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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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5 good morning, america. breaking overnight -- tornado emergency. dozens of twisters ripping through the heartland. >> oh, my gosh! >> we have a roof that just flew through the air here. >> winds reaching 150 miles an hour, igniting power lines, flattening homes and buildings. including this fire department. a zoo is hit, with fears of tigers and bears on the loose. record rain sparking dangerous flash flooding. the new fear right now of more dangerous twisters. super cheat? the calls this morning for the nfl to suspend superbowl hero tom brady. the quarterback takes a big hit after the new report that says he likely knew all about the plot to take air out of the footballs. shocking text messages. linking to the scandal.
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his father coming to his defense. and abc news exclusive. sofia vergara speaking out to our amy robach about the battle with her former fiance over the frozen embryos. >> i don't want this person to take more advantage of my career. >> what she says is the reason her ex has taken their private feud public. only on "gma" this morning. ♪ it's going down i'm yelling timber ♪ and shaq taking a tumble. on live tv last night. what he's saying to the legions of fans making fun of his supersized wipeout. and good morning, america. what a terrifying night for millions of americans. 46 tornadoes reported from texas to nebraska over the past 24 hours.
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>> we want you to take a look at this. this is a storm shelter. the one place you're supposed to be safe during the storm, pulled from the ground. bridgecreek, oklahoma, one of the hardest hit areas. that's where ryan owens starts us off. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. take a look at the scene around me. we're in the garage, or what's left of it. a lot of it looks like it's about to fall down. of a very nice brick home, one of many damaged in this area. the couple who lives here, they're fine. they rode out the storm. their home, anything but okay. look at the damage up there on the roof. this, 1 of about 50 homes here with significant damage. >> tornado forming right now. >> reporter: dozens of tornadoes tear through the southern plains. right through populated areas around oklahoma city. >> this is the most significant of all tornado warnings that we can have. a tornado emergency. >> reporter: just south of the city, more than a dozen people are injured when this mobile home park takes a direct hit.
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>> we had a 17-year-old victim trapped. we had to lift the rv off the gentleman. >> it's on the ground now. >> reporter: watch as this cyclone lifts off the ground. >> about a half mile away from itment >> it got really windy. like sheet rain coming. wild, scary. >> reporter: power lines igniting. >> a tornado is on the ground. that's what we're worried about. >> reporter: in kansas, you can hear the power of this monstrous funnel cloud forming, moving across fields and roads. >> oh, my gosh! >> we have a roof that just flew through the air here. >> reporter: drivers dodging debris as sirens blair. buildings in its path, destroyed. >> completely collapsed. power is out out here. >> reporter: a storm shelter designed to save lives ripped from the ground. this fire house, flattened. and it wasn't just the wind. but the water. eight inches of rain fell in oklahoma city wednesday. a single-day record.
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countless drivers had to be rescued from the high water. and a live look this morning at the storm shelter that the couple that lives in this house, they rode the storm out in there. it saved their lives. imagine what they thought when they came up from there into their garage and saw the mess. scary night for a lot of folks. damage done at a local zoo. for awhile, they thought exotic animals had escaped. fortunately, they're back where they need to be. the one thing everybody talking about, george is the fact that right now there are no reported deaths. >> thank you, ryan. let's get more from albert ashwood, the head of the oklahoma department of emergency management. thank you, mr. ashwood. as ryan just said, a miracle that no one was killed. given all this destruction. >> yeah, actually was. we had storms firing up from 2:00 yesterday afternoon through after 11:00 last night. it was a devastating day here in oklahoma. >> seems like people were fairly well prepared.
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>> well, i think so. unfortunately, we have a lot of practice with tornadoes and severe weather here in the state. they do an excellent job preparing for such events. >> and you've also got this continuing challenge of flooding, as well. >> absolutely. the storms haven't finished. we're looking for storms the remainder of this week throughout the weekend. there's still a good chance for severe weather coming up. >> what about reports that a zoo was impacted? >> you know, i heard the reports that you did. my understanding is there were some exotic animals that were free for a time. but they've been captured and they're back contained again. >> anything you'll need from the federal government today? >> we're in constant contact with our friends at fema. region 6 has worked with us very well. we're talking to them to see if we need assessment teams or see what assistance we might need. from the federal government. >> mr. ashwood, thank you for your time. good luck today.
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>> thank you very much. >> all right, george. the violent storms are not over yet. rob, you're tracking it all. >> i would love to say that the pattern has shifted. but the setup for severe weather remains the same. not only for today, but it increases for the next four days. a lot of jet stream energy. all the way back through denver, a chance for seeing large hail. less of a chance of tornadoes today. but tomorrow, we increase it again. back toward san angelo. maybe oklahoma city. then a punch of energy from a california storm. come saturday, a very likely risk of seeing severe weather. mother's day sunday, doesn't look to be better. serious weather. >> okay, rob. thank you very much. now to the bombshell nfl report on deflate-gate. the investigation finds that tom brady likely knew that patriots' staff tampered with the balls before the championship game. ryan smith with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: and good morning to
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you, george. this report on deflate-gate that took league investigators 103 days to produce puts tom brady in its cross hairs. saying staffers wouldn't have touched the balls without brady's approval. and disputing brady's claim that is he knew nothing. this morning, new england patriots quarterback tom brady hit hard by the investigation into the now infamous deflate-gate scandal. the 243-page report released wednesday stating it is more probable than not that brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities involving the release of air from patriots game balls. the report also says. two long-time patriots staffers, jim mcnally and equipment assistant john jastremski participated in a deliberate plan to circumvent the rules. at the championship game against the indianapolis colts. the report, likely a blow to the
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credibility of the super bowl champion quarterback who claimed he did nothing wrong. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: three months before the scandal broke, according to the report, brady angrily complained about the inflation levels of the footballs. after an october game. prompting this text message. tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball an expletive balloon. the report states that in the weeks that followed, a flurry of text messages went between the pair. including this one, seemingly alluding to brady's knowledge that the balls were being tampered with. talked to him last night. he actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. according to the report, mcnally, referring to himself as the deflator, at one point, asking in jest for help to get brady to pay up.
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if he wanted balls inflated the way he liked. let's make a deal. come on. help the deflator. brady himself refusing to turn over his texts and phone logs. this morning, the nfl says it's considering what steps to take in light of the report. patriots' owner robert kraft saying in a statement to say that we're disappointed in the report's findings, which do not include any incontrovertible or hard evidence of deflation, would be a gross understatement. brady is not commenting on the report. his dad says i have no doubt about my son's integrity. not one bit and adding quote this was frame-gate right from the beginning. robin. >> dan abrams is here with more on this. we'll have michael weigh in as well. what do you make of the language that was used? >> they're being very careful to say more likely than not. same standard you would use in a civil case, by the way. you hear the patriots saying incontrovertible evidence.
