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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new questions about what happened to freddie gray inside the police van. the mysterious stop on a baltimore street. the new witness coming forward and the report of a massive head injury while he was riding to the police station. >> race day plot in boston marathon-style attack foiled. police raid the home of suspected islamic extremists. stopping an attack on a popular race that targeted large crowds this morning. an abc news exclusive. american sniper widow taya kyle, speaking out about her life now without her husband, chris kyle. for the first time, we hear what he said to his young son before he went off to battle. >> when i'm gone, you can look at the tape. >> only on "gma" this morning. and dropout. meet the woman who ditched her
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high-powered job to scoop ice cream on a tropical island. why so many are sharing her story. why every day is now the best day of her life. and good morning, america. happy friday. looks like a happy friday. every day is a happy friday for noelle hancock. the woman who dropped out of new york. went down to the caribbean. ditched her life. ditched her apartment. happier than she's ever been. >> she's living the dream. first, we begin with the latest from baltimore. police handing over the results of their investigation of freddie gray's death to prosecutors and revealing the van he was in made an extra stop that had not been previously reported. abc's jim avila is in baltimore with more on that. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. baltimore police investigators say they've exhausted every lead. now it's up to prosecutors to decide if freddie gray was killed at the hands of police or did he just die while in their custody? protests spread to philadelphia overnight. police in a standoff of pushing and shoving with demonstrators. in baltimore, the third straight night of peaceful protests. and now this morning, new information about the incident that prompted both those violent and peaceful protests. baltimore police announcing they have privately turned over their report to prosecutors. abc affiliate wjla reporting law enforcement sources told them the report says freddie gray's injuries were not suffered in his arrest, but in the transport van where his legs were shackled but his body not restrained by a seat belt. they reported that the medical examiner found a dent in the back of gray's skull that
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matches a bolt on the inside rear door of the van. a spokesman for the state office of the chief medical examiner saying we don't do preliminary findings. the investigation is not concluded. some officials briefed on the investigation cast doubt on the report. police also revealing a new piece of evidence. a mysterious fourth stop on the transport wagon freddie was taken to the station in. a stop not mentioned until now. >> the driver of the van didn't tell police and somehow hid it or forgot it. >> reporter: the only other person in the back of the van with gray was a prisoner. this shows the van picking him up. yesterday, there were reports suggesting he told police gray was intentionally trying to injure himself by banging against the walls of the vehicle. now, that prisoner saying freddie was in a separate compartment and he couldn't see him. >> i heard a banging for about four seconds. you know what i mean? >> reporter: still unknown is
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how freddie got the head injury that snapped his neck. could he have provided enough force on his own? or was he tossed around violently on purpose during what police call a rough ride? that's a dark form of brutality where a prisoner is bounced around the van while handcuffed and defenseless. george? >> let's talk to dan abrams. that's the key question right there. what happened inside the van? what do prosecutors do to get down to the bottom of this? >> the police have handed over their file to prosecutors. to the state's attorney's office. that doesn't mean they'll accept as gospel what they have gotten from police. they'll evaluate, does this story add up? they're going to do their own investigation to determine whether they believe the police. and then comes the crucial question. let's assume they believe there was some wrongdoing. to the point where they think it was even criminal. they have to then decide do we believe it was intentional or do we believe it was negligent?
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you can still find criminal action if there was negligence. the question becomes is it just negligence where it could be a civil suit or does it rise to the level of criminal? >> they did not put handcuffs on freddie gray. would that be enough, along with a rough ride, to be a criminal charge? >> it will totally depend on the intention. as jim points out, if the goal was to give him a rough ride in the back, and as a result of what typically were just rough rides and a little bit of a lesson but in this case, he died as a result of that, that could certainly be criminal conduct. you're talking about officers taking intentional action to punish someone in a way that they're not allowed to do. but that's going to be the key question. meaning something like a seat belt, right. the fact that he wasn't wearing a seat belt in the back. is that enough? that's a violation of police procedure but probably not criminal. >> thank you, dan. now the thwarted terror
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attack overseas. police in germany say they stopped a boston marathon-type plot against a bicycle race today. a couple is in custody this morning. there's a search for accomplices abc's hamish macdonald joins us from london with the latest on all of this. good morning hamish. >> reporter: good morning. police in germany believe they have foiled another boston marathon-style attack in a german bike race. a 35-year-old man and his 34-year-old wife have been detained. their apartment was raided overnight. in that raid they netted significant quantities of hydrogen. peroxide. that could be used to manufacture large scale explosives. that's not all they found in this raid. there was also a pipe bomb and assault rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. the target is the cycling race due to take place today. those arrests come after months of difficulty here in europe
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with terrorist attacks. there was the attacks in germany and last week a foiled attack just last week in paris. the authorities in germany have had to cancel this race because of concerns that there may be other accomplices. or a device was already laid along the course. now, this couple was flagged to authorities. they were being followed because they used fake names to purchase the chemicals. robin. >> another close call. to the race against time to find survivors from the devastating earthquake. the death toll in nepal still climbing fast. this morning, we're seeing new video of the avalanche on mt. everest. which will reopen to climbers next week. alex marquardt is in kathmandu with the latest. good morning, alex. >> good morning, george. very little time to find anyone still alive in the rubble. there is still hope. rescue teams have poured in from around the world including from the u.s., joining up with their counterparts, digging as quickly and as carefully as possible.
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yesterday, two people were pulled alive from the rubble, including a 15-year-old boy, pulled to safety with the help of two american teams. the death toll here has now topped 6,000 people. the government warned it could go as high as 10,000. this morning, dramatic new video from mt. everest from the massive avalanche triggered from the quake. the hikers scrambling to safety as the snow barrels down. here in the capital, the city trying to get back on their feet. so much of the devastation is in the impoverished rural areas. but it's going to be a very long time before nepal is back to normal. george. >> thank you, alex. now to the powerful volcano in south america erupting again, spewing ash and a thick plume into the air. forcing new evacuations. ginger is tracking it. >> look what happens on the ground. when you have this type of volcano. up to two feet of ash covering everything around this volcano. it's the third time in eight days that this thing has
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erupted. let's look at that cloud that is billowing ash coming up and out of the volcano. it's weaker than the past two eruptions. but enough to make evacuations for a 12-mile radius surrounding, you can see the police running there. everyone looking into the sky saying, not again. since this whole thing started, more than 4500 people and animals have been displaced. this is a big deal in chile. it's south central chile. the southern tip. you can see the cows. this is hurting the agriculture already. just so you all know, it's not over. you have this much seismic activity, experts are warning of another eruption. now the latest on bridgegate for new jersey governor chris christie. prosecutors expected to file some charges. as early as today from creating traffic jams. jon karl covering the story. christie not expected to be charged. this is a headache as he's expecting to ramp up for a run for president.
