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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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wrestlemania is underway in santa claire a. the biggest event yet for new levi's stadium. good evening. wrestlemania 31 could bring record crowds and for local officials it may be a dry run for next year's super bowl. cornell bernard is live with the details. >> reporter: can you hear it? wrestlemania is on, and you better believe it. fans are loving it. the show began a short time ago. just look at all of those people in the stands here at levi's
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stadium. could be the biggest crowd yet. next stop, the super bowl. >> wrestlemania fans unleashed their passion in the levi's stadium parking lot and did some tailgating. look who showed up. >> hogan hogan. >> got my man stone cold with me. >> because stone cold said so. >> not in the rile pair but no one cared. fans say bringing wrestlemania to the bay area, life-long dream. >> if you're big on entertain; this is the entertainment event of the year the century whatever you want to call it. >> reporter: the characters phenomenon the wwe have sold out leave size -- levi's stadium. the show could pump 100 million bucks into the local economy. >> it's like, amazing, and just to see them,. >> all about coming out having
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a good time. the super bowl of wrestling. >> stadium officials say when it comes to crowd control and stewart this is the perfect dry run for next year's super bowl. staff say bring it on. >> i think we're well-prepared. this may be the biggest event so far. we're ready. >> we love wrestling. all about the tradition of coming out here and being the best you can. >> reporter: let the matches begin. >> just as thousands of fans were headed to wrestlemania, a southbound caltrain struck and killed a pedestrian. happened around 11:30 this morning near north mary avenue in sunnyvale. no passenger was hurt. the 20-year-old man who was hit has not been identified but investigators say it attend be an intentional act. several trains were delayed. los angeles police are searching for a 19-year-old uc berkeley student-athlete who went missing near usc.
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vasquez was last seen saturday morning 1:30 in the morning, attending a party at a fraternity house. he told fronts he wanted to take a walk but never returned. the friend says he called her at 2:18 in the morning saying he was lost. he did not have money or an i.d. card tsunami. a deadly shooting in oakland marks 21 killings in the city this year. it happened around 2:00 a.m. on tenth and washington streets in front of the oakland mariott city center. police found man suffering from gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. officers say two suspects approached the man and his friend who were leaving a club, shot him and ran away. three other shootings in oakland last night sent two people to the hospital. the chp is asking for your help tonight identifying the driver involved in a deadly hit and run on 580 near the san leandro hayward border. witnesses say map was trying to cross 580 near 150th avenue when a white vehicle hit and killed him. the driver kept going.
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officers shut down a section of the interstate for a few hours to investigate. singer songwriter norman greenbaum remains in critical condition after a deadly car accident yesterday. he wrote and sang the 1969 hit song "spirit in the sky." he was passenger in a subaru outback that collided with a motorcycle on occidental road. the motorcycle's 20-year-old driver died at the scene. his passenger was also critically injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation, but police do not believe alcohol was a factor. there is greg outrage and calls for boycotts today in indiana. the backlash is against the state's new will you protecting religious freedom. opponents claim it actually legalizes discrimination. mary bruce is in washington with more. >> reporter: a different kind of march madness is brewing in the hoosier state. home of the ncaa final four. demonstrators flooding the
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streets to protest the new religious freedom restoration act. critics say the legislation gives businesses a license to discriminate against the lgbt community. >> was eight mistake to sign the law? >> absolutely not. >> in an exclusive interview, republican governor mike pence refused to answer whether the law allows businesses to deny service to gay people. >> is that legal now in indiana? >> george, this is where this debate has gone with misinformation and -- >> yes or no question. >> come on, hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. >> the white house won't say if the president supports the boycott but says ordinary americans have the power to change governments. >> it's important for everybody to stand up and speak out. >> reporter: some indiana business owners are split. >> i don't know why the for voted for it. i think it's grossly unfair. >> some people may be jumping on the band wagon too early saying that it's all about discrimination.