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there's not proof beyond any doubt in the case. there's not proof beyond any doubt in courtrooms all the time. this is the evidence they have. we're talking about deflating footballs. not taking someone's freedom away and this is the standard that's appropriate. >> with tom brady, he did not release his text messages. he didn't have to. it's not a criminal investigation. >> that's right. he didn't. he's not going to. now he'll suffer whatever consequences they decide to inflict upon him as a result. there are three possibilities here. big fines. i think that's for certain. possible suspension of brady. that's possible. many people think that's unlikely. and number three, the possibility for the team of the loss of draft picks down the road. we'll have to see if they do that. think about this in the big context of it. compared to a criminal case. murder would be fixing a game. that would be the equivalent of murder. the spy scandal, the equivalent of voluntary manslaughter. this is probably battery. and assault. something a little bit lower
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than that and so i think you'll see a slightly lesser punishment than in the spy thing. >> what do you think, michael? the draft just ended. it would have to be the next draft. if there was some sort of penalty. >> i agree with dan. i think more likely a big fine. i don't think the team will have a problem covering. they went on to win the super bowl. everyone said, does it make a difference? in those weather conditions, it does. the fact that they're not sure tom brady is involved. i guess it's guys of a lesser importance with that team, i don't know that you can take draft picks away. >> the investigation showed that robert kraft and the coach didn't have any idea what was going on. >> brady was mentioned 378 times. it's clear they were focused on brady throughout this and he was definitely mentioned in the text messages et cetera. >> gentlemen, thank you. new questions about the clinton foundation, as hillary ramps up her run for president.
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an event in morocco is putting more focus on foreign donations to the clinton global initiative. brian ross reports. ♪ >> reporter: morocco is one of the countries from which the clinton foundation says it will no longer take money. but this five-star luxury golf resort in marrakech, morocco, is the setting for a fundraiser this week. gathering over welcomed cocktail cocktails and canopies to help the worlds underprivileged. last night's event was held in great secrecy, with reporters not allowed inside. in his opening remarks, former president bill clinton brushed off criticism about the millions of dollars in foreign money the foundation received while his wife was secretary of state. >> i just work here. i don't know. >> reporter: now that hillary clinton is running for president, the foundation says it has put limits on most future foreign donations, including from morocco. one of the hosts of this week's conference is a controversial
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government-owned morocco mining company, the ocp group, which gave the foundation $1 million. human rights groups say the phosphate mines in nearby western sahara, promoted in corporate video, violate u.n. provisions to protect the people that live there. >> when human rights are suppressed, it's a serious concern. >> reporter: but the ceo of the moroccan mining company, who denies the allegations, is front and center at the conference this week. clinton told supporters all the talk about foreign money ignores the good work his foundation does. >> there's one set of rules for politics in america. and another set for real life. you just have to learn to deal with it. >> reporter: with the clinton foundation now turning down big money from previously used foreign sources, the next overseas conference is canceled. if this is the last hurrah, they're going out in style. let's get to amy with the other stop stories. the train derailment. >> the video is so dramatic.
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a train carrying crude oil coming off the tracks in north dakota igniting this fire and forcing an entire town to evacuate. the train may have derailed because of a broken wheel. nearby residents finally allowed back home. no one was injured. a possible new investigation in the wake of the baltimore riots. the justice department saying it's considering the mayor's request for a civil rights investigation. into the practices of the baltimore police department. the feds are already investigating the death of freddie gray. new questions about spending by workers at the pentagon. an audit, first reported by politico, shows that credit cards were used to pay for prostitution and gambling. in las vegas and atlantic city. many cardholders pay their bills and submit only certain receipts for reimbursement. people left hanging upside
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down 200 feet in the air. a fair in europe. the ride jammed in midair. emergency crews freed the riders after 45 minutes. and finally, you know the saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall? that was certainly the case during a live broadcast featuring shaquille o'neal. look what happened when his co-host tossed to him. >> this is obvious. >> get him, kenny. oh! >> oh! >> you set me up, ernie. >> what do you mean me? >> you set me up, ernie. >> oh, down goes shaq. and down goes a monitor as well that flew right out of his massive shoe. shaq claimed he had been set up. he was a very good sport about it all. he was laughing it off later tweeting, i'll do the pg version, darn, i'm clumsy. and promised $500 to the fan with the best meme. some delivered. there's a few there.
7:16 am
shaq on the canvas after being knocked out by ali. shaq coming in second in a sprint against the fastest runners in the world. and shaq joining michael jackson on stage to perform "smooth criminal." >> he was great sport. thank you, amy. we have a health alert for the 45 million americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. warnings of a pollen tsunami. with doctors predicting one of the worst allergy seasons in years. some of the hardest hit areas. washington, d.c., the purple there. dr. richard besser here to talk about it. how do you know when it's an allergy and when it's a cold? >> it can be hard to tell. if you get the same symptoms at the same time every year, that's allergies. if they come as soon as you get the exposure that's allergies. no body aches and fever, that's more likely with a cold. if it runs in your family, more likely to be allergy. >> what can you do? >> stay indoors. clean air-conditioning filters. come in, take a shower or change your clothes.
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the same poll len you see on the cars is on your body. when it flares, talk to your doctor. >> any other questions, you'll be taking on twitter all morning? >> all morning. >> let's go to michael. cannes, france, is best known for a famous film festival. it's fast becoming known for jewelry heists. we are learning of another one this morning and hamish macdonald has that story. >> reporter: the hunt is on this morning for a gang of armed robbers who stormed into this jewelry store in the center of cannes in the middle of the afternoon, running off with at least $1.5 million of jewels displayed in the windows. the world's biggest celebrities set to arrive here in just one week. authorities are desperate to stop the rash of heists plaguing the glamorous french resort. this 2013 surveillance footage captures the most expensive heist in history. $143 million worth of jewelry swiped from the carlton hotel in
7:18 am
just 30 seconds. watch at the audacious thief enters the hotel brandishing a gun at this jewelry exhibition before escaping into the daylight. france has become a hot bed for heists. this gang of heavily armed thieves ambushed the convoy of a saudi prince, stealing a mercedes carrying more than $325,000 in cash. for "good morning america," hamish macdonald, abc news, london. >> thank you. now a brewing tropical system, rob? >> advisories along the carolina coastline. that could become our first name storm of the season. the national hurricane center is watching this. rain, wind, waves. no doubt. more on that throughout the morning.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow and even thunder snow in the sierra. take the chains if you are headed that way. it will be mild for mother's day. temperatures today are like year upper 50s to nearly 60 at the coast and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland. told is milder at upper 40s to mid-50s. my seven-day forecast is going to be coming up, our abc news exclusive interview with sofia vergara. speaking out about the battle with her ex over those frozen embryos.
