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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, indiana firestorm. making news in america this morning, indiana firestorm. the law sparking debate with the man in the middle forced to answer a lot of questions. >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> come on. >> abc's george stephanopoulos pressing the governor for answers in an exclusive interview. >> details about the germanwings plane crash. a new timeline on the final moments. whether the cockpit voice recorder revealed and the missed warning signs about the new pilot. as new video surfaces of him flying. >> dangerous job. firefighter standing on a burning roof when it gives way. how he made it out alive. >> and man overboard.
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a surfer's daring dive after a boat is whacked by a massive wave. good monday morning. i'm marci gonzalez. reena ninan is on assignment. >> i'm t.j. holmes and beginning with the new indiana law sparking an outcry. supporters say it protects religious liberty. >> but protesters say it discriminates against homosexuals. indiana's governor says the law may be clarified but won't changed. abc has the latest. >> our state! >> reporter: after a weekend of protests and heated debate this morning the firestorm over indiana's new religious freedom law rages on allowing businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. the man who signed the measure into law thursday indiana governor defend it and his state in an exclusive interview with abc's george
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stephanopoulos. >> this is not about discrimination. this is about protecting the religious liberty of every faith. >> the law would allow businesses to refuse service to customers based on religious conviction regarding sexual orientation. he would not answer directly when asked if under the law it would be legal for a shop owner to refuse to serve gay customers. >> do you think it should be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians. >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> come on. hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. >> some businesses are welcoming the religious freedom law. >> as an american i should have the opportunity to say this makes me uncomfortable and i wish not to do. >> reporter: but other businesses object and want customers to know it. >> we serve all races, creed, colors, sexual and religious preference. that's what we do.
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we do it before and do it again. >> the backlash is growing. seattle's mayor has prohibited city employees from traveling to indiana on city's funds. >> the germanwings copilot, the man believed to have deliberately have crashed the airplane into the alps. >> here he is in a glider but a different disturbing images of lubitz in his final moments. >> investigators continue to search for the dna evidence of 150 people who died on the germanwings plane that was deliberately crashed into a french mountain side by the copilot. still looking for the data recorder. the voice recorder they found is now revealing some of the last chilling moments onboard the doomed flight. a transcript of the recordings released by the german newspaper "build" shows that at 10:29 a.m. the captain leaves to go to the bathroom and asks his copilot
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27-year-old andreas lubitz to take command. he locks the cockpit and puts the plane into descent. three minutes later air traffic controllers get no response when they try to contact the plane. at 10:35 a.m. loud bangs against the door. it's the captain desperately trying to get into the cockpit crying, "for god sake, open the door"! shortly before the plane crashes at 10:40 a.m. lubitz is heard breathing over the sound of passengers screaming. german officials believe lubitz intentionally crashed the plane and was ill. unconfirmed reports say he was severely depressed and sought treatment for vision problems, a possible career-ending condition. no suicide note has been found. in his hometown a church service for the victims of the plane crash as people around the world are struggling to understand the tragic events. >> also this morning australia becomes the latest country requires two people in the cockpit at all times in the wake of the germanwings crash. >> a terrifying ordeal for passengers aboard an air canada flight.
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in halifax. the plane crash landing in a snowstorm more than 1,000 feet short of the runway. this is what it looked like after slamming into a bank of antennas and skidding on its belly for 30 seconds. its main landing gear and nose ripped off. the wing and engine mangled. two dozen people suffered minor injuries and more than 130 people onboard were quickly evacuated. >> i was really scared when we slid down the thing and we saw the engine a couple hundred feet a way from the plane. >> the flight arrived in toronto. it had circled the airport waiting for a break in the weather before getting clearance. less than 48 hours to reach a nuclear arms agreement with iran. the u.s. are conducting tense negotiations in switzerland. working against a tuesday night deadline. the issues, how fast will sanctions or iran be lifted and what kind of nuclear program will they be allowed.
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diplomats say success is still possible. >> iran's neighbors are uniting against it. a number of arab countries are creating a joint military force to keep iran and islamic extremists in check. those countries are falling in with saudi arabia and its air campaign in yemen where they're battling iranian rebels. egypt, jordon have signed on. >> searches have recovered two bodies following last week's explosion and fire collapsing three buildings. a 23-year-old who was on a date at a sushi restaurant was positively identified. the other victim is believed to be a missing waiter. city officials say it is increasingly likely that the blast was a result of criminal activity. >> break news. just in from south florida. at least eight people died in a crash involving a church van. investigators say the van drove into a canal. no other vehicles involved. 18 church members were in the
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van. at least eight have died. no word yet on a cause. president obama travels to boston today and the walk off air force 1 is getting more attention than normal because we hope it's smoother than this one. he just landed yesterday. take a look. oh. we almost lost it there. he just landed at andrews air force base. lost his footing and caught himself in time. made a quick recovery. made his way back to the white house. no further incident. >> he was wishing that one wasn't caught on camera. taking a look at your monday forecast. rain and snow showers this morning in the northeast. rain in the pacific northwest. another dry day in the southwest. >> and finally, a warmup in the northeast with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we'll take that. phoenix the warmest place at 96. miami, honolulu, new orleans pleasant in the 80s. >> still ahead, a classic american car reborn and new images released overnight. >> a new video, a burning roof suddenly collapses with a firefighter standing on top of it.
