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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, winter whiteout. the nation's capital buried in snow overnight and ice coating the south causing problems on the roads. the close call for a news crew and where it's all moving. train derailment. a massive explosion rocks a small town. flames shooting into the sky fueled by oil. homes evacuated and the environmental concerns right now. caught on camera. a dangerous stop at the gas station. the major mistake one driver made that caused this to happen. and one aggressive guest. a woman who's made catching wedding bouquets a competitive hobby. well, good tuesday morning. i'm reena ninan.
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>> and i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes and we begin with the latest powerful storm bearing down on the northeast with a fresh round of snow, ice and biting arctic air. >> winter warnings in effect in nearly two dozen states this morning, 90 million americans in the path of the storm. the mid-atlantic getting hit hard this morning. here's a live look at washington, d.c., already covered in white as a storm moves up the east coast. the federal government shut down its offices across d.c. and many schools in the area either closed or have delayed openings. and the snow is also coming down in new york. this is what it looks like in times square. as you can see, it's already sticking to the sidewalks and some of the roads setting the stage for a treacherous morning commute. abc's susan saulny has more. >> reporter: overnight snow falling here in the nation's capital. president obama getting a taste on his return to washington. today more record-shattering snow and winter storm warnings in 20 frigid states. across new england, the snow is piling up on roofs.
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>> everyone is just freaking out. >> reporter: with good reason. on a 1600-square-foot home a foot of light snow can weigh up to 2.5 tons but the same amount of heavy, wet snow can weigh up to tons putting a strain on the roof below. >> the beams started to collapse and split and fall into the attic. >> reporter: the roof of this massachusetts lowe's hardware store collapsed. even one of the wonders of the world, niagara falls, a frozen wonderland. visitors braved a temperature of minus 13 degrees to see it. >> well, it's beautiful. it's worth braving the cold. >> reporter: so far the south had been largely spared from the worst of winter but no more. a mix of sleet and freezing rain across the region is making roads treacherous and knocked out power to thousands. residents in waldorf, maryland, stocked up at supermarkets. >> it's a mad house. >> the rehman here is expecting up to 8 inches of snow. the mayor of washington declared a snow emergency and asked people to stay off the roads. susan saulny, abc news,
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washington. and check out these tv news crews in hampton, virginia. they got a firsthand look at just how dangerous those slick roads can be. >> their camera rolling during live coverage when a suv slammed into another car. the suv finally came to a stop just inches away from the camera. more now on the track of the storm. those unbearable windchills. >> our coverage continues with accuweather's justin povick. justin, good morning. >> ryan, reena, thanks. and good morning to you. a slippery start for many people throughout the middle atlantic and the northeast. not a big snowstorm for new england. we're on the northern fringe here around new york city and boston with a couple of inches of snow on the average. southbound, southern suburbs towards baltimore and d.c. here's where we're digging out under half a foot or more of powder. yes, it will be slow early on but we'll gradually improve throughout the day as sunshine returns. over the southeast, but maybe not a lot of sunshine into the sunshine state of florida.
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there will be welcome rains around tampa, ft. myers, orlando and jacksonville, a couple of travel delays along interstate 75 and i-95 and out west here we go once again, high pressure in control. lots of sunshine. ryan and reena, back to you. >> thanks, justin. those winter storm conditions may have played a role in this. the derailment in west virginia of a train with more than 100 tanker cars full of crude oil causing a massive fireball. the derail mentment happened during a snowstorm and sent at least one tanker into a river igniting at least 14 in all. >> the cars were exploding, and it was a considerable amount of fire. we could see it from a mile away. >> hundreds of families were evacuated. one person being treated for potential inhalation issues but no other injuries were reported. two water treatment plants have been shut down just as a precaution. breaking overnight a major roadblock to president obama's executive action on immigration. a federal judge in texas has temporarily blocked enforcement of the order after a lawsuit
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filed by texas and 25 other states. the president's order would have protected millions here illegally from being depored and an immigration advocacy group calls it political and predicts it will be overturned. tens of thousands gathered in copenhagen to remember a pair of terror attacks. it took place outside of the cultural center where gunmen shot through the windows during a panel discussion on freedom of expression. police say the 22-year-old suspect behind denmark's deadliest spree in decades had just been released for prison for a knife attack. and egypt is calling on the u.s. and other nations to battle isis in libya after that gruesome video showing the beheading of egyptian christians. abc is not showing the video. pope francis was quick to respond to the deaths calling them a barbaric assassination of innocents merely for being christian. a north carolina man accused of shooting three muslim
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students to death now faces charges of triple homicide. investigators say craig hicks gunned down the victims who were his neighbors in a chapel hill condo complex in a disput over parking spaces. they're still looking into allegations the attack may have been a hate crime. the fbi has now joined the investigation. in the so-called american sniper trial, the jury saw a chilling video that shows accused shooter eddie routh confessing that he killed navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. it also shows the former marine apologizing for what he did. prosecutors could wrap up their case as early as today. and now taking a turn to some fun. so we have to mention that today is mardi gras or fat tuesday. that means more parades with people on floats and throwing beads and other goodies to all those revelers on the sideline. >> four parades will roll out through the streets of the big easy. the forecast says it will be a little chilly but no rain. the exact party -- when the exact party ends is supposed to be midnight. that's when ash wednesday begins.