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she'll tell amy what she thinks he's really after. and scandal at the sheriff's office. the shakedown that started on a cheating website and ended up in court. and "gma on the lookout." wait until you see what happens when we put one family's security to the test. prince harley down under. the wedding proposal. what he's saying about his baby niece. lowe's presents: how to install a new washing machine with one finger. maybe a little more that way... nice! now get 10% off major appliances
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7:25 am
on, b.a.r.t. closed three stations because of a power outage in the east bay. b.a.r.t. crews did permanent repair work overnight. technicians are trying to figure out what caused the rail section to break. the rest of the commute this morning. >> we're using our mobile 360 to check out the roads. take a look, where do you think we are? on theembarcadero. southbound along the embark khedair khedair khedairka embark dare are, not many. a crash blocking one lane right at the toll. >> thank you very much. when we come back, hi. looking for a prius, i bet. it's high-tech too with the latest safty features. and available entune app
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good morning. early start with showers. check it out, very light. they'll continue to sink to the south over the next couple of hours. we could have round two of scattered shows thunderstorms this afternoon, as this area of low pressure will pull back towards us. right now it's bringing significant snow and thunder snow to the sierra. take the chains if heading that way. for the most part dry at the game tonight but cloud cover, 61 dropping down to 57. we'll have a lesser chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm
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good morning, america. right now, we're tracking dangerous weather this morning. fears of more tornadoes after dozens touched down in the heartland overnight. also right now, sofia vergara speaks out in an abc news exclusive on her bitter battle over those frozen embryos. and prince harry down under. surprising wedding proposal this morning. and gifts for princess charlotte. >> he hasn't accepted it yet. >> good morning, america. three days to mother's day. we have a live shot. look at these moms. gearing up for our big "gma" tough mothers event. 250 of them getting ready. stretching out. getting loose ahead of the tough mudder challenge this morning. they're psyched. >> oh, look at that. it will all make sense later this morning. we begin this half hour with sofia vergara, speaking out for
7:31 am
the first time on camera about her legal battle with her ex over the frozen embryos they created together. amy, you sat down with her. >> that's right. sofia vergara has been in the headlines for the last couple of weeks, not just because of her new movie, "hot pursuit," but because of the brewing legal battle. when she sat down with me to talk about it, she said very clearly this is the last time she'll speak about the matter publicly. this has obviously been a big week. >> sofia, on your left. >> over here please. >> reporter: at the same time, you're dealing with something very personal that's been made very public. >> i really want to make this, like, the last time i talk about it because i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: for the highest paid actress on tv this should be a dream week. from shining at the met ball. to the eagerly anticipated opening of the movie "hot pursuit." >> you have to stay here until backup arrives. >> when she costars with reese witherspoon. >> i never dreamed of working with somebody oscar-nominated.
7:32 am
won oscars. >> reporter: at the same time, her week plagued with headlines. >> her embryo fight. >> sofia vergara, breaking her silence. >> the dispute is about the custody of embryos. >> reporter: a legal battle brought by her former fiance, nick loeb. hoping to gain control over the two embryos from when they were together in 2013. loeb even taking this fight to the pages of the new york times writing i asked her to let me have the embryos. she has refused. now for the first time on camera, sofia vergara is speaking out. i want to give you the opportunity. what do you want people to know about this situation with your ex-fiance? >> i've been working very hard for 20 years to get to the point. i promote my movie, my work. i don't like promoting my private life. i don't understand why this person -- you know, i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself.
7:33 am
get press for this. this shouldn't be out there for people to give their opinion when there's nothing to talk about. there's papers signed. >> reporter: among those papers, a contract the couple signed with the fertility clinic that states the embryos could only be brought to term with both parties' consent. >> i don't understand why the media is allowing a person to just try to put me down and try to make it like that's something ugly is happening when nothing is happening. >> reporter: and his timing -- >> of course. if you want the press, it was the perfect timing. having an amazing month. >> reporter: surprised? hurt? embarrassed? angry? >> no, just with the press. why is the press allowing somebody to -- to invent things and create press for himself. you know, he's not an actor. not a celebrity. it's like, why? why are they allowing him to do that? no, i'm not sad. i'll be grateful. i have to enjoy what i'm living right now.
7:34 am
in the life of an actress, you have big ups and downs. i'm superhappy with joe. >> reporter: joe is joe manganiello, star of "magic mike" and her soon-to-be husband. >> he's always in a good mood. he always, you know, is willing to have fun with me. >> reporter: as for vergara, her dream week continues. about to put an even bigger mark on hollywood. >> i get a star in the walk of fame this thursday in los angeles. >> are you mad at me or something? >> i don't know. did you do something to make me mad? >> ed o'neill, when i called him to tell him, are you going to come? he's like, what? how did you get this so fast? >> reporter: but, you worked really hard. >> i'm happy. i'm not going to let anything -- life is short. i'm getting old. i have to enjoy this now. >> reporter: we're the same age. don't say that. >> you're old. >> i'm old. and we'll be cheering her on when she gets that star on the hollywood walk of fame later today. she says her whole family has travelled from colombia to be
7:35 am
there for that moment. she's moving on. >> she truly is. in a good place about that. >> yes, she is. >> thank you for bringing that to us, amy. now to a sheriff's office worker accused of shaking down a doctor she met online. charged with extortion for threatening to tell the man's wife unless he paid off her credit card bill. rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: it was a tryst that started online and ended in court. this morning, a trusted sheriff's office employee on trial for allegedly trying to extort a doctor she met on ashley madison. the self-proclaimed most successful website for finding an affair. >> life is short. have an affair. >> reporter: according to court documents, 48-year-old debbie o'flaherty-lewis used the name discreet fun to start chatting with the married father of four. in 2013. eventually having a one-night stand. when she texted him hours later -- >> his response, i don't think we should see each other for awhile.
7:36 am
according to him, at that point, she became enraged. >> reporter: allegedly using her resources with the county sheriff's office to track down information about the doctor's family. >> his children's names and their birth dates. >> reporter: the doctor says she then threatened to tell his wife about their relationship unless he paid off her $7,000 credit card debt. the doctor, instead, going to the very police officers o'flaherty-lewis works with. to help set up a sting operation against her. her attorney claims the allegations are false. >> the actions of the defendant had to be malicious. >> reporter: this story adding fuel to the already controversial fire surrounding ashley madison and its 35 million customers. i sat down with the company's ceo and his wife last year. so you're encouraging secrecy? >> yes. i'm not necessarily encouraging infidelity.
