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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good afternoon everybody. i'm larry veal. >> we begin with developing news this afternoon on same-sex marriage. the supreme court today said it will decide whether same-sex couples have a right to marry under the u.s. constitution. in april the court will review an appellate ruling that upheld bans in four states. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera who has been 0 on the frontline of the fight says it's about time. >> think of the tremendous progress in ten years. when i stood here back in 2004 and there were people that were very much against what we were doing, that case and actions here were pivotal. and really starting the
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political debate. >> a decision is expected by late june. same sex marriage is currently banned in 14 states. coming up onuóç abc7 "news at 5":00, the possible implications from today's announcement and we will hear from one of the couples that appeared in front of the supreme court in 2013. >> we have exclusive new information nowen ot murders of four men a week ago in san francisco's western addition neighborhood. >> news reporter vic lee joins us live in the newsroom with a major break police have made in the case. >> san francisco police now have the car they believe was used in the shootings. multiple sources tell abc7 news it was a rental car. still no arrests. but perhaps this leads them closer. >> the car was rented from the hertz office here on main street in walnut creek last week before the friday night massacre. the four victims three of them identified members of the mcblock gang were shot at close range in their parked stolen car on laguna and page streets.
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police say their executioners likely used four guns. they took off police arrived. the suspect's car was returned to hertz early this week. san francisco police later took possession of it. they asked hertz to call them if the person who rented the car came back. on wednesday morning, a possible sighting of some of the suspects resulted in a search of a neighborhood in walnut creek. two men and al4 an employee notified san francisco police that he thought one of them was a person they were looking for. at the request of san francisco, walnut creek police using canines responded. while homicide inspectors from the city were on their way. one man fled on foot as the police arrived. two nearby schools were locked down. police found him hiding in a garbage binn. our sources tell us the man was carrying a bag as he fled but he apparently ditched it.
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san francisco investigators looked unsuccessfully for the bag which they believe could contain a gun or other evidence from the shootings. walnut creek police later released the two men and the female companion. now, the official reason for their release was that it was a case of mistaken identity but sources say there may be more to it. we've learned investigators have developed names of people 9v they believe there were four gunmen and that they were most likely members of a rival group, the page street gang and they're now trying to build cases against them because they need probable cause to make rests. san francisco police declined comment on developments. vic lee is abc7 news. >> when you become the story you lose your message. and i think they have lost their message. the major one this is all leading up to the march on this upcoming monday. >> protests frustration, and
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arrests. the b.a.r.t. commute gets disrupted as activists vow to do this again. >> demonstrators showed up in huge numbers to protest police brutality in san francisco and for a while shut down three b.a.r.t. stations. >> they are back open now. activists say they will return. abc7 news reporter amy holyfield has more. >> protesters took their message to the b.a.r.t. system this morning, creating a chlo and noisy commute. the noise came from the banging of spoons on trains and metal pillars. it was so loud you couldn't hear the person next to you talking. >> it was a way for us to use noise and disruption to draw attention to the action. >> the other way they drew attention was by blocking doors and stalling the trains. police kept pulling people out of the doors so the train could move. they arrested one woman for standing in the door and a man for banging his spoon on the windows ss of the b.a.r.t. train. >> the glass shatters in their
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face or the status of somebody sitting in it the train, somebody's going to get hurt. we don't allow things like that. >> reporter: this action was spread between montgomery and embarcadero stations. b.a.r.t. at various times ordered trains to not stop at those stations. organizers considered this a success. >> by closing the station we were able to disrupt business as usual and highlight the police murder is not doable. >> they were also protesting the arrest of 14 people who chained themselves together at a previous b.a.r.t. protest and want the charges dropped against them. this morning's group won over some commuters and lost others. this wheelchair bound woman was very frustrated not being able to get off at montgomery. >> i have no other way to get around. they can't shut down the b.a.r.t. the. >> she missed her doctor's appointment because of the closures and decided to come back and support the protesters. but this man was frustrated with the group. >> i guess sometimes you got to speak your mind and do what you