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>> reporter: it sure is. he's trying to plan a political comeback. preparing for a likely run for president. he's been in new hampshire multiple times in recent weeks. he's giving a speech in virginia today. now, the scandal that's already done devastating damage to his political reputation, it's entering a new phase. the criminal charges are expected against some among his closest political advisors and christy has said all along he had nothing to do with the lane closures. to see a criminal case come along just as he is trying to run for president a very rough way to start a campaign. >> the trial could be going on, should it come to that, while the primaries are going forward. >> exactly. >> okay, thanks. let's go to amy. today's other top stories and some jitters on wall street. >> it's been a tough week for your 401(k). this morning the dow showing some encouraging news.
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it was a difference overnight because tech stocks hit the hardest. and there are reports that ben king has died. the pbc was first to report his death at the age of 76. the navy is escorting u.s.-flagged ships traveling the strait of hormuz. the move follows the seizing of a container ship. a colorado woman sharing a story. she was shot in the neck while driving home on the freeway. police are now hunting for the gunman who may be linked to a series of other incidents on the road. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> um, i'm on the highway right now and somebody just hit me and i'm bleeding and i'm scared. >> reporter: she didn't realize she had been shot. >> i knew there was a pain in my neck. i thought it was from the glass. that shattered from my window. >> reporter: 20-year-old cory just got out of the hospital still recovering this morning
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after being shot as she drove home from work last week. on this highway north of denver. >> i'm still in shock. you don't think something like that would happen to you just driving home from work. >> reporter: romero said a gunman in a dark suv pulled up right next to her car and shot her in the neck. >> if you can, get a clean, dry cloth or towel or just anything you can place on the wound, okay? >> i'm trying to. but it's on both sides of my neck. i'm just really, really scared. >> reporter: she's not the only driver in this part of colorado to have a scare. in the last week or so. the sheriff's department is investigating seven other shattered car windows. so far, the only bullet they've found is the one that hit romero. >> i've been lucky to walk away. literally walk away from this incident and still have my voice. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are still trying to find the gunman who shot her and figure out if he's targeting others. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> ryan, thank you. finally, imagine getting up
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this morning, walking to your bathroom to get ready, and seeing this when you open the door. yep, that's a wild turkey. standing on the sink in rhode island. it broke through the window. here's the interesting part. not so great for the homeowner. the turkey wanted to wash up, it seems. it turned on the hot water. caused a flood in the bathroom that trickled down and caused a lot of damage. the woman called 911, shut the door. officers came and helped release the bird into the wild. no free turkey dinners for everyone. >> good, i'm glad to hear that. >> can we give you a hug? >> i have allergies. and i had a coughing fit. and now this is what happens. >> so everything ginger's been saying with the pollen counts, proof positive. >> allergy report. >> and playing through. perseverance. thank you, amy. >> glad to have you here. now to scary moments at an oklahoma zoo. a tiger escaping its enclosure. forcing visitors to hide in
7:14 am
buildings until it could be captured. abc's gio benitez is here. >> reporter: zookeepers issuing an emergency alert when that tiger left her cage. visitors worried she could attack. a terrifying announcement you never want to hear at a zoo. code red tiger. close all gates. >> i saw a mom and her daughter running and she was like, there's a cat trying to escape. there's a cat trying to escape. >> reporter: the drama on thursday, a 4-year-old female tiger named lola caught on camera after escaping her enclosure through a hole in the fence around 2:00 p.m., attacking another large cat. somehow getting trapped in a small space. between two cat exhibits. >> he stuck his head through the fence and he barrelled through there. >> i was freaking. you probably heard me back there coming. just give me my kid. >> reporter: zoo officials immediately springing into action. locking down the perimeter. removing visitors and staff from the exhibits. officials tranquilizing the sumatran tiger.
7:15 am
you can see them here carrying her out on a stretcher. the zoo says no one was ever in danger. unlike the tiger escape at the san francisco zoo on christmas day 2007. >> alan, i got a tiger out. code one. >> what? we need tranquilizer darts. we need armed backup. >> reporter: the tiger leapt and clawed her way out of the tiger grotto, mauling carlos sousa jr. to death and injuring his two friends. but in oklahoma city tragedy averted. the tiger was not injured and the association of zoos and aquariums is looking into it all. now we want to turn to the richest boxing match of all time. las vegas gearing up. for the main event tomorrow night. t.j. holmes is already there for all the action. good morning to you, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, lara. welcome inside for an exclusive
7:16 am
look at what will be one of the most exclusive rooms on the planet tomorrow night. this is the actual ring where history will be made. vegas is buzzing like never before. if you want to be here and this close, you better be rich and/or famous. but mostly rich. ♪ move over, mariah. ♪ happy i feel ♪ >> reporter: so long celine. these are the two new divas of las vegas. check out the spectacle for floyd "money" mayweather's arrival. at the mgm grand. a similar scene from manny pacquiao. the underdog who is not sounding like one. telling his fans to calm down. in vegas, anticipation for some. anxiety for others. as they scramble working any angle they can to get a ticket. how much are you willing to pay for a ticket?
7:17 am
>> 20 grand. expect to see tons of celebs. including snoop, brady. justin bieber may accompany mayweather into the ring. as he's done before. mark wahlberg and p. diddy even have 250 grand riding on the match. >> who you got. >> got mayweather. going with the money team, baby. who you got. >> pac man. >> i think since the fight was announced, people want to be part of it. it's history. >> reporter: most of the fans hoping to say i was there will only get to say i was in town. >> these things are all driven by the financials. the fans' needs, wants, are not secondary. they're way down the list. >> reporter: all right, folks. little math here. now, about 100,000 people coming into town for the fight. only about 17,000 can get in here. only about 30,000 can watch it in closed circuit on the strip. somebody will be left out. a lot of people just want to say they're in town. >> including you. i understand.
7:18 am
will you be ringside? that is the question? >> reporter: i won't be ringside. i do have a ticket. i need to keep that quiet. everyone i run into talking too, they say, hey you got a ticket, i feel like i'm doing something illicit. >> they're still sleeping in vegas. it's okay. >> reporter: these are hard tickets to get. >> you're not expensing that ticket, are you? it's coming out of your pocket, right? >> reporter: look, robin. you don't know what kind of things i had to do for this ticket. >> and we don't want to know. >> have a great time. it's so wonderful here. but there's hail in virginia. >> just south of us. the last 24 hours have been volatile. the atmosphere is kind of unsettled. the pictures of hail. just scoopable hail. it's pea-sized. enough to get you going. on the deck, it's accumulating. it's raining this morning from virginia to north carolina.