7:37 am
>> reporter: ashley madison also quick to point out it is not responsible for any damage or harm from the use of its service. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. let's get weather now from rob. >> take you to utah. some of the action is causing the severe weather. some hail. some graupel. a combination of snow and hail. across utah. accumulating on the patio activity or the patio furniture. we have this low moving across parts of vegas. this is what's going to reinvigorate. unfortunately, the severe threat through saturday and sunday. mountain snow to nevada. cool temperatures across parts of southern california. there's the threat for severe weather today. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with scattered showers and storms possible anywhere today and our best collapse is inland east bay and the south bay. 58 at the coast and 77 inland and my seven-day forecast is a lesser chance tomorrow and dry and warm for mother's
7:38 am
>> this weather cast brought to you by mazda cx 5. there's some more patio action for you. hail on the patio furniture in virginia. back to you guys. >> thank you, rob. coming up, a real-life burglar reveals just how vulnerable your home may be. in and out in under three minutes. how you can protect your home. and the big questions about how beyonce got the flawless figure. how healthy is the diet that helped her drop 65 pounds? helped her drop 65 pounds?
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we're back now at 7:42 with "gma on the lookout." a real wakeup call this morning about just how easily a burglar could break into your home. gio benitez got advice from an expert, a former thief. he showed us how to get in and keep the burglars out. >> reporter: good morning. the break-ins you are about to see took seconds. the entire crime demo we set up takes three minutes or less. pay attention. there's things you can do to stop thieves.
7:43 am
from making you their next burglary victim. this morning, "gma" is on the lookout. ♪ >> reporter: thieves caught on camera, smashing door after door. this one quietly roaming and robbing a family while they're asleep upstairs. a home burglary happening every 16 seconds in the u.s. how easy is it for a burglar to get in? therron, a former thief, says he's now reformed and wants to show us how it's done so you can protect yourself. at our target house, homeowner louise doesn't think he stands a chance. >> he can't get in i'm sure of it. >> reporter: first, he says a thief will usually case a house. we allow him to do just that. you normally go for? >> jewelry first. >> reporter: jewelry first. it's under five minutes, go ahead. he sees an opening and takes it. the car in the driveway with windows down.
7:44 am
the garage door opener in plain sight. >> bingo. >> reporter: within 45 seconds, he's inside the garage. finds the door to the house unlocked. he makes his way upstairs to the master bedroom. he finds a jewelry box. 2 1/2 minutes. you did it in half the time you thought you would be able to do this. >> keys, garage door opener. i mean, they'll leave, they won't think about. in a hurry to get in the house. >> reporter: we asked if he sees any other ways in. this time, he wants to break a window. we'll time you again. see how quickly you can do it. go for it. he pops the window screen. tapes the window to minimize glass shatter and noise. after unlocking the window he's on the way in the house through the same unlocked door. this time, he's in and out of the house in three minutes. how do you think he got this? >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the car was totally open. enter security expert kathleen baty. her first tip, take your garage door openers inside. out of the thief's sight.
7:45 am
they're watching and waiting for that moment. >> exactly. don't make it easy. >> reporter: tip two, make sure the landscaping is low. >> these are the perfect hiding place. they have all the time in the world hiding back there. >> reporter: if you're headed out of town, lock up the garage. >> you want to disengage the motor of the garage door opener. you want to manually shut the door and lock it. no one can open it from the outside. >> reporter: 73% of home break-ins are by kicking in a door. she says there's an easy solution. >> see how it's wood on either said. this makes it so flimsy. that's why you want to install a strike plate. >> reporter: that additional metal makes it more difficult for thieves to kick in the door. a good tip there. an alarm system is great protection. make sure yours has motion censors on the actual windows to detect the breaking glass.
7:46 am
and consider an alarm system that calls police wirelessly. you don't want thieves cutting the phone cords outside. you want to be able to contact the security company wirelessly. >> one step on the technology. >> we're always in a rush. getting those garage door openers is critical. great tips, thank you. coming up on "gma," here's a transition for you. we have another kind of burglar to talk about. the hamburglar. his new look. and why he's generating so much buzz this morning. and kylie jenner's stunning confession. this morning, she came clean about the rumors about her lips and the concerns her teenage fans might follow her lead. follow her lead. when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars
7:47 am
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7:50 am
let's get it over to michael in the social square with "the speed feed." michael? >> trending everywhere this morning. the hamburglar returns. here's mcdonald's original burglar culprit. that masked man was retired 12 years ago. now he's back with a mickey d makeover. this new commercial shows him as a suburban dad with a secret. take a look. ♪
7:51 am
well, twitter had a lot to say. including a tweet that says the hamburglar is going to replace ryan gosling as the internet's new boyfriend. do you see the resemblance? maybe a mask will help. i think it's close. i can't tell the difference. maybe ryan has a job on the side. >> could be. could be. never know. >> the lone ranger. >> don't give the grimace. is it the grimace? they told me we have to go. the grimace. the big purple guy, everybody. work with me. ♪
7:52 am
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm kristen sze. one of the men who attacked bryan stow says he's sorry. sentencing scheduled for louie sanchez on unrelated weapon charge. he is asking the federal judge to spare him another lengthy prison sentence. meteorologist mike nicco checking out thunderstorms. >> showers, yellow moving through fremont, small pea-sized hail. and that's going to be the case as we head into the afternoon hours. another round will develop as that low backs its way towards us. accuweather seven-day forecast scatter shower and thunderstorm tomorrow. >> a look from our emmiville
7:57 am
camera toward the eastern span of the bay bridge, it is gray. traffic moving along decently. however with the rain it may have caused slippery conditions on the pavement driving southbound along 101 at silver. five-car crash cleared to the shoulder.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. the latest on the tornado emergency. [ siren blaring ] massive damage. stories of survival after dozens of twisters hit overnight. millions on alert for more severe weather ready to strike. ♪ kylie jenner comes clean about the plastic surgery rumors. >> it's just an insecurity of mine. it's what i wanted to do. >> the 17-year-old reveals how she really plumps up her lips. after so many teenagers try dangerous tactics to get her look. and beyonce's jaw-dropping look trending huge. now the secret to her flawless figure revealed. can following her secret diet work wonders for you? ♪ and michael, one on one with mariah carey with exclusive backstage access.
8:01 am
opening up about life as a single mom. her split with nick. and being the new diva to rule sin city. >> good morning, america. >> that's mariah carey. >> and we're looking forward to michael's chat with mariah in a little bit. as we say good morning, america, on this friday eve. and there are more than 200 women at the starting line for our big "gma" tough mothers live challenge. three days until mother's day. got some very tough moms taking on quite a challenge. attempting an epic tough mudder challenge. live on "gma." >> and what a challenge it is. you saw jesse palmer there, as well. the course is seven miles long. over a dozen obstacles. lots of mud. as you can imagine. and three mega challenges ahead that you just don't want to miss. >> hundreds of thousands of people take on these challenges every year.
