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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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giving the fans a new experience. >> the truth of cell phone battery charges and which give you extra life without hurting your wallet. "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" to deliver the answer. >> good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas with meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen on january 13. >> how is the weather? >> good news it is not "spare the air" day but there are other areas not usually getting for but they are at 101 and 880 it is still dangerous with quarter-mile or less around the south bay and look how it is overtaking the bay bridge toll plaza and we going to have temperatures in the 40's through 7:00 and we will go through the next 12 hours with a lot of sunshine at noon and upper 50's or low 60's and a light offshore breeze in the evening. >> the fog must be exceeding the drivers? >> it is.
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what i was going to say is the pop-up shops sounds >> say yes bridge c.h.p. has issued a fog advisory and walnut creek is clearer drive as we head through pleasant hill to highway 24 we had early citizens but be careful as you drive through the anything fog giving you-ty of space. >> we talk more about that experience. developers are working to turn pop-up and a new fan experience with dining and shopping all near the front gate. nick is at 3rd with that step. you think about it it makes sense because there is not much in this area in mission bay south of the ballpark and that
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is what they are talking about, the giants are considering a plan to convert this space behind me into a pop-up that combines a beer garden and coffee shops and a water park. look at some of the renderings and the map. the idea of a pop-up will allow developers a way to use land considered self -- several years away from permanent development painting a picture of what is envies oned by planners call "the yesterday," it is 18,000 square feet is a way to a separate part of rot while they are with open proposals for a bigger roth with housing units and 1.7 million feet of commercial space. the property will be represented to the san francisco port commission later today and the hope is to on the yard in march in time for the pre-season gale against the a's ahead of home opener against the rockies. you should have noticed brown
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head and glasses and that is me hold up a cup of coffee say i like the idea. 6:03. today, state attorney general pamela paris will announce she is running if the united states senate. show is the first candidate to enter the 2016 race for the seat held by barbara boxer not running for a 5th term. she was the d.a. before being elected to attorney general. some believe this will energize women and minority voters. >> rather than the horrible vote are item out we had of 36 percent in 2014, she would get people out to vote. >> she was an early parter of presbyterian when -- of presbyterian when -- of president obama when he entered the race in 2007. >> she is the first that lat lieutenant governor gavin newsom
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said he would not run. he is humbled by the encouragement but "i know my head and my heart and my young family's future and our unfinished work are in the state of california not washington dc." it is believed he plans to run for governor in 2018. this martinez, supervisors are expected to rescind the 33 percent pay raise they gave themselves last year. that move made a lost taxpayers very angry and employees submitted 40,000 signatures to rescind the raise and many say it was not a raise but a salary adjustment to bring the pay more in line with other county supervisors. amy hollyfield will have a report at the bottom of the hour. officers san jose police western the owner of a san jose bar about the potential for violence before appearance by chris brown where five people were shot and oned. according to our media partner,
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officers recommended increased security for the saturday night show at the fiesta nightclub. the owner appeared to heed the call for bouncers. witnesses say that security particularly patdowns for weapons, was not consistent. >> this is an investigation of the death a 16-year-old foster teen whose body was found in his bed last in. officials say the teen was healthy but taking psychotic medication. according to our media partner, social services is looking why he did not receive medical care after show signs of being impaired. he died december 19th. occupy and toxicology results are spending. we have new details in the paris terror attacks, a trench national arrested while trying to ship into turkey has been linked to the massacre of 12 people at the "charlie hebdo" office and 29-year-old was
