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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. >> we start with the very latest on the terror attacks in france. you're looking at the 26-year-old woman authorities are still searching for. her boyfriend is the man police killed during a deadly standoff earlier today at a kosher grocery store near paris. this is a photo of them back in 2010. meanwhile, french authorities tell abc news they found explosives around that store hooked up to a detonator. >> the raid on the store came as police in another part of france killed the two brothers suspected of this week's attack on a satirical french newspaper. al qaeda in yemen is now claiming responsibility for that massacre. in the last 30 minutes the state department issued a travel alert for americans going abroad in light of this paris attack and
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others. abc's marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: two tense standoffs leaving three accused terrorists in france dead. >> we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. >> reporter: first this printing company, nearly 30 miles outside of paris. police cornered the two brothers they say carried out wednesday's massacre at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo. the interior minister says said and cherif kouachi shot two officers then holed up inside. they reportedly called a police station saying they were commissioned by al qaeda in yemen and were defending the prophet muhammed. meanwhile, inside a kosher supermarket east of paris police say another accused terrorist, amedy coulibaly killed four hostages. he reportedly called the same television station claiming to synchronize his attack with the
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kouachis and that he was a member of isis. investigators say coulibaly also murdered a police officer in a shootout yesterday and was killed in today's siege. his accomplish isce is still on the run. today, president francois hollande says the country remains on high alert. >> translator: france also know this is not over yet with the threats. >> reporter: there is a big rally scheduled for sunday the same day attorney general eric holder will meet with world leaders to discuss combatting terrorism and the threat of home-grown jihadists. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> here's a review of the horror that people in and around paris have endured. 12 people killed wednesday in the terror attack on charlie hebdo's paris headquarters by two men. the next day, a police officer was killed just south of paris in a shootout with a third terror suspect, then today, all three of those terrorists were killed but not before one of
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them had killed four hostages in the kosher market. >> french nationals living in the bay area have been watching the developments in paris closely. in san francisco customers have been glued to the news while discussing the tragedy. their reactions have been mixed. the combination of relief and continuing concern for what could be next. >> kind of sad that they killed them because we would like to see them go to trial. but i mean, it's good that they caught them. >> i'm glad that this crisis is over for today. i'm very worried about my friends in paris and i know that they're very frightened and i hope that this is the end of this activity for now. >> french nationals in san francisco say they are still just trying to process all that's happened in their country. we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and online at we will bring you any major developments as we learn about them. our reporting continues now on twitter. back in california one
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person was killed after a single engine plane crashed near the van nuys airport in los angeles. that plane went down in an intersection not far from the airfield. the fire department says the pilot died on impact. ntsb investigators have been called to the scene to investigate the cause of the crash. turning now to the golden gate bridge. let's take a live look at the span now. we are now just about eight hours away from the bridge's weekend closure for the installation of the new movable median. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim picks up our coverage live. >> reporter: small plastic tubular pylons like this one are the only thing that separates northbound and southbound traffic here at the golden gate bridge but in a matter of hours, they will be history. workers near the golden gate bridge spent the day putting on the finishing touches on the movable median barrier. crews put on reflective tape on each steel and concrete unit. there are 3500 in all to replace
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the plastic pylons that have been separating the northbound and southbound lanes for as long as anyone can remember. >> 1962 we started lane management here on the bridge. that was brand new, innovative across the country. we're excited to have another innovative step to have the narrowest median barrier ever right here on the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: despite being touted as the narrowest at 24 inches, the new median is still going to take six inches off each center lane. >> you think six inches is a lot? i do. yeah. it's already kind of tight as it is. to take six more inches off it seems like a bit. i think people just have to slow down. >> reporter: the closure of the bridge to private vehicles begins at midnight tonight. the access roads will close an hour before that. the two-day shutdown will be the longest in the span's history but alicia was happy that what she calls the scary lane will soon become a thing of the past. >> pretty much everyone knows the middle lane or the scary lane, you know what you're talking about. the lane where you're right next
