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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, winter whiteout. >> the blizzard of 2015 pounding the eastern seaboard right now. >> crazy. >> our team of reporters out in the elements as the whipping winds and blinding snow ramp up overnight. >> you can feel how intense it is already. >> the massive storm slowly rolling in off the atlantic and gathering intensity. >> the city that never sleeps has essentially been shut down tonight. travel now at a halt. highways, mass transit and airports closed. thousands of flights canceled sending a ripple effect across the country. >> i'm exhausted and annoyed. >> our team coverage begins right now as we track this historic storm.
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yes, and on this tuesday morning it is breaking right now that monster storm has essentially paralyzed the northeast. >> seven states are under a state of emergency, and the latest radar pictures show us why. that storm system covers an area bigger than new england. some 900 miles long. >> by this time tomorrow, some areas will see three feet of snow on the ground. and the video streaming into our newsroom all night pretty much says it all. this was the scene hours ago in scituate, massachusetts. about an hour south of boston. that snow driven by high winds. here in new york, it's a veritable ghost town but mayor bill de blasio has imposed a travel ban. no private vehicles allowed on the roads. commuters trains into and out of the city have been halted and the buses, subways and ferries all shut down. >> we have complete team coverage of blizzard 2015. abc's susan saulny in washington, d.c., mark mancuso
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at accuweather but we'll begin with abc's lana zak in new york's central park. good morning to you, lana. >> reporter: hi there. you know, they promised an historic storm though it may actually go down in history books less for the snowfall. they promised an historic storm though it actually may go down more in history books for the amount of response that was really unprecedented here in new york than for the actual levels of snowfall. the city that never sleeps today appears to be hibernating. empty streets, bridges, tunnels and commuter trains all shut down in new york and throughout the northeast coast. snowmen outnumbering people in madison square park. seven states now in a state of emergency. >> extreme snowfall, hurricane-force winds. >> a travel ban for the entire state. >> please remain home and remain off the roads. >> it's dangerous to be out there now.
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it's only going to become more dangerous, and at one point it's irresponsible, so 11:00 for all roads to close. >> reporter: several states issuing unprecedented travel bans on all roads. here in new york, the entire subway system closed at 11:00 p.m. monday night. and here i am in one of the very last trains running in new york city tonight. as you can see, usually it's teeming with people. tonight it is almost empty. in scituate massachusetts, high winds prompting a protective power outage. the concern, high winds could down power lines causing uncontrollable fires. >> we are the first first responders. if we don't have the roadway systems cleared, then fire trucks, police trucks, ambulances cannot get through. >> reporter: and here in new york, actually you can see that we're in a moment of calm right here, and actually what's sort of interesting about this moment
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of calm is that here in new york city as much as we're being pounded, they're getting hit much harder further north, however, i will say at this time it's not too bad outside, though i am wearing five layers of clothing. reena, t.j. >> it helps, lana. >> certainly helps. >> lana zak for us in new york's central park. thank you so much. if you're in the northeast you can also forget about traveling by air. >> the region's five major airports, jfk, laguardia, newark, philly and boston all but shut down this morning. more than 4,000 arrivals and departures have been canceled. another 500 delayed. abc's susan saulny tracking this all for us. hey there, susan. >> reporter: travel chaos is the norm this morning as the northeast faces a blizzard of epic proportions including a massive amount of snow and high winds forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights at key hubs causing a ripple effect of gridlock from coast to coast. even as far away from the dangerous weather as los angeles, stranded l.a.x. passengers wiped away tears of frustration. >> i've got work, i've got less
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money in my account. we checked out of our hotel. >> reporter: look no further than the departure board to see how powerless airlines are when a big storm disrupts the system. new york new jersey boston philadelphia even chicago, thousands of travelers stopped in their tracks. >> i was going from taipei to newark connecting through san francisco. >> reporter: 11 hours after she boarded her first flight in taiwan, brenda mancuso is only halfway home. >> my flight to newark at 10:00 a.m. was canceled and they put me on a noon flight, and when i arrived here i saw an e-mail that said that was canceled. >> reporter: airlines and airports don't want to see passengers stranded. that's one reason they're canceling flights and closing up early, to encourage people to stay home and rebook. many airlines have waived the usual fees for rescheduling but the inconvenience remains. >> they just keep pushing us around a little bit. i mean, what are you going to do? there's 30 inches of snow. >> i'll go wherever, just get me back to boston. >> reporter: more cancellations are expected today as the storm hits and a return to regular
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airport operations isn't expected until at least wednesday. reena, t.j. >> that seems like an eternity. susan, thanks so much, live in washington. well the snow is still falling fast and furious outside this hour from southern new jersey into canada. >> so how much can we expect? accuweather meteorologist mark mancuso joins us now live with the latest. mark, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you and take a look at the satellite picture here. look at the vortex of trouble just sitting there over the northeast sitting and spinning and what a shield of snow. and right around new york city, we've seen these snow bands come in from the east, but they are kind of falling apart here as they get closer to the area, so the real intense snow now located just to the east. and as you head out to the island into southern new england, that's where we're seeing snowfall rates 2 to 3 inches an hour. and this is where we'll have the extreme blizzard conditions. wraparound snow is all the way down to the nation's capital. so problems there but they pale in comparison to what's happening here up towards the
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boston area. so this is where we expect to see the blizzard today from extreme southeastern new york out across the island, southern and eastern new england will be hit the hardest. the snow and the wind and we're still going for 2 to 3 feet of snow accumulation here in southern new england. so from the berkshires eastward of the boston area we'll be looking at snow. it's light and fluffy to the west but farther south and east it's heavy and wet with high winds and a lot of power outages to be expected in through here. back to you, guys. >> thank you. accuweather's mark mancuso joining us live this morning. you can imagine the blizzard is dominating chatter on social media. >> yeah, here's some of the pictures that caught our attention. this one tweeted out overnight by the norwell fire department just outside boston showing snow drifts that are feet deep. >> also here's something you don't see every day, yes, cross country skiing is one one thing but you don't see one world trade center in the background. send us your pictures. post them at stay with abc news for the latest.