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good morning. i am abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. with the micro climate forecast. hot inland with a surge of cool weather hitting the coast today. the cooling will take over everywhere tonight, so hopefully you sleep better. let's look at temperatures today. 60s at the coast barely 71 in san francisco. 72 in richmond 77 in oakland 79 in san mateo 80s and coming up on "gma," the
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mystery of a missing kayaker takes a dramatic turn. police now say his grieving fiance was actually his killer. also ahead, the never-before-seen home videos of american sniper chris kyle, as his widow, taya kyle, speaks out. abc news exclusive. >> how to survive a tornado. why your home may not be as safe as you think it is. introducing lunch at outback every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorites. plus new aussie tacos, new savory ribeye melt and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations
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7:25 am
to honor workers, and may day marchers are expected across the bay area today but traffic has been pretty light. >> yes indeed there are no bart delays right now, and i will keep you updated and you can follow me on twitter for the latest updates. let me move out of the way so you can see the plaza and traffic stacking in. we have an accident as you approach 23rd avenue within lane blocked and we have delays just behind it. thank you. when we come female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort
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good morning. did you have trouble sleep stphg i can imagine so.
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look at palo alto 68 degrees, and some of us trying to drop into the mid-50s. this is santa cruz and notice the marine layer is back and so are the clouds. that heat wave was one and done for a lot of us yesterday except as you head deeper inland especially the east bay where it will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. most of the day will be in the low 70s, but as you head into the south bay mid-80 ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪ ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world♪ welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers visit or call your travel agent.
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good morning, america. right now, new questions this morning about what happened to freddie gray in the police van, as police turn over the results of their investigation to prosecutors. also right now, the fiance of a new york man who vanished while kayaking has now been charged with his murder. and "american sniper" widow taya kyle speaks out to robin about life without chris. never-before-seen home videos of him. an abc news exclusive. we say good morning, america. friday, may 1st. can you believe it? >> spring is here. look at this video. this is the woman who said her fiance disappeared on a kayak trip. she gave a tearful interview. she was rescued as well. now, police say she is the killer. she's been charged with murder. linzie janis is in cornwall, new york, with more.
7:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: members at the cornwall yacht club heard the 911 call, rushing to help that woman from these waters. they say there was no reason not to believe her story. police initially buying it, too. but not anymore. this recent interview, 35-year-old angelika graswald describes the moment a kayaking trip with her fiance turned tragic. >> he was trying to figure out how to paddle the waves. because they were getting crazy. and -- then i just saw him flip. >> reporter: she says she tried to rescue 46-year-old vincent viafore. after both of their kayaks capsized in these rough new york waters. he didn't make it. >> i saw him -- i saw him struggling a little bit. >> reporter: but this morning, police saying she is no longer an innocent victim.
7:32 am
she's the prime suspect, charging her with second-degree murder. >> she made statements that implicated herself in the crime. enough to have reasonable cause to have made the arrest. >> reporter: after viafore's disappearance, she took to social media. changing her facebook profile to this, posting this picture of herself kayaking with the caption, if only i could have paddled harder. posts police now say may have all been part of an elaborate lie. while authorities aren't commenting on a potential motive, they say viafore was an experienced kayaker who wasn't wearing a life vest. this morning, those who know graswald tells us they're shocked. >> she's a very sweet girl, as far as i have known. very energetic, happy go lucky. just a really nice person. >> reporter: and a new report this morning. angelika graswald says she's
7:33 am
accused of tampering with her fiance's kayak. she says police are using her diary against her. she's due in court next week. she's not yet entered a plea. robin. now to an abc news exclusive. our interview with taya kyle, the widow of american sniper chris kyle. taya opening up about how she's carrying on. sharing a side of her husband we have never seen. >> god will take care of you. he's looking out for you. >> reporter: it's scenes like these that inspired taya kyle to write her book. "american wife." scenes so different from the action packed one associated with her husband chris kyle in the film "american sniper." >> she's got a grenade. >> there was so much more to him. it was my chance to share some of that side, too. i think he's earned it. >> reporter: taya portrayed by sienna miller in the film, giving us a look at chris's softer side.
7:34 am
not even hollywood could recreate. captured on never before seen home videos. listen closely as chris talks to his son, bubba, the night before his third deployment. >> we'll read two more and then you can go to bed. this is so later when i'm gone, you can look at the tape. >> reporter: little did anybody know that time would come so soon. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, eddie ray routh, guilty of the offense of capital murder. >> reporter: kyle, the war hero, who survived countless battles murdered right here on u.s. soil by a marine who claimed he was insane. that loss sending taya into self-reflection and rebirth. you open the book, four words jump out. love. war. faith. renewal. why? >> love is a key thing. the war taught me a lot.
7:35 am
it brought the greatest pain in our marriage. it brought greater strength. i had to rely on my faith. renewal is a constant process. >> reporter: but for taya, moving on has meant sometimes taking a step back. in her book, she writes about a big decision. she moved her wedding ring to her right hand. when we sat down to talk -- >> so why is it back on the left? >> i knew it. i just couldn't do it. >> reporter: the wedding band right where chris kyle put it at the beginning of their epic love story. it is a love story. people think they know it. by reading his book and the movie, but boy, she -- you see him in a -- a different light. and she's really carrying on his legacy. >> very active. >> i love that phrase, renewal is a process. >> it is. you can see much more with taya kyle on a special edition of "20/20" tonight at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 central. she'll be here live with us on "gma" monday morning.
7:36 am
time now for the weather. >> it was hot and dry in the southwest. this was the result. unfortunately, brush fires erupting in southern california. we have video, too. the firefighters are out there. in the air, on the ground. they're doing it again. wildfire season doesn't have a season any longer. it's year-round in california. there's a reason why. san francisco at their dryest start to the year ever on record. they are some 11-plus inches short of where average would be. redding is having a tough time, too. average 18 inches. almost 6. they're not doing well out there. the heat even hotter today. 101, palm spring good morning. i am mike nicco. still hot inland east bay. looj at the surge of cool weather at the coast. 63 to 71. around the bay, 72 to 86.
