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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i hear boom boom boom and hit my car. and i look back. >> at least 12 cars involved in a deadly collision in the east bay. one person is killed and a freeway is shut down for hours. good evening, everyone i'm katie mar zulzulla. lisa? >> reporter: katie it really has been a rough night for drivers on 580 east heading into livermore. in fact, the traffic was backed up until 9:30 tonight. but right now it's smooth sailing. it was all because of a massive pileup that happened five and a half hours earlier.
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>> it was pretty chaotic. they were getting calls 15 16 vehicles. >> reporter: this is what emergency crews rolled up to about 4:00 this afternoon. cars piled up one on top of another. broken glass and fear across the highway. it all started when a few cars rear-ended each other. no one was seriously hurt there. but then a backup started. and that's when the real trouble began. >> when my car hit, boom and i see the whole back broken off. and i was like, oh wow. we just kind of panicked and jumped out. >> reporter: one by one, the cars piled up again. this time the damage was worse. >> we have about seven vehicles in this collision. we have one fatality, one critical injury, was life flighted. and then we have five others just minor injuries. >> reporter: the man in the beige truck died at the scene. medics tried to revive him but couldn't. his passenger was air lifted to
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eden medical center. the other victims were taken to hospitals in stockton and tracy. emergency responders admit the heavy traffic held them up as well. >> very difficult to get here. once we got here and we realized that we had multiple vehicles involved, three or four, it was eight we saw eight here. but we had eight more down below. >> reporter: the cause of the initial crash continues. investigators blamed speed and inattentive drivers for the chain reaction. in livermore abc 7 news. new at 11:00, a contra costa county sheriff's deputy likely saved dozens of teenagers when he noticed the tour bus was on fire around 8:30 tonight. he made sure everyone got out safely. the sheriff's department said the kids are from out of state and on a field trip. seven students were taken to the hospital to be checked out for possible smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. fire crews have knocked down
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a two-alarm fire in san jose. the fire started just before 9:00 on rose creek drive. crews were able to put out the fire by 9:30 and no one was hurt. four police officers are under investigation for racist and homophobic text messages that the chief called disgraceful. court documents show the messages are full of slurs and insults, particularly against black, hispanic and gay people. the texts were released during a bail hearing for former officer ian furminger after his corruption conviction. public defender is calling for an independent investigation. >> we're going to have to look at all the cases, deputy officers were involved in and one of the things that we're entitled under the law is evidence of racial bias when a police officer testifies. so this could have wide-ranging effects on our cases, as well as the criminal justice system. >> chief greg sur said he
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reassigned all four officers with positions with no public contact. he said he will quote seek nothing less than termination for conduct and character incompatible with being a police officer. bay area native and seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch caught on video trying to break up a fight outside a san francisco nightclub last night. he's the one in the baseball cap, is in front of the fusion lounge. a man who was with lynch reportedly got into a fight with a heckler who called lynch a seattle chicken. lynch left the scene. the running back grew up in oakland and starred at cal. turning now to the weather and record heat around the bay area. the sun beat down on san jose today, leading to the hottest march 14th on record. in the east bay lots of people out, walking their dogs biking fishing, sailing. simply enjoying the warm weather. let's head right over to meteorologist drew tuma for a
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first check of weather and live doppler 7 hd. drew? >> record highs in many cities. take a look at this. san jose coming in at 80 degrees. oakland 79. two better than their record. san francisco downtown coming in with a high of 84 degrees, besting the record of 81 set back in 2007. what would be equally as warm for tomorrow. we'll have the forecast in just a few minutes. katie? >> drew, thank you. new at 11:00 a candlelight vigil was held tonight for a napa man who was shot by police as they tried to serve him with a search warrant. 41-year-old jimenez was taken to the hospital but he died last night. >> why did you have to do that to him? >> reporter: friends and family of 41-year-old jimenez held a
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vigil. his mother and sister say this wasn't the first time police had been to their home. >> they had been there a couple weeks before. >> yes. and found nothing. >> and found nothing. >> reporter: and they came back again -- >> and found nothing. >> reporter: the vigil is being held right where hi min easy crashed his motorcycle and shot by police. witnesses told us last night he was actually trying to speed away from police officers from around the corner as they were trying to serve him with a search warrant at his home. following the shooting, napa police chief steve potter immediately expressed remorse that officers shot someone. >> for us these incidents are always tragic. it doesn't matter who the individual is that's involved in it. we don't like to see the loss of life. >> reporter: police were serving a search warrant at hi min easy's home for drugs and gun. when he crashed his vehicle, an officer saw a handgun on him.