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. a demand in t a weak demand in the nuclear talks with iran are driving oil prices. crude oil was at $56.41 a barrel after falling 5% friday. traders are focusing on whether they'll reach a deal that will lift sanctions and add fuel to an already oversupplied market. >> an american luxury car is returning to the road. ford says it is reintroducing the lincoln continental after a 13-year hiatus.
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this is what the concept car being shown looks like but insiders say it is close to the actual production model available next year. some good news for airline travelers who still check bags. fewer pieces of luggage are getting lost. a study says the rate of of luggage being lost and damaged down 60% over the past seven years despite the number of passengers increasing 40% over the same time span. the improvement is credited to modernized baggage systems. >> jay z is set to unveil a blueprint for the high resolution music streaming service called "title". he'll be announcing a new chapter which charges $20 a month for unlimited listening to high-resolution music which is better quality than itunes and spodify. >> plenty of people heading to the box office over the weekend and most went "home."
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that's the title of the animated adventure from dreamworks. debuting in the top spot taking in $54 million. "get hard" starring will farrell and kevin hart was second bringing in more than $34 million. "the divergent series: insurgent" was third. >> when we come back, riders rescued on a roller coaster's first run of the season. >> and a leap of faith. a surfer's daring jump when his boat is tossed like a toy. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da!
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take a look at this vine from the international space station showing nighttime thunderstorms over central africa with lightning flashing. astronaut terry virts shot the video. he's been posting videos since november. he returns home in may. >> a look at your morning road conditions. slippery in the northeast with rain and snow showers. wet along the gulf coast and rain in the pacific northwest. >> airport delays possible in boston and new york. >> dramatic video showing a veteran firefighter hurt in the line of duty. >> take a look here. the man is standing on the roof of a house in fresno, california. you see him there. and then -- wow. you see that? he falls through the roof and swallowed by flames. the firefighter is brought out by fire crews and good
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samaritans and took place in minutes. listen to how one guy described the scene as he watched it play out. >> once they extracted the firefighter out of the garage, removed his clothes and doused him with water. as they took his uniform off, he was burnt from head to toe. >> he suffered burns on 70% of his body. more than half are third degree burns. >> the search continues for a missing student from the university of minnesota a vigil was held last night for jennifer pool. last seen friday morning at a minneapolis bar. friends say she may have tried to walk home. her purse and phone found in the middle of the street near her apartment building. police are interviewing several witnesses including an ex-boyfriend. another missing student, the family of a university of california freshman is offering a $50,000 reward for his safe return. eloy vasquez was last seen leaving a fraternity party. in los angeles. family members say he called friends before 2:20 in the morning saying he was at the
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beach and in trouble. when they tried to call him back, the phone was dead or turned off. >> harrison ford is back home after surviving the crash of a small plane. people magazine says ford was spotted driving this weekend somewhere around la and suffered only broken bones cuts and bruises in the crash back on march 5th. >> a terrifying ride on the famous cyclone in coney island. the 88-year-old roller coaster got stuck at the very top on the very first run of the very first day of the new season. about 24 passengers were briefly stranded until workers helped them walk down the planks. no word on when it will reopen. >> to t.j.'s favorite story. march madness. espn says just 1.6% of the brackets filled out on the website picked the correct final four. >> that correct final four is set. the teams got set yesterday. let's listen to our guys at espn. >> hope you had a great weekend. i'm steve levy. two more tickets left to punch
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to indianapolis for the final four. michigan state/louisville, this was a dandy. 4.9 seconds left. mango at the line with the chance to tie. how about that bounce. watch his face. yeah. had it all the way. magic johnson can't believe it. we go to overtime. final minute ot, michigan state leading by 2. forbes misses the corner three. that's okay. because brandon dawson is there. michigan state wins in overtime. 76-70. duke taking on gonzaga in the elite eight. two teams that have never faced each other. tied at 38 in the second half. matt jones from way out top of the arc with duke up 3. it was matt jones about to put them up six. tough shot off the wing. gets it to go. and this game was over with duke up 12. jones on the steal. taking it all by himself. jones had 16.