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to oncoming traffic. you can almost feel the cars go past you. >> reporter: many tourists made sure to cross the span before the closure. this group is visited from south dakota. who told tu bridge was going to be closed? >> we saw a sign posted. >> reporter: when you saw that sign -- >> we said let's go. >> reporter: the bridge is scheduled to reopen 4:00 a.m. monday but could reopen before that if the work gets done early. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> let's see how traffic on the bridge looks right now as we head toward the closure. abc 7 news traffic reporter leyla gulen joining us with our coverage. >> reporter: well, as we take a look from the wonderful technology, this is a 360 camera mounted on top of a van. we just drove over the bridge. i can tell you traffic is really quite light. but as i turn this around we can actually see traffic in our rear view mirror just like those golden pylons are going to be in our rear view mirror very soon. you are looking at pretty clear conditions so far this afternoon. we only have a few hours left until we can make it across the bridge. if you want to do it for one last time, i suggest you do it
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now because traffic is certainly very light. but i just want to tell you that we are going to be using this wonderful technology throughout the afternoon so that we can track exactly how everything is moving along and we will keep you updated if there should be any problems whatsoever. larry? >> i'm getting dizzy but thank you. visit us online at for details on the closures and detours and information on public transit options. we also have a link for you to download the traffic app ways on your smartphone to help you navigate the detours. it's free on aumapple's app store or google play. in sacramento today governor brown released a record $113 billion state spending plan. his plan gives the university of california a $120 million increase, the figure uc leaders say isn't enough. the governor says it isn't chump change, saying parts of the budget didn't get any increase at all. he's insisting the uc not
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increase tuition. he wants to set up a committee instead. >> it's an advisory committee composed of the president of the university and the president of the board of regents which is me, and our two offices will work together with a team to look at all the ways we can reduce the cost structure. >> the plan puts billions more into k through 12 education and health care coverage. president obama says his plan for two years of free community college for any american will help train the work force and improve u.s. competitiveness with other countries. he officially rolled out his plan today in knoxville, tennessee. the white house says the program will cost the federal government about $60 billion over ten years, but that is only three quarters of the cost. republicans quickly dismissed his proposal saying it will never move forward. community college administrators in the bay area are elated about president obama's plan. the chancellor of the san jose
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evergreen community college district says a college education, whether two or four years, is now required to make it in america. >> the bottom line is interestingly, middle america the increasing cost of education and the ability to receive post-secondary education which by the way is no longer a choice or an option, it's a necessity. >> to get the free education, students must have a mentor complete community service and maintain a service gpa. the weekend is here. unfortunately, so is another spare the air alert. >> that's right. spencer christian is here with an accuweather update. >> tomorrow will be our ninth consecutive spare the air day. live doppler 7 hd, we have partly cloudy hazy conditions right now. it's been a relatively mild day but look at this haze over sfo. the spare the air alert continues tomorrow possibly sunday monday and tuesday as we don't see much improvement in air quality over the next four days. here's a live view from the east
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bay hills camera. you can see the haze from this view. 60 in san francisco. mid 60s in oakland and san carlos. low 60s, san jose and morgan hill. 57 at half moon bay. check out this view from emeryville. little sun breaking through the clouds there. we have current temperature readings of 63 in santa rosa 59 in napa, 63 novato. fairfield, 59. 58 concord. 66 in livermore. our first forecast as we look at traffic flowing nicely so far on the golden gate bridge shows increasing high clouds this evening, high clouds and patchy fog tomorrow morning and of course, hazy tomorrow afternoon. i'll have the seven day forecast and look at when it might rain a little later. >> thank you spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the bay area's congestion capital. the county where more drivers than ever are spending time stuck in traffic. and it is a hoops homecoming. what's bringing former warriors coach mark jackson back to oracle arena for tonight's warriors game against the cavs. new at 4:30, hundreds rally at several bay area hospitals
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that are on the verge of being sold. why so many are against the sale. also 7 on your side's michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he will answer them here live in just a few minutes. you can still contact him at and on
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the metropolitan transportation commission revealed the top ten worst commutes in the entire bay area. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live with the section of bay area freeway
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where commuters spend the most time in congested traffic. hello, laura. >> reporter: hi, ama. i'm actually giving you a little bit of a hint by where i'm standing. there is some good news in this report. the san francisco bay area has only the third worst traffic in the country but it is twice as good or twice as less congested, i guess, as los angeles. anybody who drives from daly probably already knows the bay area has some of the most congested freeways in the country but now for the first time in five years we know exactly which ones are the most crowded. in 2009 it was the westbound morning commute to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> now the number one spot is actually held by the afternoon eastbound commute from san francisco out to the bay bridge. >> reporter: that's the bay bridge during the evening commute out of san francisco.