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got to do but this right here, noisy, hectic i just want to get to work but i'm late because they stopped the train. >> b.a.r.t. officials say they had to balance freedom of speech with public safety and they say there were no reports of any injuries and service was restored to normal at about 9:30. amy holyfield abc7 news. >> another group staged a demonstration in oakland outside the federal building. more than a dozen people blocked the front entrance to the building. organizers say it was part of four days of nonviolent demonstrations to reclaim the legacy of martin luther king jr. people should be prepared to see spontaneous demonstrations anytime. >> we've been asked to be treated like human beings. we've prayed, we've sung. if you don't like us now we're demanding)hfan end to being treated like animals. that's your issues not ours. >> dozens of others joined the demonstration, many dressed in black carrying signs using
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the #third world for black power and mlk shut it down. >> police in belgium have dismantled a terror plot in which they were the targets. a group with ties to isis was possibly only hours from executing their attack before authorities caught them. two suspects extremists died and police arrested at least 13 others. authorities will not confirm any link between the raids and last week's terrorist attacks in paris. officials worry there may be as many as 20 sleeper cells across europe right now ready to act. u.s. officials say they will do whatever they can to help prevent another attack in europe. >> turning to the forecast now the weekend starts with a spare the air alert issued for tomorrow and the rainbow. >> i just noticed. >> the right behind us which means some rain is in the area. we're seeing some sprinkles in san francisco. spencer christian is -- i knew the umbrella was nearby. i wasn't sure whether it was going to be up. >> we have had very light sprinkles here. that's a translation of the
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latin sprinkleus min mus. here's live doppler 7 hd. partly cloudy skies still across most of the area. a cloudier picture up in the north bay war we've had measurable rain. santa row ta.07 inch of rain. mountain st. helena almost .3 inch. here's a live view of the rainbow over the bay from our south beach camera looking along the bay bridge. we will have poor air adequate as you pointed out. that extends again tomorrow. tomorrow will be our third squet consecutive spare the air day. poorest air quality expected in the north bay, along the coast and central bay. notice improvement on sunday and monday and tuesday when some regions will have good air quality. as we look live at the golden gate bridge not -- golden gate bridge, i thought i saw golden gate for a second.
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i'm sorry. i thought i say bay bridge. we do have some motorists with their wipers on on the golden gate bridge right now. it's probably sprinkling there, as well. 57 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 61 san jose 59 at half moon bay. check out this view or nonview from the exploratorium camera. it's 55 right now in santa rosa and petaluma. napa 52. 61 in livermore. i'll give you a look at the forecast beyond the weekend coming up in a few minutes. larry and alma? >> thank you, spencer. sports news the raiders their new head coach, jack del rio grew up as a raiders fan and takes over for the silver and black. del rio played 11 seasons in the nfl at linebacker head coach in jacksonville for nine seasons. as a player and coach, del rio was all about toughness and plans to bring that approach to oakland. >> we want to be tough. i'm talking about physically and
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most importantly mentally it doesn't matter how the perception reads outside of our building. it's our locker room. it's up to us. i want to empower the players in the locker room to be accountable to step forward to take the team to take the torch and to build this thing great again. >> the raiders have had eight coaches since 2003. they're coming off another disastrous year 3-13 season. dennis allen was fired tony sparano finished as the interim coach. delry said they have a lot of work to do-to-update the raiders. unlike what we saw yesterday with the 49ers jack del rio was in total command of the part. raider fans are jacked are up about del rio. the raiders won the news conference today. now is the challenging part. they've got to do it on the field. >> that's right. like you said yesterday that's what counts doing it on the field. >> it's fine when the cameras are on but players win games.
