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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 21, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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ew making news in america this morning, wild weather. overnight heavy rain causing flash floods, cars surrounded by water and interstates shut down, plus, dangerous heat. a wildfire fueled by the dry conditions. we're tracking it all. commanding lead. calls for donald trump to drop out of the race growing louder from politicians and an influential newspaper but from the voters a double-digit lead in the polls. we're live in washington. a mom with a screwdriver in her hand smashing a stranger's window to make a desperate rescue. and newly web knockout. a well rehearsed routine goes horribly wrong at a wedding.
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good tuesday morning to you all. we start with that severe weather on two extremes. >> oppressive heat for misdemeanors of americans and flash flooding overnight for others. check this out. this just coming in, amarillo, texas, the panhandle getting pounded with torrential downpours. raging water forcing authorities to shut down an interstate. parked cars with water up to the windows almost. it's the hot and dry conditions causing problems in central washington. people in 50 homes had to be evacuated from this fast-moving wildfire. nearly 1,000 acres have been burned. >> and take a look at the maps. dangerous heat, 19 states facing advisories. as we speak, temperatures are expected to be well past 100 degrees in the deep south. accuweather's justin povick is tracking all of this for us. good morning to you, justin. t.j. and reena, thanks, and good morning to you. a big change coming up for the northeast, not until later on tonight. still have to get through tuesday. it's going to be another muggy afternoon, real feel
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temperatures as you're heading outdoors new york city, philadelphia, boston, going to feel like it's well into the 90s. close to 100 degrees around our nation's capital. good news on the way, though, a front blows through later on tuesday night. it'll take all the moisture and all the storms with it and it's going to be feeling great later on this week. flash flooding risk continues over northern oklahoma, northern arkansas later on today into wednesday with very, very heavy rain. the southwest is drying out. some good news over southern california with all the flooding but we'll have to watch the tropics later on this upcoming weekend. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. now to the firestorm over the death of a young black woman in a texas jail cell. those who knew her best insisting she would never take her own life. >> as the family of sanders awaits new autopsy results, dash cam of the controversial traffic stop that landed her behind bars expected to be released today. we get more now from abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: authorities releasing this jailhouse video purporting to show sandra bland as last moments alive
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before they seemingly discover her in her cell. >> this investigation is still being treated just as it would be a murder investigation. >> reporter: this as bland's family speaking out about new unreleased dash cam video showing the arrest and according to the bland family's lawyer, this dash cam video indicates an officer said planned would get a warning yet ask her to get out of the car. >> it calls into question why it is for a routine traffic stop she was asked to even get out of her car. >> reporter: sandra's arrest police say happened after she kicked an officer. but in the cell phone video she claims they roughed her up. >> for a traffic signal you slam me into the ground. and everything. >> reporter: the 28-year-old bland found hanged to death with a trash bag in her cell three days after her arrest. now the bland family starting their own investigation and conducting an independent autopsy. community leaders expressed outrage over the case suspecting foul play. the results of that private autopsy are expected in the next 24 to 48 hours as is the release
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of that dash cam video. t.j., reena. >> thank you, ryan. new details emerging about the gunman who killed four marines and a sailor in chattanooga as the fbi look for a motive. agents conducting another search overnight at mohammad abdulazeez's apartment. his family says he was mentally ill, abusing drugs and unable to keep a steady job. they believe the shame over his drunk driving arrest and upcoming court appearance may have pushed him over the edge. a call for donald trump to drop out of the race. this comes from the leading newspaper in one very important early voting state, iowa. >> but it's highly unlikely that trump will heed that call especially given his surge in the newest abc poll. abc's bazi kanani joins us from washington with more. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, reena. good morning, t.j. that call comes from "the des
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moines register." the editorial board calling him unfit to be president and says he should quit his campaign but trump is emboldened by his poll numbers and remains defiant. did donald trump go too far with these remarks about senator john mccain?. >> he's not a war hero. >> he is a war hero. he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: the blowback coming from top republicans, even democrats, but mccain says he doesn't want an apology for himself. >> what i think he should do is apologize to the families and those who have served. >> reporter: trump dismisses the criticism saying john mccain let veterans down as an elected official and that he should be the one to apologize for calling the crowds at trump campaign rallies praisees. donald trump has weathered the storm over controversial comments before. last month calling mexican immigrants rapists and murderers yet his numbers are up. in a new abc news/"washington post" poll, he holds the biggest lead by far of any republican yet. but most of the poll was taken before his attack on john mccain
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and this time he may have offended the wrong crowd. >> i was going to vote for him because he was a businessman, and that's what this country should be is a business, and now that he said something bad about a veteran, he might have lost my vote. >> reporter: donald trump is financing his own campaign, which means he does not have to answer to donors. analysts say that's one of the reasons they expect he will continue in the race for some time. reena, t.j. >> okay, bazi kanani live in washington. bazi, thank you so much. also in washington now the cuban embassy is open for the first time in 54 years. yesterday the cuban flag returned to the pole and the new embassy plaque unveiled. diplomatic relations were broken off when castro took power in the communist nation but things are a bit different now and abc's david muir sat down with cuban's foreign minister. >> do you think that your current president, president castro, will come visit the united states? >> i'm sure, but i don't know when. >> reporter: and president obama visiting cuba? >> let me say that president
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obama will be really welcome in havana city. >> three republican lawmakers from south florida are warning that the embassy could be used as a hub for spying and republican presidential candidates say they'll try to roll back the moves made by president obama. still ahead, launching overnight, a new shopping website promising to take down amazon. also, a pistol-packing drone, yep, complete with a remote control trigger. federal investigators now getting involved after this video went viral. plus, stay out of the water. oh, no, we're not talking about sharks. the massive reptile lurking in the surf.