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they believe he was about to reach for it. one policeman fired three times. they say a handgun was found on scene. tonight at the vigil they said he did have several run-ins with the law, and was not a bad person and always had time for his nieces and nephews. >> i wouldn't be who i am if it wasn't for him. >> reporter: this fatal shooting is being investigated by the napa sheriff's department. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. new details on the teenager who was severely beaten near the westfield valley fair mall this week. abc 7 news spoke with 17-year-old christian's father tonight. he said his son is showing improvement and responding to his parents' voices. christian has been in a medically's induced sleep. san jose police tell the raznors
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they have surveillance of the suspects in the mall. but they've not been released. dozens of people gathered this afternoon to celebrate the life of a mother shot and killed while protecting their children from gunfire. family and friends came out to remember her and condemn weapons and violence. she was caught in the cross fire in front of her home monday afternoon. 19-year-old anthony sims has been charged with pierce's murder. oakland police are still searching for more suspects. a nearly three-year search for a teenager has ended. they've exhausted all leads in finding sierra lamar last seen on march 16th of 2012. dozens of people have gathered each week to search for lamar. >> instead of regularly scheduled searches we're going to be operating on call if we get a tip or leads that justify another search. we're ready.
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>> garcia torres is in jail accused of abducting and killing lamar. he could face the death penalty. in his first state of the city address, san jose mayor pledged today to increase public safety, keep more kids in school and off the streets address the city's homeless problem and bring more jobs to the city particularly in the east side. >> we can do more to grab san jose's share. we reached out to manufacturers brokers and industry experts to fashion a initiative to overcome the challenges they experience in finding sites and skills to grow here. >> this year's speech was held at a school gym on a weekend. so more people could attend than in years past. the event also featured performances by local artists and students, and included a resource fair with information about city services and jobs. still to come on abc 7 news
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at 11:00, a new twist in the battle against ebola as more american aid workers are rushed back to the u.s. plus celebrateing all things irish. the st. patrick's parade seen right here on abc 7. and
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st. patrick's day isn't until tuesday but people got into the holiday with the st. patrick's day parade. it was hosted by 7 on your side's michael finney. it aired live, and we streamed it online at abc 7 in case you missed it here are
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some of the most memorable irish highlights. in a sea of green it can be hard to tell the spectators from the people in the parade. >> the parade is awesome. it represents of course, st. paddy's day. my favorite city in the world. >> we're natives. we've been coming here. it's a lot of significance. >> the weather certainly cooperated this year. the hot sun forcing kids to cool down with ice cream and dogs to drink bottled water. >> happy st. patrick's day! >> the parade, a treasured tradition in san francisco, that brings out the irish in everyone. >> everyone's having a great time. and it's a great day to be a san franciscan. >> marching down market street, thousands of spectators crowded the sidewalks to get a glimpse of the dancing, the irish pipers marching band and the decorative floats. susan smith watches the parade every year with her family. >> my grandparents are from
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kerri in ireland. it's a lot of fun. every year we have so much fun coming. >> this mom brought her three girls complete with green glitter in their hair. >> we just moved to the san francisco area. we're so happy to be here. >> the grand marshal, local business owner bill duggin. >> i was overwhelmed. >> this year's theme is technology. linking the bay area to ireland. but don't underestimate the simple joy of a song. ♪ >> our viewers have sent us some great pictures from the parade. and if you have pictures to send us, we'd love to share them. e-mail them to u reports. a house party in menlo park tonight to benefit ronald mcdonald house at stanford and its expansion to help more critically ill children and their families.