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arrested in bulgaria and will be sent back to france. he had two warrants including oneally he was part of a terrorist group and was if contact with one of the two brothers accused. the cover of the latest "charlie hebdo" will depict prophet mohammed holding a sign below "all is forgive were," after the attack the gunman were heard shouting they had avenged the prophet and the magazine is expected to hit news stands tonight. >> jury election is this morning in the trial of a san francisco man facing drug and murder for fire charges. he is accused of running a black market website called silk road and the prosecutors in new york say the site had 900,000 users that made more than a billion dollars in illegal sales using the bitcoin. the f.b.i. arrested him in a san francisco public library branch
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in 2013 and the prosecution accuse him of trying to hire people to kill those who pose threats to his business. >> a hayward man face as citation and will taught drive his kerry red mustang after taking part if a side show that shut down interstate 880. this is youtube video of the sideshow. c.h.p. received report of car doing doughnuts shutting the freeway for 10 minutes. c.h.p. says said some they were shooting a rap video with no arrests and the driver of red mustang was cited for reckless driving and impounding the car for 30 days. >> the supreme court is not involved in the water wars. they have rejected an appeal to california a plan by fish and wildlife to protect the 3"ify long delta smelt that restricts the use of massive pumps to use
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water from american california to southern part of the state to farms which is taking away jobs. 9 supreme court decision gives the fish and wildlife service more say in protecting endangered species despite humor economic costs. >> great potential news for flu sufferers a universal flu vaccine that presents you from your hive against all viruses is get closer to becoming reality. that is the word from scientists in new york. a one shot vaccine would solve a problem this fall which was not well matched if the virus in circulation only 33 percent effective. the new vaccine begins children california trials later this year. fbi is looking for the bay area to help protect from cyber attacks recruiting technical specialists. the fbi admits they are publicizing locally pus of the
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talent pool. this is the place to find people like that. tech talent. >> now mike has the forecast. we are using live doppler hd. you can see where the thick of the fog in oakland at eighth of a mile and san jose is quarter-mile with no flight arrival delays and no fog at sfo. palo alto is 41. foster city is 43 and san mateo is 45 and san bruno is 48 and san carlos is 45. check out oakland, hayward and treatment all 45 and low-to-mid 40's through the north bay with mill valley at 43 and the cool spot is san ramon at 37 degrees. check out the lack of fog in san rafael looking southbound along 101 and that is the backdrop to talk about a lot of sunshine and clear air is not a "spare the
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air" and a light breeze will develop this afternoon pushing us to the upper 50's to low 60s at the coast and low-to-mid 60's around the bay and sfo is looking clear with san bruno money table in the back ground and fog tomorrow and high clouds and sunshine and low-to-mid 60's for friday. leyla gulen? >> the fog in the east bay is not up to richmond san rafael toll plaza and the traffic is light. as we take you to the altamont pass this is where we have an accident blocking one lane westbound a 80 at livermore avenue with a lane blocked you can see it is causing the heavy backups and it is going to be slow and go from tracy to livermore. it oftens up into dublin but taking on to the commute at 53 minutes from stress address. antioch to concord is 26 minutes and still clear and fogless at 101 into the city.
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>> thank you, leyla gulen. >> from the bay area to nationwide online start-up hits it big. the experience it offers that has people paying big for convenience. >> caught red handed the iphone thief foiled his it scrape. >> we have more weather and traffic all morning. this camera from our east bay hills looking at the san francisco and oa
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning it is 6:14 on this tuesday. a look at the san mateo bridge. tail lights headed westbound and it is foggy on the bridge and meteorologist mike nicco says the fog is lower around the bay so maybe not what you spent normally. he will talk about that and leyla gulen will check on the commute coming up. new york city's police department is shutting down talk of a deliberate slow down. they have the numbers.