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they've got to get better players. >> still ahead here on abc7 news at 4:00, back on +rpatrol the east bay fire station once again serving neighbors and the money making it all possible. >> we'll have an update on muhammad ali on the eve of his birthday after another hospitalization. >> and new at 4:30 rush hour headaches. commuters aren't the only ones sitting in bay area traffic. the public safety problem now facing first responders. >> also michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them live in a few minutes. you can contact michael finney abc7 and twitter @m finney. >> taking a live look at traffic on your friday at 4:11 i 80 through berkeley is eastbound on the right-hand side. it doesn't matter much because either direction it's not really moving.
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opened today for the first time in 2 1/2 years. station 11 on center street in clayton closed in 2012 because of budget cuts. officials say a $9.6 million federal grant helped the district add firefighters to its staff. it's now going to be staffed 24/7 with three firefighters an one engine. >> we're ecstatic to be able to reopen a fire station and provide services to the community. the folks in this area will have the added benefit of having a two or three-minute response as
4:15 pm
opposed to nine or ten. >> a small reopening ceremony will take place tomorrow morning. a public commemoration ceremony is set for january 31st. >> abc7 news reporter laury anthony has more. the station wasn't open during the mount diablo fire in 2013. could it have made a difference? >> reporter: according to the firefighters here that would have made possibly a big difference as you recall the fire started on the east side this side of the mountain in the marsh creek area. this would have been the closest station. the first engine company in. as it was, it was not staffed. the feeling is had they had another engine company there sooner, a local new jersey company along with cdf which did get there fairly quickly they might have been able to contain the fire sooner. it's hard to say at this point. >> obviously everybody's going to be happy it's open now. but the reopening was funded with a federal grant.
4:16 pm
so is everybody certain that this money will continue to be there to keep the station open for years to come given we are talking about federal funds? >> well, right larry. the federal grant will run out in the about two years. $9.6 million. that's plenty of money to keep the station open for that period of time. as you know, the economy in the bay area is recovering. and especially property tax r, es aresx going back up. that's a big chunk of the money that goes to the firefighter fighting everts. they're confidence they will be able to keep the station open for years to come. back to you guys having. >> thank you so much. muhammad ali is out of the hospital again this afternoon. the boxing legend left an undisclosed hospitals after a one-day stay to receive follow-up care for a severe urinary tract
4:17 pm
ali he also suffers from parkinson's disease. he turns 73 years old tomorrow. >> could your job be adding to your waistline? >> and a study that says social media usage actually leads to less stress. jane king has today's health and wellness report. >> reporter: are your pants getting a little tighter? it could be your job. a new survey found 41% of people say they have gained weight on their current job. the freebie table is one reason on the job stress is another. also the overnightshift workers tended to burn fewer cal irys than those who work atip calf shifts. limit the time you consume food to just 12 hours a day. it's called time restricted eating. researchers say even though calorie intake was the same the mice who researchers limited the eating to a 12-hour period were sleeker and healthier than those who ate at any time of the day. technology has changed our lives but has it made it more
4:18 pm
stressful? pugh found frequent social media and internet users do not have higher stress levels than those who use it less often. for women photo sharing aps created less stress. i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> well, the rainbow's gone unfortunately. >> that's too bad. that's relieveing our stress. >> spencer christian with a look at our weekend accuweather forecast and i guess the operative word for the day is gray. because it's gray everywhere. >> by the moment getting grayer. just a few minutes ago, it was sunnier where i ameng: on the roof. here's live doppler 7 hd. the clouds are getting lower and a little bit more widespread. although there are some sunnier spots than where i am right now across the bay area, mainly down to the south bay. let's look at flight delays. oakland and san jose reporting no delays at the moment. sfo 73-minute delays because of
