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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning, america. happening now, crippling cold. more snow and ice from dallas to atlanta. cars and trucks pinballing off slick gripping 27 states. temperatures even lower than last week. the latest from accuweather. breaking now, night light. the mystery object speeding low across the sky. was it a meteor or something else? breakthrough radical new advice for parents hoping to prevent deadly peanut allergies in kids. could eating peanuts actually prevent peanut allergies? on fire the burger that burns with every bite. is this the hottest hamburger on earth? good tuesday morning.
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i'm ryan smith. t.j. holmes is on assignment. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the extreme conditions more arctic air for dozens of states. among the hundreds skidding and sliding was this jet in the dallas/ft. worth airport. it slipped and got stuck in grass overnight. >> there's more of the same in store for a part of the country that rarely sees winter weather like this. our coverage begins with abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: a 2,000-mile behemoth of a winter storm is blasting arctic air from denver to dallas california to the carolinas. paralyzing entire regions of the u.s. so many drivers losing control like this truck slipping and sliding and ultimately crashing. >> he should have not slammed on his brakes but like everybody that gets on a bridge he slammed on his brakes. >> reporter: winter storm warnings not sparing the deep south, louisiana and mis, or the west las vegas is even seeing a
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rare dusting of snow. the storm announced its arrival in dallas/ft. worth in thunder sleet. that's a thunderstorm with freezing rain. 37 cars piled up in amarillo. slick roads turned big rigs into 15,000-pound hockey pucks. state troopers across the storm zone continue to worry about drivers getting stuck. >> looking for people stranded. >> reporter: around new england after a brief flirtation with warmer temperatures and sunshine arctic air is returning. in new york state, this man suffered a head injury after a chunk of ice from a big rig smashed through his wi windshield. >> i would say a foot long probably half a foot wide like this. a good slab. >> reporter: a warning to drivers everywhere as winter keeps a tight grip on much of the country, susan saulny, abc news, washington. >> yeah, speaking of tight grip there are signs winter might not let go that soon. more than half of lake michigan
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iced over and 85% of all the great lakes. >> meteorologists warn that could mean we're in for a cooler than average spring. let's get the shorter range forecast from accuweather's justin povick. good morning, justin. >> reena and ryan, thanks. and good morning. the north again shivering on this tuesday morning. but the southeast on the other hand dealing with rain and also some wet snow. slippery travel along 40 from asheville to raleigh. south it's a wintry mix around columbia and southern suburbs of atlanta all the way toward i-10 as a chilly rain and there will be travel delays associated with that. look at the cold to come. again, tuesday right that late week. reena and ryan, back to you. >> thanks, justin. another winter concern, road salt used in the recent snowstorms has made its way into the water supply near philadelphia. yeah, road salt. >> yes, residents in several towns have complained that their drinking water tastes salty. the water company has acknowledged runoff of the road salting is to blame but
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officials insist the water has been treated and is safe to drink. well, in washington a compromise could be in the works to resolve a standoff over funding for the department of homeland security. leading senate republicans are suggesting splitting president obama's contested immigration measures from the agency's funding bill. those amendments have been at the center of the showdone. if there's no deal funding for the department will run out friday at midnight. overseas and the latest on the war on isis. the new pentagon chief is calling top u.s. commanders and diplomats together in kuwait to map out a battle plan against the terror group. at the end of the six-hour session secretary ashton carter declared isis hardly invincible but gave no hint of any major change in u.s. policy. the head of the v.a. is apologizing after falsely saying he served in the special forces. secretary robert mcdonald made the comment last month while talking to a veteran. he apologized last night saying his comments were inaccurate. the apology was quickly acknowledged by the white house. a manhunt continues this morning for at least three people behind a bizarre home invasion.
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>> a connecticut bank executive and his family were terrorized, strapped with what appeared to be explosives. it was all part of an apparent scheme to rob a credit union. for more details, here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: police descending on a quiet connecticut community after a mother and her adult son were allegedly held hostage with in an elaborate bank robbery scheme with threats that they would both be killed with explosives. >> there's no question that this was a very scary situation. >> reporter: a neighborhood evacuated. schools on lockdown. traffic at a standstill as parts of new britain, connecticut, essentially shut down. it began right here in another quiet town, bristol, connecticut. police responding at 8:00 a.m. to reports of a home invasion. sources say the 70-year-old sources say the 70-year-old mother was tied to a bed and that some sort of device was placed under it. the son, a bank executive, was reportedly taken 20 minutes away to achieve financial financial credit union threatened that a device under mom's bed would be detonated if he didn't get them cash. the man somehow alerting a colleague who called police.
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the alleged crooks got away and by noon, authorities declared the devices safe. both mom and son unhurt. a community on edge and the search is on for the suspects. gio benitez, abc news, new britain, connecticut. a surprising twist in the las vegas road rage shooting. the suspect made his first court appearance and the 19-year-old's attorney says his client felt threatened by the woman who died and feared for his life. the victim's husband agrees it was not road rage, he says it was murder. police say there was a confrontation after a short car chase that ended in a dead end. the suspect and the victim were neighbors. authorities are trying to determine the source of a party drug molly that sent at least ten wesleyan students to the hospital. the university's president is urging students to turn in campus drug dealers. at least four people still in the hospital. molly is a refined form of the synthetic drug ecstasy. the school faced a similar scare in september.