8:02 am
i did a mini one. it was about 70 yards long. not seven miles. it almost killed me. the countdown clock is running. we're taking you inside the action live this morning. we're going to meet these brave moms coming up. >> look at them carrying jesse. >> look at jesse. >> they are strong. >> a lot coming up. let's start with the morning run down with amy. dozens of homes damaged or destroyed by a tornado outbreak in the plains. people south of oklahoma city were hit the hardest. as many as 46 tornadoes reported from texas to southern nebraska. more than a dozen people injured when a mobile home park south of oklahoma city took a direct hit. nearby homes demolished. the storms triggered flash flooding. dumping more than eight inches of rain in some areas. we'll have more in rob's forecast coming up. breaking right now a u.s. appeals court ruling the government's collection of phone
8:03 am
records is illegal. the court ruled in favor of the aclu. the phone data exceeds what congress allowed. they must decide whether the program continues. tom brady's agent released a statement slamming the investigation that found brady was aware that team staffers deflated game balls. brady's agent calls the report flawed saying its omission suggest investigators reach the conclusion first and determined so-called facts later. this was not an independent investigation and the contents of the report bare that out. the nfl could suspend him or fine him. an arrest was made on a college student. a st. louis man charged with murdering 19-year-old taylor clark whose body was found near his car. police say the suspect set up a meeting with clark on his lunch break after seeing the car on craigslist.
8:04 am
whole fields is promises smaller more tech oriented stores. no word on a timeline for the opening of those new stores. trending up this morning prince harry is wrapping up his time in australia giving a shottout to his newborn niece and planting a surprise royal kiss on a big fan. abc has the story. >> reporter: he's the world's most eligible bachelor. and just hours ago, he showed the world why. an australian woman proposing to prince harry. asking if she could get a peck on the cheek, only to go in for a full-pledged liplock. it was an opportunity this 21-year-old blonde could not resist. victoria dressed in her finest, a sequined dress. and her own tiara. >> i just said this is the third time i've proposed. put a girl out of her misery. >> reporter: the prince's response? can i think about it? he's in australia for a month-long military deployment.
8:05 am
some fans today even offering him stuffed animals for his baby niece, princess charlotte. >> i've been given a lot of cuddly toys from this morning. i'm looking forward to meeting her. she's beautiful. >> reporter: harry won't see the princess until mid may when he returns from a week-long trip to new zealand. meanwhile overnight, prince will and kate filing a warning against paparazzi trying to invade their privacy at anmer hall, where the family will spend the summer. the next big family event won't be harry's wedding. more likely, a christening for princess charlotte. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, london. >> reena, thank you for that. finally, picture this. a coyote in your kitchen. a family in georgia found this coyote just sitting right there on their kitchen counter. it had chased their cat through an open window and decided to get very comfortable. no word on the condition of the cat. and, no whereabouts of grandma. doesn't that look like the big
8:06 am
bad wolf from "red riding hood?" >> looks like he's saying, what are you going to do about it? >> yeah. come and get me. >> let's go to michael in the social square. here's a look at what's ahead on the morning menu. what kylie jenner is confessing now about her famous pout. so many teens have tried to imitate. the secret behind beyonce's flawless figure. how hard is it to pull off her diet? a big announcement. exclusive announcement for taylor swift that will have so many buzzing this morning. and we have amazing "deals & steals" home edition. all coming up live right here in times square. tory johnson. are you so congested... it feels like that brick's on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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oh, my, the countdown is on. oh, my, the countdown is on. minutes away from our megamoms challenge. there's -- oh. >> they have to save some energy for the race. >> i know. they do. they're wolfe. jesse is there in the middle of it all. our tough mothers ready to take on tough mudders. >> they're ready to get going right now. we're going to take on the "gma heat index." the hot button topic. [ bell rings ] oh, got it on time today. kylie jenner. a confession about her famous lips. turns out the pout is not natural after all. linsey davis has the details. >> not ever going to deny or confirm anything. >> reporter: after all the lip service about how kylie jenner's mouth went from this to this in just a matter of weeks the 17-year-old no longer buttoning her lip, finally admitting in an upcoming "keeping up with the kardashians" that she used more than lip liner. and multiple colors for that plumped up pout. >> we asked readers what they
8:12 am
wanted to know. they said she has the most amazing lips. tell us her secret. >> i have temporary lip fillers. it's an insecurity of mine. it's what i wanted to do. i'm just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet. because -- everyone always picks us apart. >> reporter: and sister khloe confirms what many people suspected but also said she should tell the truth. >> she decided to plump her lips. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. i think if you've done something, though, it is right to cop up to it. if you avoid a question, you're going to look like a liar. >> reporter: problem is, in the past, kylie, the youngest in the kardashian clan has denied it. tweeting these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings. to be honest. and are kind of insulting. her lips inspired a dangerous plumping trend online. teens putting their lips in small glass containers and sucking the air in to get this swollen look. >> kylie jenner lips challenge.
8:13 am
>> reporter: doctors warn it can cause a number of issues, like swelling and bruising. even scarring. >> kylie's in a strange predicament. if she changes something, about herself, thousands of fans want to do the same thing. that's a dangerous responsibility to have. >> reporter: kylie coming clean saying she didn't lie about it. she just evaded the question. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we're joined now by dermatologist dr. whitney bowe. welcome. i came home last friday night. four girls around the kitchen table trying out that sucking thing. we have not done a good enough job. it is dangerous. >> it is. can cause serious problems in the short term and the long term. short term, swelling, bruising. long term, it can lead to serious tissue damage as well. imagine this marshmallow. this represents your healthy lip. take the marshmallow, stick it
8:14 am
in the microwave expose it to trauma, it will expand way beyond the size it should be. when it collapses down, it never fully regains its former shape. that's very similar to what is happening to that fragile tissue of the lips. >> the swelling is what you're hoping to get. >> you got it. exactly. when it's exaggerated swelling, the collagen fibers, the elastic fibers, they're stretching. and snapping and rupturing. major problems. >> that's very effective to be able to see it. it is. kylie says, temporary fillers. how is that different from permanent ones? >> you're thinking about silicon in permanent ones. we're phasing those out. mainly for health concerns. we're using other things with hyaluronic acid. it's a sugar gel. it's naturally found in the body. it acts to plump the lip area by hydrating the lips from beneath the surface. it lasts about six months.
8:15 am
>> do you like -- i mean, i don't -- i'm sure you don't. talk us to about young people and doing this and the dangers of it and the cautionary tale. >> from a medical standpoint. it's relatively safe if performed by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. think about it from the financial standpointment. a 17-year-old looking to commit to this throughout her lifetime, she could spend close to $100,000 just maintaining the shape of her lips. i'm a mother. i have to look at this from an emotional standpoint as well. teens are learning how to embrace their individuality. if a teen approaches, i say, hey, let's try alternatives first. things like cinnamon oil. menthol. those ingredients irritate the lips and create a little, subtle -- it's safe. exactly. and from a financial standpoint, i think their parents would be grateful that they tried that first, right? >> you're right. there are many components to this. thank you very much. appreciate it. also on our "heat index,"
8:16 am
beyonce's met gala look. it caused quite a buzz. so many wondering how she did this. she used a popular vegan plan to get fit. paula faris tells us what's behind it. >> reporter: queen bey, the belle of monday night's met ball. stunning the crowd showing off her every curve. people using the hashtag flawless. this is her at last year's gala. compared to this week. how did she make the transformation? by going vegan. eliminating all animal products from her diet. even butter. ♪ all night ♪ >> reporter: the grammy winner and her hubby, jay z, first taking a 22-day vegan challenge back in 2013. then they kept going. following the advice of marco borges, beyonce's trainer. and author of "the 22 day revolution."
