in to escort the man out but as the audience started to boo him, cosby urges restraint telling them, shhh, shhh, no clapping, nothing. just have patience, okay. the disruption coming minutes after cosby made a joke about a female audience member who got up from her seat during a show. cosby asking her, where she was going? >> she said something along the lines of i'm getting a drink and do you want one? and he said, no, i've already got one and had a big bottle of water and then he sort of paused for a minute and said, but, you know, you should be careful about drinking around me and the whole audience sort of oohed. >> reporter: an apparent reference to the string of allegations against him by women who said they spiked their drinks and in many instances, sexually assaulted him. >> just sort of this shocking moment. >> reporter: after the show cosby releasing this statement saying, quote, one outburst but over 2600 loyal, patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most
7:34 am
wonderful medicine that exists for humankind, laughter. i thank you. i'm far from finished. the backlash wasn't just inside the show. more than a hundred protesters gathered outside chanting and calling for a cosby boycott. >> this has not been easy at all. but he's not a coward. >> reporter: meanwhile, this morning his cosby show tv wife of more than eight years is facing her own firestorm after defending her co-star and friend in an exclusive interview with abc news. >> this is not about the women. this is about the obliteration of legacy. >> reporter: tweets calling phylicia rashad's stance ludicrous and unbelievable. >> people are slamming your defense of bill cosby. >> god bless them. one and all. i mean that sincerely. >> reporter: based on reports from people watching his performance there was initially a varied response to bill cosby's joke including some gasps, but the majority of the crowd apparently laughed and cheered. one reporter tweeted that he
7:35 am
talked to several fans as they exited and they all seemed to find the joke funny. robin. >> all right there, linsey. we move now to fedex workers delivering misery to one family. now we've seen drivers mishandling packages and things like this but this goes beyond that. one driver swiping their dogs. abc's reena ninan has that story for us. >> reporter: canine kidnapping. take a look as this fedex driver pulls up in front of this houston home. but instead of leaving a package, he takes something precious. the family's two french bulldogs, sheila and bruno. wednesday afternoon the family noticed they were missing from the backyard. so they searched the neighborhood then checked surveillance video. this is what they found. here's the driver, snatching the first puppy, sheila and putting her in his truck. but when he goes to swipe bruno, sheila makes a run for it. but the driver is on her tail literally scooping up the pup
7:36 am
and driving away. >> once we seen them on the video, he was like, i can't believe it. we're supposed to trust these people. >> reporter: the family was beside itself until a fortunate twist. >> then we saw your story. >> reporter: a vet on the opposite side of town saw the surveillance video on abc's houston affiliate ktrk and recognized the puppies. a client had delivered them to his office after finding them huddled together in the middle of a neighborhood street. >> they were in great condition. they looked happy. they're healthy. very playful. >> i want them back. >> reporter: abc cameras were there when 5-year-old savannah was reunited with bruno and shiela thursday night. this morning it's not clear if the driver let the dogs go or if they escaped. fedex ground telling us they're taking this incident seriously and continue to work closely with authorities investigating this matter. pending the completion of this investigation, the driver will not be providing services on behalf of fedex ground. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york.
7:37 am
>> so glad those puppies are reunited with those little kids. yeah, but -- cameras are everywhere. thank goodness for those cameras. time for the weather and ginger. cameras are everywhere, even if you take a walk on the beach and see this. the ice boulders are back on lake michigan. chunks of ice break off and then the waves roll them until they get nice and round like that. i always loved this time of year when it happens. the beautiful part of being really cold, right. this is the not so beautiful part. the roads in buffalo more than 9 inches of snow in buffalo, new york, already this morning and the lake-effect snow machine is in high gear. we've got the radar here. you can see in southwest michigan from cleveland to erie to buffalo. and it's going to only get heavier in the coming days. we're talking feet of snow, up to five feet. they're warning of it near watertown. good morning on this friday we have unhealthy air with closer to average upper 50's to low 60.
7:38 am
a chance of sprinkles on sunday and monday and warmer i >> all that weather brought to you by kellogg's. everybody making fun of my boulders. it's cool. icy conditions on i-35 between austin and dallas. >> i love this time of year. >> that's the good part. there's beauty in it. >> i saw that. it was fascinating. >> on your side, ginger. on your side. coming up, the surprising new study about headaches. why visiting the doctor may not be the answer. sia responds to the backlash over her new music video. what she's saying this morning. welcome the morning with a vitamin-dense bowl of sun-grown grains and fiber. drenched in a bath of lean protein. nourishment. powerful and delicious. tomorrow, serve your body well. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow ♪ kellogg's® special k red berries. see you at breakfast™.
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we're back now, 7:41 with sia apologizing for offending people in this latest video featuring shia laboeuf and maddie ziegler from the tv show "dance moms" dancing in a cage and many people say their big age gap makes it inappropriate and hard to watch. linzie janis has the story. ♪ i'm the one good time ♪ >> reporter: she's the platinum haired australian pop singer known for her 2014 grammy nominated song "chandelier." ♪ one, two, three, one, two, three ♪ >> reporter: but this morning, sia is apologizing after her latest video for the song "elastic heart" triggered outrage online. it shows a grungy 28-year-old actor shia laboeuf wearing nothing but a pair of nude colored shorts and a 12-year-old magnitude maddie ziegler from
7:43 am
"dance moms" in a blond wig and flesh toned leotard. within minutes of its release wednesday, thousands weighing in online. writing "i like sia but i think this video is child pornography" and "very thin line between art and pedophilia." sia who no longer shows her face in public apologizing on twitter thursday writing "i anticipated some pedophilia cries for this video. all i can say is maddie and shia are two of the only actors i felt could play these two waring sia self-states. my intention was to create some emotional content, not upset anybody." >> i think there's a lot of compassion towards these two characters who represent maybe her past and present. at the end it's very emotional. ♪ i got an elastic heart." >> reporter: maddie ziegler
7:44 am
first wowed fans as a crapped-haired alter ego in sia's "chandelier" video. even recreating it live on "jimmy kimmel." sia singing in the corner with her back to the audience. ♪ temperatures rise ♪ >> reporter: last year the 39-year-old telling abc news she's uncomfortable in the spotlight. >> i've been writing pop songs for pop stars now for a couple of years and have become, you know, friends with them and see what their life is like and -- that's not just something i want. >> reporter: now the singer who hoped her video would provoke emotion finding herself engaged in controversy. >> abc news has reached out to shia laboeuf and maddie ziegler and her family but they declined to comment. this video also receiving a lot of support from people online calling it deep and beautiful. it's not been out for 48 hours yet. more than 13.5 million views on youtube, guys. >> a lot of people talking about it. thank you. and coming up here, some of the best bargains of the year available this month. what you should be buying right now and what can wait.