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cheryl jennings and meteorologist mike nico went to the event which took place on the grounds where the largest of 337 ronald mcdonald houses worldwide will be built. it will more than double the current facility with 67 new private guest rooms for families of children being treated at lucille packard children's hospital. the international celebration of pi day started right here in the bay area in 1988 at the exploratorium in san francisco. pi is the greek letter that symbolizes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. the exploratorium gave away nearly 2,000 slices of pie today and organized dozens of activities for visitors. might have felt good to get inside and out of the sun for a little bit today. it was a hot one drew. >> especially with the temperatures some 20 degrees above normal. as we get into sunday, we'll be
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mild. but not the record warmth we had today. right now, we'll show you the high veil of cloud cover overhead, keeping us on the mild side for the overnight period. look at the highs across the bay area. 82 in santa rosa. 78 in napa. a new record in santa cruz at 89 degrees. fremont nice and toasty with a high this afternoon at 85 degrees. setting records in the temperature department, but also on our way for a potentially the driesty estiest march on record in many locations. san francisco right now is tied for the driest march on record. we've only see .003 of an inch of rain. and the last time we saw that was 1923. oakland international right now on the way to set a new record for driest march. richmond has not seen any measurable rainfall this year. that would tie the record back in 2008. the next seven days no significant storms on the horizon, unfortunately. warm 68 degrees right now in
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downtown san francisco. 72 san carlos. 72 in san jose. antioch with a temperature of 67 degrees. satellite and radar will show you not one but two areas of high pressure supplying us with the warmth today and these are going to ease a little bit to the east tomorrow. the reason why, you look off to the west, we have a slow-moving front that will push the warm air out, and bring back a little bit more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. you do see rain in northern california and even into oregon. unfortunately, high pressure has enough influence on our weather tomorrow that this rain is not going to make its way south into the bay area. once again, the big story tomorrow, the mild temperatures. as we go into sunday afternoon, you do notice we're on the warm side but not as warm as we were today. along the coast we'll get in the mid to upper 60s. inland spots, warm in the mid oi mid-70s. but nowhere near the 80s like we saw tomorrow. san francisco only dropping to 58. oakland 56. san jose 57 for your overnight
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low. as we take a tour of the bay area starting in the south bay tomorrow, san jose will get to 79. 72 for san mateo. 76 the high in menlo park. in the north bay, 73 in cloverdale. 70 for bodega bay. 75 tomorrow in oakland. 75 san leandro. 77 castro valley. inland spots nowhere near the 80s we had today. accuweather forecast shows you the winter warmth continues tomorrow cooling relatively speaking on monday. st. patrick's day sunshine and clouds, still above normal. the patter changes, a little change wednesday into thursday. spring officially begins friday at 3:45 in the afternoon. and mainly cloudy on saturday. i think mother nature a little
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confused on her season. so mild and dry in the next seven days. >> thank you, drew. still to come this is more than a dog. he's a hero. next how he
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a stray dog in dallas, texas, spent weeks on the lam and one day he wouldn't stop barking. now rescuers know why. a dog behaviorist suggested they follow him. when they did he led them right to a mother and her ten puppies. deep in the woods. the dogs were shivering, the mom was exhausted. but now all the dogs are safe and warm in a foster home. real-life lassie. a makeover for three classic comic book characters, superman wonder woman and archie debuted their fresh looks this week. wonder woman is back to wearing pants. superman is cool and casual with a t-shirt and jeans.
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as for archie he's getting ready piby debuting a modern look veronica won't be able to ignore. happy birthday to steph curry. youngster. >> steph curry celebrated his 27th.
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steph curry celebrating his 27th birthday with warriors fan.
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best in the west against the least in the east. mans made sure to wish the warriors star happy birthday. today, curry in a giving mood behind the back to andrew bogut. the alley-oop. 33 points in the first half. nice little move and the jumper. lefington then hits it. the right-handed flush. 47 points in the second quarter. curry five points. bogut the inbound pass. curry stops and pops. warriors led 73-52 at the half. thompson led all scorers with 27. birthday boy putting on a show, the up and under. 25 points 11 assists. oregon and arizona squared off in the championship.
