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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> breaking news. reports say san francisco police are investigating human remains found in suitcase are those of vallejo map. chronicle reports the possible victim is omar sharon a friend and former roommate of suspect mark andrews. >> police took him in custody in san francisco friday night. now the chronicle says investigators are seeing if they can match dna evidence to sharon. police said they have not been in contact with sf pd and no missing person case involving sharon. >> stay with us for any breaking up date and follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> good evening. >> now to our other top story. attack inside a local 99 cent only story. alameda couldn't sheriff's office says this man seen here on store surveillance camera molested an 8-year-old
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girl in the store toy aisle. mother just steps away. >> 7 news reporter is live outside the store with the story tonight. allen? >> it happened inside this store in the middle of the day in plain view and now police want the about be to identify him. >> police say this man molested an 8-year-old girl in the toy aisle of the 99 cent only store near hayward. happened around 1:45 sunday afternoon. >> male cornered the little girl if the aisle and grabbed her and forcefully put his hand down her pants. >> stris you it happened in there. >> it does it does. worker stocking the shelves. bringing out things all the time. >> police said girl mother was right around the corner as the suspect casually walked out of the store. other customers complain about the number of vague anti-and homeless in the parking lot. >> i have never known our
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homeless folk in that area to do any type of crime like this. this is not very common for that area for something like this to happen. >> suspect is described as latino man between 18 and 20 years old. he's thin. about 5 foot 61 50 pound. if you recognize him call the alameda couldn't sheriff's office near hayward. this is abc 7 news. >> new details ongoing story. city council just voted 6-1 tonight to accept this armored emergency response veal in san mateo o. pray mayoral serve as ambulance to evacuate people from high risk zone. it's a tank with gun port and threatening and would be dangerous in terms of escalate dangerous in terms of escalating situations open the street. >> 4 days and 4 home invasion robbery. violent crimes that are keeping san francisco police busy. latest took place on irvine street visitation valley just before 9 tonight. police say one man held 2 people at gun point. 4 others
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went through the home. gun was stolen. the string of robbery began on farrell street at 8:00 a.m. on friday. 24 hours later robbers stole a car from an elderly couple on am thiingt way in diamond heights. 2 men tied autopsy woman. taped her mouth shut and ransacked her apartment on bow can an street on sunday morning. none of the victims was hurtment right now police believe the robbery are not connected. >> and up and coming bay area clothing designer knocked off the fashion runway for a time tonight because of a big set back. her car was stolen and most of her one of a kind inventory right along with it. cornell is live in san francisco tonight with a story. >> her car stolen from this corner just last week. her clothing line was so new most of it was still inside of her car trunk. now it's gone. >> moment designer nicky won't forget. she check the trunk of
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her stolen honda after san francisco police recovered it last week. >> i was praying to every god possible out there please let i might stuff be in the trunk it wasn't. >>reporter: most of her livelihood was in the truvrjt inventory from her start up clothing line. stella tricks. few original sample all she has left. >> tank top. t-shirts. sweatshirts. underwear. gone. >> on line business was start ago to take off. jewelry accessory for sale but the clothing has been removed from the web site because the inventory is gone. the only they think thieves didn't get was this princess dress. selling for 2500 dollars. now the self made designer is back to square one. >> i poured all my money. my time. i taught myself how to do all of this. >>en she started on line campaign raising over 1,000 dollars. she's great full. also learned a tough lesson about her valuable. >> it was not in plane view. it was in the trunk. i should
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have known better. >> she vow to be back in fashion soon. in san francisco, fashion soon. in san francisco, cornell, abc 7 news. >> former stanford swimmer pleaded not guilty to rape charges today. brock turner faces 5 felony counts including rape of unconscious person. prosecutors said he assaulted the woman outside a frat party two weeks ago. the woman said she was blacked out and did not consent. turner now banned from campus and moved back to his home state of ohio. the judge denied turner request to be excuse from future court appearances. >> it was once the go to store for all things electronic. radio shack now faces uncertain future. new york stock exchange delisted the company today. and the retail chain in talk to sell half of the stores and shut down the rest. lillian has the story. >> from cable to hard to find component. radio shack still has it all. at least for these
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2 men who kim to the store hoping to find parts for project they are working on. >> we search for the best flies get equipment for us and we found radio shack does it for us. >>reporter: radio shack may be going away. nearly century old retail chain in talk and potential bidder include amazon, sprint and brook stone. possible scenario include operating under the name of the company that buys them or co-branding the stores. either case a good chunk of the chain 4000 stores would likely shut down. >> geek like me love the place you can go in there and buy one of anything you need. >> analyst says radio shack still appeals to do it yourself still appeals to do it yourselfer the retailer expanded over the year to include more panel good and consumer electronic. mav that proved unsuccessful. radio shack hasn't made a profit in more than 2 years. >> they lost their niche so to speak. the niche of the place that hobbyist. go once fine