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♪ freeze frame freeze frame ♪ who says you can't have fun in the freezing cold. one minnesota man is turning it into a winter wonderland with a positive attitude.
7:49 am
>> oh. >> oh, gosh. his latest stunt going viral right now. t.j. holmes, where is t.j.? he's outside with the good folks out there. hey, t.j. >> where you always put the new guy. i'm looking at this all wrong. this is an opportunity to be outside with these good folks and to enjoy the cold. now, i'm getting this opportunity out here with them, but one guy like you just mentioned he has turned the subzero temperatures into a viral opportunity. don't worry, this guy is not about to fall through a frozen lake. just maybe his trampoline. that is minneapolis school principal nathan ziegler making the most of the subzero temperatures by hosing down his trampoline. >> now we add a second layer of ice. >> reporter: and going big. the former science teacher conducting fun and frosty experiments like this for nearly a decade. freezing bananas and t-shirts is
7:50 am
one thing. freezing bubbles? yeah, you melt it. >> even his wife's hair. >> your hands are freezing. >> there we go, it's frozen. >> reporter: how about this, sledding with a towel frozen solid. ziegler now joining other viral legends from winters past including this frozen fail. >> don't worry, he's all right. then there's guy in chicago last winter. showed us what 35 below zero looks like blowing into his living room. viral videos proving this miserable cold can be more than it's cracked up to be. okay, not subzero here but ginger is with me and we can do something as an experiment. tell me what i'm doing here. >> so you can take water that's been outside all water that you've got there. hit the bottom of it. you see it, it starts to crystallize. it's starting to work. it crystallizes on impact. you could pour that out and
7:51 am
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good morning i'm eric thomas. a wet or a dry weekend? let's ask mike. >> well there's a new twist in sunday's forecast where we could have some drizzle in the morning, some sprinkles in the afternoon. for the most part it's going to be dry and like this full of cloud cover and limited sunshine. spare the air today and possibly tomorrow but with that fresher air coming in sunday upper 50s to low 60s. the coolest day and hopefully the end of the spare the air alert. the bay bridge is almost deserted here as you're coming in from the east bay. hardly any cars there. the metering lights are still on, however, but very light traffic, friday light in fact. we do have this an obstruction
7:57 am
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good morning, america. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. terror in paris. now, reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> and we are coming on the air right now, two hostage situations in france right now. one in paris at a supermarket. one about 20 miles northeast of paris at the town of demar teen en goele. there appears to be fires, we want to show you the scene moments ago. shotguns heard, smoke seen outside of that small printing press where the two men who carried out that murder at the french magazine two days ago had been holed up with the hostage. you see the smoke right there. i want to go to alex marquardt
8:01 am
on the scene. alex? >> george just moments ago we started hearing loud gunshots repeated sustained gunshots as well as at least one large boom, coming from the area back behind me a mile. that's more or less where the industrial zone is, where that printing shop is where those suspect had been holding that hostage. this hostage crisis started about seven hours ago, and, for the last few hours, we understand police have been negotiating with the two suspects inside. but now it seems an operation is under way that the police are going in to try to end this standoff. george? >> you got the picture behind you. you see a big building right there. the small printing shop is right behind that big building. we see the smoke coming out there. we just heard more shots as well. and i want to go to terry moran now in paris, as we continue to watch that. terry, the hostage situation in paris, we've seen reports that the gentleman holding the hostages there in paris had threatened to kill the hostages
8:02 am
in paris if the move was made on this printing press. is anything happening in paris right now? >> reporter: right now, george this place on edge because, as you say, the public prosecutor in paris, has said that the man holding hostages said he will kill those hostages if in fact police storm his colleagues in terror if you will, in that village north in france. since that seems to be going on. some kind of firing. police on edge. there's a lot of movement. we are not hearing any kind of gunfire here right now. but as you say, these incidents are linked. this gunman apparently knows the two brothers holed up in the village where alex marquardt is. they are co-defendants in a terror trial. apparently they tried to break out another terrorist from prison. one was convicted, the other went free. they are linked right now in a terror campaign which has paris
8:03 am
just frozen in an awful sense of surreality. >> terry you're saying no shots of any kind. no shots from the police, no shots that you can hear from inside that supermarket? >> no. we have seen a lot of police activity going towards the supermarket. since alex first reported the shooting had occurred up north in that village north of paris, but we have heard no shots here just a sense of great tension, as you can imagine. >> let me go back to alex marquardt. alex as you were speaking there were more shots heard in the background. we can only see smoke coming from behind the big factory there. can you see any other kind of activity going on around you? >> reporter: george not right now. there's a flurry of activity in terms of -- there's a flurry of
8:04 am
activity around here, a lot of people going in that general direction. but other than that we can't see that smoke from here. there's been a very, very tight skwurt security cordon all around this area. they're very strict where they allow the press to go. we haven't been allowed close. since the first gunfire and the initial boom we heard, we haven't heard anything since. it's extremely hard to tell from this distance exactly what is going on george. but this is the first sign of any sort of activity since this siege, since this standoff started earlier today. >> let's keep the camera on the site today. as we do that. dammartin en goele is the town. right now i just saw the third flash in the last minute we've seen from that site? >> standard technique is to use what they call flash-bang grenades which give off heavy smoke which has nine or ten
8:05 am