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well, still ahead, listen up, the bad news just uncovered up, ladies about hot flashes. >> and pressing pause. police under investigation attempting to change dash cam after roughing up a suspect. plus, parking lot ping-pong. the driver's tough time getting out of its space causing major damage.
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so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. welcome back. some major worries as we begin the trading on wall street. stock futures indicating a lower open this morning thanks in part to concerns about europe and demonstrators were on the streets of athen last night supporting the government's
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hard line against european creditors. they basically have given greece an ultimatum to accept a key condition in bailout talks or face its debt commitments on its own. an update on the claims being made against general motors because of defective ignition switches. the company received 75 claims last week pushing the total number to more than 4300 owners seeking payments from gm's $400 million compensation fund for either death or injuries due to those faulty switches. so far 56 deaths have been ruled eligible for payment. and new research on menopause shows hot flashes last about an average of seven years. a diverse new study found women typically have hot flashes and night sweats for about two years before their last period and five years after. overall, black and hispanic women tend to experience symptoms significantly longer than whites and asians. well, the extra day of the holiday weekend was nothing but good news for "fifty shades of grey." through yesterday the movie has brought in more than $94
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million. that makes it the biggest four-day weekend release and the biggest february debut in film history. call it a stroke of marketing genius by universal which bumped the movie's release back from last august. >> whoever did that got a promotion. >> yeah. when we come back, rooftop runway. house to house you see there, the high-flying getaway caught on camera. a whale watching trip turns dangerous when a rogue wave topples a boat a mile offshore. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure.
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. introducing light & fit protein shakes the new way to help make temptations shrink away. with 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 0% fat. new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. recapping our top story, the east coast getting hammered by another powerful storm. here's a live look at the snow coming down this morning in our nation's capital where they're expecting about 7 inches. federal buildings and many schools in the area are closed. and new york city is also covered in white this morning. it's already sticking to the
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roads and sidewalks, and while everything looks beautiful now new yorkers can expect a messy morning commute. the storm making for a slick morning commute across much of the northeast. wet roads from florida into the carolinas. a slippery ride with snow showers from kansas and nebraska into the dakotas. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible on the east coast from washington, d.c. into philly, new york and boston. we're getting our first look at a videotape at the heart of a lawsuit filed against the police in st. louis. >> on the tape you could see police making an arrest kicking and tasing the suspect and apparently surprised officers shouting everybody hold up before the camera is shut off. a lawyer for the man being arrested claims the cops used excessive force and this morning the city tells us the officer who turned off the dash cam is being disciplined saying that camera should not have been turned off. new details on the death of a las vegas mother after a road rage confrontation. the victim's son now says he exchanged gunfire with the person who had followed his mother home.
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his mother was shot during that gunfire. she later died. police released this sketch of the suspect still on the loose. and caught on camera in galveston, texas, a group of around 50 motorcyclists riding recklessly on the highway. some were clocked doing more than 120 miles per hour as they tried to avoid police. two bikers crashed, neither suffering serious injuries. police ultimately wrote 28 tickets mostly for minor violations. five bikes were seized and one guy was arrested for not having a license. in wisconsin, this wild scene was caught on cam in a piggy wiggly parking lot. it was actually a wrecking spree. a minivan that went on the wrecking spree after pulling out of a parking lot spotted crashing into a slew of parked cars and by the time it was over ten vehicles were damaged. they believe the driver was suffering from some type of medical emergency. just a reminder to take the gas pump hose out of your car before you pull away. a guy in saudi arabia, too busy, was on his phone to remember to do that. he pulls away causing a raging
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fire at the pump and nearly seriously -- ooh, there you see it. there you see it, the burning -- the attendant there almost. thankfully the man was actually okay because he ran away. >> thank goodness. in fresno california a kidnapping suspect right there led police on a wild chase trying to outrun them by jumping from roof to roof. police say he had broken into a house and threatened to kill the homeowner and got away through the attic when he heard the sirens. take a look. he just keeps going. he was finally tased by an officer and there he is being brought into custody. a whale watching trip turned into a nightmare off the coast of hawaii. 19 passengers and 2 crew members had to be rescued sunday after a large wave broke over the catamaran that they were on. five people including a pregnant woman were dumped into the water. everyone was eventually safely brought back to shore. a baby sea lion who wandered into a southern california apartment complex and couldn't find his way out is in safe
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hands. the weak and wobbly pup was found trying to make his way across some plants near the parking garage. rescuers from the marine animal center were finally able to corral the little guy. >> poor little guy. lance armstrong, switching gears now, has come out on the losing side of a fraud settlement. an arbitration panel has ruled against armstrong and a former team management company. the ruling calls on them to pay $10 million to a promotions company because of armstrong's use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong's lawyer says the ruling won't stand and will be overturned by a judge. well, to assure spring is coming, you should know the first official major league pitchers and catchers spring training workouts will take place on thursday. so we're getting there. >> as for indoor sports played last night, we get our highlights from espn. he's stan, i'm neil. it's monday leading into tuesday. we had some great basketball. a big monday, okay. yeah, kansas and west virginia from the big 12, boy, this came down to the final
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seconds. 8.3 to go. west virginia down one. juwan staten, look at the spin move to get there. kansas downcourt. perry ellis quickly up ahead of everybody. all he has to do is make the layup. off the back of the rim. look at how close he was to winning it. but instead it's west virginia, big win for them to get to 20 wins on the season and beat kansas in morgantown for the second straight year. 19 butler at creighton. butler just had that tough loss at home. seven seconds to play. we're tied. roosevelt jones told the coach, hey, i got this. i got this. take another look. his friends, they call him mr. glass. last chance inbound for creighton. two-point game, no. butler wins by two. >> i'm ready for the tournament now. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> just around the corner. about a month away here. >> yeah.