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it's new mexico oneumber one because that's where drivers spend the most time going 35 miles per hour or less. besides the bay bridge the top of the top ten list touches nearly every part of the bay area. the morning commute on 880 southbound toward the silicon valley. westbound 580 over the altamont pass. and northbound 101 in san mateo county. >> yes the return of a thriving economy is very good for our region but of course the cloud to this silver lining is traffic congestion. >> reporter: the ftc is always studying ways to ease the congestion. at the end of this month the commission will launch a website called vital signs where users can plug in a particular area or stretch of roadway and learn more about just how congested their commute really is. so just how congested is number one as we speak? we are showing you a live picture. this is the skyway eastbound
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leaving san francisco. as the report suggested, people are not moving much at all. i can throw one more stat at you, and that is that for seven hours, i am told, the mtc says for seven hours during the week days from 1:30 to 8:30, folks on this portion of the bridge headed eastbound move at less than 35 miles per hour, 35 miles per hour or less for seven hours. on treasure island, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we like the picture behind laura right there. >> very tranquil. she's not stuck in traffic. >> thank you, laura. it is still unclear tonight if a santa rosa man will resume his attempt to climb el capitan. he has remained on the cliff face in yosemite national park nursing several severe cuts on his right hand. his climbing partner, tommy caldwell of colorado is ahead
4:17 pm
of him. jorgenson is assisting him with ropes from below. he has not said if he will rejoin caldwell in their first attempt to climb the wall. a pygmy sperm whale was likely sick before it got stranded. the young male whale washed up yesterday. a crew from the marine mammal center found the whale did not survive the night. they say pygmy sperm whales are deep water animals. the california academy of sciences will study this whale to learn more about the species. in boston today's nominated host for the summer olympics. they were especially thrilled. elected officials and the boston bid committee say they are happy their city was chosen but understand it will be another fierce competition on an international stage. boston beat out los angeles, washington, d.c. and us, the bay
4:18 pm
area to win the bid. >> i knew that we shared the energy when we presented our city's case to the united states olympic committee. i knew that boston was destined to be america's bid to host the 2024 games. >> if boston is selected as host city it will become the first american city to host the summer games since 1996. well it will be pretty awkward for i guess everybody involved in tonight's warriors game because former coach mark jackson is back to broadcast the warriors game. he will be calling tonight's contest between golden state and the cleveland cavaliers. he's the color commentator for espn. he took the warriors from also-rans when he was first hired to the playoffs but was fired last summer. everybody is going to be watching to see what kind of interaction there is if any between jackson and his old boss, who made the call ultimately to fire him. most of the warriors players like mark so expect hugs from
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curry and thompson. spencer christian is here with our accuweather forecast. spare the air days can't get rid of them. >> no, we have a lot of spare the air and not nearly enough rain. >> that's for sure. looks like that pattern will continue, although there's a hint of some light sprinkles coming our way over the weekend. here's live doppler 7 hd. as you probably know we have partly cloudy skies right now and of course the haze and tomorrow will be our ninth consecutive spare the air day. right now, temperature readings range from 55 at half moon bay to 59 in napa and fairfield to mid 60s in oakland, 65, san carlos 64. this is the deal from mount tam. you see clouds at various levels of the atmosphere and the haze down below. the haze that has been with us all week. our forecast features, hazy high clouds again tomorrow, chance of sprinkles early sunday morning, very early then mild dry pattern continues next week. here's the satellite image showing a weak storm system still at our southwest out to
4:20 pm