sounds that sounds like shots. we also clearly heard automatic weapon fire so it's not clear exactly -- >> in the last minute minute and a half. >> those flashes george likely could be part of the flash-bang grenades meant to stun the men inside so the police can move inside. >> as terry said police now know both of these hostage situations linked. the gentleman in paris has been on trial with one of the brothers -- >> with the younger brother, exactly. >> he was convicted trying to get another terrorist release from prison. >> the younger brother may have been in prison at the same time as the gunman at the paris supermarket and hooked up at that point. >> the two brothers both have strong ties to al queda. the elder, said kouachi, trained
8:06 am
and fought with al qaeda there. and the younger brother was arrested for trying to go to al qaeda in iraq. >> martha raddatz, such a price. you see the pictures now. you see the fire truck rolling into place right now. that's the area we've seen in the last several minutes. heard gunshots heard grenades where we know the suspect was holding a hostage. one had gone to emmien.y yemen they one had been convicted. and still under the radar of the french authorities. >> reporter: the afrench authorities have to explain that. if you think until 2011 when they were tracking anwar alackwlaki. they tried to stun those
8:07 am
suspects. and then the gunfire is continuing. you have to wonder what precipitated that. these brothers slipped through french authorities. they really did, even though they were known to be associating with terrorists directly in yemen, which was a mag mag nat /* /* magnat for terrorists. i have been there with training groups righting to right out these terrorists. he was trying to go back to france and disappear from the radar. >> let me go back to terry. one of the concerns has to be are there other members of this cell on the loose right now. let's keep the camera on the situation, going on as i speak with terry in dammartin en goele goele.
8:08 am
we heard with president hollande spoke with them the last few days. >> reporter: he did. he returned for a crisis meeting when this hostage situation i'm at right now started unfolding and he said on his way in his government thwarted several terror attacks, and now they have two. the man who has hostages where i am is the lead suspect, according to the police in the shooting of a police woman in the south of paris yesterday. the death toll now from these linked terror operations are 12 at charlie hebdo magazine and the police woman. there are hostages here. i should say this is a kosher grocery. today is the sabbath. it was crowded with people trying to get their shopping done before sundown. there are several hostages in there and this man saying he'll
8:09 am
kill the hostages if police storm his colleague, his brothers in arms up north where alex marquardt is. that seems to be happening so we are standing by here in this utterly surreal scene. these streets, basically, in paris proper almost deserted. people standing around not knowing what will happen next. >> got to be scared to walk out of their homes right now. i want to go to brad garret, abc news consult and and fbi invest investigateor for many years. we heard brian say they used automatic gunfire, and stun grenades what does that tell you? >> that tell mimi they have enough intelligence or see the situation deteriorating. as brian described you do a dynamic entry, you throw smoke and stun grenades in. initial tactical team probably have up shields because the
8:10 am
brothers are going to start firing. hopefully if they have cameras inside the print shop they're going to be able to move right toward the brothers and neutralize them. because, clearly, they're going to focus their shots on the door and not the hostage, hopefully. >> brad let me interrupt you right there. did they decide that the threat from the other hostage situation in paris is not credible or do they not have any choice but to go in? >> something precipitated them going in. cha happens, george in negotiation, you can see where you've reached the end. when you reach the end they've become more desperate. once you reach that point, and we both know these are two guys that are not going to walk out. you're going to have to go in and get them. so, there is some precipitating event that drove the tactical team to do an entry, and, clearly, a lot of automatic fire probably suggests, from both sides. >> do they assume that the hostage-taker in paris, now knows what is happening in this
8:11 am
village? >> not if they've done a good job. a good job would be shut off all cctv except the feed they're looking at, jam the cell phone, impede his ability to know anything outside of what's going on inside that market. >> it's very possible, right now, the gentleman in in paris, hostage taker in paris, has no idea what is going on in that village? >> hopefully that's the case. if there are television feeds into that market. hopefully they cut them. >> brian ross what more do we know about these suspects? >> two brothers are connected directly to al qaeda. one trained with al queda and this was picked up early on with the surveillance and eye witness videos of the shooting at the magazine where we saw them calmly executing the police officer and using tactics used in combat situations. they appear to be veterans they wore special firing or shooting gloves. so they can hold the barrels of
8:12 am
the guns as they lead up. they had extra flagzines. they were prepared for quite a battle. >> martha raddatz, you've been in yemen several times. what kind of training would they have gotten in yemen? >> i think they got tactical training. you saw how pre efficient they were when they massacred the people at the magazine. they had a tight group, which is evidence they knew how to handle them. we're not sure if they were simply inspired. they told people as they're leaving, we're here for al qaeda in yemen. whether that is true whether they were directed we just don't know. but the training that tactical training certainly gave them proficiency. on the other hand that was certainly not a perfect crime
8:13 am
scene. they left. they left i.d.s behind. it dropped a shoe or magazine. there was a lot left to be desired in terms of their strategic training. >> i want to go back to terry moran, outside of that shooting market. some shooting terry? >> george just in the last minute four loud bangs, very very loud bang coming from the direction of that kosher grocery. it looks like the action is under way here as well. they did not sound like gunfire to me. very loud bangs perhaps that flash bang tech teak of dynamic entry into the grocery store. that's what i can report. very loud bangs lapping. now we're hearing gunfire. a lot of automatic gunfire. you can probably hear it. >> we can hear it.