8:17 am
>> it couples habit formation with plant-based nutrition. you're adopting new habits. over the course of 21 days. >> reporter: his major rules. choose plants over processed. eat three meals a day, focusing on carbs over protein and fat. exercise for a half hour every day. last but not least, drink plenty of water. but being vegan is not a piece of cake. >> you can miss out on nutrients. b vitamins. omega 3 fatty acids. proteins. there are so many different nutrients that you just could be lacking if you're not going about it responsibly. >> reporter: 27-year-old hannah has been vegan for over a year. she says she loves the way it makes her feel. but says there is a high price to pay. >> it can get pricey. but the investment you make there is where you want to make it instead of at the doctor's office. >> reporter: what happens on day 23 when you stop the diet? >> anytime you discontinue a very restrictive dietary regimen, and go back to your habits, you're going to gain the
8:18 am
weight back if you don't have an action plan. >> reporter: still, borges says going vegan can change your life. >> with diet and behavior modification, we can live much, much healthier lives than we're living today. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> worked for her. >> it did. it absolutely did work for her. let's go to rob and a check of the weather. >> george, we have great crowd out here today. a beautiful morning. rain across the plains after the severe weather yesterday. a lot of rain. we're anticipating more today. over three inches in spots just to the east of oklahoma city. where they have flooding this morning. 79 for a high in new york city. warm and dry. pollen is flying. it's a gorgeous spring day today. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow and even thunder snow in the sierra. take the chains if you are headed that way.
8:19 am
it will be mild for mother's day. temperatures today are like year upper 50s to nearly 60 at the coast and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland. told is milder at upper 40s to mid-50s. my seven-day forecast is going to be warmest open >> and visiting us from arkansas is christina. this week is what? >> nurse's week. >> y'all? >> y'all. >> she says it better than i do. back to you inside. >> come on in, "pop news" time now. an abc news exclusive. here in "pop news." taylor swift has let us reveal she'll open the billboard awards with the world premier for this video for this song, "bad blood." here's a first look at the poster for it. this is no ordinary music video. it was shot like a movie with an all-star cast. golden globe winners, grammy winners, supermodels. even an oscar nominee. all playing characters. at the billboard music awards,
8:20 am
sunday, may 17th, right here on abc. on saturday night, may 16th, check out the primetime abc news special on all the nominees. i'll be hosting that, saturday night, on abc news. saturday night, an insider's look. we did it for the oscars. tells you about the chart and the nominees. that will be fun. and taylor swift. the last video, she came on. they really are, like, mini masterpieces. >> you can tell that will be a hit, too. i was already tapping my foot to it already. >> just another taylor swift hit. >> she's got the touch. if you're hoping to spot vincent van gogh, no need to go to the museum. just get on the g train. in brooklyn. check out the man on the left. 36-year-old robert reynolds. he's a dead ringer for van gogh. >> when he's dressed like that. >> but this guy gets stopped all the time. this photo -- >> and they say, are you vincent van gogh?
8:21 am
>> they do. the people ask him to take pictures. nobody asked him on that one. they took it. 2 million hits on reddit. the resemblance is uncanny. no family connection. though robert may want to double-check that, considering the painting, let's go back to the painting, there it is. that painting done in 1888 just sold this week for $66 million. >> really? >> robert, we hope there's some lost family tie for you. meanwhile, you're an internet sensation. who here is good at ping-pong? >> i love how we weren't supposed to see them setting up the ping-pong table. >> we do magic tricks. a little ping-pong. now i don't have a paddle. i thought i was good. then i saw this. guys, check this out. possibly the world's greatest rally in the history of the game. >> ooh. ooh! >> oh. >> and they keep going.
8:22 am
>> no way. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. in the red, number one player in the world. against the eighth-ranked player. in the world championship. this is a masterpiece of play. the international table tennis federation calls this the point of the century. unlike this one. >> it's all about the top spin, baby. all right. that's good enough. oh! way to rally. >> it's fun until somebody loses an eye. my eye! >> where's the plastic cups? >> oh, beer pong. we knew what you were saying. >> i didn't say a word. all right. let's head it out to the moment we have all been waiting for. time for the toughest mothers in america to get down and dirty. jesse palmer live in new jersey at our "gma" tough mother challenge starting line. looks like you have a lot of energy out there, jesse. >> good morning, guys. i'm sitting here right now with some of the toughest mothers in america.
8:23 am
we're at the starting line for the "gma" tough mothers challenge. i want you to meet the leaders of the four teams that we're going to follow through the run. christa. a seventh grade teacher. what is your mantra? >> my mantra is always york hard and do your best. >> next up, boo. once you were a couch potato. now you're running in triathlons. what is the mind set your team has to have? >> be healthy and strong for my kids. go warren! >> lindsey, a power lifter. talk to me about your team's mind set. >> we prepared. we saw the obstacles. we're going to go do them. >> they were watching game film. and we have kim. three-time iron girl. what is your motivation? >> my mom was the strongest woman i know. i compete for her. go pink dragons! >> she must be proud of you. you can feel the energy. you can feel the excitement. now to finally get this run started, i hand it over to danielle. here we go. >> all right, mudderellas. welcome to the world's best obstacle course. by women, for women.
8:24 am
are you ready to have fun? are you ready to have team work? are you ready to own your strong? three, two, one. go! >> and the "gma" tough mother challenge is officially now under way. we've got over 200 participants here today. you see them make the first turn. i have to tell people at home, the terrain here. when these participants are running around, very, very uneven. it's very important that they have balance. they're heading to the first obstacle. this is the hat trick. it's imposing. first part is an 18-foot climb. up a massive rope bridge. this gets very, very hard. the more women on top of it because it starts shaking. you have to have unbelievable upper body strength. unbelievable core strength to get to the top. once you get to the top, now starts the fun part. as you see, coming down a 20-foot slide. into 20,000 gallons of water. if you're afraid of heights, this makes it very tricky and difficult.
8:25 am
you're going to be sliding into about four feet of water. i had a chance to check earlier. it's very, very cold. here you go. this is the ultimate trifecta. it's a climb. it's a slide. it's a splash. into the water. you have to use another rope grid to get out of it. at this point already, this early in the obstacle course, hearts are pumping. legs are tired. it's on to the second obstacle they go. around another bend. looking back. trying to find teammates. team members. as they get set to take on a second big challenge in today's obstacle course. this is my favorite name of all of them. this, ladies and gentlemen, is the surprise party. 25,000 gallons of mud. 25,000 gallons of water. this is where you get down and dirty. check back in with us later. more to come. >> nice play by play. you might have a future in sportscasting. just thinking. we have more tough, tough mothers ahead.
