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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 11, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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. from all of us we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you again in half an hour. breaking news on two fronts tonight. quarterback tom brady, suspended. the nfl just now saying the superstar quarterback will not start the new season. and the new england patriots fined $1 million. also breaking, the hunt for the missing. as we come on the air, the deadly tornadoes across several states. >> there goes the school! >> striking in the middle of the night. the new images coming in right now, flying you over the destruction. 50 million bracing for major storms again tonight from texas all the way up to michigan. the tour bus erupting into flames. the highway shut down. bracing for impact. the jet slamming into the runway today. the landing gear failing. and our journey to a hidden world. meteorologist ginger zee and the mystery of the jellyfish. why isn't she getting stung?
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. 50 million americans bracing for severe weather tonight, but first, the storm hitting the new england patriots tonight. word just moments ago that quarterback tom brady has been suspended without pay by the nfl for the first four games of the new season. and the patriots facing that $1 million fine now. it comes just days after the investigation into the deflating of the footballs determined that, quote, it was more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of what was going on. abc's ryan smith leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, tom brady sacked, suspended for four games without pay. the nfl telling the four-time super bowl winner, your actions clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football. adding the footballs were intentionally deflated in an effort to provide a competitive advantage to tom brady.
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tonight, his agent firing back saying the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. brady himself has refused to address the league's report. >> i don't really have any reaction. >> reporter: in the past, he denied he cheated. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i mean, i feel like i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: but tonight, a bold punishment for one of the nfl's bright shining stars. the new england patriots also fined $1 million and two draft picks. >> tom brady in his own words saying he doesn't believe he's a cheater. ryan with us now. and ryan, i want to take our viewers at home back to this moment that played out just late last week. tom brady arriving at salem state university there for a speaking engagement to applause, people taking photographs. new england fans feel very strongly he's been singled out here. brady's own father calling this framegate. but ryan, the nfl late today making it clear, they needed to send a statement here. >> reporter: right. the nfl saying this is a matter of integrity and the playing rules exist for a reason. he broke those rules and he's been penalized. >> you heard the fans and many analysts say there are a lot of quarterbacks that know the
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footballs are manipulated in some way. >> reporter: it's a good point. but they have to be manipulated within the rules. they say, he went outside of those rules and he faces the ultimate price. >> and the debate starts tonight whether this was too little or too much this punishment. >> reporter: that's right. for the nfl, it's not just about integrity integrity, it's about tom brady not turning over some things. in the end, that warranted a four-game punishment for him. >> ryan smith leading us off with the breaking news on tom brady. ryan, thank you. we're going to turn now to the 50 million bracing for severe storms coming tonight, from texas all the way up to michigan. the tornado outbreak deadly already. at least five dead and now the search for the missing tonight. from the moment those storms hit, you could hear the sirens. these images from van, texas. and in iowa, this school taking a direct hit. >> there goes the school! >> the roof ripping off. and in crumb, texas, tonight, a pregnant woman holding a friend's baby, being air lifted to safety. and this evening, we have new images coming in right now of the aftermath.
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homes simply wiped away. those neighborhoods and all of the destruction. our team takes us up in the air tonight over the devastation. meteorologist rob marciano is in van, texas, for us. rob? >> reporter: it's just remarkable, david. everything in this room has been blasted across the back wall. it looks like a bomb went off in here. this is an old schoolhouse, built in the '30s, which means it's virtually rock solid. but this steel reinforced column has been pushed off its footing. this tornado had some serious force. >> inside! >> reporter: and ef-3 tornado, with winds up to 140 miles per hour hitting van, texas, just after dinner on mother's day. >> get inside! >> reporter: home after home, nearly half the town in tatters. from the air, at this vantage point, you really see the expanse of the damage. two dead and at least three people still missing. the search for survivors is ongoing, but now, canine units have been brought in to potentially pick up a scent of someone who can't respond -- or worse. over 140 tornado reports since
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the outbreak began. including this ef-1, 100-mile-an-hour winds ripping the roof off this high school in lake city, iowa. >> there goes the school! there goes the school! >> reporter: in crumb, texas, responders using a basket to rescue britney blanchard, pregnant and holding her friend's baby. coming back for britney's grandmother. in sanger, texas, two teenagers who tried to drive through intense flooding, plucked to safety by national guard black hawks. back in van, reality for christie hulsey setting in. >> this is unreal. i mean i grew up here this is my hometown. and it's devastated. >> reporter: this is the view of her home from above. completely unlivable. >> rob, just incredible pictures from the air today. we thank you for taking that trip. and the remarkable thing tonight is that you were telling us that the storm track now stretches from texas all the way to michigan. this could be another very difficult evening. >> reporter: indeed. thankfully, it's out of the van,
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texas, area, but there are millions of americans that are in the crosshairs. we start you off across the great lakes. where detroit included is in a tornado watch and severe weather watch boxes out for the ohio river valley. the other areas that are under the gun tonight will stretch all the way back through, yes, southeast texas, parts of louisiana and mississippi, too. damaging winds, maybe a tornado, some large hail, also. and we're under a flash flood watch now for another system coming into texas, as if they haven't had enough rain. more rain, four, five inches plus, especially across central texas. and this storm has been so strong with severe weather, it has been pumping up the heat for the northeast. tomorrow, even warmer across the i-95 corridor. temperatures in the 80s and near 90. david? >> we know we get the storms when the cold and heat clash. thank you, rob, and let's move right now to the millions not only bracing for tornadoes, but several states are, in fact digging out tonight from more than a foot of snow. abc's clayton sandell on that part of the story. >> reporter: the bizarre weather mashup began by turning south dakota's black hills white. blizzard-like conditions, nearly two feet of snow.