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>> the ncaa is taking its own stance, sag it's especially concerned about how this legislation could affect student-athletes. now 19 other states and the federal government have similar laws protecting religious freedom, but many of those other states include gays and lesbians as a protected class under the civil rights laws. indiana does not. abc news, washington. >> there's much more to come on abc7 news at 5:00. including frightening moments for passengers onboard an air canada flight. what caused it to skid off the runway. >> what are the chances you're going to run for president? >> later former bay area tech ceo carli fiorina weighs in on the big question is she considering a presidential run? >> i'm drew tuma. another unseasonably warm day, temperatures in the 80s in some spots. but we reached the peak of the heat. i'm tracking winds of change that will bring about cooler and
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more seaso
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canada's transportation safety board is investigating the hard abrupt lands of anary canada flight in nova scotia. the airbus from toronto circled the airport several times in snowy conditions before slamming into the runway. the plane claimed powerline knocking out electricity forcing passengers to hud until blankets in a nearby hangar. emergency crews took 25 people to the hospital with minor injuries. >> the plane hit initially, it
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bounced back up in the air. >> we just skidded for a very long time. >> the airplane just was in pieces. >> it wasn't fun at all. >> the 15 year veteran pilots blamed previse bl for the -- visibility for the hard landing. >> prosecutors in the crash say no body have been identified. the flight killed 50 people. officials hope to complete the recovery of bodies within a week. tests on the bid of the copilot may provide clues on any medical treatment he was receiving. prosecutors say the 27-year-old deliberately slammed the plane into a remote mountainside in the french alps. in manhattan searchers discovered two bodies in the rubble of building that collapsed in an explosion as week. the blast destroyed a total of three buildings in the east village. two men have been unaccounted for, both of them believed to be in a ground under sushi restaurant. new york city's mayor said someone may have inproperly
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tapped a gas line before the explosion. >> thousands 0 people line up nor chance to be on the big screen in a movie about the late steve jobs. are we looking at cooldown? meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast after the break. here's a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> good evening. coming up tonight the emergency landing in the snow and wind, the wing crushed, passengers hurt, plus indiana's new religious freedom act. does it discriminate against gays gays and lesbians? the special peeks that kept paul
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former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina says she is more than likely to run for president. >> i have a deep understanding how the economy works, becoming the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world because i understand how the world works. >> she made the statements on fox news sunday and also attacked likely democratic contender hillary clinton saying she lacks a track record of accomplishment, is not candid and question's people's confidence in her. in 2010 she lost the u.s. senate race against barbara boxer. pope francis has ushered in holy week in st. peters square. this is palm sunday for the faithful. marks the crucifix -- the week before the crucifixion. he said mass for those killed 150 texas reference to victims of the islamic state massacre.
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next sunday a million people ared anded to flood the square for easter. >> hollywood came to san francisco this morning filming a scene for a new movie about steve jobs. hundreds of people wind out outside the davis symphony hall to be extras in the movie. some movie stars were scheduled to be part of the shoot, collect kate winslet, seth rogue began. >> we're here to be in the steve jobs movie. we're going to be extras probably doing some crowd things. i guess i can't give you the plot but we're going to be in the movie. >> there's no pay for today but lots of prizes including a trip to universal studios hollywood for the movie's premiere. thousands or people were up dark and early this morning to lace up their running shoes and hit the streets of san francisco. the transamerica rock 'n' roll have marathon got underway this
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morning on the great highway. the course included a leg across the golden gate bridge. a 32-year-old man finished first with 1:06. tanya of redwood city wouldn't the women's with 1:20. runners could enjoy cooler temperatures today compared to yesterday. at least in san francisco. meteorologist drew tuma joins us now with another nice day. >> perfect running weather this morning. temperatures in the 50s getting underway and yesterday, duplicate of yesterday. live doppler 7hd showing you not a cloud outside. this afternoon this is how it looked from the suit crow tower cam. time laps showing you the pay. a few thin clouds off the coast. the sun goes down at 7:30 this evening. as you step outside on this
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sunday evening it's comfortable in most spots. currently 63 in downtown scan for instance. 74 in oakland. warm inland valleys. 84 antioch. san jose, 78. and los gatos, 81. satellite and radar is going to show you not a cloud to be seen over the bay area. high clouds trying to move into northern california and it's all ahead of the next system, a cold front. right now we have high pressure in control for the time being but the high is going to slide south, eye lou the -- if a lou the cold front to move through tuesday morning and that's going to usher in cooler temperatures mid-week. so take a look at the wind forecast. tomorrow just a gentle breeze in most locations. that cold front is going to approach from the north so early tuesday morning the winds generally picking up around 25 miles-per-hour. that cold from moves through tuesday morning, and then in the wake of the front by tuesday afternoon, look at the wind gusts. in some locations by 9:00 tuesday evening getting close to 40 miles-per-hour.