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the mayor on friday put pressure on the officers to make more arrests and write more tickets after numbers on both couples plummeted after the officer ambush that took the lives of two patrol men and now "new york times" reports that arrests in america city jumped significantly since the mayor issued the call. numbers she police made 4700 arrests in the last seven days double the 2400 from the week week's. sources is said if the numbers did not go up the mayor was threatening legal action. >> families of two children killed in the sandy massacre are suing the school board alleging security measures at the school were inadequate. it claims doors could only be locked from the outside with a key has been teachers vulnerable to intruders. during the it will telephone massacre lanza shot his way
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into the school and killed 20 first grader and teachers before killing himself. >> a hong kong man is being questioned after trying to get on a plane with quite the carry on. he had 94 iphones strapped to his body. it tripped off the alarm on the managemental detector and customer officials were she because he appeared to be traveling light. >> bootleg? or real? bizarre. >> van start-up is making strides in personal shopping pice and the app is rolling in cash according to new numbers out and theup has raised $275 million allowing customers to order groceries over the point and have them delivered to their home. it has expanded in seattle and washington dc, and chicago and
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atlanta. now the forecast. the big disagreement for us is the chance of rain declining. >> i thought we were going to set a record 12 "spare the air" days if a row but we are not. the reason is diminishing and the storm track is staying not. year, we noticed it is really getting dry and this time of the year the sun angle is a breeze and it acts like a hair dryer. all the vegetation is drinking the water in the ground and that is what makes it dry. >> an eighth of a mile visibility around foothill boulevard and santa clara and san leandro and mcarthur boulevard is socked in with fog and same thing around the airport and san jose where we have machine restreet and and 880 where they come
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together, very foggy this morning. the breezes are still light if nonexistent and still, ming to the north and that is why the fog crept up the senior line and -- the sure line and covers the east span of the bay bridge and we will keep an eye on the richmond san rafael bridge. total sunshine today. mild highs. fog will return to the usual area, in the north bay and the weekend storm, the traffic is moving north. i feared yesterday it would come to reality the last couple of models pushing the rain up. low-to-mid 60's and highs today are 61 at half moon bay if antioch to 64 in oakland and fremont and palo alto and morgan hill and text you can see the tule fog developing with the light offshore breeze we will give them inland and fog will form in the north bay and it will not be strong from the north like least night in the
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mid-to-upper fete 30's inland and the area of high pressure is directing everything up to the north and with that, we will still have nice air quality through saturday. friday saturday sunday monday it is gone. the seven-day forecast shows if you like sunshine and warmer than average weather i have that, local 60's through sunday and holiday monday upper 50's to low 60. have a great day. speaking of fog we have the fog advisory and c.h.p. for the san mateo bridge if you are traveling from hayward to foster city slow down the speed but we can see more of the bridge now and it looks like the fog is blow out of the area and we never could see the signs in the distance or the tail lights pushing into westbound direction. we are seeing an improvement. now a look at san francisco into
6:20 am
and out of city, 101 checking in at top speds at 68 miles per hour and 280 from daly city we are look at a little bit of a slow down that eases up and around 101 you are applying the brakes again as you head to king street not going to be a problem. 680, 101 highway 17 at top speeds and through the santa cruz mountains, foggy conditions. 6:20 friends with sweet tooth, teethes listen to this people are mad at a company for changing an easter treat that only affected cause informs on the other side of the pop, britain. cadbury owner is not using dairy milk but something "similar." the company also is criticized
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>> while you are on the go getting the skit -- kids to school the last thing you have time for is a battery on the last leg. >> which cell phone battery is the best buy? "consumer reports" has partnered with "seven on your side" with the details. michael? >> good morning, some cell phone battery last a lot long are than others but an-term charming device is a must for some. "consumer reports" checked out several that will live no device uncharged. >>ing in says misery like being out and about away from the
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power source and the phone is dead. a lost companies are tapping into that fear produce products for portable power. a purse that comes with its own challenger. they are cute. but are they necessary? this is $175 has a battery but it could not zip because the cord sticks out. there is a removable charger for another bag that led and you consumer shot part editor to ask, not just bay a little portable championer you can put if a bag you already own? >> there are tons of portable championers on market the how do you pick? >> look for mah and the average smartphone battery holds 2200 to 3000. this device for $20 has more than enough to fully charge the phone working with apple and
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droid. if you need to power several damage its there is a tilt energy backpack for $200. the battery holes 10,000 mah with three ports. the cables are kept protected including your laptop. >> another option to stay power up, buy a charging case. "consumer reports" tests show they can nearly double a phone's battery life. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> including the push for police in hayes valley as the community reacts with tears and anger over the shooting deaths of several young men. >> a vote is scheduled in condition con county today and supervisors will decide whether to give themselves a pay cut.
6:27 am
we will tell you why. >> the fog is moving headed into the north bay valley where petaluma has 2.5 miles visibility with more fog and how many more days without "spare the air" and the lack of rain in the seven-day outlook. i am leyla gulen in the traffic center the here is the fog moving over the golden gate bridge as mike said so reduced visibility as you head through the north bay and be careful driving into the city we have had a few accidents pause because of the latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store.