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live updates throughout this half hour and live team coveraging coming up on "good morning america." president obama is arriving in saudi arabia this morning after making history in india. the president and the indian prime minister strengthened ties with a breakthrough in the civil nuclear deal and newly renewed defense partnership in the expansion u.s. investment in india. more than two dozen dignitaries are joining the president in riyadh to pay respect ss to the late king abdullah. the fbi has busted what agents say is a russian spy ring. a russian banker who worked in new york is under arrest. the indictment claims three men were gathering sensitive economic intelligence on potential u.s. sanctions against russian banks and on efforts to develop alternate energy resources. the other two suspect ss work for the russian government and are no longer in the u.s. still ahead, social media shutdown. what caused several sites to go dark overnight. also, touchdown in the middle of the ocean. dramatic new video of a pilot ditching his plane with the help of a parachute. plus, new concerns for the measles outbreak on the west coast. the numbers still growing as shoppers are told they were
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likely exposed to the virus.
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make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. all right, take a look. this is a live radar image of that massive blizzard slamming the northeast stretching some 900 miles from southern new jersey into canada. seven states under a state of emergency with travel bans in place in four states. some areas are bracing for up to three feet of snow. we are on top of that story for you. well we got some new details now of that drone crash on the white house lawn. the device was flying at a low altitude inside the fence at about 3 a.m. on monday when it went down. a government worker later came forward to say it was his and
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that this was an accident. the president and first lady, of course in india at the time but their daughters may have been home. well, a tragic accident for nato forces training in spain. ten people were killed when a greek f-16 fighter jet crashed on takeoff and slammed into other planes on the ground. eight of the dead were french and two were from greece. another 21 injured. some suffered severe burns and a number of military jets and helicopters were damaged. there are new warnings for people who may have been exposed to measles in the latest outbreak in california. signs are posted at a costco in gilroy, california. a shopper who was there a week ago has come down with the disease. the number of people sickened and the outbreak that has been traced back to a disneyland visitor has grown to 87. most of them were not vaccinated. well, social media sites experienced widespread outages overnight, facebook, instagram, tinder and aim were all reported to be offline in many places around the globe. facebook was the first to respond. a spokesperson saying they were working to restore service. within an hour the sites were back up again. no word on exactly what caused
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the outages. when we come back, more of the east coast blizzard underway right now. plus, lance armstrong talking about the doping scandal again. the surprising answer he gave when asked if he would do steroids again. and deflate-gate just won't go away. investigators looking beyond players and zeroing in on someone else who may have been involved. check it out! i'm sending a tweet. tweet! that's not how it works, grandpa. you think i am out of touch. i saved 15 percent on car insurance in just 15 minutes. you could've saved money in half that time with esurance. (wings flapping) ah, a reply... i'm trending! 15 minutes for a quote is old news. start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.tha t's how we own it. you're looking at live pictures here in new york of that blizzard that's essentially paralyzed the entire northeast. new york city is only expecting about a foot of snow, but mayor de blasio has virtual lyly shut down all modes of transportation. no private vehicles are allowed on the streets. commuter trains into and out of the city have been suspended. subways, buses, ferries all shut down. >> new york's long island is
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among those eastern regions taking the brunt of this blizzard. >> in parts of long island snow has been falling at a rate of 2 to 4 inches an hour driven by wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour and possibly hitting 70 miles per hour in the island's east end. by the time it's over parts of long island could be digging out from under three feet of snow. massachusetts getting hammered. parts of boston could see two feet of snow. schools closed in the city today and tomorrow and abc's rob marciano checked out the scene for us in boston. ron is on top of it. >> reporter: the blizzard has arrived here in boston where the streets are deserted and for good reason. it's downright painful. visibility at times dropping down to zero and could see snowvisits up to three, four, feet high and winds could be crucial especially here in eastern mass talking about power outages. that means people will not have light and in some cases they might not have heat either and this is life-threatening cold.