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well, starting today smoking marijuana for nonmedical purposes is legal in alaska. the law allows alaskans to smoke, grow and possess limited amounts of the drug in nonpublic places but buying and selling pot is still against the law. >> lawmakers are still trying to work out how to tax and regulate the industry. well, coming up, where to find free doughnuts this morning. plus the incredible crash caught on camera. a car flying off that interstate. and the first grader needing a kidney having to look no further than his teacher for a perfect match.
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the obama administration is
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offering a new plan to help you keep more of your retirement savings. it's a rule that would require brokers to disclose any fees or payments they receive for recommending certain investments. brokers would be required to put their clients' interests first. industry officials say enough safeguards are already in place. it could be months before the new rule is implemented. paying by google wallet is about to get easier on your smartphone. google has struck a deal with soft card a mobile payment voft ware developer owned by the three biggest wireless carriers. not only is a google wallet getting some of soft card's technology, the google app will now be preinstalled on android phones from at&t, verizon and t-mobile. target is one-upping its competitors slashing the minimum order for free shipping in half. customers will now qualify for free shipping by spending just $25 on online orders. walmart and amazon are expected to follow suit and some experts believe in a few years retailers will do away with
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charge are for shipping altogether. well, coming soon from apple, ethnically diverse emoji characters. the male and female faces as well as the thumb ss up and thumbs down icons will be available in six different skin tones. others including the princess and construction workers will also get more diverse options. the new icons won't be available until apple updates ios later this year. here's our favorite story. krispy kreme marking the opening of its 1,000th store by giving away free doughnuts. >> and all of a sudden i'm getting hungry. today every krispy kreme location is handing out one free original glazed doughnut to its first 1,000 customers. >> the 1000st store in kansas city kansas, the first person through the door there will get a free dozen doughnuts every week for a year. >> you know who's very happy about this? >> me. >> you.
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>> and who else? >> you'll have to go to penn station for one, right? also our d.c. bureau. >> or load up the private plane and fly to kansas. >> of course. your private plane, not mine. when we come back, attention, parents, new advice when it comes to peanut allergies and your kids. details of a successful overnight rescue mission in florida. which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools so you only pay for what's right for you which saves money. they settle claims quickly which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save. because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. oh, boy, the flames and smoke could be seen for miles around in southern new jersey not far from philadelphia. a attacker truck overturned on an exit ramp and thousands of gallons of gas ignited. the driver and a firefighter were injured. nearby residents were allowed back into their homes after a few hours. now for a look at morning road conditions snow around the great lakes and in atlanta, further south roads will be wet along the gulf coast and icy from dallas eastward. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in atlanta and dallas. both major hubs. back to the news now with a breakthrough in preventing peanut i willallergyies in children.
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>> exposing infants to peanuts before age 1 helped prevent a peanut allergy. lowering that risk by as much as 81%. dr. richard besser says this one is a game changer. >> if your child already has food allergies they need to get skin tested before you introduce peanuts but for every other child you want to make sure when you start them on solid foods they get a wide variety. stopping these foods, not exposing them could be the biggest risk of all. >> they're the leading cause of food allergy severe reactions and deaths. unlike many other reactions this is not outgrown. two remarkable children were making a more remarkable recovery. >> in a first of its kind 26-hour surgery. more than two dozen doctors and nurses separated 10-month-old conjoined twins. the girls shared several major organs including lungs, liver,
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intestines colon, pelvis and even the lining of the heart. while the surgery was successful they have a long road ahead. there's to date for their release from the hospital. a first grader in texas is about to get a new kidney after a nationwide search and it turns out matthew parker's perfect match was right in front of him. his first grade teacher. lindsay painter was the only match out of more than 70 potential donors and she said it was meant to be. he's been on dialysis for two years. the transplant scheduled next month. a developing story from florida. the dramatic of a dozen trapped manatees. 17 of the animals became stuck in a drainpipe in a residential area of satellite beach. rescue team from seaworld joined by local fire crews and other agencies have now freed all of the man fatherties. an endangered species they are often attracted to the warmer water in dine pipes during the winter months. a terrifying crash caught on
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tape in boston. you can see a pickup truck slamming into a light pole and exit sign. it plunges to the roadway below. seconds later oncoming cars avoid another accident by hitting their brakes. the driver survived. he's been charged with drunk driving. another out of control pickup truck at the center of a high-speed chase in southern california. it started late last night in san fernando valley with a truck going as fast as 135 miles an hour. the driver led police on to at least three freeways and residential neighborhoods weaving in and out of traffic even hitting a pedestrian. police finally rammed the truck causing it to lose control and slam into a car. the driver surrendered after a 30-minute standoff. >> taking a look at these. terrifying moments for patrons at a florida restaurant after a boat smashing into it. the boat crashed so far into the restaurant that it was barely visible from the outside. witnesses say they heard a loud crash and saw people running
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from the scene. seven people were on board when it crashed. two suffered minor injuries. authorities say fog played a role in the crash. now sports starting with seattle seahawks star marshawn lynch. you may remember his super bowl media day appearance in which he repeated the phrase "i'm here so i won't get fined" more than 20 times. >> lynch is now seeking to patent that phrase for use on items in his beast mode clothing line. those items expected to be on sale within a month. now it's time for hoops. >> some monday night madness on the college courts. we'll get the highlights from espn. >> he's stan verrett. i'm chris hassel. they're partying in manhattan. >> manhattan, kansas. not much success against their in-state rivals. in fact they lost 49 of the last 53 against the jayhawks. kansas state up 4, nino williams
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had 15. nigel johnson had 20. and kansas state storms the court. they win it 70-63. over the jayhawks. wild finish down the stretch in the atl. 29 to play louisville beating georgia tech by two. onowaku misses at the line. the hunt for the yellow jacks goes all the way and ties it up with 24 to play. no time-outs left. rick pitino wants terry roseier to slow it down. he doesn't listen. he makes the right choice because he scored and georgia tech turns it over on the other end and louisville hangs on for the one-point win avoiding disaster. >> can you tell it's almost tournament time? >> oh yeah, last monday in february. the madness is coming, stan. >> all we got. >> janonu onawaku.