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they had to plow to play ball in denver. and in nebraska, 18 inches turned this car into a snowcone. but in delmont, south dakota, a twister four football fields wide brought only this. >> oh, the house is gone. >> reporter: dozens of homes now piles of rubble, along with the town's spiritual heart, its 125-year-old church. mike feckner, his wife and a neighbor hid in their basement. >> pretty soon, the old house started skating across the foundation, and i go, whoa! >> reporter: their house of 42 years stayed in one piece. but it's a total loss. >> it's hard. you know, you work all of your life to make it nice. >> reporter: david, this entire town will remain evacuated until they can get the water and the power turned back on here. but of course, many people have nothing to return to. david? >> just incredible. clayton sandell in south dakota for us tonight. and of course we'll stay on the watches and warnings throughout the night, right here on abc
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news. in the meantime, we move on now to los angeles tonight and that emergency landing, a sky west plane slamming into the runway at l.a.x. a problem with the landing gear. rescue teams rushing to the scene. passengers on board told to brace for impact. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: passengers and pilots pour out of the small jet after its emergency belly landing without a left landing gear. emergency workers and their equipment swarming the scene. happy praise for the pilots. >> great job, man. >> it was a perfect landing for the situation we were in. >> reporter: the pilots on the flight from monterrey, california, knew something was wrong as they prepared to land in los angeles. the tower and another pilot take a look during a loss pass by l.a.x. >> 5316, it appears no left main gear. >> yeah, it's up and locked. >> reporter: the jet dumps fuel over the ocean. passengers brace, then it comes in. the images seen on live tv show the pilot keeping the left wing up as long as possible, then softly dropping it onto the runway.
5:39 pm
sparks fly from the wing tip. the jet skidded for 30 seconds, more than 4,000 feet down the runway. >> it was an incredibly smooth landing. i would say it was actually smoother than some of the landings i've had with all of the landing gear down, so, really kudos to the pilot. >> reporter: kudos, followed by a round of applause for the pilots before they popped that door. six hours later, the plane was towed so the runway could be reopened. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thank you. former neighborhood watchman george zimmerman is back in the news tonight, acquitted by a jury in the death of trayvon martin. well today we learned of a new incident of road rage. it ended in gunfire. shot at by another driver. abc's matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: tonight, george zimmerman tangled up in another shooting. >> an officer from lake mary police department was flagged down by george zimmerman. he reported that he had just been involved in a shooting. >> reporter: this time, the man who fatally shot trayvon martin in 2012 and was later acquitted of second degree murder, was the one who was shot at. in this same honda pickup he'd used to follow martin.