4:19 pm
low cloud ceilings and reduced visibility. drizzle around the area and haze. here's a live view. this is not our sfo cam. we're looking at traffic flowing not so well. forecast features are these drizzle this evening. spare the air tomorrow, third consecutive day and chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. here's what's happening in the atmosphere. you see the weak cold front that passed through earlier today. and still is producing some sprinkles around the bay area. first measurable be rainfall in the north bay. high pressure he building behind the weak front. another front brings us another slight chance of rain on sunday. skip ahead to sunday morning. here's our forecast animation. notice that during the day, we'll see areas of light rain and spotty showers. mainly in the north bay. once again very similar to today's pattern. by the end of the day, sunday we'll see the end of light rain, as well. looking long range ahead to monday, january 26th it looks like a dry pattern with the
4:20 pm
exception of the little rain we may get on sunday. in fact, we may make it to the end of the month after sunday's light rain with no more rainfall raef, which would be a shame. but that is how the pattern is shaping up. overnight, look for drizzle along the north coast and in some inland locations in the north bay. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s overnight. tomorrow, we'll see a bit of sunshine. hazy sunshine. lots of clouds, as well. high temperatures will range from low to mid 60s on the coast to low to mid 60s around the bay, as well. many inland locations will see highs only in the upper 50s to low 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again tomorrow's another spare the air day. no wood burning allowed. a little bit milder on sunday than tomorrow. but just as cloudy. cloudier perhaps with a slight chance of rain in the north bay. monday martin luther king jr. day, a mix of clouds and sun. dry and mild on monday and
4:21 pm
continues through the week. high temperatures by the end of the week in the mid 60s inland and along the bay. low to mid 60s on the coast. lovely weather ahead but still a dry pattern. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. breaking news right now out of fremont. sky 7 hd live over the scene of an officer-involved shooting at alvarado boulevard and lake arrowhead avenue. >> police tell us it happened at 2:15 this afternoon but aren't saying much more at this point. as we look from sky 7 hd, you can see the police officers on scene, plenty of that crime scene tape. we will bring you more information as we get it and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> up next new details on that diversity debate surrounding the oscars. the special screening for the movie selma" after getting snubbed by the academy. >> new after 4:30, the cost to mail a letter could be going up again. the new post office proposal just released
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>> tonight the civil rights drama and oscar best picture no knee "selma" will be screened at the white house by president obama. many of the film's stars have been invited to attend. also on the guest list, congressman june lewis who marched in selma 350 years ago. on sunday, the stars will return to selma for events to be honor dr. martin luther king junior. >> the screening of "selma" comes one day after critics said the academy snubbed the film. for the second time in 14 years, not one actor of color was among the 20 nominees for any acting category. >> and the oakland tribune acknowledged that this morning in that controversy. check out the cover with the headline "and the oscar for the best caucasian goes to."
4:25 pm
many are pointing out hollywood has a diversity problem behind the scenes, as well. according to the los angeles times, the academy's nearly 6,000 members about 94% are white and 77% male. >> a reminder, the big awards show, the oscars february 22nd. watch it right here on abc7. >> from dream-like pageantry to celebrate agamerican icon, there's plenty to explore where you live this weekend. >> news reporter leyla gulen here with the details. >> delve into the whimsical at the regency ballroom in san francisco for the edwardian ball and world's fair. wear your most sumptuous gown for a bizarre experience that celebrates art music, fashion and circus. join our very onus anchor dan ashley when he performs with his band push this saturday at mezzanine. enjoy classic rock while giving back. a portion of ticket sales
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support friends of camp concord that helps abused and neglected children. aloneny college in fremont, don't miss suessical, a dr. suess inspired musical up next, drivers aren't the only ones fed up with congestion on bay area roads. the rush hour headache now facing first responders. >> a major reversal for the man who had been college football's