8:14 am
[ automatic gunfire ] >> there's another bang. >> a lot unfolding now. gunfire and bangs. in both hostage situations in france. terry, we see it's getting dark there in france. can you see any other movement of police around you? >> no. >> reporter: no. this position established by the police force is around the corner out of the line of sight and therefore the line of fire of the grocery store but we can certainly hear it. there's another gunshot. we've heard shouting as well. a lot of automatic weapons fire and large bangs as well. it seems the operation is going on right now. as i said, this is the sabbath. a lot of people in there shopping doing their shopping before sun down. i know there are a lot of players going out for the hostages there and where alex marquardt is. >> it appears in the last 15 minutes, police have gone into both areas, 25 miles north of
8:15 am
paris. brad garrett, detective me bring you back in. some coordination appears between the police in both paris and the village. >> the tactical commanders, i guarantee you, talk to each other before they launched the print shop operation. knowing that even if they've sealed offer the market. as far as communication, ability to watch television ability to use phones they can't take the risk. they also reached the point that based on what terry was alreadying. i believe there was another dynamic entry. kicked the door or blow the door, throw both smoke and gas, and possibly a flash grenade, and go in and move right toward the suspect, which hopefully they knew where he was, based on maybe cameras or cctv. >> this is a bit of sbek lags on your part but the first sounds herod, as i said 16 minutes
8:16 am
ago. in dammartin en goele. does it appear those operations are likely over? >> >> >> yes, sir, these operations never take long unless you have a building where you have to clear floors. sounds like the market clearly the print shop limited space. as the teams move in. they can literally clear the place in a few seconds. that's why you have tremendous amount of fire power for the first 15 to 30 to 45 seconds, and then it goes silent. >> let me bring in pierre thomas as well as we continue to watch what's happening in both paris and dammartin en goele. what we've seen is a heightened amount of concern about some similarly inspired attacks mere in the united states. >> that's right, george. i spoke to a senior official a while ago who said that the french have got to operate under the assumption that they have a terror cell operating in paris.
8:17 am
he said it's not definitive yet that that's the case but they have to operate under that assumption and that whenever these two events conclude that they take down these suspects they have got to be looking at he said the possibility of other attacks and are there other people out there associated with these men. he said it's a very tense situation and he said they've got to operate under the assumption there's probably an active cell operating in paris. >> let me bring in matt olsen, who is a former director of the national counter terrorism center. matt at this point, you've seen a heightened concern, worst attack on france in a generation, we've seen attacks in sydney in ottawa in belgium, we have to imagine, every western major capital on alert? >> that's right. every major western capital, certainly those capitals in europe are going to be particularly vigilant right now. i think they're going to go back over all of the information they
8:18 am
have about any of the suspects or people who travel to yemen, travel to syria and make sure they're doing anything they can to conduct surveillance and know what they're up to. >> let me go to alex marquardt in dammartin en goele. the last 16 17 minutes ago we heard the gunshots seen the fire. we knew these two men who took the hostage was determined to go down as martyrs. >> absolutely. we know they are very well armed. we know they had ak-47s. and i want to put a finer point on exactly what we heard. it jives with what brad was saying. this period lasted a very short amount of time in less than a minute. it was hard to tell if it was coming from ak-47 gunfire. or the type of weapons that the police carry. certainly the loud boom we heard
8:19 am
corresponds with that. but at the same time we know both of these brothers have delectis to al queda. these types of islamic extremists want to die as martyrs. they want to go out in a blaze of glory. that's probably one of the reasons they left behind or didn't care about leaving behind their identity in the car that they stole. so this was probably something that they wanted to do anyway. and, now, the police we presume, have gone in and forced their hand and now we're just waiting to hear what happened in that industrial zone just a short distance behind me. >> let's stay there. i want to bring in dick clark, a abc news contributor. one of the scenes we keep hearing about ties to al queda in yemen. even though it had been isis that had been calling for these attacks in recent weeks. you see this as much more sophisticated than the attack in sydney attack in ottawa.
8:20 am
>> this is clearly a cell george an al qaeda cell sleeper cell. we don't know how big it is. one of the reasons the french want to take these people alive is to question them and find out who else is involved in this cell. we actually have a situation here where al queda is trying to compete with isis trying to stage an event so it can get some attention back. and that will translate into contributions, financial. >> mike:s contributions, and translate into recruits. >> if you say they were part of the same cell. what french officials have to be concerned that there are other members of the cell who will also now be inspired triggered for some kind of action? >> that's right. the question is how big is this sell and are there more cells, and why, as good as the french are, why hadn't they discovered this cell before it was activated. >> that is the question as the associated press also now reporting that the police have
8:21 am
stormed in. we don't have a full site. that's the supermarket. kosher supermarket in paris where they heard the gunshots in moments. terry, what more can you tell us on the scene right now? >> reporter: it's eerily quiet after that burst of action. four loud bangs and exchange of a lot of automatic gunfire. now eerily silent. not even the sound of ambulances or sirens really in the air. we've seen police moving in that direction. our colleagues our press colleagues say they report, perhaps the hostages emerging from that kosher grocery store but it feels right now, here as if the situation is stabilized. whether it's over or not, i don't know. no gunfire, no more bangs, not even sire ens, it's an eerie silence after that burst of activity. >> as you're speaking we're
8:22 am
starting to see ambulances move forward, move closer into that supermarket. you see the picture there of that large flash, brian ross, and the police apparently going in. >> that's how they would do it for that type of attack. you see the flash there the flames. the stun grenades are very very effective. they make it impossible for the gun mann to hear to actually see. the police have the advantage and they do that. one important thing is to recover any phones or computers or personal devices to run what they call a link analysis. who else were they talking to. who else were they in contact with. that will be the next step for the french counter terror authorities to try to track down the extent to which they had colleagues they had accomplices. the cell is something that's a great concern because if there are others, do they now act because the police have taken this action this morning. >> i want to go back to martha raddatz. we were talking to dick clark
8:23 am
about the apparent competition between al qaeda and isis. >> reporter: i think at some point, george it doesn't matter what group to join. they really coalesce around conflict. some of these brothers had said that they became radicalized because of the invasion in iraq and because of abu ghraib. those pictures in the prison in iraq. so i think what you're seeing is the radicalization of people whether it's isis, whether it's al qaeda. a lot of people just don't care anymore. they just want some cause to go after. you've heard a lot about the background of these two brothers. they were basically orphaned. they were losers. they were looking for something to do in life. this perhaps, they thought gave them some sort of purpose. >> you read brian ross you read the background of those brothers eerily reminiscent of the brothers who carried out the boston marathon. >> very similar to those