sea. the storm is diving southward but is kicking up some clouds and just enough moisture that we might get some early morning sprinkles on sunday. let's take a look at the forecast animation starting 9:00 tonight. we will see clouds increasing, maybe some patchy fog in some inland valleys. into tomorrow hazy sunshine again, spare the air, ninth consecutive day. notice 1:00 sunday morning during the overnight hours saturday night, we will see some little spotty areas of moisture moving through. maybe an isolated sprinkle or two in the stoutouth bay or over the santa cruz mountains. long range, it does look like we have a pretty good chance for some measurable rain next weekend. that's our best chance for any significant or measurable rainfall in the near forecast future. overnight, look for increasing clouds, areas of fog inland. lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, hazy conditions once again, much like today. only a little bit cooler. highs tomorrow will range only from upper 50s to low 60s, where
4:21 pm
today we had a few mid 60s. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. chance of that early morning sprinkle on sunday. otherwise, we've got a dry mild pattern from sunday through next friday. high temperatures around the bay and inland mainly in the low to mid 60s during that period of time. we will see upper 50s on the coast for a couple days then low 60s on the coast as well. next weekend keep your fingers crossed or whatever you cross, when you're hoping for rain. we might get some next weekend. >> hopefully. thank you, spencer. up next january deals. consumer reports reveals the deep discounts you'll find this month at the mall. what you should take home and what you should leave on store shelves. new after 4:30, macy's revealing it is closing more than a dozen stores across the country and there is one bay area location on that list. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization.
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chipotle fans the restaurant is giving away free
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food. they want to give its organic tofu filling a special promotion. if customers order one of the tofu items on monday they will get a free burrito bowl or taco salad if they come back within the next month. they rolled out their vegan option in march of last year. >> what if you want something to go with it like a big screen tv? january is a big month for deep discounting. >> talking about everything from tvs to bedding and jackets. how much can you save? rebecca jarvis hit the malls to find out. >> reporter: january is here and after a busy shopping season, there are even more deals to be had right now. yes, january is actually the best month to bag some of the biggest discounts of the year. how big are the discounts right now? >> you can find 20% to 50% and sometimes more if you shop carefully. >> reporter: one of the best january markdowns, winter wear
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up to 75% off at the gap. plus $25 in coupons for every $50 you spend. at macy's deep discounts on outerwear for the whole family like tommy hilfiger with fur trim now $90. or this michael kors down coat. originally priced $250, now just $99. for your home, stock up on bedding. >> you want to look for sales on sheets. you can find discounts of 20%, 40% and more. >> reporter: that's not all. that flat screen tv you wanted last month is marked down 25% at best buy this month and fitness equipment is 40% off at target. >> for anyone who made a new year's resolution to stay healthy, this is a good time to shop. >> it absolutely is. a lot of exercise equipment is on sale. ellipticals and treadmills in particular are on their deepest discounts all year in january. >> reporter: but there are some things you should steer clear of
4:26 pm
this month. humidifiers reach their deepest discounts next month. also, wait until april for the new laptop and digital cameras and mattresses see their lowest markdowns of the year in may. going as low as 50% off. >> a lot of sales still go by the calendar so if you can time your purchases you can get a great deal. deals are wonderful. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, passionate protests on both sides today as bay area hospitals are about to be sold. what's next for patients and employees. would you believe buying a baby? the encounter that has police searching for a possible human trafficker. and trending today, divorce drama. the change of heart one woman is having after getting a near billion dollar check from her estranged husband.