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news. >> good tuesday or. we will look at san francisco international airport. there is fog this morning. we will see how it is impacting the flights. thank you for joining us to start your day. i am kristen sze. >> i thing that was a triple 7. >> you would know. >> alongside leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> you looked at plane. i was looking at the mountain to see to there was fog and there are no delays at the airports although the thickest fog is over oakland and over san jose international airport so fog has nod -- fault made it to san rafael. the fog is thickest at 101 and 880. the next 12 hours 38 to 52 my yes climates and in the upper 50's by noon, lowe 60's with sunshine this afternoon and low-to-mid 50's during the evening hours and it is not a "spare the air" day.
6:31 am
breeze easy. >> that is good news. >> good news on the roads? >> a little. it is improving. i looked for the shuttle traffic at the airport but i could not find it. i did at the bay bridge toll plaza with the fog moving down on the bay bridge toll plaza and slow track from the east bay. you cannot see the traffic beyond the transition from grand avenue to the tolls so use the low beams and drive carefully. check out the green we have clear conditions but for the altamont pass with the sunol grade and 880 leaving hayward but 880 headed through hayward in the morning is the worst morning traffic areas of the bay area. why thing i want that badge of honor. today, contra costa supervisors will rollback salary increase they approved for themselves. this is after angry taxpayers
6:32 am
and unions took action. amy hollyfield is at the county administration building in more -- martinez. >> can you imagine going to work to give yourself a pay cut? throughs are very upset and signed a petition to say so. the supervisors are spending. the residents are upset they give themself as 33 percent pay raise vote on it in ok. -- in october. there are 40,000 signatures demanding to take back the vote. the unions are angry because they got 4 percent raise aafternooned for some their workers. the supervisors say the salary would be permanently tied to the have court judges and that salary is set by the state. their pay would be 70 percent of what the judges make. they say this is a common practice around the state. this raise would maybe them the 4th highest paid board in the
6:33 am
-- eight-county bay area the one supervisor voted against it and a yawn leader causes it offensive and many chanted "shale open you." and they get the petition going an and now this is become on the agenda. they are vote today on whether to give themselves a pay cut. that vote is set if this morning. thank you. this morning, a doctor is facing child porn charges, dr. michael russell was arrested january 7 at his home where the internet crime against children task force says they found 600 images and votes of child porn on his computer. he specializes in internal medicine but a receptionist said he abankruptly retired last weak. investigators tracked his excess
6:34 am
ive down loading activity to his home address where he lives with his wife. >> i woke up in the morning and there were a lot of cop on the street can is not normal. silt a nice area. >> the district attorney says there is in evidence he committed crimes against his parents or minors. he posted $150,000 bail. he is facing a maximum five years in prison. as san francisco police continue to look for suspects 100 people marched through the streets looking pore justice in hayes valley in the killings of four men in their early 20's gunned down on friday while parked in a stolen car when shot at close range. three had gang ties and guns were found inside the car. you said only reason we unite is because of death. i want to break down, it is my
6:35 am
only brother. >> i am sorry this...if someone know whose did it please come forward. >> police are stepping up if patrols. >> in france, the tomb at "charlie hebdo" is pushing forward with the latest magazine hitting stands at 7:00 tonight and unprecedented three million copies are writtenned in 16 languages of the cover will feature cartoon of prophet mohammed shedding a tear and holding a sign "all is for guy were." >> 16 died at the hands of the gunmen last week. >> funerals were held in israel if four jewish victims who died friday at the have market in paris. the israeli prime minister prime minister binyamin netanyahu gathered in jerusalem with
6:36 am
recent imgrandparents from france. in all 17 were killed in the attacks carried out over three days by militants claiming allegiance to al-qaeda and the islamic taste extremist groups. >> in wake of the paris attacks authorities have new warnings, passengers at airports can expect more screening and more random sevens of carry ons. more federal government buildings and monuments will have stepped up security with no specific plot identified. isis has reposted a veto open twitter with a message to the follower to strike police officers and soldiers. >> the kaiser permanente day two walk out across california with 3,300 psychologists and social workers began the strike. they say staffing is not keeping up with patient growth leading to delayed treatment and
6:37 am
recovery. kaiser permanente denies short average saying they have raise the number of therapists by 25 percent in the last three years. >> united is making changes and impacting a bay area airport and where the fight is on to save jobs. >> check the football team far beyond the field after the championship last night. >> remember the early pictures of bay bridge toll plaza and the light remark? that is gone. fog is pillsbury crescents--awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits.