5:40 pm
you can see that bullethole through the passenger window. the truck being towed. an eyewitness telling abc news the shooter apparently calling 911 on himself. >> heard him say, you know i'm matt apperson this has been an ongoing dispute. this is the third incident. i saw a gun and so i shot george zimmerman. >> reporter: zimmerman's lawyer telling abc news the man in the car was tailing zimmerman, flashing his lights and honking before he shot at him. zimmerman was unhurt and released from the hospital. zimmerman has had a slew of run-ins with the law. from speeding in texas to domestic violence in florida. >> you put your gun in my freaking face. >> reporter: those charges were all dropped, but david, we just learned that zimmerman was, in fact, carrying a gun during today's incident. police are still investigating whether or not he brandished it. david? >> matt gutman tonight. matt, thank you. now, to boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the jury will soon decide whether he lives or dies, shown images from inside that holding cell. tsarnaev pacing. prosecutors arguing he felt no remorse for this. tonight, the defense calling
5:41 pm
their final witness, the nun made famous by susan sarandon in the movie "dead man walking," sister helen prejean testifying she met with tsarnaev, earned his trust and that tsarnaev is, quote, genuinely sorry for what he did. saying of the bomb victims, quote, no one deserves to suffer like they did. closing arguments begin on wednesday. we're going to turn now to mississippi tonight, four suspects in court today accused of killing two police officers during a routine traffic stop this weekend. at the same time, a community mourning the two men. the former officer of the year and the rookie, less than a year on the job, who dreamed of being an officer. steve osunsami from mississippi tonight. >> reporter: tonight, in small town mississippi, four young people are behind bars, accused in the shooting death of two police officers, benjamin deen and liquori tate, who just joined hattiesburg police last year. police say a routine traffic stop turned deadly when marvin banks, his girlfriend joanie calloway, and at least one other passenger were pulled over for speeding saturday night, and starting shooting at
5:42 pm
police. >> officer deen's patrol car was taken from the scene. >> reporter: you don't know by whom? >> don't know by whom. >> reporter: police have also arrested banks' brother curtis as an accessory, seen being hauled off to jail. >> no, sir, i didn't do it. no, sir, i didn't do it. >> reporter: at the memorial service for the murdered officers today -- >> you will always be my brothers. >> reporter: they ran out of room for mourners. >> if i could say, or face the people who did this to my son, i would let them know, you took something very valuable away from me. >> reporter: the death of these men, a painful reminder that police everywhere put their lives on the line every day. the fbi reports tonight that 51 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2014, up from 27 from the year before. ten of them died during a traffic stop, one of deadliest parts of the job. on friday, new york city buried another 25-year-old police officer, killed after questioning a man on the street.
5:43 pm
tonight, the mother of two of the young men accused is expressing her deepest sympathies to police here, saying that both of her sons have serious drug addictions. david? >> steve osunsami from mississippi. steve, thank you. we have new information tonight about that terror attack in garland, texas. two gunmen suspected of supporting isis, killed after opening fire outside a prophet muhammad cartoon contest last week. police today revealing they were armed with three assault weapons and three pistols. the fbi warning police hours before it happened. police officials saying they did not receive enough specific information that would have changed their response. tonight, the white house responding to what's being called the saudi snub. the king of saudi arabia can canceling plans to attend a summit at camp david with president obama later this week. some speculating it's meant to send a message to the white house about those nuclear talks with iran. tonight, the white house insisting it's not a snub and that all the feedback they are getting from saudi arabia has so far been positive. tonight, airline passengers sending a reality check to the airlines themselves.
5:44 pm
a new government study revealing consumer complaints soaring. more than 55%, due to delays missed connections, canceled flights. and tonight here, another fiery debate after an incident on board a united flight bound for portland, oregon, a family, their daughter with special needs, she has autism. and the pilot deciding to make an emergency landing. the family kicked off, but now suing. and the mom tonight speaking out right here. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: cameras were rolling as this portland-bound flight made an emergency landing. police ordering a family off. the reason? this 15-year-old girl with autism. >> this was sheer ignorance. >> reporter: tonight, donna beegle says what happened to her daughter juliette on that united airlines flight was blatant discrimination. >> she shouldn't be treated like that. >> reporter: beegle says juliette was crying during the
5:45 pm
flight because she had difficulty communicating and becomes upset if she doesn't have a warm meal. >> i'm trying to prevent a meltdown. here, if you could just give me something that's warm and hot, you know, it would so help us out. >> reporter: eventually, she says a flight attendant did bring juliette some warm food and that calmed her down. but then? >> he said, we're going to make an unexpected emergency landing >> reporter: paramedics and police board, forcing the beegles off. united says, "the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all our customers." but as the family exits quietly, listen to some of those fellow passengers. >> that's going to be a lawsuit. >> oh, yeah. >> if there had been awareness on the part of the crew, we would have gotten that help when we asked for it. >> reporter: the beegles did finally make it home, they say that united bought them a ticket on another carrier. david? >> cecilia vega tonight. cecilia, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. and the pictures coming in late today. look at this from an american highway. the bus explosion, caught on camera. the windows blowing out there. dozens of passengers escaping beforehand. also breaking today, the new headline on arctic drilling. what president obama announced