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here are the headlines. police in paris still looking for one terrorist after raids killed three suspects today. the 26-year-old woman seen here in a 2010 training photo and with one of the suspects is wanted in the killing of a police officer yesterday. two suspects in wednesday's
4:30 pm
massacre at a french newspaper were killed during raids today in paris and another gunman and three hostages were killed at a kosher grocery store. governor brown today unveiled a record $113 billion state spending plan today. the plan includes a $120 million boost for the university of california system but officials say it's not enough money. coming up at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez gets reaction to today's budget announcement from bay area uc and csu officials. and a live look now at the golden gate bridge where a historic closure is set to begin tonight. we should point out the bridge is going to be shut down by midnight, but roads could be closed as early as 11:30 for the installation of that new median barrier. the bridge is expected to reopen by 4:00 monday morning. abc 7 news reporter -- traffic reporter leyla gulen is here with a look at what drivers are encountering now as they get ready for the closure. >> indeed. take a look behind me. this is using our mobile 360
4:31 pm
camera view. with that closure looming it looks like folks are trying to make it across just in time before it shuts down. i'm just going to turn this around so you can see what traffic looks like behind us. this is presidio parkway approaching the golden gate bridge. as you come through the tunnel that's where all the traffic is starting. i will swing us around one more time so you can see where we are going. you can see all the cars there that are starting to back up as they make that final approach to the golden gate bridge. of course, 52 hour closure this weekend so make sure you plan ahead. we have wonderful resources on our website, i will have more coming up in a little bit. >> thank you leyla. visit us online at for details on closures and detours and information on public transit options. we also have a link for you to download the traffic app on your smart phone to help you navigate the detours. it's free on apple's app store or from google play. we would love to have you join the abc 7 news group.
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the final hearings took place today over the proposed sale of six catholic hospitals across california and four of them are here in the bay area. >> patients employees and activists on both sides once again showed up in force. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in daly city. >> reporter: well the hospitals are owned by the catholic organization daughters of charity. the state attorney general's office held hearings for each of those six hospitals, two of them in los angeles, because they're the ones who have to approve the company that buys the chain of hospitals to see if it's in the best interest of the communities they serve. today's was in daly city, home to seton medical center. on one side, the california nurses association and other workers who support the sale of the six hospitals to prime health care services which operates 15 hospitals in california. on the other side, the service
4:33 pm
employees union representing other hospital workers opposed to the sale to prime. seton medical center services residents of daly city with its large population of hispanic americans. as a mission hospital it serves patients regardless of their ability to pay. deborah is a long time nurse at seton. >> there will be a huge health care crisis if this sale doesn't go through. >> reporter: prime health care promised to keep all six hospitals open for at least five years, assume pension costs and retire other debts. but according to the president of the daughters of charity, the biggest reason for choosing prime is this. >> having money to close the transaction. having cash that they can pay off or bonds. >> reporter: hospital workers want another company to buy the hospital, a new york-based investment firm. they say prime health care has a history of gutting services and slashing workers' pay and benefits. >> prime makes an awful lot of promises and they have in many many acquisitions that they have made before.
4:34 pm
unfortunately, those promises were not kept. >> reporter: workers from other prime health care hospitals echo that same charge. >> as an employee, prime says they will work with unions but that is not the case. >> reporter: about the only thing both sides agree on is this. >> when hospitals die people die. >> reporter: the proposed sale now goes before the state attorney general for her approval. vic lee, abc 7 news. police in southern california are looking for two men who tried to buy a baby boy. two men approached a young mother in the parking lot of this l.a. county grocery store. the men gave the woman compliments, they told the woman how pretty they thought the child was, and then it got really weird. >> approached her with $100 and said i will give you $100 for your kid right now. that was concerning to her. she got into protective mode pushed the kid in the car and locked the door. >> those two men drove away. police are still looking for
4:35 pm
them. they believe the men are part of a human trafficking syndicate that's doing business in that part of los angeles county. congress has passed a bill authorizing construction of the keystone xl pipeline and by a large margin. the vote was 266-153 with more than two dozen democrats voting yes. it's the tenth time the gop controlled house has sent a bill approving the pipeline to the senate. the $7 billion project would complete the final 1200 miles of pipeline which would carry oil from canada to the gulf coast. the white house has said it would veto the bill. friends and loved ones of stuart scott are paying their final respects to the late espn sports anchor this weekend. a viewing for scott is happening tonight at a baptist church in his hometown of raleigh, north carolina. a private funeral service is scheduled for tomorrow. stuart scott was diagnosed with cancer back in 2007. he had been fighting the disease ever since then. espn anchor who coined the phrase boo-ya during his long stint with our sister network
4:36 pm
gone far too soon at age 49. alarming new numbers out today from the centers for disease control about how widespread the flu has become. 46 states are now reporting widespread outbreaks of the h3n2 strain. so far, 26 children have died from the flu. the cdc believes strains used to make this year's flu vaccine are not a good match to the strains actually spreading throughout the country. therefore, people who received a flu shot are not receiving full protection. meanwhile, a washington state foster mom who refuses to give the baby under her care a flu shot says she might lose the child. a state mandate requires children in foster care to receive the flu vaccine. jamie smith is worried about mercury in the vaccine and its effects on the brain. she has been warned either give the 2 week old a shot or lose him. smith wants the mandate changed. >> being that we can raise enough of a voice that the state will at least give waivers or do something to try to make it so
4:37 pm
the children won't be taken out of their homes. >> state officials say they are investigating the issue but have no plans at this point to change the policy. another blast of cold weather is hitting much of the country this weekend. it's creating some big problems. coming up, the winter wrecks causing big concerns today and when there might be some relief. i'm michael finney. today's 7 on your side q & a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and over on facebook. you can contact me at and on twitter,@mfinney. i will answer your questions live a little later. i'm spencer christian from the east bay hills camera we see little change in the hazy air that's just hovering over the bay. i will have the accuweather forecast coming up. at 4:37, another live look at the afternoon commute. this is highway 101 in san rafael. oncoming traffic is southbound. traffic on the right-hand side is heading back to the golden gate bridge and san francisco.