8:24 am
brothers where the older brother was the inspiring force and the younger brother admired the older brother. that trial is beginning now, and they are picking the jury. we'll be hearing about that in the coming weeks. again, these two brothers together in league. their parents died when they were young. they grew up in orphanages. on the streets. the other brother was a failed rap musician. he tried to be a soccer player. they didn't have much luck getting good jobs and then they ended up finding something that gave them meaning, particularly according to french prosecutors who we talked with overnight. the younger brother, once he was sent to prison. when he tried to go to iraq to join al qaeda there. he then connected with other known jihadists, other radicals who were in the prison system and came out even more
8:25 am
iraq, also yemen. he said this was a real problem not only for the europeans but also they have such easy access to yemen. it keeps coming up over and over. they were the runs if you will behind the bombing attack that did not go through. they were the ones to put printer bombs on airports 6789 it was thought as the most active terror cell al qaeda has that's operating on the planet. anwar al awlaki was considered the most dangerous man on the planet. his philosophy was inspire young
8:26 am
people to do small-scale attacks. to return home and do small-scale attacks. that's what we see unfolding right now. i want to bring ray kelly. former commissioner of the new york city police. you see these actions in the village north of paris. and paris. as brian ross said, they appear to be text book operations? >> well, we're not certain of all of the details. i find it unusual that they did it at the same time. obviously, some reason to do that. it looks like you know, flash bangs were used. obviously we heard a burst of a gunfire early on and then it stopped. so we're concerned primarily, of the safety of the hostage, but that remains to be seen. but, yeah. as far as the method that was used to enter, it looks like a textbook operation. >> and matt olson, let's pick up
8:27 am
on what pierre thomas was talking about, the training of these individuals, oversea, from the west going to syria going to iraq going to yemen, in order to commit talking about in syria. some of the specific numbers are quite daunting. probably 15,000 foreign fighters have gone to syria. several thousand westerners as part of a conflict there, to join the conflict there. and those numbelly quite overwhelming for any particular security service particularly those in europe when you think about those individuals returning to those locates. and they may have different degrees of training but certainly, you could expect anyone going to fight interior getting a basic level. military style training, potentially becoming further radicalized.
8:28 am
this is a problem that's going to be with us for some time. >> martha raddatz. it's about as hot of a zone as you can gel. there have been killings in recent days and the united states is active with drones and air strikes. >> well over 100 air strikes over the years. the yemenis are cooperative with the americans. we should say that right away. they've cooperated with intelligence but the air strikes continue if you recall just last month. a young american was killed by his captors. a young photo journalist has been held by al qaeda. the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s tried to rescue him. and the captors killed him before he could be rescued. there's ongoing activity all of the time. i can tell you from being there. there's vast areas that you
8:29 am
cannot get to. the capital city is dangerous as well. you fly over that country and go to the gulf and remember the attack on the "u.s.s. cole" was in the gulf of aiden many years ago when u.s. sailors were killed but that country is just a magnet for terrorists. those training camps are all over the place. the yemenis have formed counter terrorist groups to go after terrorists try to root them out and have had some success. but it is an ongoing problem. >> coming up at 11:30 in the east 5:30 in paris. you see the activity outside of the kosher supermarket. that followed gunshots and hostages in dammartin en goele, 25 miles north of paris where the gunman had taken over paris. you see the photos right there.
8:30 am
signs appearing now that both of those situations have been completed. we're waiting for a press conference, brian ross outside of the supermarket in paris. >> i think the police will explain to us what triggered the situation to go in which appeared to be coordinated. generally authorities feel time is on their side and they wait to storm it unless there's an imminent threat to some of the hostages. that's what happened in the sydney case. one of the gunman fell asleep. one of the hostages tried to grab the gun and that's when the police enslewed. again they wait for a triggering event. they don't want to go in on their own unless they have to. >> there's a gap of about 15 principles between the two situations. brad garrett, you were telling us, even though the terrorists who took the hostage in paris made a threat to kill the hostage if anything happened to the cell maises in that village
8:31 am
in northern france. it's very possible that the police were able to cut off all communications and he didn't know what was going on. >> that's exactly right. but it was the fear and concern they were going to be out of time in very short order. and the supermarket situation may have also deteriorated to a point where they didn't feel like it was going to improve. they have sort of gathered the intel. they are ready to do an entry. i noticed two hours ago, george the tactical teams in paris, were already gearing up not in a hurry, but knowing they were going to go to work probably before the morning was out. >> alex marquardt you're in dammartin en goele. any more activity that you can see? we have that report. we expect a press conference shortly. anything else happening in the village right now that you can see? >> reporter: there hasn't been any more activity, george. we are hearing there's going to be a press conference in the
8:32 am
location very shortly where we are. that industrial zone that printing factory is a short distance behind us. about a half hour we heard a very brief spurt of gunfire, at least one, perhaps two bangs. they sounded like single shots coming from guns. they sounded like possibly flash bangs. but beyond that we've seen very little from this vantage point. there has been smoke rising we understand from that industrial complex. but we are awaiting word from the police as to exactly what happened in that hostage situation. >> just to clarify, alex. you're expecting a press conference there, not simply in paris, or is this all one press conference as far as your understanding? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. as this siege started earlier today, police gathered all of the press around this area where i am right now to create a sort of presenter. in fact i'm standing right next to a gymnasium which has been converted to a presenter and throughout the day they've been giving statements from there. so we are awaiting a statement
8:33 am
from the police shortly, but so far, they haven't given news any indication as to what happened during that very brief period that we heard half an hour ago. >> growing dark now in paris. and, brian ross this all began to unfold today around 3:00 a.m. eastern time. we got the first reports that the two suspects in the paris killings from two days ago had stolen another car, exchanged gunfire. >> that's right. they ran into a road block on a main highway. peelled off that main highway and took a hostage inside this small printing shop. then hours later, we heard of a second hostage situation at the kosher martin. >> and the terrorists in dammartin en goele. had reported of another man oning into the print shop. they shook his hand and said that's okay.