11:30 pm
ashley off the glass and in. plus the foul. two of his 20. wildcats 18-0 run in the first half. the three from way out. 15-point lead at the half. first time in 13 years they win. get a number one seed for the ncaa tournament. sun is setting on the san jose sharks hopes. wilson and thornton blackhawks in town. the men in teal a must win. they had no answer for chicago. sharks three more games at the center this year. 1-0 in the first. carlson is there for the rebound. thornton on the power play. pass is deflected by a blackhawks stick. bad luck in the third. mueller falls. allowing brandon to score on the breakaway.
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the team remains positive. >> we were sharp. you know we were sharp from the drop of the puck. you know crawford made some great saves. >> any kind of a distraction for the team preparing for the game? >> no. we support each other and we're going to play hard. guys responded pretty well. you've got to find a way right to the end. it can't get away from us. >> coming up comedian will ferrell had quite a day with the a's and giants. we'll take you through it, coming up. stick around. >> you got my attention. thank you drew. just ahead, new developments tonight about ebola, like several american aid workers are now rushed back to the u.s. the baby being called a miracle in the new video of the dramatic rescue a
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good evening. i'm katie marzullo. in tonight's headlines one person was killed and five others hurt in a 12-car crash on interstate 580 in livermore. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon in the eastbound lanes at the foot of the al ta mount pass. the cause of the crash is under investigation. four san francisco police officers are under investigation. court documents show they sent each other racist and homophobic text messages. the chief calls it disgraceful and is vowing to ask the police commission to fire the officers for conduct violations. the father of a teenager badly beaten near the westfield valley fair mall in san jose
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tells abc 7 news that his son's condition is improving. christian razner has been in a medically induced sleep since wednesday when two men attacked him in a parking lot apparently for no reason. police are still looking for the suspects. developing news now the cdc is rushing ten americans home from africa where they may have been exposed to ebola. they're part of the same aid group. chuck seifertson has the tails. >> reporter: at the nebraska medical center in omaha they are prepared to take in the americans being rushed home from west africa, one of three medical centers where they'll be closely mon ford for symptoms of ebola. >> under quarantine. >> reporter: an american health care worker sick with ebola was brought to the national institutes of health in bethesda maryland. the patients may have been exposed to that worker. >> the worker fainted.
11:37 pm
they all lived in close quarters together in sierra leone. >> reporter: unlike other aid workers flown home for ebola treatment, the ten people coming home now are not ill and not contagious and require none of the elaborate cautions against spreading the disease we saw in the earlier cases. >> the reason they're being brought back now if they do get sick, they can immediately get the best care available. >> reporter: the world health organization estimates the current ebola outbreak has killed 10,000 people, mostly in the west african countries. the good news is the ebola deaths have slowed dramatically in recent months. abc news, new york. eight people have been killed in a powerful cyclone that hit the island nation of vanuatu. winds were near 170 miles an hour. aid workers expect the death toll to rise as they continue to assess the extent of the destruction. it is still unclear how bad the
11:38 pm
damage is, or if others have been killed, because communications have been wiped out on many of the outer islands. flood worries right here in the u.s. heavy rain and melting snow triggering flood alerts from the gulf coast to the great lakes. the ohio river is expected to crest six feet above flood stage, and in southern illinois, flooded roads have trapped cars. now, to that baby pulled from an icy utah river after spending 14 hours in an overturned car. tonight new video shows the race to save little lily. her survival being called a miracle. when you see the video you'll know why. here's the story. >> reporter: it begins as a frantic effort to get inside this car. upside down in the spanish fork river 50 miles south of salt lake city.
11:39 pm
a rescue that quickly turns even more urgent. inside 18-month-old lily grossbeck is still strapped in. upside down unseen until a fisherman discovered the wreck 14 hours later. her mother, lynn jennifer grossbeck, did not survive. today is her funeral. >> go, go go! >> reporter: lily is barely alive. >> come on, baby. she's definitely hypothermic. she's freezing. >> reporter: paramedics and officer brian dewitt using his fingers to perform cpr desperately worked to save lily's life. >> come on, baby. >> are you getting a pulse? >> reporter: finally reaching the emergency room. today lily is bouncing back.