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from the north. so that's going to bring in cooler air and bring it back down to reality where we should be temperature-wise this tomorrow of the year. overnight, a few passing clouds dropping to 50 in san francisco, 48 in oakland, 47 fremont. dropping to 49 in concord. then highs for your monday, we'll see mainly sunny skies, few high clouds. 77 in san jose, 75 the high in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, right along the coast still have the breeze so 63 the high in pacifica. 65 half moon bay. 70 the high in redwood city. downtown san francisco tomorrow, high of 68. 64 the high in daly city. north bay 79, seasonal rosa. 74 in san rafael. 77 the high in napa. under mainly sunny skies. 71 in oakland. 72 the high in castro valley, and one final stop. we'll start to see the warmth ease and drop into the up are 70s, a few spots in the 80s
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like brentwood and walnut creek. otherwise, 78 the high in pittsburg. the sun angle getting higher and higher and that means it's getting easier and easier to burn. the u vue index tomorrow is on the high side so protect your skin. the skin can burn between 15 and 25 minutes if left unprotected. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, it's a few clouds out there ahead of the cold front, the front moves through early tuesday morning, we're turning windy by tuesday afternoon. and that will drop our temperatures back to reality. look at the coast. only in the mid-to-upper 50s. still breezy around here mid-week on wednesday, the first day of april. thursday, total sunshine once again, the high uv index so you can burn quickly. saturday and sunday increasing clouds and perhaps easter sunday we may get some rain around here. >> of course, out of all the days you could have rain the day people want to be outside. >> wearing their sunday best. >> egg hunts ruined.
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we're joined by shu now. at laos we got a final four. >> we are down to final four. on men's side, michigan state takes care of louisville, my home town. while gonzaga and duke faced off for the final spot. could the little
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games of the elite eight. blue devils have 15 final four appearances while gonzaga, who has been to the ncaa tournament 18 times has never made it to the final four. cowboys quarterback tony romo
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and torch jason garrett big on duke. okafor lays it in and the foul. blue devils run away in the second half. matt jones three of his team high 16. kevin pangos. they had two free-throws after that giving the game to duke. duke, back in the final four for the 12th time with coach k tying john wooden for the most all-time. march belongs to michigan state's tom izzo, six final fours, looking for number seven against louisville. trice, 3 of his 17. got it. the cardinal were led by wayne brashears. marvin clark puts msu on top. eight seconds on the clock could have been a three-point play. instead the 48% free-throw shooter on the line.
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made the first missed the second. going to overtime. the spartans dominated. 35 seconds left. ford misses, branden dawson there is for the putback, michigan state heating back to final four for the seven him in time under tom izzo and face duke. 76-70 your final. >> we're not going disney but we're going to indy and we're excited about it. these guys did a heck of a job after a sluggish first half and louisville played well. i'm happy and proud and excited and incredible amount of michigan state people here and i want to thank them too. >> if you're like me, enough cactus league already. opening day is eight days away but we got a giants dodgers previewed today. vogelsong got credit for the win and did damage with his bat. g-men up 4-3. matt duffy three rbi. hit this double in the eight. duffy fighting for a roster spot. giants beat the dodgers 11-9.
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a's and brewers, kendall improves on the mound. allowed just one run in ten hits and 21 innings this spring. struck out three today. then run support in the third. brought lawrie, third homerun of the spring. a's branch the brew crew. >> pga tour in san antonio, jimmy walk-under used his local knowledge to win his second event of the year. jordan spieth up and over the ridge. on line and going to be nothing but net. starts to run of fourth straight birdies gets second place but lost by four strokes. jimmy walker, 2-under on the day 1, 1-under for the tournament. his second win of the season. fifth career pga tour victory in the past two years for the 36-year-old. won the trophy but has had his
5:26 pm
hat stolen by his son in the approach round. three number one seeds and michigan state a seven seed, producer one proud spartan and i'm tired of hearing about sparty. >> at least you got someone who is probably going to win. pretty good one to fall back to. >> we're down to the final four. >> and florida state? >> did nothing. >> thankthank you shu. >> up next, a south bay boy proves he knows his way around the matt. ♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪ ♪turn around!♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air.♪ ♪turn around barry!♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack!♪
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coming up at 6:00, new report reveals a pay gap between men and women at the capitol. how it compares to the rest of the state. why scientists say our state's water supply is going up in smoke. join us four abc7 news at 6:00. a sixth grader from kuper to an know won the california state title for the national geographic bee. this is youtube video of the winner at two years old reciting state capitols that hat gotten more than one million views, his parent says he has always been interested in geography. he competed against 100 others to win $100 a world at there is a and a medal. he will now represent california
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in the national competition in may good luck to him. that does it for us here at 5:00. have a great night. see you again at 6:0 welcome to "world news tonight." airport emergency. the jet approaching, slamming down hard. one wing crushed. passengers rushing out. was it safe to land? final moments. chilling new details from the voice recorder before the crash in the alps. the noises, alarms, and screams. and a new view of the co-pilot inside the cockpit of another plane. and backlash in indiana. protests over the new religious freedom act. is it discrimination against gays and lesbians? our exclusive interview with the governor. and paul walker, nearly two years after his fating crash. the special effe


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