4:27 pm
winningest head coach. how joe paterno is moving backing to ncaa history. >> how spe you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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sky 7 hd is live over the scene where fremont police shot a man in harvey community park. that's at alvarado boulevard and lake arrowhead avenue. police tell us this happened at 2:15 this afternoon. but they aren't saying much more at this point except that the officer was not injured. no word on the condition of the man they shot or why they shot him. but again, we are looking from the air sky 7 hd. you can see the crime scene there. police have it clearly taped off. and we will bring you any more updates throughout this newscast, as well with on twitter @abc7 news bay area. >> the supreme court announced it will decide the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. the justices will review an appellate court ruling that upheld bans on same sex unions in four states. the case will be argued in april with a decision expected by late june. about 200 activists banged spoons against trains and
4:31 pm
pillars during a protest at b.a.r.t. station this morning. two people were arrested for disrupting service. protesters are demanding charges be dropped against 14 people accused of blocking b.a.r.t. service on black friday. >> big problems for emergency responders as congestion increases, so do the response times for crews trying to get to emergencies. >> crossed over the 101? how does it look southbound? >> i haven't made it to 101 yet. we've had heavy traffic. >> cities are working to try to fix the problems but a possible solution may be years away. abc7 news reporter david louie joins us live in san jose this afternoon with a closer look at this dilemma. >> you're looking at the third worst choke point for bay area traffic in the bay area according to the metropolitan transportation commission. we're talking about u.s. 101 southbound in san jose just before 13th street. if you can't zip through this
4:32 pm
traffic, nor can emergency vehicles. this fire earlier in the week is a case study in the new norm for first responders. traffic congestion sim packeting how long it takes to get on scene. the first engine arrived at 6:11 but it took eight minutes or longer for additional units. fortunately, no one was injured or killed. fire departments say they're up against rush hour traffic especially on clogged freeways and roads feeding to bridges. >> then it becomes a matter of life and death. it becomes a matter of people losing property, losing more of it. it becomes a matter of the safety of our personnel at the call but they need more help to put the fire out. >> in palo alto, the fire department says almost one of three of its calls fall during morning or afternoon rush hour. >> 30 seconds to response time is very critical when you're talking about the golden minute for a heart attack. for a fire especially with all of the plastics and different carcinogens in homes these days.
4:33 pm
>> studies are under way to look closely at deployment of equipment and personnel, even using smaller rigs. >> using smaller equipment like a quick response vehicle or something so it can get out of traffic easier. >> the public is growing concerned. >> it's very sad. yes, we do need our fire departments and do need the help. >> and fast response? >> of course. >> and this traffic isn't helping. >> no, it doesn't. sorry. >> on willow road in in enlow park facebook pages control the traffic. in palo alto, david louie,2p abc7 news. >> police in san mateo are trying to find a man accused of exposeing himself to three children. here's a sketch. he walked up to 7, 8 and 9-year-old kids neier cypress avenue and del strar streets. he's accused of exposing himself
4:34 pm
and trying to get one of the girls to perform a sex act. the man is 5'6” with black hair and dark eyes. penn state's joe paterno the wingiest coach in major college football again because the ncaa announced an agreement today that would restore 112 victories between '9 and 2012. they were wiped out because of the gary martinez sandusky child molestation scandal. 111 of those wins belonged to paterno. as a result he would vault back to the top of the major college win list above bobby bowden with 409 victories. the agreement comes weeks before a scheduled trial on the legality of punishment handed down by the ncaa in response to the consist case. paterno died just months after the punishment was handed down. >> president obama met with david cameron today at the white house os pledging to work together to fight terrorism following the deadly attacks in france last week. they also discussed the nuclear
4:35 pm