8:34 am
we're not killing civilians. >> i heard a report at a gas station they tried to steal gas late yesterday according to federal prosecutors in france. they took off their masks and announced they're al qaeda from yemen, we're not going to kill you, you may want to get out of the way because the police might be coming soon. >> and, richard clark what else can we learn about the al qaeda tactics from how this situation has unfolded over the last several days? p al qaeda typically likes to claim credit for it. you know george, we've been asking ourselves, why did they leave their own identity card their drivers' license in the vehicle. we're wondering if it was intentional. i'm beginning to think it was. >> intentional? >> yeah. they want us to know who they are. they want us to know they are al qaeda, in the arabian peninsula. this is an al qaeda operation
8:35 am
that they want to claim credit for, so that they can compete with isis. no one has heard of al qaeda doing anything for the last year, so now they've done something, they want us to know it was them. >> and there was at least one witness in the paris shooting who said one of the gunman said, tell them this is from al qaeda in yemen. >> right. exactly. and nowed word as brian ross just said they were saying this to people as they escaped up at the gas station and at the printing plant. they want people to know it's them. and, the thing about al qaeda which is different than isis is that al qaeda has always said, we should take the attack to the far enemy, meaning the westerners. take the attack to the territory in europe, to the territory in the united states. so far we haven't seen isis do it but this has always been part of al qaeda's m.o. and as pierre was saying with the underwear bomber and all of the
8:36 am
bombs they were trying to place on american flights, that was al qaeda in the arabian peninsula the same group that wants to take the fight to us. >> alex marquardt in dammartin en goele. we saw these pictures as dick clarke was talking of helicopters coming into your area? >> we've seen a little bit more activity in the last three moments, george. there's been at least three, possibly four helicopters hovering above, going in and out of the area where that industrial zone is. they look like military style helicopters. it was very tough to make out the markings on this side but certainly an indication of something going on around that print shop. >> admiral bob harwood is joining us as well. former navy s.e.a.l. this appeared to be a police operation but carried out with some sophistication, admiral? >> that's exactly right but with
8:37 am
techniques and procedures indicative of what these guys pose and people are concerned about. >> can you identify some of those tactics specifically? >> well, just look at the training and organization that it takes to pull something like this off. the guys in position giving them that corporate knowledge, that experience. that shows a sophisticated level of training and understanding of operation. and that is a real concern to a lot of people. >> and, brian ross we're going to be hearing more from french officials. they also put out earlier another possible accomplice to the gunman who had taken over the kosher supermarket, a woman. >> that's right. a french sort of wanted poster was posted by the authorities early today, showing a woman traveling with him. we're not quite clear what her relationship is.
8:38 am
but clearly the police do know. this goes back to the effective use they make of electronic surveillance. they knew for instance yesterday, we talked about it that the two brothers planned to head back towards paris. they made it clear that way and they somehow picked up on that and were aware they might be leading in that direction. they'll use those same techniques right now to track down poe accomplices or potential future accomplices. >> and tracking sophisticated electronics. you said the police had the ability to put listening devices, even cameras inside that print shop? >> yes, george they are about the size of a wire literally. they have silent drills if they have to drill in to place these mikes that both pick up sound, and allows you to see what is going on. sometimes they come through the seal krooeling ceiling my guess is the supermarket had a drop ceiling,
8:39 am
so it gives you the ability to know where is the bad guy at the second you blow the door because you only have a second or two before he goes sideways on you. >> and we heard from them. we knew this as you had said before. it appeared to be martyrs. of course the police wanted to find some way to try to capture them alive. what could they do to increase the chances of that's possible? >> well i can only tell you that, yes, ideally, and brian brought this up. you get them alive. you have potential intel. when you go in with that type of entry and the type of fire power they h had. you, in reality, are going in there to kill them. that's about all you can really do. if you don't do that, they'll kill you and/or the hostages. as we see the helicopters alex was talking about. that could potentially be, they are not dead. one of them is alive. >> brad we are getting this
8:40 am
just in. that both suspects at dammartin en goele are indeed dead. alex what do you know? >> reporter: that's right. we have confirmation that the two brothers in the charlie hebdo massacre are dead and the hostage has been freed. that's according to the mayeror of this small town. >> incredible. . both are dead and the hostage is free. brad garrett that's the outcome they were hoping for. >> that's right. that tells me they did have audio/video from inside of that print shop. as you blow the door you go directly to the bad dies. if the hostage is offer to the side they engage them in two seconds that's why you hear boom-boom and a lot of automatic
8:41 am
fire. they will go directly to the brothers and neutralize them in 5 to 15 seconds at the movement. >> and before they could turn the gums on themselves or the hostage. >> exactly. there is a possibility with so much fire that they did try to shoot each other but the diversion of throwing the doors and throwing a flash bang that your sensors are going to pull you toward that. the one second you turn to look or feel or act, to what just lapped you're shot. >> so we all know, let's reset the situation right now. that's the seen in dammartin en goele, the town where the small print shop the two gunman who carried out the massacre at the paris magazine two days ago were holed up with a hostage. we are now going both of those gunman said kouachi and cherif kouachi are both dead.