7:37 am
>> that weather report brought to you by target. i know on the east coast, we're okay with the heat. we're excited about soaring into almost summer-like temperatures. near 80 by monday here. >> we'll take it. >> you promised us 80 during the week. >> and you'll get it. >> we'll take 79. that's fine. >> goodness. tough crowd. tough crowd. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, school bus scare. the driver keeping 40 kids trapped on the bus. a father racing after the bus, calling 911 for help. and ginger will show us how to survive a tornado. wait until you see the best place to hide to make it out alive. >> let's get ready! >> let's get ready! ♪
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back now at 7:41 with "gma" survival week. this week, we left matt gutman stranded on an island. now, it's in ginger's turn. she's chased tornados in her career. millions of americans are at
7:42 am
risk of tornadoes every year. what should you do if you're at risk? to seek shelter. ginger with that. >> when a tornado watch is called, you still have time. that's what people don't realize. when it's a warning you have got to get to your safe place. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> he's over, he's over. >> reporter: it's mother nature at her most ferocious. >> oh, my god. turn the car around! >> we're literally running. >> get down! >> reporter: in the past two years alone, tornadoes killed at least 50 americans. it's coming toward us. in 2013, chris lancaster and his family survived this ef-4 ripping through their washington, illinois, home. every second caught on tape. >> oh! >> reporter: chris finally making it to the basement. barely. >> chris, we're okay. >> this is what my house looks like after a tornado came through.
7:43 am
the debris was hitting my face. don't film it. get the hell out of there. >> reporter: to survive this, where you go can mean the difference between life and death. this is one of the research labs at texas tech. right behind this safety wall there is a huge debris cannon. it simulates what can happen with different debris. if you can get to a storm shelter with walls like this. >> three, two. >> reporter: one. whoa! you stay alive. >> this 100-mile-per-hour missile will go through the standard residential structure. >> reporter: don't believe it? watch this. a 2 by 4 through brick. cinder block. you don't want this going into you. if you have this wall, it won't. >> we gotta go! >> just drive, just drive! >> reporter: just as critical, knowing where not to be.
7:44 am
stay off the roads and away from overpasses. some of the most critical moments can happen after the storm. at disaster city in college station, texas. this is disaster city. they train for just that. pinning me under wreckage. experts say it's important not to freeze. instead, look around for anything that can become a tool. i spot this once dangerous piece of debris. now, a life-saving makeshift lever. >> wedge it underneath. you can see how much you can move that weight. you have a tool box that used to be your house. >> reporter: i'm free. with all my exits blocked, i need another way out. i find this broken table leg. okay. i'm out. survive this? and you can now help others do the same. so again, a shelter or a basement is best. if you can't get to it, have a
7:45 am
predetermined safe place near the center of your home, away from windows. like an interior closet, hallway, or beneath the staircase. stay low, cover your head. the more walls between you and the storm, the better. we posted a checklist on our website. the other thing people don't think about is in that special place, even in the basement, having a helmet is the best idea. covering your head is where people get hurt most. >> even a bike helmet. >> people say get in the bathtub. why? >> it's not always the best place. it depends on how many windows are in the bathroom. >> where it is. >> if your bathroom is interior. maybe it is best. >> basement bathtub. >> yes. >> a lot of great tips. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, what kim kardashian revealed overnight about bruce jenner, their family, and the transition. and the woman who dropped everything to move to paradise. why she made this life-changing decision. paradise. why she made this life-changing decision.
7:46 am
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. it is "speed feed" time. amy, you rest your voice. jesse palmer is in the social square. >> you'll see this in your feeds this morning. it's called the ultimate dream job.
7:50 am
we saw an article about a woman who left her job in new york city to live in a caribbean paradise. noelle hancock traded manhattan island for st. john in the u.s. virgin islands where just 4,000 people call home. we talked to her about what was behind her big decision. >> i went to college. i went to new york. i became a journalist. it was always in the back of my mind. i would be watching, you know, movies that took place in paradise or reading books and i would be jealous of the characters. that got to live these lives. >> with a yale degree, she went from making $95,000 a year to scooping ice cream for $10 an hour. she's never been happier. turning her fantasy into a reality. it's been a brutal winter. i would love to be somewhere hot right now. if i close my eyes in three, two -- are you kidding me?
7:51 am
doesn't get much better than that. tell us what you love to do. tweet us. guys? >> come on. come on. >> he's getting served. >> take me away. >> come on over. >> thank you, jesse. coming up, the battle for sofia vergara over those disputed embryos. sofia vergara over those disputed embryos. >> coming up "gma's" shark tank your life provided by deluxee for small businesses. deluxe, for the love of small business.
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tt2w rg)&s@e!!&n -ox tt2w rg)&s@e4!f# [y, tt2w rg)&s@ex#á& 0$,h tt2w rg)&s@et#j' 00,, tt2w rg)&s@et#j) 0;lh so far the promised may day protest are a dud. very few have showed up. we are getting word that more may be arriving, and may day is the traditional time to honor workers. mike nicco, it's warm. >> yeah, you can see the southerly surge taking over and that's going to bring us from three degrees cooler, and we are
7:57 am
still going to be in the 90s inland. no may day delays on bart. here is the 101 in san jose, clear in both directions. but we have an accident in san francisco blocking one lane and northbound
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. school bus scare. >> the bus driver's blocking all the kids on the bus. >> a father racing after 40 elementary school kids allegedly trapped and crying on a bus, pleading for help from 911. ♪ modern problem. the sofia vergara legal battle over those frozen embryos. the case raising big questions around the country for who has a right to be a parent. dan and nancy here live. ♪ i think i want to marry you ♪ and meet the couple head over heels from the moment they met. they've been married 47 times around the world. this morning, we're helping them pull off their most epic i dos yet. right here on "gma." >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and looky there. there they are. the couple saying i do all over the world. they've arrived here. the grand finale to their wedding adventure right here in little old times square. >> what a story. professional acrobats. they've traveled the globe for 47 weddings. look at the amazing poses. while saying i do. wedding number 48 live here. coming ahead. we have all kinds of acrobats, aerialists, love flying all over times square in all directions. we're going to have an unforgettable ceremony. >> you might say he swept her off her feet, george. >> you might say that. >> love at first lift. also this morning, more from bruce jenner's family. kim kardashian west is speaking out about how bruce is doing right now. and the one rule she's making for jenner going forward. she got into it with jimmy kimmel last night.
