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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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down at market. firefighters have contained the blaze at 15th and church, involving three apartment buildings. but the blaze started at 4:15 this afternoon, quickly went to three alarms, smoke and flames got very intense. wind doze at one of the apartment buildings a victorian apartment house were completely blown out. one firefighter on scene suffered smoke inhalation and he will be okay. no injuries to tenants at this point. a dozen people got out but a house cat was found in one unit, suffering from smoke inhalation. it was unresponsive for quite a while, but was given oxygen by emts at the scene and revived. the owner of one of the ground floor minimarts got out just in time. >> come running, there is a fire and right away the electric cut off.
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i good outside. big flame and fire. i call 9-1-1 and i was -- damage inside. >> heavy fire second and third floor in this building second and third floor in that building. >> they did an aggressive interior attack. >> the firefighters did what they could to stop the fire but there was extensive damage to at least six units in the building locate at 15th and church. red cross on scene tonight to help those who have been displaced. cause of this blaze still under investigation. we're live in san francisco tonight-cornell bernard, abc7 news. another fire last month in the mission district killed one man and injured six others. 40 people were forced from their homes, recent reports say the building did not have sprinklers on two residential floors and at least two exits were blocked.
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we're also following breaking news out of san jose, two pedestrians hit bay driver after a series of crashes. lisa amin gulezian is live in east san jose with details. >> reporter: this is a massive crime scene. it involves three crash sites as you mentioned. behind me right now police are trying to recreate what happened, burt it all start when the suspect trove out of the parking lot of this liquor store on white road. he then swerved right into the silver sedan that was driving in the opposite direction. there was a family inside of that car, but police tell me everyone is all right. but the suspect kept driving northbound and then crashed into a couple that was selling fruit from a cart in a parking lot of the gas station. the husband and wife team are here every afternoon, and had just set up their stand when they were hit. the man is in critical condition while his wife is in serious condition. the suspect then made a right turn on mount vista drive, hit a pole drove on to the sidewalk,
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and eventually slammed into a parked suv and then stopped. >> potentially have somebody that is driving under the influence, causing injury to somebody and doesn't stay the scene, so there's multiple felony charges that potentially are related to this and then obviously two people are injured. >> reporter: police arrived soon after the final crash. they found the driver standing outside of his car and as the lieutenant mentioned they think he was under the influence. the suspect is in custody and is being evaluated at valley medical center while the couple is being treated at regional medical center. live now. the suspect is a man in his 20s and likely faces charges of hit-and-run and drinking and driving. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you lisa. a child was taken to the hospital this afternoon after a muni bus accident. it happened around 3:00 p.m. in front of san francisco's ferry
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building. muni says the child lost control while riding a bike fell against the bus and injured a hand. hayward police need help identifying a suspect who tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. this is a police sketch of the suspect. the girl says he tried to pull her into his car just after 3:00 p.m. on friday, at ebony way and joshua street. she was able to fight back and ran to a neighbor's house for help. the suspect was driving a white sedan, wearing a green hoodie, black knee length shorts and black socks. tonight, 29 west coast ports will be fully staffed again. employers have blocked work on the weekends to keep from paying wages during the union contract dispute. last night both sides came to a tentative agreement. sir gentlemen quintana is live at the port of oakland with more. >> reporter: the port of oakland is usually pretty slow on saturday nights but according to the shipping companies and the union representing the dockworkers, work should rev up this evening to start digging out from the backlog of ships
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out here waiting to be offloaded. we drove around the point today. i counted eight ships just like that one filled with shipping containers. now, it is not yet clear how long to the ships have been wait fog offload but it's clear there was no activity here at all this afternoon. a union spokesman says a full dispatch has been sent out for shifts to begin at 7:00 p.m. testimony and continue through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the last few weeks have seen these nine-month contract talks grind nearly to a halt, with millions of dollars of cargo caught in the middle in ports up and down the pacific coast. some, like california's fame muse oranges, were often spoiling before getting to asia customers. last night with the intervention of the labor secretary, tommer perez, a tentative agreement was been reached. >> we'll every resolve our differences in california or they would be summoned to washington, dc next week to
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continue negotiations at the white house. >> the companies have committed to re-open the ports open the doors, get all the ship u shifts working so the workers can get in there and make sure that folks get the containers they've been waiting so long for. >> reporter: the deal includes a dollar per hour raise for each year -- each year for in the next five years and a continuation of nearly free health insurance but the final contract needs to be ratified by the rank and file of the ilw and that vote should happen next month. i talked briefly this afternoon with a truck driver who tells me if the union workers come in they'll likely start offloading the ships and stacking them and then truck drivers show up monday morning to start hauling them away. reporting live at the port of oakland, abc7 news. >> crews in san francisco are rushing to clean up a water main break. happened at grove and franklin streets near the civic center. the gushing water mixed with