8:42 am
and we're hearing from paris, where a second member of the same terror cell they worked together several years ago has taken hostage in that supermarket. >> that's correct. he had more than one hostage. he had several hostages and it may be a larger operation. but the french counter terror facilities have shown incredible strength going in there and taking out the two againman and freeing that hostage. an outcome they train all of the time to accomplishing but don't always do it in reality. here they did. martha raddatz, let's take a step right now as we wait to hear more what happened in paris. this is all coming up against the back drop of real concern across europe about islamic terrorism, about young men going overseas to get more training and a possible backlash against the broader muslim population. >> that is a real concern, because right now, they're concerned about that but right
8:43 am
now what they're concerned about is copy cat crimes. they want to look at this. and they are going to look at everything they can about those brothers. in a way, the work really does start now. they've got to start backtracking. they've got to start seeing where these brothers have been. who they have been communicating with. the big question remains. this is what u.s. officials are going to be looking at right now, whether they were directed by al qaeda in yemen, or simply inspired. if they were directed the big theory is there are others out there. so you play that as you said george against that backdrop of looking at islamic militants across europe and those who are not, and the concern about the muslim population who are doing absolutely nothing wrong, and you certainly don't want to press them any further but you've got to deal with the situation right now and they are concerned here in the united states. they are concerned across europe that there will be copy cat, or hidden cells who are ready to carry out attacks like
8:44 am
this. pierre thomas what kind of ability does the fbi have to actually track the movements of these 100 or so young men, and perhaps some who they know have been actively involved in this kind of activity in some way? >> it's very close. they have information on travel patterns. they track them that way. also they've done a very good job in ecent months of blocking people from going to syria, iraq and other places. we counted at least 12 cases this year where fbi stopped people from trying to join isis. caught them actually on the tarmac, on planes en route to go to syria to fight and join people that they know were cutting off heads. so, this is an ongoing problem. and, george, one other thing, we just looked some information on the influence of al qaeda in yemen on cases here at home to bring it here at home the fbi has brought dozens and dozens of cases against so-called
8:45 am
home-grown radicals. we can document 30 cases where anwar al awlaki the cleric that we killed in yemen, was the inspiration, or where they found files on him with home-grown radicals in the u.s. you see influence of people here at home that they charged with various influences. >> that's the various instances. dick clarke they are trying to get out the word in any way they can. both isis and al qaeda. take action take matters in your own hands, see what you can do perpetrate violence? >> isis never said that to people who want to go into the fight in iraq or syria. they've been saying to them no don't. act as a lone wolf. go out and find somebody and behead them in an american city in a european city have it filmed bring terror into the streets of american cities.
8:46 am
or australian cities european cities that way. there hasn't been that much of that. even though they are urging it to be done. this al qaeda involvement, though is of a different nature. it's not lone wolf. it's planned coordinated and well-trained as we've seen. one of the questions we want to find out here is, during the last day or two while they've been on the run. have they been in communications back to yemen? is there some controller back there? remember george the attack the group did in india in mumbai on all of the eight different facilities there simultaneously and later we learned there was a controller back in pakistan who was giving live instructions as to where to go and what to do. someone who was watching the media, and who was online. so one of the things the french are looking for, i'm sure is was there a controller somewhere, either in france or
8:47 am
back in yemen, who was in touch with these people in the last two days. >> and, brian ross, you and your team were ail to talk to the mosque where the younger brother had been attending but was kicked out? >> exactly. he became upsaid when the amman of the moss said he was upset and he did this with violent outbursts and they made that clear today they were not part of him and they objected to his point of view his take on life. >> what more can you tell us about the young woman who has been identified as an accomplice of the gunman who took over that supermarket? >> that's right. her name.
8:48 am
hayat bowl hayatboumediene. we don't know if she was with him or not in the supermarket. that wanted alert was put out in connection of the shooting of a police woman in the of paris yesterday. the two cueoubali and boumediene are in these situations right now. think about it a man said "god is great" in the city in france 11 injured there. there was a shooting, 12 killed. in 2012. there were four killed at the belgian jewish museum by a french national who traveled to syria. this is a huge problem and one of the residents of this neighborhood here came up to us earlier, asked if it was true
8:49 am
in fact that the fbi had been tracking the kouachi brothers and i said yes, in fact, the american government was aware of their terror history and shook his head saying the french government was so lacks of this. the french have seen a pattern of attacks unfolding. culminating in the massacre at the charlie hebdo massacre. and hayat bowlumedieneboumediene is linked to unfolding series of terror attacks. she may not have been in the grocery store, but one sense you get, the vast alienated group of young muslims are rising up at this point, self-activating and carrying out attack after attack after attack. >> martha mad dats terry is talking about self-activating
8:50 am
individuals. you look into the idea they've been radicalized inside the french system the french justice system. >> not only in the french justice system. we know one of the brothers at least was in prison. they basically radicalize in prison as well or become more radical when they start talking to one another. you can go way back in the last deak r decade you see people who come out and are in worst shape. al baghdaddyi, was in a prison in iraq. i visited that. you could not take pictures of that prison. they said over here or al qaeda guys over here are petty criminals over here are slightly radicalized. those populations were missing. talking to one another inspiring one another. they know those prisons can often be a hot bed of radicalizing these people. >> we're waiting for the press
8:51 am
conference for the police outside of paris where the hostage situation ended. as police raided that area. we know the down of dammartin en goele, where the men who carried out the massacre were killed. we're getting more coming in. >> explosions now. >> explosions and gunfire. as we play that. tell us how this unfolded just about an mohr ago and what we know right now. >> reporter: george, i'm watching a couple helicopters fly across a skyline now. there's a pal papalble sense this standoff is over. it happened about an hour ago. of the brief siege. we heard repeated gunfire, loud bangs and i understand you have some new video of that explosion. >> we're showing it now. >> reporter: as security forces went in to try to save that hostage who was being held by
8:52 am
the two suspects in the charlie hebdo massacre of two days ago and then just a short while ago, right here right next to me. the mayor of this town confirmed those two young brothers in their 30s had been killed and hostage had been freed. there's a lot more commotion out in the streets. a lot more traffic. i'm standing outside a school. moments ago students went past cheering. it feels like the situation has been deflated here in this town. >> okay. alex marquardt -- let's go back to matt olson, former director of national counter terrorism center. s.w.a.t team seemed to carry out their operation to perfection at dammartin en goele. a lot of questions remain how these men were able to remain free for so long able to carry out this kind of attack despite the fact they had been involved with terrorist operations in the past. apparently we lost matt. >> exactly right. they were both, both brothers were on the u.s. no-fly list.