negotiations with iran. abc news reporter karen traverse has more from washington on how the pair fears congress could derail the talks. >> president obama has already issued five veto threats to the ron-controlled congress and today, he added another. voicing his opposition to bipartisan legislation that would impose new sanctions on iran while international negotiations on a nuke clearly deal with still under way. >> there is no good argument for us to try to undercut the negotiations until they've played themselves out. >> the iran nuclear talks hit several speed bumps. negotiators have till a march target date to reach an agreement. if a deal is not reached -- >> i will be the first one to come to congress and say we need to tighten the screws. >> david cameron has gotten involved lobbying u.s. lawmakers before his visit to the white house today. >> yes i have contacted a couple of senators this morning and i may speak to one or two more this afternoon. >> the u.s. and uk also announced a new cooperation on
4:36 pm
cybersecurity. later this year the two nations will hold the first ever joint cybersecurity and network defense exercise. and the fbi and nsa will work with their british counterparts to increase data sharing in coordination. president obama says this isn't just to protect consumers and corporations. it's also another tool in the fight against terrorism. >> social media and the internet is the prime we're way in which these terrorist organizations communicate. >> both leaders want to do this in a legal way and hope twitter and facebook will cooperate with the u.s. and uk governments. cason traverse abc news, washington. >> the price of mailing a letter overseas or sending a2:] postcard may be going up. the postal service is proposing raising the price of mailing letters to international destinations from $1.15 to $1.20. postcards would rise from 34 to 35 cents. forever stamps will not change and remain 49 cents. the postal service says the
4:37 pm
increases are the latest in a series of steps as they try to achieve financial stability. all aboard the final call is taking place for a bay area train tradition honoring dr. martin luther king jr. that story is ahead. >> first from the grind of prison to the grind of coffee. we'll go inside the east bay coffee shop that's giving parolees a second chance. >> oh, my goodness. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me me finney. over on twitter @the m finney. i'll answer your questions with the microphone on. coming up. >> it works better that way. >> i'm spencer christian. the clouds are getting lower and thicker and anit's just
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from the coffee bean fields to your local coffee shop, there's a lot that goes into making that perfect cup of joe. >> news reporter alan wong brings us the story behind a cup of coffee giving parole lees a second chance. >> roasting the beans for the perfect cup of coffee has quite literally been the pick me up john krause needed. >> i was homeless and had no money. i had one set of clothes. >> after 12 years in and out of prisons including san quentin crouse is pouring himself into a coffee bean roastry in antioch that he named big house beans.
4:41 pm
>> i'm not afraid like i was before to share my story because that's not my past doesn't define who i am today. >> when whiching his fresh roasted wholesale beans to restaurants and coffee shops crouse has openly discussed his dysif you thinkal childhooded that led to drugs and illegal gun possession. >> john krause is trying to pay it forward. he's hiring it other ex-offenders like juan valdez who had a hard time getting a job. >> you know, if it you look like you've been in prison it makes it definitely worse. >> you mean like a face tattoo? >> yeah. they call them job stoppers for a reason. >> some of the profits support rehab programs and job training for former inmates re-entering society. >> it makes it hard when you have to do a background check just to find a place to live. my heart is broken for the part of society that tends to get overlooked and kind of forgotten.
4:42 pm
>> crouse says it's been a long hard grind. but if he can make it work he'll create more opportunities and a sense of purpose for people who just need a chance. in antioch alan wong abc7 news. >> that's an interesting story. >> it really is. >> well, we can get a little bit of emotion out of spencer christian because there were sprinkles up on the roof earlier. >> momentary. >> we still have a few sprinkles around. 3-d weather drizzly, drab and dreary. i want to show you the an amazing picture sent to us by mary. this is yesterday's sunset at pilar point. you can see how a little bit of clouds cloudiness and haze can provide a beautiful and colorful sunset. on we go right now live doppler 7 hd showing clouds over much of the bay area, lower and more prominent in some locations as evidenced by this view. we'll take a look at our spare is the air days for the month of january. so far 14 of them. a month of poor air quality.