8:02 am
now news from amy. >> breaking news from baltimore in the freddie gray case sparking days of protest nationwide. we learned the autopsy report has been sent to prosecutors and the state attorney is speaking now about the case. abc is in baltimore right now with the latest. jim. >> reporter: good morning, amy. a dramatic announcement on the steps of the war memorial building by the state attorney a few moments ago. she said she is now filing criminal charges against the six police officers who arrested freddie gray. an arrest that led to his death. she said the knife he was carrying was legal, that in fact that he had not caused any crime, that he was -- there was no probably cause and was illegally arrested. among the charges against the six are involuntary manslaughter and one, the driver himself was charged with second degree murder. this is the state's attorney's
8:03 am
comments. >> once alerted about this incident on april 13th investigators from my police unit were deployed to invest gait the circumstances surrounding mr. gray's apprehension. over the course of our independent investigation, and the untimely death of mr. gray my team worked around the clock, 12 and 14-hour days to canvas and interview dozens of witnesses, view numerous hours of video footage. listened to hours of police videotape statements. surveyed the route, reviewed medical records and we leveraged the information made available to us by the police department the community, and the family of mr. gray. the findings of our comprehensive thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led
8:04 am
us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: freddie gray's death was caused by being unsecured in the van. amy. >> the avalanche triggered by the massive avalanche in nepal. releasing the cloud of snow and ice heading straight for hem overnight the death toll has topped 6200 an estimated $2 billion will be needed to rebuild. and back here, the cdc has traced an outbreak of the plague to a single dog. the four cases in rural colorado were the biggest outbreak in nearly a century. the patients have recovered. scientists are carefully studying the outbreak because it's the first time a dog ever infected a human with the plague. >> a show of support from kim kardashian.
8:05 am
she sat down with jimmy kimmel last night to how she will help her step dad transition to a woman. kim gave jenner one rule going forward, take a listen. >> whatever you do do not steal my gram team. they are mine. too many girls in this family. you know i do -- i did tell him that. i said whatever help you need you know you have to look and feel your best. >> nice to see family friends, strangers, the outpouring of love and the fact that people can laugh. >> it's great. >> yes. exactly. just a great conversation and a great tone. >> are you going to be ready for the commencement address? >> i am going to rest my voice, yes. i'm speaking at the commencement address. i'm freaking out. >> you have 10,000 home remedies on your twitter feed by the end of the day. >> i know. >> but you feel okay right? >> i feel okay. >> good. >> "pop news" and weather coming
8:06 am
up. let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you george. patrick dempsey's next life changing decision. another one. he's off "gray's" and he'll tell you what the big change is now. and sophia vergara and her ex fighting over froedsen embryos. >> and the ultimate wedding adventure. exchanging vows around the world. are now here in times square. love at first lift. [ cheers and applause ] hi, guys. how are you. [ cheers and applause ] .
8:07 am
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8:11 am
everybody. time for "pop news." this morning, we begin with this. good-bye mcdreamhouse. so many changes for former "gray's anatomy" star patrick dempsey. killed off the series after 11 seasons. announcing the end of his 15-year marriage. now he's moving on, listing his stunning malibu home for $14.5 mcmillion. designed by superstar architect frank gary, these "architectural digest" photos show off the home. 5,000-square feet. set on 3.3 mountainside acres. including a pool, gorgeous interiors. even a small farm. >> a farm, why not? >> yeah, why not. perhaps dempsey should hold on to the house as a vacation spot for whomever shonda rhimes kills off next. >> ooh. >> next in "pop news." >> a little dark on a friday. >> yes, i am, george. meet sprinkles, everybody. the 4-year-old cat recently rescued. however, animal workers couldn't
8:12 am
pick her up. she weighed 33 pounds, you guys. so big it is not a world record. that goes to himmy, who weighed in at 46. sprinkles at 33 pounds is the equivalent of a 650-pound human. right now, she can't move very much. this is better. we're getting somewhere now. with the help of a loving new jersey animal shelter, the sea isles cat center, she's just been adopted. she's on the path to being an itty-bitty cat again. a cat her size should weigh between 9 and 12 pounds. meantime, there's lots to love. finally, a loaded question. how old do you think i am? i'm not asking you. i'm just presenting the question. lay off twitter. lay off twitter. i don't want to know. microsoft is taking it on. debuting a new site that answers that question for you, for better or worse. you just need to post a few
8:13 am
well-lit photos of yourself or whoever you want to know about. the site uses state-of-the-art algorithms to give you a number. microsoft built the site as an experiment thinking it would attract 50 users on the first day. within the first day, tens of thousands have tried it. they were pleased or not so much. the apathies madonna is 31. she's 56. and called harry styles 29. he's just 21. so the site apologized to those it got wrong. they said it's a work in progress. and to those it got in the right direction, they said -- and then finally, really, really quick. i know i only have three. >> thank you for not doing it to us. >> i said, no. somebody suggested it. we're family. >> oh, music. >> that's for you, robin. it's friday. we feel like answering. so does this guy. >> go, baby. go, baby. >> yeah, go, baby. he may be a little fella. but he can move. and everybody, that is your
8:14 am
final thought for "pop news" on this friday. >> get funky with it. >> a fully loaded diaper. >> i don't -- we don't really know if he was dancing or trying to shake free. that's neither here nor there. >> i agree with you. what is it with you? >> george said loaded diaper. i responded, robin. >> ginger's got the weather. loaded diaper. oh, it could be. let's change subjects and talk about this weekend. here in new york, we have a lupus walk. starting tomorrow. all these beautiful ladies here representing. it starts where? >> at the south street sea port. >> we have folk celebrating. it's the weekend. that's where we start. washington, d.c. they've had showers throughout the morning hours. there down to north carolina. that's how it will be for today. we dry out. warm up toward next week.
8:15 am
good morning. i am abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. with the micro climate forecast. hot inland with a surge of cool weather hitting the coast today. the cooling will take over everywhere tonight, so hopefully you sleep better. let's look at temperatures today. 60s at the coast barely 71 in san francisco. 72 in richmond 77 in oakland 79 in san mateo 80s elsewhere. the accuweather seven-day >> it is more than a good morning. happy friday. let's get inside. >> thank you, ginger. first up on our "gma" "heat index," the latest in the battle over sofia vergara's frozen embryos. her ex, nick loeb, wanting to preserve them, raising all kinds of legal and ethical questions. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> sofia, on your left. >> reporter: she was red hot on the red carpet at the premier of her new movie thursday night.