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dirt from street construction making a muddy mace. the symphony hall was not damaged and tonight's show will go on as scheduled. tonight's oscar nominees are in los angeles getting ready for the biggest night in the movie industry, that includes a bay area man whose documentary short has a chance to earn him a statuette. katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: as much as we love it here on the red carpet we actually took a detour for a great cause today to the writers guild theater in beverly hills. that's where stanford perhaps, current lay palo alto resident is screening his oscar nominated documentary short, white arc. with his documentary, white earth, playing on the silver screen, j. christian jensen watches from the back of the
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theater. >> i never fathomed my student film would ever reach the oscars. >> but it has. the 20-minute short chronicles the oil boom in north dakota as seen through the eyes of might grandchildren. their stories are raw, the images are haunting. it's exactly the kind of film embrace build the international documentary association. >> to bring attention to stories which i think are critical for an informed, intelligent connected electorate. >> jensen spent nine months in north dakota making his movie. hi he is not from there or the bay area, burt he concedes he is now a californian, living in palo alto and teaching at stanford. >> i'm a huge fan of stanford and the film program is second to none. so i feel like i've been embrace it by the bay area, and i have green a lot there as a filmmaker. >> from student film to an academy award nomination, bringing with it exposure and a walk down the red carpet. >> i rented a tux and i am
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hoping -- i didn't get it right at the prom and didn't get it right at my wedding so this is maybe my chance to finally look smart in a tuxedo. >> reporter: we're definitely rooting for him. hope you are as well. very nice and talented guy. for the future, he says right now mostly plans to continue teaching but would like to do a feature length documentary and right this second on the red carpet basically, we're waiting for rain. live in hollywood, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> sleeveless and waiting for rain. we have to get her a poncho out there. thank you so much. tomorrow is oscar sunday here on abc7. our live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with "on the red carpet." at 4:00 see what the stars are wearing, and then at 5:30, watch who win as neil patrick harris hosts the oscars.
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still ahead at 6:00 computermaker len le in ovo takes steps to help customers who might be vulnerable to hackers. >> boosting cell phone coverage in san francisco without dramaticking from the scenic streets. >> i'm drew tuma. the sun is setting on a mild saturday but winds of change are on the way for cooler numbers to round out the
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computermaker lenovo has released a tool that will help remove preinstalled ad ware. he said i.s. it disabled the program from some of its notebook devices. the company released a patch to remove it from previously purchased computers. they scan images seep on web browser, security experts found it could allow hackers to steal users da data. verizon hopes to boost cell phone coverage in san francisco. as building grows it becomes more difficult for signals to find their way to foam. a tech web site reports this spring verizon will add 400 small cells to existing utility poles in the busiest neighborhoods. small cells cover less area than
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traditional cells but their size will have less impact on the scenic city. up next at 6:00, could winter weather be on its way? meteorologist drew tuma will have the forecast. sharks and kings, levi's stadium and outdoor hockey. cal and stanford, big-game basketba
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another february day in the bay area and more -- drew tuma joins us now. >> it's going to be the trend we have for at least a couple days. live doppler 7hd is going to show you nothing but clear skies overhead. so we'll take you outside. folks taking a stroll around lake merritt. the high today in oakland, 71 degrees, ten degrees above normal. we have dropped back to 57 in oakland, currently 56 in san francisco. a 55 in napa, danville, 57. satellite and radar shows you this void of cloud cover right off the coast. that's where the high pressure
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is anchored currently and that's why we have the mild conditions and also dry weather put we're watching now some snow showers gathering around salt lake. this is a system that is diving out of canada and will scrape by the region over the next 24 ours. so looking at the future forecast, overnight tonight, the clouds thicken across the bay perhaps early sunday morning 3:00 as many of us will be sleeping. there could be a light sprinkle but for sunday, sunshine on the way, if your travels take you south of san jose, could hit a sprinkle but we're not tracking wet weather unfortunately for sunday. but we are finding showers on the red carpet in l.a. for oscar sunday tomorrow. a chance of rain. temperatures in the 60s by 2:00 and falling back into the upper 50s as ceremonies jet underway at 5:00 a.m. a little built of snow to talk about in the sierra, not a big storm put generally one to two inches, perhaps up to four
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inches above 5,000 feet. locally, winds will crank sunday afternoon. 6:00, wind gusts of 38 miles-per-hour. 36 in fairfield. that's going to usher in relatively cooler temperatures tomorrow. feeling a bit more like winter than today. overnight lows 40 for napa, under clear skies. 48 in palo alto mainly cloudy skies, 47 in oakland 45, con considered, for sunday the mainly sunny day, but we're breezy and that breeze will mix up or atmosphere and keep the temperatures rather unform across the entire bay area. mid-60s in many spots tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow calling for a breezy afternoon. on monday we're talk can at least cooler winter-like numbers with morning fog. the fog could linger into tuesday morning, and then warming trend. it's sunny on wednesday this temperatures on the rise friday, sun and includeds and saturday, it's cloudy and cool.