4:38 pm
of course, we are in a countdown because the bridge will be closing tonight at midnight. stay with us. okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. another day of wild weather across the u.s. causing big problems on the road. roughly 125 cars 125 were involved in a pile-up on interstate 94 in southwestern michigan. one person was killed there. those frigid temperatures plunged well below zero along
4:41 pm
with the strong winds did not exactly help the situation. abc news reporter ted rowlands has more. >> reporter: whiteouts and icy roads causing treacherous driving conditions across the midwest. in parts of iowa and minnesota, visibility for drivers near zero. officials telling people to stay home. meanwhile, the deep freeze that's been ravaging much of the country for days continues. >> i can't take this anymore. >> it's unbearable. it's crazy. >> reporter: water main breaks in indianapolis and washington, d.c. filling the streets with icy slush. some schools reopened friday. buses in central indiana are using a special freeze resistant fuel and had to be warmed up before picking up children. at lambeau field in green bay, shovellers being paid $10 an hour to remove snow for this weekend's packer/cowboy playoff game. record temps reaching all the way down to florida. 19 degrees in pensacola, snow falling in jacksonville and in west palm beach, a funnel cloud
4:42 pm
and this weekend texas bracing for more bad weather, including freezing rain. ted rowlands, abc news, los angeles. >> it looks awful. >> california is pretty nice. >> it is even with our spare the air days. let's get to spencer christian with the accuweather update. >> even with the haze we are not freezing. a look at live doppler 7 hd, we still have the haze, of course. it's not disappearing for awhile. let's take a look how cold it is right now. in the eastern part of the country it's zero in fargo, three in minneapolis and chicago, eight in cleveland. with the wind chill, it feels like minus 15 in fargo minus 16 in chicago, minus 10 in cleveland. 15 is the way it feels in nashville. 31 in new orleans. how often does it feel that cold in new orleans. meanwhile, across the state of california, tomorrow it will be mild. lots of clouds hanging around, partly cloudy skies. we will see highs of 60 in sacramento, 67 in fresno, 66 lmt l.a., 71 in palm springs.
4:43 pm
in the bay area, after an overnight that will produce a few patches of valley fog, we will see hazy conditions once again tomorrow. little bit cooler than today but not a sharp drop in temperatures. highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to low 60s around the bay and inland. once again, it will be our ninth consecutive spare the air day. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 facebook in america. how many people are still using the social network. michael sam may not be playing in the nfl but the former professional athlete still has something to celebrate. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. maybe you do your own taxes but what about doing your own will? is that ever a good idea? the answer coming up in my friday q & a. bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon!