8:16 am
this morning, "modern family's" sofia vergara is at the center of a dispute over embryos she decided to freeze. a decision she spoke about with our amy robach in 2013. >> i wanted to make sure i froze some eggs. i wanted to take advantage of science. why not? >> reporter: now her ex-fiance, nick loeb, is suing her to preserve those embryos, telling "the new york times" our frozen embryos have a right to live. saying i asked her to let me have the embryos. she's refused. we reached out to vergara. she doesn't want to comment. but in a statement through her attorney to "people" magazine earlier this month, she said she has never wanted to destroy her embryos. they're not the only people who have disagreements. >> it's really important to think about, um, what we should do in all cases. not just divorce. there are important issues concerning whether or not people have a right to be a parent. a right to try to be a parent. and then really importantly, a
8:17 am
right not to become a parent. >> reporter: jacob created fertilized embryos with his girlfriend after she was diagnosed with cancer. the two have since broken up. his ex still wants a chance to have their child. a chance that an illinois court ruled she should get. he's appealing that decision. >> i'm being forced to become a father against my will. there's no question or mincing of words about that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> complicated emotional cases. let's talk about it with dan abrams and nancy grace. they are back. and nancy, of course, you host "nancy grace" on hln. what's your take on this? >> what i think in this case is it's very different from carla dustin's case. carla had chemotherapy. that was her last chance at having children. unlike this case, where nick loeb is 39 years old and is fully capable of having more children. not only that, in carla's case,
8:18 am
there was no written clause. in sofia vergara's case, there's a document they both signed that said you cannot go full term with these embryos unless both parties agree. also, onion crunch. i think this is all a p.r. ploy for nick loeb, laugh if you want, but remember, he reportedly tried to sneak onion crunch into the white house. that's his product. he's getting tons of p.r. off of this for his product. >> nancy just gave him a little more. um, the -- look, this is not a closed case. as far as i'm concerned. >> that's right. i had to look it up and find out what it is. >> this isn't a closed case. for both the reasons nancy lays out. number one, the contract is so clear. he says, it's not a contract. it was just a form i filled out. sorry, but, you both signed it. you didn't just sign it. they force you to initial it again and again and again. it made it very clear throughout
8:19 am
this document that they both have to agree to move forward. and b, the only cases where the courts have ever said, we're going to effectively force one person to be a parent against their will is in those really extreme cases. like where someone had chemotherapy and it was their last chance. >> is this so clear cut it doesn't go to trial? it just gets dismissed? >> i think it will be dismissed. i don't think this goes to trial. >> another thing. dan, listen to this. when we asked sofia vergara to comment, she goes, no comment. what does he do? he writes an op-ed in "the new york times." you think anybody will notice that? i think he's trying to stir up public sentiment. >> and the timing. >> right as she takes the red carpet. >> aren't there other options? like adoption. he says he's afraid the embryos will stay in the freezer forever. there are times you can have them adopted, right? but both of them have to agree to that, too. >> their agreement specifically says if they can't agree what to do with the embryos, they're effectively abandoned. what that would mean according to the contract is that they
8:20 am
would be donated to medical research. this is all based on what they agreed to. >> for those of you who have not researched the ivf process. this is his involvement. he fertilized the eggs. that means the nurse gives him a dixie cup. >> oh, no. okay. >> he goes in the bathroom, does his business for about 90 seconds. that's it. he wants to make her raise cheese children because of that? really? >> uh, uh, um. >> no. >> um, look. i don't -- i don't think. >> that's right. >> i don't think the fact that it's the man versus the woman is the real issue here. i think you could flip this scenario and talk about a famous man who is facing the same sort of situation and i feel the same way, based on their contract. i can't unhear what i just heard. >> oh. look at the time. would you look at the time. nancy, thank you. have a great weekend. dan, thank you. it's all -- gotta move on. next on our "heat index," reality star jill duggar under
8:21 am
fire because of this photo right here. showing the new mom holding her newborn son in a baby sling. critics say the way she's carrying him is not safe. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: the duggars, devoutly religious. indisputably kind. and the stars of their reality show "19 kids and counting." >> good job. >> reporter: but daughter jill has fans in an uproar this week over this photo which appears to show her with her 3-week-old son israel in a sling. posters from this facebook page say the way she's wearing her baby is dangerous, because the baby sits too low in the carrier. >> it's great she's wanting to wear her baby in the sling. it's really a hard carrier to understand. >> reporter: holly ann works at wild was mama, a store in brooklyn that sells slings and helps mom work with proper baby wearing. >> it's difficult to position the baby right. usually in a ring sling, the baby should be higher on her body. >> reporter: the harsh comments
8:22 am
include, someone needs to tell her it's a baby sling, not a purse. and, you would think after having 82 siblings and being a midwife, she would know how the use a sling properly. it happens more often than you think. the risks of wearing a baby incorrectly are serious. the consumer product safety commission has identified 14 infant deaths with sling-style carriers over the past 20 years. >> the big issue with the sling is the risk of suffocation. if your baby is premature or small for their age, don't use a sling. >> reporter: besser also says incorrect use can lead to hip problems. when used correctly, slings are a great help to mom, who now not only has her baby close, but also her hands free. >> you want to have the baby upright or in a cradle position. you want to be able to see their face. >> it's definitely easier as you practice more and more. >> reporter: jill, who is a midwife in training, did not wish to comment. for "good morning america,"
8:23 am
paula faris, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to paula and more on this with adrian. she's a certified baby wearing educator and owner of new york's wild was mama. thank you. and i love this. the mamas here and all that. so what is it a parent should know, adrian, about the proper way to carry their child? >> as you can see, babies love their carriers. moms love to hold them close. that's instinct. a good carrier should feel just like your arms feel on your body when you're holding your baby upright. you want to make sure the head is nice and high so you can give them little kisses. you want to make sure that their face is totally visible. no fabric obstructing your view of them. make sure the fabric is nice and tight. so their back and neck are supported. >> there are different ways to wrap. we have three examples. first one, why is this good, and explain it if you would. >> this is a woven wrap. it's superversatile. you can tie it in tons of ways. daniela has her baby in front. it's a long piece of fabric.
8:24 am
it's fully adjustable. >> 15 seconds. so what's good on the last two? >> a ring sling. get a baby in and out quickly. know how to adjust it. this is a buckle carrier for people who might feel more familiar with buckles. make sure you're picking one that's the right size. >> i want to stay. >> can we turn them to the camera? >> look at the babies. >> look at the faces. thank you. >> thank you so much. so precious. and very comfortable, obviously. also, robin, in the heat index, we're talking about dad bods today. they look like they go the gym but maybe also enjoy the finer things in life. a little pizza. a little beer. the look is trending. jesse will explain more on the dad bod phenomenon. >> that's right. it's true. you can call it an early father's day gift. undefined abs and maybe a little bit of flab are actually in. "gq" has even coined it the dawn of the dad bod.