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well, new details from that prison escape in upstate new york. the surviving escapee is revealing how and a fell le prisoner pulled it out. every night after head count he would head down the hole to the vast underground network of tunnels. he said the guards were asleep allowing him to eventually find an escape route. he compared the prison break to the ones depicted in "shawshank redemption" though it didn't take 20 years. takes off today. it plans to take on amazon and they'll charge a $50 membership but promises the lowest prices anywhere online. the variety of discounts it plans to break even on the merchandise. while making its money from the memberships. the first three months are free. thanks to the green bay packers, we know that each nfl team received $226 million from
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the league last year in revenue sharing. the packers are the only publicly owned team in north american sports and they have to disclose financial information. the nfl received a record $7.2 billion last year and that's thanks to its tv deals. that was split 32 ways. applebee's giving away food today. they have new appetizers it wants to promote, si rach cho shrimp and churro s'mores and will give away 2 million plates of food. nearly all of its 2,000 locations participating. applebee's revamping all its menus over the past year. we do food stories and makes me realize how hungry a many. >> free food. go get it at applebee's. a woman smashing a window to save a toddler trapped in a hot car. overnight mick fanning talking to reporters and new details about him, his model girlfriend and seven-figure salary.
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kleenex. someone needs one. well, after the first rainout in 20 years, the l.a. angels needed some help from above to dry off the field. the anaheim police were happy to send over a helicopter. i guess it works. the angels swept the doubleheader with boston. and you'd need an awful lot
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of helicopters to dry up all the wet roads this morning. the rain stretching from eastern california all the way to the east coast. flooding possible from colorado to new mexico. and if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in denver. we turn now to some terrifying moments, people rushed to the aid of a toddler left in a hot car in kansas. >> witnesses say the toddler was inside the car screaming for help. the windows were rolled up. all the doors locked and the child covered in sweat. the woman seen breaking the window said she ran out of the store. she manages after spotting the child, she banged on the window for several moments with multiple objects before she could bust it open. the local prosecutor may file charges. and another dramatic rescue caught on camera. this time two children trapped in a locked car in sweltering temperatures. police officers in pennsylvania rescued them smashing a hole in the car window in about a minute. the mother stepped out of the car, and one of the kids locked the door with the keys inside. she called 911 immediately. well, the faa is investigating an armed personal drone in a connecticut state park.
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video was posted to youtube. apparently created by a local teen. the teen's father says the son created the drone with a college professor as part of a project. authorities trying to determine if any aviation or criminal statutes were violated. well, now to a confrontation that's sparking millions of comments across social media. the cook and owner of a diner in portland, maine, under fire for yelling at a crying toddler. darla neugebauer admits that she nearly flipped out after listening to the the 2-year-old's cry for several minutes and despite the online backlash from parents around the world, she says she's not apologizing. >> i turned around, slammed both hands on the counter then pointed at the child and said, this has got to stop. oh, and then the mother screamed at me because i was yelling at her child. you know what, lady, you should have taken the kid outside. >> neugebauer, who is not a mom, said her response made her
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customers and her staff happy. the child's parents were so upset, they posted a complaint on facebook calling her an absolute lunatic. well, jordan spieth's quest for golf's grand slam is over. it ended at the british open on monday afternoon, but there was plenty of drama that day. zach johnson rolled in a 30-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole. that was good enough to get him into a three-man playoff. he outlasted the two other contenders to capture the british open. johnson was overcome with emotion after the win. check him out. >> because i play golf for a living, and i'm grateful for that. it's a beautiful game. it provides great opportunity, and i'm a part of great people. i'm just so thankful. >> it really was a touching moment. this is johnson's second major golf championship. he won the masters in 2007, and johnson, he actually describes himself as a normal guy from cedar rapids with a green jacket.