11:40 pm
>> say, i'm okay i'm going to make it. >> reporter: even playing with her father a miracle baby who has earned the title survivor. clayton sandel abc news los angeles. >> bye-bye! >> unbelievable. dramatic video of a fatal train collision in kentucky. you can see a car drive onto the tracks in louisville just as the train is coming. the car was dragged half a mile before the train could stop. two people were killed. two others injured. a blownout tire on a united airlines flight triggered an emergency landing today. the terrified passengers told to brace for a rocky touchdown. the tire blew during takeoff. the plane had to burn off fuel before it could land. it did land safely and no one was injured. a new government study questions the benefit of pricey high-tech scans over basic physical tests for people who feel chest pain. the $40 million study found only about 10% of doctors use treadmill tests an effective
11:41 pm
way to detect symptoms of heart disease. scientists found people with heart pain who received pricey scans had no less risk of heart attack or dying than those who received the basic test. still to come a controversial guardrail system passes federal safety tests. but some local crash victims are not satisfied. the iteam investigates. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. record warmth across the region. cooler numbers a
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supporters of drone technology met at the park today to raise awareness. they don't want the city council to sign off on a proposed two-year ban on the flying devices. the drones for good group say people have a lot of misconceptions about the technology and how it can be used. >> a lot of people have an impression performed from the military use of drones in afghanistan and elsewhere. there's a lot of people who don't know how drones are being used to protect wildlife in africa to survey erosion of shorelines, and a whole lot of other things. >> last month, the faa proposed new rules that would allow the use of small drones for business
11:45 pm
purposes by 2017. critics insist problems with a highway guardrail are responsible for deaths and injuries. here in the bay area, and across the country. but a major decision came down this week. federal officials say the new design for guardrails meets safety standards. abc 7 news iteam reporter dan has been covering the issue for two years, and has the developments. >> reporter: the federal highway administration concluded the et-plus and terminal passed eight tests in december and january. >> we conclude that at the height of 31 inches, the terminal meets the applicable crash test criteria. >> reporter: that's welcome news to trinity industries the dallas based company that makes the e.t.-plus. >> it's now the most tested in guardrail system on the nation's roadways. and the release of the information just confirms that it passed all eight tests. >> reporter: trinity and federal safety inspectors held the tests after lawsuits claimed the
11:46 pm
e.t.-plus could fail. it's supposed to absorb the impact and allow the guardrail to ribbon off to the side. but in some casings the guardrail has sliced through cars. among accidents across the country involving the e.t.-plus, i first reported about 24-year-old darrell blackman, a bay area football star who died on highway 101 in mill valley last november when his car hit an e.t.-plus and rolled over. >> he should not have been taken away. if he fell asleep at the wheel fine. but those -- that equipment should have stopped that car. >> reporter: trinity industries told me there are so many variables in crashes like blackman's that it's irresponsible to blame the end terminal. you have to know the vehicle's speed, the ang ofle of impact. attorney steven lawrence represents blackman's family and
11:47 pm
about 20 others suing trinity. i spoke to him from dallas. what's your reaction to the announcement? >> i'm disappointed. they had an opportunity to do the right thing. >> reporter: lawrence claims official also at the fhwa are trying to make sure they don't get blamed for overlooking the crisis for years and that they glossed over one especially troubling test. >> you can see what happened to that car. and nobody on the road wants to be a driver in that vehicle with the steer tip of the guardrail slamming into your door. >> reporter: on the conference call, the fhwa said the amount of damage to the door exceeded guidelines, but added -- >> the driver exposed to the crash kps in this test would have been unlikely to have been at risk of serious injury from the folded rail impact to the driver's side door. >> reporter: the fhwa also concluded the e.t.-plus heads that were tested are the same ones that are on the road today. and cal trans also told me they will continue to ban the heads to be installed until a second
11:48 pm