8:25 am
these things are everywhere. we found a couple dad bods right here in times square. take a look. are you kidding me? forget about wash board abs. >> like you're photo shopped. >> reporter: and bulging biceps. apparently, what women really want is a dad bod. >> my friends and i saw this on a lot more guys. we were attracted to it. >> reporter: mckenzie is a student at clemson. her article, why girls love the dad bod is going viral. what is a dad body? >> the dad bod is a healthy medium between someone who is a little bit heavier set and someone who works out. >> reporter: think celebs like vince vaughn. will ferrell. >> we're going streaking. >> reporter: and the favorite dad bod to behold. jason segel. >> i got a surprise for you. >> reporter: even young college guys are embracing the dad bod phenomenon. >> you try to maintain the
8:26 am
healthy body. but at the same time, i like to have fun and go out and drink on the weekends. >> reporter: she credits the hypnotic nature of the dad bod to a few factors. for one, she says dad bods are not as intimidating. >> it makes girls feel more vulnerable when they're not with someone who is meal prepping every sunday and being really intimidating. >> reporter: the author says dad bods are comfy. people like cuddling with someone who is a little bit softer. so my question is, guys, who's got pizza? >> are you liking the dad bod phenom? >> i think it's fun. guys own it. they make fun of it. how do you feel about having a dad bod. >> proud, proud for your dad bod. all right, guys. >> they take years of hard work.
8:27 am
good morning. we have breaking news out of baltimore. a prosecutor has ruled the death of freddy gray a homicide and warrants have been issued for all six officers involved in the case. gray died 11 days ago in police custody and he had a severed spine when he was pulled out of a police wagon, and gray's arrest was illegal. more on that, but in the meantime what about the commute? >> traffic heavier coming in towards san francisco, and we have one accident in san francisco that is recovering at this time, and we are still dealing with backups on the northbound side of 101, and near caesar chavez, and westboro
8:28 am
boulevard, three cars involved over to the shoulder, and slow to 380. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive.
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♪ good morning. a warm morning out there with a lot of upper 50s to mid-60s, and even 68 in palo alto, and here is where the cooling is santa cruz right now working its way up the coast and going to touch all of us by the end of the day. mid-60s at the coast, and 71 falling this afternoon, and san
8:30 am
francisco, 70s and 80s around the bay, and still 90s in inland east bay, and you ♪ baby i think i wanna marry you ♪ look at this. there they are. the acrobatic couple turned internet sensation. when they exchanged vows around the globe. cannot wait for an epic epic times square ending to their worldwide wedding adventure. the unforgettable ceremony is just ahead. you never know what you're going to see here in times square. >> no. life is an adventure. >> amy can't talk. she's doing this. >> these a miami today. >> you may have noticed an addition here. cam mathison is with us. congratulations. cam has a new gig, everyone. an exciting dpig as a correspondent for "entertainment
8:31 am
tonight" and the weekend coanchor. congrats pal the. >> thank you. i'm totally loving it. >> he does stuff for us and starring in a romantic mystery murder movie. murder she baked. a chocolate chip cookie mystery. >> that's right. a lot of good baked goods involved. >> you're a detective. solving the cookie caper. >> it's a fun movie. it stars ali sweeney. i play a hard-nosed detective, which is not often for me. i come in big city guy, coming to small town. it's sweet. >> it's different for you. you must love that. >> it's a nice opportunity. it's great project. >> it's good to be cam mathison now. >> what are you doing? you look fantastic. is there that's very nice because on these movie, i'm eating tons of chocolate chip
8:32 am
cookies and plum pudding. i'm working out like madman. >> it shows. it does. >> you need to watch it. it's called "murder she baked, a chocolate chip cookie mystery." it premiers on hallmark movies and mysteries on saturday. time for "shark tank your life." we'll have two entrepreneurs trying to win over laurie gren grenier. how do you know? >> is it something that people need and want? can it be made at an affordable price? and will it follow to a good cross section of people. >> you need a big pool of people. let's see. melanie melanie moore. she says her product will wash away your fears of staining a good white shirt. take it away. >> have you ever been driving to
8:33 am
work stopped short, and spill coffee all over your sleeve? >> yes. >> or maybe you're having a drink with a friend and someone bumps your arm and wine goes fieing everywhere. >> wow. >> well maybe in the past that would have ruined your day. but with our unstainable fabric technology spills no longer turn into stans. and white and wine are no longer mortal enemies. >> all right. thank you. >> interesting. >> let's check in with our home testers. >> as you can see, it is just rolling down the shirt. and bouncing off the fabric really good. i give it a thumb up. >> this is unstainable. i give it a thumbs up. >> how about that. a lot of thumbs up. now we meet ron williams. he loves to cook. he got frustrated every time he
8:34 am
tried to defrost something so he got to work. take it away ron. >> hi shark. i love cooking made easy. when it comes to thawing, i love the laws of physics. the meat always floats to the top. my solution? handy thaw. plaz the frozen food under the arm. you're good to go. if you're tired of your food floating in the sink the handy thaw has you covered. >> let's see what the home terss thought. >> i think you do just as well submerging food with a heavy plate. i have to give it thumbs down. >> it just feels impractice kl to use water to defrost when i could plan ahead and do it in the refrigerator. i have to give it a thumbs down. >> oh no. thumbs down.
8:35 am
sorry, ron. lori now it's up to you. what do you think? >> well honestly i think they're both really clever. they both solve a problem. and meet a need. that's always the best kind of product. i'm going to pick now? >> okay. tough as it is. i'm going to pick melanie for one reason. more people can use her product. it -- a bigger cross section of people. >> a bigger pool. >> there it is. >> i liked yours, ron, a lot. i think it's really smart. >> not only do you get the trophy. our sponsor, deluxe has given you a $500 gift card that you can use in their small business marketing. >> that's amazing. thank you. >> now you have to tell us about the new show you're premiering called "beyond the tank." everyone wants to know what happens next. >> you'll see the sharks in
8:36 am
their natural elements. you're going to see the nitty-gritty. real people. our deals. what really happens. there's consequences. it's exciting. it's what goes on. >> tonight, yours is a bagel. >> mine is the bantam bagel. mine is not tonight. it's three weeks. i think everybody will love the show. it's the nitty-gritty. it's -- you see it all. >> thank you, lori. thank you for coming in. thank you to both of you as well. "shark tank" is on tonight at 8:00. "beyond the tank" at 9:00 eastern. let's go the ginger. let's go that. we have so many great folks out here. where are you from? >> hampton, virginia. >> let's start with the forecast. look at denver. thunderstorms possible today. a look from earlier this morning, kind of partly cloudy skies. and in buffalo, new york the marine layer has come over.