4:43 pm
tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the a day. nor has it been a great month for rainfall. the national weather picture tomorrow, cold in the northeast, showery in the pacific northwest and sunny through the nation's midsection. across california tomorrow we'll see some showers up around yreka and other points far north. here in the bay area we'll have partly cloudy skies tomorrow. it will be cool in the inland north bay and inland east bay with highs only in the upper 50s to low 60s. mild on the coast. low to mid 60s there and mild around the bay with low to mid 60s there, as well. another spare the air day. no air burning allowed. we may have a few more sprinkles on sunday. a dry week next week. larry and ama. >> all right. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 u.s. open champion rory mcilroy makes history in abu dhabi. we'll show you the incredible shot. >> and trending today, john boehner wants you to shake it off. how he's using taylor swift to
4:44 pm
fend off president obama. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. have you ever bought something only to find it on sale the next day? can you get
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
golfer rory mcilroy celebrating the his first hole in one as a pro came today during the second round of the abu dhabi championship. rolls in for the ace. cheers and high fives. it happened on the 177-yard par 3 15th hole. same hole that miguel jimenez scored an ace on yesterday. he did a cute little dance. no dance from mcilroy. now just two shots on the lead. >> mick michael finney is here to answer questions. is it legal for a gas station to charge a lower price for cash than for credit? >> okay. the rules on this are kind of complicated. here they are. first, you are not allowed to charge more for using your credit card. completely illegal. you are however if you're a
4:48 pm
gas station, allowed to charge less for cash. >> huh? >> nice. >> i don't make this up. people pass these laws. yes, they're allowed to do that. they have to say it's a discount for the cash rather than charging you more for the credit. >> even though it's the same thing. >> exact same thing. >> glad we clarified that. karen e-mails for the last year i get phone calls from the church of scientology asking for kim campbell. i told them i'm not her. how can you get them to stop. >> normally on a do not call list, they would do that. there is exceptions to all of these rules if you're a charity, if you're a politician. so it's very difficult to deal with this. now, if you can determine that they're a telemarketer, you do not have to -- they do not have to keep a do not call list but have to not call you which means you say don't call me again or i'm going to sue you. after that, they get one call. after that, you can sue them for
4:49 pm
$500 and every call after that you can sue them for $1500. although again you would have to determine or the courts would have to determine they're a telemarket ter, not a church. >> it's a long process. >> it is a long process. i'll post some stuff on my facebook page. go check it out. >> nancy s. asked if an item is purchased and then shortly after it is reduced in price is there a law that requires the store to refund the difference? >> doesn't that kill you. hey, you know, tomorrow this is on sale. i guess sometimes they don't know. no, there are no laws that say they have to givehfh you the deal. however, first of all you go in and go will you give me the direction. you say is this is within your return and exchange period. if they say yes, you return it and buy it right back. i've had to do that before. >> i just tell them i know michael finney. they go here's your money. instantaneous. >> thank you. >> speaker of the house john
4:50 pm
boehner is turning to taylor swift to stop president obama's plan for free community college. >>en at super bowl is getting some more star power. here is what is trending today. >> house speaker john boehner turning to taylor swift to express opposition to president obama's proposal for two years of free community college. boehner's digital team posted a series of animated images on his website showing swift dancing. the images contain the tag line "with $60 billion -- it's a lot of money you can't just shake it off." $60 billion is a reference to the estimated cost of the president's plan he unvoiled this week called america's college promise. the white house says the proposal would save students an average of $3800 a year in tuition. >> the pregame performers are set for this year's super bowl. ♪ let it go, let it go ♪ >> the nfl announced today that the wickedly talented idina menzel will sing the national
4:51 pm
anthem. >> she's a broadway star and also the voice of he will sa in the blockbuster "frozen." new oscar nominee john legend who is fantastic will perform america the beautiful. >> up next the final call for the train ride honoring dr. martin luther king jr. what's sending the freedom train off the tracks. >> hi there, i'm dan ashley. coming up new at 5:00, that e%4q" spacex rocket landing. the new video that shows the moment of impact when the falcon 9 tried to land on an ocean barge. and intel's new perk that could be a bigger deal than its latest female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry!
