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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> >> give him a break. making news in america. this morning, super celebration. the knew england patriots with a gutsy win. brady earned his place among the best in history. live in arizona. >> extreme weather. a dangerous storm marking its way across the country. a triple threat of heavy snow high winds and icy conditions. accuweather has the latest. >> scare in the air. a jet rattled by what officials think may have been a drone but could have been something else. >> and battle of the ads. the super bowl commercial that made you want to laugh less and feel more. what madison avenue hopes tugging at your heart strings is tugging at your wallet.
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good monday morning to you all. the new england patriots are on top once again after beatling the seattle seahawks. >> fans are celebrating and everyone who watched the contest was a winner. an exciting game from start to finish. abc is live in arizona with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning. reena and t.j. deflate-gate casts a shadow over super bowl xlix but the new england patriots decided to settle it out behind me in the super bowl dome in what can be described as a real finish for fans. it was one of the most exciting super bowls in history. a last-minute interception stealing a win for the new england patriots over reigning champs seattle seahawks.
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the game-winning interception clinched a victory for the patriots and a fourth super bowl ring for tom brady. >> it was unbelievable. malcolm made the play of the year to save our season. it took everybody from the first guy to the last guy. i'm proud of our effort. >> reporter: after weeks of controversy over deflate-gate. patriot fans are savoring this victory more even though there was upset fans of both teams. even the president tweeting congrats to the patriots on their fourth super bowl title. #onto the white house. for seahawk fans it will be a long trip back monday. an air of defeat took over the town and stadium which seemed to be filled with more seahawk fans. >> i hate losing. you know that's really what it
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comes down to. >> reporter: a sizzleing halftime show performance by katy perry who performed hits with lenny kravitz and missy elliot. and a lot for tom brady to be celebrating personally today. four super bowl titles. the mvp title as well and he also personally broke joe montana's record for the most thrown touchdowns in a super bowl. i have a feeling he's probably still celebrating right now, reena and t.j. >> you're right. i bet you're right. what a night. thank you so much. we'll have later from the game later this half hour. moving on to the other major story. the massive winter storm on the move at this hour. you can see the flurries coming down. >> the radar showing the snow icy room on its way to cover the northeast. more than 100 million people will feel the effects before it is done. abc is feeling the effects as we speak.
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she's in snowy central park. we're seeing the live pictures. starting to come down in new york. >> reporter: that's right. you can already see in central park how much the snow is accumulating so quickly. it's part of the second storm to hit in just a week. from nebraska to maine this year's winter storms threatens to blanket a the winter storm running half the length of the country. in chicago nearly 18 inches and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour creating a zero visibility. the conditions tough that even the plows had trouble getting through. at o'hare airport snow covered the tarmac and flights coming in as crews rushed to clear the runway. across the country more than 2,000 flights cancelled. among the hardest hit, iowa with 14 inches of snow and blinding winds. all of this posing a danger for drivers.
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lancing, michigan a dozen cars ended up in ditches. on sunday. this morning the storm moves east, boston and providence cancelling school. >> if you can stay home we ask you do it. >> reporter: here in new york a different reaction compared to last week. still the mayor warned stay off the roads. >> the biggest threat in this case would be ice. >> reporter: several cities had planned on having groundhog celebrations today. unfortunately that has been postponed. in ohio. but this is perfect packing snow if you guys want to come out and play. back to you guys. >> i'm going to pass on that one. but this one might join you. >> i'll see you shortly. thank you. as always she will check in again. how does this storm time out and how much more will it deliver? >> we turn to stephanie. good morning stephanie. >> people across the northeast
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region waking up to snow on the ground due to the significant winter storm system. gusty winds causing for blowing and drifting. snow causing some delays. now 12 to 18 inches expected across south and west of buffalo and expanding to the east coast of maine. please use caution on i-95 and i-80. reena and t.j. back to you. >> two cases postponed in the trial because of bad weather in the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev set for tomorrow. more than 100 jurors have been questioned. the defense making an attempt to move the trial. attorneys say a photo of the man at the marathon finish line is proof that a fair trial cannot take place. in boston. the storm is also delaying the murder trial of new england patriots tight end aaron
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hernandez hernandez. he scored a touchdown for the patriots in the 2012 super bowl but he was in isolation last night. >> to japan vowing not to give into terrorism after the murder of a second hostage. japan's prime minister higheninged security while promising to continue nonmilitary support in the fight against terror. isis posted a video showing the beheading of kenji goto. the video made no mention of the jordanian pilot at the center of the prisoner's swap that never took place. meanwhile, in al jazeera a reporter has been released from prison in egypt after more than a year behind bars. peter gresta was accused of spreading false news and two of his colleagues facing the same charges and still being held. >> to the measles outbreak. president obama is telling parents to get their kids vaccinated. more than 100 cases of the measles have been reported in the u.s. since last month and traced directly or indirectly to disneyland in southern
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california and in the latest case, hundreds of amtrak riders may have been exposed after a student with measles rode a train in new york. >> a marvelous super bowl bet between two superheroes has been settled. and everyone comes out a winner. patriots chris evans who plays captain america took on seahawks fan chris pratt, aka star lord of wars of the galaxy. >> they said they were show up at a hospital in the winning city but they decided they go together to both hospitals. chris's wife posted this photo enjoying the game together. >> everybody wins. super emotional ads. that made a lot of people cry instead of laugh. this might mean the new frontier for advertisers. we'll show you what viewers like best. >> a pregnant woman goes into labor driving herself down the highway. police getting there just in time to make the biggest play of the day.
