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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 22, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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they'll be back next "nightline" is next. thanks for watching. goodnight . this is "nightline." tonight, one woman's dramatic hot car hero ibs, caught on camera wielding a tire iron to free a screaming, sweaty toddler locked inside. but this summer safety concern can be deadly, and tonight we'll show you just how hot it can get. how can you protect your child and others? we're at beauty conwhere youtube celebrities meet thousands of their fans some as young as 8, who are now spending as never before to emulate their social media idols. they say their message is positive. >> i need to get me some of everything. >> but is the spending out of control? and the bachelorette fights back. kaitlyn bristowe takes on her haters, unapologetic about her
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good evening. tonight, one woman being hailed a hero for freeing a toddler locked inside a dangerously hot
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car, putting this risk front and center during these sweltering summer months when children and pets are at risk of overheating. tonight, gio benitez is taking the temperature test. finding out first hand what it's like to feel the burn. >> reporter: it's over 90 degrees in this kansas parking lot as this woman tries desperately to free a child. she smashes a car window with a tire iron, an unattended 2-year-old little girl. >> her ponytail was dripping sweat off of it. >> reporter: in her mind, time stood still. ? >> i was hitting the window thinking, what if she dies? what's going to happen? what are we going to do? and i just did what i thought was right, hit the window until it broke. >> reporter: police issued a
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ticket to her caregivers. they say they only left the child alone for four minutes. the district attorney's office now reviewing the case. >> i don't care if it's a minute two minutes or 15 minutes, that's too long to leave a child in the car. >> reporter: as a record-breaking sweltering summer rages across the country. >> it's like excruciating. >> reporter: there have been an alarming number of reports of children left in hot cars. so far this year alone, ten children have died because they were left behind in hot cars. one child dying just last friday in texas. >> she left the keys in that side. >> reporter: yesterday police in pennsylvania smashed this window after a mother called 911 to report that two children were accidently locked inside. >> the baby out. >> reporter: it turns out new car technology can make it much more difficult to pop the car door open in an emergency. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: even carrie underwood found herself breaking grass glass recently earlier this month, tweeting when your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff and the baby in the car and you have to break the window to get in. this woman didn't hesitate to break a window to get a baby out of a car. doing so is sometimes considered a crime. only a few states have laws that would protect a woman like her. i experienced first hand how quickly a hot car can affect an adult body. i teamed up with a paramedics team in pennsylvania. they check my body temperature. >> 98.3. >> reporter: and hooked me up to a heart monitor before we lock ourselves in this mini van. >> i'm wired up. it's about 90 degrees outside. let's go. >> it didn't take long to feel the heat. >> i went from 98.3 to 100.8 in
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like a minute. >> reporter: the temperature inside the van climbing more than ten degrees in a matter of 20 minutes. >> and we're just dripping sweat everywhere. >> yeah. this is extremely uncomfortable. >> reporter: 29 minutes in. >> another pvc. we're up to two. >> reporter: paul checking the monitor notices i've had two irregular heartbeats. >> 105. at this point, most children would not be sustained. we would have a critically ill child. >> reporter: my body temperature of 105, proven to be deadly for children so we play it safe and call it. ? open the door. oh thank god. >> reporter: experiments like this while definitely not advised are hot on the internet. >> i'm showing you what happens when you leave a dog in the car on a hot day. >> reporter: this one from peta has wracked up 1.5 million views
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on youtube in a week. this nfl player takes the challenge to show that our four-legged friends face the same dangers in a hot car. this month in tennessee, a law has been extended to allow good samaritans to break into a car to rescue dogs. >> the reason we have this law is so that you'll think twice maybe before leaving your pet in a car when you're running airairerrand errands errands. >> reporter: earlier this summer this man broke a window to rescue a tiny yorkshire terrier. >> the dog was going to die. nobody was there to help. he was a hero, we thought. >> reporter: the charges were later dropped. >> we're outside stoney's restaurant in south orange new jersey. >> reporter: abc's what would you do conducted a social experiment to highlight the
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dangers. >> that's my baby. is she crying again? >> it was just a few minutes. >> it's against the law. we have to call that in. >> i don't think it's a big deal. >> reporter: and you can see why they're concerned. while the temperature outside only reaches a mild 77 degrees it takes just minutes for the temperature inside the car to exceed 97 degrees, potentially dangerous for a child. actors playing busy parents leave the sweltering canr unattended with a crying doll inside. >> is that your baby? you can't do that. i'm about to call the police. >> don't ever do that again. take the bassinet with you. >> i just got -- >> it doesn't matter. >> reporter: some pedestrians like this man hear the baby's cries but do nothing. these women also say nothing. even this mother to be. she hears the cries looks into
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the car but leaves without saying a word. the reactions from others were swift, showing concern and anger. >> what's wrong? >> her baby's in the car and i saw her get out of the car and walk away. you can't go to dunkin' donuts and leave your crying baby in the car. i don't care how long you are leaving. you can't do that. >> i'm so sorry. i don't want to do this but you can't leave the baby in the car. >> i was just grabbing a coffee what could happen? >> anything could happen. >> i locked the door. no one's going to take her. >> i'm just offering you some advice. have a good day. >> reporter: some called 911. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> there's an infant crying in a car. there's no adult in the car. >> is there a problem? >> yeah i just called the
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police. >> i was just gone for a minute. i mean it's not a big deal. >> it is a big deal. you see the sun? that's not cool. >> it takes too long to get the kid out and come back. it's too difficult. >> reporter: and in that real-life scenario in kansas saturday sarah did what seemed like the only right thing. >> i want people to see that it's okay to step in and help. you should step in and help. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm gio benitez. up next youtube celebries giving us an inside look at the world of beauty con. plus how this bachelorette is flipping on her cyber bullies.