8:37 am
it's covering the buildings. weekend highlights warmer and dryer along the east coast. in the middle a stalled front. up through good morning. i am mike nicco. still hot inland east bay. looj at the surge of cool weather at the coast. 63 to 71. around the bay, 72 to 86. >> all that weather brought to you by mazda 6. we want to say congratulations and wish happy 18th anniversary to our presents at despierta america. broadcasting live from walt disney world in orlando this morning. amy? "avengers: age of ultron"
8:38 am
has already been reelsed internationally. fans are looking forward to meeting new characters. >> stark is a sickness. >> oh junior. you going break your old man's heart. >> if i have to. ? nobody has to break anything. >> clearly, you have never made an omelet. >> he beat me by one second. >> this is funny, mr. stark. is this comfortable? like old times? >> this was never my life. >> you can still walk away there this. >> oh we will. >> we're so excited to have aaron taylor johnson and elizabeth johnson with us quick silver and scarlet witch. you all switched hair colors? >> we did. >> we don't do interviews without each other now. >> you never know what kair hair color you'll turn up with next.
8:39 am
>> sonic speed. >> and your character -- >> with mind powers. >> has mind power. >> for this movie, it's lovely to see into all the other different superheroes. we've been able to do that through scarlet witch. she breaks them down. looks into their worst fears. it's an emotional journey. >> was it intimidating joining this cast of well-known and beloved superheroes. >> we just came off working together if "godzilla." we were friends. it was nice to come in together in an intimidating environment. everyone ended up being the nicest people ever. >> aaron, your wife sam, just directed fifty shades of grey. you're responsible for nearly $700 million at the box office. how does that feel? >> it feels amazing. i wonder if we can get a little taste of that though. >> i love your sisters,
8:40 am
mary-kate and ashley naming their fashion line for you and your brother. elizabeth and james. do you inspire their designs? >> no their dezins inspire me. i know nothing about fashion. they have the best taste of anyone i know. >> thank you both for stopping by. "avengers: age of ultron" is in theaters today. and coming up sandra lee is here. jesse palmer and cameron mathison here to help. stay was.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're just dancing, moving grooving on a friday morning here. time now for sandra's spring cooking fling. sandra lee here television host editor in chief of sandra lee magazine. and one of people magazine's most beautiful people. here to tell us some tasty spring recipes. you were in the mag and your beau the governor andrew cuomo. you're a power couple. >> he is very handsome. we're talking about cocktail time right now. the best time of the day. >> he's taught you well. >> i'm trying to figure out the segue. >> cow can tell she's with a politician. she jus segued right out of
8:44 am
that. >> this is a brand-new, ready to serve. it's a bar in a bottle. real fruit. blue agave. triple triple sec. pure cane sugar. under 150 calories a serving. this can be poured over ice. if you want to make -- >> all recipes. >> the cocktails are on the backside. >> just in case you lose the recipe. they're there. >> you can cook with it. >> have you noticed the sous chefs. >> i want to be the saucier. >> you can cook with them as well. >> on the grill, all the alcohol will burn off. if you're making icing, cocktail not burning off. cup cakes only for adults. a cup and half in this measuring cup. whoo. >> oh right in here.
8:45 am
okay. >> it's better chilled. this is cilantro. chicken seasoning. i love cooking with you. these arefour chicken breasts. >> how are we doing? >> you're looking good. >> you're making it look so easy. >> it will be hard for us. >> this is on the grill. >> just grab that. pop it on your hip. you have to take your tongs. >> oh excuse me. >> hip pop. >> that's why you're a power couple. >> that goes on the grill. barbecue sauce in here. pour a half cup of the strawberry margarita. this is strawberry barbecue sauce. >> i just got props. i don't know what i'm doing. >> you're basting. >> put him to work.
8:46 am
>> okay i'm coming over here. >> i'm sweating over here. hard work. >> marg reetarita chicken. these are margarita strawberry bars. whole strawberries. reduce this down. a quarter cup of sugar. you can use these as jam. vanilla cookie wafers. bake it. this is on the top. cream cheese, sugar, egg, sour cream. >> come on jesse. pick it up. >> that's right. >> he wanted an electric plender. we cut it out. look at the size of the guy. he doesn't need it. >> sandy, thank you. cam, jesse. i don't know what to say. thank you for saving that baby seal. we saw that on instagram.
8:47 am
thank you. >> of course. >> get the recipes on our website. coming up, the reason we have to get out of the kitchen. our wedding adventure live. you don't want to miss. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ hey baby i think i wanna marry you ♪ sflmplgt back to theed a ed aadventure. cheetah platt and rhian woodyard are here. they've been head over heels from the get go. they've done everything together since they met. love at first lift. >> i picked her up and never put her down. >> reporter: and on the one-year anniversary of the day they met, cheetah popped the question. put off by the high cost of planning their day, they decided
8:50 am
to put the money to a global wedding adventure that lit up the internet. >> the venue is $10,000 or we can go around the world for $3,000. >> reporter: it was around the world in 47 weddings. >> when we arrived in each country, we had no idea where our wedding would take place. some places were very easy. egypt, in front of the pyramids. in morocco, no idea. >> reporter: they legally tied the knot in california a few weeks ago. to cheetah and rhian, they're journey is far from over. they're prefairing for the epic ceremony here in times square. >> i think i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: without further ado, let's hand it over to cheetah and rhian. their 48th wedding will reach
8:51 am
new heights here in times square. take it away. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i, cheetah platt. >> i rhian woodyard solemnly swear to. >> love and honor you. >> to lead and to follow. >> as your partner. >> as your lover. >> as your friend. do you take me as your unending supporter? >> as your fearless protector. >> as your husband? >> as your wife? i do. then with this ring -- i thee
8:52 am
wed. by the power vested in me -- i now pronounce you husband. >> and wife. >> you may kiss the bride. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't want to interrupt. incredible. incredible. a wedding to remember. and we will be right back to celebrate with the happy couple. >> i love you so much baby.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] and -- there's the cake. and the happy couple. our congratulations to cheetah and rhian. number 48. was it as special as number 47?
8:56 am
>> this is the best day of my life. >> cheers to you. many adventures ahead. we want to thank alchemy for this beautiful cake. guys we wish you all the best. have a great weekend, everybody.
8:57 am
8:58 am
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good morning. more now on breaking news out of baltimore. a police union official says the six officers charged in the death of freddie gray are not responsible for what hospitalized. he died 11 days ago in police custody. here is the difference and let's open the weather window to santa cruz. clouds and cool weather creeping up the coast, and temperatures from 3 to 18 degrees cooler today, and mid-60s there and 70s and 80s around the bay, and still 90s inland east bay, but this is the last day for the 90s. a possible injury crash as you come up to marina boulevard. one lane blocked and slowing just behind it, and northbound
9:00 am
traffic also busy, and may 1st begins the beginning of motorcycle announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actress helen hunt. and from "the big bang theory," kunal nayyar. plus a performance from "american idol" finalist tyanna jones. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are a couple of emmy-award winners, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: hello! kelly: hi! hi!


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