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pillsbury crescents--awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. >> and now san rafael during the average january, 54 and 41 and up to 57 and 42 and 22 and 82 an
6:40 am
extreme and nearly 7 inches of rain in average january and even 124 inches. fog advisory in sacramento until 10:00. be careful if you travel that way. temperatures in low-to-mid 60's and upper 60's in san diego and los angeles and 73 in palm springs and 45 in lake tahoe and a chance of rain on sunday and snow showers on monday. that is it. leyla gulen? moist on the golden gate bridge from marin toward san francisco. fog is blowing across making it difficult to see. as we take a look at what is happening on highway 4 it does not appear fog is affecting the commute but an accident at the skyway with slowing and the rest of drive is clear until i-80 and then we hit the brakes. i-80 from albany to the maze will take 12 minutes with heavy
6:41 am
traffic building at the maze. 880 through fremont and 280 headed interest san jose and cupertino looking clear. >> two bay area cities hit it big. >> san jose and san francisco are the envy of people from coast to coast. that is ahead. >> united hey outsource jobs at some airports and san jose is on the list. that story is. coming up. first, stay in the know with abc7 news with traffic and weather during the entire commercial break. we are looking at a busy san mateo olivia.
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6:44 am
experience. we are at the ballpark with the story. nick? good morning, the idea curing to the "san francisco chronicle" is for giants to make use of the land behind me, behind the ballpark to add not only a beer garden but coffee shops and reail and a water park. look at the maps that we have. why a pop-up? it allows the developers a way to use land several years away from permanent development. this show as picture of what isen vis oned called "the yard," it is 18,000 square feet pitched as a way to activate a position of the property while teams work on approval for bigger projects including more than 650 housing units and 1.7 million feet commercial space. the property will be presented to san francisco port commission today. the hope is to have the yesterday open in march in time for the preson game against the
6:45 am
a's and head of the april 13 home opener against colorado rockies. we will follow this story all day. my colleagues will have a full report at 5:00. thank you. ohio state rules college football. >> thank you. it would be hard to articulate that. >> me, too but your son went to oregon. >> oregon graduate. in the first ever college championship game the buckeyes beat the ducks and heisman trophy winner with ducks in answer for buckeye running back elliot. he is big and fast. he scored four touchdowns and helped the team to a beat down over ducks. students did what students do when the tomb weapons a championship: they partied. dozens are fires were set and police tried to calm it down. when the students with not leave, out came the people more
6:46 am
spray. in reports of injuries but students went home with watery eyes. college football rakes in money hand over fist but the new playoff system will make it more profitable than ever. according to cnn, the 64 schools that compete in the game brought in $2.8 billion. billion. the university of michigan home to 49 head coach harbaugh was one of most profitable major conference schools grossing $65 million second only to the university of texas. the majority of that money is made from broadcast rights and ticket sales. they have the biggest stadium in check football. that is a lot of money. >> markets try to recover after a day of losses. >> united is looking to outsource jobs and san jose is on the list. now to the nasdaq with the money report. >> i am just getting use to saying your name again.
6:47 am
>> i love hearing that. goodgood morning monster rally on wall street so far with the dow up 268 points. it is technical stocks leading the way. they have had a tough year with google down and apple down and tesla but so far, today, all of them recovering. san jose and san francisco are on list of the most improved cities in the united states with san francisco topping the list the study looked at job growth, technical jobs and housing recovery. uber has smashed prices in 48 cities but not locally. the price cut is temporary and seasonal. uber is doing it bet the winter slump and benefit drivers and is 20 percent cut. >> unite will outsource 2,000 jobs and san jose is open list including checked this workers and baggage handlers and customer service. the union is meeting with management to try to save some
6:48 am
or all of the jobs. twitter activity can predict a tv show's success. it is a reason why twitter has spent money trying to convince the tv industry to be better friends that could impact advertising on where the agencies should steer the money. thank you so much. san francisco's coit tower off limits to sifter because of a commercial shoot outing a drone. the closing includes the park around the tower. the group shot the images of drone. san francisco said an ad agency is paying $11,000 to use the landmark with the closing needed because f.a.a. rules require the public to be kept 200' away from commercial drones. a santa rosa man and the winding participate are together on el capitan and today they head to the final stretch of
6:49 am
climb. the north bay's own kevin jorgeson and climbing partner tommy caldwell have a thousand feet to go. jorgeson struggled to scale the most difficult parts of the ascent. they could reach the top tomorrow and would be the first ever to complete the free chime without -- climb anything but safety ropes. >> they have been up there with in storms. >> they have been lucky. we have had a pattern develop during this timeframe and we were supposed to be active this john but it has not termized. that is can i do not put a lot of stuck in the one and three month forecasts. >> that is the climate prediction center. they are supposed to be the experts.