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i thought, "the red cross does katrina. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it.
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sarah: there you go. seattle seahawks didn't do it, but there was a back-to-back winner at the super bowl. the budweiser puppy. usa today's consumer panel saying the one about the lost dog that makes it back home was their favorite. using their theme two years in a row, the executive said if it about broke don't fix it. second place going to a feminine hygiene project and third was the ad about the elderly italian male who loses his little blue pill. just at the wrong moment the pill ends up with a car that
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gets bulked up if you will. >> that's good ads much like tom bradley. the movie "american sniper" keeps picking up. $32 million this week. and with almost $250 million in six weeks since its debut, it's top grossing war film ever. the clint eastwood film nominated for six academy awards including best picture and actor. >> you better be packing your wallet if you wanted to eat at the super bowl. take a look at what the concessions cost at this thing. all right. the popcorn, 15 bucks. is this a movie? imported beer was $13. domestic suds was 12 bucks. bottle of water was $6. an ice cream treat of some kind was $7. and recycling beer cans to
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create this land mark called the beer can house covered with beer cans, 50,000 of them. the original owner said 17 years worth of cans is what it took to build what they're calling a masterpiece. you be the judge. >> sounds like a good party house to me. >> it was. well, we got a mystery in the sky. investigators trying to figure out what it was. came so close to a plane. trying to land. >> and bobbi kristina brown found unresponsive in a bathtub. we'll have the latest on her condition. n. ell rings] you're not mr. craig. yeah, i'm confused where's mr. craig? well, i'm sorta mr. craig. we're both between 35 and 45 years old. we both like to save money on car insurance. and we're both really good at teaching people a lesson. um, let's go. cool. sit down! alright. sorta you, isn't you. only esurance has coveragemyway. it helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you not someone sorta like you. i think i blacked out from fear...
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you're a better you all day. tylenol®. ♪ ♪ what? yoplait fridge pack. eight cups endless snack possibilities. available at walmart. slow going overnight in michigan and across part of the upper midwest. up to a foot and a half of snow this weekend. schools will be closed across the region including the major cities of chicago and detroit. >> and it could be a treacherous morning commute as well.
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trouble on the i-95 up through the northeast. making roads slick. look out for rain and snow in the northwest. >> more than 2,000 flights cancelled. philadelphia new york and boston. but they will ripple out across the country. >> the faa investigating a sighting of a drone on approach to boston's logan airport. flight 1087 was on approach from chicago saturday. the pilot saw what he thought was a drone or a balloon. >> it just went very fast it was slightly faded and red and blue. >> do you know roughly what size? >> we're kind of laughing but it was football shaped. >> since the plane was at 7,000 feet it's unlikely that the pilot saw a drone. >> now to latest on the medical situation involving bobbi kristina brown. the 21-year-old is in an atlanta
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hospital after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in her home over the weekend. some reports say she's on a ventilator. bobby brown asks for privacy in order to provide his daughter with love and support. >> a former star of the power rangers series is under arrest accused of fatally stabbing his roommate with a sword. police say that guy stabbed the guy in a stomach after a argument. he played the red ranger in 2002 and later played decker in power rangers samurai. >> a warning about the toddler meals. many of the packaged meals and snacks contain too much salt and sugar. researches found they contain too much salt and extra sugar in most cereal bars. an industry trade group says the study results will alarm and confuse parents. >> two hikers recovering in
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oregon after falling 500 feet of mt. hood. brian carlson and his wife were 10,000 feet up when they tumbled into a crater and landed near a volunteer rescue team. the rescuers form add human shield to protect them from falling ice. another climber slid one into them and also survived. >> a baby came on the interstate literally. the mother drove herself to the hospital when she realized she wasn't going to make it. she called 911. police got to her just in time to catch the baby as it was born. mom, her baby boy and the cops are all doing just fine. in case you weren't aware, they played a football game yesterday. >> yes. let's turn to our guys at espn for all the highlights of super bowl xlix. >> your "sportscenter" update from the espn studios.