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♪ time to check "the pulse," social media is abuzz with reports of a possible celestial phenomenon in the west. >> some describing it as a bright slow moving object similar to a comet. others calling it a meteor but nothing confirmed. >> aliens? hmm. seen in salt lake city and well into canada and may be a disintegrating chinese rocket that launched a satellite back in december. next to some we know john
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legend won an oscar for this song. ♪ one day with the glory comes it'll be ours ♪ ♪ it'll be ours ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ glory ♪ >> brought down the house complete with people walking across that design of the bridge there. sunday that's "gore" that soaring track if "selma." what we're finding out now what they were caught doing with the brand-new golden statuette. >> legend and chrissy teigen couldn't resist cozying up with oscar in bed. >> that's nice. in this picture pretty much says it all, common after a tough night sacked out on the couch. what do you do when you do that oscar has to watch over you. >> a late night and where are you going to put oscar? next to you. >> that's right. guarding you. >> exactly. >> who needs security. the owner of an iowa restaurant is seeking a new guinness record for what he says
4:24 am
is the hottest burger in the world. >> the hellfire burger includes hot pepper relish infused with cayenne pepper chili extract topped with hellfire sauce and grain alcohol which, of course boom set on fire. oh. customers sign a waiver before digging in. reporter bradley smith of our cedar rapids station did just that. >> the possible loss of life part scares me. woo! wow! these are fogging up. i'm going to take these off. ooh. that one really stung on the lips there. >> oh. talk about taking one for the team. >> oh. >> great going by reporter brady smith. he actually finished the whole thing. the furger's creator says it's not called the hellfire burger for nothing. >> did he just eat the fire. >> sounds like he did. >> i'd do anything for a story. that's my limit. i would never go there. >> i would be the first one to
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 4:28. thank you pore joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. >> my hands are chapped. >> anyone else? >> ouch! >> good morning. it is dry 18 degrees cooler this morning. our winds are light and variable. in the forecast i will show you how much lighter the winds are 12 how day planner we are in the mid-30's to mid-40s. grab a heavier court. by noon at 60, and total sunshine this afternoon and grab a coat this morning. low-to-mid 50s. we will talk about a chance for rain friday and saturday in the forecast. >> the cars will be cold to get
4:29 am
interest this morning. >> you will need the seat warmers. the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is smooth there and we do not have any backups with the checks of cars in the lanes. you are in fine shape. as we take to you san jose the drive is quiet on 87 near julian street at the tank and southbound traffic is negligible. >> it is 4:29. we have developing news construction crews are working through the night to repair a caltrain crossing damaged in a fatal collision. what does it meet for the commute? matt keller has more from menlo park. matt? >> it will not be good news driving this morning. you can see the workers are still here trying to get this crossing up and so they can open it up to traffic. i smoke with the supervisor and i asked how long it will take. he said he doesn't know. he is just going to wait-and-see how it goes before he gives an
4:30 am
estimate. another worker expects it to take as long as the morning commute. it will be closed that long. here is video of year's crash, a car was hit by a southbound express moving at 79 miles per hour. crews extricated the 30-year-old female driver from the passenger side of the vehicle and pushed her to the hospital. she die add short time later. reports indicate the railroad gate crossing was working. >> not far from the street and when the light is red cars back up across the tracks and what happened is one person stopped on the tracks. >> 400 passengers were on the train that made impact. the train suffered significant damage no one was injured. thousands of additional commuters dealt with delays and caltrain resumes service on a single track through the area. another deadly accident happened in san francisco an out of


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