review of the data is done perhaps by early summer. that's abc 7 news drew tuma another check of the forecast. let's see what the future holds after this record day. >> the future holds a lot of warmth and dry weather in the next seven days. we'll show you a veil of cloud cover is overhead. we'll have that overnight tonight. peeks of sunshine on your way for sunday. the middle of the country lots of sunshine. up to 73 mild degrees in fargo. 69 in minneapolis. dallas topping out at 68. a cold front along the east coast. the nation's capital getting to 57 degrees. a little bit of rain in the pacific northwest. seattle and portland showers, and temperatures in the upper 60s. highs for your sunday across california eureka will get the tail end of the showers, 62 degrees. 79 sacramento. 81 fresno. up to 91 in palm springs
11:49 pm
tomorrow, under sunny skies. closer to home in the bay area, tomorrow once again, another warm day. a lot of 70s across the board. 75 in concord. the same in oakland. 76 in fremont. up to 75 in antioch. downtown san francisco 72 degrees. napa getting up to 73 with lots of sunshine. winter warmth tomorrow. cooling a bit relatively speaking on monday. st. patrick's day, sun and clouds and mild, little change wednesday. mild still on thursday. spring begins on friday afternoon and saturday increasing clouds and temperatures getting cooler. >> i have a feel like it's going to be a four-day st. patrick's day. today through tuesday. >> enjoy. >> we'll do. speaking of enjoy, finally a sports topic i can get onboard with. >> all right. comedian will ferrell, you're a big fan all over the cactus league this la
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past thursday comedian will ferrell honored campy, the first player in major league baseball to play all nine positions in one game back in 1965. so ferrell decided to do one better, playing ten positions for ten different teams in one day down in arizona's cactus league. clayton sandel has more.
11:53 pm
>> and shortstop will ferrell! >> reporter: firing up the crowd in spring training. not exactly a spring chicken. will ferrell is trading pro funny guy for pro ballplayer. >> he's a clubhouse presence. by presence i mean a 47-year-old flabby guy who doesn't know how to play. >> reporter: with the playing cards to prove it, he's takeing the field. playing ten different positions for ten different teams. >> is it possible to win a gold glove in spring training? >> absolutely. >> reporter: all part of an hbo comedy special, with a serious cause, raising money to fight cancer. the sometimes cheerleader, race car driver and of course anchorman, was reminded in arizona, it's hot. so stay hydrated.
11:54 pm
ferrell went down swinging at least once. but for the cause and the fans, it was a home run. clayton sandel abc news, denver. great day for everybody. battle of the cactus league on the board first, double down the line. 2-0. the a's scored five unanswered led by billy byrnes. scored three times. triple in the seventh the a's win 5-2. the niners continue to spend money in the free agent market adding reggie bush to the roster. carlos hyde, and gm trent liked so much. the screen pass back to the niner offense. veteran leadership to the 49er
11:55 pm
locker room. 49ers lose another corner back today. the four-year vet started a career high 14 games last year. five interceptions. he'll be replaced by wright. signed a one-year deal today. niners having a tough day. top fuel car broke in half at 280 miles an hour. somehow dixon came away without a scratch. are you kidding me? he said my car's a mess but i'm still here. the pga tour still on the florida swing outside the tampa area. going lefty. look at that. he's got a few on the tour. but today it was all about dad.
11:56 pm
one stroke heading into sunday's final round. earthquake visiting the sounders. seattle's 12th man. 1-0 sounders. brad evans. second goal of the night. they get one more. the cutback and kicked it with his right. his first career mls goal. quakes win 3-2. former giants president and general manager al rosen passed away this morning at the age of 91. he took over in 1985 winning the national league west in '87 got to the world series in 1989 against the a's. rosen was with the indians in 1953. 43 home runs. he was a four-time all-star
11:57 pm
driving in 100 runs in five straight seasons. mr. rosen was with the team, won an mvp award and executive of the year. we'll miss him and always remember him as our very important giants family. great player, great executive. he started the hum baby era with the giants and will be missed. >> i have to say, will ferrell. a lot of fun for all the fans. >> there's nothing he does that i don't think is funny. >> that's true. thanks for watching, everyone.
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nd red line train... (man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (sighs) (indistinct conversations) they're fixing the green line at petworth. connecting red line trains are stuck waiting at fort totten, which puts the next train to shady grove about 20 seconds away. thank you. (man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (train horn honks) (train arriving) look at that. just like you predicted. are you here tomorro


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