8:26 am
coming up next. we have amazing "deals & steals" home edition. something for every room. we go one on one with one of the greatest singers of all time. michael speaks to mariah, taking abc exclusively behind the scenes of her hot new show.
8:27 am
now from abc 7 news. >> good morning i'm kristen sze. san jose police are asking for the public's help identifying a sexual predator who struck twice. at a home on rio vista avenue. a man followed a 13-year-old girl home and pushed her way into her home before trying to sexually assault her. the same mane attacked the woman at a market last month. right now, your morning commute. leyla leyla? >> as we track weather and traffic together we have green where rain could be affecting your commute north of there. north of here, now it's heading into the south. as we take you into san jose a new crash right as mckee, highway 110. a couple of lanes blocked with the motorcycle delays before
8:28 am
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8:30 am
the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast for the afternoon and early evening hours but hopefully they'll bypass at&t park. accuweather tomorrow we're about to give one lucky mom the mother of all surprises with a door knock she'll never see coming. look who's doing the knocking? >> are you ready? >> i am. >> hey, garth will sing for this mom. >> let's put some epic happy into your mother's day. >> tomorrow on "good morning america." >> we're so excited. our biggest mother's day event yet. tomorrow morning, one incredible deserving mother is getting the surprise of a lifetime from country megastar garth brooks. he's coming right to her door. you know -- you know it's going to be good. can you imagine? >> a mother's day serenade. >> you open the door his beautiful song mom. >> oh it's amazing. >> that will be great. right now, a huge tough mother challenge going on. we saw it there.
8:31 am
jesse palmer. taking us through all the action. how's it going? >> it's going great. i'm with one of our lindsey, you're soaked period your you're muddy. how is it? >> it's great. >> this thing just zbot started. back to you. now we have "deals & steals." >> come with me, perveeverybody. tory johnson in the house. it's all about the home the kitchen. terrific bar gaines. get ready to get online. >> we start here with honey can do. a huge assortment. everything for your home. something for every place if your home. desk, laupd we bas connect. racks. big assortment. big, big savings. tarting at $21. everything reduced by 60%. free hipping from honey can do. >> i love that.
8:32 am
on the list. >> this is fun. we got it messy out here. this company is called zing anything. you can literally zing anything. anything you want to make salad dressing. pop it in here. push it town. citrus to make your own. healthy, delicious, fun. these are slashed in half so $6.50 to ten bucks. this is brand-new. just came out. this is from jamba juice. it's jamb ashs's pro blender. it dug everything. not just the smoothies. you can make everything from soups, smoothies, hum mustmust. normally $400. slashed in half. $200. >> great mother's day gift. >> it's good a good thing at home. >> for the kids. >> blade speed 210 miles an
8:33 am
hour. >> it does amazing stuff. this is the company called pack it. you stick this right into the freezer. no ice pax inside. all gel built inside. >> into the actual bag. >> you stick it in the freezer overnight. it gives you ten hours of cooling time. all the new patterns. includeing new ones for baby bottles. normally starting at $15. everything slashed in half. so $7.50 to $12.50. last but not least. etch's talking. this is corduroy. lawyer lawyer laurie grenier. it is a bean bag chair. opens up to a full-size bed.
8:34 am
normally $230. this one today, slashed in half. $115. what's amazing sleeps two. perfect for summer guests. >> i think a lot more elegant shan shaq yesterday. >> it was very close to shaq. correct. can i get help in aisle 4? we're going to go back to jesse palmer. >> thank you, guys. our participants through a cup of tough obstacles. it's only going to get tougher from this point on. you can see them over my shoulder. the power up obstacle. they're climbing 16 feet on a rope. coming back down. down to the wire. 40 by 40 a foot deep of mud. this is tough. they have to get on the hands and feet all the way through. how are you doing? >> awesome. >> how cold is that mud that you just had to belly crawl through? >> not as bad. the pool was freezing.
8:35 am
>> off you go. continue the great job, guys. imagine doing a plank and holding it for about a minute. we have different techniques. a military roll. even here having an outstanding time. the energy the excitement is just terrific. you know i have to tell you, these women are tough but this obstacle course is tougher. not anybody can do this. this is an unbelievable challenge. their upper body lower body. cardio. their will power. what's really great about mudderella and this sort of challenge, it's all about the team work. not so as much about finishing first necessarily. it's about completing the challenges and doing it with your teammates. we have seen tremendous team work so far early. here today. it's been a great day so far. we have a lot of smiling faces. i'm just happy that i'm not all covered in mud. i think i did a good thing sitting this one out, george.
8:36 am
>> boy, they are some fierce competitors right there. we'll check back in. they're doing so well. >> once again, proving that mothers are a lot tougher than most fathers. >> that's right. >> we have moms over here. who is a mother right here? you're tough, right? you better believe it. we have severe weather. you have to be tough to live in the midwest. another day or two, the next four days. large hail darnlgmaging winds. a moderate risk on saturday. a severe weather outbreak likely through oklahoma and kansas on saturday. and today, across the southeast, we're closely watching the storm that could become something tropical. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with scattered showers and storms possible anywhere today and our best collapse is inland east bay and the south bay. 58 at the coast and 77 inland and my seven-day forecast is a lesser chance tomorrow and dry and warm for mother's
8:37 am
>> all right. who is a "scandal" fan? "scandal" fans unite. we have a special sneak peek for you. take a look at what is now. >> is he talking? >> he'll talk i promise. quinn's just getting into a groove. >> how long until my father calls him? >> standard operating procedure says you check in every ten hours. when he does call we're prepared to trace it. pinpoint his location. >> the second we pick up the. the second he realizes it's been compromised. >> then this countdown begins. >> always juicy. a minisneak peek. you can catch an extended sneak peek at on yahoo!. watch the whole episode tonight at 9:00. right here on abc. george back to you. next, michael and mariah.
8:38 am
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crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. people more than $500. >> all right, everybody. welcome back. now to an and exclusive. we got a backstage pass to ma rye wra carey's new las vegas show mariah number one to
8:41 am
infinity. the daring deef have a is kick off a new chapter of her life as a single mom. she taught me a thing or two about hitting the high notes. this is hot. >> just kidding. just kidding. ♪ like ♪ ♪ honey ♪ >> reporter: attention sin city. there's a new diva in town. ♪ ♪ more and more ♪ >> reporter: mariah carey kicking off her next chapter with a larger than life show and album. number 1 to infinity. >> this is inspired by you. throw me on touch my body. >> reporter: we got the exclusive backstage pass up close and personal like you have never seen her before. ♪ i will carry you arewhere you want to do ♪ congratulations on your new album. >> it's like a clean slate. not just a show. it's the album.