8:53 am
this was no secret to french authorities. only one have come in contact and prosecuted by police. they were both on the u.s. no-fly list french authorities, was telling us. the problem is in france. not enough capability. not enough capacity and too many suspects. it takes 20 30 officers to put on a round the clock surveillance. once you have hundreds of people that swamps the police and they cannot handle them all. this does not make the free age decision they were the most important to watch. let me bring the admiral back in. you heard richard clack raising the possibility that there was some kind of directions from yemen. it's nothing we know. he said that's what happened in the mumbai situation several years ago. police were concerned it could
8:54 am
happen here as well. talk more about the kind of training that these men would have gotten in the al qaeda camps in yemen. >> well george i'll get to that. let me just say first off, what an amazing operation today to recover that hostage. as you know police forces around the world have been training in that realm for 20 or 30 years, so have our forces. our military forces as well. so the training and capabilities has really grown to address the situation, like today. that is the most challenging difficult hostage rescue operation, because in this case, they know you're coming. 95% of operations the advantage is surprise. so coming when they're not -- they don't know where you're at which has been perfected, and more, for the last 12 years. but to come into that situation in close, small area. be able to fire on the
8:55 am
individuals, and still recognize the hostages and ensure they are safe is just an amazing operation and a testament to that training preparedness of all of the forces and all of the police agencies that do this operation. but, back to yemen. we will be able to find out the linkages there could be forensics on this that started when it first occurred. the details will yet to play out but at the end of the day we'll know how this is hatched who was involved. we always do. >> excuse me admiral harward. i want to go back to terry, those picture there's it appears to be a body on the street outside of the grocery store. you have new information? >> reporter: yes, indeed, george. the french ambassador to the united states just tweeted out this statement. the kosher supermarket has been
8:56 am
stormed. the terrorist is dead the hostages are alive. that from the french emambassador to the united states saying the french supermarket around the corner was stormed. the terrorist, he says was dead. the hostages are alive. so it seems another superbly executed operation by french law enforcement and the best possible result for the people who were concerned for the hostages being held in this cocher supermarket and the body apparently the body of amedi cue coubali. 24 years old. and accused of shooting a french woman police officer yesterday. >> both situations under control. the gunman in paris has been killed. all hostages have been safe. the two gunman in dammartin en
8:57 am
goele have been killed. we're seeing that figure on the street right now. we're no, sir positive that's a body by any means. that's a picture coming from paris as we await word from the french police press conference on the scene. i want to go back to brad garrett, formal hostage negotiator. remarkable conclusion to these hostage situations. >> right. it goes to a training that we've talked about, but, b, everything that minute by minute intelligence. so just like at the print shop it looks like at the supermarket, they were able through, probably audio and video, put the hostages in one space and the shooter in another. and when they flash bang and blow the door they go directly at him. he has no time. maybe he gets a round off, but they so everwhelm him, they get him in the first five seconds. >> the situation seemed to have
8:58 am
ended, brian ross but as terry moran said moments ago another accomplice of the gunman of that supermarket still on the loose. >> right. we don't know where she is or what her role was, but the three main gunman who have delectis and may have formed a nucleus in france are dead. all three, remarkable achievement. bringing an end to a week of turbulence for that country. >> more than a week. we've heard from for several weirs they've been thwarting several terror attacks. we learned what happened there as well. the gunman separated the woman from the men before carrying out the executions. >> and called out the cartoonists by name. not only knew the name but also knew somehow, the date and time of the weekly editorial meeting of that magazine so they could
8:59 am
maximize their opportunity to attack the cartoonists they wanted to attack and this of course was an al qaeda targeting list that had been out for years. go after this magazine and go after those specific cartoonists, particularly the editor of that magazine who said to us after the blase was fire bombed three years ago i would rather die than live like a rat. >> terry moran, in the wake of that massacre remarkable outpouring of solidarity in the streets of paris. >> reporter: it's been extraordinary, george. the feeling here first of shock. satire ferocious satire part of the french tradition, political tradition, they love it. and they love this little magazine. the cartoonists who mocked islam, christianitydaism, and pretty much anything they set their sights on were beloved figure famous throughout france in the way we can't imagine cartoonists in the united states being. the fact they were set upon and targeted for making these joke
9:00 am
jokes dear to the heart of the french even if they find them too irreverent and shocking just had this country on its back, yet, they are rising up charlie hebdo will publish again and they have tremendous support here. >> this very much it's just after noon on the east coast. we want to tell you where things stand in paris and france right now. in the last hour those two major hostage situations have come to an end. raids in both areas in dammartin en goele. there it is right there. about an hour ago, police stormed the small printing place where the two gunman have holed up with the hostage. we have now learned the gunman is dead the hostage is safe and in paris, in paris right now, the kosher supermarket where another gunman linked to the two gunman has taken five hostage. weave learned from the french


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