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for radio is shack but became consumer electronic store in crowded field. >> sense talk have begun radio shack employeeen instructed to shift inventory to other stores and slash prices on everything else. this is abc 7 news. >> health center in need of help. >> safety net for alameda county is facing a chris's and dan investigated the problem and here's what he found. >>reporter: the health center is failing on nearly every level. patients and employee want to know what is going on. i took the complaints to the man in charming and got the answer that is everyone has been waiting for. >> he definitely got an earful. no kidding. ground hog that took abate out of local politicings. >> winter making a return. i'm tracking the changes with live doppler 7hd. i h
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th >> employee at the alameda county health center have come to the abc 7 news i-team for some help. >> clinic is in craze federal government threatening to pull millions of dollars if funding because of long running problems. >> dan has been investigating for months and he's here tonight with a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: the clinic treats people who would not have health care otherwise. because of problems there the number of patients has mrimented in the last few years from 20,000 to 5000. if changes not made fast doors could close forever. west oakland health council runs 7 sites in oakland emeryville and berkeley providing primary health care
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ob-gyn dental radiology pediatrics and substance abuse and mental health counseling adult day care and more e.essential help and one of the providers in providing cultural relevant care to the african american community. >> also serving increasing latino population. west oakland health funed by these areas your tax dollar but there's a problem. >> the issue right now is there is a crisis. >>reporter: employee are so concerned about mismanagement and efficiency in care they post signs at board meeting asking washington is going on we want to know and save the clinic. and patients come worried about the future. >> what is going to happen with me and my family? how can i now accept or have any kind of pel rae sources. >> try to correct deefficiency identified by. >>reporter: the federal health resource administration
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provided about 24 million dollars to west oakland health since 2008. but for the past few years the auditors found repeated problems. in the last 5 visits west oakland did not meet 15 of 19 program requirements. including accessible hours of open rigs location. quality improvement ashuvrngs plan. financial management control policy bell and collection and program data are the rowing system. they announced they would stop funding the health center at the end of this month and decided to give the clinic one more year them action that they threatened took us up to the evenly of taking is very rare. happened only one other time. >>reporter: the map who ran the council for the past 4 decades says he doesn't like being told what to do. dr. cooper has blamed them for the center problem. >> mistake were made not necessarily by us but mistake were made by the oversight.
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>> they concluded health center lacked key staff no. chief financial officer or chief of the operating officer and he's director and that decress the time and current enter cease necessary for providing leader necessary for providing leadership to the staff. they recommend hiring a new practicing physician. >> can you answer the question. are you going to hire a second person to fill the medical director position. yes or no are you going to do that. i'sed the question. fight faced with so many problems members of the center executive board tray to play cooper open paid administrative leave to resolve the longstanding operational and proper success plan. at the fix!next plan. at the next meeting the board members who led the charge were removed. c cooper was behind the power play they believe. >> this is no personal thing. of dr. cooper. i think it's a
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time where you are no longer effective. >> what keeps you come back here every day? >> is we enjoy doing what we enjoy doing. i enjoy working. so i work. >> head offal immediate county health service tells me cooper knows he has to rae tire soon and doctor and stawchb prepared to meet the new deman and new opportunity that came with health care reform. >> west oakland very important position to expand access to primary care and during that moment unfortunately fewer and fewer patients seen. >>reporter: cooper claims the number of patient's plummeted transition to record keeping. but doctor tells me he will be there to get the center in order before he passes the reign to somebody else. >> the are we imperfect, >> the are we imperfect, certainly. will web imperfect, certainly. will web imperfect certainly. are we better than we were in the past. yes. >>reporter: hopefully dr. cooper can turn the center
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around before the funding pulled. this year 3.4 million dollars. i'm posting latest visit all 34 paijts of it at 7 also leave me a tip there or calling this number on the screen. >> thanks dan. >> it isn't just home prices that are shooting through the roof in the bay area. so are rents. see what we found when we took a tour of the bay area to see what you cap get for your money. katie tells you what is going on in the bay area rental market. tune in tomorrow at 11:00 and see just how high the rents have climbed. >> all right. let's turn our attention on to something we have been waiting long time for which is serious rain. >> nice to look at the 7 day forecast. sandhya has the latest yishtion. that 7 day forecast look more like february. compared to the last several week where is it really looked more like march.