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today uber is slashing prices in 48 cities across the country. the san francisco based company says 48 of its newer cities will receive the price cuts. they include sacramento, fresno santa barbara and sacramento. prices in the bay area will remain the same. uber says the decrease in prices will actually help drivers make more money since lower prices
4:47 pm
will cause higher demand. the company hopes higher demand will also encourage more uber drivers to sign up which will lower wait times for passengers. more than half of the adult population in the u.s. is on facebook which explains why we get nothing done. this according to a new study out boy the pugh research center. 58% of adult americans have an account. when you look only at adults who use the internet, that number increases to 81%. pugh says the amount of time americans spend on the social networking site is growing and they found nearly three quarters of users log on to facebook daily. many of them just to send questions to michael finney. >> that's right. and he is here answering all of them, not just facebook but twitter and e-mail. nancy asks via facebook can i do my own will if i don't have many assets? >> yeah. yeah, you can. you can actually do a pretty good job of it. i think if you have a house or a lot of money or very complex wishes, just go get an attorney because you don't do this very
4:48 pm
often so paying for it once or twice over a lifetime is worth the money. but if you are determined to do it yourself, go online, for instance, to nolo press. they are the local self-help legal service that created this whole field. they are the ones who went to court and fought for you to have this right. there are others out there. you can go online and look for them as well. if you get complex at all, hire an attorney. by the way, a cheap way you can do that, often you can get legal services at work for like $5. sign up for one year go get your will made then cancel. >> that's a good idea. jeffrey asks also via facebook where does the interest go on the money that is held in my fast pass account? >> really that's a great question. we put it to all the fast track people. here's the deal. they say all that money is used to pay the fees to the credit card companies.
4:49 pm
>> right. >> actually, it makes sense because they charge 3% every time you go through or 1% or whatever the deal is so that interest which wouldn't be very much in today's world. makes sense. >> richard p. actually mailed i ordered an hp monitor and was billed $4 for recycling. is there a california law requiring a $4 recycling fee on purchases of computers? >> on the purchase of screens, so a tv screen computer screen, anything with a screen the price goes from $3 to $5 in california depending on the size of the screen, so you did not get ripped off. they are supposed to take that money so when you turn in your old computer, it doesn't end up in the garbage. >> thank you, michael. michael sam has a reason to celebrate. >> apparently a $975 million divorce settlement is enough after all. here's what's trending. >> the ex-wife of frac'ing billionaire harold hamm has apparently had change of heart.
4:50 pm
she rejected her former husband's nearly $1 billion divorce settlement check earlier this week but cnbc news has learned she's changed her mind, depositing the check worth $974 million. you ever wondered what a check made out in that amount looks like, here it is. before she cashed it in. >> a lot of numbers right there. i would like to be able to write that check. not that i want to give it away. michael sam the nfl's first openly gay player is saying i do. sam and long-time boyfriend vito got engaged this week while on vacation in europe. vito is the man that sam kissed when he was drafted by the st. louis rams last year. the two have been posting pictures online during their travels in spain and italy. this one shows the happy couple at the coliseum in rome. sam turns 25 on wednesday, still hoping for a chance to play in the nfl. it was eight years ago today that late apple ceo steve jobs revolutionized the smart phone field forever. he unveiled the first iphone
4:51 pm
during a conference in san francisco. the device combined three products in one. the ipod a mobile phone and internet device. during his keynote to the audience, jobs told them we are going to make some history today. they certainly did. >> changed everything. up next, the bay area macy's store where you will soon see going out of business signs. i'm cheryl jennings in the abc 7 newsroom. new at 5:00 a tale of two cities. how sausalito and san francisco's marina district are preparing for the closure of a lifetime. plus -- >> it's pretty cool. >> speechless. >> amazing. >> four boys meet their idol and make memories that last a lifetime. and the world's largest silver coin coming to the bay area. what it's worth.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
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two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, you can catch last man standing. at 8:30, it's cristela. shark tank oisis on at 9:00 20/20 at 10:00 and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. the world famous harlem globe trotters tip off an exhibition series tonight starting in san jose. >> this year's tour is dubbed the washington generals revenge. which is hilarious because their whole reason for existence is to get beaten like a drum every night in every city by the globe trotters. the trotters are celebrating their 89th consecutive year on the hard court.