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at the prices charged at major league ball parks for beer, you'd think fans would be upset if someone spilled their, well, take a look at this. >> yeah, this was in philadelphia. it happened last night. it appears the ball hits the plastic bottle, starts foaming up, okay. but he's got a big grin on his face. look at this. you got to fix that problem. his friend puts the ball to use as a bottle cap. we got to save that beer. how much is a beer at a game these days? what is it? 8 bucks maybe. yeah, you got to save that beer. do what you got to do. hey. we got "the pulse" coming your way next. and the big split that no one can believe. blake shelton and miranda lambert calling it quits. and a wedding reception entrance goes horribly horribly wrong. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy?
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♪ time for us to check "the pulse." now we got a one for you. we start, though on a sad note. another celebrity power couple, this is sad. >> i know. i know. >> this is very sad. they're calling it quits after four years of marriages. this is the power couple here. >> what great voices, country stars blake shelton and miranda lambert have announced that they are officially divorced.
4:22 am
the pair, who performed beautiful, duets asking for privacy this morning. according to tmz, shelton is the one who filed. sources say he wanted to have children, but she wasn't ready. >> in a joint statement they say "this is not the future we envisioned." well, a texas family out for a day on the beach were joined by an unwelcome beach you could call it. yes, that's an eight-foot alligator. the waves offshore. more surprising, the response from local police -- >> just stay away from him and don't fish over there. well, that's common sense, right? one woman says she was told that and apparently the cops had been getting lots of calls about nuisance gators. they finally put up some warning signs. >> that's all it takes, huh, a couple warnings. >> yeah you heed those signs about alligators. >> don't evacuate the beach? >> evacuate? no, got to get some sun in. he is the most talked about pro athlete in the world right now. he had his own issues out at the beach, if you will, out in the water.
4:23 am
australian surfer mick fanning, he actually leads a pretty charmed life. he is a professional surfer and maybes $2.7 million a year has a model for a wife and has a hefty real estate portfolio. >> and now he survived a shark attack. it happened sunday while he was competing in south africa. back in australia overnight, he talked about the ordeal. >> as i was swimming in and i was like, if this thing is going to come at me, i want to have a look at it. i turned around, you know, i had my fist cocked and, yeah, luckily it didn't come and by that time the boats and jet skis were on top of us. >> at that news conference this morning, fanning said, it'll take him a few weeks or months to actually get over the trauma. >> his friends expect him to be back on the board, so to speak, in time for next month's big event in tahiti. he did say after that incident he said he'd be okay giving it up and not getting back in the water again. a lot of people might not know him because you don't follow surfing, but he is one of the biggest stars in the sport out there. three time world champ. >> just to hear him say that. well, now to that knockout
4:24 am
of a wedding reception. a jubilant wedding party's entrance. they start their choreographed dance, but apparently not so well rehearsed dance routine. >> all right things are going well. she's getting down. the groom starts -- he has a backflip planned and he literally knocks the bridesmaid off her feet. she's on the floor, starts to get up but, face plants again. >> the groomsman rushes to help her off the floor in this is a brutal brutal video. you know we've all been at these wettings and these fun entrances but they can go wrong. now, this thing has gone viral now. it's getting almost half a million views since it's been posted. >> hard to watch. >> we're told she is okay. so that's on the upside. >> but they go in so powerful and you think they're going to rock it, rock it rock it and boom. >> she got rocked all right. for some of you are o you your local news is coming up. >> for everyone else "america this morning" continues after this.
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i thought i'd start the video by showing you the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and if we overcame that or if we can overcome that we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday or. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> did you feel it? we had an earthquake this morning. we will check on that in a couple of minutes but leyla gulen is here with traffic. welcome back. mike has a look at the forecast. >> drizzle this morning the closer you are to the coast. chains are on the way. good morning everyone, live doppler hd shows we have a few radar returns in the central valley and the high country. they could come our way. drizzle is possible through the morning commute. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. what you will notice today is not so hot or humid. we are starting off up to 12 degree cooler. we are in the 60s at the coast. by 4:00, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. more cooling coming up in the forecast.
4:29 am
>> c.h.p. is checking freeways to make sure everything is okay after the earthquake. bart is doing the same. >> indeed. that is causing 15-20-minute delay. we have a delay system wide because trains are performing track inspections because of the earthquake. the freeways are moving along fine. that is walnut creek, southbound moving along fine and empty. not too many vehicles on the road. i will let you know where there are road or lane closures because of inspections of c.h.p. >> the earthquake was magnitude earthquake 4.0 and felt in several bay area cities. we are joined by the u.s. geological survey. what can you tell us? >> at 2:41 a.m. this morning preliminary information from the u.s. geological survey shows magnitude earthquake 4.0 occurred three kilometers northeast of the city of fremont
4:30 am
near the hayward fault. was followed by two aftershocks, magnitude earthquake 2.7 at 2:56 a.m. and magnitude earthquake 2.6 at 3:0 7 a.m. in the same location. the fault is located from san pablo bay in the north to fremont in the south connecting to the central fault. there are two million people october 21 1868, almost 147 years ago. nearly 3000 people have reported feeling the main shock according to our website and the main shock was reported weak to light shaking. >> we have had several after shocks. could we


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