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super bowl xlix last night. as advertised final 70 seconds of the game jermaine curse with an incredible and memorable grab. seattle driving trailing by four points. huge completion. gets out of bounds and that sets up with 25 seconds to go. second down. seattle elects to pass instead of run. russell wilson intercepted by malcolm butler. pete carroll at the one yard line. >> it's not a matchup for us to run the football. on second down we threw the ball to waste that play. really with no second thoughts and no hesitation at all. >> at that moment i didn't want to waste a run play against the goal line guys. throw the ball. we can match up. it's really a clear thought. it wasn't something that happened -- it was a clear
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thought but didn't work out. we happened to throw them the ball and they made the big play. >> the decision will be discussed for many many years to come. patriots are your super bowl champs. tom brady and bell belichick four super bowl titles on their resume. the next live edition of "sportscenter." 9:00 a.m. eastern on espn. >> the nfl coaches across america. >> please. >> go with your gut. forget the play book. c'mon. lynch guy really knew what he was doing. >> okay. check in to espn by next friday. up next in "the pulse." the outfit that almost stole the show might be able to be yours but it wasn't something katy perry was wearing. >> and the beauty queen. what she took after losing. no matter who you are, if you have
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all right. time for "the pulse." stories like the video game that predicted the super bowl outcome. >> madden nfl had a good record of picking the winners but nailed the final score, 28-24. said tom brady would win mcp which he did. >> he predicted julian edelman would catch and the exact score in the third quarter. this is freaky but they got it right. >> can they do basketball. march madness. >> i'll bet they get into the business. >> can we plug it in and find out? >> vegas is interesting. >> a bizarre ending to
4:24 am
pageant. giving a new meaning to sore loser walking off the stage. how many people at pageants have always wanted to do that? >> she is still going at it. look at her. she apparently believes the winner had bought her way to the title. she wrote on her facebook page she had no regrets about what she did and how she behaved. >> wow. >> ms. con gene alty. >> would she win it you think? >> well they better give it to her. we have different type of antics on the stage. a painful performance by mariah carey. >> she was singing her old hit in jamaica. it was a disaster as she struggled to keep up with the song messing up the lines and forgetting her own lyrics. ♪ >> well the big disappointment
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning, the morning after the super bowl. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> leyla gulen is here with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> super bowl is so yesterday. it is groundhog day. let's move on. >> too cold to come out. >> he will come out. they will make him. >> here is a look at live doppler hd. 1.25 in santa rosa. get used to the fog. it is coming back. that will signify a cooling friend build low-to-mid 60's at the coast. mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere. >> not cold here but in pennsylvania it is. leyla gulen has traffic. is it heating up? it is not. you have to drive sensibly but you do not to be on offense.
4:29 am
everything is moving along fine. headed into san jose the drive beyond the tank you have clear conditions. speaking of offense they seem to have it when they needed it. >> new england, right? >> yes, the patriots won the 4th super bowl title with a win over the seahawks. san mateo tom brady got the third super bowl mvp tutsing four touchdown passes and 20 seconds to go see at was a yard away and rookie butler picks off russell wilson in the end zone. that is it, final 28-24 fou wins three mvps puts brady up there with another well-known quarterback, joe montana. >> patriot fans in boston braved the cold to celebrate the
4:30 am
come-from-behind win and paraded down snowy streets showing off the team colors, police officers kept things from both out of hand. some fans express disappointment more fans did not celebrate. it was too cold with the storm or saving it for the parade. the attention now is super bowl 50. next year's game is played at levi stadium. the fan and venue appear to be ready. matt? what a game yesterday. who is not ready for more football? the countdown is on. the next super bowl, super bowl 50 will be held here at levi stadium february 7th, 2016. signs around the stadium are bragging about the big game next year. the score board shows the super bowl 50 logo and check it out no roman nine recall, the host committee handed off super bowl 50 to the bay area during a ceremony on


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