4:55 pm
>> check this out. this is actually video we shot earlier in the week when slick willie shaw and bucket blakes shot hoops with disabled youth at a school in oakland. the globe trotters play tonight at s.a.p. center in san jose and saturday at oracle arena in oakland. >> the team will also visit other schools in oakland and san jose while in town. >> what a good time. macy's is actually getting ready to close more than a dozen stores across the country. >> there is one south bay location that's on the list. abc 7 news reporter david louie tells us which store will be shutting down and what's going to be in its place. >> reporter: employees inside macy's at valco shopping mall say the mood is somber with 111 of them losing their jobs. rafael duran has 14 years with macy's. >> we usually have music playing 24/7 but for some reason the music was off this morning so it's very quiet. you could hear a pin drop. just very somber. >> reporter: macy's says it's closing stores as consumers shift buying online.
4:56 pm
but there's another reason this store is closing. the mall itself is heading towards redevelopment as big box stores lose their appeal. >> there's too much competition for this one. i saw it over the years when stores started closing years ago, as you probably know. >> reporter: the whole lower level is closed. >> the whole lower closed. >> reporter: a local developer last year purchased the macy's store along with the other two anchor stores, sears and j.c. penney. a j.c. pennney spokesman says he expects the store to remain open until at least march of next year. new construction is under way with mixed use retail and residential projects. so is the new apple headquarters campus. everyone has an idea what they would like for the 50 acre site. >> this is a great location to have a new store everything. like nordstrom. i would love to have nordstrom here. >> reporter: one thing it won't be is a new bloomingdale's.
4:57 pm
macy's parent company decided to build one in san jose. there already is new development in the blocks surrounding this. if the city of cupertino along with the mall developer can come up with an ideal plan what is currently a white elephant could soon become a gold mine. david louie, abc 7 news. >> i remember ice skating there way back in the day. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. everybody's had to change plans. >> if you want to cross the golden gate bridge in a car this weekend, you can forget about it. racing to beat the midnight deadline won't save you. find out how to prevent your carriage from turning into a pumpkin. plus, the governor releases a record budget and sets up a showdown over higher education. >> we can always agree that for most people, more money is better than less money. and the quest to conquer el
4:58 pm
capitan. will two men finish the world's toughest climb? >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. chance of rain in the forecast. will it show up over the weekend? i will let you know. the access roads to the golden gate bridge are going to start closing down. >> no pulling up and saying oh, but i really have to do this. >> seven hours from now, the golden gate bridge will close for the weekend in its longest shutdown ever. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks so much for joining us. we have live team coverage tonight. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in sausalito. >> first we go to sergio quintana on lombard street where bridge access is going to be restricted. >> reporter: the iconic golden gate bridge will be shut down for the entire weekend. this has been something that has been in the works for several weeks now but it all happens tonight. the plan is for construction
4:59 pm
crews to begin their work to install the new center movable barriers at midnight. but that means all the streets and highways leading up to the golden gate bridge on the marin side of the bay and san francisco side should be shut down by california highway patrol by 11:30. that's so the crews can have at least half an hour to sweep through the area and make sure all drivers are clear of the work zone. signs and ban ierrriers for detours will be staged around 9:30 or 10:00 to make sure they can be put into place promptly. residents say they are ready for the closure. they are just hoping that other people are ready as well. they don't want the presidio to turn into a parking lot for lost drivers who didn't see detour signs. >> it would be easy to miss, i think. if you weren't watching the news every day or didn't have a reason to be paying attention. >> i'm hoping people have seen the signs and are taking a different route today. that's what i'm hoping. >> reporter: this rare golden
5:00 pm
gate bridge closure will continue through monday morning at 4:00 a.m. so the crews can install new median barriers on the golden gate bridge. these are concrete units that will need to be moved by a specialized vehicle that zips over the concrete barriers and shifts them into place. there still will be a few ways to cross the bridge this weekend. pedestrians and bicyclists will still be allowed to cross and golden gate transit buses will still be running as well. reporting live in the presidio, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> the closure is affecting business in sausalito and in san francisco's marina district. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us from sausalito with more. >> reporter: good evening. a long time ago there was an author, charles dickens who wrote "a tale of two cities" who wrote it was the best of fiems it was the worse of times. it's san francisco and sausalito. what do we have in store? best of times, worst of


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