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for a certain, often young subset of america shall the hottest celebrities don't come from hollywood. they come from youtube. so why are hundreds of fans spending hundreds of dollars on
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beauty products? abbie boudreau heads to beauty con to find out. >> reporter: it's a big day for 15-year-old megan. >> i'm beyond excited right now. i'm about to explode. >> reporter: but if you think she's making a three-hour trek to l.a. to be at a boy band concert, that's so five years ago. this is beauty con, an event that unites thousands of selfie-taking teens with their idols. fashion and beauty icons, like candy johnson are here mingling with the masses. who did you say you were most excited to meet today? >> candy johnson. >> reporter: these small-screen stars have picked up millions of views and picked up big-time money from detailing everything
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from their morning routine to their favorite new products. megan is part of a new generation of super fans. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: who swear by these videos and the products these stars endorse. >> i also got their soap which smells like a little bit of heaven, i think. >> reporter: how much money are you spending on things that you see on youtube? >> there are times i am looking at a product and i have to have it. and i have spent over $1,000 this year. sorry, dad. >> reporter: millennials spend over 2 billion dollars. >> internet 1.0 was really about search. internet 2.0 is about social. internet 3.0 where woree're at is about commerce and entertainment. >> reporter: she knows how much her audience can spend.
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some drop almost $300 just to attend her event. ? >> we're selling culture. our fans grew up in an age where they grew up on these digital platforms, and they want 360 experiences all the time around contact creators and products that they love. >> reporter: does being here make you want to buy? >> yes! i'm like i need to get me some of everything right now. >> reporter: how influenced are you by some of your favorite youtube stars? >> sometimes they can really sell it to you. do i even need this? or did i just buy it because she bought it. >> reporter: what's the answer? >> normally i'll convince myself that i need it. >> reporter: for some super fans beauty con is a gateway to fame. >> i want to live my dreams live my dream as dream makeup. >> i'm using this blush color to put on the apples of my cheeks.
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>> reporter: how many hours a day are you online. >> 24 hours in the day. i'm probably online about 12. >> reporter: 23-year-old shaniece works at a pharmacy by day and hopes all the time spent online will eventually pay off. >> everybody wants to be you know, a youtube star. le you definitely have to work towards it. you have to put it to work, spend the money for the products to reviews, catch the attention of beauty brands. >> reporter: she sets her beauty budget to $300 per month. >> i definitely work in pharmacy. you have to make the money to spend the money. >> reporter: and to become a star. >> exactly. >> reporter: with more than 9 million youtube subscribers and an estimated income of $40,000 a month, bethany moda is already living that dream. >> it's such a huge deal, especially for these 12 year olds 13, 14 year olds, they are
12:57 am
freaking out. >> hey guys. >> reporter: her first video posted back in 2009 is what's called a hall video. a 7-minute examination of the product she picked up at cosmetic companies like sephora. >> when i started there wasn't really anyone who had blown up from youtube. so i didn't know it was possible. >> reporter: now her content looks more like a highly-produced music video. but she still plugs her favorite products. >> sun glasses and shoes are from top shop. >> i think it was three or four months after my first video that brands started sending e-mails asking me to show their products in my videos. >> reporter: moda has become a marketing powerhouse offline as well with her own fashion line at air postal even competing on
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dancing with the stars. would you ever want to be a youtube star? >> that's every girl's dream not to be a princess but to be on youtube. >> reporter: do you ever find it could be a negative impact because it's hard to live up to those youtube stars? >> it's not like she's talking about wanting to be angelina jolie. it's regular people doing really school and positive. >> best day of summer so far. >> reporter: but she still hasn't caught a glimpse of her youtube idol but we had a little surprise in store for the super fan. >> oh!
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you're like amazing and everything you do inspires me. you mean a lot to me. >> reporter: an experience that won't fit in a shopping bag. for "nightline," i'm abbie boudreau in los angeles. >> so what do you think of these youtube stars? head to our facebook page and let us know. up next bachelorette kaitlyn bristowe is facing backlash online for hero man particular choices, but she's not taking it lying down. abc news "nightline," brought to you by ex-pedia. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places
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you know some fans can't
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get enough of this season's bachelorette for her honesty and humor about all the romantic drama on the show but online she's facing verbal attacks for her unabashedness. tonight how she's responding to those cyber bullies with a message many can't help but applaud. it was that steamy moment with mick early on in season and outside the fantasy suite that brought out the thorns. now some fans expressing outrage online about what they see as less than lady like sexual conduct by the bachelorette. on last night's episode, chris harrison reading aloud some of the most explicit messages about kaitlyn bristowe. >> i'm going to read these as they were received by caitlyn. caitlyn, you need to unspread your whore legs and shut your [ bleep ] filthy diseased mouth and [ bleep ] off.
1:05 am
>> when it's thousands and thousands of comments after comments just pouring in of people hating like i get death threats. >> i can't wait to see caitlyn cry like a little [ bleep ]. she's a dirty [ bleep ] who treats people like [ bleep ]. >> i mean, that was a mother who said that to me. >> i will say this i will take you as a role model for my kids over anybody who would be a cyber bully. >> when i visited the set i asked about some of the intimate details now under scrutiny. it's going to be weird romancing more than one guy. >> weird yes weird's a good word for it. >> one of the great things that this show does is it pushes social dilemmas and social issues. if it sparks debate how bad can that be? >> the social media storm, but the only words that will matter for this bachelorette?
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i do. tune in to good morning america and as always we are on24/7 at abc goodnight, america. ÷h
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