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trashinging heavy cloud cover and fog in of half moon bay livermore. heavy rain in crescent city falling right new and we get our show no doubt bit. look at the satellite picture. tracking what you necessity as pineapple express moisture train down to the haich island. atmospheric river. high moisture content originating near hawaii and heading towards us. we put nature motion thursday into friday and close to northern california, central california we get some pretty good moisture out of it especially the north day so exactly what are we looking at? i explain in just a moment. temperatures right now in the 50's across the entire bay area 50's across the entire bay area. high cloud today. plenty of mild weather and really unseasonably mild for this time of year. that is part of the reason why the air quality pass so bad today in some parts and it's poor again tomorrow why spare the wear alert is up for the tuesday time period moderate air quality elsewhere and we
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continue moderate until later on in the we can when the written aravesary quality to good which many of us needed especially with allergy going around an everything in bloom. camp washington showing financial district. dense morning fog hazy mild conditions tomorrow with pet pattern setting up thursday through sunday. start looking for the rain gear. you need it for several days. high pressure the time being. rain line staying north all going to change as series of warm systems had head in our direction. when does it begin. for the north bay thursday 4 a.m. you will start to notice some moves moving in so for the start of the morning commute rain reaches the forth bay. pretty light at that point. by noon time still doing much. this is the case. situation. takes awhale before moving south ward. rain still up in the north by now. that's the latest computer model
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projection by friday it starts to shift south ward. rainfall symptoms right on through sunday. pretty impressive. look for yourself 2 and 5 inches of rain in the north bay north of ukiah. over 6 inches of rain for the south bay. 3 quarters inch to inch and a half. we need it tomorrow morning. mid 40's to mid 50's. need light sweater or jacket. dense fog. look out for that. then tomorrow afternoon a mailed day. numbers in the mid 60's to low 70's. unseasonably mild you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast but not for long. cooler for your thursday. rain arrives in the north by. wet everywhere friday through sunday and wind at times on friday as well. monday slight chance of some shoyvrments can't wait for that. >> anything to make mom happy. >> yes. sill 0photo
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>> he says st that. >> oh. forget about jack frost that's jimmy the ground hog. last 67 years he predicted if like phil the large reed interest bit on the mayor ear and end at the time bitter winter. >> heck this out. it's viral. less you see the brothers of pens vin as boys and on the right the trio as grown men. they recreated their youthful poses to provide their mother with calendar for christmas. brother even scoured half dozen thrift shop looking for clothes to match. what they wore way back when. the matt posted pick on the web and two million people sharing a bath. >> that is cute. ripping that
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idea off >> history tar cal. >> talk about sports and the call. >> the call. everybody talking about did after the superbowl. >> still upset. if you happened the ball to lynch three times do you think beast mode would get one yard. of course he would. wrong answer to that question t.why am i yelling
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ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. >> good evening. shark finish up a strong home stand tonight but taking on last place edmonton game they should have won but did not. todd frustrated for much of the night with the team and the referee. look at the toe drag.
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nice move and back happened. starting edmonton on slot. 3 state gel. answer with 3 of their own. second of the night with joe. over 2 and a half left. justin to ted. on to over time. then the shoot out. victor the back up goal keeper turns back 12 of the 13 shots. and rob the drops the hammer in round threaten. sharks get a point. they fall 5-4. women college hoop tonight. freshman january so that gets the block at one end. nasty step through down if the post at the other. 35-17 cardinal. senior bonnie with the team high 17. 82-skype the final. stanford nip and 1. right any made history breaking a 31-year-old assist record at cal. with that pass to courtney. nip points. 6 assist. if gets the
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if roll. 57-54. to super bowl 49 came down to 1 question do you believe the best running back in football can get you 1 yard out smarted themselves by tleing and cost them the game. if most of the seahawks and patriots players and millions of fans in disbelief for butler of fans in disbelief for butler. wanted to run the clock down saw the patriots in goal line defense. thought they could throw it. whatever. you win or lose with the best player. that is limp who should have gotten the ball right there. >> we could have run it and got stuffed run it and scored. could have scored against the goal it could have happened. wasn't a great football thought at the time. great football make sure we match up properly to have our best chance to run in and score. >> went a great football thought the way it worked out. patriots edelman pride of woodside and butler spent the day at disneyland hanging with
11:31 pm
them. first time he had ever been to a disney park and get the vip treatment. good time. patriots tight end rob guest on "jimmy kimmel live"right after the newscast. i hope he overcomes his shyness. partied after the whip and that maybe the plan again tonight. >> i just heard our parade manufactured to wednesday. >> yes. >> serves planning on sleeping tonight and getting to the parade tomorrow morning but since it got moved to wednesday yes i'll be up all night. >> sleep for the weak. >> all right 7 news continues now on line on facebook all the mobile device with our 7 news nap when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets
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see >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- super bowl champion rob gronkowski. eva longoria. and our first "mash-up monday" from wee-z top. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's get to it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy


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