8:42 am
number 1 to infinity. the show, number 1 to infinity. it's the place i'm at in my life. a brand-new moment. >> you do quite a few shows. you hit the high notes. the notes that i try to -- >> we have to wake up in the morning and do exercises. you have to go from low the high. >> teach me. >> can you go -- it's very good. we can work on it. >> i think the gap lets more air in than it should. is there that could help you, though, too? >> really? her new single inif i tyfi infinity an anthem for love lost. nick posted something nice. saying he's so proud of you. loves the new song. you are the hardest working woman in show business. and that must make you -- >> it's hard e now. because as a single mom, it's not like oh i'm going out tonight to do this and that. on rare occasion, i will. it's much more about watching movies with the kids and having fun and reading stories.
8:43 am
>> reporter: 4-year-old twins moroccan and monroe joining her on the new vegas journey. are they able to take this in as well? >> they do. monroe took the mike. she wanted her own mike. she said i love microphones. rocky is -- he loves music. >> reporter: you have set the bar for how to co-parent. what have experiences taught you? >> the most important thing is how the kids grow up. they're human beings. they have to be treated as such. they're sensitive. they're going the feel tension. it's not about how i deal with anything. it's about how they're going the feel after the day is over. >> reporter: what she's not playing mommy -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: -- she's center stage. performing all 18 number one singles night after night. this is hot. i love this pink thunderbird.
8:44 am
>> striker dezind it for me. >> reporter: what number does this roll out? >> it's graham loven. part of dream lovin'. >> he just sent this in from paris. we have all different dezirns. this is the set list. i don't want you to see the whole thing yet. no reveal. oh close. >> only people in the show like mariah and myself know the set list. don't try to ruin our show. it will be phenomenal. you're phenomenal. >> oh thank you, darling. >> i'm coming to see your show. i'll be screaming, mariah look at me! >> you've got it. all right. >> she was awesome. great to see her. 18 number ones. the only artist that's ever done that. >> her kids get a nice happy
8:45 am
birthday. you should hear the happy birthday we sing. >> ours is just like that. >> thank you, michael. >> my pleasure. a lot of fun. tickets are on sale for mariah's number 1 to infinity. see more tonight on "nightline." coming up kerry washington dishing on "scandal's" finale. find out why
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
okay let's just admit it. gladiators are going through a little "scandal" withdrawal. a new episode airs tonight. we're delighted to have our good friend, kerry washington. i won't try to get anything out of you. >> i can't say a thing without losing my job. >> on a scale of 1 to 10 what is the omg factor? >> when we had the table read for the episode, when erp done i turned to shop da ed toed to shonda how do we survive from here? >> the last time we saw your character, looking for love in all the wrong places again. >> all the wrong places. olivia. if she had a good shrink the show would suffer. i'm philadelphia she has her personal issues. >> so you and bellamy. >> we interviewed each other. >> we're going to put you in the
8:49 am
hot seat. >> what does your husband think of olivia pope? >> oh dear. >> it's olivia. >> what does my husband think of olivia pope? i have never asked. i will tonight. [ laughter ] >> who should fits grow old with you or me? >> here's the thing. tony goldwyn sleeps in a freezer. because he's never going to grow old. >> there is an undeniable chemistry with the entire cast. >> we love each other so much. he'll eat a doughnut before a love scene. all the girls are juicing and doing cardio and hiking. he's sitting on the side eating a doughnut and his wash board abs are just there. >> mother's day is coming up. and your little one is a year old. >> she just turned a year. this will be my second mother's day. the first one was a bit of a blur. >> do you see some of your mom
8:50 am
in you. >> every time my mom sarks you're such a good mom, i cannot hold on. because she's such an awesome mom. when she see that in me i feel honored. >> the work you're doing as a brand ambassador for neutrogena because i hear winter is behind us. >> skin cancer is the most preventible cancer. yet every year more independence dents of skin cancer than colon, lung prostate and breast cancer combined. neutrogena has a wonderful initiative buy one, donate one. anytime you buy one product with spf, we donate one to family in need. >> i do have to talk about the fashion. >> we have to admit. we called each other. let's do an orange thing today. i wish. i wish. >> i have you on speed dial. thank you, kerry. all the best. continued blessings. t.j.i.t. baby. brapd-new episode.
8:51 am
9:00 8:00 stal
8:52 am
8:53 am
our tough mothers taking on tough mudder. mudderella course all morning long. nearing the finish line. jesse, bring us up to speed. >> they are. here at mudderella they save
8:54 am
the most difficult for last. this is called wheels in motion. the lowest success race of any of the obstacles we saw today. six tires in a lane. staggered between two and four feet off the ground. only three ropes hold the tires. they're ekt treatmently rickety. it's very tiflt to keel their plans throughout this obstacle. you have to be careful. you have to watch your footing. the tires will all be swinging when each of them get on. what's great about mudderella it's about the team work. and you see as each team leader finishes their respective obstacle they turn around and they're cheering on their teammates to make it to the finish line. we have seen so much heart. so much grit today. here at mudderella. these truly are some of the toughest mothers in the entire country. having fun. we have our first participants now. crossing the finish line. where they're greeted by their
8:55 am
friends. by their family members. they've got children. they've got their husbands that have been here cheering them on. now, of course it's time to get some swag. we have sashes. we're handing out mud-soaked roses to the leaders. of our different teams. i handed out roses before. it's a little bit different environment back then. it's been a tremendous day here at mudderella. lots of cheers. again. tough, tough challenge. for some of the you have thetoughest mothers in the world. can't wait for the live event on saturday. over 15,000 participants will be here. back to you. >> all right, jesse. that one fantastic. they did a great job. you did a great job. boy, those mothers are so tough. great to watch. one mother will get an amazing surprise tomorrow from garth brooks. >> he's going to sing "mom." going to knock on the door.
8:56 am
will it be your door? find out tomorrow. have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm kristen sze. check out the weather forecast. what do you think? >> i like it. we'll have to get it used a little bit more. we've got a thunderstorm on live doppler 7 ac tracking and it's heading to the south. that's going to head towards watsonville. again, the area of low pressure responsible -- sorry, can't get rid of this did backs its way towards us. we'll have another wave of showers and possible thunderstorms move in dur the afternoon hours especially with the sunshine starting to make the atmosphere more buoyant. drier and warmer for mother's day. >> a report that b was evacuating passengers in san francisco, 24th street station, because there was som smoke coming from the train but the smoke has cleared and
9:00 am
passengers are back on and the trains are back on schedule. a look at your drive through san jose, nothing but red with a it's "live with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning recording artist, john legend. and from the hit series, "scandal," bellamy young. plus, we'll meet a fantastic teacher from kentucky our final finalist in "live's" teacher week, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its captioning content and accuracy. visit] [applause]


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