5:46 pm
late today. and our incredible journey tonight to a hidden world. meteorologist ginger zee and the mystery of the jellyfish. that's ginger right there. why aren't those jellyfish stinging her, and where is she tonight? we'll be right back. stinging her, and where is she tonight? we'll be right back. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at we're going to turn next tonight to that tour bus exploding on the massachusetts turnpike late today, just as rush hour was under way. a short time before 5:00. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, it's a miracle that no one was injured. watch. dramatic video of a bolt regional bus exploding on the massachusetts turnpike in newton, just before 5:00 p.m. look closer as the windows blow out. the bus engulfing in flames. long before this, other drivers had seen smoke coming from that bus, alerting the bus driver, who evacuated all 46 passengers safely. the video reminding us of lady antebellum's tour bus burning up on a texas highway. >> oh, my god. that thing is really, really, real deal on fire. >> reporter: frontwoman
5:49 pm
hillary scott asleep inside with three others near dallas, when one of the fires catches fire. thankfully, in massachusetts, firefighters putting out that blaze. just an unbelievable ride home from new york to boston. officials are still trying to figure out how this fire even started, and that's important, david, because so many people rely on these regional buses every day. >> yeah but they got off the bus in time. >> reporter: that's right. >> gio, thank you. when we come back here, the news coming in on arctic drilling. what president obama has announced. and we remember an american actress from "the graduate" and "nine to five." and look at this. the father who catches the foul ball while holding his 7-month-old son in that sling. we wanted to know, what did mom think of this? so, she's standing by tonight. this? so, she's standing by tonight. y? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor
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♪ ♪ it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases and softens to unblock your system naturally so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. to the index on a monday to the index on a monday night and a controversial move by the obama administration. a major hurdle cleared for the shell oil company that could allow them to start drilling for oil and gas off the coast of alaska as early as the summer. critics say it will have a devastating impact on the environment. a passing to note. actress elizabeth wilson, appearing in american classic
5:53 pm
"nine to five," the office snitch for lily tomlin, jane fonda, dolly parton. and, of course, "the graduate" as dustin hoffman's mother. elizabeth wilson was 94. a mother's day stunner at the phillies/mets game. a foul ball. dad makes the catch. his 7-month-old -- look at that -- strapped to his chest. his wife was standing right there. we wondered, was she worried about the baby? >> my first thought was, i better catch this ball before it hits my son in the head. i'm thinking mike had the same exact thought and that's why we both reached up to grab it and luckily he just grabbed it right out of the air. >> dad looking pretty proud right there. we heard from mom tonight, weighing in. when we come back here, would you ever swim with the jellyfish like this? ginger zee revealing why none of these jellyfish are stinging her. the science, right after the break. her. the science, right after the break. ♪ during its first year, a humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable.
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finally, a hidden world, 1,000 miles from the philippines, where there are 20 million jellyfish. and who is swimming with them? meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: palau is home to a fluke of nature called jellyfish lake. as we swim out, i spot a few. and then boom. jellyfish nation. oh, my god. there's so many! like floating through a living lava lamp. 20 million swirling globes of golden marshmallow puffs.
5:58 pm
but get this -- the miraculous thing about these jellyfish? they don't sting. >> lack of predators not only has caused them to multiply but it also has caused them to lose their stinging cells. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. that's so cool. this is unbelievable. it really is. so special. witnessing the wonder of nature will make you feel like a kid again. >> where will she take us did police drop the ball by letting this occur? what will happen next week? >> two fire stations are forced to close. >> san francisco's mayor pushes
5:59 pm
a plan to tear down a busy freeway. that will that affect your daily commute? >> game four of the warriors and grizzlies coming up. we'll have a preview. >> it's embarrassing. >> a downtown business owner paints an unset flaterring picture tonight of the leadership at city hall. good evening. >> business owners cleaning up from vandals taking advantage of demonstrations to go wild.enough. >> the small business owner has a sense of humor but is serious about holding city leaders
6:00 pm
accountable. ks >> this is not part of the training. >> nans regroom paints plywood. >> vandals shattered the glass of precision motors during protests a week ago. >> it seems predictable. >> tens of thousands of dollars in damage. >> i get to do painting. >> the second message? >> riot tourism, visit oakland. >> the mayor says the city is working to create a business restoration fund offering 0 or low interest loans and may defer permit costs for replac