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>> yep. we're going to the duke game. >> yeah. >> him and me. we won't be here all week. >> sounds like a good reason. >> exactly. up next in "the pulse," mama monster's big announcement from bad romance to finding true love. is lady gaga about to walk down the aisle? and don't even bother coming here. the city's tourism website that admits it's just too cold to visit. it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® comes in flextouch® the only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®
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♪ all right, time now to check out "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about and first we start with lady gaga. >> yes, officially off the market. the singer who once sang of bad romance has apparently found love with chicago actor taylor kinney. the couple met in 2011 on the set of one of her videos and they were engaged over the weekend. >> gaga spreading the news on instagram posting this photo saying "he gave me his heart on valentine's and i said yes." that eye-popping ring said to be worth about $500,000. ooh. he's doing well on that show. motorists traveling on a busy northern california highway got an eyeful of the racy "fifty shades of grey" whether they wanted to or not. >> it turns out the r-rated erotic thriller was being shown on a giant drive-in screen. this happened in sacramento just as carloads of families were
4:23 am
returning from the mountains after a long holiday weekend. as you can imagine that sparked plenty of complaints. so far no response from the management of the drive-in but i think those parents were none too happy. >> i guess some kids got to see an r-rated movie they weren't supposed to. >> yeah! ithaca new york has surrendered to winter. check out its message on its website urging people to visit the florida keys instead. >> put the line right through your town's name. the pop-up winter says winter you win. that includes a screen shot of the tourism website for the florida keys with an image of visitors enjoying a nice day on the beach. temperature in the keys by the way, around 70 and it's less than 5 in ithaca. ouch. >> i would say that the keys might return the favor but it's never a bad time to visit the keys. >> no exactly. >> not going to happen. finally the utah woman who calls catching the bride's wedding bouquet her sport. wedding videos show jamie
4:24 am
jackson in action. >> it's incredible. >> there you go. wow, she's fast. says it's where you stand in the crowd. check her out. like m.j. and jackson knows what she's talking about. she's caught 46 bouquets since 1996. she keeps them all in a cabinet at her home. >> slightly disturbing. >> these fast. >> jackson has submitted a claim to the guinness book of world records, the current holder is 11. she calls herself a good luck charm. all of but two brides are still married and she is single. >> there it goes. >> that's how you do it. oh sorry. there you go. >> thank you. >> you really like this? >> she got me inspired. i don't know. pulled ow the competitor's spirit. >> think you can do it twice. >> i'm going to go wide. >> there we go. your local news is next. for some. for everyone else "america this morning" continues after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. it is 4:28. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> it is looks like summer outside. good morning everyone. you can see the low visibility because of the cloud deck that came back as we talked about. we will look from the camera. the clouds are love everring over san -- are hovering over san francisco. by noon we are in the mid-50s to 60 with clearing breaking out inland. the clouds are at the cost by 4:00 and mid-50's and the clouds rollback in the evening hours. >> hopefully the fog of doom
4:29 am
gloom is not affecting the roads. >> so far so good. the bay bridge toll plaza shows not too bad. we have pretty clear conditions from the east bay. walnut creek is accident free with only long-term construction. i will tell you where that is coming up. >> now breaking news, the coast guard and local agencies are searching the waters near sfo for a missing fisherman. who others with him have been found. matt keller is in south san francisco. matt? >> this is turning into a tragic and sad story out here in south san francisco. i will step out of the way so you can see who is in, the fire south san francisco police and other agencies in the water. menlo park has an airboat in the water and the coast guard was
4:30 am
searching with a helicopter. they are going to stop the search to refuel the boats and bring in the personnel and switch them out with other crews coming in. they will have better luck when the sunlight comes out. they will wait for that. we talked to the family who is out here and they said this is turned into a sad situation. yesterday at 9:00 a family member called another family member and said that two members of their family a nephew and uncle were out on the water in a 12' canoe and the younger man, 22 years old, had a girlfriend with him so there were three people on the boat and they ended up in the water. 9 search began at 10:20 when the fire department was notified the people hat not returned. at 1:00 o'clock, after 1:00 o'clock, the woman was fund and she was taken to the hospital. she will be okay. she was responsive to firefighters and rescue


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