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>> if we told somebody on the east coast 66 feels like winter here in the bay area they would hit us of the head with a bat. thank you. >> a lot of people heading to an outdoor hockey game in shorts. >> sharks and kings one of the biggest rivalries in sports, tonight on the world stage. 69,000 screaming fans at levi's stadium ready for the game. colin rush is live at the stadium series and colin has a special guest who likes contact. >> just over 30 minutes away from the first ever outdoor nhl hockey game in northern california history. the nhl had strict rules for live shots. we're in the press box. look who i just ran into
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robert, the goes guerrero, big sharks fan. >> definitely. >> you're here to be entertained for this game but you have to provide the entertain independent about two weeks. mgm grand las vegas you're back in the ring. you have never been knocked out. >> never again knocked out god willingful but he's a strike fighter, fast, slick, have to be ready for him though. >> i've been preparing very well and i'm excited. i can't wait to get in the ring with keith. >> you fought mayweather a couple years ago. your confidence sky high. >> not worried, just ready. >> now, robert is ready. the sharks need to be ready. of course playing the kings tonight. the sharks have lost 7-10 the kings have won six in a row, how to just two points behind san jose in the west.
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>> time to go play hockey, and after the game, you can enjoy it, but first it's a hockey game to win. >> a very important game. the way we have been playing the way we want to the past few games, certainly a big game in the standings so we'll have to bring our "a" game. >> i need other prediction from you. what's the score in tonight's game? >> i'd say 2-0. 2 or tonight. >> shutout. he's going nemo with the shut you. robert, thank you for joining us. i'll be back at 11:00 complete post game reaction. sharks kings. reporting live from levi's stadium, abc7 sports. >> all right. thank you, alcoholic college hoops. big game action. cal and stanford. jim plunkett in the house.
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the dish to allen for the bucket. stanford takes the 12-point halftime lead. brown the three and the foul. he has 16 points and 11 boards, and the setback j. he had 19. stanford wins big. usf hosted by pepperdine. dirkson trying to will his team to victory. cruz pick him. only bucket of the game. ices it. drives the hoop, lays it in. usf wins third straight winch this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. i know you're looking forward to the hockey game. >> yes, going to be cool. next at 6:00 a celebration of the century-old world event, the great news for direct tv
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customers. you can use watch abc to watch shows live. visit or search abc tv in your app store.
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20 we'll have updates on the mission district fire. and california delivered less than half of the federal aid it received to happen in the housing crisis. >> then at 11:00 here on channel 7, dialing up confusion. the problems with todays changes and how calls are made in the 415 area code. >> the centennial celebration continues at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. more than a thousand people came out for the 100 year anniversary of the panama pacific international exposition. cheryl jennings emceed today. inside memorabilia from the 1915 worlds fair, including a ford model t made famous by ford motor company and its its founder, henry ford, whose
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great-great grandson attended today's event. >> tomorrow, breezy in the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s for oscar sunday. brief taste of winter and then next week back into the 70s. >> thank you and that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. have great night. go sharks.
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