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hard to believe that this was just a few snow showers a couple of days ago. look at what it's become. >> thanks so much, rob. we're tracking the story up and down the east coast, complete coverage later on "good morning america." and we're hearing from the pilot who ditched his plane in dramatic fashion after running out of fuel over the pacific ocean. we showed you this incredible video captured by the coast guard. the single-engine plane nose-diving 250 miles off hawaii. the pilot lou morton deploying his parachute system just in time leveling off the plane and softening the water landing. this morning grateful to everyone who came to his rescue. >> the coordination of san francisco air inc. and coast guard and holland america has been more than impressive. >> the coast guard had a nearby cruise ship rescue the pilot from his life raft. federal investigators are now looking into the incident. melissa rivers filed a medical malpractice suit in the death of her mother. joan rivers died last september after a routine endoscopy.
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melissa rivers is suing the clinic where it happened as well as the doctors who treated her mother. federal inspectors it crewed them for failing to notice her failing vital signs and not providing timely intervention. media day for the super bowl teams. topic number one t patriots' deflated footballs, amid a report they have zeroed in on a locker room attendant as a person of interest in its investigation. before leaving boston, quarterback tom brady fired back at critics who say he's a cheater. >> my feelings got hurt, and then i moved past it, and it's not serving me, and i think what's serving me is try to prepare for the game ahead. >> patriots owner robert kraft says the nfl owes his team an apology if its investigation finds no wrongdoing. well, lance armstrong is speaking out for the first time since his doping scandal. in an interview with the bbc, armstrong says the last two years have been brutal since he admitted to cheating. he says he knows -- excuse me --
4:19 am
that using steroids was a bad decision. armstrong adds, if he went back a decade and was in the same racing environment, he would do it again but he says he would change some things. >> i would tell you what i would want to do is i would want to change the man who did those things, maybe not the decision but the way he acted, the way he treated other people, the way he just couldn't -- he just couldn't stop fighting. >> armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france title in the wake of that doping scandal. in the interview he also expressed a desire to compete in sanctioned events again which he's now banned from doing. and another sports note, l.a. lakers star kobe bryant's season all but over. he'll undergo shoulder surgery tomorrow. he's 36 years old now and suffered a torn rotator cuff. tomorrow's surgery will attempt to repair that damage. likely to be the third straight year that kobe bryant has suffered a season-ending injury.
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4:23 am
alone for the blizzard he offered cooking, drinking movies and cuddles. you get where we're going with this. you get a blizzard boyfriend or girlfriend. a blizzard buddy. >> another promised hot chocolate and cookies all day long. this one requires significant cuddling. >> what are they looking for? >> you can read between the lines. >> not just me. meantime, nothing brings more joy to schoolchildren -- let's turn to schoolchildren after that -- kids love a snow day. >> this latest sparked a creative flair inside one school principal getting the word out school's closed here's what he did. ♪ school is closed school is closed because the snow's too deep ♪ ♪ school is closed school is closed you can stay in bed and sleep ♪ >> oh thast's the head of
4:24 am
school. >> the video racked up more than 60,000 hours overnight but this is fantastic. >> idina menzel has to watch out. >> she's probably okay. but still that's well done sir. finally, folks in boston likely to pass the time keeping an eye out for the boston yeti 2015. >> established as a twitter handle boston yeti 2015 last night and pictures of the sighting in massachusetts came shortly after. some say keeping track of the snowman will be the highlight. others are implying boston yeti is likely responsible for deflating the patriots footballs before the afc title game. that's so wrong. >> just as good a suspect as they have. >> for some of you local news is next.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. we will get right to the weather. >> i will show you what is going on, live doppler hd showing the central valley with radar returns that are making it to the ground. no wet weather for us. it is breezy this morning. temperatures are warming. in the 40's. by the afternoon mostly cloudy and low-to-mid 60's. >> is sig-alert if gilroy an overturned big rig. the san mateo bridge is clear crossing the water. the bay bridge toll plaza shows that is correct is sparse from the east bay. >> breaking news right now with san francisco police looking for armed bank robbers causing a
4:29 am
huge spectacle slamming a vehicle into a historic downtown bank. amy hollyfield is at the wells fargo history museum on montgomery. amy? >> kristen they live the s.u.v. in the lobby of the building. that s.u.v. will probably be reported stolen because the criminals clearly are not worried they will be traced. they had another car waiting. they got away in another car. this happened at the wells fargo and company museum. this is on montgomery down from sack momento with ahe wells fargo that carried passengers and gold across the plains an impressive explain of surveillance video dust and ore and they got arrest with a couple of gold bars or nuggets.
4:30 am
they held up the security guard with assault weapons so the three person are considered "armed and dangerous." they did escape. the call came in at 2:26. it is fevered they are long gone. they were last seen headed on the bay bridge east in a white ford taurus. thank you. we have more breaking news. this time in the south bay where crews are on the scene of an early morning house fire. several people were evacuated. matt? it is a major scene. the wind is howling. that is always a danger for firefighters especially when they battle a fire hex to an apartment complex. you can see there is a scene. fire trucks are still here. you can see the san jose police department is blocking off the roads around the f


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