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mike krzyzewski elated. duke wins 66-52. advancing to the final four. michigan state and duke takes off on saturday. wisconsin kentucky to take the floor at 8:49 p.m. have a great monday everybody. >> up next in "the pulse" music's biggest stars taking the stage overnight and the duet that everyone is talking about. >> lots of questions about that jump. what in the world was that guy? yep. that guy right there. what was he thinking? across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen.
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beginning with the second annual iheartradio awards. >> taylor swift winning big in the fan-based awards on the iheart internet radio platform. justin timberlake could not resist pulling a kanye west pretending to accept her award for best lyrics for "blank space". >> it was a fun night but it was a working night including for swift. she was accompanying none other on stage than the material girl. ♪ when it all falls down ♪ ♪ i'll be your fire when the lights go out ♪ ♪ when there's no one else around ♪ ♪ we'll be two stones in a ghost town ♪ >> justin timberlake won the biggest won, the iheartradio innovator award. giving an inspiring speech. to young people quoting steve jobs says stay hungry and stay foolish. >> let's get back to taylor swift for a second as we often do. no limit to her popularity and we have evidence here. >> stadium worker in a monster
4:23 am
truck show in syracuse, new york put on a side show for the crowd during a break and he decided to shake it off to the pop star's mega hit all while tending to the ground. look at those moves. >> what you're hearing is people cracking up. he was revved up by the song. he left his equipment and just let loose. the crowd is eating this stuff up. he knows people are watching. >> yeah, he's lovin' the attention. why not? why not? all right. a dramatic split-second decision caught on camera in the waters off california. you'll love this one. >> i wonder about this. a huge wave came crashing down on the boat. mark healy said i'm not sticking around. you see the man fly off the side. he goes overboard. he thought it was a better option to fly into the rough waters. he's no stranger to big waves or drama. he's a pro surfer and a hollywood stunt man. >> the boat did not overturn and he was just fine.
4:24 am
everyone on the boat was okay. his friends had a good laugh at his expense though. but i don't know. >> to think that was a better option. >> yeah. i say just stay on the boat and see what happens. >> see what happens. take your chances there. we got another guy to tell you about. a lot of jumping going on in this segment. this is getting a lot of unwanted attention if you're tom brady. this weekend the new england patriots quarterback took his own leap. >> brady posted this video on his facebook page showing him jumping off a cliff during a family vacation in costa rica. that was estimated to be about 40 feet. it's not really the height. it's also close to the rocks that's freaking people out. >> what's the big deal? because if you're a fan of the new england patriots, you might be upset to see your golden boy jumping off the cliff. people said you should not be doing stuff like this. we had no comment from the team. brady follow up with a statement. he was aware of the uproar and said he would never do that again with the #airbrady.
4:25 am
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i thought, "the red cross does katrina. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. it is 4:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. i am here with leyla. and mike nicco. >> good weekend and then it came to a screeching halt. >> when the alert went off. >> like our record high temperatures. quiet as far as live doppler hd. we have reduction of visibility at napa at six and half moon bay at myself but otherwise we are okay. from the camera, the flag on the exploritorium not moving much but it will be breezy through the day planner. that will drop our temperatures four to six degrees. most of the 80s are gone and 60s to mid-70s from the coast to the bay and inland neighborhoods. >> thank you mike.
4:29 am
early look at road. >> it is quiet. the bay bridge toll plaza is nice here from the east by. walnut creek 680 southbound from highway 4 to the 24 junction. it will only take eight minutes. we have an accident near fremont boulevard with more details ahead. we have breaking news. a terrible tragedy nationwide eight people are dead and ten others are injured after a van crashed into a florida canal. the florida highway patrol said the van ran law a stop sign crossed all lanes of highway and into a steep canal at 12:30 this morning 60 miles east of ft. myers. there were 18 people inside the van. the driver and seven passengers were killed and ten passengers including a four-year-old were taken to hospitals. this is making national headline
4:30 am
right now overnight. we will monitor the situation. >> a firefighter is in critical condition after falling through the roof of a burning garage. the 25-year veteran firefighter was ventilating the roof when he fell straight into the flames. a nurse who lives a few houses an caught the frightening scene on video. in minutes fellow firsts tore down the garage door to pull him out and the firefighter suffered burns up to 70 percent his body^. the video is viral on social media with hundreds of thousands of people offering hopes and prayers. >> a man is recovering at marin general hospital after being shot twice near an elementary school in novato. we were there yesterday afternoon at a field next to hamilton meadow park school. officers say shots were fired at 3:30, two suspects, a man and a woman were taken into custody. the victim is expected to full through with no word on what prompted the shooting. >> the supre


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