6:50 am
eighth of a mile in oakland. that includes the eastern span of the bay bridge toll plaza which is foggy. it down away san jose and you can see a lot of fog at san jose international airport and fog is spread into the north bay and across the golden gate bridge so behalf out for variable conditions southbound along 101. you can see the fog off in the distance as we look from 280 and 17 and 101 and 880 has a lot fog with a light breeze is across the bridge and spilling interest downtown san francisco. it is a very thin layer and thinner than yesterday so it will fade away an hour quicker and lead us to sunshine this afternoon and mild temperatures. fog will return into the more usual areas tonight inland east bay in the north bay and it will be followed by sunny days and before average temperatures and as we fathered --
6:51 am
yesterday, it look like we may see no rain. light eastern wind turning interest let 60. midst upper 30's tonight in the north bay and palo alto and morgan hill and low-to-mid 40's for most of the bay shore and san francisco is the warm spot at 48 degrees. the area of high pressure so strong and look how big the storms are thousands of miles wide and pushed to the north pus of high pressure is we will jump ahead to friday and you can see this turn away watch where the rain stays near eureka and bedford and that was the best chance of rain. the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60's with varying cloud conditions and we have
6:52 am
high clouds thursday interest friday and partly sunny saturday and sunday and the holiday monday we are in the upper 50's to low 60. have a great day. we have a lot to get to at the macarthur maze traffic is heavy toward the maze. no doubt because of the fog. we have fog at the bay bridge toll plaza and cross from the east bay to san francisco it will take you 24 minutes and taking on minutes to the commute. beyond the 280 extension in the southbound direction we have a new crash involving three vehicles blocking one lane so the drove interest into is tough. southbound 101 we have one or two lanes blocked by four vehicles a solo spinout check out those delays headed out of cupertino and behind it, another multiple vehicle crash. >> we are back with seven things
6:53 am
to know before you go. >> first looking at the golden gate bridge with the measure movable concrete barrier installed over the weekend and traffic is moving fine. you will not miss a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
6:54 am
whether you are just joiningous or headed out the door here are seven things to know. the responding to a public outcry over a 33 percent raise they gave themselves,
6:55 am
supervisors are expected to rescind the hike. supervisors say the raise was just a salary adjustment to make their pay more equal with supervisors in other counties. >> california attorney scene pamela harris will announce today she intends to run for the senate seat of barbara boxer after lt. governor said he would not run in 2016 for the seat. candidates include former los angeles mayor and billionaire activist tom styer. a french national arrested trying to slip into turkey has been letted to the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" office and arrested in bulgaria on new year's and will be sent back to france. >> the recorder from the airasia that crashed into the java sea has been recovered. investigators hope the black box which records conversations will tell them why the plane went down three days after christmas
6:56 am
with 162 people on board. >> five, a study suggests many of us may not need an aspirin a day to keep the doctors away. millions take the as written to -- the aspirin to ward off heart attacks and stroke. >> upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and mid-60 if the rest of us. it is not a "spare the air" day. >> murky dry on the san mateo bridge but you are met with an accident involving four vehicles southbound side. >> thank you very much. we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america."
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make dinner pop. america this morning. folks. good morning, america. >> and the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions. >> the biggest game in college football history. a big upset by the buckeyes. the third string quarterback leading ohio state to the first ever playoff national championship. >> to the end zone. >> rounding the ducks high-flying offense electrifying the fans. with a stunning win. we're live in texas this morning with all the reaction. >> make a hole. make a hole! subway nightmare. a crowded train in washington fills with heavy smoke during rush hour. one dead. more than 80 sent to the hospital after hundreds of passengers are trapped underground for more than an hour. the dramatic cell phone video and qu


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