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♪ ♪ ♪ here is tonight's primetime lineup on abc7. at 8:00 catch last man standing. 8:30 cristela shark tank at 9:00, then 20/20 at 10:00 and stay tuned for abc news at 11:00. >> hundreds of homeless children
4:55 pm
in the philippines receive aid surprise visit. >> pope francis made an unscheduled stop atl! a shelter for poor children in manila and told the kids they aren't alone and that jesus loves them. >> the shelter is around the corner from the cath dra where the pope just celebrated mass. the kids didn't sleep at all last night hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope. today's visit is the latest pope in his five-day tour of the philippines. >> a bay area tradition honoring martin luther king jr. is about to end. >> this holiday weekend is the last time the freedom train will be running to pay tribute to the late civil rights leader. >> abc7 news reporter chriswin shows us what's taking the train offtrack. >> launched 30 years ago by coretta scott king the freedom train is the last remaining official mlk commemorative train service in the united states. oc tinsley is a curator at the heritage house in san jose. he was on the first train ride in 19 4 and remembers it well.
4:56 pm
>> people of all different walks of life were with this energy. >> the train one of more than two dozen across the country at one point honors the march from selma to montgomery alabama, led by dr. king that proved instrumental in the passage of the 1965 voting rights acts. dr. clay carson is the founding director of the king research and education institute at stanford university. >> give a thought to what is the status of human rights and civil rights and social justice issues today because i think what king was talking about 50 years ago is still relevant today. >> the upcoming trip from san jose to san francisco will be the last one put on by the mlk junior association of santa clara valley. organizers cited a lack of community interest and decline in ridership over the past ten years as the main reasons behind the decision. despite the call, riders like tinsley say the train served its purpose and he'll be there monday for one final ride.
4:57 pm
>> a person that doesn't come out to celebrate martin luther king probably doesn't note about him. you know? they're not aware of what he has done to make this country the great country that it is today. >> as of friday afternoon, all 1400 tickets for the freedom train have sold out. but there are still plenty of other events you can take part in to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. king. reporting in san jose, chriswin abc7 news. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 "news at 5":00 begins right now with dan and charlie. >> we're excites to see the progress. >> the supreme court's legal bombshell. why justices are set to the settlesu,vñ is the same-sex marriage debate once and for all. plus -- >> get ready for more commuting chaos. protests are say their takeover of b.a.r.t. stations is only the
4:58 pm
beginning >> we were able to disrupt business as usual. >> i'm meteorologist sandy patel. not a dry holiday forecast. the details coming up. >> breaking right now out of fremont. police arrived at the harvey community park at about 2:15 after a report of a man brandishing a knife at children. >> sky 7 is live at alvarado boulevard and lake arrowhead avenue. one officer fired a taser. the second fired a gun. no officers or neighbors were injured. this is the third officer-involved shooting in the bay area in the past two days. officers fatally shot a man yesterday in fairfield and wounded a man in richmond. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm sherrill jennings. we want to move on to our other big story of the day. >> what could be the final step
4:59 pm
that extends gay marriage nationwide. the supreme court tonight agrees to decide whether same-sex couples have a right to get married anywhere in the united states. >> right now 36 states, the district of columbia, allow gay couples to wed. lyanne has the latest. >> the supreme court is saying it's time to rule as a nation. if the supreme court sides with the couples who are appealing, we'll see a landmark civil rights decision. we haven't seen one since 1967 when the supreme court invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriages. the case was lobbing versus virginia. the four cases from michigan, ohio kentucky and tennessee will be consolidated and heard in april. it involves 0 couple who's lost their appeals to marry or to have their marriages recognized in those states. for past ten years san francisco city attorney dennis herrera has been at the forefront of the legal battle
5:00 pm
for marriage equality. >> it is an issue that needs to be settled once and for all.owr and i'm very confident that it will be. and i do believe this is going to be the end of it. >> today only 147 states ban same-sex marriages. chris perry was the plaintiff behind the defeat of proposition 8, which then cleared the way for same-sex marriages in california. she spoke to us over the phone from washington, d.c. >> when states are applying different standards to different americans, some are getting access to something and some are not. >> so the question before the justices will be do gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to the marry or do states have the right to ban them? bill may of catholics for the common good welcomes the opportunity to debate the matter once again. >> and we're so pleased that the supreme court is going to give the people of california and so many other states their day in court.


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